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~ Magnificat of the Damned. Book IV: Anvil ~ by Spiced Wine Mature
From Angmar to the Dagor Dagorath. The final story in the Magnificat of the Damned series. The Doom and destiny of the...
Where the Shadows Lie by ziggy General Audiences
The One Ring has been destroyed and Sauron banished to the Dark with Morgoth. But not all the Rings were destroyed with the...
Let the Memories Be Good by lotrfan General Audiences
Legolas and Gimli must come to terms with Aragorn's aging, as well as Gimli's own. Set after events of LOTR. Written for...
The Bear Incident by Himring General Audiences
During the Years of the Trees: Celegorm and Fingon escape into the mountains, on a dare. Maedhros finds out and follows...
Days of a Valinorean healer by Nuredhel Teen
Being a healer in Valinor brings a whole new set of challenges for Elrond, some really great ones and some not so great...
The song of tomorrow by Nuredhel Explicit
The past reaches out towards the future...A living mystery is being delivered to the king of Mirkwood as a gift and a strange...
The Ways of Paradox by Narya Teen
How do you pass the time when you know you're facing eternity? Maglor agrees to appear in a student production of The...

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Spiced Wine
08/15/18 10:47 am
Thank you, Alquien :) Unless we have to move to a new server, money is not a problem :)
08/15/18 04:50 am
Just now playing catch up here but anyway, count me in for a donation. I love this archive!
Spiced Wine
08/14/18 12:21 pm
I think it’s important to keep these Tolkien specific archives going, especially with so many dying.
Spiced Wine
08/14/18 12:20 pm
She’s quite willing to keep it hosted on the same server, just the admin/tech work would be done by someone else.
Spiced Wine
08/14/18 12:19 pm
I don’t think we need to worry about the archive going, esteliel just thinks it would be better if someone acted as host/admin who was in the fandom.
08/14/18 11:52 am
Thank you, Spiced!
08/14/18 10:47 am
So I would be ready to contribute as well and really sad to see the archive go :)
08/14/18 10:43 am
I am mostly on AO3 but I like Faerie a lot better than FFnet to be honest, and the best reviews I ever got were on Faerie.
Spiced Wine
08/13/18 02:14 pm
If you do, Ysilme, I will pass you email on to Esteliel :) You would make a great overall host for the archive.
08/13/18 02:04 pm
I also might be able to help with the technical site of things. I'll send you a mail, Sîan, for details.
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From Angmar to the Dagor Dagorath. The final story in the Magnificat of the Damned series.

The Doom and destiny of the Noldor, and Vanimórë, son of Sauron, grandson of Fëanor, will be fulfilled.

Rating: Mature
Category: Fiction
Characters: Balrog, Beleg, Caranthir, Celebrimbor, Celegorm, Daeron, Eärendil, Ecthelion, Elrohir, Eluréd, Elurín, Eonwë, Fëanor, Fingolfin, Fingon, Finrod, Gil-galad, Glorfindel, Ingwë, Maedhros, Maeglin, Maglor, Mandos/Námo, Manwë, Melkor/Morgoth, Mouth of sauron, OFC, OMC, Orc, Oromë, Sauron, Thranduil, Turgon, Túrin, Ungoliant, Varda/Elbereth
Content: Action/Adventure, Angst, AU, Character Death, Drama, Explicit Sex, Incest, Slash
Challenge: None
Series: None
Chapter: 26 Completed: No
Words: 146931 Read: 13862
Published: November 22, 2016 Updated: August 14, 2018

