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01/22/19 01:01 am
Thank you SparkyTAS and Gabriel- this is lovely- you get birthday wishes for days!
01/21/19 07:46 am
Happy birthday Ziggy! Wishing you all the best.
01/20/19 10:27 pm
Happy Birthday, Ziggy! I hope you've had a terrific day. :)
01/20/19 09:14 pm
Thank you Nelya:)
01/20/19 08:38 pm
happy birthday, Ziggy!!
01/20/19 05:03 pm
Thank you everyone:) That just made me ever so happy seeing all those kind wishes. Actually, just reading Narya and Spiced Wines' updates perfectly happy now:)xx
01/20/19 04:29 pm
Happy Birthday, Ziggy. Hope you’re having a great day xxx
01/20/19 01:57 pm
Happy birthday, Ziggy!!
Spiced Wine
01/20/19 01:27 pm
Is it your Birthday, Ziggy? Happy Brithday :)
01/20/19 12:53 pm
Ziggy, a very Happy Birthday to you! May your next year be a good one bringing you joy, happiness, and create good memories.
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The song of tomorrow by Nuredhel

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes:
Maglor finds out where he is and what he is up against, and he is sure that it will be the Death of him. But there are others willing to go very far to keep him alive...

This Chapter is very explicit at the end, and rather long but i could not split it in half without ruining the flow of the story...
Chapter two: A devils heaven, an angels hell…

Maglor could only blink and he knew he did look ridiculous, he didn’t know what to say. The man standing there in front of him was not very tall, he was very toned though and obviously in excellent shape. Elegant was a word that described him pretty well, but the striking thing about him was the fact that he was completely white. His skin was so pale it was unbelievable and his hair was silky and snow white and so long it reached his ass. The eyes were red, Maglor had never seen a human with red eyes and he realized that this man was an albino and also that he was extremely beautiful. He did look like an angel and Maglor did notice that the body was covered with tattoos in a bright red color and also some decorations that had to have been drawn onto his skin. He wore only a very flimsy loincloth and sandals and a slave collar and Maglor tried to look calm but he failed. He was trembling all over.

There were several other men there, at least six or seven and he did see that they all were unusual. One was black as pitch with hundreds of tiny braids flowing down his back, all adorned with gold and gems. Another man sat in a divan smoking a water pipe, he was very tall and his skin was spotted like the coat of some horses. It was a bizarre sight. One young man sat on the floor, obviously busy with some game and he was a beauty with golden hair and blue eyes. Two identical young men sat with some books, they were slender and lithe and had long dark hair and golden skin and huge doe eyes. Two other men sat in another divan, one looked so much like a woman Maglor had to look twice to see that the bone structure of the face actually spoke of masculinity. The man wore a skirt and lots of jewelry and even the body language was feminine. The other one was a rather small man who had to be of mixed origin, he was covered with tattoos and he looked very masculine indeed.
Maglor felt that they all stared at him and he was quite frightened by the fact that they all stared at him with pity. The albino bowed his head. “ I am Artemar, do you understand what I am saying?”

Maglor swallowed, what was this place? “Yes…I…I am Maglor”

Artemar smiled, he had an expression of controlled sadness on his face and he sighed and touched a lock of Maglor’s hair. “Too bad, you are way too beautiful to end up here.”

Maglor swallowed hard again, he had no idea of what he ought to do or say. “What…what is this place?”

Artemar gestured for him to follow him over to a couch and they sat down, Kôr brought them a goblet each and it contained some sort of very sweet fruit juice. “This my friend, is hell!”

Maglor felt himself tremble and he didn’t understand, the other men there appeared to be very well taken care of, nobody was skinny and they all were absolutely gorgeous. He had never seen such a collection of male beauty anywhere. Artemar cocked his head, the red eyes were unreal and like rubies. “ I see that you are filled with questions and I will answer them. There will be a lot for you to learn now but we will try to protect you as much as we can.”

Maglor bit his lower lip. “Protect me? From what?”

Artemar sent him a somewhat dark grin. “From our master, the sha’al of this city. His name is Orieam son of Orien and he is a monster”

Maglor saw that the others there tried not to look at him, they looked guilty somehow.” A monster?”

His voice was trembling and Artemar sighed, crossed his long legs. He was so goddamn unreal and Maglor had never seen any albinos before, except animals. “Yes, I am not going to lie to you elf, this is truly hell, and believe me, if you want to live you have to adapt, and accept.”

Maglor felt a sinking sensation within his gut. “But, what…what does he do?”

Artemar made a gesture, as if to embrace the entire room. “ What the powerful and wicked do of course. What we all have had to endure.”

He stared at Maglor and the expression on his face was cold. “ He will rape you, and break you and there is nothing you can do to avoid it. You are property now and even if you were expensive he will not hesitate to have you killed in a most cruel way should you displease him”

Maglor felt as if the room suddenly had become too small, as if there wasn’t enough air to breathe. He gasped and felt how panic rose within his fêa. He almost sobbed and Artemar continued to stare at him, his eyes distant and cold. “ I am hard on you now, because you need to be prepared. I do not know for how long he will wait but there is to be a feast tomorrow night. I bet he wants to break you in then, so that all can see his newest possession.”

Maglor let out a thin wail, he felt tears forming in his eyes. “ No, oh Eru no. I…I can’t…”

He gasped for air. “There has to be a way out of here?”

Artemar shook his head. “ Only the dead may leave this place my friend, get used to the idea. Should anyone try to escape and get caught the master will make him watch how they pick one of us and torture that person to death very slowly and then the master will let his guards rape the culprit to death. If someone should manage to get out of here, which is impossible in itself, he will have us all killed.”

Maglor just stared, he could not believe his own ears. “Then kill me, please! Knock me over the head with something and strangle me, please!”

Artemar sighed. “ You are not the first one who has said those words Maglor, but if we do we will be punished. I am sorry, I already told you, there is no escape.”

Maglor sobbed and he just knew it, he had just a little more than a day left to live. Artemar reached out, touched his shoulder gently. “ There is a chance that I may manage to make him wait for a few more days but I doubt it. I am sorry”

Maglor gasped and he breathed hard. “ We elves don’t survive rape, our souls…our souls will flee our bodies”

Artemar looked puzzled. “ Always?”

Maglor shrugged. “I think so, oh Eru”

Artemar made a grimace. “ Not good, he will think we have caused it then. It is not unheard of here, many die from poisoning each year.”

Maglor gasped and his eyes were huge. “ What? But…I do not understand anything, are you all his…playthings?”

Artemar nodded. “This my friend is the collection. His grandfather started the tradition, the finest collection of gorgeous males anywhere. Each and everyone here is a gem, a treasure. We are cared for as if we were made from rubies and emeralds but we have no freedom, no rights. It is the devils heaven Maglor, and the devil is our master.”

Maglor almost keened. “So, this is a sort of harem?”

Artemar nodded. “Yes, we are a part of his harem, a separate wing of it you may say. He does also have a nice collection of young men of more ordinary appearance, sometimes they are brought here for some entertainment.”

Maglor tried to control his breathing, but it was hard. “ Entertainment?”

Artemar nodded. “ Do you see the mosaics up on the walls?”

Maglor nodded, there were stunningly beautiful patterns made everywhere, and he could not believe that such beauty in reality hid something so horrible. “Yes?”

Artemar smiled, a stiff smile. “There are peepholes everywhere and hidden corridors behind every wall. The master likes to sneak into them and spy on us. Fortunately I have paid off some of the guards so we know when he is heading our way and can prepare and put on a show.”

Maglor raised an eyebrow. “ Show?”

Artemar smiled again, an ugly smile. “ An orgy, sometimes it is just the eight of us, sometimes he orders that the other males in his harem is brought here, other times he may allow some of his favorite followers some hours here. We have all been through that, he shares us with his loyal men, and that keeps them loyal”

Maglor felt how disbelief was flooding his every thought. “ He shares you?”

Artemar cocked his head. “Yes, so be prepared. If you survive that is. You are so gorgeous they will beg him for a few hours with you. He does share his male slaves you see, to show what a generous and great ruler he is. His female slaves is another thing altogether. Do never touch any of the women in the harem, do not even look at them. He will kill any man who comes close to them.”

Maglor was confused. “And the reason?”

Artemar sipped at his juice and smiled. “ You are not familiar with the culture here are you? Here women are regarded as cattle, as a thing used for breeding and fun and since they are held in such low regard there is no thrill in dominating them. Men who want to be macho will dominate other males instead, that is way more challenging and shows power.”

