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11/15/19 02:19 pm
Thanks, Spiced! Happy Friday to you all!
Spiced Wine
11/15/19 02:10 pm
Happy Friday, everyone!
11/11/19 02:28 am
Thanks so much Spiced!
Spiced Wine
11/08/19 03:53 pm
Have a great Friday, everyone :)
Spiced Wine
11/07/19 09:46 am
I sent an email, Ziggy :)
11/07/19 12:10 am
Can I have the Silm Discord link as well please Spiced- intrigued now!
Spiced Wine
11/06/19 01:25 pm
Welcome, Kimaracretak :)
Spiced Wine
11/05/19 10:20 am
I emailed you through ‘contact; here with the Silm Discord link
Spiced Wine
11/05/19 10:17 am
I’m not sure, let me go and ask them!
11/05/19 07:41 am
Good to know Spice. How can we get onto Silm Discord? It would be nice to join. I'm always looking for other Silm related places.
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Reviews For Chains of Eternity

Name: Spiced Wine (Signed) · Date: July 27, 2019 23:30 · For: Chapter 48: Shadows and Fire

I'm looking forward to writing them together again in Flames of Eternity and possibly other places as well.

Good, as Edenel is going to be as shellshockeed as Kol after Dagor Dagorath. In Nerya’s verse, he goes back to tell them what happened; I think he would do the same in Northern Lights. 

Author's Response: Yes, both he and Kol are going back to let everyone know what happened, which will confirm what Sören and Maglor have already guessed (they'll be in the car when it happens...).

Name: Spiced Wine (Signed) · Date: July 27, 2019 21:50 · For: Chapter 48: Shadows and Fire

He saw Edenel as he was leaving, who was a few meters ahead. "Eden!" he called out, aware they were in public, wanting to be cautious about names. Edenel paused. Sören caught up with him.

A scent hit his nostrils, intensely arousing; Sören started to harden. "Holy shit," he said, and then, "Er, sorry, language." He looked at Edenel. "What's that cologne you're wearing?"

Edenel didn't answer that. "I have to get going -"

"Awww, really? Can you stay for just a minute? Here, I want to give you something. It's probably not very good, but I don't know, like a welcome to the family present..." Sören opened his satchel and took out the sketch of Edenel and Kol.

Edenel stared at it for a moment, open-mouthed.

"Where are you going, anyway? Whatcha doing?"

"Taking a drive to the stones in Dunino -"

"Oh right, it's the equinox, isn't it?" Sören felt like he was being annoying for asking, but he needed to be around Edenel right now. "Can I come with you?"

"It's... kind of a private thing I have to do..."

"Oh." Sören made a moue. "I was hoping to spend more time with you. Um, I hope the sketch isn't stupid."

"It's beautiful, Sören." Their eyes met. "You're... beautiful. Your soul shines through your work."

"You're pretty shiny, too." Sören bit his lower lip and crinkled his nose.

Edenel grabbed Sören's face and kissed him, hard. He started marching Sören back towards the manse, the two of them kissing feverishly. The scent from Edenel was almost overpowering but not at all unpleasant, Sören wanted to drown in it. He was fully, achingly erect, tenting his jeans, and he smiled between kisses at the bulge in Edenel's own trousers, reaching down to rub it, which made Edenel groan into the kiss before biting Sören's lower lip hard enough to draw blood. Sucking on it, tasting it, which just inflamed them further.

Edenel was carrying the sketch the entire time and he put it down gingerly when they entered his room on the other far wing of the manse. Fire in his white eyes, he slammed the door behind them. Sören started undressing. Even though Sören's body was well-used last night and he was a little sore, he was hungry.

And he was still open, from all the fucking. Sören moaned as Edenel kissed his way down, before taking Sören's cock in his mouth like he was starving for it.

"God, you gorgeous fuck..." Sören shivered.

It didn't take long for Edenel to make him come the first time, Sören spilling in his mouth with a broken cry. Edenel swallowed it down and lapped him clean, and then nuzzled Sören's bush, breathing in his scent, his musk - combined with the musk of his husbands, since Sören hadn't showered yet from last night.

That gave Sören a deliciously lewd idea. "I still have your other nephew's cum... and your grand-nephew's... inside me, if you want to taste."

He did. Edenel devoured him, bringing Sören to climax again just from his tongue - Sören gave him a little warning just before he went off, and his orgasm intensified from watching Edenel drink like he was at a fountain, getting some cum on his face and neck and in his hair in addition to his waiting, lapping tongue.

He came up to kiss Sören then, and Sören licked his face and neck like a puppy, giggling, the mischief in his eyes and the laughter and smiling seeming to drive Edenel wilder, grinding against his thigh, urgently hard.

"We need to take care of you," Sören husked, fingers straying to brush one of Edenel's nipples, pinching, rubbing. "And I want you inside me."

Edenel kissed him hard, harder when Sören arched to him, parting his thighs.

"Come home to me, Uncle," Sören whispered.

