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02/21/20 02:12 pm
Happy friday to all ^^
02/21/20 09:41 am
Blimey- Friday already. Back at work Monday. Have a good weekend everyone. (Naledi- chapter 3 up)
Spiced Wine
02/21/20 09:23 am
Happy Friday everyone :)
Spiced Wine
02/20/20 02:46 pm
Welcome, Ari_mei :)
02/20/20 10:31 am
Naledi- posting quick and short -unusually :) Putting you into this chapter! Happy birthday again.
02/18/20 06:19 pm
Thank you Ziggy!!! I’ve been wanting to know what happened to Legolas in Esgaroth ever since you first hinted at it. A brilliant bday pressie xxx
02/18/20 03:13 pm
Happy Birthday for tomorrow- I am celebrating your birthday over a number of days like the Queen!! Chapter 1 up :)
02/18/20 08:49 am
Welcome, ari_mei!
02/18/20 08:46 am
Welcome, MK1125!
02/17/20 09:41 pm
Thanks Ziggy! It’s my birthday tomorrow so it’s nearly here :)
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Reviews For Arcane Land

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: April 20, 2016 0:47 · For: On the Horizon

I'm having a bit of an anti-spam crusade tonight, so I thought I'd comment here, seeing as I've been re-reading it. I think this is my favourite of the Protege series because I love seeing Melven find his true potential. Even if you did have to kill off Lindo in the process...

I love Galdithion too, although I'm worried if I say that you're going to kill him off too! At least I can be fairly sure you're not going to kill off lovely, sexy Legolas :)


Author's Response: I thought this was another spam review, then thought this was an old review that had, for some obscure reason, only now decided to turn up! Wow, I wonder now, how much I would change it now, should I go back and read. You know I did enjoy writing that story, however the feedback was disappointing. Yes I know, I am always moaning about that for my slash stories but there is nothing for it. Ehem, still waiting for your agenda to clear... Thanks for re reading this, and that you still enjoyed it, after so much time.

Name: Mindirith (Signed) · Date: August 28, 2014 17:02 · For: Metamorphosis
I love this chapter, with all the stars. Stars are so magical, a perfect place for the ceremony! And then, the hot scene at the end, awesome!

Author's Response: Thanks! Stars, yes, I always have them somewhere. My but you have some catching up to do! I hope you enjoy it:)

Name: Mindirith (Signed) · Date: August 28, 2014 16:21 · For: This is My Pledge
Finally I find the time to get back to your story! How I have missed it. I am going to double back a little from where I left of (or maybe a lot) so I can enjoy the story once more. As I have said before, you have a gift for writing!

Author's Response: I am truly glad you are still reading - I have missed you all this time. Thanks for reviewing too, you know how much your opinion means to me.

Name: Mithrellas (Signed) · Date: June 08, 2014 20:32 · For: On the Horizon
Oh Yes!! One shot of Elrohir during Elladen's choice would be amazing. Lots of potential for some good angst there I think. If you ever wrote that I would be one of the first lining up to read it!
p.s. Elrond not being Hugo would help and I know your Legolas is nothing like movie Legolas either, he is much bigger for starters, ( well maybe a bit more like hobbit Legolas!). But unfortunately for me try as I might the movie guys are all I can picture... Its all Peter Jackson's fault.

Author's Response: LOL - the portrait of Legolas on my bio page is actually based on Orlando Bloom. If you look at it at its proper size (not reduced as this thins his features too much) you might see the similarity - the nose and mouth especially. I will definitely think about that one - shot - maybe a birthday gift :)

Name: Mithrellas (Signed) · Date: June 04, 2014 12:36 · For: On the Horizon
Oh sad to reach the end but I am glad I took the time to read it properly. It was worth it!

I am curious that you have Elrohir taking such a minor role here, its unusual to read stories with the twins in that focus so strongly on Elladen, not a bad thing and I am sure its a deliberate decision on your part. I wish I could know what Elrohir was thinking during Elladens choosing though. Was he envious? Sad? Does he feel somehow left behind? I would think it would probably be quite traumatic for him. Ah but I will never know!

Last but not least you will be pleased to know I finally have their warrior names sorted. I know exactly who they all are!

