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Have a lovely weekend everyone :)
Spiced Wine
10/11/19 10:18 pm
That’s great :)
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Since I can login now and could post without problems, everything's fine!
Spiced Wine
10/10/19 10:03 pm
I’m so sorry about that. E-script can be rather ‘buggy’ at times
10/10/19 03:26 pm
Thank you for the welcome! I had troubles logging in, my PW didn't work at first and having sent a new one didn't work either. But after the third or fourth attempt it now worked.
Spiced Wine
10/10/19 01:49 pm
It just might be a glitch, I am afraid, as e-script can be a little bit buggy at times. But I’m glad you’re in now
Spiced Wine
10/10/19 01:49 pm
It just might be a glitch, I am afraid, as e-script can be a little bit buggy at times. But I’m glad you’re in now
10/10/19 01:01 pm
Thank you for the welcome! I had troubles logging in, my PW didn't work at first and having sent a new one didn't work either. But after the third or fourth attempt it now worked.
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Have a good Friday, everyone :)
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Welcome, Brethilienne :)
Shout Archive

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: April 09, 2015 17:37 · For: Part 142, Part 143, Part 144

LOve the last line the best!! Absolutely brilliant- total nutter indeed.

Author's Response: Thank you :) I am surprised Maglor isn't worse after being Sauron's guest for so long lol I am pleased you are enjoying the story, Fin x

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: April 09, 2015 17:24 · For: Part 139. Part 140. Part 141

I havemissed all of thse updates somehow! So glad to see Legolas back to being nice and loving and helping Mel. Love nasty Sauron and his comeuppance!

Author's Response: Legolas tends to blow with the wind - I prefer him when he is being nice, although it is fun to see him being prissy as well :) Thank you for your comment. I am pleased you are enjoying the story, Fin x

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: August 22, 2014 15:13 · For: Part 133, Part 134, Part 135

 Whenever I go into battle I get the most outrageous stiffy. I really do hope this situation is settled by less peaceful means.


What is he like!!!


And I do love this


“Is what I said,” Cireolas assured him. He looked at me. “I love Erra.”




“Elrohir,” I corrected him.




“I said that,” Cireolas replied and looked at me as if I was simple.




“Well I love you too,” Elrohir said to his baby soul mate. He kissed him and swung him upside down by his ankles. “Shall I wash the floor with Cireolas’ hair?”




“Yes, yes,” My little one screeched. “Swing me around.”




Círdan joined in the fun by inviting Elrohir to throw Cireolas to him. Agie watched with a big grin on her face.




“I flying,” Cireolas squealed as he was thrown to Círdan. I hate watching when they do that. I always think that they are going to drop Cireolas or not catch him. It has never happened but there is always a first time.


Author's Response: I used to hate watching my kids being thrown up in the air. They loved it though. Do you ever get the impression that Ereolas' stiffy is probably the most important thing in his life? I am really pleased you enjoyed it, Fin x

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: August 22, 2014 14:03 · For: Part 130 Part 131 Part 132

“No, I will be good.” She used her most plaintive voice and put her thumb in her mouth, looking very hard done by, and even managing to squeeze out a small fake tear. I took her from her nanny, held her head to my chest, and stroked her back.

Soooo naughty and funny.

Author's Response: My daughter used to do the very same thing :) I used things that happened with my kids a lot of the time when writing this story. I looke forward to my grand daughter doing the very same things to her mother :)

I am really pleased you are enjoying the story, Fin x

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: August 22, 2014 13:53 · For: Part 130 Part 131 Part 132

“No, I want tit milk,” he boomed. I noticed that Jeli sniggered.


I sniggered too!


 Cireolas laid his head on my shoulder and sung a song about an Oliphaunt that was stuck up a tree.


I love him- he's a proper baby. I agree with Ereolas- reborn babies can be so difficult, demanding and very naughty.

Author's Response: I tried to make Ereolas' kids as embarrassing as possible. I sniggered when I reread and made the edits :) I am really pleased you are enjoying the story :) Fin x

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: November 10, 2013 16:54 · For: Part 85; Part 86; Part 87; Part 88

Nothing makes me laught he way your stories do:

“Bugger off,” Cireolas cried. “Want Ada.”

“You are a very rude little baby.” Ada Erestor and took him from Ada Legolas. “We are going to take you to our rooms and clean you up.”

“No, I stay with adas,” my little one screamed. “You leave Cirrus alone.”

