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01/22/19 01:01 am
Thank you SparkyTAS and Gabriel- this is lovely- you get birthday wishes for days!
01/21/19 07:46 am
Happy birthday Ziggy! Wishing you all the best.
01/20/19 10:27 pm
Happy Birthday, Ziggy! I hope you've had a terrific day. :)
01/20/19 09:14 pm
Thank you Nelya:)
01/20/19 08:38 pm
happy birthday, Ziggy!!
01/20/19 05:03 pm
Thank you everyone:) That just made me ever so happy seeing all those kind wishes. Actually, just reading Narya and Spiced Wines' updates perfectly happy now:)xx
01/20/19 04:29 pm
Happy Birthday, Ziggy. Hope you’re having a great day xxx
01/20/19 01:57 pm
Happy birthday, Ziggy!!
Spiced Wine
01/20/19 01:27 pm
Is it your Birthday, Ziggy? Happy Brithday :)
01/20/19 12:53 pm
Ziggy, a very Happy Birthday to you! May your next year be a good one bringing you joy, happiness, and create good memories.
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Melpomaen the Elfling by Glorfindel

Chapter notes:
Glorfindel babysits Melpomaen. Celebr

Melpomaen woke early the next morning. It was dawn and light beamed through the thin, lacy curtains. Purple clouds, that changed gradually to salmon pink near to the rays of Anor, hung in the sky over Imladris. The small elfling wondered why his Adas were so silent; perhaps they were asleep. He knew that they would love to be awoken and see the lovely sky, so he started to sing a song about a dog that chased its tail until it went mad.

“Noooo…It’s not fair. He is singing again. Go tell him to shut up.” Legolas held his head under the covers and put his fingers in his ears.

“What the...?” replied an impatient Erestor, whose headache had just come back with galloping speed as soon as he heard the dulcet tones of his small elfling singing his little heart out.

A knock at the door. Legolas got out of bed and answered it, to be met by a bleary-eyed blond warrior.

Glorfindel stood in his sleep clothing. “Melpomaen has woken me up with his singing.”

“I’m so sorry…” Legolas started to apologise but was interrupted.

“Hello, Uncle ‘Fin.” Melpomaen called out using peak lung capacity. “Have you come to see me?”

Legolas sighed and looked at the warrior. “He woke us up too and he’s given poor Erestor a stinging headache.” He looked tired and depressed.

Glorfindel felt sorry for them both and offered to take Melpomaen into his room with him so that his parents could get some sleep. Legolas went into Mel’s bedroom, picked up his ion, and a change of clothing, and gave him to Glorfindel. As they walked past the door to Erestor’s bedroom, the elfling’s cheery voice called out a big hello, and he was not put out at all by the reply to bugger off.

Glorfindel was surprised and looked at Legolas who sighed. “I will tell Elrond that Erestor is not well so that he doesn’t expect him today. He probably just needs to sleep.”

“Me too.” Legolas looked as though he were about to drop.

Glorfindel smiled at Melpomaen. “You are going to spend the day with me little one so your adas can get some rest.”

“I wanted to show them the beautiful clouds. They are purple and when they are nearer to Anor they go a sort of orange colour.” The small elfling looked at Glorfindel and smiled his sweetest smile.

Legolas kissed his son and promised that he would look at the clouds. “Be good, Mel, and have a nice time, sweetie.”

Glorfindel and his small companion went out of the room and wandered out into the garden to look at the clouds. The largest elf in Imladris stood staring at the sky, holding hands with the tiniest elfling.

“What about breakfast? I have already seen the clouds. I’m hungry; this is boring now.” Melpomaen held his arms up to the warrior and asked to be picked up.

They walked back into the house and Glorfindel explained that the only breakfast to be served at this early hour was in the kitchens. So, that is where they went.

A tray containing two plates was filled with various items as Glorfindel laughed and flirted with the kitchen maids. Some of them blushed, and by the time Glorfindel had finished they had a wide variety of delicacies. Melpomaen looked bored and idly played with the warrior’s hair.

“Uncle ‘Fin? Do the kitchen maids know that you are only flirting with them so you can get nicer food? I think it is a bit dishonest of you to lead them on like that, especially as you have never had it off with an elleth in your life.” Melpomaen looked at the shocked warrior and the equally shocked kitchen maids. “Do you think that using your sexuality to get what you want is the right thing to do Uncle ‘Fin?”

“When you are a fully grown elf you will understand why elves act the way they do. Until then button your lip and keep your mouth shut. I do not want to hear anything like that out of your mouth ever again.” The stern look from the Glorfindel caused Melpomaen to be quiet.

