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Spiced Wine
03/31/20 10:16 am
Yes, the health workers all across the world are absolute heroes!
03/31/20 12:50 am
Definitely lots of real heroes. I am anticipating much more work going live here soon than teaching in person, gulp. Here here to all the health care workers and people supporting their efforts!
03/30/20 11:22 pm
I've also been online teaching, which means my voice is long gone lol but yes, there are lots of real heroes out there!
03/30/20 10:34 pm
Hilarious stories (sorry- ran out of characters) but also some really stressed NHS workers - we are proud to be looking after their children so they can work. Heroic NHS!
03/30/20 10:33 pm
Fadestothewest- yes, we've all been doing online teaching for the past week- good management from our leadership has settled nerves though- but parents homeschooling- hilarious!
03/30/20 09:53 pm
*waves to everyone* I’m working from home and also busy. I’m keeping well as are my family, although I miss them. Hope you’re all well.
Spiced Wine
03/30/20 12:43 pm
Well, I’m working from home but really, really busy! So I’v got even less writing time now
03/30/20 08:16 am
Ziggy it is scary and FirstAmazon, definitely terrifying. Ill be updating a story here, but am also hoping to catch upon reading. Online teaching soon, though. Yikes!
03/30/20 04:22 am
Terrifying, really! Wishing everyone's ok in this crazy new reality
03/30/20 04:04 am
Terrifying, really! Wishing everyone's ok in this crazy new reality
Shout Archive

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: January 09, 2018 12:16 · For: Chapter 46 Submission
Hi ziggy. Have finally gotten around to reading and reviewing this wonderful last chapter of your SOT. Have been so busy. Phew!

The first part of the chapter was so heartbreaking.

*There had been something more. He felt it just beneath his awareness, like an itch...something else but he could not remember. Just a flash of gold and a face turning towards him and his face was wet. He bowed his head and covered his eyes with his hand, feeling wetness but he did not know if it was tears or spilled water. The dream figure's face turned towards him. He could not see the features but they were loved, there was a flash of golden hair, like cornsilk, finer, softer...not Legolas. And he felt an overwhelming sense of love that wrapped around him. He had not felt this safe, this loved since he was a child...

A low groan escaped him then. 'Mother'.* This brought a tear to my eye. :(

I loved Gandalf's shining white presence and his tenderness toward Elrohir which to date has not been too kindly and giving voice to Elrohir's fear of love and being vulnerable to that love. This was such a beautiful scene ziggy.

But its what Legolas did that obliterated the curse that has hung over Elrohir. Making him see that he is not a heathen as he would have himself believe.

I'm hoping ziggy, that this will stop the self loathing he has had for himself altogether. Fingers crossed. And that he will allow himself a measure of happiness with Legolas.

It was just so wonderful to see all that grief and darkness within him disintegrate and that the dark dreams he was shown of Legolas he was not alone in experiencing. Hopefully now he can allow himself to be loved. :)

Lovely ending.

Onto 'Where the shadows lie' next.I can't wait to see where all this will lead. :)

Author's Response:

So glad you found closure in this, Gabriel. Elrohir has indeed found a measure of peace now- of course, it doesn't just all disappear but the fact that Legolas has accepted him for all his faults, is really important. And in Glass, you'll read that Angmar messed with his memories of finding his mother so there is still a bit of damage left that needs exorcising.But yes, Elrohir is healing and that will continue in Shadows - with a bit of a complication on the way;D

Thank you for all those lovely reviews:)

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: December 30, 2017 12:42 · For: Chapter 45 Of Pipeweed and Tall Tales
This was such an emotional chapter, ziggy!

Everyone having to face and consider the future now that the war is over. The quest to destroy the Ring has changed them all, no longer the people that met at the Council of Elrond that now seems so long ago. The inevitable separation weighing heavily on them as they consider returning to their homes and a 'normal' life.

Gandalf's longing to go home; for his time in Ennor has come to a close. Though tinged with sadness for the great and once beautiful Mairon his brother Maiar and also for leaving the many friends he has made behind knowing once he reaches Aman he will never see those beloved faces again.

Then there's Legolas' sea-longing. Poor Legolas still recovering from the venom yet he feels so restless and does not even want to think upon the eventual and inevitable loss of his friends. And certainly does not want to entertain the idea of leaving Elrohir behind, his beloved Raveyon.

I really loved the banter between Gimli and Legolas in this chapter.

*'Now, let me see how much you can work out for yourself. Deep cast silver mine, in the Blue Mountains. Can you work out why I was buried alive? Gimli asked, eyes fastened on his slow-witted pupil.*

*'You were very irritating to your fellows?' Legolas asked innocently.*

*'Oh?' the Dwarf said loudly, intending others outside the tent to hear him now, 'You are feeling wobbly, Legolas, and would like some big burly man to sling you like a sack of coal over one shoulder and carry you to the wagon? Why, I am sure one of the Guards of the Tower will help you. Or maybe one of...ow!' A small tin cup had hit the Dwarf on his round, hard head.* Such a laugh!

There were others too that I loved. Especially when Legolas goes to sing the song of Gil galad one of his and Anglach's sordid songs no doubt and Gimli clouts him for a second time upside his head. Lol

It was quite a heart-wrenching chapter, ziggy! Everyone trying to come to terms with the fact that the war has ended and Sauron has been defeated. Really great chapter! :)

And ziggy! Thank you for encouraging me not give up and to keep writing and posting. That meant a lot! Hugs! :D

Name: Narya (Signed) · Date: December 19, 2017 23:48 · For: Chapter 46 Submission
Writing Thalos for our advent calendar made me want to dip into your 'verse again. I think on Boxing Day I'll treat myself to a full re-read of either Sons or More Dangerous, but for now I thought I'd enjoy this lovely last chapter. There's so much I adore here.

