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Fairest by Narya General Audiences
Artanis works on a project and begins to realise that Valinor cannot give her what she needs. A gift ficlet for Cheekybeak...
~ Fragments of Fate And Fire ~ by Spiced Wine Mature
This will be a collection of fics, commissioned art, and gapfillers to flesh out events within my Dark Prince/Magnificat...
A Love Unspoken by cheekybeak General Audiences
A prequel to “Fire Dancing Upon Our Souls.” On a ship at Pelegir a newly stricken Legolas battles with the sea-longing...
Shadows and Cages by Narya Teen
In Gondolin, Fanari and Aredhel spend an evening by the fire. A gift ficlet for Spiced Wine for Legendarium Ladies April.
Melpomaen the Elfling by Glorfindel Explicit
Melpomaen is a reborn elfling. He has two fathers because Saruman cursed one of them to fall pregnant to the next elf they...
I'll be Yours if You'll be Mine by NelyafinweFeanorion Teen
Modern setting AU. Maedhros/Fingon. Maedhros owns a bookstore. Fingon is in grad school. Expect appearances from varied members...
Even the Birds Are Chained to the Sky by cheekybeak Teen
The story of Legolas, Elrohir and Maewen in Valinor. A Silvan child runs free and safe in Valinor but how free is he? A mother...

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Spiced Wine
04/26/18 09:45 am
Also on Dreamwidth. See Narya if you are not on Dreamwidth or Tumblr for more information :)
Spiced Wine
04/26/18 09:41 am
Tolkien Summer Reverse Bang News is up on News. Narya is running it on Tumblr. @naryaflame or search for narya on search
04/22/18 10:25 pm
Yes, the world felt all clean and fresh today - we had a bit of a storm last night but not as dramatic as I was hoping!
Spiced Wine
04/22/18 09:51 am
We had two storms, late evening and about 1.15, really energetic, incredible lightning! It’s nice this morning though!
04/21/18 10:08 pm
Beautiful weather again today :) although thunderstorms forecast soon - I am waiting up for it, I love a good storm. How is everyone's weekend so far?
04/20/18 10:35 pm
Happy Friday :) it's been a gorgeous day here.
Spiced Wine
04/20/18 09:51 am
Happy Friday, everyone :)
04/20/18 12:47 am
Thank you Nelya, thank you Spiced. :)
Spiced Wine
04/19/18 08:22 pm
I’m glad you’ve had a lovely day, Gabriel :)
04/19/18 05:47 pm
Happy birthday Gabriel!
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[Reviews - 45] Printer


Strength isn’t just about how much you can handle before you break.
It’s also about how much you must handle after you've broken.

In which Maglor is creepy and insane. His family tries not to care.

Rating: Explicit
Category: Fiction
Characters: Amras, Amrod, Caranthir, Celegorm, Curufin, Erestor, Maedhros, Maglor
Content: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Slash
Challenge: None
Series: Series of Greater Misfortune
Chapter: 28 Completed: No
Words: 146926 Read: 11114
Published: April 20, 2015 Updated: January 29, 2018

Story notes:

EDIT: Chapters 01-08 have been reworked, edited or rewritten. It's worth rereading those parts before jumping to Chapter 21!

1. The World breaks Everyone by mangacrack [Reviews - 1] (1672 words)

Author's Notes: This started out as a prompt list and quickly turned into something much, much bigger. It's a work in process and I advise you to read the warnings. Slash is implied and discussed but since this isn't a romance story you don't have to worry about (or hope for) smut in this fanfic. Or at least not for a very long time.

Otherwise: take a deep breath and have fun.

Warnings: This story increasingly deals with psychological issues & mental disorders. If you have difficulties in that area, please be careful. I tend to warn only if gets too graphic. You may contact me anytime if you think certain trigger warnings are neccessary. This story contains AU Elements as well, but not enough to be label as Canon Divergence. And in case you're worried about the Sons of Feanor - Relationship Tag, have no fear. This story will feature no incest, just a close bond between messed up brothers. But there'll be slash later. (Much later :D)


2. More familiar with Strangers by mangacrack [Reviews - 2] (1659 words)

3. The Animal in You by mangacrack [Reviews - 3] (1472 words)

4. The white Fog with the Name by mangacrack [Reviews - 2] (2176 words)

5. Warpped Minds and Deranged Thoughts by mangacrack [Reviews - 2] (2653 words)

6. The place where they know you well by mangacrack [Reviews - 2] (2056 words)

7. These silent chances pass one by by mangacrack [Reviews - 4] (2320 words)

8. Filled with the glow of fiery stars by mangacrack [Reviews - 2] (2590 words)

The original chapter has been extented a little. I found a plothole (aka Maedhros arriving in Himring without never actually leaving Barad Eithel).

