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Istaril by Kalendeer Teen
She does not tell him that she will help with revenge, because she does not know yet if she should. But she tells him that...
Beware the Starless Midnight by cheekybeak General Audiences
Legolas arrives in Minas Tirith expecting a joyful reunion with his friends. Instead he finds tension, prejudice, and insurrection...
Laying the Foundation by lotrfan General Audiences
Elrond and Erestor bring the survivors of the defeat at Eregion to a new home, which will eventually become Imladris? Rivendell.
What Child Is This? by cheekybeak General Audiences
Legolas, Aragorn, a garden, a child, the future. 
A Feast of Ashes by Kalendeer General Audiences
In Barad Eithel, High King Fingolfin lives under the shadow of his half-brother, dead on the very spot where the fortress...
At the sign of the drunken goose by Chiara Cadrich General Audiences
Horor and humor tales from the Inn. New : a tale about Tolkien-fan associations.
Lonesome Rider by mangacrack Mature
In the Silmarillion Maglor is (allegedly) the sole survivor of his family.Here, it's someone else.

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Spiced Wine
06/24/18 09:42 pm
I will go in and sit with her, it’ll take 4 hours and they said 1 or 2 people were welcome.
Spiced Wine
06/24/18 09:41 pm
My mother starts chemo Thursday. They’re not sure it’ll do any good, but any good thoughts appreciated.
06/24/18 12:35 am
I know. But I'll have to wait till Monday to talk to my internet company. :/
Spiced Wine
06/23/18 09:37 pm
I remember it doing that years ago
06/23/18 04:25 pm
I've tried both Google and Firefox since yesterday but I still can't get on. The connection keeps timing out. :/
Spiced Wine
06/23/18 01:21 pm
I have not tried, I’m afraid, Alquien
06/22/18 11:30 pm
Is it just me or is anyone else having trouble with live journal?
Spiced Wine
06/22/18 10:15 am
Happy Friday, everyone :)
06/20/18 07:49 pm
Have a great time Narya!!
Spiced Wine
06/20/18 07:21 pm
Have a great time, Narya; some lovely weather coming next week, I see!
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[Reviews - 308] Printer

Summary: The Silm you read when you are not really reading the Silm. Everything you always wanted to know......but missing all the boring bits.
Rating: General Audiences
Category: Fiction
Characters: Amarië, Amras, Amrod, Aragorn, Aredhel, Arwen, Aulë, Balrog, Beleg, Beren, Caranthir, Celeborn, Celegorm, Círdan, Curufin, Ecthelion, Elrond, Elros, Elu Thingol, Eluréd, Elurín, Elwing, Eru, Eärendil, Eöl, Fëanor, Finarfin, Findis, Finduilas, Fingolfin, Fingon, Finrod, Finwë, Galadriel, Gil-galad, Gildor, Glorfindel, Gothmog, Gwindor, Huan, Idril, Legolas, Lúthien, Mablung, Maedhros, Maeglin, Maglor, Mandos/Námo, Manwë, Melian, Melkor/Morgoth, Mîm, Nerdanel, Orodreth, Saeros, Sauron, Tulkas, Tuor, Turgon, Túrin, Ulmo, Ungoliant, Yavanna
Content: None
Challenge: None
Series: None
Chapter: 68 Completed: No
Words: 34193 Read: 45712
Published: November 29, 2014 Updated: July 11, 2017

Story notes:
This is for Ziggy. Because she asked for it and her stories give me so much reading pleasure I figured I should at least try.
I don't write so many apologies to all who torture themselves by reading it.
The good news is there may well only ever be one chapter!
1. In which Eru gets Creative by cheekybeak [Reviews - 20] (196 words)

2. Aul by cheekybeak [Reviews - 6] (309 words)
Not that happy with this but have spent hours tinkering and it is not getting any better. Sorry about that.
Thank you to everyone who reviewed my first chapter. That was amazing!!
3. The Elves by cheekybeak [Reviews - 4] (373 words)

4. The Sundering of the Elves by cheekybeak [Reviews - 6] (663 words)

5. The Fins by cheekybeak [Reviews - 8] (781 words)
Especially for Naledi. Hope you like it!
6. Fëanor: Problem child by cheekybeak [Reviews - 6] (566 words)
Man this was hard to write. Fëanor does not like to be made fun of!
7. The Silmarils by cheekybeak [Reviews - 2] (364 words)

8. The Darkening of Valinor by cheekybeak [Reviews - 9] (567 words)
Please note: two chapters today to celebrate the fact I am going to the BOTFA tonight!

