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12/14/17 01:06 am
I'm going to be working hard on my chapter for tomorrow with all these amazing plot twists you all left me!
12/14/17 12:46 am
Don't mind Narya- Saturday is fine if you want Friday- probably easier for me to be honest.
12/12/17 11:12 pm
Oh, ziggy, btw, are you happy with Friday or is Saturday easier for you? I can do either.
12/12/17 03:27 pm
Great pair of chapters, ziggy and cheeky! I'm so excited to see what happens next.
12/12/17 02:12 pm
Ok Ziggy Thursday it is for me!
12/12/17 10:28 am
I managed it :-) and even got the next chapter up early! Not my best, but it was a busy day. That's my excuse.
12/12/17 07:26 am
@Cheekybeak- Haha! Serves you right for the last curved ball:D Nelya- yes, fine. You do Thursday, I'll find it easier doing Friday anyway.
12/12/17 01:14 am
Ziggy do you have Thursday too? If not I can do Thursday instead of Friday if someone else wants to pick up Friday? Let me know!
12/12/17 01:05 am
Oh, seriously, Ziggy?? What are you doing to me?! How do I follow that???
12/12/17 12:58 am
Shout Archive

Name: NelyafinweFeanorion (Signed) · Date: December 14, 2017 1:10 · For: Chapter 10
Gabriel this chapter was lovely. I liked the focus on Erestor and Maglor. It gave some depth to their story and their relationship--especially why it ended. I think Erestor underestimates himself. Really lovely phrasing and the sense of power was immense and awe inspiring.

How do I follow this? I've had a crazy busy day so it will be a late night writing session! So not sure if it will descend into comedy or more twists. You'll know tomorrow!

Author's Response: Oh! Nelya, my friend! You have made my day! :D I was so unhappy with this chapter, I didn't even want to re-read it once I'd finished. I guess we can be our own worst critics, huh! I wanted Erestor not to come across as a coward for leaving Maglor, but someone who had a very real and bona fide fear of Maglor losing complete control. Yes! I think Erestor underestimates himself too. I see him as Maglor's equal in everything except this. Someone who's a pillar of strength and stability. Thank you again, Nelya for your lovely comments, and I'm sure you'll come up with some great ideas for the next chapter. Look forward to it!

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: December 14, 2017 0:54 · For: Chapter 10

oh dear- what is going to happen when Thranduil returns and find Maglor -a hated Feanorian- in the arms of his poor wounded and drugged Elrohir? With any luck they will all fall into each other;s arms and lots of hot naughty elf sex ensue:)

Author's Response: Hi ziggy! Do you know, I actually forgot about Thranduil and him leaving the flet to 'disipline' his son. Poor Thranduil, must remember to do something on him next time. Haha! Hot naughty elf sex! I don't know whether haughty King Thranduil would lower himself, in his eyes, to have sex with a Feanorion. Lol We'll just have to wait and see what Nelya posts, I guess. Thank you my dear ziggy, for your comments. :)

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: December 14, 2017 0:51 · For: Chapter 9

“But I have failed,” Aegnir dropped his head. “For he poisoned the Noldor called Elrohir and I can only imagine what the rest of the Noldor will say when they hear.” 


“He what?” Thranduil could not believe his ears. “He poisoned . . . Are you sure the Noldor was Elrohir?”  


“He gave him scaäne” The Captain said sadly.  


Thranduil was horrified. His secret Elrohir poisoned by his own son? He could have sworn the poison was from an orc sword dipped in spider venom. He could have sworn it. But who knew how Noldor reacted to scaäne? 


“He gave him the scaäne even though he was injured?” It didn’t bear thinking about and Aegnir suddenly looked just as horrified.  


“Was he injured?” He cried. “We didn’t know . . . Well we didn’t actually look. He never complained.” 


“Of course he was injured! How could you have missed it?” This had to be the most terrible thing Legolas had ever done, Thranduil thought. Worse even than that woman in Laketown!  


He stared at Aegnir through narrowed eyes. 


“Just how many scaäne did you have?”  


The Captain blushed and could not look him in the eye and then Thranduil knew. He knew.  


and then!

"I have just discovered my son was the one who poisoned you." Legolas continued while Erestor stared at him in amazement. "I am sure he did not mean the consequences. He is wild, difficult to control at times.

Oh- this is such a BRIILIANT piece of plotting:) Just winding it about your finger and pulling it tighter so it's an even nastier knot:) Wonderful- and then the end was a lovely breathy Maglor-magic-moment!!