Author's Response: Yes, Elrohir is a minor character here and I know that is atypical. What he is thinking when his brother becomes inmortal is definitely material for a nice annex to this story, don't you think? Just a Little one-shot, perhaps. Thank you for all the wonderful reviews, they have been both motivating and instrumental.

Name: Mithrellas (Signed) · Date: June 04, 2014 7:35 · For: This Is My Choice
Much as I love a nice bit of slash something about this seems wrong to me as far as Elrond goes anyway. I know he and Legolas have been lovers but he is now in the role of a healer and he is still actively treating Legolas. It just somehow doesn't seem right. I guess you could have said the same of Thandion when he first approached Legolas in the Greenwood but Thandion is Legolas's subordinate, and Elrond is not. That seems to change things to me.
Perhaps I am just being to literal, putting too much of my reality onto these people who are in a culture quite different but it still seems somehow unethical.
I am the first to admit however that this may be only due to my extreme bias against poor Elrond. Well not Elrond in particular but Elrond/Legolas pairings, not just in your story but in any! I am not sure why that is, perhaps because I see Elrond as being more entangled, more devoted to Celebrain which I know sentences the poor man to hundreds of years of celibacy.
Maybe its just because despite having read the books way before seeing the movies my visual imagination of these characters is completely movie dominated to the extent that I cant even remember how I imagined them looking before that and I just cant see Orlando Bloom and Hugo Weaving getting it on! Yuck, (Orlando and Viggo, whole other story but somehow I don't think your Legolas will be adding Aragorn to his list of conquests, something about the way he is so determinedly hands off with Arwen makes me think Aragorn will be out of bounds.......such a shame!. Maybe you will surprise me on that one in the future. I can only hope.)
So I admit this dislike of the pairing might be why this scene felt slightly distasteful to me!
It only underlines how amazing your stories are that I still read and enjoy them despite Elrond/Legolas. Believe me they are the ONLY stories with this pairing in that I have read beyond the first page. I have to say I am quite happy that Elrond is absent so far from All the Kings Men and I did have to frequently participate in the reading equivalent of blocking my ears and humming tunelessly at the beginning of this story when Legolas and Elladen for some reason insisted on continually talking about Legolas's relationship with Elrond!!

Author's Response: I can understand this. I did try to make it clear that Legolas would be sufficiently healed at this point, and that Elrond simply cannot control himself :) However, I will need to go back and reread this part, to see if, perhaps, it is something I would change in hindsight. Elrond - ah, he really is a love / hate character, isn't he? I would like to make clear that Elrond in this series is not Hugo Weaving - would look nothing like him at all - does that help? LOL REgarding his devotion to Celebrian - perhaps to a point here, but I just have a very hard time believing that such long-lived creatures could be sexually faithful to only one subject - as such you will have noticed that all my elves are extremely promiscuous. I can just imagine you Reading this through the crack in the door, so to speak! Made me laugh. Seriously though, I will certainly go back, read and then see what impressions I am left with. Thanks for the great input.

Name: Mithrellas (Signed) · Date: June 04, 2014 3:12 · For: Never Again
Two questions. Bandorion's announcement he wished to resign was a surprise to Thranduil so surely also to Legolas who has been completely out of the loop mentally and physically but Legolas didn't take anytime to think upon his reaction to that. It was as if he already knew what conditions he would put on Bandorion. Why was that? It seemed a little strange.
Question 2. Thranduil also didn't back Legolas up in the council when Barathon forced his way into the company. He allowed it to happen against his commanders wishes. Because he didn't wish to be seem to be biased of course but still. So Bandorion takes all the blame and Thranduil none? Can Legolas truly be so magnanimous and understanding not to hold this against him deep down I wonder? Does Thranduil ever hold himself to account for this?

Author's Response: OK, Thranduil is really not surprised - everyone else is, except the "key players" - Thranduil knows his brother and would probably antic

Name: Mithrellas (Signed) · Date: June 04, 2014 2:28 · For: Break to Deliverance
This was beautiful. What more can I say?

Author's Response: That is one of the best reviews I have ever received ...

