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Spiced Wine
09/18/20 04:51 pm
Happy Friday, everyone :)
Spiced Wine
09/13/20 06:14 pm
So if you copy that link and paste it in a browser it takes you to the image, (lovely!) but it doesn’t look like a link from a host site due to the http
Spiced Wine
09/13/20 06:13 pm
wait a sec
Spiced Wine
09/13/20 06:08 pm
this tinyMCE WYSWYG option is the rich text
Spiced Wine
09/13/20 06:07 pm
It depends if you’re using HTML links or rich text — which do you post in on here?
09/13/20 04:13 pm
The links don’t actually link or show anything. They just clog the note up with text ????
09/13/20 04:06 pm
@Spiced Wine—I tried to add a link to hosting site last night but it didn’t work. I added a link to Narya’s tumblr post in the fic notes but not sure that’s working either
Spiced Wine
09/13/20 09:58 am
@Nelya — did you work it out? I can do it, if you like. You need to upload it to a hosting site and then get the link and post that
09/13/20 05:23 am
I've just posted my first story in a year for TRSB with Narya as my art partner! I couldn't figure out how to post the art link here :(
09/13/20 05:22 am
Hi everyone! Just logged back in after an extremely long absence. Hope all are well.
Shout Archive

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: March 16, 2019 23:59 · For: Chapter 51

It's only when I saw that you had posted this on Faerie and went to copy my comment from here that I realised I hadn't commented- oops. Sorry my dear. Especially when this is such a great chapter and does so much to move the story forwards, and explain the past too. I think this is a seminal moment in this fic when Fingon realises he was actually there, he actually helped. Very healing for all of them. I like the way you built up to the realisation as well- with first Az's reaction, his surprise and questions- because that put me on an alert much like Maedhros is. And then Fingon too, recognises him and it all becomes clear. I like the fact that Fingon was part of his rescue- feels like you are echoing canon a bit here too.

Oh and the scene where he asks his brothers if Fingon can move in is really funny, and then this lovely tender scene just finishes it off perfectly.

"We are a couple of love-struck idiots, aren't we?" Fingon said fondly.


"Wouldn't have it any other way," Maedhros responded, pulling Fingon down until they lay facing each other on the bed. "So, will you?"


"Will I what?"


"Move in with me? I've got the two idiots' approval now," Maedhros said.

Author's Response: Ziggy! Thank you!! for posting comments at both sites! I'm so glad you liked this chapter. I had planned this from very early. I wanted some way to echo Fingon canonically saving Maedhros. It's a huge realization for them all--for Az, who is reluctant to trust many people with his friend but he can trust Fingon. For Fingon, who realizes he is much more involved in this event than he realized and he helped unknowingly, even at the time of the event, which is healing as you say. And for Maedhros, who is in a much better place to accept the fact that he was saved by a series of events and decisions that made such a difference and he sees yet again that selfless side of the man he loves.

I had great fun (as you can imagine) writing the Maglor and Tyelko scene.

these boys deserve all the tenderness and soft moments that I give them in this fic.

More to come!

Name: Narya (Signed) · Date: March 13, 2019 18:53 · For: Chapter 51
"Seriously, Mae. What part of 'yes' is proving challenging for you to understand? We like Fingon. Some days I think I like him more than I like either of you," Tyelko said.

"I certainly like him more than I like Tyelko," Maglor said, dodging another projectile from his brother.

XD I just adore them!

What a great chapter, Nelya - so full of warmth and love. And it was Fingon who helped save Mae! (You've been planning that all along, haven't you?)

I howled at Maglor and Tyelko teasing poor Finno at the end - although the image of them all on the bed together is so cute, so much camaraderie and affection there.

I can't wait to hear about their antics as housemates!

Author's Response: thanks so much, Narya!! Yes, I have been planning that Fingon "rescue" for a LONG TIME!! Basically since the beginning. I'm glad it came as a surprise to you!