Elrohir's confession to Legolas at the beginning of the chapter is so heartbreaking and cathartic. I love that Legolas offers cool, detached challenge and then such love and understanding - he's really wonderful here, so different from the silly, naive Wood-Elf we've all been writing in our advent story. (Although a piece like that is inevitably going to have its silly moments - but I digress.)

I love the explorations of the brotherly relationships in this chapter too - Elrohir's affection for Elladan, watching him realise how he feels about Imrahil; Elladan's concern for Elrohir post injury; the sadness they both feel over Aragorn's mortality.

And of course that gorgeous scene where Elrohir finally gives himself over to Legolas. You write the bond between them so beautifully; it's beyond sex, beyond love as we know and understand it, it really is bone and soul deep, other worldly and in some ways quite frightening. And then the contrast between that and the lighter moment with Gimli and the Hobbits works really well - Gimli finally realising the bleeding obvious has me in stitches. I love this, too:

Legolas laughed loudly and called across to Aragorn, 'Praise them with great praise? Did you write that that all by yourself?'

I'm so glad you called this out. Me and my uncle have had laughing fits about this for years, ever since we listened to the BBC radio version together when I was a kid. We always said it must have been a rush job by some poor harassed composer who couldn't come up with better lyrics on the fly. "Oh help, I need another line in here. What can I praise these halflings with? I know - great praise!"

'Tra-la-la-lally down here in the valley, do you mean?' he bellowed with loud dwarvish laugh. 'I know it well!'

Oh, yes, another classic - clearly they'd spent too much time listening to Tom Bombadil. Folly rolly dolly, off my trolley...

Pippin grinned at him and threw his arm about Gimli, mumbling something incoherent. It sounded like 'You're my best friend, Gumli. No! Glumly...Gimlug...I love you. I really love you. Better than Mer.. well, no. Not better than Mer...What's your dad's name again? Groin?'

This makes me snort-laugh. But I enjoy reading the quiet moments of friendship in your story, and the deep affection they all have for each other. Maybe it's just the time of year, but it all feels very Christmassy, even though this is set in April.

You're such a wonderful writer, ziggy. We're lucky to have you in the fandom.

Author's Response:

Oh you are lovely to say all this, Narya. Made my day:) I know what you mean about writing our silly woodelf and then here he is all sensible and grown up- by that time Anglach is dead though and I think that really really hits him very hardactually (nd its a different verse altogether of course- a sort of crazy Cheekybeak verse!!)


I'd forgotten the silliness about their songs- I so agree! Trall-lalalallyand foiderol whatever are all dreadful but supposed to be nonsense but Praise them is supposed to be epic-but is as daft as the rest:)


Thank you(blush). You're too kind.

Name: arafinwean (Signed) · Date: December 05, 2017 4:24 · For: Chapter 46 Submission
Oh gosh, I believe I read this years ago on another site but can't for the life of me remember if I reviewed it there! Either way, your writing is gorgeous and always a pleasure to read. You give the characters you write such depth and feeling that I can't help but feel attached to them and each chapter of this work had me on the edge of my seat when I first read it. After re-reading it after all these years it still does! Thank you for sharing your work with us!

Author's Response:

Thank you Arafinwean! How very nice of you to drop a line on this- thank you:) So pleased you still enjoyed it.

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: December 03, 2017 8:20 · For: Chapter 44 Distant Shores
Oh! Gimli! His wonderful mannerisms. Even in serious circumstances he draws a chuckle from me.

I really love the way you included Olorin's grief at losing one of his own. Grief at losing the beauty and light of a brother lost to discord and evil.

And last but definitely not the least, Elrohir. The sacrifice. OMG! It brought a tear to my eyes, ziggy.

He believes he doesn't deserve to live. That the world would be a better safer place without him. That everyone in it would be better off without his presence. Oh! How wrong he is!

Great chapter! :)

Author's Response:

Thank you Gabriel- I love Elrohir in this one. He just reveals all his misery and despair- but at least he feels that he is doing something useful, that he - who is so unworthy- can save Legolas. I admit I really enjoyed writing this chapter- I love Elrohir throwing himself over Legolas to save him, that nobility and self sacrifice because he is so full of self-hatred too. He hasn't changed- even in the next fic he's still all too keen to sacrifice himself:)LOve him.

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: November 26, 2017 13:06 · For: Chapter 43 The Black Web
You know ziggy, I can't help but think Elladan feels his brother is slowly slipping away from him. I know Elrohir can be aloof and frightening at the best of times, but something feels different, doesn't feel right with him. I may be totally missing the point here, but that's the sense I get.

Now I can understand Elrohir's need to help Legolas, save his life etc, who wouldn't, for someone they love, but he has this side of him this compulsion to sacrifice himself, punish himself and so therefore puts himself in harms way almost unconsciously and without hesitation, as if to say, 'Here I am, darkness personified, come get me, do your worst.'

War changes people, no discounting that. But all that Elrohir has experienced with the Nazgul seems to have taken him so far beyond the boundaries of light and dark, and of pain and suffering that he doesn't know how to return from such things, seems to be lost to it. I hope you can see what I'm trying to explain here, ziggy. I'd hate for you to be sitting there scratching your head wondering what on earth I'm going on about.

And what has happened to Pippin? This is not looking good.

I guess I'll have to hurry up and read the next chapter then won't I. :D

Author's Response:

No, you have ABSOLUTELY nailed it, Gabriel! That is EXACTLY what Elrohir is like- look at me, I am so bad, I am so wicked, how can anyone possilby love me...oh you say you do , but you can't really. You're too good for me so here, look, I'm going to throw myself in the path of Evil so you can live and I will die horribly as I desrve.


It's not going to change anytime soon either!