Great fun:)

Author's Response:

Well you said when you wrote about the mistaken identies you thought of me. I HAD to do something with it after that comment :-)

I was just praying Erestor/ Thranduil didn’t meet Legolas and co before I got a chance to write.....my luck was in! You know I love to tighten the knot. It’s untangling it that’s the tricky part. 

Name: Narya (Signed) · Date: December 13, 2017 19:24 · For: Chapter 10
Gabriel, why were you so worried? This is really good - a very emotional reunion, and a fantastic depiction of Maglor. I love the powers you've written him with - like he's so in tune with the Song that he can manipulate the whole thing and cause disturbances in the world. This could have fascinating consequences later...

Author's Response: Hi Narya! Thank you for your encouragment. I guess I wanted to make him the proud, magnificent, wise and powerful Noldo that everyone sees him as. Not to disappoint, I guess. To not make it read like a five yr old wrote it. I'm so glad Maglor's powers came across as they did. I was really worried about that. I must have done something right, if everyone understood what sort of power Maglor wielded. I didn't want to mess him up, {he's one of my most favourite characters}, to all these wonderful writers who have been in the fanfiction community for many years and me, never having written fanfiction before, ever, joining this year. I know it sounds silly, but, writing and reading stories mean a lot to me. I just didn't want to muck it up, that's all. Thank you again for your comments, Narya. It means a great deal to me. :)

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: December 13, 2017 18:57 · For: Chapter 10

It makes sense that Erestor fled from Maglor because he feared their relationship could never be equal. But perhaps Erestor underestimated his own abilities. 

How orivate is the flet? I hope Thranduil doesn’t walk in on them!

Author's Response: Thank you Naledi! I wanted to have Erestor have a valid reason for packing up and leaving Maglor. Not to have him seen as a coward, but to have a genuine fear. And yes! Maybe he does underestimate his abilities. To always be pillar of strength and stability to Maglor possibly. I like that. Sorry I didn't write about Legolas in this chapter, Naledi, I had an idea and everything, but just didn't get there. Oh well! Next time. If there is a next time. Thank you for your comments Naledi. Really appreciated.

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: December 13, 2017 17:47 · For: Chapter 10

I love the power of Maglor you portray here. It is just as I imagine him to be. Able to warp the very fabric of reality with his song. I can well imagine what it must be like for a more "ordinary" elf as Erestor is to be wrapped up in that. Quite overwhelming. But perhaps that ordinariness of Erestor is a part of what attracts Maglor, as an anchor and steadiness to his power. 

Interesting that Erestor ran to Celebrimbor of all people........couldn't stay away from the Feanorions and Celebrimbor had his own power  but perhaps not quite as damaging to the emotions as Maglors

But they better be careful.........what if Thranduil walks in on them?! 

Author's Response: Thank you Cheekybeak! I really was worried that the writing of Maglor's power and the chapter itself would come across like a child wrote it or it just did not gel together. Hence the agonising. I like your take on what attracts Maglor to Erestor. Yes! Celebrimbor! Need I say more. He speaks for himself really. And Yes, Erestor just can't stay away from fire. It only occurred to me after I'd posted that Thranduil/Legolas only left the flet to discipline his son and that he may be back at any time. So engrossed in Erestor and Maglor I completely forgot about Thranduil. Oh Dear! I was also planning to write something on Legolas and Anglach and Glorfindel and Arwen, but ran out of time. Hopefully someone else can take up the reins in that neck of the woods. Thank you again Cheekybeak.

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: December 12, 2017 21:52 · For: Chapter 9

Headstrong? Headstrong! How on earth did you describe an orc as headstrong? Erestor was gobsmacked.  


"This behaviour is completely unacceptable. He will be disciplined I promise you." 


"Disciplined?" Erestor gasped, "How?" For how did you discipline an orc he wondered? Especially a headstrong one.  


ahahahahahaaaaaa! Choking with laughter!


Oh, you have twisted  and turned and wriggled this into a wondeful knot that is pulling tighter and tighter!! How ARE we going to unravel it:)

Author's Response:

Glad you liked it. You set things up beautifully for me! 

As for how we unravel it.......I have no idea! Perhaps Glorfindel will help us? 