“His poor parents. “ One of the kitchen maids sighed. “How awful it must be for them.”

“Who you talking about? Uncle Glorfindel? His parents are dead aren’t they Uncle ‘Fin?” The elfling patted his uncle on the head and announced that they had probably been eaten by vampires or something like it.

“Your poor parents, Mel. Not mine!” Glorfindel shook his head. No wonder Erestor had a seemingly incurable headache.

“Can’t be, Uncle ‘Fin. Nothing poor about my adas, they have me.” Mel beamed happily. The kitchen maids shook their heads in sympathy with the warrior, who took hold of the tray, said his goodbyes and left the room with the elfling sitting on his shoulder.

They arrived back at Glorfindel’s rooms and sat at the table to eat their breakfast. Twice the warrior had to tell Melpomaen not to talk with his mouth full and also not to slurp his chocolate drink so loudly. The breakfast finished and the warrior wondered what they should do for the rest of the morning.

“I know. Let’s go and see Uncle Elrond and Aunty Celebrían.” Glorfindel scooped up the small elfling, took him out of the room and up the hall to where their chambers were situated.

Celebrían answered the door and smiled in greeting as they walked into the room. “My, you are both up very early.” She was wearing a white silk nightdress, which she covered after hastily grabbing a cream housecoat that lay over the arm of a chair.

“Hello Aunty Celebrían. My Adas have a nightdress in the wardrobe just like your one and they have a pink gingham dress on the next hanger. It is far too big for me. They must think I am going to grow into it but I don’t want to wear a dress when I am older. I like my black robes. So if they ask me to wear it I am going to say no.” Melpomaen grinned at Celebrían, who looked temporarily stunned at the verbal onslaught and did not know what to say.

“Take no notice; he is talking drivel.” Glorfindel whispered to the lady.

“No I am not!” Melpomaen shouted at the top of his voice. “You got a leather harness in your wardrobe, Uncle ‘Fin.”

“It’s for Asfaloth; I just haven’t had time to take it to the stables yet.” The warrior said smoothly and sat down with the elfling on his knee.

“It’s the wrong shape, Uncle ‘Fin. It would fit you better than a horse.” Melpomaen thought that it was lucky he was pointing this information out to the warrior or else he would be terribly disappointed if he got to the stables and after walking all that way found that the harness did not fit.

“Be quiet if you have nothing useful to say.” Glorfindel snapped at him. “And don’t start crying.”

Melpomaen immediately stopped his lip from wibbling and looked up at Celebrían. “Where is Uncle Elrond?”

“He is in bed, Mel.” Celebrían had a wicked thought. “Would you like to see him?”

Melpomaen held his arms up so that Celebrían could pick him up. He laid his head on her chest. “Nice tits; they are all soft. No wonder everyone looks at them.” He squeezed one and put his cheek against it.

Celebrían stood shocked and Glorfindel started a massive coughing fit. The Lady thumped the warrior hard on the back, at Melpomaen’s suggestion, and waited for the noise to subside. She gave him a drink of water and then took the small elfling in the bedroom to see Elrond before the Glorfindel could fully recover.

“Hello Uncle Elrond.” Melpomaen shouted.

Elrond sat up in panic. “No Thranduil keep your hands to yourself!” he shouted in alarm.

“What’s the matter with him?” Melpomaen asked Celebrían whilst gesturing with his thumb towards Elrond. “He’s obviously not very bright if he thinks I am Thranduil. Has he been at the drink again? Last time I saw Uncle Elrond drunk, I saw Glorfindel pulling his hands out of his leggings and he said he would chop it off if he ever tried again. What was he going to chop off Aunty?”

“Shut up Mel that was ages ago” Celebrían said firmly, wondering what in Arda he was talking about She handed the small elfling to her husband. “Mel has come to see us, meleth.”

“Well he can see that Aunty, he isn’t blind you know. Anyway it happened last week so that isn’t ages ago is it?” Melpomaen was resolute and gave a look that defied either of them to argue.

“It is to an ant, Mel. Now shut up and give me a cuddle.” The lord of the realm hugged the little elfling tight, cuddling him close, and causing him to giggle and laugh when he tickled him. It was an excellent, although rather noisy way, of shutting him up or at least diverting his attention.

Glorfindel had recovered and joined Celebrían at the door of the bedroom. He grinned as he saw Elrond tickling the squealing elfling.

Celebrían smiled and asked the warrior about Elrond’s wandering hands. “My Lady, he thought I was you. He saw me in my riding gear and came up behind me. It would be an easy mistake as we have the same hair colour.”

You are much larger than me Glorfindel,” Celebrían said in restrained disbelief.

