Interlude in Lothlorien by ziggy

Erestor doesn't quite meet his match in Lotlorien.

Warning: BDSM. Slash. Erestor/Haldir. Mention Haldir/Legolas.

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Chapter 1 by ziggy



For Narya. Happy Birthday.

Not quite Legolas or Elladan and Erestor, or Erestor killing Imrahil, I’m afraid, but I have had this and didn’t quite know where to post it. I wanted it as part of WTSL, and it might still find its way back in here. But anyway, Happy Birthday.




Outtake of the Where The Shadows Lie fic- in Lothlorien.






When Haldir sashayed past him a third-time, with a glance through long lashes and heavy-lidded eyes, Erestor grinned at Glorfindel and rose to follow the Marchwarden. But he was aware that Elladan raised his eyes at the moment Haldir turned his head to speak and bid Erestor follow and for all he wished Elladan to reject him, Erestor almost faltered.


But was this not what he wanted? To ensure that Elladan knew exactly what he, Erestor was?


And so, after a hesitation, Erestor followed Haldir, trying to be steel, trying to shake off the sense that Elladan watched him as he left, and knowing where Erestor was going. For it was long ago that Elladan had made his suit and been kindly, quietly rebuffed by Erestor.


It is better this way, Erestor told himself harshly. It is better that Elladan does not harbour any tenderness for me. No false hope for either of us. No boyish infatuation for a wicked old sinner like me.


And he deliberately, carefully buried the anxious little voice that cried out that he was doing some great damage to them both. Pushed it down, buried it deep and instead flashed a wicked smile at Elladan and looked away quickly before he might imagine some hurt in his eyes.


He allowed Haldir to lead him a little way from the great talan where the dancing was taking place, aware that there were there were more eyes upon him as he left than just Elladan. After all, Erestor’s reputation was well known in the Valley. He had never hidden what he was or his appetites. This was not new to any of them.


As far from company as Erestor could be bothered to go to be honest, he suddenly he caught Haldir round the waist and shoved him rather aggressively against the great mallorn, pressed his body against Haldir’s for a brief moment.


He did no more, for now, and took a step back, asserting his control. But he watched the heavy eyes half close with scarcely concealed lust and if that were not enough, the bulge in Haldir’s breeches was confirmation. With a wolfish grin, Erestor grabbed him and shoved the Marchwarden ahead of him roughly, and up into his own talan where he took Haldir without preamble and rather roughly, having shoved a cloth into his mouth and which seemed to delight Haldir exactly as Erestor had anticipated.


‘One would almost believe there is still Naegra-Mael in Galadriel’s realm,’ Erestor said at last when he wiped himself and threw a cloth at Haldir.


‘It is Celeborn’s realm too,’ Haldir said cheekily. “And he is a Sindarin lord, and of Doriath.’


Erestor cocked an eyebrow. ‘Do you mean that Celeborn indulges in such things as Naegra-Mael?’ he asked genuinely astonished.


Haldir laughed. ‘No indeed!’


‘But there were such practices in Melian’s realm’


‘It was Thingol’s,’ Haldir countered as he had before.


Erestor conceded. ‘Is there more sophisticated practice than just rough-play?’ he asked, piqued and already-excited again. ‘Do you know what Úgarth is? Or tûr?’


Haldir leaned back on the pillows and stretched his hands above his head, arching his back and Erestor laughed. ‘I see you do. So, shall we play?’


‘There is a better place,’ Haldir said and rose to his feet, catching his tunic and pulling it over his head. ‘Do you wish to come?’ he said, unsubtle.


‘Again, and again,’ Erestor said, thinking he had not indulged with quite such an experienced and compliant partner for some time. It excited him and he wondered if Haldir would be coming with the Wedding party. It would be an interesting diversion, though he faltered at the thought of Elladan seeing even more of his wickedness.


No. It is for the best, he reminded himself. Best he thinks I am too old, too corrupt. Too wicked. And he forced the idea of Elladan’s sweet face from his thoughts.


But there were compensations too, he decided.


Haldir took him out of the city and into the Wood. Streams wound into pools and where the trees were darker, plunged their roots deeply into the loam and touched the silver surface of pools with their leaves. There were fewer and fewer talans out here and at last, there were none.