Love that he shouts he is being kidnapped- I can hear him- he has a very loud anrgy baby voice and little fists.  It makes me die reading your babies and your mad characters.


Love the moment where Ereolas curls up with Legolas and erestor and baby Cerolas but then the birth pangs are so very realistic and you spare nothing- I epect nothing less from you, binky.

Author's Response: Thank you, Ziggy :)

I am really pleased that my stories continue to make you laugh. I find it hard to write serious stuff - but I am trying lol

I based Cireolas saying he was kidnapped on my friend's kid. He shouted to strangers that his own mother was kidnapping him, and he didn't know her, when she took him home from the park when he was being naughty.

I watched a caesarean and based the story on that. No experience is wasted! :)

Thank you for your lovely comment, Fin xxx

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: September 01, 2013 18:52 · For: Part 75

Oh my wonderful Glorfindel binky!! You have the most WICKED sense of humour of anyone I know. I have giggled my way through this over a couple of days- back at work!- and it's just kept me going.  Now- to pick out some of my favourtie bits- although there are so many -


The Lay is about a hundred-million lines long, so I wondered what he was thinking of. Thankfully, it was the speeded up version,



 I licked my lips, like the slapper I am.


But this! lol!

“We have two final presents,” Celebrían said and handed me two boxes. “These are for your babies when they are born.” I opened the top one and there was a white sleep suit made of some fleecy, woolly material. On the back was embroidered, ‘Slash Baby’ in purple silk. Círdan opened the bottom box and there was a pink sleep suit with the same embroidery on the back, but this time in green. They are never wearing them.

But the dreadful snotty babies are absolutely brilliant - love this bit

“Want say hello to babies,” Cireolas said as he launches himself towards me. He listened with his ear to my belly, rapt with attention. “Hello babies,” he called through the skin. “I am in bath, playing with Adas.”




“In the bath eh?” my unborn iell’s voice was heard from deep inside me.




“Yes,” Cireolas looked delighted. “Ada, she talk to me.”




“Well, I was asleep and now you have woken me up,” Ereodan’s voice piped up.




“I sorry,” Cireolas said with a huge grin.




“I expect they are really happy that their big brother is talking to them,” I said to Cireolas, who nodded happily. “Aren’t you?” I used a warning tone so they would be nice.




“Yes, I am ecstatic,” Ereodan said in a very unenthusiastic voice.




“He is not very grammatically correct when he speaks, is he?” I heard my little iell muttering to her unborn brother. Then in a louder voice, she shouted out, “Hello Cireolas.”


But then the swearing is great as well: Ereodan accused his sister of encouraging, ‘the congenital idiot’, and she let loose a barrage of swear words that would make a sailor blush. In the end, they stopped arguing and went very quiet, each of them vowing never to talk to the other again. They do this nearly every day, so I was not concerned.


I know this isnt much of a review when you jsut get loads of quotes thrown at you- but I just have to let you know how much those bits in particualr made me laugh. LOve your style, the ideas, the sheer bonkers whackiness.

Author's Response: Hi Ziggy, I am really pleased you enjoyed the chapters so much :D Poor Cireolas, one day he will realise that his brother and sister laugh at him. I loved writing the unborn babies so much - they always make me grin when I reread them. Lindir is always good to poke fun at, and I did a lot of it in the story. I am so pleased that you laughed all the way through it and that it kept you going at work. More soon, Fin x

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: February 20, 2013 21:50 · For: Part 73 - The Slash Awards

This is  true masterpiece!! I love the way you have done this- great little cameos of writers but within a context of a genuinely humourous and amusing  story, and all those summaries and Ereolas' comments are wonderfull - I chuckled all the ay through and then resolved to put those writers on my reading list!

Author's Response: They were the first awards. When I wrote the next awards I asked actual writers to contribute, which made the awards really special. I am pleased you enjoyed the story - more to come soon :D Fin x

Name: Alaeryel (Signed) · Date: February 18, 2013 8:18 · For: Part 47
Lord talk about over reacting but it was BRILLIANT none the less--LOL!!! Poor Ereolas didn't have such a grand time with pregnancy did he--THANK GOD I didn't have his problem--only two days of sickness!! I ADORED the meeting of Ereolas and Thranduil and their moment by the fire WARMED MY HEART but had to laugh when 'Oropher' recalled ummm taking Alatariel in the chair NOW THAT WAS PRICELESS!!!