Name: Mithrellas (Signed) · Date: June 04, 2014 1:43 · For: Wrath of an Elven Lord
And so we come to it. Legolas is shattered into tiny pieces. So sad. His mental anguish is harder to read about I think than the traumatic injuries that happened beforehand.
Thank goodness for Glorfindel.
I have to say I have NO sympathy for Barathon or Bandorion at all. Even now Barathon has learnt nothing, he does not understand what was at the crux of his error.
And Bandorion, well he has the most to feel guilty about of everyone in this situation I think. How happy was he to let Legolas take the risk and the guilt so he didn't have to tell his son some home truths. Perhaps his son would have been a better man(elf) if he had been brave enough to confront him earlier.

Author's Response: Yes, Barathon has done it here and it is hard to understand him, isn't it? Bandorion on the other hand, always thought that his son would pull through, that he would finally settle and get down to the work at hand - I think his biggest error was confiding too much in what his son would be capable of doing - of not calculating the results should he be wrong.

Name: Mithrellas (Signed) · Date: June 03, 2014 23:45 · For: Into The Mirkwood
What a powerful chapter, my favourite so far.
You have not shied away from exploring in depth the feelings on all sides of the argument for or against mercy killing. Lots of foreshadowing here too of what is to come. Legolas gets closer and closer to cracking under the strain.
At least his warriors do what they can to protect him but it is not enough.
I found myself hoping against hope as I read this, even though I know what is looming just around the corner now, that Barathon, seeing the reality of what it means to be a member of the company and seeing also what Legolas must endure to fulfil the role he , and others, have assigned to himself, would grow from it, maybe let go of some of his bitterness and envy but alas it is not to be, not soon enough for Legolas anyway.

Author's Response: I am glad you liked this chapter. I remember thinking it was the first piece of "good" writing I had produced - I was very satisfied with myself :) Barathon is indeed, missing out on all the opportunities he is presented with to redeem himself, and he has had quite a few so far on this trip.

Name: Mithrellas (Signed) · Date: June 03, 2014 10:53 · For: The Space In Between
Oh! This must be Aragorn!

Author's Response: Aha! yes - that would be him :)

Name: Mithrellas (Signed) · Date: June 03, 2014 8:58 · For: Journey to the Stars
This was horrific to read, absolutely horrific as, of course, you intended it to be. Thrilling writing.
But amongst all that horror the two scenes I take away with me are the wonderfully beautiful death scene and also especially the hoot of the tawny owl as the elves reach out to Legolas to comfort him during his torture. It bought tears to my eyes.

Author's Response: Oh thank you! I wanted to bring home the destruction of youth, the cruelty of ending a Young life so visciously, and then contrast that with easing the trauma through the power of - love? respect? well, whatever Young Beria would think of Legolas.

Name: Mithrellas (Signed) · Date: June 02, 2014 9:05 · For: The Winged Warrior
Although I skimmed through this story the last time I read it I can remember what is coming for Legolas. It is making this oh so bittersweet to read. I can see you are preparing the way very subtly. Thranduil's musings on Legolas succumbing to Evil and the stresses being placed upon him, his hope Glorfindel will save him from it, and Legolas himself steeling himself to be able to carry on. I certainly missed all this first time through and even if I had been reading slowly and carefully I think the importance of it may have been lost on me. They are breaking my heart already!

Author's Response: You know, I am sometimes excessively cryptic with my stories. There are Little hints here and there I just can't help slipping in :) You already know what is coming, so don't put the tissues away just yet.

Name: Mithrellas (Signed) · Date: June 02, 2014 3:58 · For: The Nature of the Enemy
Finally!! Elladan and Galdithion get their act together.

The scene with Thranduil at the beginning of this chapter was beautiful, sad and so realistic. Every parent faces this as their child grows, letting them go, take risks, face danger and suffer pain as they mature and make their own path always remembering them as the helpless dependant infant they once were. You summed up the conundrum of parental love so perfectly.

Author's Response: I am glad that scene worked for you, I admit I quite liked the result myself :) Hope you like the rest of the tale.

