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06/25/18 01:18 pm
Oh dear, Spiced! My thoughts are with you both in this challenging time. Sending a lot of positivity your way.
06/25/18 06:16 am
Sending good thoughts to you and your mother, Spiced!
Spiced Wine
06/24/18 09:42 pm
I will go in and sit with her, it’ll take 4 hours and they said 1 or 2 people were welcome.
Spiced Wine
06/24/18 09:41 pm
My mother starts chemo Thursday. They’re not sure it’ll do any good, but any good thoughts appreciated.
06/24/18 12:35 am
I know. But I'll have to wait till Monday to talk to my internet company. :/
Spiced Wine
06/23/18 09:37 pm
I remember it doing that years ago
06/23/18 04:25 pm
I've tried both Google and Firefox since yesterday but I still can't get on. The connection keeps timing out. :/
Spiced Wine
06/23/18 01:21 pm
I have not tried, I’m afraid, Alquien
06/22/18 11:30 pm
Is it just me or is anyone else having trouble with live journal?
Spiced Wine
06/22/18 10:15 am
Happy Friday, everyone :)
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The Twelve Days of Christmas Prompts – LOTR Style by KimicThranduilion

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes:
A/N: So here begins the first of my Twelve Days of Christmas prompt fics. The aim is to write a total of twelve fics (either a one shot or drabble) based around a Christmas prompt and give it a LOTR twist. I hope you enjoy :)
Prompt: A Hot Drink

Rating: G

Setting: The first winter after the Queen of Mirkwood has died

Characters: Thranduil, Elfling Legolas

Summary: Enjoying a hot treat with his son helps Thranduil start to look forward to the holidays. Elfling fic, Thranduil's POV.

++ Dedicated to Andy the Willow Tree, who I've put through a lot of elf angst this year. I hope this makes up for it a bit. There are touches of light angst here and there (I can't help myself) but for the most part I hope you enjoy the fluff! ++

A soft 'thump' sounded near Thranduil's open window and the Elven King looked up from his sheaves of paperwork with mild interest to see his elfling on the floor in a small heap. Thranduil watched as the tiny blonde picked himself up and looked round with mild confusion – it was clear he did not recognise the room he was in.

Thranduil smiled indulgently. This was the reason why he had left this window (and all the others in the Royal wing) wide open on this freezing winter's day. Since his Naneth's passing the little elf had taken to clambering in through the windows that lead to the Royal wing rather than walk through the maze of corridors in the stronghold.

Thranduil's smile slowly faded. He knew his elfling went to such great lengths in order to have minimum contact with the Home Guard warriors dotted throughout the palace. It seemed his little son associated the maethyr with the recent trauma he'd endured when his Naneth had been slain; for since Celeblassel's death the young one refused to go anywhere near any of the warriors of his own will. Hence this extreme for clambering up the stronghold walls and into the palace had been born.

Thranduil knew he would have to put an end to it – that he would have to teach his elfling not to associate the maethyr with bad things but to trust that they were there to help. Still that was for another day Thranduil decided as he sat up straighter and put his pen aside. His wife had thought their elfling well and Legolas climbed with sure footed authority – Thranduil had no fear of him falling and so he saw no harm in letting his son climb in and out of the windows for the time being. Thus he had instructed that for now, even in winter, all the windows in the Royal wing were to be left open.

The King smiled again as he watched his small blonde son as he made to clamber back out of the window – evidently this room was not the one he sought. For though Legolas was proficient at climbing he had not yet quite manged to pinpoint which room was which from the outside.

Thranduil stood up and moved away from his great mahogany desk and rounded a pillar.

"Going so soon Lasseg-nin?" Thranduil pulled a mock sad face, "Will you not stay and say hello to your Ada?"

The elfling's expressive blue eyes widened at Thranduil's voice and the little one stopped in his movements to glance behind him.

Thranduil sat on his couch and waved his son over with a bejewelled hand, "Come and sit with Ada for a bit Lasseg."

Thranduil watched his son as he climbed back down to land with another small 'thump' before he crossed the room and stood at Thranduil's feet. Thranduil smiled down at him and the little one then carefully and silently climbed into the King's lap and settled himself comfortably against Thranduil's broad chest. It soon became apparent to the King that his elfling was perfectly content to sit there without a word and Thranduil held back a sigh.

