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Two Sides of a Coin by Alpanu

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Story notes:
This is a short story I created for RPG I currently play with Azukiel , based on The One Ring RPG.

My OC Lhingil (Mirkwood elf) tells this short tale but she is not the protagonist. She heard that tale some time ago but she does not remember where or who told her the story.
The story I will tell you is not mine. I heard it many years ago but I shall tell it as if it happened to me because that is the form I heard it originally.

My story begins when I was still a mere child, not older than twenty years. I remember those times better than what have happened yesterday so do not question my memories in this matter. I remember my older brother and my parents. I remember our small village as if I would return there frequently, but I was not there for many decades. Centuries even. It is possible that it does not exist anymore.

Yet what might have been lost in times, it still lives within my mind and minds of those who remember. And I want you to remember.

As I have said, my story begins when I was still a child. Me and my brother, who was thirty years older, we were an inseparable couple. What he did, I did. Where he went, I went. We were like twins and yet different, as if two sides of a coin. I loved him deeply.


Such a short, simple word. Four ordinary letters describing the essence of every living thing in this world.


Such a complex, multi-layered feeling. Forgive me that I cannot describe it with better, nicer words. When it comes to love, all other expressions are useless. Love is only one and yet it manifests in uncountable ways. How do you call something that is one and everything at the same time?

I loved my brother and he loved me. In our little world, that we created together, there was nothing more important than what was between us. It was a footstone of our kingdom, a ground under our feet.

Our castle was built from dreams and visions. The more wild our fantasies became, the higher walls grew. After a week, our castle was as vast as the world we knew. After one moon, it exceeded it and reached some new realms, not known to any other eldar. Six moons after setting the footstone of our mansion, my brother brought me a book.

With his help I learned to read the strange shaped letters and signs. But what my brother did not see were the lines between lines, the symbols behind symbols, a speech not known to any race. I learned them quickly.

On my 25th begotten day my father allowed me to build a treehouse in our garden. It took me moons to complete it but I refused any help from my family, including my brother. Why, you should ask. The answer is as innocent as I was at that time. I built a room for my brother there, a room filled with our small treasures, childish poems I wrote for him and many more things I knew he liked. It should have been a surprise for my dear brother - the one he never saw. He died before I finished it.

I will never know what exactly happened to him. One day he was with me and the next day he was gone. I mourned his loss for days… weeks… years.

I finished the room in the next years and, after it was finally done, I destroyed it. I buried the treasure chest under that tree, I burned the poems and drawings. The only thing I could not get rid of was the book my brother gave me, the book full of mysterious lines. I wrote some of them on the floor, the ones I liked the most because they were simply visually beautiful. I used my fingers and mud still stuck to them from burying the chest of treasures.

I had not entered the treehouse until I matured. It was my last day at home with my family. I decided to study far away from my home and this was the last goodbye to my old life. Back in the treehouse, I found the runes and the book, still opened as I had left her decades ago. And then I heard him. My brother. His voice was echoing from everywhere, whispering into my ear. He promised me that he will be with me forever. I should have been scared but I was not. I left my home but the dearest treasure I kept with me, the soul of my brother.
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