1. Chapter 1 ~ Into The Shadows ~ by Spiced Wine [Reviews - 8] (5513 words)

2. Chapter 2 ~ A Time To Take Risks ~ by Spiced Wine [Reviews - 6] (5632 words)

3. Chapter 3 _ In Unexpected Places, In Unexpected Faces ~ by Spiced Wine [Reviews - 5] (5899 words)

4. Chapter 4 ~ Storm Front ~ by Spiced Wine [Reviews - 5] (4629 words)

5. Chapter 5 ~ Fire-eater~ by Spiced Wine [Reviews - 4] (3841 words)

6. Chapter 6 ~ Stars That Bloom On The Edge Of Night ~ by Spiced Wine [Reviews - 7] (4391 words)

7. Chapter 7 ~ The Eve of Departure ~ by Spiced Wine [Reviews - 6] (4759 words)

8. Chapter 8 ~ The Veil ~ by Spiced Wine [Reviews - 10] (4007 words)

9. Chapter 9 ~ Life Is The Anvil ~ by Spiced Wine [Reviews - 6] (3854 words)
Dear anyone. I have been unwell and therefore not writing much and still do not know how much I will be able to write. One thing I have decided to do is not to rehash through the chapters of Dark Lands, Dark Blood and Dark God.
After this current chapter I shall skip time and begin posting edited chapters of what was 'Weapons of the Gods' which was uploaded here, but taken down a few years ago. Thank you for your patience if you are still reading
10. Chapter 10 Abyss by Spiced Wine [Reviews - 5] (5999 words)
Begins at the end of Dark God, after Elagalad's death and the end of the Age. If you haven't read it, or not for ages, might be worth just browsing the last chapters of Dark God again. But in summary: a meteor was heading for Earth. Glorfindel and the Elves created enormous subterranean refuges and many Mortals journeyed to them. There they (and the Elves) could live while the Earth healed, warded by power.

With Elgalad's death, in his grief, Vanimórë met the falling meteor. His body was destroyed, and the meteor fell in shards rather than as one solid object, which mitigated its damage.
There was a doubt Vanimórë would want to return, even though he could rebuild his physical form which was completely gone. It took time. But, much later, he did.

'As noted by Graham Hancock in his best seller books, near the end of the last Ice Age 12,800 years ago, a giant comet that had entered the solar system from deep space thousands of years earlier, broke into multiple fragments. Some of these struck the Earth causing a global cataclysm on a scale unseen since the extinction of the dinosaurs. At least eight of the fragments hit the North American ice cap, while further fragments hit the northern European ice cap.

The impacts, from comet fragments a mile wide approaching at more than 60,000 miles an hour, generated huge amounts of heat which instantly liquidized millions of square kilometers of ice, destabilizing the Earth’s crust and causing the global Deluge that is remembered in myths all around the world.

A second series of impacts, equally devastating, causing further cataclysmic flooding, occurred 11,600 years ago, the exact date that Plato gives for the destruction and submergence of Atlantis.'

11. Chapter 11 Time Was. Time Is. Time Is Past by Spiced Wine [Reviews - 5] (4467 words)

12. Chapter 12 From The Outside by Spiced Wine [Reviews - 3] (5542 words)
A quick update this time :)
13. Chapter 13 Blood Of My Soul by Spiced Wine [Reviews - 5] (7934 words)

14. Chapter 14 The Lost Shores of Memory by Spiced Wine [Reviews - 6] (9315 words)

15. Chapter 15 The Salt of Bitter Tears by Spiced Wine [Reviews - 4] (8452 words)

16. Chapter 16 Unchained by Spiced Wine [Reviews - 4] (8139 words)

17. Chapter 17 Between The Shadows Of Truth by Spiced Wine [Reviews - 3] (5204 words)

18. Chapter 18 ~ Unpleasant Revelations ~ by Spiced Wine [Reviews - 3] (5069 words)

19. Chapter 19 ~ Beyond The Memories ~ by Spiced Wine [Reviews - 2] (6779 words)

20. Chapter 20 ~ The Lingering Past ~ by Spiced Wine [Reviews - 2] (5262 words)

21. Chapter 21 ~ The Price of Life and Love ~ by Spiced Wine [Reviews - 2] (7810 words)

22. Chapter 22 ~ The Need to Surrender ~ by Spiced Wine [Reviews - 4] (4989 words)

23. Chapter 23 ~ The Walls of the Past ~ by Spiced Wine [Reviews - 3] (4431 words)

24. Chapter 24 ~ Ascension ~ by Spiced Wine [Reviews - 3] (4060 words)

25. Chapter 25 ~ Fire on the Mountain ~ by Spiced Wine [Reviews - 2] (4512 words)

26. Chapter 26 ~ Reunion of Light ~ by Spiced Wine [Reviews - 0] (6442 words)