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10/19/18 10:36 pm
I'm going to try and get out in the country for a nice walk - maybe Ingleton or Aysgarth, to see the waterfalls.
10/19/18 10:36 pm
Sounds lovely, Spiced. I miss my family like crazy, we're all scattered to the four winds these days. Hope he gets here safe.
Spiced Wine
10/19/18 10:04 pm
My brother’s over from Spain for a couple of days so I’ll be seeing him. If he ever gets here! Flight delayed by storms in Spain!
Spiced Wine
10/19/18 10:03 pm
I hope you’re able to relax, Narya, after a busy week.
10/19/18 10:01 pm
What's everyone up to this weekend?
10/19/18 09:28 pm
Happy Friday! :D
10/19/18 03:40 pm
Happy Friday to you all! :o)
Spiced Wine
10/19/18 09:43 am
Happy Friday, everyone :)
10/18/18 10:25 am
Narya, they're constantly touring through Europe and the USA, and sometimes even farther abroad. You might be able to find a concert close to you eventually. And I totally agree about the concert!
10/16/18 09:48 pm
Ysilme, that does sound wonderful, I am so jealous. There's something magical about a really good concert.
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Golden Temptation by Starfox

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There weren't many things that could thoroughly enchant Glorfindel of Gondolin, now of Imladris. In his long live he had seen and experienced a lot and he thought himself jaded and hard to surprise. Nonetheless, currently he couldn't help but admire the elf in front of him.

Since he lived in the hidden valley, they had been visited only rarely by the elves from Mirkwood. It were mostly messengers from Thranduil who came to Imladris. The woodland realm was busy defending its borders and so Thranduil or elves from his court didn't take the time to visit Imladris. But now vital information had to be delivered. Information that Thranduil only trusted his son with and so for the first time, Thranduil's heir, prince Legolas, had come to Imladris to confer with Elrond.

That alone would have been nothing to disconcert Glorfindel. But Legolas possessed a grace and allure that even the balrog slayer had seldom seen in an elf before. Adding to that was the fact that the prince was more than fair. All in all the younger elf's appearance could tempt even the most restrained elf.

Glorfindel appreciated beauty and grace and he wasn't averse to make the prince's acquaintance in a more intimate way. He didn't know if Legolas also took his pleasure with males but he knew that the elves of Mirkwood were fairly open minded and didn't regard same sex relationships as unnatural or something out of the ordinary.

The prince wasn't intimidated by the balrog slayer as a lot of elves were. Most elves treated him with utmost deference, making him distinctly uncomfortable. Legolas was polite and acknowledged Glorfindel's experience but he talked to him without being awestruck or impressed by his deeds. That alone set him apart from most elves and attracted Glorfindel.

So it was not without ulterior motives that he invited Legolas for a tour through the outer gardens of Imladris. The younger elf had voiced a desire for a relaxing afternoon, since he had had a few tiring days, being enclosed in meetings nearly all the time. Glorfindel knew where they would be undisturbed and hoped that their excursion would lead to more.

The two elves enjoyed the peaceful surroundings. Glorfindel couldn't help but admire the sleek body of the archer, the grace of his movements and his sharp wit. He also thought that he caught Legolas surreptitiously studying him from time to time.

They made pleasant conversation while following the course of a small river and came to a secluded glade, littered with flowers and a few trees growing near a lake fed by the river. It radiated peace and tranquility.

Legolas took a deep breath. "Thank you for showing me around. I think I needed to relax more badly than I thought."

The older elf turned to him. "I would gladly help you with that." He let his gaze drift over Legolas' body appreciatively.

Legolas' breath caught in his throat. "What do you mean?" he asked in alarm.

"You are tense as a bowstring, let me take care of that," Glorfindel murmured seductively. He caught Legolas' gaze, his eyes holding a smoldering desire.

Legolas was unsettled by the intense gaze of the older elf. He took a step back and his back came up against the rough bark of a tree. The balrog slayer immediately moved in front of him, pinning him against the trunk. His hard body pressed against the prince, effectively cutting off any way of escape. His mouth pressed demandingly against Legolas', taking the younger elf's lips with an almost bruising kiss. Legolas couldn't react, he was totally dazed by the sudden change of events. After seemingly an eternity Glorfindel drew back, giving the younger elf a chance to come up for air.

