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I'll be Yours if You'll be Mine by NelyafinweFeanorion Teen
Modern setting AU. Maedhros/Fingon. Maedhros owns a bookstore. Fingon is in grad school. Expect appearances from varied members...
Even the Birds Are Chained to the Sky by cheekybeak Teen
The story of Legolas, Elrohir and Maewen in Valinor. A Silvan child runs free and safe in Valinor but how free is he? A mother...
The Light Wraps You by Narya General Audiences
A moment between Celebrimbor and Orodreth after the news of Finrod's death. Written as a birthday gift for Gabriel – it's...
Night Terrors by Linda Hoyland General Audiences
Aragorn and Faramir learn all is not well with Sam
Melpomaen the Elfling by Glorfindel Explicit
Melpomaen is a reborn elfling. He has two fathers because Saruman cursed one of them to fall pregnant to the next elf they...
I will Lift mine Eyes by Linda Hoyland General Audiences
A series of events after his return from Gondor leaves Aragorn's spirits at an all-time low.
I will Lift mine Eyes by Linda Hoyland General Audiences
A series of events after his return from Gondor leaves Aragorn's spirits at an all-time low.

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Beautiful weather again today :) although thunderstorms forecast soon - I am waiting up for it, I love a good storm. How is everyone's weekend so far?
04/20/18 10:35 pm
Happy Friday :) it's been a gorgeous day here.
Spiced Wine
04/20/18 09:51 am
Happy Friday, everyone :)
04/20/18 12:47 am
Thank you Nelya, thank you Spiced. :)
Spiced Wine
04/19/18 08:22 pm
I’m glad you’ve had a lovely day, Gabriel :)
04/19/18 05:47 pm
Happy birthday Gabriel!
04/19/18 01:04 pm
Thank you so much Narya. I've had a lovely quiet day spending time with family. :)
Spiced Wine
04/18/18 10:08 pm
What a gorgeous day today! Like a taste of summer! I love sitting working with the door open!
04/18/18 10:07 pm
Happy birthday for tomorrow, Gabriel! (I am travelling for work and likely to be stuck on trains, so might not have chance to say it on the day.)
04/15/18 03:05 pm
Got it, Nelya - thanks for playing! :) I messaged you about DW as it turned into too long a post for the shout box.
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Title: Diplomatic Relations by Naledi
Rated: Mature [Reviews - 11]

Elrohir has promised to do nothing to endanger the fragile treaty between Imladris and the Greenwood. But that was before Legolas started to dance half naked beside the bonfire.

Category: Fiction
Characters: Elladan, Elrohir, Legolas, Thranduil
Content: Slash
Challenge: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 | Completed: Yes | Word count: 2492 | Read count: 2378

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Published: September 24, 2012 | Updated: September 24, 2012

Reviewer: UnnamedElement Signed
Date: May 08, 2016 Title: Chapter 1: Diplomatic Relations

This was lovely! I love your interpretation of wood-elves, a whiff of fey magic. And your writing is beautiful and strong and compelling. I am looking forward to reading more of your work!

Author's Response:

Oh thanks! I'm so glad you enjoyed this. I always enjoy writing Wood-elves and their customs :)

Title: Homeless Wanderer by Alpha Ori
Rated: Explicit [Reviews - 5]
Summary: The Quest leaves Legolas without a purpose, with no sense of where he belongs, or where his home lies - like a ship adrift upon the high seas.
Category: Fiction
Characters: Aragorn, Arwen, Elrond, Erestor, Gandalf, Gimli, Glorfindel, Legolas
Content: Angst, Explicit Sex, Hurt/Comfort, Romance, Slash
Challenge: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 | Completed: Yes | Word count: 5142 | Read count: 1572

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Published: April 03, 2015 | Updated: April 03, 2015

Reviewer: UnnamedElement Signed
Date: May 06, 2016 Title: Chapter 1: Homeless Wanderer

This was well done thematically (you didn't drop any of your threads!) and so well-written. And, bonus prize a meaningful sex scene! I just really enjoyed this piece. Thank you for writing and sharing! I look forward to more.

Author's Response: Well thank you! Meaningful sex is always nice, but if it's meaningless and has Legolas in it, well I have no complaints, either :))) Thank you for reading, I'm so glad you enjoyed it :)

Title: The Exile by Naledi
Rated: Mature [Reviews - 21]

After the Battle of the Five Armies, Legolas arrives in Imladris, with serious consequences for more than one member of the House of Elrond.

