A Stars Song by Gabriel
Summary: A little Elfling learns what it is to be a daughter of fire.
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Chapter 1 by Gabriel

A Stars Song

She did not know what being a Fëanorion meant when she was young, but she learned quickly.

Elaer had wandered a little from the camp caught up in a little world of her own playing with the giant Nephredil flowers a smile of wonder on her face, little giggles of joy escaping her mouth as she plucked one of the flowers and placed it on her head like a hat. When an unnatural screech made her jump, the smile upon her mouth toppled and she realised the forest had gone silent.

Many voices were calling her name. Movement made her turn, her beautiful little face upturned like a flower, eyes, like pale blue diamonds stared burgeoning with tears into sulphur coloured ones.

Her bottom lip trembled, then strong arms plucked her from the ground and encircled her against a powerful body, protective and possessive both, whisking her away from those eyes-eyes that devoured her, raked over her little body with thoughts of doing horrific things to her.

She heard her Uncle Caranthir’s deep soothing voice as her little hands clung desperately to him and buried her face into the crook of his neck his fall of sleek jet hair silky beneath her skin.

His large hand smoothing her soft white diamond curls in comfort, “Shhh, there, there, little one, you are safe,” Caranthir’s voice thrummed tenderly. She did not see her uncle Curufin, slip silently and swiftly up behind the monster as her Uncle Caranthir dove in to pluck her out of harm’s way, he ruthlessly slit its throat, both of her uncles’ in sync with each other one moving to deflect the other disarm.

Then her uncle Curufin was there beside them caressing her cheek as she burrowed further into the crook of her uncle Caranthir’s shoulder. All her Uncles were there gathering around them each of them wanting to hold her as if they needed physical confirmation she was unharmed.

Finally, Amrod reluctantly passed her into her father’s strong arms, “Ada,” she murmured throwing her arms about his neck, pressing her cheek against his, a tiny smile upon her rosebud lips.

“El,” she drew back to look at him, Celegorm cupped her little cheek in a big hand, silver blue eyes raking anxiously over her face looking for any signs that she was injured.

Elaer stared at her Daddy’s worried face the smile falling from her own; she did not like seeing her Daddy upset. She reached out a chubby hand and touched his face bringing his eyes to hers; he tilted his head slightly regarding her with tenderness.

An unnatural screech made her flinch as it echoed through the forest her hand dropping to hug him tighter seeking her Daddy’s comforting embrace, “Whatever happens El, do not look,” her father touched her cheek lovingly; “Promise me?” she nodded her little white head, understanding.

As the nightmarish noises drew ever closer she stuffed her tiny hands over her ears to keep them out. Eyes wide and watching as a wall of strong bodies surrounded her and father, her Uncles she knew would protect her, the shifting moonlight between the trees in the forest, glinted off their swords as they waited, anticipation riding high.

No-one said a word as many pairs of silver blue eyes darted furtively between the trees. Every rustle of the undergrowth no matter how minute was met with a volley of, steely eyed stares, set jaws and glinting silver.

Her Uncle Maedhros glanced back at them for a moment his eyes meeting her Daddy’s; Celegorm encircled her against him possessively, in response.

He touched her face drawing her diamond blue eyes to his, as a tidal wave of Orcs crashed their way into the clearing and the awaiting elves.

She screwed her eyes shut and buried her face into his mane of milk white hair glinting silver in the moons light.

Her tiny body shuddered with fear and tears spilled over her cheeks, she felt her father tighten his arms around her as the slaughter began.
She felt another pair of strong arms envelope her and lift her from her father’s.

“Elaer,” a voice deep and calming soothed; a voice that reminded her of the Song of the Earth. The voice hummed a tune as a big hand swirled a circle on her little back and as she opened her eyes little Fairies danced and bumbled their way through the air before her, threading a trail of gold and violet dust as they went, their wings fluttering gossamer and iridescent. One had halted mid-air to stare at her and the other smacked straight into the back of the other in an explosion of tiny limbs, wings and stardust.

Elaer cupped a hand to her mouth and hiccupped a giggle as someone smoothed her diamond white curls, unaware of the dismembered bodies of Orcs all around her and the stench of black blood and entrails present in the evening air.

It was sometime before she realised her uncle Maglor held her in his arms; she clung to him as the vision dissipated. “Elaer?” Maglor repeated gently, she turned to look at his beautiful face; she loved her Uncle Maglor.

He gave her a smile whispering something in her ear, Elaer smiled shyly back before she lay her head on his shoulder suddenly overcome with the need for sleep, her eyelids closing slowly with a heaviness that she could no longer struggle against.

The last thing she remembered was someone smoothing long slow strokes through her hair and the voice of an Angel all power and protection threading dreams of gold, flowers and butterflies behind her eyes.

The End.
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