Twas another lingering side effect the loss of Celeblassel had left on his son. The elfing was so quiet now – he never spoke unless spoken too and even then only a few words ever passed his cherubic lips. The elfling only ever seemed to come alive when he was with his two playmates. The kind and charming little Lord Faervel and the rambunctious and mischievous grandson of his Regent – tiny Lord Aeglosson. Thranduil felt sad that his son was so quiet with him but pushed the feeling aside. He would continue to pour love and affection into his son in the hope that in time Legolas would heal and grow into the chatterbox of an elfling he'd shown promise to be.

Thranduil felt a small shiver run through his son and he looked closely at Legolas for the first time. Valar - what had the child been doing? He was soaked from golden head to tiny booted feet.

"What have you been up to today Legolas?" Thranduil was intrigued to hear his son's version of events.

"Weeeellll," his little son began as he scratched his chin as though he were thinking hard about the day's events. "Me and Vel were ad-vent-ur-ing in the snow."

Legolas smiled at getting the big word correct and Thranduil beamed along with him hoping to encourage the elfling to tell more of the tale.

"We went to get Lossy but he was a bad elfling 'cause he did not do his chores and his homeworks and he was late for his supper so his Nana said he could not play so we went by ourselves and then we had a lot of 'ventures with some squirls and the trees…"

Legolas paused to get a breath and Thranduil held back a chuckle at the way Legolas had taken to calling Aeglosson 'Lossy' and squirrels 'squirls' since his small tongue could not quite manage all the syllables.

"…and then we builded a snow house and we was playing in it – it was so nice but then the squirls were really naughty and they kept running and running on the roof even though me and Vel told them no and then…" Legolas paused for another dramatic breath and a pout appeared on his small lips.

"Thennnnnn those naughty little squirls made the roof fall down on us and me and Vel was smushed under all the snow and nooooow," Legolas whined, "Las is all wet!"

The elfling gestured at himself with an annoyed flourish of a small gloved hand and Thranduil bit his lip so as not to laugh at his son's misfortune. He also didn't want his son to get the wrong idea and go quiet on him again.

"Oh dear," Thranduil soothed instead, "those squirrels were very naughty weren't they? You are quite wet indeed."

The Elven King tried his best to ignore the cold, Legolas-shaped puddle forming in his lap and on his chest but then another small shiver ran through his son and Thranduil stood and settled his elfling on his hip.

"Ada will fix it for you and get you all dry again Lasseg-nin – fear not."

Legolas latched onto Thranduil's robes with a death grip as the King began to move, "You gunna help Las get all nice and dry again Ada? Cause that is why Las came home – to get dry again."

Thranduil drew a small twig out of his son's hair in an absent minded gesture and made his way over to the door. It amused him how his elfling seemed to have such an aversion to getting wet.

"Yes Lasseg - I'll get you dry again and if you behave I'll make you a lovely, sweet treat that will warm you right up again," Thranduil rubbed his son's back as he shivered harder than before.

"Why does Las have to behave?"

The little blonde was instantly suspicious and was so wrapped up in his own concerns that he did not even notice they had walked past four of the guards Legolas seemed to fear on the way to the elfling's chambers.

"Ada tell me," Legolas gripped his Ada's face between his little gloved hands. "Why does Las have to behave? What is you gunna do Ada? How you gunna make Las dry again?"

Thranduil smiled gleefully at his son's wide blue eyes and apprehensive expression.

"Why I'm going to give you a nice hot bath Lasseg, and then when you're all clean again I'll dry you off with a big fluffy towel and get you into some lovely dry clothes."

"Noooooo Ada! Las doesn't wanna get more wet!"

"Just behave and it will be over quick as a flash and then I'll make you a lovely, hot treat."

Legolas tried in vain to free himself from his Ada's iron grip with another wailed, "Nooooo!"

Thranduil cackled.


Unwillingly Thranduil deposited his son on the large trestle table top; he loved holding Legolas close and inhaling the sweet elfling smell of him.

Legolas remained as he had been – stiff with small arms crossed over his chest and a pout on his adorable face. He was still slightly annoyed he'd been made to take a bath and get 'more wet'. It had been a battle as always in which both Thranduil and Legolas' bath chamber floor had been thoroughly doused.

Now Thranduil flitted round the smaller kitchen used exclusively for and by the Royal family as he gathered all the things he would need to make good on his promise of giving his elfling a sweet treat.

Thranduil deposited the last of the items beside Legolas and was pleased to see that the pout had slipped from his face and instead a curious expression now lit up his angelic features.

"Is this my treat Ada?" Legolas questioned, some confusion present in his voice.