Category: Fiction
Characters: Aragorn, Arwen, Elrohir, Legolas
Content: Angst, Romance, Slash
Challenge: None
Series: None
Chapters: 3 | Completed: No | Word count: 6256 | Read count: 1981

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Published: January 20, 2016 | Updated: June 03, 2016

Reviewer: UnnamedElement Signed
Date: May 17, 2016 Title: Chapter 2: Chapter 2

What a lovely story! I am just loving this. Your narration is strong and your PoV shifts are so solid. I love your characters in this and am enchanted. Looking forward to more, as you post. :)

Author's Response:

Thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying it. As I've mentioned to other reviewers, I haven't given up on this story, but RL is demanding most of my time at the moment, so updates will be slow. I hope to get the next chapter out in the not too distant future...

Thanks for taking the time to review :)


Reviewer: UnnamedElement Signed
Date: June 04, 2016 Title: Chapter 3: Chapter 3

What a fantastically-paced chapter. Your description of movement and action is superb in this, and your details--particularly of "kingfisher blue" to describe eyes--are so lovely. The tension in this is palpable and the push-and-pull between Legolas and Elrohir is fascinating. I also very much enjoyed Arwen and Elrohir's interaction at the beginning of the chapter, particularly arwen's comment about "if I ever fall in love you will know all about it." Such a great sibling rapport demonstrated in such a short scene. Well done! Take your time with writing this since your real life is busy--this story deserves your measured care and attention! Thank you for writing and posting.

Author's Response:

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it and that the tension worked for you. Thr trouble about writing so slowly is I started to lose all sense of how long the action was taking, so I'm glad it came across okay.

Thanks for your lovely words and for taking the time to review :)


Title: Greeting the Dawn by Linda Hoyland
Rated: General Audiences [Reviews - 1]

During the siege of Gondor, an old woman awaits her fate

Category: Fiction
Characters: Aragorn, OFC
Content: None
Challenge: None
Series: None
Chapters: 2 | Completed: Yes | Word count: 2536 | Read count: 844

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Published: March 26, 2016 | Updated: May 02, 2016

Reviewer: UnnamedElement Signed
Date: May 06, 2016 Title: Chapter 2: Of Cats and Kings

I relish in reading your tales. Your writing and grammar is so solid that it takes you out of the experience of the words, and elevates you to a simple state of experience. That's skillful! I thoroughly enjoyed falling Idril around with you. I am looking forward to reading more of your work!!

Author's Response:

Thank you so much. I'm pleased you enjoyed this story and became engrossed in the tale. I hope to post more soon. I do intend to read more of your story, but am having ongoing Internet problems. Thank you for being such a loyal reader.

Title: The Council of Errors by cheekybeak
Rated: Teen [Reviews - 63]
Summary: When Elrond calls a council everybody comes, even Legolas. But why is he in hiding? Just what has he done? Sequel to Deep and Meaningful.
Category: Fiction
Characters: Aragorn, Elladan, Elrohir, Elrond, Gimli, Glorfindel, Legolas
Content: None
Challenge: None
Series: None
Chapters: 16 | Completed: No | Word count: 28967 | Read count: 6783

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Published: April 22, 2016 | Updated: November 05, 2017

Reviewer: UnnamedElement Signed
Date: November 02, 2017 Title: Chapter 4: Chapter 4

God, I read this ages ago and I needed a laugh today and saw you updated, so I started from the beginning. I'd been laying in bed and giggling to myself, but when I got to this line, I laughed so suddenly my dog woke up and hid under the covers: "

Who did that? Legolas wondered angrily, Who spent their time commenting on every morsel they put in their mouth...when they were alone? Was he mad?"


and, goodness: "the normal thing might be to answer them." 


Gosh you are a natural! Humor like this is not easy for many people. So glad I have more to re-read and read tomorrow to lighten the week!

Author's Response:

Glad it's even made you laugh the second time. 

Your poor dog tho! 

These guys are crazy and this story is particularly crazy, but a good break from angst. 

Reviewer: UnnamedElement Signed
Date: February 16, 2017 Title: Chapter 10: Chapter 10

This was absolutely hilarious. Can't wait to read the next chapter!

Author's Response:

Hi! Didn't know you were reading this. Glad it was funny, sometimes I really don't know! 

Reviewer: UnnamedElement Signed
Date: February 16, 2017 Title: Chapter 11: Chapter 11

'"Fine!" He cried, "Fine! Now I know exactly where you all stand I will be off shall I? Don't want to clutter up perfect Imladris any longer with an eccentric wood-elf now do we. Get off me!" He shrugged off Elrohir's desperate attempt at comfort. "Why don't you find someone more sen' hilarious! This is gold. And the way you keep up with your characters and storylines is always impress!

Author's Response:

Poor Legolas. He has a real inferiority complex when he is in Imladris and is very aware of his somewhat chaotic energy....all my versions of Legolas are a bit hyperactive and distractable. There is nothing worse they could do to him than discuss his flightiness behind his back. 

And poor Elrohir. Because this is Walls of Glass Elrohir and so very, very insecure. 