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: December 12, 2017 16:49 · For: Chapter 9

I love this, Cheeky! I knew the mistaken identities would cause confusion, but this is priceless. Thranduil thinks Legolas poisoned Erestor, and Erestor thinks Legolas is an Orc! Brilliant! I can't wait to see how this turns out. And at least Maglor, Arwen and Glorfindel are converging on Mirkwood.

Author's Response:

Yes, I felt I had to get those others there pronto......not that they will help matters but, you know, Thranduil obviously misses Glorfindel badly! 

As for Legolas the Orc—isn't that what Anglach always call him??? 

The only hope is Maglor I think . . Who may some semblance of commonsense and critical thinking . . .but maybe not? 

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: December 12, 2017 16:43 · For: Chapter 8

Hahaha! I love that Anglach got to wear a pretty dress too :) Thoes orcs must have had a terrible shock when the two fair maidens turned into bloodthirsty warriors!

And now the Wild Hunt is after them. Oh no!

Author's Response:

Yes- I admit I was very tired and probably hallucinating for lack of sleep- not my best ever but great fun to write the orcs.

Name: Narya (Signed) · Date: December 12, 2017 15:18 · For: Chapter 9
Oh goodness, Cheeky, you've tangled the knot even tighter! I can't help laughing at Thranduil thinking Legolas poisoned Elrohir, who is actually Erestor...and then Maglor! Yay!! How did he sneak in? Well, he's an ancient powerful Noldo, I guess he has his ways. And now Arwen and Glorfindel are here too...this is going to be a fun few das!

Author's Response:

How did Maglor sneak in? Well as you say, he is ancient . . . And Feanorian . . . And this is a flet so pretty easy to gain access too. He probably twisted reality with his song and Thranduil didn't even see him right in front of him! I had to get Glorfindel there. We have been ignoring him and Thranduil secretly Really Really wants him! 

(Can you imagine Legolas when he meets Arwen? And how irate that might make already grumpy Elladan?) 

Name: ovoriel (Signed) · Date: December 12, 2017 15:15 · For: Chapter 8
Loved the little fight! A little confused by the ending, though.

Author's Response:

Ovoriel - I cannot tell you how delighted I was to see your name in the reviews- it has been so long. I have missed you:) The ending is that Legolas and Anglach killed the orcs, and then the Wild Hunt has returned (Nelya wrote them earlier- sorry it is confusing- I was trying to get it posted after a very very long day but wanted to try and hit the deadline.)

Name: Narya (Signed) · Date: December 12, 2017 15:13 · For: Chapter 8
Oh ziggy, I love this! Elladan's foul mouth is a hoot. I love the contrast between him and the tenderness of Thranduil and Erestor. And the wild hunt at the end...yay! I'm glad they've shown up again!

Author's Response:

Yes-well Nelya is following I think and she introduced the Wild Hunt so I thought she might enjoy writing it:) Yes- Elladan is getting a shocking reputation!!

Name: NelyafinweFeanorion (Signed) · Date: December 12, 2017 14:26 · For: Chapter 9
Oh Cheekybeak! The mass identity confusion for Erestor and Thranduil now adds a supposed orc son to the mix and Maglor too? They may as well have all had the scones! Or at least they might have the headache after all.

Oh Aegnir--you dodged a bullet there with Thranduil. But you dumped Legolas on lifetime latrine duty I'm afraid. So funny.

Hmm. Glorfindel is going to find things quite unsettling in Mirkwood I'm afraid--and I don't mean the orcs or spiders. Don't let Arwen near those scones!

Author's Response:

Yeah, I don't think Aegnir is going to be Legolas' favourite Captain any more . . .if indeed he ever was. But perhaps Aegnir is not as dumb as Legolas thinks him! 

Dont let Arwen near Legolas I say! Elrohir then may have competition. And Elladan would be livid!! He's fast gaining a reputation for anger control issues. 

How Maglor is going to react to Thranduil I do not know. Perhaps he will just kidnap Erestor and do a runner! 

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: December 12, 2017 11:40 · For: Chapter 9
Oh! Cheekybeak! I chuckled all the way through this.

Poor Aegnir, I just feel for him. He just can't seem to catch a break, can he? lol

OMG! Can the misunderstandings with Thranduil/Legolas and Erestor/Elrohir get any worse, and now Maglor has come.

Absolute pandemonium has besieged Mirkwood!

And Glorfindel and Arwen as well!

Well I guess I've got a few ideas to consider.

Thanks Cheekybeak lol :D

Author's Response:

Can't wait to see what you do next! All the major players are there now for you to tinker with. 

