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I'll be Yours if You'll be Mine by NelyafinweFeanorion Teen
Modern setting AU. Maedhros/Fingon. Maedhros owns a bookstore. Fingon is in grad school. Expect appearances from varied members...
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Sequel to The Price of Vengeance I. A novella of the House of Finwë  from the end of the First Age to the fall...
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From Angmar to the Dagor Dagorath. The final story in the Magnificat of the Damned series. The Doom and destiny of the...
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How couples in the Reunited Kingdom and beyond dealt with the bitter cold of midwinter at bedtime. The story takes place...
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The story of Legolas, Elrohir and Maewen in Valinor. A Silvan child runs free and safe in Valinor but how free is he? A mother...
A Light in the Heart by NelyafinweFeanorion Teen
Immediately post rescue from Thangorodrim--Fingon brings an unconscious Maedhros to the Nolofinwean camp.
On the Kings Throne by arafinwean Explicit
Fanor doesn't like it when Finarfin flirts with others.

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Spiced Wine
01/15/18 10:14 pm
Not sure well get it down here - I hope not! You said it, spring cannot come soon enough for me! Im sorry youre not well, Narya
01/15/18 09:47 pm
Has anyone got snow yet? We're having a hailstorm here, and I'm still coughing. Roll on Spring...
Spiced Wine
01/13/18 04:29 pm
This is why I hate winter, Karlmir. I don't suffer arthritis yet, but I get cold to my bones. We're expecting snow next week :/
Karlmir Stonewain
01/13/18 02:13 pm
I've just posted my latest story. Lots of cold weather here; rain, sleet and snow. My arthritis is killing me. How are you people doing?
01/12/18 12:58 pm
Happy Friday!
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01/12/18 11:12 am
Happy Friday, everyone :)
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Alpha Ori! Happy New Year! So nice to have you back:)
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How are things, Alpha? :)
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Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: January 07, 2018 9:44 · For: Chapter 13

VERY good advice from Finrod. I love the way he just teases out and then confronts Fin wiht the truth of it. I think Fingon is beautifully written in this chapter- perceptive and such a good friend. Love him! (HATE LUthien!!)

Finrod rolled his eyes. "So you're hot and heavy with the physical stuff but then at the same time you're pushing him away if you're harping on how busy you are," Finrod shook his head. "Seriously, Fin. It's like you're giving him mixed signals. You bitch about how little time you've had together, you have at least had some initial physical contact but then you lay the 'but I'm so busy' crap on him. He's going to feel like he's distracting you from your work if you keep talking like that." He leaned back and shook his head again. "Shit, I feel like I'm distracting you from your work half the time."


They both do this though to be fair to Fingon- it's not all one-sided:)

But whatever it is that happened to Maedhros (and I 'm guessing here about waht it might be- previous lover, nasty experience if it;s nightmares) Fingon's going to ride to his rescue (some sort of Eagle in the mix somewhere I imagine- car, bike, type of electric blanket?)  (That was copied from my A053 review too)


Author's Response: I really enjoy bringing Finrod in every so often to shake Fingon up a bit. He's very intuitive and observant. Yes, Maedhros and Fingon both go hot and cold--fortunately not always at the same time.

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: January 07, 2018 9:39 · For: Chapter 12

The little references ot the Silm make me smile but the nightmares are, I suspect, more about Finwe's murder perhaps? Or did something else happen? Great writing- very plausible and I am really enjoying this!

LOvely, tender relationship - and then these lovely intimate moments with Maglor.

Author's Response: thanks ziggy. I like to weave as much canon as I can into the story. Maedhros has had some difficult times--more on that in later chapters. Much as I love writing Fingon and Maedhros together I do enjoy the brotherly interactions as well. I love this family.

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: January 07, 2018 9:36 · For: Chapter 9

I told you. I have a date. I'm not going to go on a date with hat head," Turgon snapped.


"Well, it's not like she's going on a date with your hair," Fingon said. Turgon rolled his eyes and stared at the pitch.


"Who did you get to actually agree to go on a date with you?" Fingon asked.


"One more person than agreed to go on a date with you," Turgon said.

I think you do that whole brother-bitching thing really well-pick pick pick, but out of affection and love.

Turgon gave him an appraising look. "I thought you just met this bookstore guy that one time. How did setting up a date for Aredhel come up?"
Fingon could feel a flush coming on his face. "Just happened to chat about siblings with him when I went to pick up that book last weekend. His brother seemed to have a lot in common with Aredhel so it seemed like a good idea at the time."
"So his brother's not all emo with nerd glasses?" Turgon scoffed
made me laugh but 'Yelp'!! What a great name for a social media site0 you should copyright that!!