“He was drunk and very embarrassed when I told him to watch his hands. He could not apologise enough.” Glorfindel smiled and the Lady was relieved. She did not need to know, and it would gain no purpose for her to be informed that when drunk Elrond always displayed more than a passing and unrequited interest in him.

Celebrían went into her dressing room, whilst the warrior poured himself a glass of wine from a bottle he found tucked behind a chair; he sipped it slowly. After a while, the Lady had dressed and joined him. She refused the offer of a drink and rang for some tea.

The noise in Elrond’s bedroom went quiet and occasionally the two elves could hear giggles, a random word or a sentence. Eventually there was no more noise. Glorfindel and Celebrían tiptoed to the bedroom and saw Melpomaen snuggled in Elrond’s arms and they were both fast asleep.

“They look so sweet. Elrond will be a good ada, don’t you think?” Celebrían gave a gentle smile and looked fondly at the sleeping pair. She desperately hoped that her elflings would not be anything like Melpomaen.

Somewhere in the distance, a bell rang several times. “No idea. I just know that I could fit in another breakfast.”

Celebrían smiled. She took one last look at Elrond and the sleeping menace, then took Glorfindel’s arm and went with him to breakfast.


Little Melpomaen woke up beside Elrond while Celebrían and Glorfindel were at breakfast. He saw the Lord fast asleep with his mouth slightly open. Should he wake him or should he not?

“Uncle Elrond.” The small elfling whispered in his ear, and then noticed that there was a black hole at the bottom of the ear. He put his finger in and then pulled it out. He looked at his finger thoughtfully, and then pulled the ear lobe hard to see if he could make the hole any bigger so that he could see down it. He could see nothing.

“Uncle Elrond, wake up.” Melpomaen noticed that Elrond had hairs growing in his nostrils. He put his finger up his own nose to see if he had hairs too and dislodged some snot, which he wiped on Elrond’s top lip. “Yuk.”

When wiping he saw that Elrond’s teeth were slightly apart. He pulled the bottom lip down slightly to open the mouth and looked in closely with one eye; the other he shut so he could see clearly. The Lord exhaled heavily in response to all the poking around and went to turn over. The breath tickled Melpomaen’s nose and he sneezed in Elrond’s face.

Elrond opened his eyes to see Melpomaen sitting beside him. He could feel something on his top lip, a small wetness, and, out of reflex, he licked both lips before noticing that Melpomaen was looking wide eyed at him.

“I think we must have fallen asleep, little Mel.” The Lord smiled and tickled the small elfling on the belly.

“You have just eaten my snot. I put it on your lip to keep it safe so I could get rid of it after I had finished looking in your mouth. I have already seen inside your ear.” Melpomaen was sitting with his mouth gaping open in a wide grin.

Elrond felt his lips. “There is nothing there Mel. Now how about we go and get some late breakfast?” He hoped he had not eaten Melpomaen’s snot but knew that, if anything, the small elfling was normally truthful, no matter whom it hurt.

“Me and Uncle Glorfindel had breakfast earlier thank you. I had pastries and chocolate.”

Elrond dressed quickly behind a screen to preserve his modesty as the elfling prattled on about everything he could think of. Elrond wondered why he had spies and advisors. Here was a small elfling who noticed everything, and was telling Elrond all that he had seen, and a lot of it was unknown to him.

“Won’t your ada’s be missing you?” Elrond wondered how Melpomaen could be away for so long without anyone looking for him.

“No. Apparently, I woke them up so much last night they are knackered and Ada Erestor has a stinging headache. I think if they did not have so many special cuddles at night they would feel as good as I do in the morning. They have only themselves to blame. Uncle Glorfindel heard me singing and loved it so much that he came to our rooms to see me.” The elfling prattled on whilst Elrond searched for his hair clips. “He offered to look after me for today, so my Adas could get better, but, if you ask me, I think it was just an excuse so he could hear me sing again, I always sing to Uncle Glorfindel…”

Elrond seemed to remember that Lindir had recently voiced the opinion that Melpomaen sung enthusiastically but did not want to say more lest he be viewed as unkind. The Lord finished fixing the clips on his hair, picked up the small elfling and made his way out of the rooms towards the breakfast hall.

“Uncle Elrond you look like an elleth in those hair clips. Who would be horrid enough to buy you something that made you look so stupid?” Melpomaen looked seriously concerned as he examined one of the blue and pink clips.

Elrond gave a wide grin. “These are the clips you gave me for my begetting day last month, do you remember, little one?”

For once Melpomaen was speechless as it dawned on him that he had put his small foot in his very large mouth. Elrond enjoyed the silence – it would not last long!
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