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The Battle Under the Trees by ziggy General Audiences
It had begun with a distant tremor in the Earth. Breathless messengers arrived from the East Bight. Smoke in the South,’...
Forbidden fascination by FirstAmazon Mature
Findekáno is obsessed with his uncle.
~ A Crown of Ash ~ by Spiced Wine General Audiences
Set directly after A Throne of Shadows, with the Clouds now gutted by fire, events move to the north-west of Scotland. The...
The Circles: Book 5: Through the Valley of Death by Angmar and Elfhild Mature
Recaptured by the Haradric slave traders, Elfhild and Elffled once again find themselves forced to resume their journey to...
Forbidden by Narya Teen
A musty old text in their grandfather's library sparks a moment of rebellion for Turukáno and Curufinwë.
The "Other Son" by astorey_91 Explicit
A collection of fics about my Tolkien OC Melino
The Circles: Book 4: Paths Both East and West by Angmar and Elfhild Mature
As the last wain in the slaver's caravan crosses the Anduin, the fate of the captives is sealed. At the mercy of her enemies...

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10/31/20 03:44 pm
You too, Spiced! ^^
Spiced Wine
10/30/20 02:18 pm
Wishing you all a good weekend :)
Spiced Wine
10/23/20 10:12 am
Have a good Friday, everyone
Angmar and Elfhild
10/22/20 01:18 pm
Thank you, Fadesintothewest.
10/21/20 07:18 am
My condolences Elfhild. Apologies for the spelling in the prior shout.
10/21/20 07:17 am
My condolences Elhhild.
Angmar and Elfhild
10/20/20 09:47 pm
Thank you for your condolences, Ziggy, Narya, and Ellynn. They mean a lot to me.
Spiced Wine
10/20/20 12:43 pm
I emailed, but it may go into spam.
Spiced Wine
10/20/20 12:43 pm
Hello there AM who registered to join the archive. I’ve tried to add you, but your username is too short.
10/18/20 12:12 pm
So sorry to hear this, Elfhild. I was so pleased to see you post and then read your news. Take care and my very best wishes to you.
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