Title: The Darkness in Your Heart by cheekybeak
Rated: Teen [Reviews - 57]
Summary: Legolas begins a new life in Ithilien but not all who go with him are eager and he brings with him pain that cannot be ignored.
Category: Fiction
Characters: Aragorn, Arwen, Elladan, Elrohir, Éowyn, Faramir, Gimli, Legolas, OFC
Content: Angst, Character Death, Het, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
Challenge: None
Series: Darkness
Chapters: 30 | Completed: Yes | Word count: 65377 | Read count: 14429

[Report This]
Published: May 04, 2016 | Updated: September 11, 2016

Reviewer: UnnamedElement Signed
Date: May 05, 2016 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Oh I loved the changes you made in this, especially the bit about the Haradrim (your transition from their arrival to the diplomacy to your OC looking around at dead men was flawless).

I am so looking forward to seeing what happens with this story, and how your characters will--and have before--cope with unexpected tragedy. Indeed, they are not unfamiliar with grief, but it is a very intimate kind we feel here, and you tap into these universal understandings of loss so unbelievably well that it startles. (a good thing!)

As for a het!Legolas, you could honestly write about Legolas becoming best friends with a porcupine and I would probably read it. I just *adore* your characters.

I am, of course, looking forward to more. Thank you for writing and posting!

Author's Response: OMG, am I completely crazy that I now have a yearning to write a crack fic about Legolas and a porcupine?! I am glad you liked the Haradrim changes. They were only a little thing but I thought it made more sense for the elves not to be wandering around randomly killing men. I am glad the grief feels believable. It is my biggest fear, that it seems forced or trite.

Reviewer: UnnamedElement Signed
Date: May 15, 2016 Title: Chapter 6: Chapter 6

Loving this, as always. Your characters are always so multidimensional and unpredictable in the most marvelously understandable of ways. I am, of course, looking forward to the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you! You know ....to me they are completely predictable but I guess thats because I know their internal motives and you guys often dont! .....like I know the ending....well actually in this story, as far as these two go I dont. I haven't decided yet if they make it work or not.

Title: Simple Turn of Fate (Destiny's Twist) by Arasa17
Rated: Teen [Reviews - 5]

The Dark Lord Sauron plots to conquer modern-day earth once Arda is his. His plans go awry however, when Lord Elrond interferes, and he kidnaps a young nurse instead of a Marine officer.

Category: Fiction
Characters: None
Content: Action/Adventure, Angst, Het, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
Challenge: None
Series: None
Chapters: 6 | Completed: No | Word count: 30548 | Read count: 2701

[Report This]
Published: May 05, 2016 | Updated: July 16, 2016

Reviewer: UnnamedElement Signed
Date: May 05, 2016 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

I adored your dialogue in this, and your paragraph breaks are very effective. There's an easy humor between the two characters here--like you have been writing them for a long time, instead of this being your first fanfiction!--and it was lovely to read. I am generally resistant to reading 10th walker stories, but your writing in this won me over, and I am eager to see what will happen.

Also, great last sentence. And I liked the outside perspective on Elrond in the brief comments we got in dialogue here. :)

Only piece of feedback: look in future chapters at your adjectives--if you've used one word in particular a couple of times, or in a similar manner, consider diversifying your word choice. What can you say besides 'spattered,' 'speckled,'for example? Check for phrases that you intend to mean one way, but that might come across differently based on general intrepretations of phrases 'Spitting up behind,' for example. maybe it is only because I spend a lot of time around kids--or maybe it is cultural (I speak US English)--but I definitely started thinking about spit-up instead of the absolutely gorgeous scene you were previously painting!

^I only point this out because your writing is so strong and lovely, and that's the only thing that really slowed me down or pulled me out of it at all!

Thanks for writing and posting!

Author's Response: Unnamed Element, whomever you may be, you are a gift to fanfiction authors. I speak US English too, born and raised, and I can see where some phrases can cause confusion to a reader. I try to keep these down, but it's hard to prevent using 'coined' phrases, while keeping them clear at the same time. Like I said to the first reviewer, I apologize for any odd moments or awkward spots. You see, I'm used to having lots of time, sometimes months, to write ahead and then reread and edit my work. I think of this as wonderful practice for publishing real works, so criticize all you like. I appreciate it! :)

Title: So Sweet the Dying Song by Arasa17
Rated: Teen [Reviews - 20]
Summary: A broken hearted Faerie falls in love with a forbidden prince, without even knowing his name. When she saves his life though, breaking the laws of no interference, she must take material form and convince him that her kind don't exist, or face the consequences.
Category: Fiction
Characters: Legolas
Content: Action/Adventure, Angst, Crossover, Drama, Het, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
Challenge: None
Series: None
Chapters: 14 | Completed: No | Word count: 64927 | Read count: 4086

[Report This]
Published: May 29, 2016 | Updated: September 17, 2016

Reviewer: UnnamedElement Signed
Date: June 04, 2016 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Truly beautiful prose. And your word choice makes the emotions tangible. Well done! Thanks for writing and posting.