Artemar had a cynical expression on his face. “The sha’al has a giant harem, at least five hundred concubines but most will never even see him and they are lucky indeed. Then he has forty wives of which only three have had the so called pleasure of his company and then there is the She’el, the queen. She is the one who gave birth to his firstborn son and the only one here who is relatively safe, for now! And why he doesn’t share his concubines? They may become pregnant, and he will not allow other men to plant their seed in his cattle.”

Maglor had started to realize that he indeed had ended up in a whole different world, one where lives were worth nothing and where those with power could crush those without. “I…I see”

Artemar sighed and leaned against the divan, his long eyelashes did make his gaze a little bit softer, but it was still rather unnatural. “The king has three sons and at least seven daughters, he barely bothers with them at all. His oldest one is the heir, but that doesn’t mean that he will be the one in charge when his father leaves this world.”

Maglor was still panting, still feeling as if he was choking slowly. Artemar grasped his hand and Maglor jerked, he wasn’t used to being touched and the hand was surprisingly soft and warm, and comforting. “ I have been here for ten years Maglor, I know the tricks and I know what it takes to survive here. Do not think that this is the end, please. I have watched too many die and I will not sit idly by and watch you die as well.”

Maglor felt an urge to tear his hand free but he didn’t, there was something so very solid and real about the touch, something that anchored him to reality. “Why not? I am a stranger!”

Artemar moved a little closer. “ Yes, but you are an elf, you can possibly live forever and you do have the possibility to outlive us all. Nobody survives here for very long Maglor, not after their beauty starts to fade. If they are lucky they gain some fame and people who admire them and buy them when the Sha’al becomes tired of them. If they are unlucky then, well, their end will not be pretty. “

Artemar leaned forth and his expression was one of intense energy. “ You can change things Maglor, living for centuries means that you will have a value beyond that of your body, you can become a counsellor, a teacher. You can influence the coming generations, and put an end to all this…madness!”

Maglor swallowed hard and Artemar reached out, cupped his chin in his hand. “ Look at you, no angel is that gorgeous, people will adore you and worship you and that gives me hope.”

He smiled and the smile was a very soft almost loving one. “ My mother once told me that the smallest happenings can change the very fabric of time. A flapping butterfly may cause a storm oceans away. You are that butterfly Maglor, your coming to this place is a sign, a harbinger of changes to come. You have got to live, for the sake of all those innocent lives that have been lost here and all those not yet born”

Maglor whimpered. “ But…I am…I am just one… how can I gain influence as a slave?”

Artemar nodded. “ By playing along, by putting on a good show. Do you see these?”

He touched the many gems attached to his white hair, they were rubies and emeralds and sapphires attached to a thin net of silver tread and Maglor knew it had to cost a fortune. “Yes!”

Artemar grinned. “Good, now, this I was given by the master and since a slave cannot own anything it is still his property, I am just wearing it, showing off his wealth. But the gifts we are given by his followers and noble men are ours to keep. He cannot take that from us since it still is their property and they do what they please with what they own. Nobody will protest if you sell some stuff now and then, that is how we keep the guards on our side, by paying them off”

Maglor felt dizzy, confused. “ So the followers pay you for…what? Sex?”

Artemar grinned. “ Oh no, not just that. There is a delicate balance here, we are so much more than the sha’al’s fucktoys. I am a dancer, and many of his men shower me with gifts just to watch me dance. I will teach you the tricks, you see, it is all about seduction, about making each and every one of them think that you are dancing only for them. People are funny that way, they see only what they want to see.”

Maglor felt as if he was calming down, just a tiny bit. Artemar had a very beautiful deep voice that was very pleasant and it was soothing. “So you do perform too?”

Artemar spread his arms. “ Heck yes, we all have talents. “

He pointed at the twins. “Those two over there are Rial and Kenar, they are from the borders to a land way to the north. They are acrobats and contortionists.”

The two winked at him and Maglor could really believe it, they appeared to be very agile indeed. “Then we have the huge guy over there, with the odd skin, he is Suuna, from north east of here. He is a singer believe it or not. And he has other talents too. “

Maglor thought that the man looked way more like a warrior than a singer. “The black man is Aerhan, he is the oldest among us and he is juggling and he is also a master with a whip. Then we have the blonde over by the game, his name is Demetry and he is a dancer too. I am teaching him all that I can. The short guy with the tattoos is Kerfem, he is a master at card tricks and illusions and then we have the lovely Noolar who is both singing and dancing”

Maglor was trembling still. “ I…I used to be a musician, I can…I can sing. And play, I can play the lyre. Maybe….Maybe the master will be pleased with just that?”

Artemar shook his head. “No, to him we are just nice tight holes he can fuck, with a pretty wrapping around them. He doesn’t care if you can make the angels swoon with your voice, all he cares about is your ass”

Maglor felt that tight feeling in his chest again. “ Oh Eru, I am doomed.”

He felt a wave of despair descend upon him and his tears started flowing again. “ You have no idea of what awaits me on the other side, I am forever cursed!”

Artemar took a deep breath. “Then I have just one advice to give you, stay alive!”

Maglor keened, he wanted to curl up into a ball again. “ What if I die by accident, they cannot punish you then?”

Artemar scoffed. “ Accident? We are watched constantly, and yes, he will punish the rest of us anyhow. He loves punishment that one.”

Maglor had to lean forwards, he felt dizzy again, as if this was some unreal and terrible dream. “ I can’t let him do it, I can’t!”

Artemar sighed and his hand slid through Maglor’s silky hair. “ But you have to, for us. He will be angry if you die before he has had the time to really enjoy you and when he gets angry someone will be hurt.”

Maglor just sobbed, he was breaking apart, the fear in him reaching a terrifying level. “Then I will die tomorrow night knowing I have caused you too harm. I am truly cursed”

Artemar bit his lower lip. “ I cannot lie to you Maglor, our master is a brutal beast and he never thinks about anything except his own pleasure. It will be terrible, I can assure you of that, you will get hurt and he will enjoy watching you in agony. But he is quick, he usually comes fast and when he is a bit drunk he doesn’t always get really hard. Which is good for he is hung like a donkey, he is truly a freak of nature”

Maglor just keened and Artemar shook his head, then he sat down next to the elf and embraced him. “ Listen, we are a brotherhood here, we all rely on each other. There is nobody else we can trust do you hear? You have brought hope! That monster cannot live forever, he is just a man. You are so much more. I can promise you that we will do all that is in our power to make sure that you survive, and that he doesn’t ask for you too often. I have been his favorite up until now and if it means that I have to endure his sick pleasures even more often than before then be it. I can seduce him, I know the things that turn him on, and I can cope with it”

Maglor felt empty, he had no strength left. “You are willing to do that, for me?!”

Artemar nodded and the rest got up and gathered around him. “ We all are, you are like a beacon in a black stormy night. You can change things, we know you can”

It was Suuna that spoke and the others nodded. “ Do not be afraid, the gods will protect you”

Maglor had to sneer, a bitter grimace. “ My god’s have cursed me!”

Artemar stroked his hair. “Then forget about them, there are so many gods out there, I pray to the great goddess, she gives strength to those bold enough to fight”

Maglor just leaned heavily against the albino, heaving for air and Artemar kept stroking his hair. “ I will tell Belerur, the top eunuch here that you may have some sort of exotic disease. He is terrified of sickness.”

Maglor had his eyes closed still. He wanted to shut the world out. “ Belerur?”

Rial, or was it Kenar grinned. “ You have probably met him, he is the mountain of blubber that the master sends out to buy new slaves. He is an asshole of grand proportions but he is very good at keeping things organized and he is stupid too. He can be fooled into helping out when things get too tough and he thinks he is so powerful and great. If you lick his ass, not literally mind you, he will give you special treatment for sure”

Maglor made a grimace, he remembered that huge fat man and he felt a shiver of disgust running down his spine. So he was an eunuch, that explained the girlish voice and the size of the guy. “ I…I do not think that will work, we elves do not get sick.”

Artemar raised an eyebrow. “ But Belerur doesn’t know that now does he?”

Suuna shook his head. “ He is no fool Artemar, he has checked Maglor out, he knows he is healthy. He would not have bought him otherwise.”

Artemar made a grimace. “ Well, you are right, of course. But Maglor, you have got to believe me, you must live!”