Pippin is found by Gimli in LOTR so he has just gone to find him- Pippin will be fine. Not really a spoiler as that's canon:)


Oh Elrohir- so devoted and adoring and loving (sniff)- why do I heap these terrible things upon Legolas so you have to come along and take the terrible things off him and take them to yourself;)

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: November 19, 2017 11:23 · For: Chapter 42 A
Once again ziggy, great battle scenes, wonderfully graphic imagery. It must have been painstaking to get the words to match your ideas.

Legolas poisoned again! Whatever will we do with him. lol and he keeps on fighting! Made of Mithril, this one.

I like how Elladan is having a few problems coming to terms with the idea of wielding Aicanaro; it's dark past. It's lust for blood, the dark energy surrounding it. Yet it is an unlikely shield against the Nazgul.

The Nazgul almost had him and Elladan both. Could you imagine Middle Earth with a half Elven Nazgul Lord with Maian blood running through his veins. He would be a force to reckon with and Sauron would indeed have dominion no doubt.

And was that Olorin and Mairon throwing their power about, back and forth. Ooh! I like that idea!

So many parts to like in this chapter!

Almost there, ziggy, and I'll be onto Shadows and up to date. Can't wait! :)

Author's Response:

Thank you again, Gabriel- it is just such a treat to get your thoughts as you read this. The battle scenes are often quite easy to write to be honest- I see them like a cinematic storyboard so describe those images but then try hard to get rid of adjectives and stick to verbs, then keep the sounds and senses it- colour, movement. But I don't agonise over every word- I know these scenes are often ones readers skim because they want to get to the 'good bit'! 

Yes- Legolas is just hopelessly unlucky:) Every now and again he gets some horrid injury that means Elrohir has to put his hands all over him and hela him;) But this is a bit nastier than your average poison- you'll see what I mean when you get there and no spoilers, but guess who has to heal him;D


I'm really happy you picked up about Elladan not wanting to touch Aícanaro- although it is only that right now, in the sequel, that is going to be important at some point (and I am squealing with delight because that has just come to me!!) The Nazgul hate Aícanaro- dunno why. (yes I do but I'm not telling just yet:)

Haha- Elrohir as Dark Lord- again, no spoliers:)


So happy as well you got that bit about Olorin and Sauron chucking things at each other!! Yes- it would have had to be like that, don't you think?

Happy that you've enjoyed this one and looking forward to you catching up the new one!!


Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: November 12, 2017 3:24 · For: Chapter 41 The Last Battle
Wow! This was one heck of a chapter, Ziggy!

*Ahead was a pile of rocks like an island, beyond the ranks of Men, and high upon it a tall figure, golden hair lifted by the sudden wind, sighted along a bow, firing arrow after arrow at the pursuing Nazgul. The plunging, galloping horses, surged around and then past the island. Elrohir pulled at Elladan as they passed but he did not stop. He turned and stared even as Legolas sighted and followed one huge beast speeding towards him, almost skimming him as it fled past, towards the hilltop.*

I love reading Legolas in action, in his element. When I was reading this I could hear the music from the 'Two Towers' the part where Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli are helping escort the women and children of Rohan to Helms Deep. They are assailed along the way by Warg Riders. There's a part where Legolas is firing arrows at them from a hilltop. Great scene! Just made Legolas look so heroic.

Legolas was simply awesome in this chapter. You really wrote him at his best and someone needs to give the Archers a pay rise!

*Elrohir looked around, searching for Legolas for he had leaped down from the rocks and disappeared amongst the soldiers. Suddenly Elrohir saw him. He felt his breath catch. Legolas had not seen him and though all around him was chaos, in that moment the Elf was utterly still. Legolas' head was bowed, his shoulders slumped slightly and he had covered his eyes with his hand. Elrohir's heart clenched with an almost physical pain; he could not see his beloved in despair.

Elrohir strode swiftly up the slopes, pushing through the panicked soldiers, and as if he felt Elrohir's coming, Legolas lifted his head. His eyes widened, lips parted and before he could speak, Elrohir was before him, had cupped the back of Legolas' head and brought him close. Elrohir stared for a moment into those green-gold eyes and pulled Legolas toward him, pressing his mouth against his.* This part brought a tear to my eyes, that Legolas thought Elrohir lost to him, had fallen. This whole chapter was such an emotional ride!

Then just when you think everything is going to be okay, that Elrohir has escaped from the Black Gate and 'The Mouth' to see his beloved once again, only to have the Nazgul finally get their wish. Elrohir on his knees before them, in a horrible reenactment of Legolas' time on the mountain. OMG! NOOOOOOO! Somebody do something!

I want to mention, Ziggy, that your battle scenes between everyone; Men, Orcs, Uruks and Trolls, an Elf and two Half Elves, oh, can't forget Pippin, were really vivid and wonderfully choreographed. Fantastic!

Thoroughly enjoyed it!

Author's Response:

I think this is one of my favourite chapters actually, Gabriel, and you are at the best part of the story. I really really love that moment where Legolas thinks Elrohir is dead and then he strides up and snogs him! I do keep pulling it out and using it in other fics- just love it. 

Thank you for appreciating the battle scenes- I do spend time on those trying to make sur ethey aren't boring. and thank you for being kind enough to review so much- it is so very much appreciated, Gabriel. I love reading your reactions and it reminds me what has happened so I don't lose those moments in the new fics.


Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: November 05, 2017 6:46 · For: Chapter 40 The Mouth of Sauron
You know Ziggy, Legolas must be made of Mithril.

You start off the chapter with Legolas in an absolute state. It's any wonder he's able to keep functioning. Then have Elladan's familiar blue calm wash over him lending him peace and strength and for a heartbeat I thought, you know, I wish Elladan and Legolas were together they would make such a great couple and then as quickly as I'd thought it I crushed it. Somehow I can't imagine Elrohir and Imrahil as a possible couple either.