Author's Response:

Oh, thank you UnnamedElement! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. As always, thanks again for taking the time to review. It helps a lot.)

Title: I know better by Kalendeer
Rated: General Audiences [Reviews - 5]

"Galadriel was the greatest of the Noldor, except Fëanor maybe, though she was wiser than he, and her wisdom increased with the long years."

In Valinor, Melkor is the first to tempt her with the prospect of besting her uncle.

Category: Fiction
Characters: Fëanor, Galadriel, Melkor/Morgoth
Content: Het
Challenge: None
Series: Souls of Cinder Verse
Chapters: 1 | Completed: Yes | Word count: 1595 | Read count: 384

[Report This]
Published: August 25, 2016 | Updated: August 25, 2016

Reviewer: UnnamedElement Signed
Date: November 25, 2016 Title: Chapter 1: I know better

So, I have not read Silm/HoME fic in a longgggg time, and I am glad I chose this piece as one of my first to ease back in with! I adore your writing, of course, first of all, linguistically. But I particularly loved the way you humanized (for lack of a bettet word) Artanis/Galadriel--the whole structure of the piece did thaT, but passing comments & particular syntactical choices really drove it home--she is relatable here, and it reminds us of the depth of her life and past. Provides motivations we were never really given--because, as you wrote, who asks the women of the house of finwe? I LOVED that line.


i also really appreciated--from a professional perspective--the way you represented grooming behavior as well as manipulative or abusive relationship dynamics. While at the same time giving us slivers of Galadriel's lust for revenge via power. But Melkor's treatment of Artanis gave me shivers, because personal and professional experience attest to your representation being horrifyingly accurate, and real. 


And the the tone was just lovely. Humorous and light with an underlying power that peaked at the perfect moments. Our elves and valar as we know them--passionate and sometimes dark. And better than how we know them, how many of us imagine them.


hope this review makes sense--I am typing on a very old phone! 


thank you for writing and posting! 

Author's Response:

I am honestly impressed that you manage to write so much on a phone ! I can read on mine, but the fics always end up on a list to be reviewed later.

I am happy you liked this fic, because I think it's easily one of my bests ! I wanted to do a serie about the women of the House of Finwë, and Galadriel was a good place to start. I had very few headcanons about her at this point and wasn't really interested in her, but thinking about her for that fic was The Thing that made me like her, and start to build a Galadriel that I actually like (and I now have strong headcanons about Galadriel, Fëanor and Alqualondë).

I think Melkor was definitly manipulative, mostly because at this point he probably doesn't know how *not* to be manipulative with anyone, but I am not sure he could be called abusive, mostly because... well, I haven't decided what Melkor actually wanted to do with this relationship. When I was writing, I actually wondered how much of his behavior is for show and how much was sincere. I think he actually liked her (not loved her though), and chose this approach with her because he thought she was interesting, and didn't mind having a companion. Of course, she wasn't as high as the Silmarils or the Trees on his list of priorities, or perhaps he thought that she would follow somehow, or he would have the chance to get her back, or perhaps he didn't care. I really don't know what he really wanted (or if Melkor even knew what he really wanted), but headcanons can go from 100% manipulative asshole to "manipulative but may actually have felt something genuine here". I actually like this fic a lot because it can fit in all my verses.

Also, Melkor really hates Fëanor, so the fact that Galadriel hates him as well is definitly great for him ("yay let's bitch about him", great bonding time).


I am so happy you liked this fic ! I hope your come back will lead to many great reads !

Title: Where the Shadows Lie by ziggy
Rated: General Audiences [Reviews - 288]

The One Ring has been destroyed and Sauron banished to the Dark with Morgoth. But not all the Rings were destroyed with the One; the Three made by Celebrimbor to counter the One are free now and there are artefacts still in the ruined cities of both Mordor and Eregion. And the fate of those lesser Rings is not known...yet. Against this, Legolas and Elrohir struggle in their new found love and not all is smooth. By any means.

Warnings: loads of slash, dark lust, non-con/dubious consent, Sons of Feanor, dodgy Science.



Category: Fiction
Characters: Legolas
Content: Action/Adventure
Challenge: None
Series: None
Chapters: 32 | Completed: No | Word count: 160870 | Read count: 13746

[Report This]
Published: October 30, 2016 | Updated: April 04, 2018

Reviewer: UnnamedElement Signed
Date: March 11, 2017 Title: Chapter 8: Chapter 8 The Elendil

I have just gotten around to reading this, as I had been putting it off in fear that I would not be able to adequately keep up with it and appreciate it fully. Cheeky convinced me otherwise, and here I am, and thank goodness! This story is tremendous, as usual. The last line of this chapter is beautiful, and the sundering of twins so...satisfyingly canonically appropriate yet heartbreaking. This last line is killer, beautiful--I love the simplicity of the last too words left hanging with a comma. Looking forward to reading chapter 9 later today. Thank you for writing and posting!

