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Spiced Wine
11/20/20 09:41 am
Happy Friday everyone, take care and keep safe
Spiced Wine
11/13/20 02:00 pm
I don’t know why it glitches, Gabriel, but the software is old. Thank you, you too!
11/13/20 11:09 am
Thank you, Spiced. Yes, I finally figured out I could go back and edit the characters.:D You have a good weekend.
Spiced Wine
11/13/20 09:52 am
Happy Friday, everyone, keep safe and well
Spiced Wine
11/13/20 09:52 am
I can add her, Gabriel. There is a glitch with the list, in fact, I have to post then go back and add characters
11/12/20 10:20 pm
Okay, I've figured out how I can get around it.
11/12/20 08:53 pm
And it seems everytime I press on 'fiction' in the category options the character list reduces. Anyway, my dear Spiced, could we add "Anaire" to the list please.
11/12/20 08:49 pm
I don't know why I'm having so many problems with posting. It's not the usual problem. Now it's the character list stops at 'N' for me. I'm sure it went further than that.
11/07/20 10:25 pm
Sending hugs to everyone. Ziggy - I've been thinking of you. I can't begin to imagine how hard your job must be at the moment xxx
11/07/20 10:22 pm
Feeling just a little bit lighter after today's result xxx
Shout Archive

Name: KimicThranduilion (Signed) · Date: December 30, 2017 18:14 · For: Chapter 5
Oh I do love your angry sweary Elladan
Nelyafinwefeanorion. And Elrohir all drugged and blissed out is a wonderful image too. Loving this story!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! It was such fun writing this story with the others. I have grown very fond of sweary Elladan and besotted Elrohir, as well as the rest of this cast of characters and their Mirkwood adventures. thanks for reading and commenting!

Name: KimicThranduilion (Signed) · Date: December 30, 2017 18:02 · For: Chapter 4
The plot thickens and it's completely funny to see Thrnaduil and Erestor(?) mistake each other's identities - I like where that is going

Name: KimicThranduilion (Signed) · Date: December 30, 2017 17:46 · For: Chapter 2
This was completely hilarious! I love the culture clash and sarcastic Legolas vs sassy Elrohir. A really good laugh out loud read :D

Name: SparkyTAS (Signed) · Date: December 30, 2017 15:06 · For: Chapter 22
Wonderful story, thank you for sharing. I enjoyed it very much. Do we really have to wait for next year for the next installment?

Author's Response: I'm really glad people have enjoyed this - it was a lot of fun for us all to write! I think it might have to wait a little while before we all regroup for the sequel, though; we had a great time doing it, but it's quite a hectic, high-pressure way to write. A few of us have talked about seeing what they'd all get up to in Imladris, so stay tuned...and thank you so much for your lovely comments, it's very much appreciated :)

Name: KimicThranduilion (Signed) · Date: December 29, 2017 23:10 · For: Chapter 1
A deliciously wonderful start here Naledi. Mmmm - just the thought of Legolas in those beautiful skin tight leggings. I'm quite envious of Elrohir. Can't wait to read the rest :)

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: December 27, 2017 1:03 · For: Chapter 22
Such a lovely ending Narya!

And you left it open for more in future. Wonderful!

Our Erestor and Maglor. So beautiful together and so in tune with each other. I think we did such a terrific job on these two considering we were under pressure. Now that its over and I've had time to think, I'm quite proud of them. Being my first fanfiction story, my first posting and my first Round Robin ever. I've just got to remind myself to enjoy it. :)

Do I detect a little protectiveness from Erestor toward Maglor, now he has his beloved back. That's so sweet. I would love to see more on these two, as a couple.

Then the memories start swamping Maglor again; *Long nights by the fire with Nelyo, telling each other stories; Celegorm learning to ride; the wild games he used to play with the twins.* I've loved the insights into Maglor's family life. The good times that bring him so much grief. :( Then he reminds himself of Erestor and Glorfindel; that he still has some good left in his life.