The elf bit his lower lip, eyes still wide with fear and disgust. “I still cannot understand why that is so important to you. I will still be a slave won’t I? That may never change.”

Artemar stroked Maglor’s shoulder in a soothing gesture. “ It will, believe me it will. His heir will of course inherit his father’s harem and us included and to be honest his sons are as bad as their father, but their sons again, they may be manipulated.”

Maglor swallowed, Artemar had a peculiar scent of sandalwood and roses and it was comfortable. “ But only one will be sha’al right?”

Artemar nodded. “ Yes, Orieam have been sha’al for fifteen years, that is a record. Usually they never last more than five years at the most but he is so ruthless and mean he has stayed alive longer than any of his ancestors. He killed all his brothers to get the title, he was originally third in line”

Maglor gasped. “ He killed his brothers?!”

Artemar heard the sore tone in the elf’s voice and nodded with a sad smile. “ Yes, being heir is dangerous, extremely so. I think there only have been two cases where the firstborn ended up on the throne. They were smart enough to have all their younger brothers killed before they reached adulthood.”

Maglor felt sick, physically sick! “So then the entire property of the father goes to the one bold and cruel enough to have his own flesh and blood murdered?”

Artemar huffed. “ Oh yes, and that doesn’t stop there, oh no. With Orieam on the throne it has stopped but with previous rulers the body count in the harem was extreme. The wives would murder each other to get closer to the sha’al and bear him sons and the concubines were no less savage. These days there is no fight there, if they were to fight it would be to avoid his attention”

Artemar continued, massaging the elf’s neck, he was as tense as a bowstring and shivering still. “ But in the early days the heir would start from scratch, when a ruler died all of his slaves and servants, wives and concubines and guards and horses and treasure would be buried with him. They would strangle everyone.”

Suuna made a wry grin. “ But it got too expensive in the end, they quit doing it a few centuries ago. Back then everybody would pray that the ruler would live forever.”

Maglor could hardly believe his own ears. “ That is awful!”

Demetry shrugged. “ Yes, but it was quite usual. My people would bury a king with all his goods too, and build a huge mound over the grave and then they would kill two hundred young boys and two hundred horses and mount them up around the tomb. It was the way it was done.”

“Oh Eru, I feel sick”

Maglor’s voice was thin and he tried to overcome his need to retch. Oh he had seen blood and gore enough, he had been there at the great battles, seen what Morgoth’s armies did to their enemies and he had shed blood too, way too much blood. But he had never heard of customs like these, ever.

He had to close his eyes, had to calm himself. Noolar sat down and put a hand on his knee, the strange features of the man were confusing, It was so hard to tell if he was a male or a female if you didn’t look very hard. “Things have changed, and they will continue to change, and you will bring a new start. It has been seen”

Maglor frowned. “What do you mean it has been seen?”

Artemar waved at Kôr who had stood by the door the whole time, ready to take orders. He ran off and returned with some sort of decanter. It smelled sweetly of cinnamon and vanilla and the albino poured the liquid into a cup. “Here, this will help you calm down.”

Maglor took a sip, the drink was very sweet but also strong and it left a simmering heat in his guts. It was good, and he drank the whole cup. Artemar patted him on the back. “ Great, yes, it has been seen. That is why we are so eager and why we all hope that you will make it. “

Maglor frowned. “ I do not understand?”

Noolar grinned, those dark eyes were really expressive. “ In this city there is a temple, and in that temple there are priestesses. They are the only females in this land who receive any respect from the men, in fact they can come and go as they like everywhere and nobody, not even the sha’al has the authority to give them orders. They are chosen by the Gods, sacred beings capable of seeing through the veil that separate the world of the living from the world of the dead.”

Artemar continued. “The rich often hire them to see the future of their children, to find the perfect spouse or to find existential answers. One of them came here two years ago, to tell the fortune of a daughter born to one of the sha’al’s wives. She said the baby would live for a year and a day and she did poor thing. But she stopped here too, apparently out of curiosity for the priestesses of fire is the only females allowed to see us except from the ones already in the harem”

Maglor waited, he felt tired and strangely hollow, drained somehow. “She sat down to speak to me, and she used the ancient language of this lands. I understand it, the guards do not and neither does the sha’al. She told us that there would come a stranger from lands afar, one of the first born people, one carrying the grief and regrets of many. One who would change it all”

Maglor shrugged. “ I have barely believed in prophecies.”

A shudder ran down his spine as he said those words, he remembered what Namo had said, the doom of the noldor, in tears and blood …

Artemar had a strict expression upon his fair face. “The priestesses are never wrong, believe me. She said that the stranger would have eyes of silvery grey and hair like black silk and that he would bring an end to the reign of the sha’al’s. It would take time, but it would happen. She also said that if the prophecy was broken darkness would engulf this land and it would fall into the hands of evil.”

Maglor grunted. “ She cannot have known anything about us elves then”

Artemar caught his eyes, the red was so tantalizingly sharp against the white eyelashes and the white skin. “ She said you would be in danger, but she didn’t say why. Then she gave me a seedpod from a poppy and told me we would understand.”

Maglor let out a small whine of despair, he was starting to feel more and more as if he was caught in some bizarre nightmare. “ And do you understand?”

Artemar shook his head. “Not yet, but I think we ought to ask old Harbal, he is the master of the baths and he is the healer here as well. He is so old and frail nobody bothers with him anymore but in truth he is very smart and also sly if he needs to be.”

Maglor remembered the man who had washed him, and the look of pity in his eyes, “ I do not think that matters, I have seen what happens to my people when their bodies have been violated, I am going to the void to join my brothers and my father and all those who followed us”

Kerfem tilted his head, the strange tattoos made him look feral and very barbaric but there was a sort of wisdom in his gaze that told Maglor he was way more than he appeared to be. “I think you have quite a story to tell Maglor, and we are all honored if you will share it with us, but that will have to wait until later. I do believe in the priestesses, I have seen them do miracles, and nobody here dares to question their powers. Believe, do it and you will live. I am sure of it”

The elf held onto the cup with trembling hands and Artemar poured yet another solid dose of the liquor. Maglor emptied the cup in one go, it burned but it was a good burn. “ I have lost whatever faith I once had”

Noolar tilted his head and pulled the long hair aside in a very sensual gesture. “Where I am from I am considered sacred, those like me are revered. But a tribe that lives not far from us believed that we were the work of some demon and ought to be killed. Yet both tribes prayed to the same god, it was just a cultural difference. I have not stopped praying to my deities because of that”

Maglor managed to produce a thin smile. “ I have a great reason for not believing I think.”

Artemar clapped his hands. “Do not turn this into a discussion about religion and stuff, that is for another time. There is way more important things at stake here.”

He waved his hands at Kôr and the boy ran off. Maglor stared after him. “ He is so young”

Aerhan crossed his legs and flexed his muscles, his face was a bit bitter. “ I was way younger when I was sold as a slave. Most slaves are born live and die that way, and they are lucky for, they have never tasted freedom and knows little of how sweet it is.”

Maglor was shocked yet again. “They sell children too?”

Artemar put on a very nasty grin. “ Of course they do, children are easy to control, can be manipulated and they are cheap so the loss isn’t that great if they die.”

Maglor let out a puff of air, he was getting more and more aghast. “That is just sick! Who sells their own child?!”

Kerfem shrugged. “ The poor and the desperate, those who knows that the child may have a chance of surviving as a slave. After all, a slave has some value, a free man has none if he isn’t rich.”

Maglor just shook his head in disbelief. “ So, what is a slave worth these days?”

Aerhan made a grimace. “ Well, a strong healthy male is most expensive, we talk about at least five gold coins. A strong young female is worth three but if she is pregnant she is worth three and a half so many slave traders do rape the females to increase their value at the market. A child is half a coin if it is under eight years of age and one if it is older. An elderly slave is worth from two up to five depending on what he or she has been working with. Few slaves are worth more than fifty gold coins.”

Artemar grinned, a somewhat proud grin. “ I was the most expensive one here, the harem master paid two hundred and fifty gold coins and a handful of grape sized rubies for me.”

Maglor felt a sort of bizarre curiosity. “ Do you know what they paid for me?”

Artemar grinned widely “Rumors do fly fast, even here my friend. Of course we know what he paid for you, one thousand gold coins and a bag of diamonds the size of a fist”

Maglor was stunned, he just gaped and Artemar chuckled. “ So you see, everybody who is someone in this realm now knows that the sha’al has a slave like none other. And they will kiss his feet and fawn up to him like never before just to catch a glance of you. It is power in that elf, a great power.”

