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A Punishment Deserved by astorey_91 Mature
Ar-Pharazon believes that it is time for a certain maia to learn his place
Winds of Change by Verhalen General Audiences
One-shot set in the Northern Lights universe, prior to the start of Chains of Eternity. November 1989, as the Berlin Wall...
Chains of Eternity by Verhalen Explicit
A crossover with Star Wars, set in modern Earth, where a minority of the population is Force-sensitive. (Note: familiarity...
~ Fragments of Fate And Fire ~ by Spiced Wine Mature
This will be a collection of fics, commissioned art, and gapfillers to flesh out events within my Dark Prince/Magnificat...
Angels and crooks by Nuredhel General Audiences
Bard and Thran has gotten used to their new life but they do still have their jobs and my oh my does that make things interesting...
~ The Once and Future Kings ~ by Spiced Wine Explicit
After the destruction of the old universe, Vanimórë, sitting outside ‘Time’ in the ‘Monument’...
The City Over the Mountains by Narya Mature
A midwinter dalliance grows into something neither Elemmakil nor Voronwë expect. Duty, family and the ghosts of their past...

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Spiced Wine
07/21/19 10:43 am
Hello, Astorey, nice to see you :)
07/21/19 10:03 am
Hello, astorey_91!
Spiced Wine
07/20/19 09:39 pm
Welcome Magis :)
07/20/19 07:47 pm
Welcome, Magis :)
Spiced Wine
07/19/19 10:04 pm
Wow, well done!
07/19/19 09:25 pm
Phew, OK Chains is up in its entirety now. *falls over* I'll see about getting other pieces here this weekend...
Spiced Wine
07/19/19 08:10 pm
Great — always good to have mirrored fic, just in case, I think.
07/19/19 07:41 pm
Yes, posting Chains here. I'll be mirroring most of my Tolkien stuff on A03, I think. :D
07/19/19 07:21 pm
Hard same XD
Spiced Wine
07/19/19 07:14 pm
Are you? Terrific I’ll just read it again :)
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Website: http://jumclia.tumblr.com/

Click on the picture to follow Feanor to my DeviantArt page. Click here to find my on AO3.


I just sorted out the fic's I need to write in order to explain other fic's and discovered I've writing material for the next four years. Not counting the occasional oneshot or porn. Personally I don't thing a reader order is necessary since so far very fic is self-explaining, but some stories are a response to another story. If my dear Encairion is to blamed for an idea, it'll be mentioned accordingly like always-


A shackle around your mind
(Námo, Irmo)
A black spot on the sun
Neither light nor darkness (Maedhros/Maeglin)


Things we lost in the Fire
(Finarfin, Maedhros, Maglor)
I'll be wrong, I'll be strong (Finarfin/Eärwen, Olwë, Melian)


The World breaks Everyone

(In which Maglor is creepy and insane. His family tries not to care.)

Heaven's Reward Fallacy

(Maedhros/Fingon - In which Fingon struggles with life and never seems to get it right.)

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Title: The Price of Vengeance I by Encairion
Rated: Explicit [Reviews - 409]
Summary: Feature

Even the purest of their intentions turned to ashes in their Doomed hands.  But before their ruin came their glory. 

A novella of the House of Finwë.

Category: Fiction
Characters: Celebrimbor, Celegorm, Curufin, Eöl, Fëanor, Finduilas, Fingolfin, Fingon, Finrod, Gildor, Glorfindel, Gwindor, Idril, Irimë, Maedhros, Maeglin, Maglor, OFC, OMC, Orodreth, Tuor, Túrin
Content: Angst, AU, Character Death, Drama, Dubcon, Explicit Sex, Femmeslash, Het, Incest, Rape/Non-con, Romance, Slash
Challenge: None
Series: The Price of Eternity
Chapters: 86 | Completed: Yes | Word count: 544252 | Read count: 207564

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Published: May 14, 2012 | Updated: July 26, 2017

Reviewer: mangacrack Signed
Date: January 12, 2015 Title: Chapter 26: Chapter 23

Maedhros wouldn’t die until Maedhros allowed himself to die.