I'm glad Legolas and Elrohir both got what they wanted. Well maybe just Elrohir but Legolas seemed happy to oblige. ;D

I also love the moments Erestor and Maglor have in their rooms before they give into each other. So much love and care there. Erestor truly realizing how much time had passed since they'd been together, with the discovery of a scar and Maglor's leaner body signs of his 'not so great life in the wilds, alone'.

Yay! Thranduil and Glorfindel finally making peace and restitution with each other. Good to see. Glorfindel seems to disarm Thranduil somewhat into showing his more personable side.

I think there might just be another story brewing somewhere with all these wonderful characters. :)

I loved the hugs, Narya! Glorfindel and Erestor showing their shared love and compassion for Maglor and his plight for not wanting to step foot in Imladris, no matter how much he wants to.

Then the hugs with Legolas and Anglach at the end. Beautiful! Maglor's such a loveable elf.

I hope I haven't babbled on for too long Narya. I just love talking {as you've probably noticed} about characters. :)

Oh! And I'm all for a trip to Imladris next time. That will be interesting! I'll have a bit more experience under my belt with writing and posting stories by then.

Happy New Year Narya! It has been lovely getting to know you and your wonderful style of writing over the past few weeks. :)

Author's Response: Thank you Gabriel! It's been lovely getting to know you too :) I can't wait to read more of your work. And yes, I'm really pleased with how all the characters turned out; writing under pressure like that is really tough, with barely any time to plan a plot, trying to resolve things as you go but also leave space for the next person to play. This has been a lovely group to write with though, it's been such a fun experience. I think you're right, Erestor does feel protective towards Maglor; he and Glorfindel, and to an extent Thranduil, are probably the only ones who can imagine what it's been like for him. With Erestor, of course, there's the added layer of their relationship - I think he wants to look after him, hence the concern over the scar and Maglor's physique. I'm not sure Maglor's one to put up with being fussed over for long, though ;) Legolas and Elrohir...I think they probably both got what they wanted, I just didn't have time to write it all! As for Thranduil and Glorfindel, I think it does our mighty woodland King some good to have someone around who disarms him so thoroughly. And no need to apologise for writing lots, I love chatting about characters too :) I hope we do get chance to send them all to Imladris next year...we'll have to see! Have a wonderful New Year, Gabriel, and I look forwards to seeing some of your other stories soon.

Name: NelyafinweFeanorion (Signed) · Date: December 26, 2017 20:21 · For: Chapter 22
Oh Narya! What a lovely last chapter.
From Erestor and Maglor's comfortable familiarity to Legolas' heartfelt apology and reacquaintance with Elrohir (lovely description of his muscled torso!)
To Thranduil and Glorfindel's reunion--forgiveness passion and mutual respect and the hints of Elladan/Aegnir and Arwen/Thalos.
I loved the Maglor group hug with Erestor and Glorfindel and then the lovely Maglor, Legolas and Anglach one!
I'm glad Elladan and Elrohir had the good sense to be embarrassed by their behaviour towards Maglor.
And oh the lovely barrel drop comments!

I so enjoyed this story--reading and participating!!
I've never done a rapid round robin like this before--I was a bit apprehensive about contributing but it was so much fun! I would love to do this again next year--perhaps the Greenwood crew will make a visit to Imladris!

Author's Response: Thank you, Nelya! I'm so pleased you liked it :) yes, I thought I'd better give Elrohir a little dignity back after the scone incident, bless him. Maglor's group hug with Legolas and Anglach was a last minute addition, but when I thought of it I had to put it in there. I've had a great time doing this too - and you actually read my mind about the Greenwood crew paying a visit to Imladris next year. Elrond won't know what's hit him...

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: December 26, 2017 7:46 · For: Chapter 22

Yay! Everyone got their partner of choice, even if it was just for that one night. A fitting and wonderful end to this year’s advent calendar! Happy Christmas!

