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05/27/18 07:20 pm
You are the World'sGreatest Auntie, clearly. Bringing on and educating the next generation!
05/27/18 05:07 pm
LOL! She’s totally obsessed. Almost as much as me. Just did an hour’s drive and she was talking about Legolas the whole way :D
05/27/18 12:23 pm
What an intelligent and wonderful child. Obviousy takes after her Auntie.
05/27/18 07:53 am
My work as an auntie is done :D
05/27/18 07:51 am
6yo niece is staying at the moment and we’ve been watching LOTR. Niece: why didn’t they make Legolas king? He’s much better and he’s prettier too.
05/27/18 07:49 am
Happy Birthday Nelya!
05/27/18 05:08 am
Thank you all!! It's been a wonderful day! Looking forward to reading the new book my husband found for me--"Hobbit to Hero--the making of Tolkien's King"
05/27/18 12:33 am
Happy Birthday Nelya- have a lovely day:) x
Spiced Wine
05/26/18 06:14 pm
Happy Birthday, I hope you have a lovely day
05/26/18 01:38 pm
A VERY Happy Birthday, Nelya! Hope your having a wonderful day! :D
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Harvest Collection by Veveco

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Legolas turned to his ‘master’ and bowed low, as was custom in the Greenwood and Gondolin. He slowly held out the sword, placing it over both palms and offering it to his instructor.

“Master, I request your aid in wielding this sword, named Yaavan, that I may be worthy of it.”

Glorfindel looked down at it, unable to stop himself from gasping as he reached out, not quite touching the exquisite, polished metal. Legolas had explained the sword to him, at least as best he could, yet nothing could have prepared him for what lay in the lord’s hands.

“My Lord, this is – it is, magnificent! May I?” he asked.

“Of course.”

Reaching for the pommel, he held the sword up in front of his face with both hands, eliciting stunned exclamations from their onlookers, for there, along the entire blade, were etched the words:

‘The Valar command you.’

“Oh, sweet Elbereth,” whispered Haldir.

Glorfindel continued to examine the sword with his eyes, and with a sharp intake of breath, he read the second inscription around the hilt, one only he could see.

‘Yavanna protects you’.

“I am honored to aid you in your task, my Lord. Do you submit to my command, in the ways of Gondolin?”

“I do.”

“Then come.”

Inspired by Harvest, chapter 1 from Alpha Ori.

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