That phrase sure as hell did not exist the last time. I would remember that stab into my heart. There's so much truth in this, it hurts. Same as the "Not while you breathe.” later. It's the Feanorian's ability to bend reality to their likening. Writing their view on reality until it sinks in and the rest of the world follows their command. I remember a phase where I compared the Feanorians to Greek Gods, but it wouldn't be the same. Gods are trapped in their definitions and are defined by the stories told about them, but the Feanorians have more freedom than that. They are more like mythical creatures., haunting clueless mortals (and relatives alike).

Back the chapter. Maedhros war-general behavior clearly distinquies him from the rest of his people. Even from Fingon, because Maedhros saw the error with the communication line, while Fingon accepted it more easily. I hate to say it but Nerdanel named her son correctly. Well-shaped, but not in regarding of his looks, but for the War he reshaped himself for - until all was left was a war deity.

Author's Response:

“It's the Feanorian's ability to bend reality to their likening. Writing their view on reality until it sinks in and the rest of the world follows their command.”

Oh yes, this.  I totally think Elves have the power to influence the Song if only their wills are strong enough.  I actually think if it wasn’t for the Doom the Noldor could have won the Battle of Unnumbered Tears, or maybe the war never getting to that place to begin with.  And if any Elf has the power to change the Song it is a Fëanorion.

“haunting clueless mortals (and relatives alike).”

And relatives lol!  Poor Finrod!

“I hate to say it but Nerdanel named her son correctly. Well-shaped, but not in regarding of his looks, but for the War he reshaped himself for - until all was left was a war deity.”

I love this thought!  Yes, yes, he reshaped himself, honed himself like a weapon, to perfection (he had to be perfect he thought; if he wasn’t they all died).  I just love this, the idea that he was a god of war, yes, all of it, so good!

Reviewer: mangacrack Signed
Date: January 12, 2015 Title: Chapter 33: Intermission: Rage, rage against the dying of the light, Part II

I had nearly forgotten that Maeglin had crawled into Galadriels mind. Back than I found it nice, now I am at awe that he was actually successful? Well, she isn't Galadriel of the Third Age yet, but still. It says a lot about power that Maeglin bested her, even if she was drugged.

There should be more of Maeglin and his mind powers. I bet he could use it for a lot of good later, when the Exiles return. Bury nightmares / memories etc. I'm espcially thinking about Elwing in Book II, when she is just staring mindless into the Silmaril?

Author's Response:

“Back than I found it nice, now I am at awe that he was actually successful? Well, she isn't Galadriel of the Third Age yet, but still. It says a lot about power that Maeglin bested her, even if she was drugged.”

I really think Maeglin had the strongest mind-magic of all the Noldor, or rather, that he had the potential for it.  He stopped training himself after leaving Nan Elmoth, afraid of getting found out, I image his mother warned him a number of the Noldor would be able to sense him and would take offense to him sifting through their minds.  I think if he were pitted against a Third Age, Ring-wielding Galadriel he would have lost.  Galadriel without her ring and him trained to his full potential and he would have won. (This is my huge love for Maeglin biasing me I am sure lol!)

“There should be more of Maeglin and his mind powers.”

I wish I’d written more, but oh my gosh do I love the idea of him using them to help the re-born!  There are so many with so many mental wounds that sure as hell aren’t getting healed in Mandos (sorry, the Mandos in this story, I know they would have been if they were fortunate enough to live in the same world as your Námo :D ).  So many mental scars that he could help with, oh, oh, I love this! 

You’ve given me so many great idea I can’t wait to write :swings you:

Wow, you have blessed me so much with these reviews; I cannot tell you how happy they make me!  I just want to buddle them up and dance with them about the room (and now my strangeness has been revealed to you in its fullness :snorts:)  Thank you so much :::hugs::::

Reviewer: mangacrack Signed
Date: November 16, 2015 Title: Chapter 86: Chapter 71

To reassure you I've noticed no difference in quality. The writing is perfect like always. I devoured Thoriels story in a matter of a single hour, she keeps being interesting. I really wonder if she stays human ... or if she has another choice? Or what will happen with and the Curse. Right now I agree with Avranc that she is more afraid of the curse than anything else. Almost feels like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Okay ... forget what I said, I see I missed a chapter. So she isn't going to be reborn? *sniffs*

She chose to be human in the end, how sad. It means we aren't going to see her again *mourns Thoriel* And yet she is like her father and died on his sword as well, in the same manner. I hope she returns in some kind of way.