Maglor felt his insides churn, he could hardly believe it. Kôr came running and the old man from the bath followed him, he was seemingly very fragile but he moved with the elegance of youth and his eyes were sharp. Artemar bowed his head and explained the situation, that elves do die from being raped and that the sha’al probably would claim Maglor the next evening. He also told of the priestess and her prophecy. Maglor didn’t understand that much of what they said but he saw that the old man was thinking hard. He went over and then he laid a hand on Maglor’s chest, over his heart. He seemed to count his heartbeat and then he nodded and looked pleased. “There is a way, I can feel strength in you, you have survived much, you will live through this. The gods have forgotten about you for now, they will not claim you for they are blind to those who suffer.”

Artemar translated and Maglor frowned. The old man seemed to know a great deal about the valar, it was a bit sinister. Harbal coughed and sat down, got a cup of liquor too and tossed it back as if it was water. “The poppy yes, you do all know about poppy milk?”

Everybody nodded, even Maglor. He had seen it being used as a strong painkiller but it was rare and very expensive. Artemar sighed, “ I know the milk very well, so do we all”

Harbal grinned, he had few teeth left and those he had were dark. “Few know about this but there is something else one can make from poppy. It is extremely strong and very dangerous and very few knows how to make it.”

Maglor got a bit curious, he had always believed that elvish medicine was the best there is. “What is it?”

Harbal made a vague gesture. “They call it different things in different places, but you mix poppy milk and the pollen of a rare flower with some herbs and it is dried and grounded into a dust which is mixed with alcohol. It kills pain and is very efficient at it too, but more so, it does create a sensation of not really being present. You feel as though you are dreaming, as if nothing is real”

Artemar looked a bit shocked. “I think I have heard of that, it can drive people in sane right?”

Harbal nodded. “ If they get addicted that is. But just once is usually harmless. I have no idea of whether or not it will work on an elf though.”

Maglor frowned. “ How is it supposed to help me?”

Harbal sent him a smile that actually was kind of sweet, the old man seemed to be a genuinely good person. “You will of course feel everything that happens, and know that it happens but at the same time it will be as if it is happening to somebody else, as if you aren’t really there. That may save your soul”

Maglor swallowed hard, drugged! That was if not the ultimate humiliation then at least pretty darn close. “Will he not notice?”

Aerhan grinned. “Nope, he will see that you are a bit lethargic but to him that doesn’t matter at all, he will just think it is convenient, less struggling and effort. We have often drugged those he have bought, to make it easier on them.”

Rial and Kenar both made some grim faces. “We were drugged, it was horrible still, but we managed to deal with it. And he prefers to watch us do each other, guess it is some odd kink of his”

Maglor almost gaped. “ But…you are brothers?!”

The two shrugged. “ Matters not to him, if he wants it then we have to do it.!”

Artemar stared at Harbal. “ Do you have any of that drug here? Please say you do.”

Harbal smiled, a sly grin. “ Of course I do, it is not legal mind you but all the good healers do keep some”

Artemar let out a sigh of relief. “Thank the Godess, then we must try it. It could be the only chance. “

Maglor swallowed hard. “ I will try, I have no idea of whether or not it will work but I will try”

Harbal patted his shoulder. “You are brave my beautiful one. I will come with it at noon tomorrow, it needs some time to work. I will make it extra strong, and help you prepare”

Maglor saw that the others there looked relieved and a sudden thought struck him. “ Uh, you said orgies, that means that I too will have to…”

Artemar nodded. “ Most certainly, but by then I bet you will have gotten used to us, and this place.”

The elf stared at the assembled men. “ Tell me, are you all…well…do you all prefer males?!”

Artemar shook his head. “ Heck no, but it doesn’t matter here, we just do what we have to do to stay alive. If you cannot take you must be taken, easy as that. Among us only Noolar and me prefer males and I do like females too.”

Maglor bit his lower lip. “ I do like females, I was actually on the verge of getting married but then things…happened”

He could barely remember her though, a sweet elleth his mother had introduced him to, and there had perhaps been friendship between them but hardly more than that. At least at that time. He did remember his older brother though, and Fingon. There had been love between those two, great love. Aerhan grunted. “ There are slave girls working here, they are free for all. “

Maglor cringed. “That is just awful, free for all? And how do you know if they are among those and not some concubine or something?”

Artemar grinned. “ Easy, the concubines are not allowed out of their wing of the palace. The slavegirls can go wherever they are ordered to go. And besides that, they wear no veil, decent women are veiled, always.”

Maglor just shook his head, human customs! He did remember that many wore veils back in Valinor but that was to protect their skin and eyes from the light of the trees, those born in middle earth wasn’t used to such light and could be blinded.
Harbal got to his feet and patted the elf on the top of his head, he said something that made Artemar grin and then he left. Kôr followed him and Artemar sat back and made a vague gesture, “ So Maglor, what sort of experience do you have?”

Maglor felt confused, the language caused him some problems until he managed to wrap his head around the word for experience. “What do you mean?”

Aerhan tossed his head back and the thin braids made a small sound, there had to be some sort of bells attached to them, perhaps it was some of the beads. “ He means sexual experience of course, have you ever been with a man? Been taken?”

Maglor felt himself blush. “ No, never!”

Artemar cocked his head, he had an expression of slight resignation. “ Have you taken another man? You do have some experience I hope for by the Godess, if you are a virgin you are in for the shock of this age”

Maglor felt his cheeks burn, he swallowed hard. “ I…I have only been with females, a few times”

He had been popular back in the days of the trees and many had wanted to bed him but he had been too busy with his music and later on, well, love was not what he thought of when the oath drove them all headlong into disaster and bloodshed.
Artemar looked as if he was in despair. “ Oh by every sacred temple, that is rather bad. Have you seen others make love, other males?”

Maglor couldn’t help it, a very unwelcome memory popped up from his mind. He had returned home late one evening after a long day at the musical academy of Tirion and he had decided to go through the gardens to his room since he was tired and didn’t want to meet anyone. He had almost reached his destination when he heard a distant sound, almost a sort of whimper and he got curious, it came from a part of the gardens they hardly ever used, Nerdanel had tried to grow some herbs in there but they had grown a little too well and it had become a jungle. The plan was to rip it all up and plant something a bit more manageable but it hadn’t been done yet. Had some wounded animal decided to hide there?

He had entered, slowly and with stealth not to startle any unfortunate creatures but what he did see had made him freeze and just stare through the dense veils of vines. It was his brother and Fingon and Maglor had to put his hand over his mouth not to shout out and reveal that he was there. Maedhros was on his knees behind Fingon who had his ass tightly pressed against Maedhro’s crotch and his chest was almost on the ground, his arms stretched out and he was grasping onto some tufts of grass as if he was afraid he would be dragged away or something. It was he who had made the sound, and he made more. Keening wailing gasps and grunts as Maedhros kept thrusting in a fast but steady rhythm. At first Maglor didn’t even understand what he saw, then it dawned upon him and he felt himself go beet red. His brother and cousin were fucking, Maedhros was mounting Fingon like a dog mounts a bitch and Maglor wanted to be gone, to leave but he couldn’t. There was something so lewd and disturbing by the sight and sounds and yet something about it was hypnotizing.

Fingon’s long dark hair was like a sea around his head, he had tilted his face to the side, the expression one of utter ecstasy and Maedhros was moving with such force there was a smacking sound with each thrust. Both were covered in sweat and panting and Maedhros long red hair was a river of fire down his back, swaying with his moves. Then Fingon tensed up, his mouth an open O and his eyes clenched shut. He almost screamed but it came out as a series of sharp grunts instead and Maglor could see that his cock twitched and jumped and shot jets of white come over the grass and his stomach. Maedhros groaned and slammed into his cousin even harder and then he too came, hard judging by his expression of pleasure bordering on agony.

Maglor had snapped out of the transfixed state, had hurried back without being seen and he had been shaking all over. He was hard as a rock, panting and so ashamed of himself he could have cried. He had watched his own brother fuck and he had become aroused, was he some sort of pervert? He had not slept that night but lain there tossing back and forth, trying to fight his own desire. In the end he had given up, put a hand to himself and as he came with a cry he saw those two, and envied them both.
He brushed the memory away, tried to smile. “ I have, by accident, once”

Artemar sighed, “ Darn, well, better than never I guess. We will have to prepare you Maglor, to make sure that your body is ready and that your soul too can handle what is to come. When I came here an older slave taught me all I had to know and the first lesson was that to endure you first have to learn how to enjoy.”

