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Spiced Wine
03/31/20 10:16 am
Yes, the health workers all across the world are absolute heroes!
03/31/20 12:50 am
Definitely lots of real heroes. I am anticipating much more work going live here soon than teaching in person, gulp. Here here to all the health care workers and people supporting their efforts!
03/30/20 11:22 pm
I've also been online teaching, which means my voice is long gone lol but yes, there are lots of real heroes out there!
03/30/20 10:34 pm
Hilarious stories (sorry- ran out of characters) but also some really stressed NHS workers - we are proud to be looking after their children so they can work. Heroic NHS!
03/30/20 10:33 pm
Fadestothewest- yes, we've all been doing online teaching for the past week- good management from our leadership has settled nerves though- but parents homeschooling- hilarious!
03/30/20 09:53 pm
*waves to everyone* I’m working from home and also busy. I’m keeping well as are my family, although I miss them. Hope you’re all well.
Spiced Wine
03/30/20 12:43 pm
Well, I’m working from home but really, really busy! So I’v got even less writing time now
03/30/20 08:16 am
Ziggy it is scary and FirstAmazon, definitely terrifying. Ill be updating a story here, but am also hoping to catch upon reading. Online teaching soon, though. Yikes!
03/30/20 04:22 am
Terrifying, really! Wishing everyone's ok in this crazy new reality
03/30/20 04:04 am
Terrifying, really! Wishing everyone's ok in this crazy new reality
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Reviews For Imrahil

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: February 23, 2013 23:10 · For: Chapter 3: Epiphany

Oh Ziggy, thank you! I'm glad to see you're still woking on this.

However fleeting this relationship may be, I'm glad to see that Elladan has found a measure of happiness. But whether he can live without Imrahil...well, I rather hope a certain chief councillor might help Elladan through his grief when the time comes. And as for that vision of Legolas and Elrohir sailing without elladan (or so it seems at the moment) I can only hope there will be a way around that.

Wonderful chapter, Ziggy!

Author's Response:

I am taking too long to get to repsonsies for reivews my dear- I am so sorry! And yes, Elladan has found some happiess- but of course as you day, it is fleeting .  Who knows? Maybe Narmofinion is the key!!

Name: limelikelemon (Anonymous) · Date: February 23, 2013 3:00 · For: Chapter 1
I just registered for the sole reason of commenting on your story. Please don't expect constructive criticism for I'm no writer and a mooning fangirl!

I just love reading and rereading The Sons of Thunder series in a quiet moment. :) Especially since I'm so into your portrayal of Legolas (No whiny-ass fairy here). Hrmmm. Yumm.

And I'm really looking forward to Elladan's side of the story. I've always wondered how a warrior of his strenght and history can seem quite painfully naive sometimes. I hope you're going to flesh out that discrepancy even more (Since Imrahil is loving it so).

Yup. So in general I simply wanted to tell you how much I love your writing!

Author's Response:

Oh- how wonderful! Thank you for that huge compliment!

And I never mind what sort of comments i get- just having them is good enough. Even one word is enough. But you have done so much more than that and it really does mean a lot to now that you like Legolas as I see him too- no 'whiny-ass fairy ' indeed!


Since you want more, I have to oblige! This story is a spin off of Sons, but Narmöfinion is a linked story in that arc, which is a spin off More Dangerous. So they wil all weave in and out of each other. But I WILL get back to Elladan I promise.


Thank you.

Name: lisse (Anonymous) · Date: February 21, 2013 13:50 · For: Chapter 3: Epiphany
Ziggy, I’ve enjoyed watching Elladan stumble over himself a little as he falls in love.I’m delighted that there will be more. The hint that Elrohir and Legolas will be together in valinor is a well deserved ending for these two who have struggled and suffered to be together. Who knows at this point how it will end but I never would have guessed that love would cause the very elvish and beautiful Elladan to choose the gift of men. His long term fate aside for the moment,it is good to see Elladan so happy and his affection returned Thank-you for this story.

Author's Response:

Thank you Candy x

I know! I never thought it would be Elladan. I had already written the epilogue for Sons but Anar just couldn't fac eit and now I htink she's right... it leaves htings open for me to play around with , and just because Elladan's not on the ship, doesn't mean he wont ever sail....

Name: Alaeryel (Signed) · Date: February 17, 2013 20:19 · For: Chapter 3: Epiphany
Well like the other two chapters Ziggy--this one was AGAIN VERY DELIGHTFUL!!! I thoroughly ENJOY the nuances you alude to--your words are POETIC to me and touches me deeply!! EXCELLENT JOB!!!

