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Spiced Wine
12/05/19 05:13 pm
Some people do a round robin each December, Astorey. One person will write a chapter, then someone else write the next, and so on
12/05/19 01:38 pm
It’s probably a little bit late to ask this (I’m sorry), but, what is the advent calendar? :) lol A writing event? :)
12/04/19 10:16 pm
I completely forgot about the advent calendar! I'm going to have to bow out this year, I'm afraid, because I'm stupidly busy at the moment.
12/04/19 08:46 am
Hey Ziggy! I'll be there, if you'll have me? Not sure about the others. Haven't seen much of them lately.
12/04/19 12:40 am
oh my goodness! Advent! Anyone want to start one?
12/03/19 07:45 am
Thanks for the notice Spiced!
Spiced Wine
12/02/19 03:50 pm
My Slashy Valentine sign-ups are open \o/ Please see ‘News’ or Dreamwidth,
Spiced Wine
11/29/19 01:01 pm
Happy Friday :)
Spiced Wine
11/28/19 04:26 pm
Hope it’s a good day for you, Verhalen!
11/28/19 01:43 pm
Happy Thanksgiving to folks Stateside! :D
Shout Archive

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: August 09, 2019 9:43 · For: Chapter 1

Things you never expect to see, even in fanfic:

Like Cambasion, Maedhros developed a taste for what Spike referred to as ‘punk’. 


Cheering here: I reckon if that is an oath, or as near as damn it, then the Valar are guilty of the same thing that they denounced the Feanorians for. I mean I seem to get the impression that it was the oath swearing that pissed them off at least as much as what that oath may, or may not, have said.

“But if, technically, His Lordship reckons it isn’t an oath, then it is not totally, legally binding until the end of the world, is it?”


Of course! Why didn't anyone else think of that??? (CHeering loudly here as Logic overcomes vindictive Valar reasoning!)

And I was laughing LOUDLY at this too- brilliant comic genius!

“So, this bird and her man managed to get one back from The First, Morgoth… but when you guys turned up her father wouldn’t give it back to you because his daughter had stolen it for him?”


“Bird? No, Luthien was not a bird. Although I am told her granddaughter…”


Spike interrupted. “I mean woman, elleth, whatever – we used to call them ‘birds’.”


Maedhros looked a little confused,



“And then the lass that threw herself off a high tower into the sea to stop you getting it? Stupid woman, must have inherited it from her grandfather – the stupidity and the coveting, I mean, as well as your silmaril.

Yes- EXACTLY! Oh, and Spike's superb logic about the weighing up of the Good versus the bad- and what's a few lives in Sirion and Doriath between friends, hm? I have always thought Thingol and his various descendants complete and utter idiots for not giving up the SIlmaril- they could have done very nicely out of it actually- a finder's fee would, I am sure, have been paid and their greed is never condemned by Tolkien- he (great writer and the God of Fantasy as he is and I mean this with ENORMOUS respect, really does want to punish Feanor and his sons for the ultimate Original Sin of wanting knowledge and to defy 'God' by leaving the Garden of Eden, doesn't he? Such complexity in his story-telling! And so oblivious to that real complexity - he idolises Thingol's line, in particular Luthien and Beren, and heaps punishment upon Maedhros in a way that is remarkable ...I mean! What writer wants to see their fav characters in angsty torment?????!!!! 


I am so happy you are back writing, curiouswombat! PLease write LOTS!



Author's Response:

I am so glad you like it -  bits of it were floating in my head for a long time before it would come together and be written down!


I absolutely agree with you about Tolkien wanting to 'punish Feanor and his sons for the ultimate Original Sin of wanting knowledge and to defy 'God' by leaving the Garden of Eden'.  You have put it perfectly.  The thing is that, as a Christian, Tolkien must also have believed in redemption...  So it seems wrong to me for him to refuse to give the Feanorian close family any hope of it.

Spike has such similar issues of his own - and I began to think that the two of them might see that each other deserved redemption'forgiveness/whatever when they couldn't see it about themselves.   I hope to do part two - but just at the moment I am almost two chapters into the next straight timeline Returnverse story - I seem to finally be able to write again, at least slowly. 


I'm really pleased that you like the 'bird' bit - and agree that Thingol was a real covetous ass in his own way :)

Name: Oshun (Signed) · Date: August 08, 2019 18:36 · For: Chapter 1
I know absolutely zero about Buffy verse. Never watched the show a single time. So that is somewhat of a hinderance here. But there are a lot of elements in this Spike character's reasoning that I have wrestled with in my own mind. Not sure that Tolkien intended that I should have drawn some of those conclusions. On the other hand, I even less believe that he intended that Feanor or any of his sons should be entirely blamed for everything that happens. Whatever his personal beliefs or opinions might have been, Tolkien was far to good a writer to have painted his world or any of its main actors wholly in black or white.

Provoking and entertaining. Thanks for sharing.

Author's Response:

Thank you!  I am not sure JRRT would ttally agree with my/Spike's thoughts on the subject, either :)  He certainly did write characters that were neither all white of character r al black (well, maybe Morgoth...) and Maedhros did so much that helped in the fight against evil that he was certainly someone with many shades to him.  I like to think Spike (reformed vampire) might be enough of an outsider to see him as he is.  I hope to write part 2 sometime where the favour is returned.

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