‘Here,’ Haldir said, pausing and standing at the foot of a high tree. There were marks in its trunk that you would not see unless you knew to look and Haldir stopped up some sticks and leaves and was arranging them in a pattern at the base.


‘Is this a sign?’ Erestor asked curiously. Haldir nodded and then leapt up into the lowest branch and disappeared. After a moment, a rope ladder pored down and swung gently beside Erestor. He wasted no time in climbing and found himself coming up through a hole in the talan above.


But oh, this was very different from those of Galadriel’s city; there was a wooden scaffold in the centre of the talan with leather straps to bind someone by the hands, or to spread their feet, and various ropes and chains around the edges of the talan. A wooden stand held a variety of switches, birch mainly, of different lengths, and whips. And on a table was a casket that was closed. A long mirror stood at one end and a strange chair was pulled up before it, with straps around the legs and arms and the seat was only a narrow ledge and the back stretched backwards so the occupant clearly more lay in it than sat.


‘I had Legolas Thranduillion in that chair,’ Haldir was saying casually and Erestor stared. He was shocked for a moment at how casually Haldir betrayed his previous lover. And excited too, he had to admit.


‘He had no experience of Naegra-Mael but proved a most delightful companion, eager and willing to learn, to please and be pleased. He has a remarkable capacity for pleasure, and he endured the pain.’ Haldir turned and smiled salaciously. He ran one hand over his tunic and pulled it slowly over his head, discarded on the floor. Erestor was positively charmed by both Haldir and a little frisson of disapproval ran through him at how easily he confided in Erestor, how careless.


‘He lay back in that chair and threw his head back like… this,’ said Haldir, throwing himself into the chair and pushing himself back in imitation of a swoon of desire.  He panted in a very alluring and erotic manner and Erestor had a vivid image of Legolas Thranduillion lying in the same chair, his lithe, lean body pulled taut and his long wheat-gold hair streaming back and pooling on the wooden floor of the talan with Haldir standing over him. It was delectable.


 ‘Of course, he had never experienced these little games before so he was almost virginal.’ Haldir stood and walked slowly over to the Naegra, the wooden scaffold in the centre of the talan. ‘He had never endured the effect of binding the hands, eyes and stretching oneself upon this Naegra-mael.’ Haldir slipped his hands into the leather loops so he gave the semblance of being bound- though he could as easily slip free. ‘I think he was rather surprised at the birch I used on him. All that walking you know, and running. Very strong.’


Haldir grinned lasciviously and then slipping his hands free and stepping away from the Naegra, he dropped to his knees in front of Erestor and looked up beguilingly. ‘He enjoyed this as well. Though he did not like my servility.’


‘Tell me,’ Erestor said heavily. ‘Show me what he did, tell me what you did and I will do this to you.’


Oh, later, Erestor would play the scene over in his head; the blond elf kneeling before him, hands bound behind his strong back, head bowed until Erestor put his finger beneath his chin and lifted the lovely face towards him. He had pushed his fingers into Haldir’s mouth and opened it, shoved his bulging cock between the elf’s lips and held his head over it shoving him back and forth and then pushed him away When Haldir was almost choking, suffocating Erestor pulled out and allowed Haldir to breathe, stroking the top of his smooth head soothingly. ‘Easy, breathe now. Here, water.’ He held a cup to Haldir’s lips and let him sip.


Then pushed him roughly so Haldir sprawled on the floor unable to get away as Erestor flicked the birch lightly at first and then severely, swiftly so there were marks but it did not break the skin. He pulled Haldir to his feet and shoved him towards the scaffold, slipped the thongs about his wrists and feet, spread him over the wooden frame of the Naegra.


And then he wound a leather gag into his mouth and pulled it tight, enjoyed the sight of Haldir’s gasping mouth, his full lips stretched around the gag. He trailed his fingers over Haldir’s flesh and then flicked open the casket. Light gleamed on the metal within and he heard Haldir panting behind him. A ring that opened and closed was the first thing Erestor selected; not as finely made as those in Lindon, and certainly not in Beleriand, but serviceable. He ran his fingers under the rim and found, to his delight, that it did have the little teeth of those he had once found in Nargothrond and which had brought first pain and then incredible pleasure. He smiled approvingly and selected a number of other implements which he laid out upon the oak table.