The brother dynamics are one of my favorite things to write--both when they are teasing and snarky and also when they are tender and understanding. I will confess I had a lot of fun with the boys in this chapter! Tyelko and Maglor together are a formidable duo! Poor Fingon.

It was fun to get Maedhros riled up too!

thanks so much for your continued support of this fic. I really enjoy reading your comments!

Name: Narya (Signed) · Date: March 01, 2019 8:15 · For: Chapter 50
Yay, what a lovely, feel good chapter! Caranthir/Haleth - I'm in heaven! And Maedhros and Fingon at the end...just beyond adorable. I can't believe Fin tried to match Tyelko drink for drink - that was never going to work out well XD

I'm so pleased to see Orodreth! I hope he puts in some more appearances :-) and Maglor taking over the music - of course.

This put a huge smile on my face. It's great to see the gang heading towards happiness; I've loved following the adventures of this crazy, dysfunctional crew.

Author's Response: Thanks Narya! I am so fond of Caranthir/Haleth--I had to write it in to this. And Curvo--I rarely write much Curvo but I had quite a fun time with his characterization here and figuring out exactly how I think of him and his personality. He was canonically one who had a wife so he must have had some social skills!

and yes to Orodreth! He will figure in the narrative further as well.

they are getting themselves sorted and also setting the stage for more shenanigans and relationships and stories!

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: February 20, 2019 7:20 · For: Chapter 48
Yay! these two! I'm so glad they've worked things out.

And Tyelko... gosh, he's gorgeous!

He was fucked as far as the calm part of it went. He wanted nothing more than to find this Eöl guy and beat the shit out of him. But that wouldn't solve anything, wouldn't make a difference anymore.

Although it would be eminently satisfying, he was sure of that.

I love that he gets all protective of her.

He is everything I've come to love in other fics. You've taken those kickass, fiery, strong, energetic, yet, caring and protective aspects and put them all together to make your Tyelko.

Another lovely chapter. Thank you.

PS What's this thing about Curvo driving them there and back?

Author's Response: Yes, these two have finally figured things out a bit. They are so similar in temperament that it brings them together and at times puts them at odds. They are in the process of figuring that all out.

I AM SO GLAD YOU LIKED THAT LINE! I LAUGHED WHEN I WROTE IT! It just perfectly embodied Tyelko to me. I love Tyelko too. He has so many redeeming qualities and it quite disturbs me to read fic where he is all out villainous all the time, with no redeeming or positive aspects.

As for Curvo-- well they all need to get to FIngon's place. They all want to drink (well except for Maedhros but you'll see why he doesn't' want to drive them in that chapter--which I just posted!) and Curvo is an easy choice as a designated driver!

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: February 20, 2019 6:45 · For: Chapter 47
OMG! Poor darlings!

I thought Tyelko's betrayal was terrible. Then You talk about Maglor's... What a horrid woman. That just goes to show she was never interested in Maglor to begin with. Just with who and what she could connect with on a musical level, by being with him. :o I am still shocked.

And Mae! What an absolute pillar of strength he is and a sweetheart.

I really love how different a character you have made Maglor. Some people keep the sensitivity that he's famous for, but in the process, accidentally make him a weak character. You on the other hand have kept the sensitivity there, but have made him quite fiery and stronger in character without losing that sensitive aspect. very much like your Feanor.

I am still in awe of this story.

Thanks Nelya!

Author's Response: Thanks Gabriel! Yes, these two boys have their own emotional baggage too. Luthien was bad but Regnis was awful. She broke his heart and stole his dreams.

Mae is amazing and the poor guy feels terrible that he was not at his best when all this misery was occurring.

I am so glad you like my Maglor! I do think he's sensitive but he's sensitive with a core of steel. He's loyal to his family and he holds a grudge too. There is a fiery aspect to him that he keeps under wraps unless he is roused to anger or sad.

you really made my day with these comments Gabriel!!!

Name: Narya (Signed) · Date: February 16, 2019 20:14 · For: Chapter 48
Awww, love the touch of Tyelko always being able to calm the most damaged animals :( and of course he is a leg jiggler XD of course.

