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01/21/18 11:30 am
Belatedly: Happy Birthday, Ziggy! Hope it was a really good one!
01/21/18 02:48 am
Happy Birthday, Ziggy! Have fun writing! Birthday's spent doing what you love are the best :)
01/20/18 10:07 pm
Happy birthday, ziggy! Have a wonderful day :) writing sounds like a perfect way to spend it! *Hugs*
01/20/18 07:45 pm
Thank you everyone- I have had the nicest day- now just writing. This is such a lovely site- so friendly and warm.
01/20/18 02:28 pm
Happy Birthday Ziggy! I hope you are having a wonderful day :)
01/20/18 12:15 pm
Happy Birthday, Ziggy, and have a wonderful day! :)
01/20/18 11:48 am
Happy Birthday, Ziggy, and all the best! I hope you're having a great day and get to do lovely things with favourite people!
Spiced Wine
01/20/18 10:21 am
Many Happy Returns, Ziggy and as always, thank you for your wonderful stories :)
01/20/18 08:44 am
THank you Naledi! Spending the day riding my horse, writing the next chapter- will post this evening if I finish or tomorrow. Perfect day:)
01/19/18 09:30 pm
Ziggy - happy Birthday for tomorrow. Have a great day!
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Reviews For Dragon Fever

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: January 21, 2018 5:20 · For: Chapter 6 - In the Wine Cellar
You know Goran's lucky Legolas' response wasn't worse, he could quite easily have taken it to within an inch of Goran's life if he had wanted.

I was a little worried that Goran was actually going to act on the idea to capture Legolas and keep him a sexual slave. That would not have gone down too well between the Lakemen and the Elves, A *Diplomatic incident* of sorts. :/

Loving this story Elfscribe! :)

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: January 18, 2018 11:33 · For: Chapter 5 - Dart Games
I'm rather happy nothing has happened as yet between Legolas and Goran. Phew!
I can relax now. lol

I'm glad Legolas bested Goran in the darts competition. With all his bravado he completely underestimated the Prince. Legolas employing his warrior attributes to totally blindside him.

The revelation that the head of the Merchants Guild and also head of the Town Council are stealing from Elven generosity and then selling it on to feather their own beds is quite a worry.

I hope no one gets hurt. Especially Legolas and Elwin. But those I truly feel for are Meril and Nissa who have no idea of their father's vice.

Love this story Elfscribe! :)

Author's Response:

The dart game was so much fun to write. As I recall, (it's been awhile). I had to research dart games and then since nothing was quite working -- I needed it to be very quick and easy to explain -- I made up the rules. Ah yes, the plot thickens with the Merchants Guild. I wrote this way before the Hobbit movies came out, so it's fun to see some similar threads in the movie about the councils' corruption.  I'm pleased you're enjoying this one. As ever, thanks for your comments.

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: January 17, 2018 4:55 · For: Chapter 4 - Elwin's Admission
Its so good to see Legolas and Elwin finally showing their feelings for one another.

But I am still very suspicious of Goran and his motives. If his fantasies of Legolas do come about through his maneuverings then how is Elwin going to feel, especially if he believes Legolas bedded Goran, which I doubt very much, but still, unless Elwin is completely unaffected by Legolas taking someone else to bed. I don't know!

Listen to me. I think I've just made more drama of this than the next chapter will. Lol

Great little story Elfscribe!

Author's Response:

LOL!  You've definitely created some drama there. You'll have to read on to see what happens. Glad you're enjoying it!

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: January 14, 2018 11:30 · For: Chapter 3 - The Dragon's Bane Inn
I get the feeling Meril and Nissa don't get to see many Elves.

They're so starry-eyed. Like they've earmarked Legolas and Elwin as their future husbands. lol

I wonder about Goran. He has me slightly suspicious of his intentions. :/

This is intriguing Elfscribe. It has me wondering what's going to happen next. I love that about your stories. :)

Author's Response:

Meril and Nissa both have an eye for lovely men, for sure, and so does Goran.lol. Glad to know you're intrigued. 

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: January 12, 2018 11:24 · For: Chapter 2 - The Dragon's Curse
Legolas is quite rebellious in this. Mind you with a father like Thranduil who seems to have extended his control of his realm to include his youngest son, its no wonder Legolas revels in his freedom.