What followed was one of the longest sex sessions of Sören's life. Edenel plowed him for hours, the two climaxing over and over again, breaking Maglor's record of giving Sören eight orgasms the night they got back together; Sören lost count at nine and it wasn't the last one. Sören was taken on his back, then desperate for more, Sören got on all fours, face down, ass up like an animal in heat, Edenel's teeth in his neck, grabbing his curls. Then he rode Edenel, bucking wildly. Then Sören rode him with his back against Edenel's chest, Edenel's arms around him, one hand stroking his cock, the other playing over his body, tilting his face so they could kiss. Sören wished he had the leash.

The wildest of all was Edenel on his knees, Sören's legs propped on his shoulders. Edenel had completely shed his glamour, hair flooding to his knees, glowing brilliantly, and Sören was in awe, almost worshiping him, lost completely in lust, adoration.




I still can’t believe, re-reading how HOT those two were together. I think it was like Edenel being reclaimed from his past in a way, but Sören. Cries. 

Author's Response: *also cries* I'm looking forward to writing them together again in Flames of Eternity and possibly other places as well.

Name: Narya (Signed) · Date: July 23, 2019 19:01 · For: Chapter 6: Haunted
OMG, Van buying up the whole plaza XD I'm still not over that. He doesn't do things by halves...

Author's Response: Van has zero chill whatsoever. XD

Name: Narya (Signed) · Date: July 23, 2019 8:39 · For: Chapter 2: Saudade
Re-reading the early days of their relationship is so strange, and lovely. "We're not strangers" - lol, no Maglor, you're not.

But I'm so used to Sören knowing who Maglor is, and the weight of the history of their relationship, that it's beautiful and surreal reading about this point in their timeline, when they're new to each other. There's such a sense of wonder and discovery.

Author's Response: Thank you. Yes, it's very surreal now to go back and see how things were before Sören knew who/what Maglor is, and when their love was fresh and new. It's pretty poignant to re-read and watch them fall in love all over again, watch them make love for the first time.

Name: Narya (Signed) · Date: July 20, 2019 10:26 · For: Chapter 1: Eye of the Storm
I'm so, so glad you're posting this here :D it's a perfect excuse to re-read. And waah, little Sören :( I wish I could tell him it will all be OK, but he has such a long road to walk.

And it's such a treat on a re-read, picking up all the little things - the woman bright as starlight, the fire imagery. Love, love, love this fic.

Author's Response:

Yup, Chains is up in its entirety now!  The Northern Lights series has also been added so folks who have things for it on A03 can also add them to the one here if they feel so inclined.  I'll be mirroring some more of the multiverse over here as I get time and things get done.

Re-reading it (which I've been doing in bits and pieces as I was posting here) is a TRIP now.  And thank you for re-reading <3

Name: Spiced Wine (Signed) · Date: July 19, 2019 20:50 · For: Chapter 8: Don't Call My Name, Alejandro

Sören could feel the tightness in his face - that the stunned look he'd had was now a withering glare, the memory of the breakup roaring back to him. His fury was white-hot, ready to explode, WHY is he here, how DARE he show up here


That was Fëanorion rage, Sören, though you don’t know it yet. 

Maglor and Van — such a lot of pain in Maglor, but it was an almost impossible situation :( 

Name: Spiced Wine (Signed) · Date: July 19, 2019 20:41 · For: Chapter 7: Let the Games Begin

Life has a funny way of working out, Sören thought to himself, thinking of the painting that was hanging in Logifugl Listaskóli, the one he'd made as a tribute to Van's advice, the dancer with the veils that each held a universe. Thinking of those veils, and the stars, he drifted off to sleep.


Oh yes, it does indeed, Sören 

Name: Spiced Wine (Signed) · Date: July 19, 2019 20:30 · For: Chapter 6: Haunted

Sören was beginning to heal a little bit with Dooku, although it’s like tender skin over a wound. But just when he was beginning to, a bombshell is about to descend. 


I still think Van buying the entire plaza is just completely HIM. Lol. 

Author's Response:

I hadn't even intended for Van to buy the entire damn plaza when I started that chapter... he had other plans. :P

Name: Spiced Wine (Signed) · Date: July 19, 2019 20:19 · For: Chapter 5: Dancer in the Darkness

It was so heartbreaking to see how Sören became after Maglor left, how he became used to just nothing, really, taking drugs so he could forget a bit and have a ‘good time’ which wasn’t really. So sad. Of course he was meant for so much more than that. 


And Van saw that, of course :) 


Thank you for posting the image. 

Author's Response:

It was very, very sad. My heart breaks for him all over again as I'm re-reading this.  I'm glad Van saw he was meant for much more.


And thank YOU for commissioning that gorgeous work of art, that's amazing. <3

Name: Spiced Wine (Signed) · Date: July 19, 2019 20:10 · For: Chapter 2: Saudade

Aww, I always remember their first coming together, so hot — and so poignant too. And when I read this, I never imagined where it would go from here! 

Author's Response:

It's wild to re-read this as I'm mirroring it here and feeling all of the things all over again. Their first time together was beautiful.

Yes, it definitely took on a bit of a twist...

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