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Spiced Wine
11/18/17 01:15 pm
It would be strange watching any adaption for me, so used to fanfic, lol. I would be keep thinking of the pairings I read and scratching me head :D
11/18/17 11:16 am
I'd really love to see Celebrimbor and Annatar in the Second Age...and maybe Gil-Galad too...although it would be weird seeing him without his Istelion! ;-)
Spiced Wine
11/18/17 10:51 am
Not the Silmarillion, that would be a separate agreement if it happened at all, but the Appendices are open it seems
11/18/17 10:27 am
I'm always baffled by what is and isn't on the table, rights-wise, but if Christopher T has resigned, does that mean we could get an adaptation of the Silm (or parts of it)?
Spiced Wine
11/15/17 01:29 pm
Article on The One Ring.net - Christopher Tolkien has resigned as director of the Tolkien Estate. This could change 'everything' to quote.
Spiced Wine
11/14/17 10:38 am
I got the news from his Facebook, lol, he was very excited!
11/14/17 12:38 am
Royd Tolkien just confirmed it on his twitter account. No details other than that.
Spiced Wine
11/13/17 10:29 pm
I should think they'll have actors falling over themselves for this. If it's done well the fandom will go boom!
Spiced Wine
11/13/17 10:28 pm
The One Ring.net is a good place to get the latest.
11/13/17 09:41 pm
I found the link. It all seems very vague atm. I look forward to hearing more once they've got news on story, etc.
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[Reviews - 192] Printer


Sequel to The Price of Vengeance I. A novella of the House of Finwë  from the end of the First Age to the fall of the Last Alliance upon the slopes of Mount Doom.


Rating: Mature
Category: Fiction
Characters: Amdír, Amroth, Caranthir, Celeborn, Celebrían, Celebrimbor, Celegorm, Curufin, Elrond, Eluréd, Elurín, Eärendil, Fëanor, Galadriel, Gil-galad, Gildor, Glorfindel, Maedhros, Maglor, Narvi, OFC, OMC, Oropher, Sauron
Content: AU, Character Death, Drama, Dubcon, Explicit Sex, Het, Incest, Rape/Non-con, Slash
Challenge: None
Series: The Price of Eternity
Chapter: 44 Completed: No
Words: 287608 Read: 19509
Published: November 05, 2014 Updated: July 03, 2017

1. Chapter 1 by Encairion [Reviews - 10] (6875 words)

Warnings: Please heed the warnings listed for this story.  Some of the major warning include: non-con, scenes of violence, graphic character death, and soldiers/captives suffering from PTSD.

I hope you enjoy reading this story, as that is my motivation for posting.  If there is anything you like I always love reviews :)

2. Chapter 2 by Encairion [Reviews - 4] (6239 words)

3. Chapter 3 by Encairion [Reviews - 3] (3470 words)

TurnerMohan’s Numenorean Armor 3 was my inspiration for writing the Númenórean soldiers.

4. Chapter 4 by Encairion [Reviews - 2] (6914 words)

Notes: The Funeral Games (introduced in The Price of Duty as a custom of the Hadorions) were a precursor to the current Númenórean Games.  At the time of Glorfindel’s participation, the Games had not turned into a blood-sport/gladiator type combat that will come as Númenor’s empire expands and the slave trade is legalized. 

I have two influences for the Númenórean Games: One is obviously Rome, a civilization I see as quite similar to Númenor.  The second is the unparalleled work of Spiced Wine who writes her Númenor with arena-type games; my own interpretation is but a pale attempt in comparison.


5. Chapter 5 by Encairion [Reviews - 4] (7572 words)

Warnings:  Two underage characters involved in a sexual encounter.

6. Chapter 6 by Encairion [Reviews - 5] (8575 words)

*Curumo is the name Saruman went by before he came to Middle-earth.

Character picture: Eärendil


7. Chapter 7 by Encairion [Reviews - 8] (4441 words)

8. Chapter 8 by Encairion [Reviews - 5] (6312 words)

Note: I’ve done some revising on Irimë and Maglor’s relationship.  The main relevance to Maglor and Glorfindel’s relationship is that Maglor never went back to Irimë after he followed Fëanor into the Valar’s banishment.  I see their relationship as an emotionally abusive one on her part, and I think those years apart in Formenos would have given him the space he needed to see clearly enough not to go back.  Because of this, Maglor didn’t have much contact with Glorfindel during the Noldor’s march up the coast as Maglor was doing his best to stay away from Irimë.


9. Chapter 9 by Encairion [Reviews - 8] (3455 words)

10. Chapter 10 by Encairion [Reviews - 14] (6078 words)

11. Chapter 11 by Encairion [Reviews - 7] (7971 words)

Note: Ages in flashbacks given in Human years i.e. Maglor says he’s nine, that means Human nine years.