Author's Response: Well, I couldn't leave anyone out in the cold ;) and for some of them it might be more than one night; I think Thranduil has plans for a royal visit to Imladris at some point! Happy Christmas, Naledi :)

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: December 26, 2017 5:25 · For: Chapter 22

There were a few moments of confusion as the brothers cried out in joy and hugged one another, and Anglach leaped around like an excited robin, and then Thranduil was there and had gathered his eldest son into his arms and pressed a kiss onto his brow, then shepherded them all over to the table where Galion was sleeping and ordered for wine to be brought from the cellars. As they settled themselves on the benches around Galion, the butler gave a loud snort and murmured “shit, shit, shit, we are in the shit...” before falling silent again.


Well done my dear! You brought it home beautifully with some lovely affectionate relationships and morning afters. And that last little bit with the barrel drop-excellent touch:)

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: December 26, 2017 5:24 · For: Chapter 22

There were a few moments of confusion as the brothers cried out in joy and hugged one another, and Anglach leaped around like an excited robin, and then Thranduil was there and had gathered his eldest son into his arms and pressed a kiss onto his brow, then shepherded them all over to the table where Galion was sleeping and ordered for wine to be brought from the cellars. As they settled themselves on the benches around Galion, the butler gave a loud snort and murmured “shit, shit, shit, we are in the shit...” before falling silent again.


Well done my dear! You brought it home beautifully with some lovely affectionate relationships and morning afters. And that last little bit with the barrel drop-excellent touch:)

Author's Response: Thanks, ziggy :) I couldn't resist that! Honestly I'd have liked to write about twice as much, but time was not on my side. Ah well - maybe we'll see them again next year!

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: December 25, 2017 23:16 · For: Chapter 21

Ooh, lovely, Ziggy. Lots of lusty elves all vying for their partner of choice. That was a most enlightening look into Legolas’s mind, thanks to Arwen. I’m glad to see that although he lusts after just about every non-relative with a pulse, Elrohir featured more times than anyone else!

Happy Christmas!

Author's Response:

I thought that would make you smile! Merry Christmas my dear Naledi xx

Name: NelyafinweFeanorion (Signed) · Date: December 25, 2017 22:54 · For: Chapter 21
Ziggy I was looking for winter legend ideas and remembered something I had read about the Oak king and holly king so I read up on it a bit and included it. It made sense to me as a story of the moriquendi Silvans!

Author's Response:

Well it worked beautifully:)

Name: NelyafinweFeanorion (Signed) · Date: December 25, 2017 21:20 · For: Chapter 20
I remember that Glorfindel/Thranduil one shot too!

I do love how we've each woven headcanons of our own into the story and how well they have worked, not to mention many references to myth and legend--the Rhaw Braig, holly king and oak king, guest rights, blood magic, Druidic legends--such fun!

Author's Response:

Yes- I agree! The trouble is (or not!) is that I have absorbed them by writing them and now MY headcanon about Erestor and Elladan is in danger of morphing into serious incest!!! Did you bring the Holly King and Oak King? I am interested in where that comes from- in fact, just googled it- fascinating. I need to get back into reading mythology and folk tales. 


Yes- it's been grat fun- let's do it again!

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: December 25, 2017 20:55 · For: Chapter 21

Erestor/ Maglor started in A Song for My Beloved, they fell out in The Maedhros Incident, and then we saw their post relationship bitching in Because He Killed Fingon. And then continual references to Erestor pining for Maglor in all those funny stories. 

How could you forget that Thranduil/ Glorfindel oneshot??!! 

Author's Response:

Oh I love Because He Killed Fingon. One of my all time favourites.  Ah- OK- need to spend some time (haha!) rereading some of those. Your archive has grown huge my dear Cheekybeak! 


Yeah I know- well I hadn't forgotten it- just where I put it:)

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: December 25, 2017 18:15 · For: Chapter 21

Through a Glass Darkly was when you wrote them, Ziggy. There kept being little hints of Thranduil in Glorfindel’s thoughts . . . There may have even been a few in More Dangerous, Less Wise now I think of it. Then you wrote a one shot for them at the Last Alliance which was wonderful!

I have loved seeing them in this story. We all bought our head canons and jammed them in here together! (Maglor/Erestor is mine. Narya introduced the idea but she got them from my stories) It works! I love it. Don’t feel bad!!! 