I don't know! I think I just had an Elladan moment, you know 'stars in my eyes' your Elladan is such a wonderful character, a source of strength and dependability I became swept up in his awesomeness.

I learned something today! That the 'Mouth' was once Numenorean. Did not know that. Yes, and that was a heartbreaking story in itself.

Ah! Yes, the "Mouth' of Sauron, He is the most disgusting creature and here I was thinking Grima was pretty revolting. Can I ask you something Ziggy? Why do they, the Nazgul, want Elrohir so much? It's bordering on obsession on a hunger. Is it the power Elrohir exhibits or something I have missed or forgotten about? :)

Author's Response:

I have to say that for ages I wobbled between Elladan and Elrohir- but Legolas and Elladan are too simialr and serve the same function as each other in relation to Elrohir- that they balance and calm. Oh, Imrahil is far too urbane to go for Elrohir- he would horrify him!

Thank you for your lovely comment about Elladan- he is rather gorgeous. 

Where did you read about The Mouth- I don't know his story?

Re your question about why they want Elrohir- there are several things- firstly, in Through a Glass, he offered himself to Angmar in return for Elladan- so they have him. Secondly, he is a great prize because he is descended from just about anyone who is anyone in Tolkien's world, but he has immense power himself so will be a great sorceror if they can seduce him. And he can be seduced- whereas Elladan cannot, nor Elrond himself, nor Galadriel or any of the Elves with power- Elrohir is corrupt and corruptible. Does that explain? It's good when you ask questions because it makes me check if I have not been clear or need to go back and remind readers of something.

Always glad that you ask things!!


Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: October 28, 2017 7:55 · For: Chapter 39 Jaws of Steel
As if Legolas hasn't been through enough suffering, his memory of the events on the mountain come back to him and at the most inconvenient of times.

My first thought was, where's Elrohir when you need him.

Wow! The Nazgul are really utilizing their time while Aragorn's host lies in wait to sow some pretty cunning seeds. Well they wouldn't be Nazgul if they didn't.

Trust the Nazgul to use Legolas' weakened state to their advantage.And now Legolas is to believe his 'beloved' betrayed him, is about to become a wraith and he is the prize! Poor Legolas! They are really messing with his mind, just as they have done with Elrohir's.

Can't wait to read what happens at the gate with Gandalf and Elrohir.

Great stuff Ziggy!

Author's Response:

OH RIGHT - you're reading both this and Songs of Rohsn concurrently - how very flattering:) 

Yes, those Nazgul are really wicked, flying over Legolas and zapping him again- so he is distracted from what is going on uo in the mountains, that flash of steel he sees. Of course that's Sauron's amry getting into position above them- not that they can d anythng anyway to be honest- hopelessly outnumbered.

Yes- he has all the memory of what happened on the mountain back, sees everything clearly now. Poor Legolas, to know what Elrohir had intended (only at the time and only under angmar's spell of course!)

Ah, the Mouth of Sauron- he's really grisly. I feel for you! You're going to be reading Grima and the Mouth at the same time!

Thank you for all these very lovely reviws. 

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: October 22, 2017 7:39 · For: Chapter 38
Poor Gimli, Pippin is really trying his patience. Wearing it down to a mere thread. Maybe that's how Pippin keeps his moral up, by playing with you. Tricking you and playing little silly mind games with you until you're so confused and befuddled you can't quite remember what you were originally getting flustered over. Lol

I guess too, that with all the fellowship and their allies have been through, weary from travel, from war etc, everything wearing thin, that some of them would have frayed nerves.

And Pippin is still excited about the idea that he was privy to Legolas' and Elrohir's romantic interlude, so sweet.

This whole thing about the half elven having to choose, is so sorrowful made even worse if you are twins. Twins should be able to decide together so they are not sundered, but I guess it's just another of Tolkien's genius ideas to create more drama and heartbreak. Still it's a terrible thing. :(

Wow! Legolas really has to do something about Eomer, Ziggy! Eomer must be in love with Legolas for him to act this way towards Elrohir. He has to let the young King down gently or something, otherwise there will be more problems than just a harsh exchange of words.

What is Elrohir thinking! He is purposely putting himself out there at the Black Gate as some sort of a distraction? More like a piece of meat being dangled in front of a Wolf. They want him! The Nazgul! And what, he believes he can outsmart them or something! They are not to be trifled with, as he well knows.

Can't wait to read what happens! Sorry it took me so long to review this week. Damn RL! Lol.

Author's Response:

Never apologise for taking time to review please, Gabriel! It is just nice to have the review:)

Pippin is so much fun! I love the sort of squuueeee he gives himself and those mental letters to Merry. He is one of the easiest characters to write to be honest - I just write 'Pippin...' and he tells me everything! Merry loses out because of that I suppose and I write him less as a result.


Eomer is still besotted after their fling in 'Deeper than Breathing'- which is the first thing I ever wrote. I spiced it up over here and posted under Songs of Rohan so it was slashier and more exlicit. But Eomer is just besotted- his heart is safe for Lothiriel when he meets her he will fall properly in love but he'll always be a bit starry -eyed about Legolas.


Oh Elrohir is all about redeeming himself right now and sacrificing himself for those he deems worthier, better, purer. He is completely blinded by this and so doesn't see how dangerous it is if he were to fall into their hands- it's not over yet! Just wait!!

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: October 15, 2017 5:50 · For: Chapter 37 The Last Deep Breath
Hi Ziggy! I hope this review finds you well and that everything is going great guns for you.

Pippin was such a laugh in this chapter, penning a mental letter to Merry. He being privy to the revelation of Legolas and Elrohir being more than friends and brothers in arms. He acts like a child who has just witnessed two people kissing for the first time, tittering and smiling behind a cupped hand to his mouth, adorable! For some strange reason I cannot fathom, I hear Billy Boyd's voice whenever you write Pippin. Which is fine, because it makes Pippin all the more comical and sweet.

