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07/16/19 11:18 am
Hope you're feeling better soon, Ziggy!
07/13/19 01:01 pm
Yes, definitely take it easy - get yourself well again!
Spiced Wine
07/13/19 09:59 am
Well, just take it easy, Ziggy. No doubt they’ve told you what to do and what not to do!
07/13/19 06:19 am
I have to admit it has really slowed me up so was hoping to post part 2 today but it will probably be next week now. I am going to work on some Maedhros stories though!!
07/12/19 10:41 pm
Happy Friday! Oh, ziggy, no, I hope you feel better soon.
Spiced Wine
07/12/19 11:20 am
Happy Friday, everyone :) Ziggy, I am sorry you have only one working hand at the moment, Take it easy!
Spiced Wine
07/09/19 09:37 am
Oh, I hope everything goes well, Ziggy!
07/08/19 10:12 pm
My knee is loads better thank you Spiced but I have an operation tomorrow to reattach the tendon in my shoulder. I hope it will be all fixed then.
Spiced Wine
07/07/19 11:09 pm
It’s been lovely. I hope you are healing better, dear Ziggy.
07/06/19 11:14 pm
Glorious weekend! Hope everyone is enjoying this!!
Shout Archive

Name: Nuredhel (Signed) · Date: July 03, 2019 20:08 · For: Chapter 7 ~Stormlight ~

This was a truly magnificent chapter, the final scene was both intense and hot and also very explaining in a manner, it shows how the two of them are connected on some deep deep level, beyond what others may be able to fathom and understand. The small glimpse into the existence of Edenel was a nice touch, as was the fact that Indis did mention that Feanor indeed is gifted, and that she did love Miriel. The fact that the mere presence of the valar sort of captures the very soul in a state of almost trance is interesting, one can wonder if it is a conscious thing or something which is just a part of their nature. I do not doubt that they use it for all it is worth though. This story is really interesting and it really does captivate the reader, as always extremely well done!

Author's Response:

Thank you very much, Nuredhel :) 

Yes, these two are s very connected, nothing can ever really come between then, no one and certainly no Valar, although as we’ll see, they will try. 

I think the Valar’s influence is ‘them’ or rather the thoughts and tones of their minds that are exuded like a king of cloying gas that affects people. 


Again,thank you so much for your kind words :) 

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: June 23, 2019 9:45 · For: Chapter 6 ~ Fire and Music, Starlight and Secrets ~

Another gorgeously written chapter with the most luscious description of both place and character. The image of Alqualonde with its newly covered towers of melted pearl, with opal is absolutely breathtaking. The thought gone into the creation of this, Spiced, is so compelling in term of world-building, completely credible and so easily imagined -effortless reading. I love the idea of cold forges and spell forges, the complex that Formenos is becoming. And you are taking your time with Fingolfin, and all the characters- gradually revealed and on stage. Such a joy reading this. (from Ao3)

Author's Response:

Thank you so much for posting this here, too, Ziggy :) and I’m glad to spend a more leisurely time with these characters before everything hits the fan; it’s such a treat to write. 

Name: Narya (Signed) · Date: June 18, 2019 18:23 · For: Chapter 5 ~ First Son (Steel and Fire) ~
Oh, poor Fingolfin, this is so sad! I hope he can find a way to visit his brother.

I love that Fëanor is so concerned for Nerdanel even though they aren't in love - and ósanwe lessons from Rumil! Brilliant.

The scenes with baby Maedhros are so touching. You can *feel* the weight of Fëanor's love for him, and the scene at the end, refusing the blessing of the Valar - phew.

Another brilliant chapter :D I am so enjoying this!

Author's Response:

I should think if there’s any way Fingolfin can get to visit Formenos, he will. Especially as he gets older. And now, with learning Ósanwe, the brothers have a greater connection still — and more secret. 

Fëanor does like Nerdanel, and does care for her; he’s the antithesis of cold-blooded, I think, and quite good at looking after people, and they do have a lot in common with their artistic pursuits, but — a lot of us have probably been there. You can like someone a lot and just not fancy them, ever. It happens.

I headcanon that Fëanor put a lot into his children as they were in Nerdanel’s womb, and adored them from the beginning. But yes, neither he, or she want the Valar ‘upsetting’ their boy(s). And although Fëanor did mean to say that he was not doing this again, (which he did)  baby Maedhros actually provided a better excuse by screaming his lungs out, which Fëanor didn’t expect, but will make him think more deeply about the ‘wrongness’.

:) I’m so glad you liked it! 

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: June 08, 2019 8:54 · For: Chapter 4 ~ Flowering Friendship, Desperate Measures ~

Loving this! Ingwe's blush- Feanor's wicked seductions!


‘I want to go there,’ he confided earnestly. ‘Fëanor, let us go, when we are older! The Teleri can sail us there in their swan ships.’ He curled one arm through Fëanor’s. ‘It would be the most splendid adventure. And we could be free!’ 


‘Yes,’ Fëanor said slowly. We could be free. We will never be free, here. ‘I want to go there, too.’ 


‘Wait for me to grow up!’ Fingolfin clutched his arm. ‘Promise me! Do not go without me.’ 


‘Yes, Fingolfin.’ He smiled. ‘I will wait.’ 