Author's Response:

OK- feel better now. I did see you put Erestor and Maglor together but didn't twig that was in your stories already- which ones? And thank you for reminding me where I put Thranduil and Glorfindel:D Oh yes- that one shot!! THAT was what I was looking for duh!

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: December 25, 2017 8:14 · For: Chapter 21

Ah, gorgeous! Thranduil and Glorfindel. I love those two together when you write them. Poor Thranduil beating himself up so badly when actually the encounter wasn’t like that at all from Glorfindel’s point of view. 

Whaot a lovely way to finish Xmas day reading this.

And Maglor at the beginning. That torn at the heart strings. His memories...his deep loneliness that flowed beneath all his thoughts, his joy at simply being made welcome.


(And I loved Thalos’ ,metal slap to Legolas! ) 

Author's Response:

Thank you my dear- we are getting good at these bonkers stories:) I tried to find where I had written about Thranduil and Glorfindel in other fics but couldn't find them and now I feel I've jammed my own headcanon into this a collaborative effort....sorry. Only just realised.

But still glad you liked it and I wish you a very very lovely Christmas- it has only just strted here- 9am. Hope you still have lots of nce things ot look forward to!

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: December 25, 2017 4:10 · For: Chapter 21
Sorry ziggy, in such a rush I forgot to mention Thranduil and Glorfindel.

Oh! Thranduil going down on his knee asking forgiveness of Glorfindel for his terrible treatment of him in Dagorlad.

I somehow knew Glorfindel would easily forgive him. That's just who Glorfindel is. The gorgeous golden warrior that he is. The one who hasn't been able to get Thranduil out of his mind since. Fantastic!

Can't wait to see where Narya leads them!

Thanks ziggy!

Author's Response:


Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: December 25, 2017 3:38 · For: Chapter 21
Oh! My! Gosh!

ziggy this was wonderful!

With all the celebration in the Woodland Realm, Maglor is taken back to a time in Tirion when there was another celebration of a slightly different kind. Remembering his father and his brothers. Oh! ziggy what a treat! Awesome idea to include memories of Tirion. Even though it was a happy memory I really felt for Maglor in that moment because it was also tinged in sadness for what was lost to him.

Then back into memory again, a not so nice one of Nelyo after Angband and Caranthir as he lay dying. Sniff!

His and Erestor's exchange knowing and understanding. So beautiful!

Oh! And Anglach lining the Elflings up to greet the Yuletide Spirit and Legolas delving into the gift bag trying to come up with something resembling what the little Elfling has asked for and cursing every Ainur under the sun when he can't. *Feanaro would have loved him* Lol!

And Aerlinn again! :) I am so surprised and glad with how she has been brought to life in this story ziggy! And how she just keeps appearing in scenes. Lovely thought!

I loved the part of a little girl asking if the dog she had recieved would keep out Orcs as well and Legolas telling her that it is the Woodland Realms warriors that keep out the Orcs! Legolas seeming to become taller, mature and commanding at this. Part of his responsibility as a Prince and warrior to keep his father's realm safe.

Arwen she just will not let up will she. Even using Legolas to move Thalos into action. Manipulative little strumpet! Lol

And we're finally seeing Elrohir and Legolas making their moves. Or rather Elrohir is. What is it with the Noldor always the need to be in control. Love them so much!

Again ziggy, this was truly a wonderful gift to read on Christmas Day. Thank you.

Author's Response:

Isn't Aerlinn your character, Gabriel? I wanted to give that to you. I also read in one of your responses /reviews that you had lost a bit of confidence after posting- you shouldn't. I have loved your chapters- keep writing and posting. I have loved your chpaters.

Haha- Elrohir wanting to be in control should give Narya a really good opening for the final scenes. I am expecting hot elf sex.

Glad you enjoyed it Gabriel. Keep writing and I look forward to your next post:) Have a lovely day today.

Name: NelyafinweFeanorion (Signed) · Date: December 25, 2017 2:28 · For: Chapter 21
Ziggy what a beginning!!