Author's Response:

Thank you for such a lovely review, Unnamed Element- that's really nice to hear. It will, I think, have the deepest ramifications for so many if Elladan does indeed choose the way of men. I'm pleased it feels canonical though - that's hugely flattering!

Title: Fire Dancing Upon Our Souls by cheekybeak
Rated: Teen [Reviews - 250]

 Misunderstanding and heartache cause antagonism between Legolas and Elrohir in the years after the War of the Ring.

Category: Fiction
Characters: Aegnor, Aragorn, Arwen, Elladan, Elrohir, Faramir, Gimli, Legolas, OFC
Content: None
Challenge: None
Series: Darkness
Chapters: 46 | Completed: Yes | Word count: 104370 | Read count: 17979

[Report This]
Published: October 31, 2016 | Updated: September 26, 2017

Reviewer: UnnamedElement Signed
Date: March 15, 2017 Title: Chapter 26: Chapter 26

Review for Fire, Chapters 24 to 26

Note: I will comment on Erynion and Gimli more after your next update. Tried to focus my response a bit instead of just going "omg so good!" like I sometimes do.

So the issue of consent here is very interesting, and I didn't *really* catch it until the chapter in which Legolas is so utterly devestated, which is surprising, given my profession. I was glad you asked if I caught it, and I think a nuanced approach to consent is really important to represent in fanfiction.  Because there is so much I could go on about--but the idea of actually writing about all those things is utterly overwhelming and paralying so you would never get a review!--I am going to focus on consent and the relationships for the review.

You've written a very complicated series of relationships here, born out of significant stress, drama, and very real trauma. Your friendships, romances, daliances, and more are all coming together. The Legolas/Maewen, Maewen/Erynion, and Legolas/Elrohir web is becoming increasingly complicated, and it is this web that really throws the issue of consent into relief.

For is Legolas in a state to consent? Arguably not. I would say no. Wellness wise, mental health wise, and the differential in their power dynamics, here, as well and unwell...  Furthermore, Legolas does, in fact, not consent to Elrohir's touch in the Interlude, very clearly stating "Let me go," which is unequivocal rejection. Legolas then describes Elrohir refusing to let him go, being powerless, breathless and, ultimately, unable to say a thing besides Elrohir's name. (Could he not speak because he was overcome by desire perhaps? Some might argue, but for the sake of this, let's say it's a grey area.) What would he have said though had he been able to speak? What would he have said had Elrohir given him the chance to speak or to actively consent, having previously commanding he let him go? It is an exceptionally common occurrence for people to freeze when they are first being assaulted, sometimes then just "letting it happen" because it has already gone so far after they come into themselves again, especially when the other person's power has already been demonstrated to them (a firm grip that will not let go, for example).

Now did Legolas want to get with Elrohir? Yeah, I 100% believe that. Did he want it to happen this way? Eh, I'll venture to guess probably not, though in the state you have described, I'm not sure Legolas knows any of his desires,  truly.

Which takes us to two more points: 1) Maewen. 2) Personal autonomy. 

Maewen: As much as I love Maewen, she could have handled this a little differently. Maewen has asked Elrohir to help Legolas without Legolas knowing that--after years of their determinedly non-open relationship--she approves of this. So Elrohir comes to him and he not only does not consent to the contact, but he is also made to feel that it is a betrayal--for neither of them spoke to him of it first. And Maewen is his life partner. Should she not have told him? Eased his conscience, made him perhaps able to consent through a better understanding of what was happening? Though that is not a very Maewen-way to approach things. They are rather. . .hopeless at communicating sometimes. When they are on they are on, when they are off, they are not even on the same planet. FOr Maewen knows Legolas well--she knows he needs this to escape from the sea--but she does not know how to give it to him.

OR if it is even what he wants. Which brings us to...

Personal autonomy: Legolas is not well enough, it seems, to even know if he wants to be free from the sea. In fact, he states that without it he is nothing, once it is gone, that without it there is no "[he]." They took that choice from him. They did not even try to have the conversation with him about whether he wanted to try to rid himself of it by laying with Elrohir; they simply took the choice away from him and put the matter into their own hands. It is, in many ways, like assuming a person with a cognitive disability or mental illness that affects communication has no opinion on whether they continue to receive support to live independently or join a group home. Perhaps they enjoy the challenge of their daily life, perhaps the hell people assume they are trapped in is not a hell at all--perhaps it is a different reality, but it is freeing to them in their own way. This person has a personal assitant and a nurse, perhaps, 24-hours a day, or in shifts. It is perhaps not convenient for their family or for their caregivers or their lover, to be tied to their schedule as they live with their version of independence. The choice to put this person in a group home without adequately consulting them takes away that choice, their personal autonomy, their personhood, because that choice is not about what is best for the person with a cognitive disability or mental illness, but it is about what is best for the family/caregivers, what is best for their needs and what they perceive to be the best thing for this person, without doing the work to understand their perspective.