Name: Mithrellas (Signed) · Date: June 02, 2014 2:30 · For: Prodigal Sons
Here I am re-reading this properly like I have been saying I should. Amazed at how much I really did miss skipping through so quickly the first time. Just had to say the bathing lake scene/scenes were wonderful!
It is strange to go back in time and read about Elladen and Galdithion before they were lovers having been submerged in their characters in All the Kings Men. They are frustrating me slightly at this stage even though I know it works out in the end. I have to reset how I see them as they are not yet the elves I have come to think of them as.
Looking forward to what is to come in this and it was so good to hear where all those warrior names came from!

Author's Response: I am so glad you are Reading this. The truth is that Arcane Land is in for a good edit - there are mistakes and many things I would change! I am glad The Company's warrior names have become clearer - they will be back soon, as the King and his men will be returning to the Greenwood in a while.

Name: Elvewen (Signed) · Date: October 28, 2012 21:07 · For: Closure
OH MY GOD!!! That last line!!! I am sobbing like an idiot over here!!

Alpha, once again, this is beautiful. First off, I loved Glorfindel's reference to Thandion. I am very fond of him - gee! But really, his reaction to Legolas time and again in this chapter is heart breaking. He hurts and those of us that read it hurts with him. Needless to say, Legolas was amazing in this not only because of his indomitable spirit but the way in which he allowed Glorfindel to care for him.

Elladan and Melven grew throughout the story. But this chapter concludes their soujourn in the Greenwood wonderfully. Elladan at least, will go back to Imladris with the one he loves by his side. Poor Melven. I still have not forgiven you for Lindohtar. I do hope Bandorion made peace with Thranduil, he deserves it. And the last father son interlude was simply lovely.

I loved reading about the travel through the woods, especially that bit about Eruanna. She brings an innocence to the scene that is utterly breathtaking. I can imagine it in my head now, it is so beautifully descriptive.

Beauiful, stong and stubborn Legolas. His interactions with Glorfindel are what I love most about this chapter. The way you threaded references to his injury in Glorfindel's thoughts, Legolas's abject stubborness, Glorfindel's concern(very rightly, not pity) and finally and (the most beautiful of them all) Legolas's acceptance were utterly heart breaking to read. I love them both even more, if that were possible.

“Sleep, and know that I love you more than my life.” - I cried and cried for this.

Thank you so much for putting this up. It is absolutely amazing...and once again, I am running out of adjectives

Name: curiouswombat (Signed) · Date: May 19, 2012 0:29 · For: Mantle of Responsibility
**Remember the beginning of the story when I mention that it is, in fact, Elrohir that influences Elladan, rather than the other way round. **

Hmm - yes - but you currently only say it but don't show it... (You can see why I am a firm beta!!) It will be interesting to SEE more of the relationship in future episodes.

**However, Legolas does not start off as being Elrond's patient - that happens once the relationship is established, at which time it is probably too late to do anything about it. **

But if he sees that no-one else can act as healer - then I think he would detach himself from the relationship during the time he is the healer - from the minute he realises Legolas is in need of his professional skills until such time as he regards him as completely healed... Not just the minute he is allowed out of the healing wing but is given a bedroom on the ground floor because he is still not healed enough to climb the stairs.

It is really to make it possible to make decisions in the best interests of the patient even though they may not be in your own.

I will go away now and stop nit-picking - after saying, again, that I really have enjoyed the story as a whole!

Author's Response: OK, re Elladan and Elrohir's relationship - while I agree it would be interesting to pursue that, it was not really the direction I wanted the story to go in. Rather I wanted to centre on Elladan, who attracts me more as a character, maybe because it is so very often Elrohir who gets written about - at least that is the impression I have. You are obviously a health-care professional, and as such, have a very different perspective on Elrond's relationship with Legolas. I suppose it is simply about what is credible for some, is not so for others. I do see your point, however, and I will certainly have a think about that when the time comes to re-edit the story - something I am sure I will not take long to do! Firm beta indeed - LOL! Thanks for the valuable input, it is much appreciated.

Name: curiouswombat (Signed) · Date: May 18, 2012 23:41 · For: On the Horizon
And I have had time to reach the end!