Maglor started to feel nervous. “ I am not sure that I…”

Artemar touched his chin, stroked it gently. “Maglor, nobody here wants to force you into anything, believe me! In this realm we are your only friends so far. But you have to understand this, there is no way around it. If you are to endure what he is to do to you; you cannot be ignorant. The body has its own memory, if it has experienced pleasure once it will seek it again, and a violation may seem less horrible. At least you will know what you are heading into”

Maglor felt himself tremble, he remembered those hands in the night, the feeling of being utterly helpless, unable to resist. “ I…when I was captured I was…touched. It was terrible, even if I came”

The albino nodded in sympathy. “ That has happened to most of us, they wish to check the goods, to make sure they aren’t damaged in any way.”

Maglor remembered something from when he stood there in the tent, waiting to be sold. “ Ah, there is one thing…”

Artemar smiled. “ Out with it, be not afraid to speak or ask questions.”

Maglor felt embarrassed like never before. “ At the auction where I was sold, the men there, they stared at my…cock! A lot!”

Artemar lifted an eyebrow. “ Easy, you haven’t been circumcised. That is highly unusual in these parts”

Maglor didn’t recognize the word. “Circumcised?”

Artemar sighed and shrugged, then he pulled down his loincloth and Maglor felt himself blush again, violently. Elves are not shy of nature and nudity is natural to them but he still had some slight problems with others being undressed around him. He felt as if he was some sort of freak due to his history, and he also felt that he was undeserving of any care or compassion. But he had to stare, Artemar was very well endowed for a human and his cock did look rather pale too, even the head of it. But Maglor immediately saw that something was missing. “ Eru, what has happened to your foreskin?”

Artemar grinned. “That my friend is being circumcised, they cut it off”

Maglor groaned, the thought of having such a sensitive part of the body removed was enough to make him wince and his balls tried to return up to his stomach. “That is mutilation? We elves don’t do stuff like that, ever!”

Artemar just shrugged and let a hand glide over the soft skin above his sex. “ Better than being turned into a eunuch, that can kill you. Most boys are circumcised when they are just babies, it is more easy and then they won’t remember.”

Maglor shuddered. “ You humans are vile at times.”

Artemar nodded. “ Indeed. For instance, Belerur is one of those eunuchs that have had both his sack and his cock removed, few survive that procedure so he was pretty expensive. But he cannot do anything to a female, some who have had their balls taken out can still get a hard on and fuck. There won’t be any kids of course but to some even the idea of another man’s cock in their women is enough to send them into a fit of uncontrollable rage.”

Maglor was aghast. “ But how does he pee?”

Artemar grinned, a wide and vicious grin. “ Like a girl, squatting!”

Maglor had to grin, that was in a way something that huge guy deserved. Artemar smiled again and leaned back into the divan. “ So, like I said earlier, you need to be prepared. Are you ready for the first lesson?”

Maglor tensed up. “ Uh, I…I am not sure, I…”

Artemar caressed his cheeks, almost lovingly. “ I understand, believe me I do. Normally we would have taken this very slowly, given you weeks to adapt and get used to the whole concept of being here. But we have just a little over a day left, you are going to have to get a crash course I fear”

Maglor bit his lower lip, his heart was speeding like crazy and he was getting the sensation of panic again. “ I don’t think I can handle being touched, please!”

Artemar let a hand slide through his hair. “ You have to surrender to this Maglor, there is no other choice. We will take it slowly and nobody will do anything you can get hurt from. And we will stop the moment you ask for it, but for your own sake, you must at least try”

He knew the albino was right, deep within he knew that there was no other choice. But the idea of others touching him, it was so alien to him now. He didn’t even know for how long he had lived like an animal, roaming the sea shores in endless regret and shame. Would they be so kind to him whence they knew what he had done? But to humans such things seemed to be meaningless, to them the act of kinslaying was something ordinary, almost mundane. “ I…I will try”

His voice was trembling and Artemar smiled, a very soft smile. “ There you go, you are brave. Now, here is how we are going to do this. We are to retreat to your chamber, it is your own private room if one can use such a term here, if you are in there nobody will bother you unless of course the master asks for you, or Belerur.”

Maglor shuddered, he felt terribly nervous and not at all ready for anything that had to do with sex. Artemar got up and gave Maglor a hand, hoisted him up onto his feet. Artemar was still naked but it didn’t seem to bother him at all, and he was very beautiful for a human being, he could almost have been mistaken for an elf but he was shorter than most elves and perhaps a bit stockier. “ It will only be me and the twins, they are there just to stimulate, and they do that well. Is that alright with you?”

Maglor nodded. “ I…I think so!”

Artemar shouted something and Kôr came running. “ Bring wine and food to Maglor’s rooms, and some massage oil too, the nice lavender one.”

Kôr grinned and ran off and Artemar took Maglor’s hand. “ Don’t be afraid my friend, I know how to please someone, in fact I am an expert at it. I was trained by Emertham and he was a master unlike none other.”

Maglor frowned. “ Really?”

Artemar nodded and they started walking towards the room Maglor had gotten. “ He was one who had been taught how to train pleasure slaves. He was very valuable and the sha’al’s father was very fond of him. The slaves he trained were always sold at very high prices and their masters were very satisfied with their performances.”

Maglor had a hard time wrapping his head around the concept of having someone train others in such activities. They reached the room and the twins entered, they grinned and sat down on the bed. Kôr came with a basket with stuff in it and everything was placed on the small table in the corner. Artemar immediately got the bottle of wine and uncorked it, poured a lot of the golden liquid into a glass and handed it over to Maglor. Then he sliced some fruits into pieces with a dull knife and patted the bed with his hand. “ Come now, sit here with me”

Maglor sipped at the wine, his throat was dry and he was afraid. He knew that Artemar didn’t want to harm him and he already trusted the man for what else could he do, but the very idea was so foreign. Elves were not human, they could of course have sex just for the sheer pleasure and fun of it but it was more common for them to only do it with their one true mate and to stay true to that other their entire life. “What…what are you going to do?”

Artemar chuckled. “ First we are gonna watch the twins have some fun, like I said, stimulation, and then we will take it one step further.”

Maglor blushed, he had to swallow hard and took a mouthful of wine again, it was a very good wine and he felt thirsty. It had to be all the emotional stress. Artemar took some pieces of fruit and presented them to him. “Try these, they are delicious”

Maglor hesitated a moment, then he picked the fruit from Artemar’s fingers with his lips and Artemar smiled, a very pleased smile. “ You have it in you, I can tell. You can be a true master at seduction my friend. My masterpiece”

The twins stood there in front of them,, in the middle of the room and they had a naughty expression upon their faces. Then one went down on his knees and pulled open the sash around his brother’s waist. The loincloth was made from light green silk and Artemar nodded towards the two. “ The only way to tell them apart is by their colors. Rial likes green and Kenar blue.”

So it was Rial who stood there and Kenar who pulled down the loincloth. Maglor felt how embarrassment made his skin flush and he wanted to look the other way. This was too private, too intimate to watch and yet he had to. Artemar seemed to be able to read his mind. “ Don’t worry, they are used to it. They have others watching all the time. They have learned to ignore their surroundings, you will too”

Maglor felt an insistent need to leave, to avoid this and yet, in some dark place deep within him something did find the idea of watching quite exciting. He remembered what he had seen in the garden and he had to swallow hard. Oh he was cursed for sure. “But they are siblings, are there no rules here about that sort of thing? It seems so unnatural.”

Artemar chuckled. “For common people? Oh yes, but remember, you are talking about a culture where it was considered quite normal and in fact perfectly recommendable that a man married his sisters to keep the royal blood pure. Too many generations with that sort of practice and see what we have gotten, monsters like the sha’al.”

He grinned. “And unnatural? Maybe, but they have been forced to get used to it, and there is no shame in that. Like I have said earlier, we do what we can to stay alive.”

Kenar had started caressing his brothers thighs, nuzzling them like an affectionate cat greets its owner. Rial had already gotten hard and his cock pressed tightly against his toned stomach. Maglor did realize that something more than their foreskins were missing. “ Ah, do you shave?”