Legolas is an inconvenience to his family and friends right now. The decision to give Elrohir to Legolas is not so much about what Legolas needs, for Legolas has not expressed to Maewen or Elrohir what he needs. THe decision is about what they think is best for him--he will be better, he will be more normal when I think perhaps, for Legolas, after that trauma, there is no normal to return to... They think he will be better without the sealonging, but perhaps it is the one thing holding him together. We do not know, becauuse they did not ask him. They simply made him a person again in the way they thought he needed, without consultation, without asking, without informed consent or, indeed, even consent...!

So consent in your piece is not just about sex; it's about a person's right to decide about their own body and mental health, about their own life and future, and what, to them, defines a well-lived life. It is about autonomy and respect.  (Which harkens all the way back to Aragorn bringing him back in the first place. Legolas did not want to leave, but one has to wonder, how informed was he when he decided to turn back from Laerion? He was half-dead, afterall. Is Elladan, then, perhaps the only person who has not betrayed Legolas' trust thus far?)

ELrohir getting with Legolas is probably the best thing that could have happened for him, from an outside perspective. A treatment that relieves symptoms so that perhaps the true cause of those symptoms can be assessed. But the execution of that treatment... It was pretty horrific, and I can only imagine the chapters of trust rebuilding we have ahead of us, for they may have made Legolas even more vulnerable than he was before!

I know there have been times when I just wanted to force a client I was working with into treatment (read: yesterday, YESTERDAY I wanted this) because I knew it was what was best for their children and family but... That's not how consent works, and until it rises to such a level that it endangers the safety of others (a high threshhold indeed, unfortunately, in my jursidiction) I can no more make someone get help than I can charm my coffee into making itself! (And, interestingly, Legolas does not actually hurt anyone physically until AFTER Maewen and ELrohir try to fix him.)

 I am perhaps overthinking this, but... I doubt it, because you do not write one-dimensional things! I may have interpreted it differently, but there is something more there than meets the eye, for sure.

Gosh, I love your writing. There were a few places in these chapters where I literally held my breath from the beauty. The end of the Interlude and the beginning of that following chapter, for example. You have grown so tremendously in your writing. Your words and phrases and the flow and rhythm are compelling and arresting!

And what extraordinarily complex and believable characters you have created. Such a nuanced and multi-leveled dissection of consent would not be possible were your characters not equally and believably multi-faceted!

I can't wait to read your next update, mostly because I plan to reread everything from the Interlude forward before reading it. I love an excuse to reread! And I am really going to try to stay on top of reviews from now on, but I won't make any promises I can't keep... Thank you for writing and posting, Cheeky!

Author's Response:

The worlds best review...what more can I say? Well heaps....as you know ....in my email! 

Reviewer: UnnamedElement Signed
Date: October 02, 2017 Title: Chapter 46: Chapter 46

This is lovely. His recove from Maewen's perspective, from afar. That little line in which Maewen's refers to leaving Erynion as soon as Elrohir calls for her did tweak my heart a bit--I feel for the two of them. I really feel for legolas and Maewen at the end of this chapter, to see Legolas how he once was. I do hope they won't always be chasing a memory, because he is so legolas here--legolas when he is not overwhelmed, and that is intoxicating. For Maewen's sake most of all, I hope they have more moments like this. 


Hopefully i will ER to reviewing the other chapters in this--I did read them, I just did not get caught up in reviews. Now back to Chained, and must catch up on Lighy of a Thousands Stars! 


You dis it, though! You finished this epic story, and what an extraordinary ride it has been. 

Author's Response:

You are right, this IS what keeps Maewen going through the tough times. This memory of Legolas as he should be. What lies at the core of him. I imagine she sees it more than we do, or any of the others—save Elrohir—in the little quiet moments you get as a couple when Legolas is relaxed and happy and just can be himself. As you can see in "Chained" though even in Valinor she is still chasing it—getting glimpses through the dark clouds. 

I hope Elrohir recognises what he gave Maewen here. He did intend this as a gift to her....the chance to revisit Legolas as he was, free of the sea, in the healed Greenwood. Which they could only achieve because Elrohir had removed the sealonging for a time. 

Elrohir is so grateful for her letting him in and sharing her love. He wanted to give something back. I hope he realises that instead of intruding on her relationship with Legolas he is actually enhancing and improving it. It will help him with his guilt. 