I remember you saying that you felt that your writing had evolved since the early chapters of The Protege - and I think that you are absolutely right - this whole story is much more complex, with a lot more going on. I actually think the balance between sex scenes and others having changed helps you achieve this - but they are, I think, an important part of many stories, helping to define relationships, and how the individuals relate - so I realise that it was more necessary for them to be at the forefront of The Protege.

I found the journey to Imladris very believable but, although I do like the idea of restoring what was lost to Glorfindel, I think the chapters in the Greenwood were actually better than the part in Imladris. I have sat and tried to puzzle out why.

Partly, I think, it is because Elladan remains so much more important than his brother, even when he is back in Imladris. When he is in the Greenwood he is clearly on his own; he is Rhafnohtar - but once back in Imladris he seems to be completely overshadowing his brother - Elrohir hardly gets a mention - Elladan will be important to the future, Elrohir won't. Elrohir really only gets to say hello and then you lose him again. And I see them as very much equals - I am not sure that Elladan would be happy that Legolas snubs Elrohir.

It cannot be because Elladan 'is the oldest and therefore the heir'; actually I do not understand why so many writers assume that one twin would be regarded by the elves as the elder of the pair. Tolkien says that elves count their life as beginning at conception - they celebrate their begetting, not their first breath of air. Therefore there cannot be an older twin as Tolkien makes it clear that they are monozygotic. From the viewpoint of the Eldar they are exactly identical in age.

I do hope you finally reach the point where there is as much of a celebration when Arwen makes her choice - after all the whole idea is that the 3/16th mortal blood that the children of Elrond and Celebrian have gives them the right to choose the equally valid option of mortality. I personally think the 25/32nds of their make-up which is Elven probably means that this would be the default! Presumably Elros got something similar when he declared himself to be mortal.

I think, as well, that my own training is so ingrained in me that I find the idea of a sexual relationship between healer and patient difficult - I would expect Elrond to have no sexual contact at all with Legolas during the time that he is his healer; but that, as I say, is my own training showing.

Anyway - now to read the story with Radagast - I am looking forward to it - and I will doubtless be back here again to re-read favourite sections!

Author's Response: That is a very interesting perspective. Regardiing Elrohir, remember the beginning of the story when I mention that it is, in fact, Elrohir that influences Elladan, rather than the other way round. The story does, indeed, centre on Elladan and specifically, when he 'separates' from his twin's influence. Elrohir is, I believe, important to the story, and to the upcoming events, but he is simply not chronicled, so to speak. I don't think that Legolas snubs him, it is just that Elrohir's role is very different, and separate from that of Legolas and his fellow warriors - Elrohir does, however, become a little more active in book III. Re healer / patient relations - I have no experience on that front, save for telescope / owner relationships. However, Legolas does not start off as being Elrond's patient - that happens once the relationship is established, at which time it is probably too late to do anything about it. There will also be quite a bit of Arwen comiing up, because indeed I think you are right - the mortal choice is just as valid, although from a ff point of view, I believe it will involve a good deal more reasoning than the immortal choice, to make it credible. Thank you for reading, and reviewing so sincerely - it is most refreshing, and welcome. I hope you enjoy The Apprentice!

Name: Samira (Signed) · Date: May 17, 2012 23:01 · For: On the Horizon
I just finished "Arcane Land" after three days of almost continuous reading of the whole series in all my spare hours. Wow. I am still slightly speechless.

This is just so well-written with a wonderful eye to both beautiful and terrible details and just the right amount of explanations and descriptions to make it come alive before the inner eye without killing the flow of the story. I honestly don't know how to do it justice in a review. I fear you will have to do with the mental image of me glued to the screen, forgetting everything around me, going from smiling and laughing to absolutely sad and heart-broken, to wondering and mesmerized, to desperate and hurting, to incredibly turned on, to absolutely depressed and back to smiling through the remaining tears... It truly was a captivating and magnificent read.

And even though this is one of the best stories I have ever read online, I can't refrain from telling you the three (yes, only three - in a saga of over 300.000 words) moments where something slightly took me out of my spell-bound reading. Against the almost perfection of the rest, they just stood out starkly.