Lovely bit of irony - but I don't know what you are going to do in this fic...
The confrontation between Indis and Feanor is really well done and my sympathy  was so with Indis- how hard to have to see Feanor every day! And I like the way you chsnged things to account for Nerdanel.
Great story, Spiced- I have a theory about the mysterious person but not saying yet:)

Author's Response:

Thank you, Ziggy. I doubt this is going to be all that different to the Silmarillion to be honest; it wouldn’t be the same if it was the Silm is what it is because it’s grand tragedy and I don’t want to take that away from it; it would be like puncturing a balloon and still expecting it to be the same ????‍♀️ but some things will be altered. 

Name: Nuredhel (Signed) · Date: May 23, 2019 20:58 · For: Chapter 4 ~ Flowering Friendship, Desperate Measures ~

Great chapter, and i really like the way you portray the valar, they are like wax dolls with a core made from poison. That somebody did drug Fëanor in order to get him to bed Nerdanel is beliveable as well, it is rather devious and it could be a trick of the valar to subdue him, but as we know, it won't work. A creature which has no idea of what passion or love is cannot truly understand it, no matter what they do. Such fire cannot be reined inn and even if they believe they can control her they have made a blunder. I really love this story, i am eagerly awaiting the next chapter. 

Author's Response:

I actually don’t think the Valar drugged Fëanor and Nerdanel (although they probably nudged toward it) It was Finwë and Mahtan colluding. But yes, they’ll never tame what Fëanor is! 


Thank you so much, Nuredhel :) 

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: May 12, 2019 15:45 · For: Chapter 3 ~ Blossoming ~

I love this chapter so much! The wink!!!

I love the explanation for the trees- it is such a silly idea! This is much better. I have in my headcanon that the trees is just a daft story, like Adam and Eve, a way of explaining the Valar's bounty and apparent generosity. This is much better! I really enjoyed the description of the Valar's halls being impossible and a bit wrong, an illusion- it makes them slightly horrifying . Great writing.

I love the ring for Ingwe, he's going to be really really surprised!!


(Fingolfin had been seated the other side of Míriel and Fëanor had not taken much notice, surely the boy had been calmer, even asleep?  - did you mean Indis?)

Author's Response:

Thank you, Ziggy, I was actually thinking a bit of R’leyh when I was writing about Ilmarin and the gardens, not quite as maddening, but something a bit ‘off’ about them. 


The wink, yes, incorrigible Fëanor, lol.


Ooops yes, I did. Fixed~! Thank you :) 

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: May 12, 2019 15:17 · For: Chapter 2 ~ Awakening ~

This is a lovely chapter between the two brothers, their emerging love, their seeking adventure and freedom. I like the young Feanor and his fierce protectiveness, his complicated adolescent relationship with Finwe. And the book! Wonderful moment!!

Author's Response:

I think if Fëanor could, at that point have run away to Endor with Fingolfin, he would have. Sadly that was not to be ;__; 


Thank you, Ziggy :) 

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: May 12, 2019 15:06 · For: Chapter 1 ~ Out of Dust and Ashes ~

He could not bear it. All he had ever wanted, from a child, holding his sister in that cold, dark chamber in Tol-in-Gaurhoth, was to be with the Elves. Even just seeing them would have been enough. The dream of being accepted by them, he had long since discarded like a worn out boot, but to be in their company, listening to the mellifluous voices, watching them, shining like diamonds, glittering, passion in every turn of the head, every flashing smile, fed some ancient need in him, warmed the coldness of his heart. He shivered, the shudder of a child, hungry and afraid in the dark.


And now...


Loneliness roared within him, blasting him hollow. He did not weep, had forgotten how, but he bowed his head hard into his hands.

He had not known what would happen, had failed to realise what Fëanor was, what his meeting Melkor, that clash of power-upon-power would do. Fingolfin had been the catalyst, dying in glory. After that, nothing and no-one could have turned Fëanor from his course. A supernova.


You wring me out when I read Vanimore now- such self scrifice and such epic denial- and here he is with nothing... and caught in this never-ending cycle of war, with no peace or joy. Hope there is a happier ending in this one for him. As always, I am in awe of the poetry of your wtiting and the images that just seem effortlessly drawn.

Name: Nuredhel (Signed) · Date: May 12, 2019 13:04 · For: Chapter 3 ~ Blossoming ~

This is magnificent, such a unique and different take on the story. I think it is a very good twist to make both Fëanor and Fingolfin sons of Elernil, it fits way better with the idea of the imperishable flame within them both, and also, i have always felt that Finarfin was different from his older brothers somehow, he comes out as more mellow and somehow lacking, he just havent got their fire. The idea of Vanimore changing the trees were ingenious, so subtle and yet with such an effect. The valar do seem like spoiled children who wants it all and are incapable of understandig why they cannot have it. A truly great story, i love the way it involves the universes of Verhalen and Naryaflame.

Author's Response:

Aww, thank you very much, Nuredhel


I always wanted to have Edenel as the father of Fëanor and Fingolfin, as he’s much more like them, and they both even look like him, even in my Prime universe. And it’s always a delight to include Verhalen and Narya’s ‘verses. 


As for the Trees, lol, Vanimórë did what he’s best at — interfering lol! 

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