Author's Response: There is a reason for Ereolas having a horrid time in pregnancy but that comes much later. I bet Alatariel avoided Oropher as much as she could. She probably hid behind trees praying that he wouldn't spot her lol I am pleased you enjoyed it, Fin x

Name: Alaeryel (Signed) · Date: February 18, 2013 5:26 · For: Part 46
OH NO HE DID NOT!!! What the blazes was Cirdan thinking? Well I can say this chapter didn't bring much laughter BUT it definitely brought enjoyment and sorrow for those lost due to the storm.

Nice to see your elves can have a marriage like us humans--it was GREAT!!!!

Author's Response: They don't have the most perfect marriage but it is fun to watch them battling it out. I am pleased you enjoyed it, Fin x

Name: Alaeryel (Signed) · Date: February 18, 2013 5:19 · For: Part 44
I had to giggle at some of this chapter girl but the weight of Ereolas' thoughts back to Thranduil and trying to prepare him for his death not only saddened me but also it was written BEAUTIFULLY!! BRILLIANT Fin!!!

Author's Response: Thank you :D Some of the chapters are sad but I try to keep them to a minimum. I am pleased you enjoyed it, Fin x

Name: Alaeryel (Signed) · Date: February 16, 2013 20:53 · For: Part 41
OMG Fin--again with the CHUCKLES--the 'fart' talk reminds of hilarious memories of my own dad--very uncouth, embarrassing yet never could stop laughing at his antics. I have not forgotten the humor in this story and it feels good to finally laugh again!! You are WONDERFUL--both writing AND personality!!! LOVE THIS STORY!!

Author's Response: My dad used to giggle like a little kid when he farted. I am really pleased you are able to read here again. I hope you get hundreds of laughs, Fin x

Name: Alaeryel (Signed) · Date: February 16, 2013 19:55 · For: Part 38
Oh lord Fin--Cireolas is a handful just like Ereolas and his uncle Mel. I have definitely missed reading these stories. Again you have done a most WONDERFUL JOB writing and I ABSOLUTELY ADORED THE CAKE scene--PRICELESS!!!

Author's Response: Cireolas is certainly a handful - just like all my elflings lol Good to see you back :D I am pleased you enjoyed it, Fin x

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: February 14, 2013 12:44 · For: Part 69

OK- took me a while to get my head back with Ereolas the grown up and ada- love that description of thier new rooms, and the Tower of Slash!!!! Hilarious

Author's Response: I would love their new rooms, although I did think it might get quite cold in winter. I am pleased you enjoyed it, Fin x

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: February 12, 2013 10:09 · For: Part 67 - Naughty Cireolas! Part 68

Love this- as I have every chapter. Naughty Cireolas- he's not htat bad. Just says he wants everyhting bec hes a prince, but as his ada says, a thickie prince who has little orcling siblings on the way I feel a bit sorry for him. And Cirdna is too hard to let him have teddy erestor. Thranduil is wonderful. Love the way you do him

Author's Response: Cireolas is so much fun to write :D I felt Cirdan went too far. I don't think I would want him to be my dad lol I am pleased you enjoyed it, Fin x

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: February 10, 2013 16:13 · For: Part 64

“Well Ada, you would not know because you have never been a prince. You are only a Lord,” Cireolas said as though explaining something to a village idiot.

and then

I put the crown back in the box and Cireolas moaned that I now had two crowns and it was not fair. Círdan told him to shut up.

I love Cireolas' terrible infant snobbery.

And Orophe/Ereolas' skewed idea of good and bad -

He is adorable,” Merilnis said, who thinks only good about anyone. I am not saying it is a character flaw but…


Oh, and that last bit with naughty Jeli and Ereodan- brilliant.

Author's Response: Cireolas is a dreadful snob as a baby - I wonder where he gets it from lol Can you tell I love writing naughty kids? I am pleased you enjoyed it, Fin x

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: February 10, 2013 16:02 · For: Chapter 32 - Part 63 - Cirdan's Conclusion

This is a real love letter, and actually it is quite helpful in filling in the gaps I havent resd yet. Is there a chronology of all your stories anywhere? I find myslef wnating to read some of these older ones.

Author's Response: The reason I wrote it was so I could give Cirdan and Oropher's parents some back story. I am glad it helped to fill in the gaps.

I haven't written a proper dated chronology, although Mel and Ereolas are born around year 1400 in the Third Age. The events in Ereolas: Oropher Unbound are one hundred years later. Oropher was born early in the Second Age. I have used canon dates and events for some things but have veered wildly off course with others just so the story can fit. For example: Oropher was never in Doriath, except on holiday, and was born in Amon Lanc.