"These are the things I'm going to use to make your treat – since you did behave in the end."

Legolas flushed a little at the implication that he had misbehaved – even if a little – before he turned bright, excited eyes to Thranduil.

"You gunna make it for Las all by yourself Ada?"

The elfling seemed thrilled with the prospect and Thranduil nodded, "I'm going to make you a hot chocolate Legolas."

"Oooh," Legolas swung his legs excitedly before, "What's hot cho-co-late Ada?"

"It's a hot drink that will warm you right up," Thranduil glanced at his elfling pleased to note he no longer shivered. "You've never had it before but it is quite delicious."

Legolas cocked his head to the side as he watched his Ada add what looked like small brown shavings to a jug of hot milk and stir.

"Ok Ada that's fine, but will it be yummy?"

Thranduil barked out a laugh, "Yes Lasseg-nin it will most certainly be yummy."

Legolas gave a small satisfied nod of his blonde head, "Good – treats should always, always be yummy."


Thranduil waited until Legolas was settled into the nest of cushions he had made for himself before he too gracefully sat beside his son. They were now in Thranduil's sitting room, sat in front of the great (now closed) French windows with a marvellous view of the winter wonderland the was the Woodland Realm after a full day of snow. The trees sparkled and twinkled beautifully in the fast waning afternoon light and Thranduil sighed contentedly and pulled his son in close to him.

"Right Legolas – you can have your hot chocolate now – tell me if you like it okay?"

"Okay Ada," Legolas held out eager little hands for the mug.

Thranduil smiled and handed over the mug of hot chocolate he had prepared for his son. It was the perfect temperature for his elfling now and Thranduil had finished off the warm, chocolatey treat by adding cream, finely chopped hazel nuts and a sweet plump cherry.

Legolas beamed at the hot drink, cautiously raised it to his lips and took a delicate sip. Thranduil waited with baited breath for the verdict of his elfling.

Legolas looked up at his Ada,eyes wide in surprise with a small dollop of cream that rested cutely on his nose.

"This is sooo yummy Ada!" the elfling squealed. "Las is gunna take a lot more baths if Las gets this treat." Legolas took another sip, "Is it really all for me Ada? Don't you want some too?"

Thranduil felt his heart melt at his little son's offer and he held up his own mug to show the elfling.

"Nay Lasseg-nin you enjoy yours – Ada has a treat for himself too."


Legolas giggled with glee and snuggled up closer to his Ada and slurped happily at his hot chocolate.

Thranduil placed a strong arm round his son and held him close as he stared outside and truly took in the beauty of his forest as it began to snow once more. Here and there he could see the trees closer to the stronghold wrapped in long thin strips of green, red and gold ribbon. Tiny silver bells on fine chains also glistened on the bare snow laden branches and chimed a gentle song in the winter breeze. Ennyn Rhîw would be here soon Thranduil realised with a start and Yuletide would soon follow hot on its heels.

The Elven King hadn't even realised that the holidays all elflings and grown eledhrim alike looked forward to the most had crept so near. When his beloved wife had passed earlier in the year Thranduil had simply tried to take it one day at a time and be there for his children – to keep them both from falling to grief.

Yet time stopped not even for Elven Kings, it had marched on and the holidays would soon be upon them. Thranduil knew it would be different this year – this Ennyn Rhîw and Yuletide would be unlike any he'd experienced before – his Queen no longer at his side.

Thranduil glanced down at the small, smiling form of his son and smiled himself. The holidays would be different from now on, but if he could still have moments like this one – well – he might still be able to enjoy the holidays after all.

Yes, Thranduil thought, as he felt a warmth spread in his previously chilled heart, moments like these were reason enough to look forward to the holidays.

Chapter end notes:
Naneth / Nana – Mother / Mommy

Maethyr – (plural) warriors

Lasseg – Little Leaf – Family nickname for Legolas (Lasseg-nin – My Little Leaf)

Ada – Daddy

Ennyn Rhîw – The Gates of Winter*

Eledhrim – Elves

A/N: So I hoped you enjoyed the first of my twelve Christmas prompt fics. The idea for this one came about as having that first Gingerbread latte always helps get me into the Christmas spirit so I went from there.

* Just so you know for going forward with the rest of these fics - in my headcanon Ennyn Rhîw is the elvish equivalent of Thanksgiving with Yuletide being Christmas.

Drop a one liner and let me know what you all think :)

Fic number two will be up tomorrow.
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