9. We sail into the night of uncertainty by mangacrack [Reviews - 2] (1617 words)

10. When I walk into the promised land by mangacrack [Reviews - 2] (1688 words)

11. The powers called the stars to dance by mangacrack [Reviews - 2] (2835 words)

Dôlraw - mountain lion
Turkelvar - Lord of all Animals

12. feverish eyes threaten to unbalance my mind by mangacrack [Reviews - 3] (2530 words)

13. The wind that shakes Himring's Hills by mangacrack [Reviews - 1] (2914 words)

I'm sorry for the long delay but I was writing Nanowrimo in November and the December is always hell on heart. But I've good news: a long chapter and some other stuff.

"Hanta, Háno." = Thanks, brother.
Aranvó = Son(s) of the King.
Núlandur = Servant of the Black One

14. In all these memories I see you smile by mangacrack [Reviews - 2] (3613 words)

Fëanorionnath - (S) Refers to all of them as a group. Used as term for "the Fëanorian's" by outsiders.
Fëanoryn - means "some of them" and is used when a Son of Fëanor speaks of people loyal to their house.
Aranvó - King's sons, common name for the Sons of the Fëanor, used as title as well as reference to the group itself

15. Once I rise above the noise and confusion by mangacrack [Reviews - 2] (4569 words)

16. My Heart is a Ghost Town by mangacrack [Reviews - 1] (3415 words)

17. The Voice, the World and the Silence by mangacrack [Reviews - 2] (4573 words)

As you can see, I'm trying to make up for the long radio silence of the past two months.

18. The demons lie again. Play pretend that it never ends. by mangacrack [Reviews - 2] (6343 words)

You have no idea - non at all! - how long I've been trying to get those two to talk. It's awful. Bloody Fëanorians. But! All my thanks go to Encairion for my burst of inspiration :D ... After the frequent updates of 'Price of Vengeance II' I was determined to give something back for all the beautiful chapters I got to read in the past two weeks.

Warnings ... nothing beyond Maedhros' continued identity issues and a few references to Angband and it's aftermath.


Quildë Cilyawendë / Cilyanna - trans. Quiet in the Chasm

19. Something stronger than Words by mangacrack [Reviews - 1] (6321 words)

I'm not a quenya nerd so forgive and correct me if used names are wrong. I just cobble them together with elf-dict.com ... and given the chapter, I'll put out a warning! Gore ahead. It's not much, not very terrible but a bit yucky I guess. Nothing Silmarillion Readers aren't used to but I wanted to mention it anyway. 

Carnadril - well made mirror
Cárina (Sindarin Form)

20. Another day in the right direction by mangacrack [Reviews - 3] (7072 words)

Year 2017. I've every intention of finishing the fic this year before we get to the next installment of the series. It's lots of fun and I just wanted to thank all of you for the amazing feedback I received last year. But enough of that. On with the story. Chapter has a bit longer than the others because it has to last until Slashy Valentine is over.

Warning: Well, this is the Silmarillion. Some blood, gore and dying people everywhere is to be expected but I guess the rating finally earns its right to exist.

21. Stripped down to the Bones by mangacrack [Reviews - 1] (7175 words)

I want to apologize for the delay but I've got sucked into a Maeglin Fix-it Fic. It's almost halfway done but that just added to the fact that I went back and edited the first few chapters of this story. It's worth rereading Chapter 01-08. I haven't touched the other parts, but in the end it's just about smoothing a few edges. You're not going to miss anything major, unless you count the added scene in Chapter 08.


Bannoth - Sindarin Name for Námo
Tauron - Sindarin Name for Oromë
Rhawon - Roaring Lion
Gurthnost / Nurnossë / Nostanquale - kin of death

22. Steady as a beating drum by mangacrack [Reviews - 2] (6508 words)

I shouldn't let myself be distracted, but my god the Feanorian Week at tumblr just couldn't be ignored. I nearly wrote 20k alltogether, far more than I originally intended. On the other hand, I got to publish some ideas that've been haunting me forever. Now I can go back to this story. I really, really need to. My fingers are itching.


Talaneth - firm / true friend

23. The hammer is coming down by mangacrack [Reviews - 1] (8620 words)

I've raised the rating of the fic from Mature to Explicit. This is the only warning you get for this chapter.