Its no surprise that Smaug was everyone's bane in life as in death. Fancy still being able to guard his horde from beyond the grave.

I love how the children paddle out excitedly to greet the newcomers, crying, "Elves! Elves from Mirkwood!" Elves seem to be seen by mortal's as wonderous and magical. :)

Lastly, I just wanted to ask, if you'd be interested in reviewing a story I have posted. The first since joining Faerie. For I would really value your comments and any advice you may have. :)

Author's Response:

Yes, this version of Legolas is still quite young and chaffing under his father's control. I really enjoyed writing Smaug is this story and also envisioning Laketown.  Thanks for letting me know about your story. I enjoyed reading it and left a few comments. I'm glad to see you writing.  Cheers!

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: January 11, 2018 6:54 · For: Chapter 1 - Prologue: Brief Solace
'Ohtarnil' as Legolas has discovered can be both a blessing and a curse.

I can't help but feel that Legolas has fallen some for Aragorn, more than the pledge itself.

I understand that warriors need and deserve some happiness in times of war. It is one way of lifting and keeping morale alive.

But Legolas now realizes it can also be tinged with sadness. For as soon as the war is over Aragorn will return to his life and love. In which Legolas is not a part of. :(

Author's Response:

I think you're right that Legolas has fallen for Aragorn, and Aragorn likewise. Will definitely make things hard after the war. I don't know why I made my Legolas so unlucky in love. I think it was very common at the time I wrote this --early in the LOTR fandom--for authors to write tragic Aragorn and Legolas 'cause of Arwen and all. Lots of authors handled that in different ways. This story was the second fanfiction I ever wrote. Hopefully it holds up okay. Thanks!  You're a sweetie.

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: December 25, 2012 1:10 · For: Chapter 21 - Epilogue: Ephemeral as the Butterflies

Wonderful! Thank you again for posting this here and giving me the pleasure of rereading a fic that I hadn't read in ages :-)

Author's Response:

Thanks so much for rereading it and for your generous feedback.  It made reposting it worthwhile.  Cheers!

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: December 25, 2012 0:45 · For: Chapter 18 - The Dragon's Bargain

*weeps* Poor Legolas, being forced to strike such a cruel bargain. It shows his love for Elwin that he's prepared to do it, but because of it, he'll never be able to love him fully again. And the worst of it is, Elwin will never know. You're so cruel to torture your characters so!

Author's Response:

There was really no alternative for Legolas, poor dear.  I know I was mean to him.  I've had people complain to me that I never gave him a happy ever-after.  I like to think he was reunited with Elwin in Aman, both of them whole and happy.  In any case this chapter with the dragon was my favorite one in the story, just because of the riddles and dialogue.  Smaug, as villanous as he is, was fun to write. Thanks Naledi.

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: December 25, 2012 0:20 · For: Chapter 15 - Fever

At last I have time to read more! Thank you for continuing to update. Now we're getting to the painful bits I prefer to read it in one go. Like pulling off a plaster! Poor Legolas. He has no idea just how bad things are going to get. But the writing is beautiful as always and your characters and plot are so well crafted that even when things are going badly for my favourite characters, I still enjoy reading it.

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: December 15, 2012 22:00 · For: Chapter 14 - Treachery

Oh I knew this was coming, but it still hurts to read the betrayal again. Smaug's dreams have achieved their purpose. I think I'll have my hands over my eyes for the next chapter, but I won't be able to resist peeking - it's such a compelling story :)

Author's Response:

It's a tough scene for sure.  I'm so glad you're enjoying the story. Thanks Naledi!

Name: Russandol (Signed) · Date: December 12, 2012 12:14 · For: Chapter 11 - Sharp Passion

It's a delight to read this. The words flow, the scene is played out and, like Elwin, I don't want the "punishment" to finish, its so sensual. Exquisitely written.

Can I borrow your elves? ;o)

Author's Response:

You may borrow them anytime.  Just give me a moment to tell them to get dressed.  lol.   I'm happy this is holding up well for you, even 10 years later.  Hugs!!