Author's Response:

Thank you for taking the time to read and leave this lovely review :)  I am so glad to hear you liked her story this much!  Wow!  I like what you said about it being almost a self-fulfilling prophecy.  She was so scared, and ran from, the curse all her life, and it pushed her into living desperately with this terror and fury always at the back of her mind.  I wonder if it was the same for Turin after he learned of the curse?

You know, I seriously considered having her go to the Halls of Mandos when she died and getting re-born with all the rest, but I just couldn't see her achieving much happiness in a life among Elves, as an Elf, separated from the people she'd loved best in the world.  She did love her mother and Gwindor, and it is going to be hard for them to learn her fate, but they died when she was so young, that she identified more with the Humans in her life.

Maybe she'll come back and help her father in that final battle though :D

Thanks again for the review :hugs:

Reviewer: mangacrack Signed
Date: November 16, 2015 Title: Chapter 86: Chapter 71

You know I've been thinking about Thoriel in the last hours. Her story and her end wouldn't quite let go but I had trouble figuring out why. Until I realized why I was so upset about her end: it was the lack of freedom in her life. Not her death made me unhappy, the circumstances that led to it. Unlike (or very much like Turin, depending how you see it) she didn't feel so guilty she refused to live on, she ended her life because it was the only desicion left for her. Everything else, so she thought, was affected by the curse. Yet in her case I think it was mostly her percerption that made Hurin's come true in the end. Compared to Turin the tragedies were mostly harmless. Without the curse she could've picked up her life again.

Which got me thinking that Thoriel's curse wasn't her own at all. Her life was nothing more than a way to punish Turin further. Perhaps Morgoth knows something is up with Turin being the one who should kill him or perhaps he has only done it because he could but ... it's very easy to imagine Turin's reaction should he ever learn of his daugther's life (and her death).

So ... to take it even further ... does Thoriel exists only because the Curse? Was her conception the unlucky meeting of Turin's Curse and the Doom of the Noldor Finduilas was under? It makes kind of sense that she escapes all of that in the end, turning her into a normal woman again. She never truly had a relationship to her elvish side. It also rarely showed. Given how she reacted to Elurin and Elured ... Thoriel was kind of sceptical and never had the feeling there was a kind of kinship between her and the two other elves in her later life.

Well, now. Doesn't help my feelings in the end because bringing Thoriel back to fight Morgoth would be more like a punshiment for her. Since she doesn't want to be pulled back into that life again, else she would've chosen otherwise.

Turin on the other hand ... I've a little trouble understanding though I really like how you portrayed his gruff love for his daugther. That he wasn't just a harbringer of doom but a savior as well, taking out Glaurung. Seeing him and the Curse like now made also realize that for the Maglor I'm writing right now Turin's situation would probably his biggest nightmare: Everything you do, everything you touch turns to ashes and there's nothing you can do about it.

God, I hope Turin gets a second life. The first was poisoned.

Author's Response:

I am so stoked to hear Thóriel left such an impression on you!  You make so many good points here, I do think that her lack of choice, in her eyes, is one of the most tragic things about her and Turin’s stories.  It doesn’t matter how hard they fight, how strong the fire of defiance, how far they run, they can never outrun the Doom because it is in their blood, carried with them always. 

I thought the idea that the Doom of the Noldor might like cancel out the Curse on Turin’s blood-line really interesting!  I am not sure how it would work, but those are too very powerful and very real Powers in this world coming into contact with each other in the body of one person.

And I agree with you that she has very little connection with her Elvish blood.  I’d say she only has a connection to the people she’d love who were Elvish, but not their blood in her.  It would be interesting to know if if she’d grown up around Elves if she could have found a connection to that blood (Like Eärendil did when he looked into the Silmaril, pulling on the Elvish in his blood), could her connection have been nurtured and grown enough for her to have chosen Mandos in death?