Author's Response: Yes I actually love writing the brother bitching/brotherly interactions so much. So glad they come off as believable--I'm an only child so I'm not as well versed as I might be in it! Yelp is a social media site for restaurants and businesses. Compete with reviews, directions and map info. I think it's worldwide but very highly utilised in the US.

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: January 07, 2018 9:29 · For: Chapter 8

"Did your 'intelligent conversation' get you any action, Mae, or are you still in your interminable dry spell?" Tyelko asked.

Made me chuckle and then this:

He was undeniably physically attracted to Maedhros but it was more than that. Despite his temporary lapses into incoherence in his presence, it wasn't actually Maedhros that made him uncomfortable—it was the intensity of his reaction to Maedhros that was throwing him off.


Fingon knew this wasn't the best time for him to be contemplating starting a relationship. But if there was any chance of a relationship with Maedhros then he really didn't give a damn about the timing, did he? Sorting out his feelings had been easier than he had expected. He wanted this.

Yeay! LOve the way they slowly inch closer and closer- queen of UST:)

Author's Response: Thanks so much ziggy! Tyelko is honestly one of my favorite characters to write in this because I can have him just say the most outrageous things and blurt out whatever he is thinking. He's funny, snarky, uninhibited. I do enjoy writing the slow burn.

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: January 07, 2018 9:26 · For: Chapter 7

Are you cold?" Maedhros asked, shifting closer to Fingon on the bench.


"Not really," Fingon answered, shifting himself closer to Maedhros in turn. His hands were in his pockets but for some reason he pulled them out and rubbed them together briskly.


"You are cold," Maedhros stated, moving even closer. Their legs were next to each other, their thighs just touching now. It felt right, Fingon thought.


"Just my hands," Fingon finally confessed. "But it's lovely out here. I don't want to leave quite yet."


"It will get a lot colder in a few minutes when the sun goes down," Maedhros warned, casually reaching for Fingon's hand and grasping it with his own. Maedhros' hand was so warm—it surprised Fingon.


He interlaced his fingers with Maedhros' and put his other hand back in his pocket. "We can go when the sun sets," he said.


The wind picked up as the sun sank down across the river. "Let's go, before you freeze." Maedhros said, pulling Fingon up by his hand as he stood. He kept hold of Fingon's hand as they walked in the dim light, back to the square.


Such tenderness! JUst treating myself to a re-read and feeling bad that I didn't review here when I persuaded you tom come here in hte first place;/

Author's Response: Oh I am so glad you are rereading this and enjoying it still! That makes me so happy to read. Thanks so much ziggy. And thank you for the persuasion to come to this site--I am so happy I did. I lurked here for a few months before having the gumption to post (thank you for the strong nudge to do so!) I was so nervous about the round robin, never having participated in something like that before, but it was so much fun. This is such a warm, interactive site.

Name: Narya (Signed) · Date: January 06, 2018 11:25 · For: Chapter 13
Ahh, I love Aredhel and Tyelko - they're a perfect couple :) I really like that you made them into hockey players, that feels absolutely right. Something fast and fierce!

I really enjoyed Finrod telling Fingon not to be such an idiot. Those conversations really ring true, where they're sharing gossip about their love lives.

Looking forwards to more!

Author's Response: Thanks so much Narya! I've always liked the idea of Tyelko and Aredhel together. Yes hockey seemed just perfect for them both--fast, fierce, strategic and physical. Oh I'm so glad Finrod rang true--he's a good friend and he's very observant and wise-despite his party boy veneer. More to come!

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: January 05, 2018 12:52 · For: Chapter 13
Oh! Really loved seeing Tyelko and Aredhel again, Nelya!

They are so in love! It's adorable! Especially Tyelko, who seems to be genuinely upset when he can't see her. He's so sweet on her. Its beautiful!

And I was so envious of Aredhel several times while I was reading this. ;) Lol. Lucky girl!

It was great to have Finrod and Fingon spending some time together. And it was just so nice to get to know a little of Finrod, as he's only appeared briefly in the story so far.

Finrod giving his advice on relationships didn't seem do go down too well with Fingon to begin with as Fingon is still very reluctant to talk about his love life with anyone. But finally, he considered that what Finrod had to say was worth listening to.

And Finrod's in love as well! :D

So enjoyable! I can't wait to see how Maedhros and Fingon are going to deal with Maedhros' nightmare situation. Or where Tyelko and Aredhel go from here. :)

Author's Response: So glad you are enjoying this story Gabriel! Yes Tyelko and Aredhel want their story told too-weaving in among Maedhos and Fingon's! Tyelko is adorable isn't he? I love him. He is such great fun to write. I had missed Finrod--he's a fascinating character and a good friend who gives sound advice.