"Breathe, he told himself as Nelyo had told him so many, many times when he was too young to think it for himself. Just breathe."

And oh! The description of Tirion--of Finwë's palace, of Fëanor, bursting with pride and of Nelyo, dear Nelyo--always there for his brother. You made me cry with rest and the memories brought by his smile-Nelyo and Caranthir.

And Legolas and Anglach--such adorable helpers but somehow in tune with Maglor to sense his disquiet and how momentous this was for him.

And their lovely sparkly tunics. Made me laugh to imagine them. Wonderful teamwork with the children, despite Legolas' Galion like swearing! And the Legolas carved Orc Princess! Just perfect--but oh Anglach's childlike joy made me cry a little too.

Arwen!! She's really shameless. I'm sure Thalos mentally smacked him. But I wonder what will happen when she meets Laersul?

Elladan and Aegnir are getting on, which is great. And good old Elrohir--clear headed and quite sure what he wants--well played there with the forfeit.

I cannot imagine what Erestor and Galion say next!

What a lovely, emotional reunion for Glorfindel and Thranduil. Thranduil has been so majestic but also so conciliatory and forgiving, not to mention self aware. You sense his power and his wisdom--he truly is Anglach's Good and Wise King.

Lovely drawing together of all the threads now as they pair up, couple by couple.

Author's Response:

Thank you Nelya. I am really glad you liked the Nelyo reference- I thought of you when I was writing that bit:) 

Legolas and Anglach are such a silly pari but they are good hearted - obvious choice as Santa's Little Helpers!

Yes- the forfeit just came to me because he and Legolas haven't seen each other to talk to properly in any way yet- so Legolas really has got a lot of ground to make up. But really I am giving Narya a lovely gift to write grat sex scene- can't wait to read it:) Same with Glorfindel and Thranduil. 

Merry Christmas my dear. Have a lovely festive day.

Name: Narya (Signed) · Date: December 25, 2017 0:40 · For: Chapter 21
Finwë’s great hall. Sparkling with diamonds on the chandeliers, huge mirrors reflecting the light, dancing, the lovely women in the arms of handsome men, laughing, chatting. And he waited for his turn to perform. His father…oh, his father…waited with a proud smile, opening the doors to welcome him in. The butterfly nerves fluttering in his stomach wanting to please, wanting to do well…His brothers, Nelyo smiling conspiratorially for he knew how Macalaurë felt….

Ahh, ziggy, just gorgeous! So much emotion and so many memories here.

It was the silly boy, Anglach. In his sparkly snowdrop tunic and his friend, Legolas, no longer in the bluebell tunic but one equally sparkly and flowery. And he was here, in Mirkwood. With the Elvenking, Thranduil who had forgiven him.

It was all a bit overwhelming.

And then this grounds it again, Legolas and Anglach in their silly tunics, bless their hearts. I love the memory of Nelyo being brotherly and supportive, and the fact that he can't think about blood. Poor Maglor.

‘Come Snowdrop! Come Bluebell!’ he said commandingly.

Eeee! The Night Before Christmas! Beautiful echo.

So he smiled the smile that had Tirion bowing, that had brought an answering smile to the returned Nelyo’s cracked lips that had not smiled for all the years of his torment, that had wrung a last smile from Caranthir as he lay dying, that had stopped the tears of two small boys wrested from their burning home. And Legolas Thranduillion forgot Elrohir for a moment and gazed up at the strong and beautiful noble face and smiled back.

‘Your wig slipped,’ he whispered, straightening it. ‘Carladan, don’t pull the Spirit’s hat off. It means he loses all his magic and the presents disappear.’

Oh goodness. I think I'm going to cry. And then that lovely moment with Erestor, and all the love and support there. And the image of Legolas and Anglach as sparkly ssheepdogs, that is just too perfect. I do like that you reconcile the silly version of them we have seen in this story with the warriors they usually have to be, in that lovely bit with the child asking if her dog will keep the orcs away. It's a poignant reminder of what they have to deal with on a day to day basis, when they're not busy running around the wood lusting over Noldor ;)

Legolas has Edelweiss on his tunic - wonderful :) one of our family traditions is watching The Sound of Music at Christmas, so this gave me a ridiculous amount of feels. And Arwen had me howling, trying to get Thalos's attention.

