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03/22/19 08:54 pm
*Squee* Spiced and Ziggy updates in one day! I am spoiled and so, so happy :D
Spiced Wine
03/22/19 10:23 am
Happy Friday!
03/22/19 06:57 am
And a Ziggy update to read after work :D
03/22/19 06:56 am
Happy Friday!
Spiced Wine
03/17/19 10:40 am
Settling down and getting much nicer after tomorrow, Ziggy!
03/16/19 11:39 pm
Anyone else fed up with this awful weather?? At least it means we snuggle up and read and write:)
03/15/19 06:49 pm
Happy Friday! :)
03/15/19 12:54 pm
Happy Friday! And beware the Ides of March...
Spiced Wine
03/15/19 09:59 am
Happy Friday, everyone :)
Spiced Wine
03/08/19 04:38 pm
Yay to both \o/
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Reviews For Winter's Lease

Name: Kalendeer (Signed) · Date: May 15, 2018 12:49 · For: Chapter 1

I like the way Celegorm describes Middle Earth and Valinor, the wild and surprising versus the perfect artificiality. It's something that has been deeply imprinted in me years ago, when the first big fanfic I read with my shaky english was Dawn's Felagund Another Man's Cage and the idea was there. Everytime I come across the theme of the weather, storms and snow, I have these happy feelings that connects to my first experiences in this fandom.

I also like the part with the vision and how Celegorm reacts to this, like he's used to this kind of things. It creates some kind of intimacy between the two, but it's also sad because we, as readers, know why the vision would trigger with Celegorm nearby, and how it will fall out in the end.

Author's Response: Thank you, Kalendeer :) I haven't actually read Dawn's fic, although I keep meaning to! But I'm glad this story brought up some happy memories for you. I'm pleased the vision part worked with you; in my head!canon, I see the two of them as being close friends before things went wrong.

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: January 22, 2018 12:06 · For: Chapter 1
Oh! Narya this was lovely.

It was so heartwarming to read about Celegorm and Finrod and that even after everything; the burning of the ships, the grinding ice, there is still much unity amongst the cousins, despite what Morgoth has done and is still doing.

Normally there is so much angst and antipathy with the House of Finwe that its so refreshing to have them all getting along which brings a little bit of a tear to the eye.

I loved how you included Finrod having a moment of foresight. Knowing what will happen, its so hard to believe that these two could go from cousinly love and friendship to enemies. So sad. :(

Thank you for sharing Narya. Wonderful!

Author's Response: Thank you, Gabriel! I definitely see Finrod and Fingon as the forgiving types; once they knew that it was mainly Feanor who was responsible for burning the ships, I think they would have forgiven their cousins. There are a few mentions in the Silm of friendship among the cousins, and I like to imagine all the crazy things they got up to before it all went wrong. Really appreciate the kind comments.

Name: NelyafinweFeanorion (Signed) · Date: January 22, 2018 2:15 · For: Chapter 1
Oh Narya! This is lovely.
Such a bittersweet moment in time, knowing what lies ahead. You've done such a brilliant job describing it all--I can see it playing out in my head. Celegorm, grumpy and bored at being laid up, Huan all warmth and slobber and bowling Finrod over in his exuberance. Golden Finrod.

And then the little phrases--Celegorm's stab of jealousy, the mention of snow with the bitter memories it stirs, the description of stifling artificially perfect Valinor, the utterly heartrending "I had brothers too."

And then the memories--of the cousins, of young Finrod, of what drove them to come, even their respective positions on the bed. So poignant and moving.

And the end--the vision, the words exchanged, the unrelenting futility of it all. These boys break my heart over and over again and yet I wouldn't want it any other way--the world is better for having tragic elves in it than if we did not.

And my last reading of the Silmarillion left me wondering why I do not write Finrod--because he is captivating, heartbreaking, intriguing and brilliant.

Just lovely.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Nelya :) I really enjoyed writing it, I admit I got completely lost in the scene. I wanted to write something with a warm glow to beat the winter blues, but I couldn't quite leave out the dark stuff. It's such an intrinsic part of them and their story. They break my heart too :( I want to fix it somehow! And yay, another person who wants to write more Finrod. You could join in with mine and Ziggy's New Year's Resolution to write at least one more Finrod piece this year!!

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: January 21, 2018 20:40 · For: Chapter 1

Oh wow- I don't think I've had anyone write anyhting for me for years:) This is the nicest possilbe birthday present- thank you. 

It's so loaded with implicit meaning, with irony, with memory. Beautifully written. Images are rich and perfectly described- I love the way you write Huan- brilliantly doggy and a bit smelly and vile with his gobbets of saliva flying over the precious volumes of poetry:)


And the easy comfort of an old friendship that has lasted inspite of the burning of the ships and all the subsequent hurt and betrayal:

Finrod laughed a little as he accepted it. “How many years is it since we last did this?”


Memories flooded back – feasts and hunts and celebrations, and the morning after each event the cousins would gather in someone's chambers and eagerly share gossip from the previous night. “I couldn't count.” 


“I imagine not.” Finrod tilted his head, a teasing smile on his lips. “You had usually had too much wine the night before.


And then this wonderful moment of going from humour to the tragic:

I was saving it for when you're up and about again, but something tells me that you might need it to help you endure Curufin's ministrations.”


Celegorm couldn't help laughing. “How did you guess?”


Finrod smiled, but it did not reach his eyes. “I had brothers too.”

Finrod is so gracious and beautiful (why don't I write more Finrod?? HE is divinely sexy. I forget!) And Celegorm laid up, in bed, enjoying a glass of wine- damn that messenger! He could have delayed for a few hours!!

That image of Finrod gazing at the Ring of Barahir is perfect - beautifully written so there is a really clear image, colour is so important in writing and so many writers forget - this whole scene is rich pattern of golden warmth, struck with red of the wine and the emerald and gold of the  ring.

Thank you again dear Narya:) Made my weekend perfect!!


Author's Response: You're welcome! I had a lovely time writing it - funnily enough, as I was going along, I kept thinking "why don't I write more Finrod?!" I wanted to do something quiet and gentle - there's sadness there, inevitably, but they must have had some good moments too, in the midst of all the chaos. And yes, Huan - he's amazing, I love dogs, but they do slobber, and he is one big doggy! I'm glad the balance between the humour and tragedy worked for you, and that the easy warmth of their friendship comes across. It's had some knocks over the years, as you say, but nothing's broken it - yet. I'm so pleased you liked the image at the end, too - I wanted it to stay with the reader as a kind of warning note, a reminder of how things will play out, and the debt that Finrod ends up with when he rides off to help Orodreth. Thank you for your kind words, Ziggy - oh, and yes, you should definitely write more Finrod! ;)

Name: Spiced Wine (Signed) · Date: January 21, 2018 18:31 · For: Chapter 1
Oh, that’s lovely, Narya, and so sad, too. All those bright souls and fiery ones will fall, the proud kingdoms and all the hopes, but this was a lovely vignette of a gentler scene and affection, ending with foreshadowing. A debt and a Reckoning. Really well done!

Author's Response: I know, it always breaks my heart thinking of what happens to them all; I couldn't leave that out completely, but wanted to give them a quieter, calmer moment amidst the carnage. I'm so glad you liked it; thank you for reading, and for your lovely comments.

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