‘Did you use this on Legolas Thranduillion?’ he asked casually, noticing how Haldir moaned and his cock bulged whenever he asked Haldir about Legolas. Haldir nodded, eyes half closed. Erestor wondered if this had just been a fantasy Haldir had had about Legolas or if it had been real.


Erestor pulled Haldir’s hard cock and pinched the end so it went a little soft and quickly clipped the ring around it. Haldir cried out as the little teeth bit. ‘Hush now. You are a warrior of the Golden Wood, are you not? You will bear this.’ He slipped the gag from Haldir’s mouth and let him lick his lips and moisten them.


Haldir said, his voice husky from the gag and desire, ‘The third time I took him, I brought him here and bound him to the Naegra-mael, birched and then whipped him but he begged me stop so I gagged him and put this ring on him as well. I soothed him then so he relaxed and served him with my mouth instead until he was almost coming and then, when he was stretched and languorous, I used a thin phallus on him, brought him to the edge again.’


‘You stood here, behind him whilst he was bound?’ Erestor queried matter-of-factly.


‘Yes. And then I used the bigger phallus so he was very aroused and the ring grew tighter and the teeth bit more. I put the clamps on his ripe little nipples then too, which he did not like.’


‘Did you take them off?’


‘No. I made them tighter and I used the biggest phallus on him. He cried out but I did not stop. I like the sound of his begging so I did not gag him then. I did gag him later though when I fucked him.’


Erestor found himself disturbed that Haldir had not removed something when his bedfellow had asked him. ‘That is not in the rules of Naegra-Mael,’ he said harshly. ‘You will be punished for that,’ he said, watching Haldir carefully. The Marchwarden wriggled a little then, in anticipation and ecstasy and Erestor wondered again if any of this was true or all a fantasy of Haldir’s and that Legolas had never even come here at all. In truth, he hoped it was a fantasy for whilst he enjoyed the games of Naegra-Mael, he did not like to think any had been forced to endure unwilling, especially the light and merry Legolas Thranduillion.


The thought may have made him heavier-handed with Haldir than he meant. And it may have been that this is what Haldir had intended anyway.


He selected a thin whip and swished it through the air. It made a satisfying noise as it did and he stood behand Haldir and swiped it lightly over his flesh, leaving pale pink marks. Haldir writhed and the bonds tightened so red marks were left on his wrists. Erestor knew as well that the ring was tighter now and he felt himself burgeon and throb at the sounds, the little mewls that Haldir was making. He forced another gag into Haldir’s mouth, a bigger one, that filled his mouth but forced it open and had a hole in it for Erestor to put his own cock should he wish. He found he did and let Haldir onto his knees for a moment, thrust quickly a couple of times, and then pulled him back up to be fastened to the Naegra and pushed the thickest phallus he could find into Haldir’s yielding, pliant body.


At last he felt he could not bear any more and simply fucked him as hard as he could until he felt the hot churn of his balls reached such a pitch he could not think he could bear the delectable lust any longer and reached in front of Haldir and released the ring so both came in a long, throbbing stream of a climax that he did not think he had experienced in many years.


After he released Haldir, the Marchwarden leaned against him panting, his skin sweaty and hot. Then Erestor looked about and saw that a bath was behind a screen and there was a barrel beside it filled with water that could be allowed to fill the bath with a simple tap. It was nothing like the luxurious baths of Imladris but was serviceable and he wiped away the small pinpricks of blood on Haldir’s skin, the sweat and tears and then gave him wine to drink.


‘Will you come with me again?’ Haldir asked softly.


Erestor gave him a sideways look, oblique, calculating. Cool. Said nothing.


‘I would serve you, Master, in any way that pleases you,’ Haldir said in a low voice, his eyes dipped, implying obedience but his cheeks were flushed and excited.


‘You will indeed,’ Erestor agreed. He smiled slightly, intending to make good use of such a willing and experienced partner. He smiled slightly, letting his white teeth show and turned his head so the gleam of the oil lamplight fell into his amber eyes like a wolf’s, and was pleasantly pleased at the shiver that went through Haldir.






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