Legolas dancing with Aerlinn is adorable, and I love that Elrohir joins in - so sweet!

Galion was singing loudly, drunkenly, and very very offensively. It seemed that Erestor had joined him and the two were competing to see who could sing the most vulgar, most blasphemous verse. Galion had just sang about Elbereth’s sweet and milky tits, and Erestor had countered with something disgusting about Manwë being sweeter and milkier even than her but Thranduil did not want to know what.

These two are just brilliant together - absolutely hilarious. And ohhh, Thranduil and Glorfindel. Finally!

What a wonderful penultimate chapter, ziggy; there are so many great moments here, and I love that you've brought everyone's story to a satisfying emotional conclusion. I'll have to have a think about how to wrap everything up; I'm not sure I'll have time to write a scene for absolutely every pair, but I'll do my best.

Hugs and a very merry Christmas to you.

Author's Response:

I was looking for Sindarin words that would do for Prancer, Dasher and Dancer but in the end I just had to stick with what we had - which works nicely anyway. So glad you picked that little reference up:) And I just had to put in something about Nelyo in here to just remind us all of the tragedy (as if you might forget!). I love you for picking up on all the little references and details- hope I have given you enough to hang your stocking on my dear:)


Merry Christmas Narya. Can't wait to read your wonderful last chapter.

Name: Narya (Signed) · Date: December 24, 2017 17:52 · For: Chapter 20
I'm so glad Maglor's words about Glorfindel were believable--with the 'fin' in his name I have always imagined him as one of the cousins--son of Findis or Irime in my mind, although I lean towards Irime currently!

Yes, I definitely see Glorfindel as a family member as well. In Spiced Wine's AU he's Finarfin's son (disowned due to a forbidden relationship with Ecthelion), so that's what I had in my head when I was writing "cousin" and "kinsman" etc. - her stories are some of the first I read in fandom, so they've had an indelible influence on my head!canon. I could definitely see Irime though, especially since she actually crossed the Helcaraxe and Finarfin stayed behind. Anyway, having him back together with Maglor is giving me the warm fuzzies.

As a side note - we don't actually know what happened to Irime, do we!? Now there's a fic waiting to happen...

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: December 24, 2017 0:14 · For: Chapter 20
Such a wonderful chapter Nelya!

You are bringing all the characters and situations together beautifully.

I love that you've given Maglor, by royal appointment, the role of Yuletide Spirit. He certainly deserves to do something positive and enjoyable after everything he's been through.

Thranduil and Glorfindel can't wait to see what goes on there. ;)

I like the way Legolas is trying to do the right thing by Aegnir. Trying to create a position for him that's honorable within the line of work Aegnir loves.

Yes! Aegnir and Elladan, perfect Nelya! That was what I had hoped. Oooh! I can't wait to see how this evolves between them. Especially since Elladan was pretty pissed off at Aegnir's treatment of him.

This is all getting so good! Even though the story is winding down to its conclusion.

And this is your last chapter Nelya! You've taken us on quite a journey. Loved your chapters. I'm in awe of you, my friend. Able to do a round robin without any problems. And able to rise to the challenge under pressure. Not everyone can do it and still pump out a wonderful chapter. :)

Author's Response: Thanks Gabriel! This has been such fun. I was quite apprehensive at first, as I'm not used to this kind of thing at all, but I really enjoyed it and found the challenge of coming up with a plot on the fly very fun. I was so gratified to give Maglor a little bit of joy in this chapter. He deserves it, after all this time. Not only is he reuninted with Erestor but he for once is not a pariah among the Sindar and he gets to interact with children again. Legolas owed Aegnir an apology and this idea of his will make Aegnir very happy I think. I'm so glad Elladan and Aegnir worked for you--we are all so fond of our would be carpenter OC! Thanks for the positive comments!

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: December 23, 2017 19:01 · For: Chapter 20

Lovely chapter. From Maglor Santa Claus to Elladan and Aegnir who started off so badly but are perfect together! 