Now, the question remains, was the Curse in Thóriel’s blood?  Well Morgoth didn’t actually seem to have been aware of her existence, but did Morgoth have to know of her for the Curse to catch her in its net too?  You make the good point that the Curse didn’t actually seem to have affected her choices much but it does seem like either she was driving herself to this unnatural state of burring up from the inside because of her terror of the Curse or the Curse was there in her blood, inescapable.  You know, I think the difference all came down to Morgoth’s awareness of her.  The fact he didn’t know of her existence meant he wasn’t actively willing the Curse, throwing power behind it, maliciously twisting all her choices/deeds to evil like he did to Turin and Húrin.  But I think the Curse was there, in her blood, she was quite latterly born with it, but it was dormant until Morgoth’s perceived her and his will came down upon her like a hammer stroke.  (Of course this is just my own interpretation, maybe she really didn’t have the Curse and could have gone on living free of it).

“Doesn't help my feelings in the end because bringing Thoriel back to fight Morgoth would be more like a punshiment for her. Since she doesn't want to be pulled back into that life again, else she would've chosen otherwise.”

Yes, I think you are completely right with this.  It would be a punishment for her to come back (so scratch that idea!).  For Turin it is different because Beleg is there waiting for him.

“Seeing him and the Curse like now made also realize that for the Maglor I'm writing right now Turin's situation would probably his biggest nightmare: Everything you do, everything you touch turns to ashes and there's nothing you can do about it.”

This is such a terrible thing to live with!  It makes me think of the Fëanorions Oath and the Noldor’s Doom/Curse, no matter what they do they cannot escape it, and everything they do with good intentions will end in ruin.  It is really tragic!

Thank you so much for this review!  And of course you just have to tease me again over your story lol  I am dying over here, dying!

Title: Maedhros on Free Will by Himring
Rated: Teen [Reviews - 3]

Maedhros ponders the question of free will.

Category: Fiction
Characters: Fingon, Maedhros
Content: Romance, Slash, Vignette
Challenge: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 | Completed: Yes | Word count: 236 | Read count: 1848

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Published: September 25, 2012 | Updated: September 25, 2012

Reviewer: mangacrack Signed
Date: September 25, 2012 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

I like what Maedhros indicates. That he would, as the person as he is, would to everything (again) as long as Fingon remains with him.

Author's Response:

Thank you very much! I'm very glad you like it.

Title: Legends Say... by Caddock of Buckland
Rated: General Audiences [Reviews - 7]
Summary: A brief vignette character sketch of the Master of Buckland.
Category: Fiction
Characters: Meriadoc "Merry" Brandybuck
Content: Vignette
Challenge: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 | Completed: Yes | Word count: 442 | Read count: 1648

[Report This]
Published: September 26, 2012 | Updated: September 26, 2012

Reviewer: mangacrack Signed
Date: September 26, 2012 Title: Chapter 1: ...or so I have heard

And another legend created. I love this little fic to pieces!

Author's Response: Thank you! Merry is a rather small legend, but a legend nonetheless ;) I am very glad you enjoyed it.

Title: The Protege Collection by Veveco
Rated: Teen [Reviews - 24]
Summary: Feature A series of illustrations inspired by Alpha Ori's saga, the Protege.
Category: Fiction
Characters: Arwen, Celeborn, Elladan, Elrond, Erestor, Galadriel, Gandalf, Glorfindel, Haldir, Legolas
Content: Action/Adventure, AU, Hurt/Comfort, Romance, Slash
Challenge: None
Series: None
Chapters: 8 | Completed: No | Word count: 1871 | Read count: 10445

[Report This]
Published: November 11, 2012 | Updated: July 29, 2013

Reviewer: mangacrack Signed
Date: November 12, 2012 Title: Chapter 1: Back in the days

The armor and the ornaments on the door are awesome. Very detailed smooth. I can even see clothing texture!
My compliments.

Author's Response: Thank you! I believe that working on these illustrations made me improve my work...

Title: To have never stood so tall. by Urloth
Rated: Teen [Reviews - 2]

Finwë's words echo through time and Ingwë makes a spontaneous decision.