Artemar was laughing, he seemed to be completely shocked by Maglor’s lack of knowledge. “Of course we do, we’ll have to shave you too, here body hair is regarded as something utterly revolting. Everybody removes their hair, except the priestesses.”

Maglor moaned, that too! He didn’t have much body hair, like all elves he only had hair on his head and a little in his groin around his cock but removing that was bad enough. “Most people I have heard of don’t allow relatives to marry?”

Artemar was leaning back onto the bed, sort of half sitting with his weight on one arm. “That is wise of them, but here that was tradition among the kings and rulers of old. They would rather have their sisters as wives than having someone else from outside the family deflower them, and possibly gaining power from being married into the family.”

Maglor was staring to have problems, Kenar was licking the sensitive skin of Rial’s inner thighs and Rial was moaning and caressing his own nipples. It was such an erotic sight and utterly wrong and at the same time so terribly…tantalizing, and arousing too. Artemar was hard already, Maglor almost yelped when he saw the size of the man’s erection, he was impressive indeed. But he was fighting hard to control himself, he had never believed that he could be turned on by watching other males doing this, but he was, and he felt waves of sheer shame rush through him. Artemar put a hand on his thigh, very lightly and in a friendly manner and Maglor yelped and twitched. “ By every god, you are as jumpy as a cat in a doghouse. What is wrong?”

Maglor panted, Kenar had taken Rial’s cock into his mouth and was bobbing his head up and down, using his tongue and hand and he was making some very lewd sounds. Rial was whimpering, and he was trembling a bit too. “ I…I must be sick somehow, twisted! I feel like a pervert.”

Artemar took a quick peek at Maglor’s crotch, his loincloth had started to tent and Artemar sighed. “ Oh for heavens sake elf, there is nothing wrong with you. Do you hear me? All living beings are created to breed, to have sex, and watching the act being performed will arouse you, even if it is two males. Very few people are strictly bound to like just one gender, they may think so but it is a lie. You are perfectly healthy, and by the way, the twins would be terribly annoyed and confused if you failed to respond. That would be the first! Nobody have managed to remain cold when they do their best.”

Maglor felt his heart beating faster, he was sweating and the loincloth had become very tight indeed. Artemar started stroking his back, slow gentle movements that were very soothing and somehow they actually made him relax a lot. He felt that Artemar’s hands were rather soft, but there was strength in them and he obviously knew how to make someone surrender to his touch. The twins were both gorgeous, he had to admit that. Elves are very appreciative of beauty in whatever form it takes and they did please his sense of esthetics. Kenar was turning his brother around a little bit so Maglor could see what he was doing in detail, and the elf had started to feel rather confused by his own emotions. This was all wrong according to what he had learned in his youth, it was sinful and shameful and just sheer depravity. But why then did he feel so honored by their efforts, by their trust and help?

Oh by Eru, who was he trying to fool anyhow? Wasn’t he already cursed? Why would he care if he added one more sin to his list? He was destined for the void no matter what he did and what could possibly be worse than that? He was alive at the moment so why shouldn’t he enjoy it as long as it lasted? He was not the one to be a hypocrite, to lay false blame on others when in reality he too coveted what they had. If he was to live on then he should at least do it with honesty, not trying to be somebody he wasn’t, nor deny his own feelings. The elves were not flawless, not the way the valar wanted them to be. He had seen that on numerous occasions.
He remembered one day when he had joined his father for a meeting with his oldest uncle, Fëanor had been raging, so angry he was literally shaking but Maglor had seen so much more than just rage in his father’s eyes when he watched him stare at Fingolfin. There had been some sort of hurt pride in them, and later on, when he became mature enough to recognize that sort of feelings, he knew he had seen lust too. A burning raging lust, a desire to possess, to conquer and dominate and Maglor had realized that his father never truly hated his brothers, he resented them yes, but he also wanted their love and admiration, also in a physical sense. He had wondered if this meant that his father indeed had been tainted, marred somehow, later on he just knew that what he had seen was more common than anyone could have guessed.

He couldn’t tear his eyes away from the two young men, Rial was thrusting slowly into his brother’s mouth and Kenar was fondling with his balls and teasing the cleft of his ass with his fingers. Rial moaned and then he lifted one leg, put the foot up on a small chair that stood by the closet. Maglor could see that Kenar now had started teasing Rial’s opening and Artemar was making a pleased sound. “ Didn’t I tell you these two can make even a dead man come? They are brilliant and the sha’al is said to have assassinated two other potential buyers to make sure he got them before anyone else could buy them”

Maglor just moaned. He was terribly confused because he usually only found females attractive but he started to realize that it perhaps was because that was what he had believed to the only way. The one incident with his brother and his cousin had been dismissed within his mind as some sort of freak event that had turned him on simply because of the shock he had gotten. Now he knew that he had forced himself to ignore all sorts of feelings that could mean that he was attracted to another male. He had just called it affection, or friendship, or perhaps even thought that the person in question reminded him of some female he knew.

Kenar grasped the small bottle of oil from the basket on the table without even missing one movement with his head and he poured some onto his hand and started caressing his brother’s ass with more pressure and in a way more suggestive manner. Rial was keening, tossing his head back, his one hand grasping locks of his brother’s dark hair and the other pressed against the closet for leverage and balance. Maglor was surprised he hadn’t come already.
Artemar sent him a naughty grin. “ Oh, they are so well trained, he can keep himself from coming for quite some time, it is needed sometimes, to make the show last longer.”

That had to be a very useful skill indeed but Maglor could feel that he was starting to feel as if this was getting way too much. He was aching! He had never seen something like this up close and the smell of the twins musky sweat and the sounds they made, by Melkor’s balls, he was afraid he would come undone just by watching. Artemar smiled and his voice was soft. “May I touch you?”

Maglor hesitated. “ I am not sure I can…I mean…I may…”

Artemar nodded his head. “ You are afraid that you might come right away. But don’t be afraid, that is alright. What we all want is to bring you pleasure, don’t feel as if there is any pressure to perform. This is all about you!”

Maglor took a shivering breath, then he nodded, “ O…okay!”

Artemar smiled and his eyes were soft, dark with lust yes but there was such admiration and tenderness in them Maglor had to think of his parents in the good days before everything turned to utter darkness. “ I am so honored Maglor, remember, if anything doesn’t feel right just tell me and I will stop”

He managed to grin and Artemar sat up next to him and untied his sash, pulled it aside and undid his loincloth. The feeling of air against his aroused flesh made Maglor gasp and Artemar whispered something that sounded a bit like a mix of shock and awe. “By the tits of the goddess, you elves are indeed blessed!”

Maglor blushed, much against his will he felt a sting of pride too. He was larger than Artemar, not by an awful lot but it was noticeable and he knew few humans were as well endowed as him. It ran in the family apparently, Maedhros had been larger than him in means of length, not unexpected when one considered that he was eight foot tall. Celegorm had been way thicker than average and had been bragging about that a lot but Maglor saw himself as a perfect mix of those two. He was both long and had quite a girth and Artemar licked his lips. “I cannot wait to see what I can make out of you, you will be sought after like none other, believe me.”

Kenar had started to push a finger inside of Rial, moving it in and out as he still sucked his cock and he added one finger and then one more. Rial was trembling, his legs shook and he was covered with sweat, his hips were moving in a rhythm Kenar matched and Maglor discovered that he was panting. Artemar put a hand on his back, smiled. “ Lean back, this is much better if you relax completely”

He obeyed, laid back onto the bed and Artemar whispered to him. “ Don’t be afraid, you will love this.”

Artemar reached forth and Maglor jerked as a hand slowly started to stroke him. He gasped and trembled and for a second the panic fought to gain dominance over his thoughts again but it died down. It felt too good, and he knew that he was in control, that Artemar would stop the second he told him to. The grasp was perfect, not too hard nor too lose and the rhythm was just divine. He moaned, feeling how he started to leak clear fluid and Artemar smiled, a very content smile. “ Wonderful, you are responding so well.”

He nodded towards the twins and Kenar let go of Rial’s cock, Rial was shaking all over and his eyes were clouded with pleasure and lust. Artemar smiled and he too was breathing hard. “Isn’t he beautiful? Do you want him?”

Maglor couldn’t think, his ability to form coherent thoughts was gone, all that was left was a burning raging need like he had never felt before. Artemar’s hand felt so good, more than good, it was something he couldn’t even describe. “Y…yes!”