Legolas lifted a hand to his lips, breathing heavily. The kiss had left him shaken. Finally he recovered from his surprise enough to push Glorfindel away. "I don't want this," he managed. He took a step away from the older elf, turning around to leave. A moment later he found himself down on the ground with the warrior above him. Glorfindel straddled him, gripping his wrists and holding them tightly above his head.

"Let's see how much you don't want it," he said huskily. He leaned down and kissed Legolas again. The archer couldn't move, held securely down by the weight of the older elf and by the grip on his wrists. Glorfindel moved to Legolas' ear and licked the sensitive tip. The prince felt a bolt of fire race through his body. He tried to free his hands, tugging fiercely at the restraining grip of the warrior.

Glorfindel raised himself a bit, transferring Legolas' wrists to one hand. With the other he pulled something out of his pocket. The item turned out to be a piece of cord and the balrog slayer used it to tie Legolas' hands together and secure them around a small sapling above his head.

Now the younger elf was totally helpless. He tugged futilely at his bindings, noting that they held fast and didn't give an inch. "Release me," he hissed.

Glorfindel smiled down at him. "Oh I will," he purred, "but in other ways than you think." He ignored Legolas' incredulous look, bent down again and began to brush his lips across Legolas' ear, working his way again to its tip and sucking gently on it. He brushed his lips across Legolas' jaw, moving to his lips again and exploring them with his tongue. While his mouth was busy, his hands roamed down on the archer's chest, undoing the fastenings of his tunic and pushing the fabric to the side. He stroked his chest through his shirt, toying with his nipples, suddenly pinching one hard, making Legolas gasp in surprise. Glorfindel used the opportunity immediately to invade Legolas' mouth with his tongue. The kiss turned into an invasion, the older elf plundering the archer's mouth ruthlessly. As much as Legolas tried to fight it, he felt his body beginning to react to the fierce attack.

Glorfindel released his mouth, moving to the smooth flesh of his throat, trailing hot kisses along the way. His roving hands released the lacings of the prince's shirt and finally he bared his chest, exposing the slim, but well muscled body beneath him. He noticed with a satisfied smirk that Legolas started to flush, helpless in his reactions as Glorfindel expertly manipulated his body. He lowered his mouth to one nipple and began to caress it with his tongue and teeth.

Legolas couldn't suppress his shudders as the balrog slayer caressed him. He felt the heat pool in his groin, noting with dismay that he reacted to the touches, that his traitorous body wanted this. He couldn't suppress the first moan that escaped his throat as Glorfindel sucked his left nipple and he felt the warm heat from his mouth. Fire coursed through his veins, even if he tried to fight it. But the older elf had millennia of experience and knew how to play his body. He pushed his thighs apart with his knee, settling firmly between his legs and bringing their bodies into full contact. Legolas could feel the hard body over him, Glorfindel's arousal was unmistakable as his erection pressed against Legolas' thigh. Normally Legolas should dread what that entailed, but he wasn't able to think clearly anymore. His body was awash in sensations.

Glorfindel drew back for a moment, gazing down at the elf beneath him. With satisfaction he noted that Legolas' face and chest were flushed, his eyes had darkened and were hazy with lust. He still felt some resistance but the archer was surrendering to his ministrations slowly. Once again he leaned down and kissed him, his tongue dueling with Legolas', tasting the recesses of his mouth. His hands roamed over his chest, brushing his nipples, stroking his ribs and taut stomach. He pressed his lower body firmly against Legolas', bringing their shafts in contact and drawing another moan from him. The archer's length had hardened slowly, he couldn't hide his body's reactions any longer. Glorfindel started to thrust lightly against the younger elf, letting him feel his arousal. He was so hard it was almost painful. Even if Legolas had fought him, there would be no turning back. He was too far gone to stop now.

Legolas gasped as Glorfindel pushed against him, bringing his firm erection in contact with his body. One hand wandered lower, caressing his stomach and loosening the lacings of his breeches. The warrior shoved one hand into his breeches and caressed his length. Legolas felt a jolt of pleasure racing through him. He gasped and arched up, another moan escaping him.