And because they kind of go together.
9. The Oath of Fëanor. by cheekybeak [Reviews - 6] (197 words)

10. The Kinslaying...no.1 by cheekybeak [Reviews - 6] (358 words)
I have used a bit of artistic license here and altered the timeline of Manwe's messenger just the tiniest bit!

Just so you know it was deliberate........... Not general Tolkien ignorance on my part!
11. The Sad Tale of Maedhros and Fingon : Part One. by cheekybeak [Reviews - 4] (425 words)

12. The Valar do Something.. by cheekybeak [Reviews - 4] (421 words)

13. Men by cheekybeak [Reviews - 4] (186 words)
Short and boring chapter.....sorry, what can I say.. Men just aren't my thing. Had to put them in here somewhere though or everyone would be wondering where they came from when Beren came along!
14. It All Goes Wrong by cheekybeak [Reviews - 5] (290 words)

15. And then it got Even Worse by cheekybeak [Reviews - 7] (269 words)
Credit has to go to Peter Jackson and Gandalf for some of the dialogue in this chapter.
16. The Sad Tale of Maedhros and Fingon: Part 2 (a) by cheekybeak [Reviews - 3] (465 words)

17. The Sad Tale of Maedhros and Fingon : Part 2 (B) by cheekybeak [Reviews - 5] (523 words)

18. Thingol by cheekybeak [Reviews - 6] (542 words)

19. Gondolin by cheekybeak [Reviews - 3] (324 words)

20. Hunting for a Man by cheekybeak [Reviews - 4] (601 words)

21. Teenagers: Who'd have 'em? by cheekybeak [Reviews - 8] (645 words)

22. In Which Turgon loses his Train of Thought by cheekybeak [Reviews - 6] (581 words)
Apologies. Turgon has hijacked this chapter. This was not meant to happen but I couldn't keep him in line, he was having none of it!

Credit has to be given to The Eagles for the Hotel California lyrics. They just seems pretty applicable to the whole Gondolin set up!
23. Finrod: Elf Gone Bad! by cheekybeak [Reviews - 6] (500 words)

24. In Case you hadn't Noticed, Oaths are not a Good Idea. by cheekybeak [Reviews - 6] (505 words)

25. The Fall of Fingolfin by cheekybeak [Reviews - 7] (329 words)
When I first started this I remember saying to Ziggy " Who will ever read this." And she promised me that she would at least!

But now I have 100 reviews which is SO amazing!!!!

So I want to say thanks to everyone who has taken the time to write a review for me. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

I am blown away by your support. It's incredible. Especially for someone who has never written before and never imagined she ever would!

You guys are the best.
26. Lúthien by cheekybeak [Reviews - 7] (660 words)
I have had lots of people ask me about Beren and Lúthien
27. Celegorm is Just Misunderstood. by cheekybeak [Reviews - 4] (639 words)
This chapter is especially for Encairion, who is solely responsible for my Celegorm soft spot. After reading her stories I just could not write him as a total baddie!
28. Sing, Sing a Song by cheekybeak [Reviews - 6] (582 words)

29. Goodbye Finrod by cheekybeak [Reviews - 5] (585 words)

30. Just how Many Werewolves does Sauron have? by cheekybeak [Reviews - 4] (713 words)
The bizaare thoughts on elf hair clothing originate from a shout box conversation and I can't remember the participants. You will know who you are so if you are reading.....credit for this is down to you!
31. Is Anyone else fed up with Beren and L by cheekybeak [Reviews - 3] (478 words)