I love how he has taken on Gimli's versions of the twins' names, Elrodan and Ellahir because he can't tell them apart. Lol. And his description of Mordor being all rocks and slag heaps, {I admit I had to look that one up} as I had no idea what a slag heap was. That Mordor could do with a team of Gamgees to clean it up. He is so awesome. Always makes the most banal of things sound more interesting.

Then to find out the Nazgul have been following, I instantly thought, they think Pippin has the ring. No wonder everyone seems so on edge and Gandalf and Legolas have been playing musical chairs with him.

In many ways I wish Gil galad had not fallen in Dagorlad. I love the character of Gil galad. Just to have someone from the direct line of Finweons to have survived would have been awesome, just to see what sort of story would come of it, but I guess that was all part of Tolkien's plan, all the sorrow and pain, makes for great storytelling.

Sorry this is a bit long. :) I just find so much to talk about!

Author's Response:

No review is EVER too long!! I love writing Pippin- he is far more observant than the others - he makes me laugh when I write him too. I love your image of him giggling. I think you hear Billy because that is the voice I hear too and I think I catch the cadence of him (nice to think that is what you hear too).

I really enjoy writing the fellowship- Gimli is always easy to write, he is grounded, earthed but has his own Power and is a rock to Legolas. Glad you noticed and understood the musical chairs!! I love hearing that readers have got what I have been attempting to convey. Thank you:)


Ah- Gil-Galad. Yes. What would you imagine? Of course Elrohir and Elladan are Finwe's blood through Galadriel, daughter of Arafinwe.But yes- Tolkien really does enjoy heaping on the pain and sorrow to the Noldor. They commit the sin that takes them from Paradise/Valinor, and so are cursed like Eve for eating the forbidden fruit!! 

Thank you for the lovely review, Gabriel. Made my weekend!!



Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: October 09, 2017 12:08 · For: Chapter 36
Oh my gosh! I so love these two!

Oh Elladan! You beautiful creature! showing the kind of compassion and understanding that is so inherent in him. Finally we see the tenderness and love creeping back into their relationship. Yay!

No matter how much I love Legolas and Elrohir together, I'm glad Elrohir stuck to his guns and refused Legolas' advances. In fact it was quite a surprise. For I half expected him to take up the offered invitation wholeheartedly. But instead he sighted the need to be there for Aragorn, his strength, his council, no distractions. To not allow any kind of vulnerability that would draw the Nazgul to them. It's so great to see Elrohir in this role. For so long we have seen him a brooding thunderstorm with all the crackling intensity of lightning, its just such a change to see him so in check, calm and reasonable.

Great chapter Ziggy! :)

Author's Response:

Yes, it was never going to be for long that Elladan hated his brother- they are too close and know each other too well. But it's still a lot for Elladan to forgive really- until he knows that Angmar has put these ideas into Elrohir's brain!

I am so glad you see Elrohir as he really is! Calm and reasonable though will never last for long:)

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: October 06, 2017 7:05 · For: Chapter 35 Penance
Okay ziggy! You got me! I do enjoy all the drama surrounding Elrohir. :D

Yay! Elladan's finally forgiven Elrohir. But he had almost lost him in the process, before Elladan came to his senses. Thankfully realising the Nazgul must be close and the dark energy affecting his thoughts.

That's how I see it, Ziggy. In the last chapter where Elladan Gandalf Aragorn and Elrohir were riding to Minas Morgul, the closer they came to it the more dark Elladan's mood became towards his brother, {dark energy}. Although you may not have written it this way, {it just being his black mood of disgust for his brother} I see it as being made effectively worse by the energy of the place. :D

Those moments on the battlements where Elrohir believed he would die. Where he was ready to give into the sorrow of having to live his entire immortal life believing what he had done and bearing his brother's eternal hatred and disgust for it. Heart breaking.

I was so glad Elladan felt repentant for the way he treated Elrohir remembering how much he loved his brother and not wanting to part from him with such bad blood between them. Phew!

Gees Ziggy, I hope I haven't bored you to death with my blabbering on. Lol

See you soon!

Author's Response:

Never bored with your lovely reviews, Gabriel!! Love it!

Yes- dark energy, I agree. It's the same with the One Ring- the whispers and malevolence. Minas Morgul was the stronghold of the Nazgul for years- it would be full of menace and sorcery. You are absolutely right that Elladan would be deepy affected and Elrohir more miserable and guilty. 


I confess the scene on the battlements is another one of my favourites! I really enjoyed writing it- especially with Legolas being all glorious and heroic, ready to die for Elrohir and then Elrohir being just as heroic and soppy and both ending up injured and vulnerable. We love that, don't we?!


Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: September 29, 2017 7:12 · For: Chapter 34 Y
Hi Ziggy! It's so lovely to hear I have been able to help with the creative flow in some way. Sparking the old memory!

When I read Elrohir's account of riding to Minas Morgul and how during the whole journey Elladan had, quote, 'pointedly ignored him', I felt so sad for both of them. How he couldn't approach Gandalf because Elladan was riding beside him, that Elladan's 'cold hatred' was a shield around him pushing Elrohir away.You know, these two are supposed to be closer than close, inseparable, bonded as one and to see them like this is heart wrenching.

Back in Osgiliath Elrohir decides to stay well away from Legolas and with good reason. For when Legolas calls him forth into the ruins via his song then begins to seduce him, Elrohir is almost animalistic in his approach. No control whatsoever, so unbridled in his need for Legolas it's frightening. I just feel sorry for the guy. You mentioned he was a very sexual being, yet sadly it seems that the very passion that makes Elrohir, Elrohir coupled with the Nazgul's tampering of his memories and thoughts has created a monster, where the passion builds and builds and spills over becoming something else entirely. Something ugly, where Elrohir is not himself.