Glorfindel chuckled lightly. "So responsive," he purred, stroking Legolas' shaft gently. He undid the laces of Legolas' breeches and slowly pulled them down. After removing the archer's boots and pulling the breeches off the rest of the way, the younger elf was finally fully exposed. The balrog slayer looked down at the trembling elf before him. Legolas was beautiful. He was slender but well muscled, his fair skin smooth and covered by a faint sheen of sweat. His shaft was fully erect now, silent testimony to Glorfindel's mastery over him. Glorfindel shed his own tunic and shirt, then he bent over the younger elf again. Trailing kisses down his body, he slowly neared his target.

Legolas arched up with a surprised shout when he felt his length being enveloped by the warm, wet mouth of the balrog slayer. He couldn't suppress his moans as he slowly became undone by the older elf's ministrations. He could feel the other elf's lips sliding over the burning heat of his erection. Fiery bolts of pleasure coursed through him and he would have bucked mindlessly into the other's mouth but Glorfindel had a firm grip on his hips and kept him pressed to the ground. His moans were constant now, his body was ablaze with pleasure.

Glorfindel was pleased with the reactions he drew from the archer. His own arousal pressed painfully against his breeches and he released Legolas' silken length for a moment to divest himself of the rest of his clothing. Taking a small vial from a pocket of his tunic, he bent over the younger elf again, continuing to caress Legolas' length with his mouth. He swirled his tongue over the head and down the shaft to the base of the archer's erection, still keeping his bucking hips firmly pressed to the floor. Pearly liquid leaked from the tip, undeniable proof of Legolas' arousal. Certain that the prince was well distracted, he opened the vial and coated his fingers with the oil. While his mouth was busy with Legolas' shaft, his hands stroked his thighs and testicles. The younger elf bucked up and he used the opportunity to stroke his opening. He gently repeated the motion, trying to accustom the archer to the touch. Finally, as he deemed Legolas ready, he pushed a finger into the tight ring of muscles.

Legolas gave a startled shout and tried to evade the probing finger. "Shh," Glorfindel soothed. "Don't fight this, Legolas. I promise I won't hurt you." He slipped his finger further in, gently stroking the prince from within. "Try to relax," he murmured. The archer shuddered beneath him, helplessly thrashing around. Glorfindel watched him intently as he added a second finger, noting the prince's wince of discomfort and his panting breaths. He scissored his fingers, gently stretching the opening, preparing the way for a much larger invasion. Finally he pushed both fingers into the warmth of the younger elf and searched for the small gland inside. As he hit it, Legolas arched up with a hoarse shout, unbelievable pleasure coursing through him. Glorfindel smiled triumphantly and continued to stroke the spot repeatedly, driving the younger elf wild with pleasure.

Legolas panted wildly as he felt the touches from the warrior. Glorfindel added a third finger to the sensual torture, still taking care to hit the sensitive spot inside him again and again. His head was thrown back, he was moaning constantly, his cock twitched, trying to find release. Finally the fingers withdrew and he felt his lower body being gently raised a bit. His legs were spread even further, giving the balrog slayer more access to his most intimate spot. Glorfindel shoved his thighs beneath him and pulled Legolas against him. The archer had never before felt so vulnerable. He was totally exposed, helpless to every touch and unable to defend himself. He had also never been so aroused before. His whole body was ablaze with fiery pleasure, he was teetering on the edge of release for quite some time now. Glorfindel's knowing hands had played him expertly. He felt the hardness of Glorfindel's erection press against his body and couldn't suppress the apprehension that gripped him.

Glorfindel gazed down at the sight before him. Legolas was spread out like an offering. His eyes were darkened to a deep sapphire blue, his nipples were hard and erect. His flushed body and erect cock betrayed his arousal. Unable to restrain himself any longer, he hastily slicked his cock, then he slowly pushed into the archer's body, using every ounce of self-control not to mindlessly drive in and simply pound away. He felt the resistance of the tight muscle and channel and continued his slow slide inside until he was sheathed to the hilt.

Legolas whimpered with pain as the balrog slayer breached him. He felt impossibly stretched, the erection of the older elf much larger and bigger than the fingers before it. The invasion caused a burning pain and he cried out in distress.

Glorfindel gently stroked his flanks and thighs, slowly caressing his faltering length back to full hardness. "Shh," he soothed, "the worst is over." He didn't move, patiently waiting for the prince to adjust to him. It took all of his willpower to do so. He was buried deeply within the younger elf's body and the tightness and heat quickly drove him to madness. Still he waited patiently until he felt him slowly relax his muscles. Then he started to pull back and thrust back in again, slowly, setting a measured and sensuous rhythm.