I know, poor Aegnir. He has an obnoxious power hungry father obviously and I imagine he has just got caught up in it. And he has a soft spot for Legolas but he's never going to win there. 

Wouldnt be in Legolas' shoes for anything now when Thranduil finds him! 

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: December 12, 2017 10:03 · For: Chapter 8

Well, you are a nightmare to have to follow!! 

Still....I have managed to pull it off I think....well kind of. 

Poor little girlie Legolas and Anglach. 

I just LOVE Anglach's total devotion to the wise and good Thranduil! 

Author's Response:

Hehehe- well you buggered us all up with your daftness as usual:) You had the scones!! So I thought I owed you;)

Name: NelyafinweFeanorion (Signed) · Date: December 12, 2017 1:28 · For: Chapter 8
Oh my!! Ziggy this was great!
Where to start! Lovely to see Thalos--you can feel how torn he is but he is a prince of the realm and a warrior first, rather than a brother, even if he did get passed over for that command! Loved that you put in that troll move from Moria crediting Thalos for inventing it!
I love Anglach's utter adoration of Thranduil the Good and Wise. Dear Anglach.
Elladan has his own fan club now for his creative swearing!
Now we've accounted for all three Noldor! And Anglach and Legolas have gleefully besmirched their outfits of shame--the circlet is likely on the forest floor! But here's the wild hunt again,

Oh Thranduil--if only you knew how close Glorfindel is . . .

Ziggy from a purely housekeeping issue--do you have this Thursday's chapter too?

Author's Response:

Thank you Nelya- I am still not really happy with it but time got ahead of me and work was so busy. Still, I have given you a flithy bloody Legolas running with the WIld Hunt- which you introduced so hope you enjoy writing that, or getting them out of it- and you have an option of Glorfindel if you wish:)

Yes- swap. Friday's better for me.

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: December 12, 2017 1:08 · For: Chapter 8
Hey! ziggy! Glad you managed to post it without having to stay up to the wee hours.

Awww! I love that Thranduil still thinks of and reminisces {I hope I spelled that right}, about Glorfindel. And sad that he thinks he will never see him again. :(

I have to say that Thalos is my most favorite of Legolas' brothers. So good you included him in this. He's just so gorgeous. ;)

The Orcs finding Legolas and Anglach at the end was a bit of a surprise. But then I can talk. Lol.

Thank you ziggy, for this super chapter!

Author's Response:

Yes- just about scraped through but had no time to edit or re-read really so I hope it reads OK.

Oh yes- Glorfindel and Thranduil. So many people want that:) Thank you for liking Thalos- my aim is to get him into canon so other people write him and I can just read and enjoy.

Ha- you certainly can! Surprises are big in this fic for all of us- love that.

Thank you Gabriel- looking forward to your next- your writing is lovely,

Name: ovoriel (Signed) · Date: December 11, 2017 13:54 · For: Chapter 7
Ouch. And he might not even know about the scones yet...

Author's Response:

Hehehe! We’ll have to wait and see what happens next. Thranduil’s not the kind of person you want to get on the wrong side of, clearly!

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: December 11, 2017 0:50 · For: Chapter 7
Oh! Naledi! Awesome chapter!

I think Elladan needs a lay or perhaps some privacy to give himself some release. He should have settled down a little by now. I don't think it should be a Wood-Elf though-way to much ire still, for them. Lol

Wow! those scones were certainly potent. Mind you Elrohir did eat quite a few.

I can't wait to see how Legolas looks in a tunic embroidered with bluebells and a mithril circlet upon his brow. A girl indeed!

This is just getting soooo good! :)

Author's Response:

Thanks, Gabriel! Yeah, Elladan’s not in a good mood, but to be fair, he did get hurt and now he’s suspicious of this stranger who’s drugged his brother. Hopefully Legolas will win him round. 

I can’t wait to see Legolas in his tunic and circlet either. Thranduil is so evil :)

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: December 10, 2017 19:22 · For: Chapter 7

Hahahahahah! You've left me with Legolas in bluebells and a mithril circlet, Erestor panting after Legoas/Thranduil, Arwen and Glorfindel and Maglor all gaining on them! God help me!!


Beautifully written my dear- love the banter -love that image of Legolas sitting in the top of the pines crooning to the moon!! Love the idea that he will be so stinky Elrohir cannot love him -could go on and on but I've got a chapter to write!!!xxx

Author's Response:

Yes, just how bad does Legolas look in the bluebell tunic of shame and his girlie circlet. Over to you! I can’t wait to see where you’re taking this next. 