I hope things don't get any worse for him.

Can't wait to read the next chapter and find out what in all of Arda happened to Legolas! :D

Author's Response:

Yes- that chapter is a real power-play between Legolas -a confident sexual being with such poise and self-knowledge, with Elrohir, who in spite of his lust and power, is very niave in his sexuality- he doesn't understnad anything abouthimself really. I love this chapter- it's Legolas completely in charge and even though Elrohir thinks he is the dominant one, it is Legolas who lures him there, draws him on, insists on the sex, throws Elrohir down out of the way of the Nazgul and who leaps to challenge them. 

You hope things don't get any worse??? Fibber!

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: September 27, 2017 7:57 · For: Chapter 33 Osgiliath
I really like your Gimli, Ziggy! I know I've said this before but, it needs to be said. You just write him perfectly, right down to the smallest detail, his little mannerisms. And we can't forget Pippin. You write him wonderfully too. I can tell you enjoy writing these characters the most, because it shows.

I had to smile when he was asked his advice as a *Stone Master* by the Mason's on how to best rebuild Osgiliath. He was so in his *Element* Lol.

*Gimli beamed with delight.'Ah! It would be my pleasure, masters. I see you have some plans there. Would you allow me to look...,' Gimli stuck his hands in his belt and bent over the plans with delighted interest.*

Now I know others who have read and reviewed this story would say that Elrohir, with all that has transpired, does not deserve Legolas. On face value alone, no he does not. And they would try to fathom why in all of Arda, Legolas would want to reconnect with him. Well I say doesn't Elrohir deserve a second chance, especially since his memories and thoughts have been tampered with. I wonder why people became angry at Elrohir's treatment of Legolas when they know as much as I that the *Son of Thunder* has been toyed with by the Nazgul, the most heinous of Sauron's servants, while offering himself up to them, to save his brother. Wouldn't that be worth forgiving?

A great read Ziggy!

Author's Response:

Yes- I do love gimli. He just writes himself and lets me in on lots of little Khazad secrets- he really IS in his element as you say:)

I am always so glad Elrohir has an ally in you - there are some reaers who just want his angst and torment, and others who think he is so undeserving, and then ones like you- who think he should have a second chance. Thank you:)

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: September 24, 2017 5:08 · For: Chapter 32 A Memory of Rohan
This is just so awful Ziggy!

The scene in the stables where Aragorn realises there's an agonising and unmistakable tension and rift between his brothers. He knows they have quarreled, thinks it can be easily sorted but quickly learns otherwise.

Elrohir's shame and Elladan's unmerciful censure. I don't like where this is going Ziggy. They aren't even talking to each other and worse Elladan is not even acknowledging Elrohir's presence. This is just horrible. If anyone were twin pillars of strength for Aragorn or anyone, it is these two and now that seeming unbreakable bond and fortitude is in tatters.

I just hope they don't choose their paths, go their separate ways never to speak or see each other again, without knowing the truth. Maybe then their relationship can hopefully be repaired. Fingers crossed.

I loved the part where Eomer and Legolas get a bit up close and personal only for Legolas to suddenly be assaulted by the song of Raveyon striking him like a blow. To turn and find Elrohir standing some distance away in rage and then sorrow.

I love Elrohir, such an awesome character. :D

Author's Response:

I always have to re-read the chapter to remind myself what happened - it is just SO useful while I am writitng Where the Shadows Lie, keeps me rembering what has happened before.


Yes- that rift between the twins is dreadful- but right. Elladan is so deeply angry and so slow to anger that when he is furious, it lasts. Keep your fingers crossed though- you never know! Once thereal danger is threatening, they will either find their love again or it has fled forever.


Yes- the lingering affection Legolas has for Eomer is part of who he is- he stays friends with his lovers but Eomer is struggling with this a bit- he's hurt. In Songs of Rohan, he spent the whole time being confused by Legolas and seduced, Nothing has changed!! Yes- I like that bit with Elrohir staring at him, first in anger then in sorrow, and the melting away.


Thank you for such lovely reviews, Gabriel:)

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: September 21, 2017 9:36 · For: Chapter 31 Confession
Wow! There is so much in this chapter!
And so much anguish.

I found I did not like Gandalf much in this chapter. Aside from sending Legolas on a mere suicide mission, {And that was bad enough}, he now regards Elrohir with unfriendly and suspicious eyes. Okay, Elrohir has done some pretty strange and suspect things lately one of which involved the Nazgul. So I can see in a sense why Gandalf would treat him as such. On the other hand I would think Gandalf would have some compassion and keep more of an open mind, possibly even council Elrohir, but probing deep into Elrohir's mind without permission? Tut!tut! Gandalf. Anyone who has shameful thoughts of any kind, the last thing you would want is someone else finding out about them. I must say, Elrohir has a pretty awesome safeguard against unauthorized proding of his most secret thoughts. It even shocked him the raw power that lifted a Maia off his perch or was it the shock of finding Gandalf in his mind? Maybe a bit of both.

I have always imagined that, all the descendants of Melian would have some kind of power inherited, even if it was never explored further in any of the books, oh, with one exception, {Elwing changing into a bird}. I think that was the only one. It would be a great and interesting subject to examine.

'Get out!' Elladan cries, 'Get out before I kill you myself!'

Elrohir took a step towards him, hands outstretched, 'Then do it! I cannot live with myself, Elladan! I cannot live with it any longer. Please. Give me some penance that I may atone. I will take the way of Men so I never come to Valinor. You can go in peace, and Mother will never have to see me. I will die and go the way of Men, I swear this, Elladan. My Fea is no longer Elvish, it is mortal. I will die and you can be in peace!'