He looked tired, she thought, taking in his wan face and weary grey eyes, the spark she had come to expect in them not evident this time.

I want to hug him! And her! And, well, all of them.

I'm so, so glad they were able to talk things out. And Tyelko is so sweet, buying Thai food for his brothers!

Excited to see how Fingon's party goes. Warm fuzzies all around, I hope?!

Author's Response: He is definitely a leg jiggler. And he definitely needs a hug. Hugs all around, as you say! My Tyelko may be a brash, funny guy but he certainly has a sensitive side and he's very observant and empathetic.

I hope you like the party! It was a fun chapter to write!!

Name: Karlmir Stonewain (Signed) · Date: February 16, 2019 14:10 · For: Chapter 1
Interesting story. I love bookstores. As Thomas Jefferson once said, "I cannot live without books." Is this supposed to be Middle Earth in the 5th or 6th Age?

Author's Response: Thanks for reading. I love bookstores too and it's a great frustration to me that all our local bookstores closed and it's now a trip of more than 20 miles to find one.

My retirement dream is to work part-time in a bookstore!

This is more of a modern AU with a bit of fix-it component!

Name: Narya (Signed) · Date: February 15, 2019 20:21 · For: Chapter 47
Oh my goodness, I just want to hug all three of them! Mae, Celegorm and Maglor :( :( :(

There are some really gorgeous moments in this. I love the tea, and the peace and thoughtfulness it brings with it. I love seeing Maedhros in his stride too, handling his brothers...not quite effortlessly, but knowing what to do for each of them.

"She says she wants to meet, tomorrow morning, at that café near her house. To talk." His brow creased and the concern was evident on his face. "Mae, what do I even say?"

Maedhros leaned forward and gripped Tyelko's shoulder. "You say yes, of course. You meet her there, Tyelko. And then you listen. And say what's in your heart. That's the best thing to do."

"She wants to talk."

"I told you she'd get in touch."

"She wants to talk."

Maglor snorted. "We get it, Tyelko. She wants to talk. That's a good thing. Now stop repeating yourself, finish your tea and get your ass to bed. You've got to meet your girlfriend in the morning and you look like shit at the moment. Stop thinking, get some rest and it will all get sorted tomorrow."

Tyelko, you goofball. "She wants to talk" - bless him. And I adore how down to earth Maedhros is with him.

And Regnis...what a bitch! Poor, poor Maglor; Nelya, you have to write the sequel and give the poor guy a happy ending!!!

Author's Response: aw thanks Narya! They do all need a hug. Many hugs. I wanted to draw on some of their memories of Nerdanel comforting them and also highlight how they all know how to comfort each other in a way, due to their past experiences. Maedhros obviously has the most experience but I think each successive brother learned from him and in some ways formulated their own idea of care taking the other siblings.

poor Tyelko. He's just worn out and now he's just so relieved poor boy. And Mae with the indispensable advice.

and then poor Mae doesn't even get a break. He's already dealt with Aredhel and Tyelko--now he's got angry Maglor to sort. Maglor does deserve a happy story at some point!

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: February 10, 2019 2:53 · For: Chapter 46
Hi Nelya! Sorry for the delay.

I am a little confused as to which chapter I have and have not commented on. But I am sure I'm pretty much up to date. Well I hope so anyway.

Fingon is such a soothing, pillar of strength and wisdom. Isn't he. And he and Aredhel have such a closeness there, that I imagine Fingon having with all of his siblings, but especially Aredhel. I think he may have a soft spot for her too.

I love the fact that she knows she can go to him and pour out her heart. That she won't be judged or ridiculed for her problems or mistakes, either and that Fingon will honor her privacy. What an awesome big brother!

Maedhros is the same, except he has to deal with a lot more volatility on his end of things. But I'm sure he can handle it.