Name: Narya (Signed) · Date: January 01, 2018 23:13 · For: Chapter 12
Sorry I haven't got round to reviewing this yet! Christmas crazies, and then I went away for New Year, to a cottage in the middle of nowhere with no internet.

I love that Finrod wants to stick around and meet Maedhros. We used to do that at uni too - spy on our housemates' dates, subtly or otherwise. I'd say we must have been really annoying, except we all used to do it to each other, so I guess it cancels out?!

Plan. What was the plan? Maedhros had come up with a plan. He distinctly remembered doing just that but his mind was a bit of a blank right now.

Ohh, they're so adorable!

I love all the little touches that link it back to the Silm - of course Maglor likes weird folk music, and of course Daeron is famous on the indie circuit.

The artwork at the end is gorgeous too - did you do it?

Author's Response: I hope you had a lovely holiday! Thank you for your comments--I'm glad Finrod rang true. We did the same at uni! They are adorable aren't they? My lovely friend @cinemairon did all of the artwork. I love it so much--she was inspired by the story and started illustrating it for me. I've got the title page as my phone case now! There's art for chapter 1, 5 and this chapter so far but more to come with future chapters! I couldn't get it to work when I first posted so I reached out to Spiced Wine who made it happen. So glad you like it--I'll let the artist know and make sure you check out the other chapters artwork too--especially chapter 1!

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: December 29, 2017 10:17 · For: Chapter 12
Oh! Nelya! Great chapter! These two are simply gorgeous together.

Poor Fingon, so desperately wants to have Maedhros to himself, to spend time getting to know him without other people's interference, and rightfully so.

I had to chuckle at Maedhros being dazed by the vision that is Fingon;

*Fingon turned to him with a smile and Maedhros' breath caught at the sight of him. Melting snowflakes were scattered in his dark hair and caught on his eyelashes. He was flushed from the cold but his blue eyes were sparkling as they met Maedhros' own. He was stunning.* Its like one of those slow motion moments when the object of one's desire shakes their hair out, with the other person staring back totally mesmerized. :)

Yay! Its good to see them getting some intimate time together. They deserve it and they deserve each other.

Oooh! And that kiss, Nelya, in the car before Fingon gets out, very heated and I think an indication on how much they both want this relationship.

I like how you've included Maedhros having nightmares in this. Making it the reason he cannot stay over night at Fingon's. I'm interested in learning more about them. I just hope its something that does not end up coming between them or hindering there relationship at least.

Really enjoyed this! Can't wait for the next one. And can't wait to find out more about these nightmares of Maedhros' :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much Gabriel! I'm so glad you liked this chapter. This was one of my favorites to write--how they finally get a little intimacy and realize just how they good they are together. And I tried to tie in references to the rescue from Thangorodrim here too, in their comments to each other. Maedhros is kind of channeling Fingon's first encounter with him--when FIngon was completely dazed and tongue tied with Maedhros. Tables have turned and it's now Maedhros' turn to be stunned. Yes Maedhros nightmares are a critical point in the narrative. More on that in upcoming chapters.

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: November 30, 2017 1:04 · For: Chapter 11
I really loved how Fingon and Aredhel sat on his bed and mulled over the evening together. Love how they've made it a 'thing' that they regularly do. He's such a great big brother. He and Maedhros both. Always thinking of everyone else first, before they even think of themselves.

It was great to see that Fingon and Maedhros' sacrifice did not go unnoticed.

And Tyelko's surprise and sincere admission shocking his big brother. :)

I like where this is going. Such a great read.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! It is their thing! And yes, he and Maedhros are the best big brothers. Tyelko's pretty darn observant and does not mince words. More to come!

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: November 20, 2017 3:39 · For: Chapter 10
Oh! You are torturous! Lol

What! No hand holding this time? :( Poor things! You could tell they were desperate for some contact. But, they were snatching moments here and there, where they could, to touch one another, if not tentatively and that was a good thing because I think Fingon was about ready to explode or implode having Maedhros so close in proximity.

But I forgive you Nelya! lol, because Tyelko and Aredhel certainly made up for it at the end. Love the dynamics between these two. So good together. I admit I've always had a bit of a soft spot for Tyelko and I love how author's write him.

I Love how this is evolving. Such a great read!

Author's Response: No hand holding. They are being polite and discreet, letting Tyelko and Aredhel be the focus. But they still couldn't keep much space between them and the attraction was palpable. To them and those around them. Glad you enjoyed Tyelko/Aredhel! Their dynamic is fun. I do have a soft spot for Tyelko too and he makes me laugh so easily. He is a character who tries to do his own thing too, so sometimes I do have to reign him in a bit. So glad you are enjoying this. More to come!