The albino kissed his shoulder and said something to Rial who immediately climbed onto the bed and Maglor didn’t really understand what he was doing until the young human straddled his hips. He looked as if he wanted this even more than Maglor could imagine and his mouth was wide open and his pupils dilated, he did shake all over. Maglor didn’t have time to feel nervous, or to feel as if he ought to say something, Artemar aimed his cock upwards with skilled hands and then Rial, already slicked up and opened by his brother slid down onto it in one smooth movement.

Maglor let out a hoarse groan, he bucked against the tight heat that embraced him and it was so exquisite it almost brought tears to his eyes. Rial leaned forth, then he kissed Maglor’s lips in a very hungry manner and he couldn’t help it, he answered the kiss, let it deepen, tasted the young man as if he was starving and Rial was providing sustenance. The kiss made sparks of pleasure fly straight down to his groin and he arched again and Rial started moving. Maglor saw sparks, he keened, writhed underneath Rial who was panting and whispering things in his own language. Kenar sat down on the bed, beside them, he was stroking himself with fast movements and he looked as if he was close.

Maglor couldn’t tear his eyes away from it, Rial’s sleek body bouncing up and down on his cock, his brother pleasuring himself next to them. Artemar just laying there, looking very pleased. He could feel his balls tighten and then he tensed up, he couldn’t stop it now, it was rising within him like an arrow splits the air and he screamed as the orgasm claimed him and his body started to shudder almost violently. Artemar stroked his hair as he felt how he shot his seed into Rial who let out some obscene moans and came too. Maglor could feel how drops of hot sticky liquid rained down over his abdomen and something about it made it all feel that more intense. Kenar grunted, and thrust into his hand and followed his brother, shooting white strands of come over the sheets.

Maglor came down from the high slowly, feeling boneless and limp and exhausted. Artemar smiled gently and kissed his brow. “ You needed that, I am sure of it. By every God, you are so very beautiful when you come. Like some demi God. But you are a bit on the thin side though, I guess you have been starved?”

Maglor nodded. “ It is a long story, but I was on a ship for months I think”

Artemar made a clicking sound with his tongue and teeth. “ I guessed so, worry not, we have ways to make you strong again.”

Maglor felt as if he was floating, he had to giggle, felt almost silly and strangely happy. “ I am not very strong now, quite the opposite in fact”

Artemar smiled and leaned forth, kissed him and Maglor didn’t hesitate, he answered the kiss and Artemar was spectacular at this. Maglor felt that his body started to stir again, even if he had just come hard. Artemar broke the kiss as Rial slid down from Maglor’s body and stretched out next to him, like a very pleased cat. “ Now, that was the first lesson, over to the second one.”

Maglor felt as if he ought to feel a bit apprehensive, or nervous. But he wasn’t, not anymore and it was weird. “What is the second lesson?”

Artemar smiled and his hand started caressing Maglor’s re-awakening cock- “ How to be taken.”

Maglor tensed up a bit. “Already?”

His voice did shiver a bit and Artemar kissed him once more. An almost loving kiss. “ Yes, we have no time to waste. It is getting late already and I want you to have felt the pleasure of being claimed before you are claimed by force.”

Maglor swallowed hard. “ I…I am ready!”

Artemar smiled. “ You are afraid, and that is alrigth. It is your first time after all, so I will be the one to claim you for I know exactly how to do this right. “

Artemar gestured for the twins to move aside and then he laid down next to Maglor. “ First, pull yourself further into the bed, you have to be able to lay comfortably.”

Maglor had seen that Rial had enjoyed being fucked like that, that there had to be pleasure in it. And he remembered Fingon, how his face had been contorted by his bliss. “Will…will you do it…right now?”

Artemar shook his head. “ Heck no, we have to prepare you, open you up as gently as possible. “

He gestured for Rial who opened the closet and found a small box on the floor, he opened it and took something out of it. Maglor stared, it was a very realistic cock, and it had to have been carved from some sort of hard material that wasn’t rock. Artemar saw the stunned expression on the elf’s face and caressed his hair and scalp again. “That is a toy often used here, and it is great to prepare someone with. It is carved from the teeth of a huge animal that lives in the rivers further south. Ugly bastards and quite dangerous too but they keep the canal’s open.”

Maglor stared, it was incredibly lifelike but not very large, barely half his size. Artemar got the vial of oil and kissed Maglor’s cheek. “Alright, I will start by slicking you up, then I will insert a finger and if that is too uncomfortable let me know.”

Maglor nodded, this was what he dreaded but he knew that Artemar was right, He had to have experienced this if was to endure the sha’al’s advances. Artemar let a slick hand play with Maglor’s cock, stroked him to hardness before he gently caressed his balls and Maglor gasped, it felt very good and he suddenly wanted, no, he craved more. Then the hand pressed against the area between his balls and his hidden opening and Maglor had to stifle a hiss. It felt odd, good yes but very weird. “ You are sensitive, wonderful! That makes this so much easier. Some aren’t and to them this is always uncomfortable, no matter how much they want to enjoy it”

Artemar dripped more oil onto his hand and then he nodded. “ Now, pull your ankles up towards you bottom and let your knees fall to the side, just relax”

He obeyed, he was too far gone to start having second thoughts now. Artemar let a finger slide around his opening, and it tickled more than anything else. “ Are you okay?”

Maglor tried to keep breathing evenly, to stay focused. “For now”

Artemar smiled and now the finger pressed against the muscle, teased it, slicked him up. Maglor tried not to tense up, it felt…he could not describe it, not quite. The finger slid inside, slowly and steadily and he gasped, his eyes wide open and his body did tense up for a few seconds, the muscles clenching around the intrusion. “Relax, believe me, you will find great pleasure soon”

Maglor forced his body to go slack, and Artemar started to move the finger in and out, adding more oil and there was little resistance. After a while it started to feel almost alright, there was no pain and it wasn’t really uncomfortable. The twins were sitting by the wall, chatting away in their own language and they didn’t pay any attention to Maglor at all, that was fine by him for he didn’t want anybody staring at him right now.
Then Artemar bent the finger, pushed upwards and hit something that made the elf almost levitate of the bed. Maglor let out a small shriek from sheer shock, lightning bolts of pleasure shot through his lower body and made his cock jump and ache again. “What…what in Eru’s name was that?!”

He was panting again and his eyes were wild. He had never even known that he had something inside of him that felt thus when being touched. Artemar grinned, a wide and very playful grin. “ That my friend was your prostate, and my are you just made for pleasure. I haven’t seen such a reaction ever!”

He pressed against the spot again and Maglor was seeing stars, he groaned. “ Oh please, please, do it…do it again!”

Artemar chuckled. “ Gladly”

He kept pushing against that spot and added another finger and even if that stung a bit and felt too tight Maglor didn’t protest. He was keening and writhing and the sensation was insane. He could barely breathe since it was so intense. Another finger was added and Maglor had to groan, it started to hurt a little but Artemar used his other hand on the elf’s cock and the discomfort was forgotten completely. Maglor needed to come, by Eru how he needed it. It felt as if he was about to explode from sheer lust and Artemar smiled. “ You are ready for the toy.”

Rial had slicked it up and Maglor didn’t have time to become tense again before the fingers were being replaced with the toy. He let out a long moan, closed his eyes, tried to control himself but he couldn’t. It hurt, but the pain was indifferent, like something he didn’t even really notice. The pressure and fullness was all that mattered and it was beyond anything he could have imagined. He felt whole, and it pushed so deliciously against that gland it made him push back. Artemar sounded delighted. “ My oh my aren’t you an eager one? Wonderful”

He started moving the toy in and out, in a very slow and steady rhythm, and before long Maglor found himself thrusting back, keening with need. The sensation was driving him mad, he as close but Artemar didn’t allow him to come, didn’t do it quite fast enough. He was being held on the brink and sweat was making his skin shine, his hair was sticking to his back and his cock was so hard he was sure it never had been harder nor larger, “ Oh fuck, please, I am almost there!”

Artemar kissed the knee closest to him. “ I know, you are ready for me I think”

Maglor keened, his insane need for release was driving him mad, he nodded. “ Do it, do it, take me, I am ready”

Artemar smiled. “ Yes, you are ready but we will do this according to my plan. You will experience pain, and I will make sure that your body is so occupied with feeling good you won’t notice.”

He pulled the toy out and tossed it into a basket, then he got up and stepped off the bed. “ Get up and come here.”