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: December 12, 2012 8:11 · For: Chapter 12 - Dinner with Dwarves

Legolas and Elwin are beautiful together. Legolas's 'punishment' may have started out as fun, but it also seemed to move their relationship on to a higher level - to one of trust and love.

I enjoyed the scene with the dwarves, especially the 'rockhumper' bit! But although they've got the men of Esgaroth to sign the agreement, they haven't won yet. Smaug's curse is still at work.

Author's Response:

but it also seemed to move their relationship on to a higher level - to one of trust and love.   Thank you for that.  I hadn't thought of it quite that way before but that is certainly true and very perceptive of you.  The fake tangle between the elves and dwarves in this was fun to write.  Maybe with the inspiration of The Hobbit, I'll do more dwarf-elf fics.  And yes, Smaug is still out there.  *cue sinister music* Thanks for reading!

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: December 10, 2012 15:30 · For: Chapter 10 - In the Market Place

It was good to see Talagan truly wants Legolas's happiness. I'm glad you showed that side of him - there's more to him than just Thranduil's seneschal.

I enjoyed reading about Legolas and Elwin's high spirits. And was that a meeting with Gimli? I'd forgotten that. It's nice to think Legolas chose a gift for Elwin from his future great friend :)

Author's Response:

Talagan is more than a long-suffering curmudgeon.  LOL.  He appears in Swords and Seduction too and there we see another side of him as well.   For me, I most enjoy the scenes between the boys.  I really enjoyed having them get stuck in the tub.  And yes, it is Gimli that they meet.  Thought it might be fun to give him a bit of a cameo.  Thanks for the comments Naledi.  I'm glad you're still reading it.

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: December 07, 2012 14:59 · For: Chapter 8 - Dragon's Breath

Yup - I think it's safe to say Legolas and Elwin explored each other pretty thoroughly. lol

But Smaug is so deliciously evil. He certainly is playing havoc with everyone in their dreams, manipulating them all. Not that I can blame him for wanting to have his way with Legolas. Who doesn't?

Author's Response:

I really enjoyed writing Evil Smaug and of course he wants Legolas.  Everyone else does.  LOL.  Thanks for the comments.

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: December 06, 2012 10:16 · For: Chapter 6 - In the Wine Cellar

I'm enjoying seeing how you're pulling all the threads in this tale together - the men's plotting, Goran's desire, the curse and Legolas and Elwin's growing attraction. They're all coming together nicely :)

As ever, I look forward to the next installment.

Author's Response:

Ah yes, the plot thickens, as they say. Thank you Naledi. 

Name: Alpha Ori (Signed) · Date: December 05, 2012 19:57 · For: Chapter 4 - Elwin's Admission
I read this story ages ago - and I remember that I particularly enjoyed this chapter. Rereading it just reminded me of why. I really do love this story and can't wait to remind myself of the rest of the story.

Author's Response:

Thanks Alpha Ori.  It's nice to hear from people who read it long ago and remember it fondly.   I figured since it dealt with Smaug and the events right after The Hobbit, that now was a good time to repost.

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: December 04, 2012 16:52 · For: Chapter 4 - Elwin's Admission

*sigh* I love those two together. I like Talagan too - poor thing, trying so desperately to do what Thranduil would want. He's fighting a losing battle, but you've got to admire him. Especially when he insists on staying in the room when Legolas is bathing. That bit made me giggle :)

Author's Response:

Talagan is fighting a losing battle for sure.  lol.  Glad you like my Elwin and Legolas together.  It's been interesting revisiting this fic that I wrote so long ago.  Thanks for your comments.  You're keeping me interested in posting this here.

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: December 02, 2012 16:12 · For: Chapter 2 - The Dragon's Curse

It's great to read this again. The way you've envisioned Smaug's curse is brilliant. Now that I've read this, I can't think that Smaug's remains would be anything other than malignant, but it never occurred to me before.

It's so tragic though, that the end of Legolas and Elwin's relationship is sown right at the start. *sobs*

Author's Response:

It was upon thinking about Tolkien's comment, that no one dared dive into the water after the jewels that fell from Smaug's rotting carcass that got me to thinking: why would that be?  People are usually pretty resourceful if there's wealth to be had for free.  lol.  The idea of the curse came up and that influenced the rest of the story.  Thanks so much for rereading! 

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