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The Prince and the Dragon by Lumeriel Mature
"The day that Nolofinwë heard the story of the Beast from his nanny's mouth, it was also the first time he heard about his...
~ The Once and Future Kings ~ by Spiced Wine Explicit
After the destruction of the old universe, Vanimórë, sitting outside ‘Time’ in the ‘Monument’...
Garmonbozia-(Pain and sorrow) by astorey_91 Explicit
How Namo treats the fëar in his care (dark!Namo AU)And how two maiar get caught up in it.
Fragments from Middle-earth by Linda Hoyland General Audiences
Ficlets of under 1000 words written for past BTMEM Challenges. They feature mostly Aragorn, Faramir, Halbarad and OCs
Two shores of the lake by Lumeriel Explicit
Once again, the families of Fëanor and Fingolfin live separated by a lake. After being reborn, both families find a way...
A Shadow Over Genesis by Spiced Wine Explicit
  He woke beside Finwë when the Unbegotten opened their eyes to the starlight over Cuiviénen. Brother...
Angels and crooks by Nuredhel General Audiences
Bard and Thran has gotten used to their new life but they do still have their jobs and my oh my does that make things interesting...

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Spiced Wine
09/14/19 11:07 pm
Welcome, Mairen :)
Spiced Wine
09/13/19 09:18 am
Happy Friday, everyone \o/
Spiced Wine
09/12/19 07:13 pm
Astorey, could you email me using the contact form and I can tell you about how to put pics onto a fic?
Spiced Wine
09/11/19 08:30 pm
Nelya — Sorry, that would be Estiel’s purview; Narya and I can’t do that
Spiced Wine
09/11/19 08:29 pm
Most of the free hosting sites are being closed, but I can host one for you, if you like
Spiced Wine
09/11/19 08:29 pm
Astorey— yes, of course it is. You have to first host the image so you can obtain a code for it.
09/10/19 01:56 pm
If it’s okay to ask, is there a way to add pictures to a fic that is posted?
09/09/19 09:05 pm
I didn't see Azaghâl's name on the list of characters when I was posting my latest fic!
09/06/19 10:55 pm
NASH! I called you Narya in a review!! So sorry. (grovel. Will write everything you ask of me in apology. x
Spiced Wine
09/01/19 10:29 am
Oh, that’s good, Ziggy!
Shout Archive

Reviews For When All Is Lost.

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: February 19, 2018 8:26 · For: Chapter 5

A lovely story! Thank goodness Feren had the chance to confess his love in time. I wonder what happened to Legolas to make him so brattish? It’s a good thing Glorfindel could see the elf he should have been and was able to release his emotions. 

Author's Response: I wasn't going to write Legolas like that but it started going that way so I went with it. He is so naughty making me write him like that lololol Thank you for your lovely comment - I am pleased you enjoyed it :)

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: February 18, 2018 6:03 · For: Chapter 5
This was lovely Glorfindel!

And Legolas as a spoilt brat of a Prince!? That was a surprise, but also a refreshing change.

Loved your Glofindel! Strong, stalwart and valiant.

Feren and Galion were perfect for each other. But it was a little sad that neither of them knew the others feelings. Its always the way though, isn't it. That it takes the thought of losing someone/something we love to spur us into action. :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your lovely comment - I am pleased you enjoyed it. Legolas became a spoilt brat as I was writing it, so I went with it lol I am glad Glorfindel was there to rurn him around. Feren and Galion - typical males! LOL

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