Author's Response:

Thank you Alaeryel. Glad it touches you and its nice to be thought poetic:)

Name: lisse (Anonymous) · Date: February 17, 2013 9:10 · For: Chapter 2 The Cormallen Fields
Legolas the match maker, now there’s one I might not have thought of. I really love this Zig. Elladan is so clueless re love, and it is so him. Could this possibly be his first love? Oh my no, not at his age. Imrahil is far too gentlemanly. Thank heaven Legolas finally pushed them together! This is so well written as usual. Thanks Zig. It’s been a wonderful fan fic weekend thanks to you and all the wonderful authors who published Slashy Valentine stories.

Author's Response:

Thank you Candy- it's funny, isn't it, how Legolas does this in his own unique way. Yes- Ilike a lsithly clueless Elladan. He is like this in Sons if you recall, prefers maids to men and is confused by his attraction to Legolas (of course its not only that Legoas is just irresistible, but that healso perhaps is picking up Elrohir's soul-deep attraction maybe?). But I wrote this for all the Elladan fans who wanted Legolas to fall for Elladan, but he is really IS Elrohir's. And now with Narmofinino, theres a bit more going on too!

Name: curiouswombat (Signed) · Date: February 16, 2013 20:11 · For: Chapter 3: Epiphany
Oddly my review is as much for the author's note! It is fascinating watching different strands of stories coming together, twisting and flowing towards each other. I do love stories that become each others past and future and build a whole world.

Author's Response:

Thank you sweetie. Yes, I didn't really know it was going to be this way! These Erestor snippets are cut scenes really but they are stringing together quite nicely.

Name: danty (Signed) · Date: February 16, 2013 19:22 · For: Chapter 3: Epiphany
Beautiful yet sad / bittersweet.
Because we all hope Elladan is not lost.
But it's about love, which you cannot control, right?
Maybe Erestor can help. Please let him help!

Author's Response:

Ah, danty- you are too good! Erestor migh twell WANT to help, it's whether he can get over his onw sorrow enough to help Imrahil when his sorrow comes. But its going to hurt:(

Name: Spiced Wine (Signed) · Date: February 16, 2013 19:16 · For: Chapter 3: Epiphany
Elrohir and Elladan talk about an image of foresight- one of them on a ship. Only one....I even wrote the epilogue to Sons, but Anar couldn't bear to let me publish it- I htink she's trying to persuade me to write a different ending..

Oh, woman, you are making me cry without even knowing what the epilogue is! I do know, however, that whatever it is, it will be wonderfully written. You have to write your own story, never mind if it's not what others want to read. Or you could, if you wished, write alternate endings, I suppose.

Author's Response:

Oh, I know what has to happen. I just might take a while to get there:) As you say, alternative endings is always a good one!!

Name: Spiced Wine (Signed) · Date: February 16, 2013 13:00 · For: Chapter 3: Epiphany
This is lovely. I adore reading a scene I have read, but from some-one else's perspective. I suppose I simply cannot get enough!

Author's Response:

Ah, you're always so nice to review. I had it drafted ages ago and it just needed finishing off- there should be a few more chapters. It will run alongside Sons' sequel I think- I have got that slowly forming ready for when I finish MDLW. But oh, there's a moment in Sons, last chapter and Elrohir and Elladan talk about an image of foresight- one of them on a ship. Only one....I even wrote the epilogue to Sons, but Anar couldn't bear to let me publish it- I htink she's trying to persuade me to write a different ending...

Name: Glorfindel (Signed) · Date: January 11, 2013 20:58 · For: Chapter 1
I think this might be the first Imrahil fic I have read. I enjoyed the banter, Gimli's cynical sarcasm and Legolas taking no notice. I also liked how you opened the story with the men's procession on their horses. I was full of colour and I could almost feel the wind through their banner.

Author's Response:

Oh THANK YOU! It's ages since I worte this and its so nice to get a review. I love Gimli -he's so my favourite character to write with legolas. Glad you felt it was full of colour and sensation- I always like to read that myself so try to write it.

Name: Alanic (Signed) · Date: June 18, 2012 16:44 · For: Chapter 2 The Cormallen Fields
I really enjoyed this. I hope you add additional chapters.

Author's Response:

Oh, I am so sorry I missed this review Alanic!! I have missed you. Must have just been so deep in work I forgot to respond- but thank you as always for your reviews. Glad you liked this - I think I will be going back to this poss after Less Wise is finished- it shouldt be a long one so maybe December.x

Name: Alanic (Signed) · Date: June 18, 2012 16:44 · For: Chapter 2 The Cormallen Fields
I really enjoyed this. I hope you add additional chapters.