12. Intermission: Do not go gentle into that good night, Part I by Encairion [Reviews - 4] (6028 words)

Note: Title for this intermission is from the Dylan Thomas’ poem Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

A special thank you to Cheekybeak who inspired me to write more about Maglor and Maedhros’ relationship.


13. Intermission: Do not go gentle into that good night, Part II by Encairion [Reviews - 8] (4283 words)

14. Chapter 12 by Encairion [Reviews - 5] (5516 words)

Hello again!  It has been a terribly long time since I wrote anything for this story.  I had a struggle with this one, more than any other story I’ve written I think.  I’ve worked though that though, so hopefully updates will come quicker now.  Thank you everyone for your patience!

Also, I did some revising to chapter 8 (where Glorfindel and Maglor first meet –changes start when they board the ship).  I was unhappy with it, so the last half of the chapter is mostly re-written.  It’s not so drastic that if you don’t want to re-read you won’t be able to understand the future chapters though.

15. Chapter 13 by Encairion [Reviews - 4] (4836 words)

16. Chapter 14 by Encairion [Reviews - 3] (6355 words)

17. Chapter 15 by Encairion [Reviews - 2] (8408 words)

18. Chapter 16 by Encairion [Reviews - 5] (5946 words)

19. Chapter 17 by Encairion [Reviews - 4] (5155 words)

20. Chapter 18 by Encairion [Reviews - 5] (4635 words)

21. Chapter 19 by Encairion [Reviews - 3] (8256 words)

22. Chapter 20 by Encairion [Reviews - 6] (6926 words)

23. Chapter 21 by Encairion [Reviews - 4] (7768 words)

Note: I know I promised Gil-galad next, but this fell on me like a stack of bricks!  I really didn’t see it coming, but it came together, so I hope you enjoy :)

24. Chapter 22 by Encairion [Reviews - 3] (8491 words)

Note: Ages given in Human years ie if Celebrían is ‘six’ in the story that is a six year old Human equivalent.  Calculating Elvish child growth gives me a headache :)

25. Chapter 23 by Encairion [Reviews - 8] (7941 words)

Character pic: Celebrain  (she has silver hair though)

26. Chapter 24 by Encairion [Reviews - 3] (7836 words)

27. Chapter 25 by Encairion [Reviews - 7] (6138 words)

28. Chapter 26 by Encairion [Reviews - 1] (4844 words)

29. Chapter 27 by Encairion [Reviews - 8] (5427 words)

30. Chapter 28 by Encairion [Reviews - 3] (8903 words)

Character pic: Celebrimbor

31. Chapter 29 by Encairion [Reviews - 8] (6388 words)

32. Chapter 30 by Encairion [Reviews - 2] (4290 words)

Notes on inspirations: Ias’s ‘the principles of cruelty’ is an incredible work, as are all of this authors,’ and it inspired me when writing Mairon’s perception of Melkor.   

Valandhir’s work was the inspiration for the idea of the spell-forges.  I could rave all day about how much I adore the fact she/he wrote a Boromir not only lives but goes back in time story!  I am a big Boromir fangirl even if I’ve never written him :D  

33. Chapter 31 by Encairion [Reviews - 4] (7359 words)

34. Chapter 32 by Encairion [Reviews - 2] (7404 words)

35. Chapter 33 by Encairion [Reviews - 3] (7754 words)

Lindórinand was the name for Lothlorien before the introduction of the mallorns.

36. Chapter 34 by Encairion [Reviews - 2] (5926 words)

37. Chapter 35 by Encairion [Reviews - 2] (6423 words)

38. Chapter 36 by Encairion [Reviews - 7] (5779 words)

New chapters start at Chapter 30

39. Chapter 37 by Encairion [Reviews - 1] (7252 words)

I rewrote Fëanor’s time in Mandos, Chapter 17 (last section), and Fingolfin’s time in Mandos in Rage, rage against the dying of the light Part 1 and 2 in The Price of Vengeance Book 1.  I would recommend checking the changes out because they will defiantly come up in later writing, and I do not want to leave readers confused :)


Chapter notes: I made a change to the Three Rings of Power:

Nenya: former Ring of Water, now Ring of Light.

Vilya: Ring of Air.  Unchanged.


Narya: Ring of Fire.  Unchanged.

40. Chapter 38 by Encairion [Reviews - 2] (6522 words)

41. Chapter 39 by Encairion [Reviews - 0] (6998 words)

42. Chapter 40 by Encairion [Reviews - 0] (5831 words)

43. Chapter 41 by Encairion [Reviews - 1] (8030 words)

44. Chapter 42 by Encairion [Reviews - 2] (10058 words)

Note: another large update, new chapters beginning at chapter 37.