Maglor groaned, he felt strangely empty now the toy was gone and he felt open too, oil was dribbling down his legs and he wondered what Artemar had meant. He stroked Maglor’s back, soothingly. “ I am going to mount you from behind since that is what you have go get used to, the sha’al never takes his slaves face to face.”

Maglor tensed up again, just a little but Artemar saw it. “There are two things involved in this elf, one is the way we do it now, for pleasure and joy, to make each other feel good. The other is dominance. The sha’al is all about dominance. He doesn’t care about pleasure, he comes from being in power, from hurting others. That is the wrong way. There can be pleasure also in dominance and I will teach you this but it can never be one sided. What he does is against the very laws if humanity, he exploits and destroys and can never feel the joy of real love. Do you understand this?”

Maglor nodded. “ I understand!”

He felt nervous again, he knew that Artemar didn’t mean to dominate him but the idea of being taken like that did feel a bit humiliating or even degrading. He shouldn’t be submissive, after all, he was of royal blood. Artemar turned his chin with a hand and kissed him gently. “Stand by the bed, so close your legs touch it, spread them a bit, then put one knee up on the bed, it doesn’t matter which one.”

Maglor started to feel nervous, the need was still there oddly enough, and it hadn’t diminished, he was still rock hard. He did what he was told and Artemar caressed his ass, gently and teasingly. “ Lean forward, both hands on the bed, make sure you are steady.”
Maglor felt a sudden need to protest, to stop this but he had grown curious, and he discovered that he really wanted Artemar. He felt hollow, as if something, an important piece of him was missing. Artemar slid a finger inside of him again, pressed against the gland and Maglor winced, the pleasure shot from the base of his cock and he made a mewling sound. Artemar used the other hand to slick himself up and Maglor got nervous again. Artemar’s cock was so much larger than the toy, could he even take it? The albino made a gesture towards the twins. “Kenar, your turn”

Maglor frowned, what now? Artemar chuckled. “ Like I said, extra stimulation, believe me, you will barely feel that I am breaching you.”

Kenar jumped onto the bed, then he laid down on his back and slid underneath Maglor, so his face was below his crotch and Maglor stared down, in utter and absolute disbelief. Kenar tilted his head back and lifted himself a couple of inches and the he just opened his mouth and pushed himself onto Maglor’s aching cock. Maglor thought he would faint! The warmth and the feeling of a tongue teasing the head was simply too much. Kenar was a true master, he was sucking in a powerful rhythm, taking him all the way down his throat which by the way was open now that his head was tilted backwards between Maglor’s spread legs and the elf thought he would die. How could anything feel that good? Kenar had his neck in just the perfect angle for this and he had to have done this countless times before. Artemar almost giggled. “ By the way, that position would be called a sixty nine if you both were doing each other.”

Maglor was trembling all over and when he felt Artemar grasping onto his hips in a firm but gentle manner he could only think of the tight lips and the hot suction that drove him completely mad. Then he felt the bulbous head of Artemar’s member against his dripping entrance and he didn’t care, he didn’t care if it hurt, if it would tear him apart for all he needed was to be filled, to come. Artemar leaned in over him, kissed his back and nipped at the skin with his teeth and then he did one hard thrust and sheathed himself inside of the elf, completely.

Maglor saw sparks, he felt it stretch him to a degree he never had though was possible and he heard himself scream in a mix of pleasure and pain. He felt as if he was being skewered, torn open and it hurt but the pain was also pleasure, intense pleasure and then Artemar started to thrust and hit that spot again and again in the same rhythm Kenar was using. For each time the albino pushed inside of him his hips were forced forwards and deeper into Kenar’s skilled mouth. Maglor couldn’t think, all coherent thought disappeared, he gasped, moaned, mewled. Sweat flowing down his flanks, his legs trembling as if his muscles had gone and he was sheer emotion, sheer hunger.

Artemar was speeding up, he was groaning too, making grimaces of pleasure and he made sure that the angle was right each time. Maglor was thrusting back against him, bucking forward and seeking Kenar’s tight throat. His eyes were black and clouded and Artemar had never seen anything more arousing nor as beautiful. It felt as if he had been given the privilege of touching an angel, something way above himself. He felt that the elf couldn’t take anymore and changed his angle a tiny bit, hit the gland at a better angle and Maglor suddenly tensed up, threw his head back, eyes rolling up into his head and he was roaring like a wounded animal.

He had never felt anything like it, the orgasm started at the base of his cock and it was so intense but it kept growing stronger and stronger and it wasn’t the way it usually felt, normally it had just one level of intensity. He was sure he was going to die, was it possible to be killed by an orgasm? His muscles contracted and when it reached its very maximum he felt as if every cell in his body had started to shudder and clench up in cramps. He realized he was screaming Artemar’s name again and again as his cock shot load upon load of seed down Kenar’s throat. The young man swallowed and hummed and the vibrations made Maglor scream again, in an explosion of pleasure. He was seeing white light, his heart was thunder in his ears and he was being held upright by Artemar for his legs had lost all strength. The albino delivered two more deep thrusts that made Maglor shudder all over and then he too came, pulsing and coating Maglor’s insides with hot liquid. It made the elf mewl and gasp and Artemar growled his name and kept moving, riding it out.

Maglor was barely conscious as the albino gently slid out of him, a flow of sticky seed followed and dribbled down his thighs but Maglor didn’t care. He was weak like a newborn, trembling all over and Kenar slid out from underneath him with a wide grin on his mouth. “You do taste good, did you know that? Most taste bitter but your seed is sweet, I liked it.”

Maglor could only make a sheepish grin, he was so tired, and he felt so good. Artemar chuckled and caressed his sweat soaked hair. “ By the Goddess, you did really come hard didn’t you? I am very glad”

He turned towards the twins. “ You two can leave now, go to the baths and get cleaned up. Maglor needs to rest and I will stay with him tonight. He shouldn’t be alone.”

Artemar sort of manhandled the limp elf onto the bed, then he found a washcloth and removed most of the liquids from his skin before he got some water and let Maglor drink. He also made the elf eat some fruit and then he pulled the blankets over them and laid down, let Maglor rest against his chest.

The elf felt a strange need to weep, it had been the most wonderful thing he had ever experienced, and it had been so pure, so entirely based upon a wish to do good, to be kind to him. Artemar had worshipped him, shown him a realm of sheer ecstasy he hadn’t even known existed. He felt loved, cherished and appreciated and he hadn’t felt that way since long before that Eru’ forsaken oath was sworn. He felt tears running down his cheeks and didn’t try to stop them. Tomorrow evening the sha’al would claim him, he would desecrate this memory, turn the act into something terrible, despicable and violent. There would be only pain and fear instead of trust and compassion, and now that he knew what it was supposed to be that knowledge was terrible to acknowledge. But he would survive, he had to survive. He had gotten the will to fight back, he wouldn’t want the sha’al to win, to think that he could break a son of Fëanor. Never! To Namo with that bastard, the sha’al could torture him and do unspeakable things to him but he would never break.

Artemar and the others there were his friends, and he owed it to them to break this reign of terror. It was an oath he was willing to swear that he could stand by with a whole heart and a clean consciousness. Maedhros had never told him of what he had gone through while he was a prisoner of Morgoth, but in the night, when he slept he had been screaming in his sleep, reliving awful things Maglor had had a hard time believing were real. Now he knew the truth, they were. He knew now what his brother had been through and he didn’t for a second doubt that it had involved rape. Maedhros had survived, he had been strong and perhaps they all had been different somehow, stronger and more durable than other elves, harder to destroy. It wasn’t unthinkable at all.

He snuggled against Artemar, he was warm and safe and held him so gently and Maglor smiled. Even if he was a slave and the sha’al owned him, he could cope with is as long as he had someone to fight for, to protect and care for. Sooner or later the game would turn, and he would make sure to use every opportunity to his benefit. He had been a king once, now it was time to put his experience into use.

Artemar felt the elf’s hot tears against his skin, sighed and kissed his brow. “ Sleep now beautiful one, let no dark dreams visit tonight. I will be here, I will watch over you. Tonight you are safe, and tomorrow is just an illusion”

Maglor pressed his face against the albino’s neck, inhaled his scent and his fatigue overtook him and he was fast asleep. Artemar laid there awake until the last candles burned down and the room was cast into darkness. But now they had hope, hope in the form of the gorgeous mysterious being in his arms. He said a short prayer to his Goddess, then he too went to sleep.
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