32. Seriously, What Exactly is Wrong with Aragorn? by cheekybeak [Reviews - 5] (534 words)
I have posted two chapters today simply because I am sick and tired of Beren and L
33. A Brief Fëanorian conversation by cheekybeak [Reviews - 4] (342 words)

34. Where is a Good Relationship Counsellor when you Need One? by cheekybeak [Reviews - 3] (569 words)

35. The Sad Tale of Maedhros and Fingon : Part 3 by cheekybeak [Reviews - 4] (455 words)

36. A bit of Cultural Confusion by cheekybeak [Reviews - 11] (550 words)
Turgon + Men = Boring. Sorry guys. I was so tempted to skip this but if I didn't put it in Turin and Tuor would have made no sense at all!
37. Turin by cheekybeak [Reviews - 4] (522 words)

38. Beleg by cheekybeak [Reviews - 4] (565 words)

39. Why Hanging with Petty Dwarves is not a Great Idea by cheekybeak [Reviews - 4] (471 words)
Its been a while since I wrote any of this and I have got out of the groove. Hence this chapter is a bit clunky. Next one is better!

Credit must be given to Quantumphysica for the idea of Morgoth and his minions watching the Telly. Thank you!!
40. Turin's Worst Moment. by cheekybeak [Reviews - 3] (490 words)

41. The Shallowness of Elves. by cheekybeak [Reviews - 4] (592 words)

42. The Fall of Nargothrond. by cheekybeak [Reviews - 3] (596 words)

43. The Beginning of the End of Turin. by cheekybeak [Reviews - 2] (517 words)

44. The End of the End of Turin by cheekybeak [Reviews - 4] (578 words)

45. Hurin by cheekybeak [Reviews - 3] (474 words)

46. Hurin is in Denial by cheekybeak [Reviews - 2] (391 words)

47. Stand by Your Man by cheekybeak [Reviews - 3] (399 words)

48. Thingol Learns His Lesson. ( or does he?) by cheekybeak [Reviews - 4] (608 words)

49. Run For the Hills, Beren and Luthien Are Back. by cheekybeak [Reviews - 3] (485 words)

50. Thank Eru, The Sons of Feanor are Back! by cheekybeak [Reviews - 4] (678 words)

51. So Now It's Gondolin's Turn by cheekybeak [Reviews - 6] (676 words)
A slightly quicker than expected update. Just for Ziggy. A thanks for half naked Legolas who is always much appreciated!
52. Moody Maeglin by cheekybeak [Reviews - 5] (571 words)

53. Glorfindel by cheekybeak [Reviews - 3] (477 words)

54. A Finrod and Turgon Interlude. by cheekybeak [Reviews - 3] (737 words)

55. Gli-Galad was an Elven King by cheekybeak [Reviews - 2] (550 words)

56. Is Maglor really the Mastermind behind it all? by cheekybeak [Reviews - 2] (526 words)

57. Elwing. Mother of the Year. by cheekybeak [Reviews - 2] (506 words)

58. In which Eárendil shows his true colours by cheekybeak [Reviews - 2] (528 words)

59. Manwë is the Boss. Don't you forget it! by cheekybeak [Reviews - 3] (627 words)

60. Here Come the Valar by cheekybeak [Reviews - 2] (514 words)
It's been a long time I know...sorry about that!
61. The War of Wrath by cheekybeak [Reviews - 2] (408 words)

62. Chapter 62 by cheekybeak [Reviews - 1] (547 words)
Worst chapter ever!
63. The End by cheekybeak [Reviews - 3] (557 words)
And so....the end of the Silm......do I go on?
64. Twinsies by cheekybeak [Reviews - 4] (607 words)

So, stuck with writers block in "Fire" (well actually not writers block but the problem of having too much story in my head to get down on paper sensibly) I return to this.

A story where I don't have to think!  

65. Elros, The King? by cheekybeak [Reviews - 4] (398 words)

66. Go West Young Man . . . Or Not. by cheekybeak [Reviews - 4] (512 words)

67. The War of the Herbs by cheekybeak [Reviews - 3] (461 words)

68. Dont Shoot The Messenger by cheekybeak [Reviews - 3] (538 words)