Category: Fiction
Characters: Ingwë, OMC
Content: Angst, AU, Drama, Gen, Vignette
Challenge: None
Series: Sleeping Amber through Darkened Doorways
Chapters: 1 | Completed: No | Word count: 2897 | Read count: 2211

[Report This]
Published: November 27, 2012 | Updated: November 27, 2012

Reviewer: mangacrack Signed
Date: November 28, 2012 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

I have just read it twice and I'm in love with this story. Mainly because of the idea of thralls existing in the society in Valinor. Usually they are not recognized as such, there are either offical titles like slaves and kings or modern indirect ways (like outstanding debts etc.) to keep them from being free. You mentioned those debts, which makes curious how the Lords in Valinor justify the existence of those thralls. Are they simply people, who owe other people money? But what than what are the causes to treat them as lesser people? Usually it's a divided and archaic mindset, which fits the elves in Valinor so much it actually scares me.
Just I never encountered this peticular setting before. Typically Valinor is 'the Paradise'. Or a Golden Cage, but never before it as been "just a country with history and devolpment". Because Ingwe mentiones the reactions towards Feanor's Acts in the First Age. It would be interesting to know when this story is happening.
"Shortly" (in terms of elvish thinking) after the Kinslaying? Has it been recent enough to the Teleri to be still dealing with their history? Or futher away? I would like it either way, but the second option would imply change in Valinor.
Not an easy concept to grasp, when a reader is used to stereotypes like 'the poor Teleri' and 'evil Feanor'. When Ingwe mentioned the installtion of Mandos Door's I was delighted.
It speaks about a lot of insight, because it means every resident in Valinor had to acknowledge that everyone is capable of killing. It's just not an action one should try to perform. Mandos would be an impartial judge. At least he should be, does he offer people tp argue for or against a person? Does he decide if the punshiment itself or just if the accused is guilty at all? I'm incredible fascinated by the idea of Mandos being involved elfish daily struggles that way. Perhaps because it implies he cares. Enough to handle the subject no other dares: death and death sentence.

Reflected on that what does you Ingwe think on Feanor's opinion in general?
Because from his point of view Feanor would 'get involved' since has dealt with death in person, even he was just to doing the killing, it's nothing else what Mandos does as well. Only Mandos has the offical permission to kill elves.

Adopting Quildef

Reviewer: mangacrack Signed
Date: November 28, 2012 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

I have just read chapter note and feel like an idiot, right now^^'

Author's Response:

Not at all :D

Title: The Unlikely Visitor by Quantumphysica
Rated: Teen [Reviews - 36]

COMPLETE! Thrown into the Void as a bodiless fëa, Sauron hadn't expected to get out there any time soon. No wonder thus that suddenly crashing stark naked into a different world came as a bit of a surprise... Will he cope with the wizarding world, Hogwarts, and the messy Weasley family, or are we in for disaster? Either way, it's gonna be a rough ride...

Category: Fiction
Characters: Irmo/Lórien, Mandos/Námo, Sauron
Content: Action/Adventure, Character Death, Crossover, Drama, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
Challenge: None
Series: Unlikely Stories
Chapters: 25 | Completed: Yes | Word count: 71595 | Read count: 21577

[Report This]
Published: June 29, 2013 | Updated: January 19, 2014

Reviewer: mangacrack Signed
Date: August 09, 2013 Title: Chapter 5: Black Speech And A Hogwarts Letter

I'm so happy that Sauron draws the comparison between Orolin and Dumbledore. He has so little knowledge of a normal life that it borders being adorable. It's also a little heartbreaking, because E

Reviewer: mangacrack Signed
Date: August 30, 2013 Title: Chapter 7: A Justified Dislike Of Pointy Hats

I laughed so hard. First Sauron is just as put off with Luna as everybody else, than the thing with the boats (Sorry Sauron, it's so hilarious). The hat is just great, I bet Namo had a hand in it's creating. For souls, who fear him to much. They get "my life in five minutes".

The eagle just killed me. The face Sauron must have made XD

Author's Response:

Thanks for reviewing! Sauron's face must have been somewhere between terrifying and hilarious... And yes, Namo could indeed use a Hat like that, it would make his life much easier... xD 


Reviewer: mangacrack Signed
Date: September 12, 2013 Title: Chapter 9: Love Advice

I'm honsetly surprised that Celebrimbor wasn't part of Sauron's conquest. Or he was just honestly in love this one time and wishes to forget it.

The chapter is incredible as always. I love the idea Sauron being too old for the age line.

Author's Response:

Well, now you're saying it... I imagine that Celebrimbor would most definitely have been one of Sauron's conquests! Although I do think he would rather not think on it for now, simply because the whole ring affair is still very painful to him. 

