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He made his way unthinkingly deep into the forest, following his ears and his eyes, toward that which lured him madly. The...
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The battle with the Great Serpents of the North brought nothing but wrath and ruin for the wood elves. The aftermath is bitter...
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Three Hobbits come to Gondor bearing a precious artefact. Their guide is a dark-haired Elf who is more than he seems.
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Thranduil is a sloppy drunk; Oropher admires his family and waxes philosophical. The Queen is done with them both.
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A bard of AnnĂºminas cannot find the right melody for his song - but help is waiting in the shadows.Written for Back to Middle-earth...
Trials of Revision by mangacrack Explicit
Tuor falls in love with the Prince instead of the Princess and Idril betrays Gondolin.

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04/05/20 01:24 am
I hope everybody is safe and well.
04/05/20 01:24 am
Aww, ziggy, thank you! (I am so behind on your fics, I'm really sorry.)
04/04/20 11:15 am
And I was excited to see YOU had posted, Narya. A beautiful piece of writing -reminded me of my first reading of LOTR.
04/03/20 10:25 pm
Oooh, Mangacrack, I'm excited to see you've updated!! I will save that to read over the weekend :D
04/03/20 10:25 pm
Happy Friday, peeps!
Spiced Wine
04/02/20 02:56 pm
Hello and welcome, XiaoQing1o
04/02/20 04:09 am
Hi Narya!! Good to hear from folks!
04/01/20 09:24 pm
And hi, Fadesintothewest, good to see you!
04/01/20 09:24 pm
Welcome, XiaoQing1o :)
Spiced Wine
03/31/20 10:16 am
Yes, the health workers all across the world are absolute heroes!
Shout Archive

Reviews For Erinyator

Name: Kalendeer (Signed) · Date: January 12, 2020 20:47 · For: Chapter 1

" Of course he was not Maedhros then and weak. Nelyo. Maitimo. Weak."

Very nice word play with the name!

Little Elrond is very cute, though his telepathic powers are a little creepy.

Author's Response:

Thank you Kalendeer. 

Name: Fadesintothewest (Signed) · Date: October 14, 2019 5:56 · For: Chapter 1
Omg, sobbing! I love Elrond's tenderness here. I also love your portrayal of Maedhros' state of mind. Of course it would be like this, after all we know what follows.... Lovely Ziggy!

Author's Response:

Thnak you fadesintothewest- this was a gift fic for someone on Ao3 for reaching the xxnth review - can't remember how many now bu she asked for Elrond- Maedhors fluff. 

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: October 14, 2019 5:50 · For: Chapter 1
Awww, this was both heart wrenching and beautiful!

You really know how to set the emotion in a story and keep readers riveted, Ziggy!

Author's Response:

Thank you, Gabriel- much appreciated:) I am always happy that readers have engaged so readily. 

Name: Spiced Wine (Signed) · Date: October 13, 2019 22:11 · For: Chapter 1

Oh how very sad, Maedhros' memories ;__;


I can never like Elrond because of Hugo weaving, *shrug*, but I always have time for poor Maedhros *sadface* 

Author's Response:

I know what you mean about Hugo Weaving- he just isn't beautiful enough and I have come to like Elrond by writing him. Funnily I found the same with Galadriel. Maybe it;s because you have to understand, think and empathise to write a character. Thank you for the review my dear.

Name: Verhalen (Signed) · Date: October 13, 2019 19:52 · For: Chapter 1
Oh, the feels. Elrond being all mother hen over Maedhros got me choked up. Beautiful.

Author's Response:

Thank you Verhalen- there is another chapter to come. Glad you enjoyed this little byblow.

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