Hope you end up liking Chianed as much as this one! :-) 

Reviewer: UnnamedElement Signed
Date: September 04, 2017 Title: Chapter 36: Chapter 36

This chapter was a great example of what Elrohir remarks about halfway through--how *does* gimli do it? I did feel for the sibling group at the end, when arwen reveals the sealonging to Gimli.  So difficult. They are all in such a hard place. 


And the cyclical mess that Legolas is in that story you've given me a sneak peek of... well, he makes much more sense now that I'm rereading and catching up on this. 


The moment in this story, though, when you'd describe arwen running her hand through aragorn curls lovingly--beautiful, I could feel it, hear it, see it, and knew exactly how much care it carried.


looking forward to reading more! On to the next chapter :)

Author's Response:

Ah yes, you see this incident was extremely damaging to his emotional and mental health. And he does recover from it....he regains his equilibrium... but the scars and the damage are still there....and it all adds up. Add to this Aragorn and Gimli's deaths, relocating to a world he didn't really want away from his beloved home and the splintered relationship with his mother and Bam! 

The depression is unconquerable. 

And as for Gimli, yes how does he do it? 

And in the new story there is no Gimli. No Gimli to walk in and save the day and set Legolas to rights. Legolas truly is adrift without him. 

Reviewer: UnnamedElement Signed
Date: September 04, 2017 Title: Chapter 38: Chapter 38

"A riot of greenery" Superb!

Author's Response:

Had to go back and look up exactly what .I wrote this about! 

Reviewer: UnnamedElement Signed
Date: September 04, 2017 Title: Chapter 39: Chapter 39

Your gimli again--there is so much there between he and Legolas. I will always want to read more of their friendship from you. They are my truest soft spot! Well written, the whole thing. (Can't remember if I reviewed this before or not)

Author's Response:

He's the best isn't he, Gimli. And again I say......Legolas in Valinor without him.....

how he must miss him and how badly he needs that Dwarf. 

Reviewer: UnnamedElement Signed
Date: September 04, 2017 Title: Chapter 40: Chapter 40

You capture the cunning yet irrational logic of depression powerfully here. Mareen is doing her best, and she knows Legolas at all of his baselines, and so can hold fast--even after all they've been through--to show him what he needs. But there is so much guilt in him he is resisting, and he will continue to do so, because he is intelligent, and disjointed, and that familiar depression is weaved through him.


But thwre are moments of light, even in this chapter, where the reader sees Legolas as we know him


and that is what makes it so convincing and so heartbreaking. If you have ever had

depression or loved someone with a mental illness, this is just heart rending.


i wonder, though, how long they can do this, all of them--who will lose their stamina first? Because legolas' state has certainly not been accepted as the "new normal" yet...


excellent, again, cheeky. I am very much looking fwd to the next chapter!! -Ue

Author's Response:

I am glad it feels real. It's hard to write him sometimes and try to pull back the extremes. 

Its a drain, certainly, on all of them and edges are starting to fray in this chapter....but then again maybe a few frayed edges and sharp words from his friends will help Legolas in the long run. 

as luck would have it I just posted the next chapter :-) 

Reviewer: UnnamedElement Signed
Date: September 09, 2017 Title: Chapter 43: Chapter 43

Damn. Well. That was a fantastic chapter. Gimli and Elrohir both brought him a long way in this chapter, and legolas' willingness to see himself beyond what he resigned himself to was empowering, in sure. The thing about his writing was very sad, but understandable--whether from the sea longing or his head injury/oxygen deprivation, it is understandable. It was a very revealing detail that makes the reader feel compassionate for all of legolas' shortcomings. Well done!! Fantastic fantastic story. 

Author's Response:

Glad you liked it! Kudos on honing in on the writing. It is significant. Legolas has physical scars from this incident that have not been discovered yet by himself or the others. This is one of them. 

So pleased it made you feel compassionate because that was one thing I wanted to achieve. He has appeared increasingly normal in recent chapters and as he improves readers expectations of him have increased. As have his friends....and don't get me wrong, they needed to to a certain extent. He needed a kick up the backside....but I also needed to remind everyone of the damage Legolas has suffered, and it isn't going to be an easy fix. He can work on improving his social behaviour but there are going to be things he carries forward from this for the rest of his life. He has been a total ignorant pain in the butt—but honestly—he has had an hypoxic brain injury! He's doing pretty damn well considering

The writing issue actually emerged in chapter 3 of the other story I am writing—you know the one! So I had to go back to this one and insert an explanation! 


As for Gimli and Elrohir...weren't they great?!  I do think Elrohir may well have sought out Gimli for some advice on Legolas management. He was so Gimli-like in his approach here. 

So great to hear from you! 

