Arcane Land collection by Veveco
Summary: A series of illustrations for a journey to Arcane Land and beyond - inspired by Alpha Ori's saga featuring Legolas and Glorfindel.
Categories: Fiction Characters: Celebrían, Elladan, Glorfindel, Legolas, Thranduil
Content: Action/Adventure, Drama
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1. Back to Greenwod by Veveco

2. The Price of Protection by Veveco

3. The foremost elves of the Greenwood by Veveco

4. Beyond the fortress by Veveco

5. Symbols of lordship by Veveco

6. Legacy of the Fallen by Veveco

7. Reminiscence by Veveco

8. Like the Wind by Veveco

9. Cheers in Haven by Veveco

10. The Silver Queen by Veveco

11. The Winged Warrior by Veveco

12. Take pity by Veveco

Back to Greenwod by Veveco

It had been many long days since he had bidden goodbye to Glorfindel of Gondolin on the borders of Imladris. The image of the golden warrior sitting proudly upon his mighty white charger would stay with him always - his armor glimmering in the morning sun, the cool breeze softly blowing his blond locks behind him, fully baring his beautiful face, his mien one of intense sadness and regret, yet there was also stubbornness and steely defiance, for he would not let the tears fall. His horse had danced to the side then, snickering and puffing loudly as if to shake his master from his melancholy mood, as Legolas somehow found it within himself to smile sorrowfully before raising his arm high in a silent, tempered farewell. Wheeling his own steed around, he galloped to the front line of the caravan under his command, not once looking back lest he lose his composure.

Inspired by Arcane Land, chapter 1 from Alpha Ori.

The Price of Protection by Veveco

As they continued along the road, the population was becoming steadily denser. Elves walked along the beaten track, transporting baskets, ewers, wood and the likes. They would stop and bow, and then wave, or shout a warrior’s greeting. They seemed happy, these woodland elves – yet what astounded Elladan the most was the fact that many of the ladies carried children. He had never seen so many young ones, together in one place. They toddled behind their mothers, helping with what they could; the younger ones were strapped to their backs or sides with strips of colourful cloth. It was a marvel to behold, and just one glance at Melven told him that he too, had realized how young this population was.

Galdithion watched the play of emotions on his friend’s beautiful face, he knew what he was thinking, for he had had a similar yet opposite first impression of Imladris.

“You marvel at how many young ones you see.”

“I do. The average age of these people is much lower than in my homeland.”

“True,” he began, as Melven turned his ear to listen to Galdithion’s explanation.

“Alas, our mortality rate is equally high. ‘Tis a simple necessity that our women bear as many children as they can,” he said casually.

Melven frowned at the warrior’s comment, and it did not go unnoticed.

“Speak your mind, Melven,” invited Galdithion, catching Elladan’s attention as he also turned to hear his retort.

“It just seemed to me that you spoke words that would sadden the hardest of elves, and yet your tone belied no feeling at all.”

“And why do you think that is?” invited Galdithion, wondering if the warrior could start to think before passing judgement.

“Well, perhaps because this is something you have lived with all your life, ‘tis not surprising to you, yet it is also a daily reminder for you of the high cost you pay to protect your home.”

Inspired by Arcane Land, chapter 2 from Alpha Ori.

The foremost elves of the Greenwood by Veveco

They finally came to a halt and dismounted before the many steps that led up to the impressive doors leading into the mountain fortress. Upon the highest step, stood the foremost elves of the Greenwood, yet the one in the centre shone with an intensity Melven had only ever seen in Legolas himself.

He was at least as tall as the Forest Lord, and had about him an aura of strength and command that left none indifferent. His hair was the very same shade, kept from his face by an impressive crown of gold, roots and flowers. His face was more rugged, however, lined with the sorrows and cares of time and experience, his eyes a brilliant sky blue. He was strong and beautiful, commanding yet magnanimous. His body was clad in a long blue velvet skirt that trailed the ground to the back, yet was cut up the front to the top of his brown boots. His chest was wrapped in green silk, and an impressive rich brown cape embraced his generous shoulders, falling to the ground in a shimmering cascade of opulence, his sword hung by his side, sheathed in a magnificent, bejeweled scabbard. Thranduil Oropherion, Sindarin King of the Greenwood.

Beside him stood Bandorion, Thranduil’s brother, and Barathon, his nephew. To the other side stood Thranduil’s sister Caladwen and his niece Alastegiel. Finally, behind the king stood a dark elf that sent a shiver up Elladan’s spine.

Legolas walked slowly towards his father, their eyes not once disengaging. (...)