Author's Response:

funny you should ask but now that I have properly finished with Sons, I had anImrahil moment which I might get done with enough encouragement! ;)x

Name: Narya (Signed) · Date: April 23, 2012 19:09 · For: Chapter 2 The Cormallen Fields
Awww :) lovely!

I take it from this line that Elrohir and Legolas work out their differences:

He left to wander beneath the stars and wait for his own beloved to awaken.

Am I right? ;)

Author's Response:

You certainly are, Narya! It's a cut from the next chapter and I am so glad you liked this - it just needed to be written. Thank you.

Name: Narya (Signed) · Date: April 17, 2012 21:48 · For: Chapter 1
I haven't actually read Sons but I found this and really enjoyed it - Gimli's hilarious, and I love Legolas and Imrahil's flirting. There isn't enough ImrahilFic out there, in my opinion! Off to read Sons before I continue with this though, in case I end up spoiling one work or the other for myself by finding things out in the wrong order :)

Author's Response:

Hi Narya- Well I am so glad you found and enjoyed this. I love Gimli -he just writes himself and I just move the pen. You wont spoil Sons reading htis- it's very different and this is stand alone. I'll be posting the first story here soon and then the edited Sons so you might want to wait but I love it that anyone is reading htis and thank you for reviewing. It always makes my day!

Name: curiouswombat (Signed) · Date: April 16, 2012 20:49 · For: Chapter 2 The Cormallen Fields
I'm glad you mentioned this second chapter in the Shout Box just as I was passing by - I had missed it, and it is a lovely one. I can so see all three of them, and I rather like the idea of Legolas as a champion chess player.

Author's Response:

Ah- I am very embarrassed by that- it looks like I was just touting for business but hey, don't look a gift horse an all. Thank you - he is such a cool customer -it's an extract from the next chapter really. 

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: April 14, 2012 18:43 · For: Chapter 2 The Cormallen Fields

I nearly missed this - I'm so glad I found it. This made me smile to see Elladan acting so flustered. I was quite worried what Legolas was up to at first, and I could just imagine Elladan seething with jealousy at every glance and gesture that Legolas made. However, his stirring was all in a good cause. I wonder how long Elladan would have resisted his attraction if Legolas hadn't intervened?

Author's Response:

Ah well- so many Elladan fans I couldn't quite resist putting this up - it's an extract from the next chapter to be honest but it would probably be cut or changed at least and I just couldn't quite resist pushing htem together and making Elladan realise what his gonig on! Thank you Naledi as always. 

Name: Alaeryel (Signed) · Date: April 12, 2012 5:26 · For: Chapter 1
Well I will be waiting to read your longer story that this excerpt was taken from because it was unbelievable!!

Author's Response:

Thank you Alaeryel. I will be posting it  - actually probably the prequel forst- in a couple of weeks I hope.

Name: Alaeryel (Signed) · Date: April 10, 2012 3:24 · For: Chapter 2 The Cormallen Fields
OOOHHH SOOO GOOOOD!! Leave it to Legolas to pull something like this off! I read it with a smirk all the way and now I want to know who Legolas' love is so will be waiting for more!!

Author's Response:

Hi Alaeryel - nice ot hear from you and I'm glad you liked this. It's an extract really- like the other chapter, from a longer piece I am writing. It didn't fit really but I had people asking for Elladan to have some recompense for his general all round Good-Guy-ness and Imrahil was just there!  I've relaised now that this is a spoiler really for the longer story - but I forgot I havent posted anything else here yet! Ah well. 

Name: Spiced Wine (Signed) · Date: April 09, 2012 23:51 · For: Chapter 2 The Cormallen Fields
I absolutely adore this. Legolas plays more than just chess, does he not? I also love that this is a time of peace, a reprieve, some laughter and sensuality after what was a terrible time for all of them.

Author's Response:

Well than you Sian! It's one of those that was already written and I just had to uncover it- do you know what I mean? And yes, a time of peace and a bit of fun. Love this side of Legolas - it just came out of the next chapter of Sons but doenst really belong in it and I know it will get cut because it wont really fit with what else is happening - I'd have to work out where Elrohir is, what he will think etc and I just wanted this to be what it was.