I am itching to read the next chapter. :)

Author's Response: Thanks Gabriel! I really do like writing the sibling relationships and how interconnected and supportive they are of each other. I think it's fairly canonical as well--especially among the Feanorions but I think in the children of Finarfin and Fingolfin too.

The next chapter is Maedhros dealing with Tyelko and Maglor. It's posted. You finally get the back story on Tyelko and Maglor's past relationships in that chapter!

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: January 23, 2019 4:58 · For: Chapter 45
You know, it didn't occur to me how alike Maedhros and Aredhel are and with how they have dealt with their experiences. I think Mae sees a way to not only help Aredhel, but also strike a rapport with her and bringing them closer to together. His gift for her, after what Fingon did for him, so to speak. And, that's also just the way he is. The one others can turn to when the chips are down. Love your Mae.

Dear Tyelko though, Aredhel really is the one and Maglor getting all protective and defensive toward his brother, well no surprises there, he's Feanorion, but in the same breath, its unusual and a surprise to have Maglor of all people, so quick to judge. I know it hurts to see one of his brother's hurting but then he could also be reacting from his own painful experiences with broken relationships, too.

Wow! Just when I thought everything was going just great for everyone concerned, you go and throw a curve ball into the mix. Lol. I just hope Mae can clear up any misunderstandings before there's a full blown war of words between the families. :)

Author's Response: Thank you! Their experiences are very similar. They are both strong people so the concept of feeling weak or out of control is very unsettling to them. He does see a way to help her, help Tyelko and it shows us how much he's learned about communication and denial. He's very intuitive and by nature and experience a caregiver in his own right.

Tyelko is having a difficult time. Maglor is being reactive and his loyalty to his brother is coming forth as is his latent grief/anger/frustration over his own failed relationship. It's still a bit of an open wound. So I do think Mae taking the time for Aredhel is momentous, considering he knows what he's likely walking into at home. He's going to have a long night.

Name: Narya (Signed) · Date: January 20, 2019 21:42 · For: Chapter 45
Tyelko stood, stunned into immobility. How had he misjudged this so terribly? Had he read too much into this relationship? Had he really fucked things up so miserably again?

His shoulders sagged. Evidently, he had.

Ohhhhh, Tyelko :( at the moment I just want to sit him and Theo down, give them a hug and tell them it will all be OK eventually. (Maybe they should go for a beer together, I think Tyelko would be better for Theo than those morons he currently keeps company with XD )

And Maedhros! He really is amazing, not taking sides and telling Aredhel he'll take her wherever she wants, but also making sure Tyelko is OK...I get why Claire's behaviour might remind you of him (actually I think Claire is less patient). And taking her for dinner! Bless him, he is wonderful.

Oh dear, I hope Maglor finds out the truth (or enough of it) soon :/

When words became weapons, cutting and cruel.

Oof :( :( :(

I really hope Aredhel can find a way through her issues and fix things with Tyelko. I just want a happy ending for this crazy crew!

Author's Response: Thanks narya! Poor Tyelko. He's poured his heart out and has no idea how things went this badly. He's hurt, he's stunned and he does need a hug. Badly.

Maedhros has been everyone's confidant for so long. He's incapable of not reaching out when someone else is hurting. He's such an empath and so kind. Such the caretaker.

As we've seen Maglor angry is a force of nature. He's getting angry in this chapter. Again the Feanorion instinct is very family focused. They are protective of each other, these boys.

Aredhel talking to Maedhros is actually a big deal. She has been sweeping this under the rug for a while and her family has let her slide a bit, not realizing fully quite how much it still affects her.

I want this crew happy too! I get one couple sorted and then this happens!

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: January 13, 2019 10:59 · For: Chapter 44
A fantastic chapter! Nelya!

Dear Aredhel is working herself into a frenzy. I love how she tries to get physical with Tyelko and he's the one to pull back. What a guy! I like that he has that much respect for her, no matter what he wants.

And I had to giggle at Tyelko's conversation with himself:

Tyelko shook his head. Damn it, he was starting to channel Maglor now—all worried about likely insignificant instances and trying to find hidden meaning where there was none.