At first, Legolas had only felt pain as the older elf entered him. Now, as Glorfindel strove to hit his sensitive spot with each inward thrust, the pain slowly abated and gave way to a steadily building fire. He threw his head back, once again moaning in pleasure. He felt himself opening to the invasion, giving into the rapture that was steadily building with each slow thrust.

Gradually, Glorfindel increased his movements, thrusting harder and deeper, watching Legolas intently as he did so. The younger elf's head was thrown back and his eyes were closed. His lips had parted and he moaned constantly now. Glorfindel felt his cock harden even more at the sight, although he would have thought that impossible. The tightness and the heat of Legolas' channel were incredible and he had a hard time not to lose control. He angled his thrusts, trying to send Legolas to even higher peaks of pleasure. He knew that he couldn't last much longer, even if he wished to extend this moment indefinitely.

Once again his hand closed around the younger elf's erection, stroking it in counterpoint to his thrusts. Legolas gave a hoarse cry and trembled beneath him. His cock twitched and suddenly he arched up, his body taut as a bowstring, and spilled his seed over his belly and Glorfindel's hand.

The climax took Legolas with the force of a storm. His body shuddered and his muscles spasmed, causing his passage to clench around the cock that was buried deep inside his body. Glorfindel groaned and the so far rhythmic thrusts went erratic. He gave one more stroke, burying himself as deeply as possible, then Legolas felt the hardness that impaled him twitch and hot seed flooded him.

The spasming of the tight channel around him along with the molten heat surrounding him had been Glorfindel's undoing and he came to completion with a shattering climax. He threw his head back and groaned in delight, emptying himself in hot spurts into the tight passage, instinctively driving his hips forward repeatedly while his orgasm was milked from his body. Finally, drained, he collapsed on top of the archer, the only sounds audible their ragged breathing.

Legolas was still lightly twitching with the aftershocks of his climax. His thoughts were muddled after the mind blowing sensual assault he had just experienced. He couldn't move, pressed down by Glorfindel's weight and his hands still bound above his head. He felt the hard length inside him softening but the balrog slayer didn't withdraw. Slowly, the hard breathing of the elf atop of him eased and finally, the warrior lifted his head.

Glorfindel had seldom experienced such lust and pleasure as he had felt while taking the prince. After he had regained his breathing and his body had calmed down a bit, he was unwilling to face the consequences of his deeds right now. It had been an exhilarating feeling to overpower the archer and drive him to heights of pleasure he hadn't known before. He still rested inside the hot body and already he could feel it affecting him again.

Before Legolas could form a coherent thought, he was kissed again sensuously by the balrog slayer. Their bodies were still joined and he felt the cock inside him slowly hardening again. His eyes flew open in surprise only to see Glorfindel smiling down at him predatorily. The Balrog slayer flexed his hips a few times, thrusting again into the tight heat of his body. His nipples were gently sucked again and with incredulity he felt himself responding once more. A warm hand found his flaccid cock and began to stroke it slowly. By now his body was so oversensitive that it didn't take long for him to react to the stimulus and get hard again.

He lost himself in the wild pleasure as Glorfindel slowly but surely drove him to his second climax.
Glorfindel watched the sleeping archer thoughtfully. After the second orgasm he had freed Legolas' hands, certain that the younger elf wouldn't fight him any longer. He knew that his actions could have serious repercussions, depending on Legolas' reaction after he had recovered and regained his wits. So, unwilling to deal with this until the next morning, he had driven the prince to one climax after another, until Legolas was so exhausted that he had fallen asleep immediately after the last one.

Glorfindel had cleaned and redressed him and now sat beside the younger elf, gazing tenderly down at him. He had committed a serious transgression by overpowering the younger elf the way he did but he was fairly certain that Legolas had enjoyed his attentions. Come what may, it had been worth it. He never before had been so aroused and so thoroughly sated than he was as he had taken the prince. He felt his exhaustion catch up with him and lay down beside the archer, putting a possessive arm over his body. He would deal with the aftermath tomorrow, for now he was content to follow Legolas into sleep.

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