Reviewer: mangacrack Signed
Date: September 22, 2013 Title: Chapter 10: Mirrors, Speeches and Memories

I want to hug Sauron. I always felt pity for him, since he mainly went downhill again because he was afraid of the Valar's judgement after the War of Wrath. His reasoning during the Ring Wars probably were "If I control them", they cannot control me." ... and he never knew anything but control after spending so much time with Melkor.

So yes, I adore this chapter. Especially because Rowling has butchered Britians great and interesting history with Binns.

Author's Response:

Yeah, poor Sauron... he needs hugs indeed. He is actually quite the tragic character (however, given the Silmarillion it isn't that hard to be a tragic character) and I've always been fascinated by him. I'm ever strugglng to do him justice in my writings...

And, well, history class... I'm a student of Art History, so I can't really escape it, and Sauron is very good at motivational speeches xD

Tanks for reviewing, I'm really glad you liked this chapter so much! 

Reviewer: mangacrack Signed
Date: October 03, 2013 Title: Chapter 12: Dress Rehearsal

"Annatar-Is-Innocent" .... right. As if.
But at least it's easy to imagine Sauron with said look. I just wonder if he had to use it often? I almost pity Melkor, if he was at the receiving end of such ploys.

Loved the magical music in the last chapter. It's an important theme in MiddleEarth, but never appeared in HP. It's a good connection.

Author's Response:

I don't think Melkor needs to be pitied; Sauron must have learned this "Looking Completely Innocent" from someone, after all... xD

I'm glad you like the magical music... It's one of the things I love most about the Tolkien universe, and I really wanted to include it in the story even though it plays in the HP universe. It will remain fairly important... 


Reviewer: mangacrack Signed
Date: October 12, 2013 Title: Chapter 13: Resistance Is Futile

So Sauron traveled there by accident? Well, accident named Eru I guess.
It is still good to see there is some healing in the work. The Valar shouldn't exist for punishment.

Author's Response:

Yeah, I agree. I think the Valar are too interesting to be displayed as onedimensional, be that good or evil. Irmo and Namo aren't all that bad...

And indeed, accident named Eru xD The almighty deity also goes by the name of Irony in this universe, so Sauron can better brace himself for what's to come...

Reviewer: mangacrack Signed
Date: October 21, 2013 Title: Chapter 14: About Rings, Fingers, And Bitch Fights

Ha. Sauron has learnt what bitch-fights are. When he goes back to Valinor, he will introduce the concept to the Valar. (I wonder if Feanor would change gender just to have one with Indis...)

Great chapter. Sauron's grumbling is delightful.

Author's Response:

Thank you for reviewing! Fëanor would definitely have a bitchfight with Indis... (he doesn't need to change his sex to be a real diva xD) 

Reviewer: mangacrack Signed
Date: November 09, 2013 Title: Chapter 16: Attack Of The Dark Lord Drama Queen

Something troubled me with this chapter and it took a while to figure it out. While I have nothing against Sinistra and Sauron, I don't think the love the Maja feel is good for Sauron at this point of his recovery. Too much dependence, when he already had Melkor for many ages. Which is another point. Sinistra knows nothing about Sauron's dark past and I have trouble believing that she will ever understand?

In my eyes Sauron went off the rails (especially later) because he prided in his loyality. He clung to Melkor and his course against the Valar, because another betrayal (the first one was against Aule) he wouldn't have survived? How does he explain this complicated relationship to Sinistra?

Author's Response:

Thank you for your review!

The reason that Sauron is attracted like this to Sinistra isn't entirely his own choice, so to say. He just can't help it, there is some higher power at work here. Sinistra understands and knows Sauron better than he can imagine at this point, it has to do with her "mission" as a Sangoma. She is as stuck with Sauron as he is with her, she could never reject him. This will be explained better -I hope- in the next chapter. You may have noticed as well that Sauron is strangely inclined to tell Sinistra about himself and his past, because he insticively trusts her? That's also related to that.

Sauron has a pretty bad track record for healthy relationships with people, so much is true... I didn't intend his relationship with Sinistra to be one of dependency; I tried to make it one of mutual benefit and support. Sauron has to face a lot of bad memories, and having someone who would listen to him and love him no matter what would make that process of healing a lot easier. That might not be clear at this point, because of all the drama (Sauron IS a completely clueless emotional trainwreck atm, drama was to be expected) but I hope it will show in the later chapters. 