Haha! Channeling Maglor!? Love the reference.


Something was still odd about it though.

Fuck. He pounded his hand on the steering wheel. He needed to stop this mental mind-fuckery. Nothing fucked up a relationship more than getting all caught up in his head. Enough brooding.*

Oh my god! I have to write Tyelko this way. He is just so how I see him Nelya!

The end part of the chapter, when she was trying to escape Formenos. You could see she was breaking his heart. She wasn't meaning to, But damn! They really need to communicate, big time. These two are beautiful together, just as much as Mae and Fin. Meant for each other.

And Maedhros turning up, was a surprise and not a moment too soon. I really hope this gets sorted out, pronto.

Awesome chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you so much Gabriel! She went into a full on panic attack. She's been dwelling on it a lot. The old relationship. Her conflicted feelings about trying to be in a relationship again. Her attraction to Tyelko. Her overly protective issues with Fingon. On her mind a lot and her brain is twisting Tyelko's words in an awful but not entirely unexpected way.

Tyelko's conversations with himself are so fun to write--he's brutal about his brothers and himself! Blunt and plain spoken!

and yes you are right. She was breaking his heart. She doesn't know he has a troubled romantic past.

She was lucky it was Mae.

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: January 12, 2019 22:42 · For: Chapter 44

Love this chapter! Just a treat to read it again over here- brilliant writing.

Author's Response: Thanks so much Ziggy!!!

Name: Narya (Signed) · Date: January 12, 2019 11:24 · For: Chapter 44
Ohhh, no :( :( :( I thought something like this might happen; I was desperately willing Aredhel to let go of the past and believe in Tyelko!

Love all the ice fishing and snow descriptions - it made me feel chilly :)

I really hope Maedhros can help Aredhel. That...is going to be an interesting conversation.

Author's Response: Thanks! Yeah. The evasiveness about the past finally caught up to them. It's an awful moment when she has her panic attack and he is caught completely off guard and is just gutted by it all. This has been brewing. She's been stubborn about confronting it. And now. . . This.

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: January 07, 2019 6:35 · For: Chapter 43
Moryo and Curvo! Yay!

Well, Curvo is his typical self and I love that Moryo is the go-to-guy for fashion sense.

Oh dear! I really hope Aredhel opens up to Tyelko about her other boyfriend. And I hope this reticence to not talk about things doesn't lead to problems. I hope Tyelko doesn't have the wrong impression either, about why Aredhel won't open up. They both really need their big brothers right now, don't they?

I loved the albums the boys found. It must have been a complete shock to see how happy their father's were once, in each others company, to how far from this it had come, sadly. I just hope that somehow, with Fingon taking one of them home with him, it will somehow bring Feanor and Fingolfin together again. I mean we all want that, don't we?

This was a super chapter Nelya! Can't wait for the next one. :)

Author's Response: Curvo is his typical self! And Moryo is definitely the fashion sense brother. It's kind of him to take an interest and step in to help. More likely he just wants his room cleaned up and Tyelko out of the night!

Aredhel and Tyelko are trying but neither one is being as forthright as they should be, are they? They are floundering a bit. More on that coming.

the attic trip was a success, to have found such tangible proof that things were different once. Fingon is a thinker and a planner. He's really got a lot to think about with this find and what to do with this knowledge. Thanks so much Gabriel! so glad you liked this!

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: January 07, 2019 5:34 · For: Chapter 42
Wow! Nelya!This art is superb, you lucky thing. I've heard of Cinemairon and have seen some of her works, but Mellaril I don't believe I've heard of. No matter. I love their art.

Isn't it interesting, when they were talking about how they met and the first few tentative dates they had and how different things were then to how far they've come in just a few short months. It just shows how right for each other they are.

Love the little inter-injection of the Silmarils adorning the tree.

Lovely chapter.