Of course Thranduil had the perfect Yule spirit outfit... of course he did! It’s funny now I think of it that Legolas was SO scornful of the Noldors fashion obsession when his own father has a huge wardrobe of impressive gowns!! 

Love the idea of Maglor handing out gifts to the children. So good for him .....who has been isolated from elvenkind for so long and has a special affinity with children. I do want to see him hold Elrohir and Elladan to account though. Hope we get to see that. 

Legolas/Anglach with Thranduil was so sweet, and I think Thranduil is right. Legolas has grown up a bit here. 

And Elladan and Aegnir bumping in to each other finished the chapter off brilliantly. Funny how so many of us decided Those two were destined for each other. Aegnir has taken over the story! 

Author's Response: thank you cheeky! Santa Maglor had to happen! Dear old Aegnir has become a definite favorite. I decided that fateful first interaction with Elladan should eventually lead to something like this. Thranduil has many outfits. Ahem. Yes I had written that original line about Legolas and the Noldorin obsession with clothing! I had to get back to it here and poke a little fun at Thranduil and his excessive wardrobe! Maglor will no doubt be in his element, handing out gifts, joining in the songs of the season and generally giddy at being among Elves again. Especially children. As he said, a large part of his life revolved around children and entertaining those younger than him. This will be bittersweet with the memories it dredges up but more sweet than bitter for once. And yes he really does need to give Elladan and Elrohir a piece of his mind! Elrond would be livid if he knew what they had suggested! I was happy to make Thranduil give Legolas and Anglach a break for the feast. He can tell they feel awful about how things turned out and they are both showing quite a bit of maturity--thinking of others instead of themselves--Anglach for Maglor and Legolas for Aegnir. I think he won't be quite as brutal in his castigating them as Legolas expects. I wanted a happy ending for dear Aegnir. He is our OC that we all grew to love dearly. And Elladan needs a break. He's been stressed and cranky the whole time and most definitely needs some flirting, not to mention getting laid as well!

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: December 23, 2017 18:52 · For: Chapter 19

Wonderful chapter! All the crazy strings from the last one drawn together. Even the orcish son! 

And Legolas finally came good and sorted out the mess with Aegnir. So he should! 

Especially liked the talk between Thranduil and Maglor at the end and the coming together of these two enemies. Sweet Anglach achieved something special there! 

Thranduil doesn’t even mind the loss of his secret Elrohir now he has the potential of Glorfindel! 



Author's Response: Yes, Legolas definitely needed to sort that one out - naughty boy! And I couldn't let the orcish son go, I had to have one last bit of fun with it. Anglach has definitely done a Good and Wise thing with Thranduil and Maglor, bless his heart. And yes, I think Thranduil has plans for Glorfindel later :) thank you, Cheeky!

Name: Narya (Signed) · Date: December 23, 2017 13:22 · For: Chapter 20
This is perfect, Nelya - lots of happy Christmassy feels, but so much emotional depth too. I love how you've taken the relationship between Thranduil and Maglor and developed it. I think my favourite part was Maglor talking about Glorfindel, though; there was such love and respect there. I'm sure ziggy will give us a lovely Thranduil/Glorfindel scene next chapter ;) and I can't believe that Maglor is going to be the Spirit of Yule. I'd never have thought of it but it works wonderfully. Legolas and Anglach are as adorable as ever, of course. Fabulous stuff, and again I am so sorry that I posted late and made it a late night for you.

Author's Response: Thanks so much Narya!! You gave me a wonderful chapter that let me pursue the story lines that have been percolating in my brain the last few days! I'm glad the burgeoning connection between Thranduil and Maglor worked--I think there is a lot of common ground and it will be nothing short of miraculous for Maglor to have the companionship of so many on this Yule. Oh! I'm so glad Maglor's words about Glorfindel were believable--with the 'fin' in his name I have always imagined him as one of the cousins--son of Findis or Irime in my mind, although I lean towards Irime currently! No worries--it was such fun to be involved with this!

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