This just tore me up! Reaching for the tissues. Poor, poor Elrohir, I don't want him to die. And Elladan's disgust and horror and anger towards him unwarranted, {although he does not know it}. He needs his brother right now, not more animosity.
Just to clarify Ziggy; aren't the memories that Elrohir has of finding Celebrian in the caves, implanted? Making him believe he had thoughts of raping his own mother? Sorry to ask, so much has happened since then and it's been so long since I read the first couple of fics.

I can see Elrohir feels so isolated and lonely and more so now that Elladan knows what he believes to be the truth.
He's almost bordering on taking his own life, feels there's nothing worth living for anymore. So sad!

Phew! So much to talk about in this chapter, I hope it all makes sense. :D

Author's Response:

I love this review, Gabriel:)

re Just to clarify- yes, the memories of Celebrian have been distorted by Angmar so Elrohir becomes convinced he raped his own mother - or at the least he had been about to until he realised it was her. Keep reading:) It is confronted at the end and it will be picked up again in Where the Shadows Lie (it won't quite read like this in Sons of Thunder because I wrote that before I wrote More Dangerous or Through a Glass. Sometimes the continuity doesn't quite work:(


I am always releived when readers sympathise with Elrohir- he has been dreadful to Legolas but he is so tormented and confused. The false memory of his mother means that sex and the idea of it sickens him but he is a very sexual being and has high eroticism. It messes him up. Also Haldir corrupted him (in Elrohir's mind) by seducing him when he was untouched and initiating him into a more exotic sexuality (BDSM etc) so he feels cheated of love and innocence. He's a mess.


And yes, Gandalf doesn't come out of any of this covered in glory!!And yet I love Gandalf as a character- he's like a general, making decisions for the good of all.

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: September 16, 2017 7:50 · For: Chapter 30 Old Friends
Oh my god! Not Gimli too! lol.

I had to laugh at Gimli's attempts to re-write several parts to the Fellowship, in which he killed or defeated key enemies, including the Oliphaunt at Pelennor Fields. He and Pippin, very sly. lol.

It should be widely known by now that no-one can pull the wool over Legolas' eyes, especially amongst his friends. And when it comes to deciding whether to stay in Minas Tirith and regain his health or go to war against the enemy, to fight beside and watch the backs of his brother's in arms, even while incapacitated he would rather die a hundred deaths before abandoning his brother's. I love how completely and stubbornly honorable Legolas is. :)

I also want to apologize Ziggy, for I think I may have unintentionally missed out one or possibly two or more of you smaller stories that fill in the gaps and give back story to the larger series. It was after I read the end of this chapter, you mentioned *Deeper than Breathing* as a prequel?. I will have to do something about that. :)

Author's Response:

Haha! Told you! (I hadn't read this review when I replied to your last one) I so enjoyed writing those bits- giggled as I did.

I love how completely and stubbornly honorable Legolas is.

That is EXACTLY how I hoped he would come across- he really is- you can see his face, can't you- NO WAY is anyone going ANYWHERE with out me!!

Goodness- you don't have to apologise, Gabriel!! There's a lot to read and I wrote them all out of sync- the order though is this:

Black Arrow (based on The Hobbit- a very different, light hearted Legolas, pre-Angalch's death)

More Dangerous

Through a Glass

Deeper than Breathing

Sons of Thunder

Where the shadows lie


It's lovely of you to read and review every chpater- certainly don't feel you have to read everyt hnig ever wirtten but it;s lovely that you do. I do that if I find a writer I really enjoy- it's a bit like reading a series of books of course- you want to have the whole story in your head so you can immerse yourself when you read. Not that this is anything as crafted as a novel although I do my best- professional writers spend all their time and not just cram in a bit at the end of a day's work! 

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: September 12, 2017 7:26 · For: Chapter 29 Fellowship
I loved this first part of the chapter with the Twins.

I wish there was more of Elladan and Elrohir just talking to each other spending time with each other without anyone or anything else's interference. There's just something special about their relationship and how they interact. Beautiful! But that's okay, Ziggy. I don't expect you to come back to this story and write extra bits. It would just be nice, that's all.

I've got to say Elrohir has become particularly tender towards Legolas. Not that Legolas doesn't deserve it. It's just so unusual to see, with all that has gone on lately.

I think my absolute favorite part was Pippin taking advantage of Legolas' loss of memory. Re-mastering the story of the Fellowship as if he was the hero of the hour and he was the wise Hobbit that everyone listened to for council. lol. Love it!

What I am especially looking forward to is Gandalf's little talk with Elrohir. Can't wait to be a fly on the wall for that.

Author's Response:

That's always the troubel in wrioting- you could just write every scene that happens but it would be really slow!! I have written a gift fic for someone that is Elladan and Eomer- chance encounters- you might like that:) Elrohir had always been besotted with Legolas- he just is so confused and messed up (the reasons for this are explained in Through a Glass) but remember that he saved Legolas from the Nazgul in the city and they were getting close when Eomer blundered in- and turned his anger back onto Legolas because he felt rejected. So he has not stopped loving Legolas, but it's such a confused, dark and jealous love! I know it seems a dramatic contrast given the way he has treated Legolas in the way up th emountain but you have to remember that it is only yesterday that Eomer blundered in and Legolas left elrohir and went after Eomer- so he thinks Legolas was just toying with him, leading him on when it is Eomer he loves.


I loved writing Pippin telling all thise fibs! That will come back to bite him of course- you'll love the next bit with Gimli and Pippin!

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: September 06, 2017 9:01 · For: Chapter 28 The Houses of Healing
'Legolas opened his mouth, eyes wild and staring and for a moment nothing happened. But then a terrible scream burst from him and it did not stop.'