All the stories listed in the Melpomaen the Elfling Universe Story Collection are listed in chronological order and start with the Erestor and Sauron battlefield correspondence.

I am pleased you enjoyed it, Fin x

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: February 10, 2013 15:59 · For: Part 61

Neither of us felt like correcting the mercenary, psychopathic bastard that he was back then.


Wonderful line!!!

Author's Response: Thank you :D I am pleased you enjoyed it, Fin x

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: February 09, 2013 11:07 · For: Part 58

Ah- so THAT's where Jeli came from. I was beginning to wonder if I had missed a story. Manwe's a bastard and I hope Nienna kicks his backside!

Author's Response: Jeli made a late appearance - mainly so I could make Ereolas suffer some more lololol I am pleased you enjoyed it, Fin x

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: February 08, 2013 0:07 · For: Part 56

That first chapter made me lol and smile tenderly- a lovely picture of family ife- LOVE the Stiffy Toy Co having everyhting sewn up, espc the Hello Vampire series:) And that tender bit with Cireolas snotting all over Cirdan... and the baby singing his dirty song!!@!

Author's Response: I love writing about their private family life. The Stiffy Toy Company are probably the only huge corporation in Middle-earth - just like ones today they sometimes overstep their bounds ;) I am pleased you enjoyed it, Fin x

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: February 06, 2013 22:40 · For: Part 53

So much to love! All the naughty Erestor and Legolas babies together being naughty and delicious! LIttle brats to an elf. And they enjoy each other so much. Loved that bickering between Oropher/Ereolas and Legolas. Lovel Cireolas - he is such a brat, and Ereolas' enderaments for him are very Oropher's parents-ish. 

Author's Response: I love writing the family scenes - they are indeed all brats :D Who knew there was such a thing as a triple intensity smirk lolol I am pleased you enjoyed it, Fin xx

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: February 03, 2013 18:11 · For: Part 50

This is just such a gorgeous chapter with all the Orophers sitting there and Cireolas being a thicky and being compared with Legolas, and Thrnaduil ending up with buttercream on his face. Love th 'little orcling' and stuff.


And then the dirty singing baby and the rudeness. wonderful

Author's Response: Ereolas has his work cut out with his kids lol Lucky he has some help. I am pleased you enjoyed it, Fin x

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: February 03, 2013 0:21 · For: Part 47

What a complex chapter- I am really angry with Cirdan and stupid Elrohir and the weedy warriors, and I love that Ereolas/Oropher is back his usual ebullient self once he is in Mirkwood. Sensible and happy Thranduil is very good for him and he can get away from stupid sexist (sort of) Cirdna who deserves more than a black eye! wow- I am having strong elleth type feelings!

Love them in the bath telling each other rude jokes!

Author's Response: The reason Ereolas is so scornful and dismissive of Elrohir, in Jeli in Valinor, dates back to this period. You will be happy to know that Cirdan has got much more than a black eye - but I am not going to give anything away :D I am pleased you enjoyed it, Fin xx

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: February 02, 2013 0:14 · For: Part 46

Actaully I found this quite shocking- there is a real violence there from Cridan towards Ereolas- I hope Neuial and Legoals find out and really go for him. The tone is intersting ehre too- very different, sounds exhausted and flat, rightly. Please update quickly so I dont have to wait to see Cirdan get what he deserves.

Author's Response: Cirdan will get what he deserves and then some, but not until Ereolas has suffered a bit more. They do have explosions of violence in their marriage - they are infrequent, but always seem to be devastating. Neither are an advert for marital harmony. I am glad you picked up on the tone - very few readers did. More tomorrow :D Fin xxx

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: January 29, 2013 22:52 · For: Part 44

A glass potty!!!!! He really is a little orc as you say. Fiend. Now who is he reborn? Need to get through these so I can read Jeli's first story -you say she was Ereolas' daughter and died and then was reborn- so when was that and which story? I have tried ot work it out but cant.

Author's Response: My sister had a see through plastic potty when she was a baby because she wanted to see what she was doing so I based it upon that.

Jeli was Ereolas' daughter and her death is recorded in The Return of the Child. You can get to it by going on my Live Journal account. There is a tags list on the left and The Return of the Child is near the bottom. Click on it and up it will come :D If you would prefer to read it here I will be posting it soon. It needs another edit before posting though.

I am pleased you enjoyed it, Fin x

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