This was his son, but he was changed, physically and mentally - yet he was still, heart-breakingly beautiful to behold, and he loved him above all else, above anyone else.

He smiled then, as Legolas moved before him and knelt, bowing his head and waiting for his father’s leave to rise.

Inspired by Arcane Land, chapter 3 from Alpha Ori.

Beyond the fortress by Veveco

While Legolas sat with his father, informing him of the highlights of his journey, Elladan was marveling at the suite of rooms he had been provided with.

When they had arrived, he had wondered what the fortress would look like from the back. Indeed he could see none of the impressive spires visible at the front, but there were numerous windows with wooden balconies that hung out over the sheerest vertical drop Elladan had ever seen – unfortunately he had found that out the hard way.

When he had first approached the doors, he had flung them open impetuously, and promptly swooned, grabbing the carved wooden railings tight as he realized that he was, quite literally, hanging off the side of a mountain. Far below, was a steep hill which blended into an evergreen wood of spruce and pine, fir and cypress. The aroma was fresh and crisp, just like the light breeze that blew about his face. There were numerous lakelets and meres dotted around the forest floor for as far as the eye could see; this forest, he knew, was untouched by the darkness - no wonder they protected it so fiercely, who wouldn’t? - it was a paradise of greens, blues and browns, and every shade between, textures of wood and water, earth and mist, each with its own characteristic aroma that reached his senses and set his head reeling.

And then he realized why the perspective had seemed odd to him as they had entered the gates, for the further they approached the front, the lower the trees seemed to become, until they appeared to simply – disappear from sight, and now he knew why. The ground level at the front was much, much higher than it was from the back - the mountain fortress of the Greenwood was quite literally perched upon the edge of a plateau.

Straight ahead of him, he could see a mountain range in the distance – the Lonely Mountain, he thought. The view was quite literally breathtaking, dramatic even. He had never imagined the Greenwood like this, and only now was he beginning to realize that there was much work to be done. He would suggest his father send historians, scribes, and artists - mapmakers and botanists, for this marvel should be proclaimed throughout Elvendom, documented for posterity.

Inspired by Arcane Land, chapter 4 from Alpha Ori.

Symbols of lordship by Veveco

Elladan and Melven were looking most lordly indeed in their finest. Their boots and daggers shone as they reflected the bright orange light of the many lanterns and torches that lit up the otherwise shadowed corridors. Both were dark-haired, their features unmistakably Noldorin, yet Elladan’s hair was pitch black, so black it shone blue. He had placed his mithril circlet around his forehead, letting it sit low, thus keeping his rebellious hair from his strong, noble face. His father would be proud, for too many times had he skipped the protocol of lordship, following his brother’s witty and popular rebuffs regarding what he considered ‘unnecessary primping.’ And he was right, yet Elrohir failed to acknowledge the fact that these symbols of office had an obvious and immediate effect on most, even on oneself, although Elrohir would never admit it. Rulers exploited this natural reaction to state their causes, ensure peace, reassure, or, in some unfortunate cases, impose their unilateral will. Sometimes, being intellectual required understanding the natural reactions of elves, before reasoning comes to the fore.

Inspired by Arcane Land, chapter 5 from Alpha Ori.

Legacy of the Fallen by Veveco

It was an armband, surprisingly similar to Legaelair’s, which Legolas himself wore. It was made of gold, an interlaced braiding he knew was of Gondolidrim design. It was, indeed almost identical, except that where his held the emblem of the House of the Silver Tree, this one…

His skin tingled as the fine hairs on his arms stood on end, for the implications were stunning. This is why he had been so confused when first the piece had been revealed, for the only thing that made this armband different to Legaelair’s, was the emblem of the House of the Golden Flower.

(...) Fifteen minutes later, and Legolas sat in the empty library, staring at an illustration of the fall of Glorfindel of Gondolin, mighty in his armour, his hair in disarray, his face a mask of determination, his mighty sword aloft before his fiery enemy – and there, hugging his bicep, was the bracelet Legolas now held in his numb fingers.

Inspired by Arcane Land, chapter 6 from Alpha Ori.

Reminiscence by Veveco

“A question, Commander, if I may?” asked Elladan.

At Legolas’ nod, he asked a question he knew may be somewhat sensitive, and so he proceded with caution.

“What happened in the Company?”

Legolas sighed, sparing a quick glance at Dimaethor who turned his head towards the window. After a moment, Legolas answered him slowly, and rather quietly.