Name: Narya (Signed) · Date: November 18, 2017 11:09 · For: Chapter 10
Ahh, I officially love Aredhel and Tyelko together! It's a very different vibe to Maedhros and Fingon, but it works.

It's ages since I've read a modern day update that I've really enjoyed, but I'm hooked on this.

Author's Response: Oh great! I'm so glad you like Aredhel and Tyelko and I'm so thrilled you like my take on a modern Silm AU. Aredhel and Tyelko as so different from Maedhros/Fingon but so good in their own unique way. More of both couples coming up and more sibling interactions too.

Name: Narya (Signed) · Date: November 18, 2017 10:40 · For: Chapter 9
"Shit, it's cold," Turgon said, jamming his hands in his pockets as he sat next to Fingon.

"Why aren't you wearing a hat?" Fingon asked

*snorts* he sounds so parental. And still a dork around Maedhros - so cute.

"She's a beast," Tyelko said appreciatively.

*grins* so romantic, Tyelko...

Really glad to see more of this. It's a perfect weekend treat.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! Glad you are continuing to enjoy it! Fingon is being so parental here! And still dorky. I love it when he's all flustered by Maedhros. I love Tyelko. As a character he is just so much fun to write in this AU!

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: November 11, 2017 11:46 · For: Chapter 9
Ah! Turgon! The hopeless romantic! That sweet and vulnerable side of him he guards so vehemently.I like that about him though, it's such a contradiction with the irreverent part of his character.

Love Aredhel! She's exactly how I picture her; headstrong opinionated but loves her family, her brothers fiercely. Something the two families share.

Good to see Tyelko taking an interest. This shouldn't be too hard a match. Be interesting to see how these two get on, being similar and all.

Speaking of romances; Fingon and Maedhros looking into each other's eyes. These two were made for each other. Just beautiful! :)

Author's Response: He is such a romantic, isn't he? I totally see Aredhel as fierce and fiesty but with a softer side that is rarely on display. Tyelko is definitely interested. They've both had relationships that weren't right for them in the past. More on that later ;) So glad you liked it! Thanks for reading.

Name: Narya (Signed) · Date: November 05, 2017 0:34 · For: Chapter 8
Haha, the banter between the brothers is such fun. Of course Maglor was an emo gloomy teenager. And Turgon is in this too - yay! Can't wait to see sparks fly between Aredhel and Tyelko...

Author's Response: Thank you! Banter between the brothers is one of my favorite things to write. Of course he was gloomy and emo-what else could he be, right? And you can see how that would completely drive Tyelko mad. And of course Tyelko had to share with Moryo. Yes Turgon is here too--Aredhel and Tyelko coming soon.

Name: Narya (Signed) · Date: November 05, 2017 0:31 · For: Chapter 7
Ahh, I just love these two :) you've got a great story building up here. I'm currently wrestling with my own multi-story Maglor arc, so I'm really enjoying a sunnier take on this family. Thank you for sharing.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you like the trajectory of the story here. No death no orcs--that's my motto here.

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: November 04, 2017 4:27 · For: Chapter 8
Apologies for making you wait for this review, NF! So sorry! :(

This chapter was such a laugh! Love this story so much! Can't get enough of it! It's such a feelgood fic!

If you had of asked me a few of months ago if I would have read a modern day AU starring the House of Finwe, I would have said 'No!' I have tried to read a couple but they just don't hold my interest. Not that the writers aren't great storytellers just that the story seemed a little too far-fetched or weird, there was nothing of familiarity to connect me 'the reader' to the characters. Listen to me, I'm starting to sound like some English Lit professor or something Lol. My preference is stories within ME History. You on the other hand, Nelya, have me sold! Every time I read a chapter, I'm hankering for the next, and I don't know how you do it! Lol!

Trust Tyelko to give Maedhros a ribbing over his love life, or lack of it. I have always imagined, and so have others, it seems, Celegorm as a spirited, out spoken, Elf with a 'Devil may care' attitude, which I love. I also like the many facets of the Feanorion family, from pillar to post bickering. Well, hey, they wouldn't be Feanorions if there wasn't some arguments.

Then there's Fingon and Turgon and their banter, lighthearted banter that is. I love your Fingon; sensible, strong silent type. Well he is the eldest, so I guess he has to be.