24. Walk in the Valley of Kings by mangacrack [Reviews - 0] (13976 words)

Remember Lion King? The scene in the cave with wee!Simba and Mufasa? That's Curufin and Celebrimbor, basically. It's sheer indulgence that I write scenes of them together, because WE NEED MORE FATHER-SON FLUFF between Curvo and Celebrimbor! Painting Curufin as the ever difficult and demanding father is possible, yet unlikely in my eyes. Especially at this point, where Curufin is no worse than the other Noldor around. He wasn't born evil, plotting the murder of cousins in the cradle!

Otherwise. This chapter makes a small references to another story of this verse, called "King's Landing". Which handles Losgar and my headcanon that the Swan Ships were too damaged to send back to Fingolfin.

Another change has been worked into the story (referenced in "Heaven's Reward Fallacy"), it being that Angrod is the oldest son of Finarfin, not Finrod. It's not overly important, just something which made the characterization of the Finarfion's a bit easier.

25. I'm flesh. I'm bone. by mangacrack [Reviews - 0] (7053 words)

Honestly, I didn't see the end of the last chapter as a cliffhanger. It was just a good place for a cut. My personal thanks go to alikuu this time. Your comments threw me into a writing fit until my fingers itched. Thank you so much! And all others, who like this story. It makes me so happy! Especially since I've so. Many.Pplans. So many more fics that fit into the larger verse. Hence why the fic is roughly at 65%, but I've roughly... 8 more fics planned out (like ... until 3rd Age at least). Also ... I've new writing programm. Called ZenWriter and I'm IN LOVE! Best spend 17$ in a long, long time.

Small Warning: Not beta read. I'm on vacation tomorrow and didn't want you to wait until September for an update, when I've the chapter sitting on my hard drive.

26. Leave your bottle at the door by mangacrack [Reviews - 0] (15468 words)

As always ... I apologize for the delay but this year is not being kind to me. Stress at work and sickness killed my writing mood, but it's getting better. I wasn't seriously ill, don't worry. I was just drugged to the gills, cause my dentist likes me very much and wanted to see me very often. And in the end I wrote this chapter in three days? After nothing happened for weeks? Guess you know have your explanation, why I didn't cut in half and made you wait two months instead.

Little reminder that I despise giving away spoilers. If you're aren't sure, look at the end notes. I've posted the full warning there.
Good news and bad news for the next chapter: November is coming up. Nanowrimo is calling. Which means I'll be writing on this story, a lot - if I finish Nano, but with Christmas taking over you might've to wait until December. Just check in after a few weeks and give me a kick into my ass, I need that from time to time.

~ * ~

Translation according to elfdict.org

nityahanno (q) - little brother

27. Those who sold their Life for a Dream by mangacrack [Reviews - 0] (8817 words)

No particular warnings this time, just the usual. But I've added commentary at the end. Small reminder the Beleriand has a) the Falathrim - aka Teleri under Cirdan b) the Sindar of Doriath - Lathrim c) Sindar outside Doriath - Mithrim d) Nandor/Lindar - Elves under Denethor, e) Silvan/Green Elves .... aka the Nandor after Denethor's death (WTH?) - Oropher belongs to them and probably Eöl too and finally f) the Avari, those Elves who never had any contact with the Valar. They mixed with the Sindar, the Noldor and the Green Elves later.

Seriously, I hate the Teleri far more than the Noldor. Those have done us the courtesy to sort themselves in three different houses and ally themselves with various kings. Teleri descends outside Doriath are awful. Also means that the 2nd/3rd Age must've been a very fun place, because it's canon that the Teleri couldn't even stand each other, not just the Noldor. (Read: Green Elves tries to settle in Doriath after Denethor's death, didn't like it and rather allowed Ambarussa to live in Amon Ereb instead. Where they buried their one and only King. That's as iif Dior builds a city over Finwë's grave.)





maegorodeth - sharp mountain (f)
Tauron - Lord of Forests, epithet for Oromë (s)
Araw - Oromë in Sindarin [Arawion - Son of Oromë]

28. The Redeemer of Souls by mangacrack [Reviews - 0] (15221 words)

Double Chapter!


Warnings as usual: you don't get any. This chapter is also basically the second part of Chapter 27 - I just had to cut it in half once again, though I admit most of was written during Nanowrimo.

Cuiviénen - land of the First Elves (and like with the Nirnaeth Arnoediad you're at Tolkien Master Level if you can spell it without having to look it up any more)