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Passing through an English country village, Maglor encounters a grieving mother struggling to come to terms with a deep injustice.
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An autumn night in Imladris. Elrohir and Tindómion speak. Mentions of slash, of violence, therefore rated mature.
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And death shall have no dominion. The final installment of The Price of Eternity series.  
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Spiced Wine
08/21/18 10:24 am
I am nit surprised, Narya, they were wonderful ideas
08/20/18 11:58 pm
It's literally just for the exchange, there's no expectation on anyone else to write anything for it :) I'll leave it up though. I gave myself some ideas when I was writing it, tbh...
Spiced Wine
08/20/18 10:49 pm
I don’t think yours are ‘out there’, just quite deep :)
Spiced Wine
08/20/18 10:49 pm
Or if I am over with her and the internet there is often spotty
Spiced Wine
08/20/18 10:47 pm
But at some point. Sometimes I write in the hospital if I am waiting for Mum, but often I can’t get internet so I just do some writing
Spiced Wine
08/20/18 10:47 pm
Well, if you keep your letter up, Narya, I can look at it, and see if I get any ideas, I don’t mean for this exchange
08/20/18 10:00 pm
And in all fairness, the only obligation on the writer/artist is to produce something with the characters matched on and avoid DNWs, not to follow the prompts and worldbuilding tags.
08/20/18 09:59 pm
Some of mine are a bit out there, I doubt I'll get matched on any of the obscure stuff.
08/20/18 09:56 pm
Oh gosh, Spiced, I wouldn't expect you to <3 you have so much going on! Although it was your wonderful Coldagnir who prompted me to ask for original Balrog characters ;)
Spiced Wine
08/20/18 09:30 pm
Your requests were interesting though, Narya, a bit beyond me, though!
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Shadows and Cages by Narya

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Story notes:
Spiced requested Aredhel with her OFC, Fanari, from her wonderful Dark Prince universe. Spiced, I hope you enjoy this little moment between the two of them!
Tattered ribbons of flame danced along the logs. Fanari slid the comb through Aredhel's damp hair, and the scent of soap and lemon mingled with the tang of the smoke.

“Thou art far away tonight,” she said softly.

Aredhel gave a tired smile. “I am afraid.”


“That in coming here I have simply traded one cage for another.”

Fanari laid aside the comb and instead eased her fingers through the knots and snarls in the hair. “Thy brother's city is beautiful.”

“Tirion was beautiful. Valinor was beautiful. Cages are made in all shapes and sizes, my dear.” Aredhel closed her eyes and tipped back her head as Fanari's fingertips massaged her scalp. “Oh, that feels good.”

Fanari slipped her arms around Aredhel's waist and kissed the pale skin of her exposed neck. “I am here for thee.”

“I know it.” Aredhel leaned into the embrace. “But I sense that thou art not happy either. Art thou thinking of him?”

Fanari's mind strayed to the brooch he had gifted her, kept hidden in a chest until one who was worthy came to claim it. “Yes.”

“I think I am hurt.” Aredhel turned and brushed Fanari's hair back from her face, her smile gently teasing. “Am I not enough for thee?”

“It is not that. I know he does not look on women in that way, and I accepted it long ago. But a shadow clings to him, and though he burns with defiance, ever in my mind I see him alone in the dark.” Wind howled through the turrets and archways outside. She rested her forehead against Aredhel's. “I fear it will take us all, before the end.”

“My Fanari is a Seer too.” Aredhel kissed her cheek and nipped playfully at her earlobe.

Fanari laughed and stroked Aredhel's nipple through the silk of her nightgown, feeling it harden and peak under her fingers. Aredhel moaned. She slipped her robe from her shoulders and guided her friend's hand downwards, and in front of the fire they lost themselves in each other, and shadows and cages were forgotten until dawn.
Chapter end notes:
For readers not familiar with Spiced Wine's 'verse (seriously, go and read it), the man referred to in this story is Maglor; in 'Starfall', he gifts Fanari with a brooch when she is a small child.
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