Name: NelyafinweFeanorion (Signed) · Date: December 10, 2017 18:17 · For: Chapter 7
Gabriel do you have a day you prefer? I can do Wednesday, Friday or Saturday too, Narya.

Name: NelyafinweFeanorion (Signed) · Date: December 10, 2017 18:13 · For: Chapter 7
Oh you had me laughing! Poor Elrohir is still reeling a bit from the scones but I love how he is defending Legolas and his mouth runs away with the compliments.
And you used my middle earth swearing! Yay!

Anglach is just too overjoyed that Legolas must wear the bluebell tunic and mithril circlet of shame! Thranduil you are harsh. But it's likely only going to make Elrohir lust after him more I think!

But what are Elladan and Elrohir going to make of Legolas being the King's son?

And Ziggy I want to know what Thranduil and Erestor have been up to!

Author's Response:

Of course I used your swearing. That was too good to leave out!

Yup, we shall have to see if Elrohir finds Legolas irresistible in his flower-power tunic and circlet! Obviously I hope so, because I love those two together. 

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: December 10, 2017 18:02 · For: Chapter 7

Ha, ha, so Funny!

so many good lines. 

"I have located your missing friend."


Oh Elrohir, you are a darling...but incredibly dumb when drugged. Stay away from the scones! 

And this one,

"Don't be mean to Legolas, you're just jealous because he's got nicer leggings than you!" Still obsessed with the fabric of Legolas' trousers. 

But the funniest thing of all.....knowing Thranduil has a bluebell tunic he makes Legolas wear when he has been especially bad!!!

Author's Response:

Poor Elrohir. Those scones acted like an instant lobotomy. I’ll leave it to Ziggy to decide how quickly the drug is going to wear off. Let’s hope it’s fast, or Thranduil will be unimpressed!

That bluebell tunic came out of nowhere. It took me by surprise. All along I’d planned for Thranduil to send Legolas a tunic, then suddenly thereit was, covered in bluebells. And I haven’t had a single cheese scone today. 

Name: Narya (Signed) · Date: December 10, 2017 16:53 · For: Chapter 7
There was another presence there. Ancient. An elf, certainly, but not a Wood-elf. There was no twining with the Song of the trees, but instead it was threaded with adamant, fire and a deep yearning.

Ooh yes, gorgeous description!

How the Noldor had ever managed to gain their reputation of great learning was beyond him.

LOL. I love this, Naledi - so the scones were Legolas pranking Elrohir, then he realises he's attracted to him. I wonder how Elrohir will react now that he knows Legolas is a prince...?

And the mithril circlet at the end made me laugh. Anglach is right; Legolas in a circlet does look somewhat feminine!

Author's Response:

Thanks, Narya. Legolas is seriously regretting feeding Elrohir those scones now. Not the best way of getting Elrohir into his bed! And, yes, the twins now know Legolas is a prince. Not that Legolas deliberately hid the fact. It’s just that he’s so used to everyone knowing who he is, it didn’t occur to him that a visitor wouldn’t know who he meant when he spoke of his father. 

Now Legolas has to wear the tunic and circlet of shame. Anglach is going to love it, even if Legolas doesn’t!

Name: NelyafinweFeanorion (Signed) · Date: December 10, 2017 15:04 · For: Chapter 6
Wow! Another twist I was in no way expecting!!MAGLOR?!? Great chapter!!
I like this Arwen. I always had a hard time with her character until I decided she was probably far wiser and feistier than portrayed. I love that Glorfindel is made uneasy by her.
What a tangled web you've woven for us (pun intended)!

But Maglor!!! Love the addition of him and the way he is drawn to the passing Elves even if he is reluctant. The recognition of his former lover is really going to put him on an intersting path here. There is a real sense of ages old unearthly magic here--blood magic, Yule, mindspeak, wild hunt.
Fascinating twist to this story with a real underlying sense of power in these new characters.

Author's Response: Thank you, Nelya :) yes, Maglor, he's being rather pushy with me at the moment - he seems to show up everywhere. And yes, I've always struggled with Arwen too, but when you think about who she is descended from, and who she spends a lot of her time with, that opens up a lot of new thoughts on her character - or at least it did for me. I can't wait to see where you lovely people take this next, it's really exciting!

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