The first was the letter Legolas writes to his father in The Protege (Ch 16). The letter is extremely informal, which does not quite fit with the later descriptions, where Legolas makes a very clear distinction between father and king and would probably have addressed the king in this instance. But that did not really bother me then, because there are no previous interactions between the two, even if I would have expected a more formal account myself.
However in my opinion, the signature did not really fit the rest of the letter. I am assuming that the "C.P." stands for Crown Prince? But why write such an extremely informal letter that actually starts with "father" and ends with "your son", no formalities or polite set phrases or anything of the sort but then include a title? For himself, no less, but not for his father?

The second was the first description of the Greenwood fortress in Arcane Land (Ch 3):
This was the only point where I was at a loss as to how to picture it. A single mountain? Or a ridge? But then, how do you see the sides of it without noticing the sheer drop that is behind it (as explained later - I doubled back at that point)? Surely there would also be a void, a missing of background forest, towards the sides?
To me, while reading, the setting started to evolve in my mind to a mountain ridge or at least a wider mountain, where the fortress is drilled in (kind of like the front of Helm's Deep in the films, but with a completely different architecture, of course, you described that beautifully, and a back with balconies and a sheer drop etc.). This way, the Evergreen Wood would be truly isolated behind it. But then there is only a front and back visible, no sides with balconies, as described at first. However, this setting makes the necessity for the fake windows inside clear. But then I hate not making everything fit.
So, to cut a long rambling short, I am still somewhat lost as to how you intended it to be, which is a pity, because everything else immediately came to mind in these glorious pictures and all further descriptions you provided just added more wonderful detail.

The third point is the easy inclusion of Elladan and Melven into The Company even before the adjustment training. I just can't see as competent and conscientious a military leader as Legolas promising to include two elves whose fighting he can not yet evaluate all that well, who don't know half the enemies they will be facing and who are not comfortable with the Greenwood fighting style and indeed have never attempted it before. Especially after the way he fights over the issue with Barathon later.
Wouldn't it make much more sense to only promise to lead them through adjustment training for The Company, see how well they do and then only include them in the Company if they prove worthy? Of course, it is supposed to be a learning exchange and thus also political, but he could place them in some other detachment to gain more Greenwood experience in the interim, and continue training them when back in the fortress, leaving it open to include them as soon as they are good enough.
I really wouldn't plead to change the story in any substantial way, it is much too good for that and works much too well as it is. I also have no issue with them proving good enough for The Company on their first attempt directly after the adjustment training. It's just this easy acceptance into The Company by everyone even before any training and testing and when they still can't even move through the trees - a skill that all other Greenwood warriors supposedly have - that does not seem to fit. It makes a stark contrast with Barathon later where they all insist that he prove himself and make it through the training first. If Elladan and Melven do not pick up on the whirling fighting or the tree moving and such on time, they would surely prove a liability to the rest themselves, not matter how strong in spirit or good with the sword otherwise?

Three tiny parts of the story that I did not like as well as the rest against a whole saga of wonderful work. I only hope that you take this as the friendly, constructive criticism it is intended to be, coming as it is from an admiring reader that could never hope to even come close to the level you achieved here. I know that you might not agree with my assessment or want to change anything because of some unknown reviewer and that is fine for it is your work and thus your decision. But the only way for a reader to show appreciation is through a review and if I listed everything I liked, I would probably still be writing tomorrow. So the only listing I can realistically make is of the few points where slight criticism occurred to me - and then look dismayed at the proportion of criticism to appreciative comments I am producing, which so does not reflect their relative weights. Please don't be offended and chalk it down to still somewhat awed speechlessness over the rest.

My best regards and many thanks for the wonderful time you gave me over the last few days!

P.S. Sorry, deleted the other one to edit two errors I made.