I tell you what though, really looking forward to Tyelko and Aredhel meeting and how Maedhros and Fingon get on. Love to be a fly on the wall for that one. :)

Author's Response: No apology needed!! I'm just so glad you like the modern AU I'm creating! I'm really humbled that this is the first modern AU that kept your interest--I do try to weave as much canon in as possible-situations, characters, location names. Yes I've always seen Tyelko that way and writing him in this has been so entertaining. Fingon is a very good older brother--responsible and caring. You will definitely be a fly on the wall for the Tyelko/Aredhel encounter! Should post this weekend. Thanks so much for reading and commenting and giving this modern AU a chance,

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: November 01, 2017 9:19 · For: Chapter 7
OMG! I can't get enough of Maedhros and Fingon!

My favorite part was the excuse Maedhros was given to hold Fingon's hand. They're adorable!

Love awkward Fingon. So affected by Maedhros and feelings he hasn't quite come to terms with yet. So sweet.

Author's Response: Thank you!!! They are adorable dorks, both of them. Writing awkward Fingon is great fun, As you'll see in chapter 8 (that I also posted) Tyelko is entertaining to write too--for completely different reasons. ;-) You get some Feanorion brother interaction in ch8 too. Much as I love Maedhros and Fingon it's fun to explore their sibling relationships too.

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: October 12, 2017 10:07 · For: Chapter 6
Maedhros and Fingon are so delectable together. You write them so well, Nelya.

Tyelko and Aredhel together? Yeah, i'd like to see that.

I can't wait to read more! I'd like to see how everyone comes together and interacts. :D

Author's Response: So glad they work for you. I just love writing the two of them so much. Especially in good times, happy times. Tyelko and Aredhel--I'll have to post a few more chapters this weekend for you ;)

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: October 12, 2017 9:46 · For: Chapter 5
Yay! More Feanorions! Ahh! The family love and dynamics. Lol

It's good to see the twins.Would love to see more of these two in fics.

Gee! Maedhros is pretty forward. When he wants something he goes after it. Poor Fingon, he seems a bit surprised by the sudden invitation. He was the one, who couldn't stop thinking about freckles! :)

Author's Response: Down the road you'll definitely see more of them all--siblings and parents! Maedhros is pretty forward here and Fingon's pretty flustered. We'll see how long they stay that way. How could anyone stop thinking about Maedhros' freckles?

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: October 12, 2017 9:06 · For: Chapter 4
I like this whole AU. It makes a nice change from all that sorrow.

Oh! The suspense!I wish Fingon and Maedhros would hurry up and meet up. I can be a bit of an impatient reader. Lol :)

Author's Response: Getting away from sorrow was why this came to be! Sorry t keep you waiting ;)

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: October 11, 2017 12:49 · For: Chapter 3
The more I read, the more different these characters feel in this new setting.

So Feanor's wealthy, Fingolfin's a lawyer and
the Houses aren't even related! Very interesting.

It seems so strange to read them using headphones or watching tv, so alien. But I love it! :)

Author's Response: Yes I decided to not have them be blood relatives in this. AU after all ;) So glad you like it. I do try to incorporate a significant amount of canon--it becomes more evident later.

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: October 10, 2017 6:17 · For: Chapter 2
I know what you mean about writing heartbreaking stories. When I do, I sit here with tears in my eyes and have to leave it alone for a few days. :(

Wow! Maedhros has accomplished so much in his young life. It puts me to shame. Lol

I like how you've made Formenos this boutique style place to live and getaway, not too far away from Tirion but far enough, if you get my drift.

This has sparked my interest, Nelyo, I just can't wait til he meets up with Fingon again! :D

Author's Response: I can't tell you how many times I've made myself cry writing Tolkien characters! I just love writing Maedhros. Yes I did have fun writing Formenos like this. Hope you like the direction this takes.

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: October 10, 2017 1:17 · For: Chapter 1
This is so different! I've haven't read a story with 'Elves in modern society' before. But I love it!

Had to laugh at *Beleriand Books* Awesome!

I love how Fingon is all awkward responses and stumbling over his words. Yeah, Maedhros would do that to you!

And by the way Fingon, its not the coffee, that has your heart racing. So gorgeous. Lol.

Can't wait to read the next chapter! :)

Author's Response: Thanks! This was my antidote to an attempt to write Maedhros is Angband--I got so sad and miserable writing it that I abandoned it to wrote this modern AU where they could be happy. I've got six chapters posted here and more to come this week. I'm so glad you liked this chapter--I love flustered Fingon. A lot. You'll see.

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: October 06, 2017 23:55 · For: Chapter 6

Just a nice excuse for me to read this again:) LOve it.

Author's Response: Thank you ziggy--for the initial positive feedback on this story and for encouraging me to post it here and for reading it again!

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