Anyway, thanks a lot for taking the time to ask me these questions; I hope this makes things a little more clear. 

Title: The Childhood by Quantumphysica
Rated: General Audiences [Reviews - 13]

When Sauron arrives in the Halls of Waiting after the destruction of the ring, Námo is faced with a difficult decision, which challenges his usually infallible judgement. Irmo offers an unorthodox solution to the problem, a solution that includes the fëa of a certain fiery Noldo... What is the Vala of Dreams planning, and will it work?

Category: Fiction
Characters: Fëanor, Irmo/Lórien, Mandos/Námo, Manwë, Nerdanel, Sauron
Content: Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Mystery, Romance
Challenge: None
Series: None
Chapters: 18 | Completed: Yes | Word count: 31113 | Read count: 16250

[Report This]
Published: July 09, 2013 | Updated: October 16, 2013

Reviewer: mangacrack Signed
Date: July 09, 2013 Title: Chapter 1: Irmo's Unorthodox Solution

I really like what you have done with this. The Valar are - apparently- cabable of learning. Namo has a strong sense of justice and yet he hesitate to doom him to the Void. Perhaps because is so similar to the Feanorians? He was mostly loyal as well and at the end of the Silmarillion it mentioned that he was afraid when E

Reviewer: mangacrack Signed
Date: July 13, 2013 Title: Chapter 2: Issues Of An Adopted Elfling

Oh god, the amount of pity I feel for Sauron right now ;_;
I shouldn't, but I do ... very sweet.

Author's Response: If you pity him, my mission succeeded! Isn't he adorably innocent? xD Thanks for reviewing!

Title: Tears Unnumbered by Quantumphysica
Rated: General Audiences [Reviews - 6]
Summary: It is no use crying when you are already surrounded by water...
A tale of the hidden thoughts of Ulmo.
Category: Fiction
Characters: Ulmo
Content: Angst, Drama
Challenges: Thoughts of a Vala
Challenge: Thoughts of a Vala
Series: None
Chapters: 1 | Completed: Yes | Word count: 1652 | Read count: 1575

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Published: August 10, 2013 | Updated: August 10, 2013

Reviewer: mangacrack Signed
Date: August 11, 2013 Title: Chapter 1: All Loose Things...

I like your thoughts on Ulmo. It it true that he is very lonely. I wonder why he and Melkor have no spouse? Perhaps their went for each other since Melkor mostly represents lava?

Still story reminds me of a quote from Joseph Conrad: “The sea has never been friendly to man. At most it has been the accomplice of human restlessness.”.

Title: One's Own by Urloth
Rated: General Audiences [Reviews - 4]

Fëanáro, eldest son of Míriel Þerindë and Finwë Ñoldóran, attempts to be the best brother he can be to his little siblings despite being perplexed, bothered, and bewildered by them almost constantly.

Category: Fiction
Characters: Fëanor, Findis, Fingolfin, Finwë, Míriel, Rúmil
Content: AU, Gen, Humor
Challenge: None
Series: None
Chapters: 3 | Completed: No | Word count: 4782 | Read count: 3663

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Published: September 21, 2013 | Updated: September 21, 2013

Reviewer: mangacrack Signed
Date: September 21, 2013 Title: Chapter 3: In Which R

Feanor as the older brother he could have been. It is heartbreaking that it never happened in the Silmarillion.
I just wonder: Fingolfin gets blond/silver hair now? The only and only time I don't mind.

Author's Response:

:D thank you. Yes Fingolfin gets silver hair just this once :) (just wait for Finarfin.)

Title: Of Gems And Jewels by Quantumphysica
Rated: General Audiences [Reviews - 5]

The Silmarils are back in town... and they are no longer to be messed with. 

When the Silmarils disappear from their respective holding places and resurface in modern day Middle-Earth, the Valar enlist the (unwilling) sons of Fëanor to go get them back. Difficult enough, no? Yet drama and hilarity really ensue when it turns out that the Silmarils have gone through some slight changes... 

