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Spiced Wine
02/16/19 01:52 pm
B2Me is underway folks. Amazing collection of Bingo Cards!
02/16/19 10:56 am
Sounds like we've got some good new fics/updates on their way if everyone is writing this weekend:)
02/15/19 10:13 pm
I've been working so hard to get them done, that I'm done in the process.
02/15/19 10:12 pm
That sounds like my kind of weekend. Spiced! Hopefully I can have some fics finished for everyone to read. Fingers crossed. :)
02/15/19 10:12 pm
Similar I think! It's meant to be cloudy here but no rain forecast so I think a walk to start with, then some writing time
Spiced Wine
02/15/19 07:36 pm
Not really, but the weather is supposed to be quite mild and nice. Probably relax and write and go for a couple of walks. You?
Spiced Wine
02/15/19 07:15 pm
Not really, but the weather is supposed to be quite mild and nice. Probably relax and write and go for a couple of walks. You?
02/15/19 06:36 pm
Fri-yay! :D anybody got any nice plans this weekend?
Spiced Wine
02/15/19 10:11 am
Happy Friday, everyone :)
Spiced Wine
02/14/19 09:46 pm
And to you, Alquien :)
Shout Archive

Reviews For Ossë's Gift

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: December 04, 2017 5:09 · For: Chapter 7 - Ossë's Gift
This was so entertaining!

I like the subtle mention of the bagpipes {squawking wind instrument} I had to chuckle.

Ereinion owes Erestor more than a favor. Lol

So the great Glorfindel was the one who came up with the idea of the first lighthouse. eh!

Thank you for sharing this, elfscribe.

Author's Response:

So happy you liked it!  Yes, I'd say Ereinion owes Erestor a whole lot.  What a sacrifice. lol. Yes, the lighthouse did seem a clever idea on Glorfindel's part. Thank you for your reviews. Really appreciated. Cheers!

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: December 04, 2017 3:48 · For: Chapter 6 - Flotsam
Well! Well! Glorfindel! It's not so great when the shoes on the other foot now, is it? I do feel for him though.

It's as if he's finally come to his senses at the thought that he could have lost Erestor, his love. Hallelujah!

Sorry it's taken me a while to finally get my act together to review, elfscribe. :D

Author's Response:

I'm happy to get a review from you whenever you have time. There's nothing like being faced with losing someone to sharpen one's feelings. LOL.

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: November 30, 2017 11:46 · For: Chapter 5 - Ossë
OMG! My friend! You're description of Osse, absolutely delectable.

And so the Maia is holding Erestor to a sort of ransom. If that's even the right word to describe the situation between he and Osse.

But I guess this binding to Osse has it's perks. ;)

Author's Response:

Glad you like Osse. He's really the villain, but not totally. I mean best not to bargain with a capricious god. But Erestor didn't have much choice. It does indeed have its perks. lol. Thanks! 

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: November 27, 2017 9:53 · For: Chapter 4 - Black Magic
A part of me wants the Corsair's to catch up to Erestor and Co, just so we can meet this Murazor character.

Always interested in meeting another of Sauron's esteemed servants, just to see what they're like.

But the other half of me doesn't want any of the good guys to get hurt or taken prisoner or worse.

Its not looking all that great for Erestor at the moment. Heroes, I don't know! {shakes head}.

Author's Response:

Poor Erestor, having to face his worst fear. I know that was a terrible cliff-hanger. lol. Hopefully, this next chapter will help. Thanks for comments!

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: November 23, 2017 6:53 · For: Chapter 3 - Ardan
Elfscribe! Who knew you were a comedian! You are so good at it.

Glorfindel and Ardan are caught unawares by Erestor in the throes of sex and Ardan is so shocked he causes the collapse of the hammock. Sending the cabin in to disarray. Erestor abruptly leaves.

Glorfindel: "In any case, I came to apologise. I realize that I have been insensitive to your situation. I have the perfect solution."

Erestor: "You plan to glue your prick to your leg?"

Glorfindel: "That might work, but not what I had in mind, Glorfindel chuckled.

I laughed so much at Erestor's response I had tears in my eyes. I really do love this Erestor of yours.

Then no more than a few sentences later Glorfindel admits to falling for Ardan, saying he can't get enough of him. My mind instantly went to Elegy of Numenor and Ar-Pharazon feeling the same about Mairon. Red flags going up at that.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this elfscribe. But then I always enjoy you work.

I hope there's more to come. :)

Author's Response:

So happy you got a laugh out of this. Bantering Erestor and Glorfindel are so much fun. You are right to be suspicious about Glorfindel falling for Ardan -- Erestor is too.  There is definitely more to come, 7 chapters of this one, all told. Thanks again my friend for such lovely comments.

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: November 23, 2017 5:30 · For: Chapter 2 - The Bay of Belfalas
Oooh! The intrigue! What with the envelope and Stallion that must be delivered to Ereinion personally and the goings on on board the ship, I love stuff like this. {Rubbing hands together in anticipation.}

Oh! My gosh! elfscribe, Glorfindel just can't keep it in his breeches, can he! Their not even sure of this boy, yet Glorfindel's still sampling? Had to chuckle at the hammock scene though, with Glorfindel and Ardan. Lol.

How Erestor keeps it together with all THAT going on, I'll never know. :)

Author's Response:

The intrigue in this one was so much fun to write, as was writing Glorfindel as a lusty rogue (however there is more to him than he lets on here. Right, poor Erestor having to put up with all that. It's no wonder he's in a bad mood a lot. lol.

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: November 23, 2017 4:27 · For: Chapter 1 - Umbar
Oh! My dear elfscribe! You had me in stitches! Your Erestor just hilarious, his character so superbly done, as are all your characters.

Oh! Glorfindel! What a terrible tease. Torturing Erestor the way he did.

I felt quite sorry for him on several occasions, especially when the Merchant's son was around.

Why on earth Erestor took a vow of chastity, is beyond me. But I guess his reasons are valid.

I do hope things get better for him.

As always my friend, you never fail to please. :)

Author's Response:

Hi Gabriel. Good to see you here. I'm so glad you're enjoying Erestor and Glorfindel here. As for Erestor's vow of chastity, all will be revealed at some point. Thanks so much for lovely comments!

Name: NelyafinweFeanorion (Signed) · Date: November 21, 2017 4:38 · For: Chapter 3 - Ardan
Poor Erestor. I wondered about the jasmine scent and wondered if it had a covert purpose.
I really like the sense of unease in the story and the fact that they are isolated at sea adds to that.
Glorfindel and Erestor's banter and exchanges are great.
I love the idea of a horse that can sense the sevants of the Dark Lord. This is a timeframe I don't often read about--this is really intriguing and I like the snippets we get about Ereinion, even though he isn't in the story itself.

Author's Response:

Hello! I'm glad you're enjoying the story, banter and all. The flowers and horse were part of the request. Was fun to put a different than normal slant on them. Thanks for your comments!

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