Author's Response: Wow, this is the longest review I have EVER received!! First off, I am in no way offended by your comments, quite the contrary. The fact that you have obviously taken so much time to note those three points and reason them out shows how much time you have spent on this story, something that indeed, speaks volumes - and so I can honestly say that I am quite flattered by your kind words, and your insightful comments. On the first point, I can only say I will go back and read that, and see what sensations I get. On the second point, I remember some similar comments from my beta, Mindirith - and believe me, you sound EXACTLY like her!!! LOL. I know that she had issues with imagining the architecture, and I will definitely go back and see where I can improve on that. The third issue is slightly more difficult. Indeed, as you well picked up on, it is a political issue, especiall with Elladan - just as it was with Barathon - but the problem with Legolas' cousin is more is attitude than his aptitude. Indeed, Elladan and Melven are extrememly motivated, and well-informed - remember Legolas' attempts at disuading Elladan before leaving Imladris. I do see what you mean, and I think perhaps, that I could work something in along the lines of a final test of sorts, before they are admitted and taken out. You know, Arcane Land is really the first story I am actually proud of. It was a tremedously steep learning curve for me, something I believe is evident if you read The Protege and then Arcane Land - the progression, to my mind, is great. Ah - just read your P.S. that is why I got a fatal error when I was about to respond!! So, all I can say is that I am honoured by your wonderful review. I will certainly let you know about any changes I make, which may take a few weeks as I am currently finishing a side story in the same universe. Welcome then, I believe this wonderful site has gained a valuable member.

Name: curiouswombat (Signed) · Date: May 16, 2012 0:15 · For: Baudh Gwaith
I think this is pretty much a perfect chapter. Yes.

Author's Response: Wow - thank you, truly. If I am honest, this was a conflictive chapter from word one - trying to find the balance between the people's sense of justice and intellectual justice - I ended up doing a juggling act and cncentrated more on Barathon's real reasons for his behaviour. There is also an exiled chapter to the story that I may write as a side story one day, which follows up on this, unfortunate character's fate. Thank you very much for this short but brilliant review.

Name: curiouswombat (Signed) · Date: May 16, 2012 0:12 · For: Those Eyes
“That you swear no oath of fealty, for I reserve the right to request offspring of my heir.”

Hee! The perfect get-out clause and permission to do whatever they desire...

Author's Response: Well I can't have either of my heroes being monogamous, can I? I had to find a way for them to bond, yet maintain their free spirits - and Thranduil provided the perfect excuse.

Name: curiouswombat (Signed) · Date: May 16, 2012 0:10 · For: Break to Deliverance
I can see that they would, indeed have these things in common - and that neither would wish to talk about it - thinking the other would think them weak or foolish. but how much better for a relationship - to realise that here is someone who understands you to the very depth of your anger and your fear.

Author's Response: That is exactly it, yes. Once they get over their own inhibitions and pre-conceived ideas - something that is cleared up alittle in the next chapter.

Name: Alpha Ori (Signed) · Date: May 15, 2012 22:05 · For: Alas, Sweet Bard
The farewells are beautifully written - and very fitting.

I think that meeting in the garden between places is perfect - and, of course, Legolas said, right from the beginning, that he would blame himself for any deaths or injuries his cousin caused - and he will hold himself to that, I fear.
(From CuriousWombat)

Author's Response: Thank you for that, I am glad the sequence ame across as it was meant to. Indeed, Lindo's death is pretty much the last straw, everyone has limits, albeit we do not like to admit to them.

Name: curiouswombat (Signed) · Date: May 14, 2012 23:22 · For: Alas, Sweet Bard
The farewells are beautifully written - and very fitting.

I think that meeting in the garden between places is perfect - and, of course, Legolas said, right from the beginning, that he would blame himself for any deaths or injuries his cousin caused - and he will hold himself to that, I fear.

Author's Response: Thank you for that, I am glad the sequence ame across as it was meant to. Indeed, Lindo's death is pretty much the last straw, everyone has limits, albeit we do not like to admit to them.

Name: curiouswombat (Signed) · Date: May 14, 2012 22:17 · For: Into The Mirkwood
I think it sad - and not in their own best interest, that none have thought to talk to Barathon in comfort simply because he has not come to them. But that is, of course, how people are...

Author's Response: If we were talking of today's society, I would heartily agree. However, in this warrior culture, discipline and respect are paramount - most simply have no time for him - however much this humble writer is trying to get her readers to feel sympathy for him - most people, to my chagrin, have not - and I am glad that you have, because that was my purpose. We will see a little more of this issue later on. Nice to see you still reading!

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