Reviewer: UnnamedElement Signed
Date: August 02, 2017 Title: Chapter 39: Chapter 39

Legolas' tenuous ability to control himself is very apparent in this chapter, as well as the progress he has made with Gimli. Gimli is such a gift to him! But also are the things that shatter his control and trigger his breaks equally apparent, and I worry that is something gimli will never be able to help him recover. It is sad to read his own reactions to his reactions, as if he is watching someone else instead of himself--that ability, the clarity in the midst of his own chaos is worse than not recognizing his irrational actions at all. I will be interested to see how Maewen and Elrohir, particularly, deal with this twist. And how Legolas comes to realize aragorn was not being cold, if in fact he was not. Your descriptions of legolas' perception of aragorns behavior toward him was heartbreaking. I'm not overly pleased with him right now. Then again, as much as I love your bookish aragorn, I'm often not overly pleased with him! Your characterization of him is so good. 


I continue to adore this story. Glad to have caught up, and thank you for posting!!!

Author's Response:

Lovely to hear from you!

Yes, Legolas is aware of his lack of control even as he is in the midst of it. It doesn't help himself rein himself in though. At the moment he needs an external force, (Gimli) to pull him in and calm him down. He has lost that ability to maintain control over his behaviour himself. He cannot self calm. (Personally I think this has always been a weakness of Legolas and something he has found difficult—for much of his adult life Maewen has helped him— but it is very accentuated now.) 


Dont be too mad with Aragorn. There are reasons for his behaviour, and Legolas is not a reliable narrator. Not all he says about Aragorn is accurate. But to Legolas the grief over the damaged friendship is real, even if that damage is not what he thinks it is. Another weakness of his.....if you want to get back at Legolas attack his friendship with Aragorn. 

Glad you are still liking it! 



Reviewer: UnnamedElement Signed
Date: June 08, 2017 Title: Chapter 33: Chapter 33

I have finally taken the time to reread a chunk and catch up and it is marvelous. Legolas' situation was beginning to feel rather hopeless, but it is very clear that gimli is the perfect balm for him currently, friend-wise. Because, as Legolas says, gimli is "safe." Also, your maewen is so thoughtful in this piece, and elrohirs tenderness is almost painful to read, it is so sweet (in a good way); you've done the contrast in his treatment of Legolas very well. Gimli running w his inclination about E and L was a lovely touch. And the scene with eldarion in this last chapter was just tremendous, but you know what a sucker I am for Legolas and children. Can't wait for chapter 34! And I do hope I never get that behind ever again.

Author's Response:

So exciting to get a review from you! 

Yes, that is exactly it. Gimli is safe. He is Legolas' calm port in a storm. Legolas has suffered damage to his centre of emotional control and Maewen, Elrohir, Aragorn, they all have such strong emotions swirling around them...Legolas just can't cope with that. 

Gimli is a rock for him at the moment. 

Glad you liked that scene with Eldarion. I needed someone to point out to Legolas how horrendous it had been for everyone left behind as he was "dead" beneath those rocks, and Maewen and Elrohir certainly weren't going to tell him that. Innocent Eldarion was the only one who legitimately could. 

Change of perspective coming up soon. I think we need to go back to see what ticks on inside Elrohir's head. 

Reviewer: UnnamedElement Signed
Date: November 03, 2016 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

I have just written to you about this chapter, but I have to say... Truly beautiful, and utterly believable. I am so so so pleased you have decided to pursue this. Thank goodness for Faerie, am I right? :)

Author's Response:

Thank you! And yeah, Thank Goodness for Faerie, or this just wouldn't have happened. 

Reviewer: UnnamedElement Signed
Date: November 20, 2016 Title: Chapter 6: Chapter 6

Absolutely fantastic chapter. Maewen and Legolas are endlessly fascinating, and the end of this chapter in particular was quite telling, of where each of them are in their own heads--they come together, but they are not together, for they act still so very separately.

this piece is just full of so much heartbreak, the potential for it, like potential energy, water just below boiling point. I am so very anxious for your next update--you truly never ever disappoint!!

Author's Response:

You are right, Maewen and Legolas—though in a much better place than when we saw them in Darkness—are still not right. They come together but they are not together is the perfect way of describing how they are at the moment. How much of this is down to Legolas' acute battle with the sea-longing right now I don't know yet. Maewen does suggest that they are more together, more connected, at times when Legolas is not struggling with the sea. So maybe it is just a symptom of that we are seeing. 

The end of this chapter wasn't planned that way and I am in two minds as to what Legolas' motivations there were. Did he purposely use the physical closeness that Maewen is yearning for to distract her from her questions about Elladan? That would be quite manipulative if he did....and out of character....but possibly?? Or was he just as lonely as she was for their connection and it wasn't meant as a calculated attempt to distract. 

I will find that out as I write I guess!