“We were already four short but had not had the time to recruit new members, for that was a time of much enemy activity. We were, ambushed – taken captive, and by the time it was over, we had lost seven, either to torture, or later succumbing to infection as we fled to safety. This event spurred my father’s consent to seek help, and thus the Spring Festival, for he realized then, that we could not, should not, continue to fight in solitude."

Elladan was sorry he had asked, for the full story would be nothing short of horrific, he was sure.

“I am sorry, my Lord, I did not mean to bring you sadness,” said Elladan.

Inspired by Arcane Land, chapter 7 from Alpha Ori.

Like the Wind by Veveco

Legolas and Galdithion teach their guests how to fly - Greenwood style.

Elladan ran fast – he had to, to keep up with this Sylvan sprite. Their black and chestnut hair streamed behind their naked bodies until they were finally out of the cave and in the bright sunshine, running – downhill… the hill was so steep and they had caught such momentum that Elladan could not have stopped even if he wanted to, which he did, for the grass disappeared just a few meters before him, and what lay beyond could not be seen, but there was a roaring sound that was only too familiar to him.

He turned his panicked face to Galdithion for reassurance, yet the only thing he saw was joy, as his lover smiled beautifully and his eyes sparkled – he was full of life and exuberance as he held out his other arm, returning his lover’s gaze.

“Fly with me,” he said again, and Elladan screamed as the ground beneath him disappeared and they fell through the air.

Inspired by Arcane Land, chapter 8 from Alpha Ori.

Cheers in Haven by Veveco

Huddling together now, they strode down the path as inconspicuously as they could, which was not at all, until they were before the open doors of Haven. The whole building glowed a bright orange, the sounds of laughing and shouting, singing and whooping seemed strangely out of place in elven society, and it seemed to Elladan that the entire village was inside, for all he could make out through the many open windows, was a sea of heads. It reminded him of Bree, but without the filth and stench of that human village on the outskirts of his homeland.

It was Hwindohtar who first crossed the threshold, for although this was not a military mission, the warriors would always treat their commander with the utmost deference. The noise level dropped momentarily, before picking up again, each group returning to their own private parties. They had been seen, and the unspoken pact clicked into place. If this inn wanted The Company to continue coming, they would leave them to their devices, and make sure they were not harassed.

An elf in a long apron stood before Legolas then, bowing before addressing the lord.

“Hwindo. We are most honoured to serve you and The Company once more,” he said humbly.

Inspired by Arcane Land, chapter 9 from Alpha Ori.

The Silver Queen by Veveco

“I feel a deep affinity with Elrond, as I do with Arwen, strangely enough,” Legolas murmured then, “for we have spoken but a few words, she and I, and yet, now that I think on it, your mother… I do not know what it is, Elladan, but when I left Imladris, I found myself alone, staring at her portrait, she touched me deeply, it is… absurd, and yet it is so.”

Inspired by Arcane Land, chapter 10 from Alpha Ori.

The Winged Warrior by Veveco

“I, Pengon, Arrow Elf, do declare that Elladan Elrondion be known as Rhafnohtar, for he is the Winged Warrior!”

Inspired by Arcane Land, chapter 11 from Alpha Ori.

Take pity by Veveco

“We saw around thirty orcs, and a few Uruks, four or five perhaps.”

“Give us an hour to prepare and provision ourselves, we will do all we can, my friend,” said Legolas, a subtle note of warning in his voice, for the chances of retrieving them were slim. They would have been taken for one of two purposes – as fresh meat, or for enjoyment and intimidation.

Yet before the leader could brief them any further, a female elf walked hesitantly towards them, coming to a halt before Legolas and Dima. She then sunk to her knees with a thud, bowing her head as she whispered her plea.

“My mate, my daughter, my Lord - please, Hwindohtar. Save them, I beg of you take pity, my King.”

Any conversation that had been taking place amongst the warriors had ceased as all now watched the scene that threatened to break their considerable composure, for the plea had been heartfelt and desperate – it was not the first time they had witnessed a scene such as this, yet it never ceased to wrench a hidden tear from them all, and then it came from an Avar, who rarely allowed their emotions to come to the fore – this elf was desperate, for she loved deeply, something that Legolas immediately understood, as he sunk to his own knees to face the elf that would not meet his eyes. He reached out a hand and gently tucked a stray strand of copper hair behind her ear in a silent plea for her to look at him.

“We will do all in our power, sister, even unto our own end, for that is the nature of our service to our people. Yet you know the dangers they face, do you not?” he asked softly.

Inspired by Arcane Land, chapter 12 from Alpha Ori.