When I read this, I thought, 'What the...?" Then you find out what Legolas is seeing and experiencing and you completely understand. The horror of being consumed by fire. Being torn apart over and over.. So horrible. *Shivers*

Then at the end of the chapter Elrohir realizes Legolas only knows his name and naught else. OH MY GOD! What has happened, for him not to remember his life, recognizing people and places, only his name.

This is really sad. Sniff! :(

Great chapter Ziggy!

Author's Response:

I felt it was important that he didn't just wake up sleepily and smile but the horror of wakening and remembering be really visceral and real. SO actually, it is almost a cruelty that he is awake and his soul left his body, so it had to be huge and significant enough for this t happen. And of couse, only knowing Elrohir will be such a punishment and torment to Elrohir- after his betrayal. Thank you for all these very lovely reviews (again- but they do make me so happy!!) I love hearing how it is making you feel and the impact on you. It keeps me writing:)

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: September 02, 2017 13:45 · For: Chapter 27 Fireflies
Oh, thank god, Elladan did not give into the temptation of the Nazgul ring! Whew! For a moment there it looked like he would and was being swept up by its power, but no. One point to Elladan. No points to the Nazgul.

Elladan was quite different in this chapter, and a bit brash with Elrohir. I know he's angry with his brother, but didn't Elladan say he would forgive him anything? And now he's going back on his word. Tut tut Elladan! Does he not stop to think that maybe Elrohir has tortured himself over his inaction with the rape of his mother.

I loved the part with the fireflies. Gimli gathering them to him then passing them to Legolas' body. Nature breathing life back into our beautiful Woodelf. :)

Author's Response:

Ah, I thought you had already read the fireflies bit- it is one of my favourite bits. I wish I could paint it - Gimli is really lovely in this bit. His tenderness for Legolas and protectiveness is what keeps Legolas' ghost there- just protecting Gimli as he protects Legolas. 


I am really interested in your rather wonderful reaction to Elladan! Poor Elrohir got such a bashing from reviewers (I know he has done some pretty dreadful things) and Ellladan is always the good guy- but I like that you understnad it is more complex. Elladan does know he is going back on his word- he said something without really thinking if it were true- and you get that such a lot in epic stories. It annoys me when characters say these things because they don't really know. This is a real test for Elladan over the next few chapters. And Elrohir is going to torture himself a little bit more yet!

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: August 31, 2017 10:25 · For: Chapter 26 Kham
Wow! I honestly thought Elladan was going to kill his brother several times in this chapter, or at least maim him severely. That was too close for comfort and a bit of a worry, although I can understand where he's coming from.

Elladan's struggle against the Nazgul ring. Even though he had no idea what he had found or what it was doing to him. It's subtle manipulations to hurt, to make his brother pay for what he did, or rather did not do for their mother.

I really liked Elrohir's surprise attack on the Nazgul at the end. Nothing and no one touches or hurts HIS Legolas even as a ghost, and rightfully so.

This chapter, such a surprise! :D

Author's Response:

That made me smile- I forget what was in each chapter so it's a really nice thing to read your reactions. That ring that Elladan eventually throws away, yes. That is one of the Nine Rings for Mortal Men doomed to die. He probably should not have left it lying around there....but at least he did escape it. The next few chapters are Elladan's as much as anyone's- he is so angry and I think it's the fact that he is the peace and calm of the two that makes it so shocking perhaps.

Yes- Elrohir has sunk to rock bottom and is now going to start coming out of it. Rehabilitation needed now after his many, many crimes. Yes- HIS Legolas!


Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: August 29, 2017 7:02 · For: Chapter 25 Vigil
I really liked the 'Vigil' part, where Gimli and Elladan sit together watching the mountain. And then Elladan suddenly jumps up and disappears, only to reappear with a horse-extends an arm to Gimli to ride out with him. Loved that part in particular.

Gimli is so angry with Gandalf right now and he is not the only one. I understand this whole situation may have been a necessity, but, still not liking his apparent dispassionate, 'Let's throw the woodelf under the bus' attitude.

Another part to your story, where Legolas' ghost keeps touching Elrohir's face with compassion. Oh! Just beautiful! Even in death Legolas' is just so, so, honorable, beautiful and hot.

Great chapter Ziggy, but another sad one. :(

Author's Response:

I have to admit, this is one of my favourite moments, when the ghost touches Elrohir, the firefiles alit on Gimli etc. Elladan galloping off with Gimli. It just wrote itself to be honest but I wish I could draw or paint the fireflies/Legolas' fea fluttering around Gimli. I can use words, not colours.

So pleased you enjoyed this one, Gabriel- I've been waiting for you to read it and wanting you to enjoy it so much! Thank you for all these lovely reviews:)

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: August 25, 2017 14:22 · For: Chapter 24 Nine for Mortal Men
This whole situation is just getting worse!

In order to save Legolas, Elrohir must become one of the nine! How on earth is he supposed to get out of this one?

He's damned if he does and damned if he doesn't.

On the flip side, I always like it when you refer to the history of Endor, such as mentioning Maeglin and Idril in this story and Maedhros in an earlier story. It helps to connect all the line of Finwe through time and space, so they don't appear to be so sundered by all that has passed. And it reminds you of the present Character's lineage and where they got their strengths and possibly weaknesses from. Am I making sense, Ziggy? I hope so.

I hope Elrohir can save Legolas without becoming a Nazgul. Fingers crossed.

Such a nail biting couple of chapters. :{

Author's Response:

I love the fact that you appreciate mentions of Elrohir's lineage, Gabriel. You're making perfect sense! I have a deep fondness for Feanorians especially Maedhros. He is in one of the earlier stories (Through a Glass) although I wrote it after this one.


Glad you are still enjoying it! It's a bit of a roller coaster and the next ones are pretty intense as well.

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