This is co-written with Agnes Riemann, so prepare for explicit sex, random indecency, foul language, and criminal(ly insane) behaviour. 

Somewhat inspired by a piece of art by Mangacrack 

Category: Fiction
Characters: Amras, Amrod, Caranthir, Celegorm, Curufin, Daeron, Maedhros, Maglor
Content: Action/Adventure, Drama, Dubcon, Erotica, Explicit Sex, Femmeslash, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Incest, Kink, Mystery, Romance, Slash
Challenge: None
Series: None
Chapters: 6 | Completed: No | Word count: 17412 | Read count: 6524

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Published: November 20, 2013 | Updated: January 10, 2014

Reviewer: mangacrack Signed
Date: November 21, 2013 Title: Chapter 1: Ring Twice For Trouble

This sounds very interesting. I'm glad I could be of help. Let's where will head this :)

Author's Response:

I hope it won't disappoint! It's very different from everything I've done before; Agnes had never written anything other than NSFW one-shots, and I usually write multi-chapter humor fics with a moderate rating, so combining both our ideas is sort of a challenge...

Reviewer: mangacrack Signed
Date: December 08, 2013 Title: Chapter 2: The Missing Silmarils

You are incredible! I love your acronym for SILMARIL. Can I use it if it ever get so far?
For the story: XD .... it is bound to become hiliarous. the Feanorians have a built in dector. And I doubt Feanor will stay where he currently is right now.

*hopes for more*

Author's Response:

Thank you! You certainly can use the acronym, I would be honoured ;)

And yeah, it's the whole "inescapable doom" thing they have going on that makes sure they just can't avoid finding the Silmarils xD They are in for a mighty surprise; at this point they have no idea that the Silmarils aren't exactly gems anymore... (and neither do the Valar, actually... ehehehe) 

More will come soon, as soon as QP gets my wicked ideas shaped into the form of a grammatically correct story! ;)

Much love and thanks for reviewing,

Agnes Riemann

Reviewer: mangacrack Signed
Date: December 19, 2013 Title: Chapter 3: These Are Not The Silmarils You Are Looking For

Did the Silmaril pick up characteristics from Maedhros and Maglor? Holy hell, my heart. It aches.
The rhymes are good, but they do have a vibe of sexual frustation? Would make sense, after so long. But even if not, the SoF will love them. They are the sisters they never had.

Author's Response:

Thanks a lot for the review! I'm really glad to have a regular reader for this story ;)

Sexual frustration is an understatement. There is hardly anything that the Silmarils can't/won't turn into innuendo. And they have an unexplainable love of all things offensive and rude. Rebels without a cause much xD 

As for them picking up characteristics, you are right on to it. Back in their gemstone days, the Silmarils picked up characteristics from everyone they burned, because the burning wasn't just physical but also wounded the fëa of the person involved. (This is -in this verse- also the reason why the burns continue to hurt after having scarred over) Through this involuntary contact of fëar they absorbed information that became the basis for their own characters as people.

The Fëanorions will come to love them indeed, in time... Although there will be trouble first, of course xD

Much love,


Reviewer: mangacrack Signed
Date: January 02, 2014 Title: Chapter 4: F

This chapter is so great, I had to sketch Maedhros feet: http://jumclia.tumblr.com/post/71963488237/feanorians-reloaded-maedhros-used-the-sofa-for

I dearly love the Feanorians and the thought of them trying to live in London is hilarious. Six people in one flat ... I just wonder how long it takes until Curufin breaks a car apart? (driving Feanorians, meep...)

But it's just sad and unfair that they suffer from the oath again already!

Author's Response:

LOL! That is exactly how imagined it to look! xD Maedhros is already tall by elven standards, he is really huge compared to most humans... They just don't make sofas that size... (it's one of the reasons he hasn't gotten a job; he is not exactly inconspicuous with his fiery red hair, missing hand, and incredible height)

Six people in one flat is complete overkill indeed (but Caranthir is nothing if not frugal, so the cheapest option it is...) and as for cars... it won't be long before Curufin gets is hands on one. Not at all, even. (Everybody, brace yourselves...)

Right now they're doing quite well still, there will be more suffering by far when they actually come in contact with the Silmarils... (I am such a cruel person...)

Thanks for reviewing, and for the drawing too :D