Name: Anwyn (Signed) · Date: April 02, 2012 7:23 · For: Chapter 1
Oh, you absolutely have NO IDEA how excited I was to see this story posted as no word of a lie, just today before I saw this I was posting a story request for someone to point me in the direction of some Imrahil fic as I think he is a wonderful character but really, you don't see much written of him at all, which I think is a shame as I personally find him such an intriguing character. Yes, he is a character in my own stories but that is not the same and I like to see how other people write certain characters so I was thrilled, just THRILLED to see this earlier today (But haven't had chance to sit down and review till just now) So thank you a thousand times for sharing this, I love what you did with the character, really. I never would have on my own come up with him and Elladan but it works, really well. I would really love to see more of them together in the future if you ever get such an inkling to write more about them...I will be thrilled to see it.

Author's Response:

Gosh- thank you, ANwyn. Such a nice review! You are right, very little is written about him - I think it's because he arrives so late to the story that everyone has already got their loyalties- but Haldir and Faramir have loads of fans so perhaps it's up to you and me to start a wave of Imrahil fanfic!!! I will probaby add stuff to this as I finish Sosn- Anar is ruthless in editing and there are always shavings on the floor after she's done that I am loathe toquite abandon!

Name: ebbingnight (Signed) · Date: April 01, 2012 21:35 · For: Chapter 1
I love everything about this, but most of all I love Imrahil's campaign desk: it is the perfect touch to show that he's a different type of leader than Elessar will be, but an important one as well. (Hehe, an "E" that Gimli has obviously forgotten!!)

Author's Response:

Ah- BRILLIANT!!! THis just demands a follow up! 

Yes, it's the campaign desk that I really liked- just felt it needed to be shared!

Name: lisse (Anonymous) · Date: April 01, 2012 20:17 · For: Chapter 1
I dearly love the elvish courtly flirting between Legolas and Imrahil. I really cannot blame Gimli for his impatience. He has a point. Legolas is a terrible tease and with that beautiful blond hair glowing gold in the sun, and his other attributes shall we say, who would not want him?
Now Elladan and Imrahil are a lovely match. I like that Elladan seems to have fallen hard for the swan prince. I would like to see more of their relationship you can be sure of that! Thank you for all the trouble you went to posting this. It is perfect!
Anytime you post it is a treat! Beautiful Zig!
Love Candy/lisse

Author's Response:

Thank you dear Candy (are you lisse as well? I think I knew that but forgot. duh) I ony wrote that bit as part of the last chapter for you really but it got cut in the edit when I rewrote it from a different pov. Glad you like it so much:)

Name: curiouswombat (Signed) · Date: April 01, 2012 18:03 · For: Chapter 1
Oh how I do love Gimli. Although he is probably quite relieved that his own name doesn't begin with E...

Author's Response:

You did make me laugh!!!!

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: April 01, 2012 15:27 · For: Chapter 1

I loved this, Ziggy! It was good to see Legolas as his old self, rather than the tormented soul that he becomes later. I must say, I'd forgotten what a tart your Legolas is!

The Gimli POV works brilliantly - he gets all the best one-liners and he had me giggling all the way through.

As for Elladan and Imrahil - well, I think I've already stated my reservations about that one. It's not that I don't like Imrahil, it's just that he's going to die at some point. Elladan deserves to be happy for ever. Maybe Legolas' twin brother can step in once Imrahil bites the dust :)

Can't wait for your next chapter of Sons of Thunder, too. Only I'm going on holiday on Tuesday, so I might have to wait another ten days before I see it :(

Author's Response:

Thank you Naledi.  He really is dreadful, isn't he! And Gimli just feels very natural - I find him the easiest character to write of all.


Ah, I know what you feel about Imrahil/ Elladan- I do not yet know if this IS love or if it any more than a really joyful fling... or if Elladan eventually makes a choice lile Arwen...or that twin that Legoals has hidden away does come out.


Have a lovely holiday - I hope I will have posted before then unless Anar still isnt happy with it. I do hope you get some writing down when you are away- I love reading your work, I always feel you write what I would like most to read!



Name: Spiced Wine (Signed) · Date: April 01, 2012 13:32 · For: Chapter 1
I love this. I love how you focus your lens so perfectly on certain times, and tell so much. Legolas is so charismatic and beautiful no wonder he is stared at, and his rapport with Gimli is, as always wonderful. And I love Elladan and Imrahil, they do go wonderfully together. It does not feel as if you paired them up to balm Elladan's heart, but because they really are drawn together. Beautiful, Ziggy!

Author's Response:

Thank you my dear Sian, as always. They do seem to be going together quite nicely.... Now, magnificat, the Anguish, LITE etc... how are we getting on with an update?

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