Author's Response: I am so lucky Cinemairon started doing art for this fic! And so grateful. Mellaril is on deviant art as well. Great illustration of them together. I just love it.

they have come so far. And worked at it. It's at a good point now, a confidence and ease of communication that they didn't have at first.

yes silmarils that are not objects to be fought over! Or coveted!

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: January 07, 2019 4:00 · For: Chapter 41
My gosh Nelya! How on earth did you write the conversation between Fingon and Aredhel and manage to not only keep the thread going but remember to mention all that you needed to? That was one very in-depth talk they had. Wow! I don't know how you did it honestly.

I absolutely adored Nerdanel and Tyelko's conversation. I love how she's able to soothe him and then make him blush, all within a matter of moments, talking about his father and Aredhel. It was a side to Tyelko I enjoyed seeing, you know, the letting down of his guard a bit. Showing us the true Tyelko.

Wonderful! Onto the next one!

Author's Response: Thank you so much Gabriel!! I've had awhile to think about it. They're both skirting around things a bit. But they did manage to clear the air a tad.

I'm glad you liked the Nerdanel and Tyelko exchange. I really have a soft spot for Tyelko and perhaps a softer side of him in my head canon than most. He's truly an observant and sensitive man, with a blustering and jovial exterior that sometimes masks the softness inside. More of that coming.

Name: Narya (Signed) · Date: January 06, 2019 17:13 · For: Chapter 43
Oh :( the interactions between Tyelko and Aredhel were so taut and tense! Come on, Tyelko, work it out - or talk to one of your brothers. (By the way, love that we got more of Moryo and Curvo this chapter!)

I'll admit it, I melted at Maedhros and Fingon waking up in bed together; they're just perfect together. And the scene with them looking at the photo album made me choke up :(

He ran a finger under the photo of the two smiling boys. "I think I'd like him to remember when things were like this between them, you know?"

Maedhros stood behind Fingon and put his arms around his waist, resting his head on Fingon's shoulder as he looked at the photo again. "I think I'd like that too," he whispered.

I hope this means we're on the path to reconciliation between the two families...?

Author's Response: THANKS! Tyelko and Aredhel are getting into rocky territory here. She's not being forthright and any questioning of Maedhros character is definitely going to make Tyelko spark a bit.

I'm so glad you liked Fingon and Maedhros soft morning. The photo album is a major find. It is meant to really show the love Feanor and FIngolfin had as children. It's awful that they have come to the state they are in now. It's given Maedhros and FIngon something to think about.

more to come!

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: January 06, 2019 7:58 · For: Chapter 40
Typical Tyelko wanting to stop off for something to eat and dragging Maglor with him. I don't know why, but I sort of see Tyelko as being someone who can pack it away, so to speak, when it comes to food. Like he could eat anyone under the table and never put on weight. Lol

I really love the the fact that Fingolfin has accepted his son's feelings for Maedhros and is the first to do so, without prompting. Feanor on the other hand...Eeh! Needed some convincing, but we all know why and the main thing is that he came round in the end. But! My gosh! I can't wait for him to meet Fingon, nor wait for Maedhros to revisit the Fingolfinion household. It feels like its coming together for them.

You really do do a wonderful job with writing Fingolfin, Nelya! He's exactly how I imagine he is, with family etc. His integrity, his compassion, and well, he is one of my favorites. Anyway enough about that otherwise I'll get carried away and you'll never hear the end of it. Haha!

Yes! Someone needs to tell Tyelko of Aredhel's past relationship problems. He is so smitten with her. Its just so sweet, especially coming from someone so brash. He is really quite a sweetheart, isn't he? And I just couldn't bear it if those two split.

Super chapter.

Author's Response: Thanks so much!!

Tyelko is quite able to pack it in but he's also remarkably astute about nutrition and diet. He exercises a considerable amount and his work with the hockey team keeps him fit. He's exceptionally fit. ;)

Fingolfin is all in when it comes to his childrens' happiness. He's supportive, even when he's cautious and questioning. Feanor has trust issues. He cares greatly about his children and their welfare but he's not trusting of those outside the nuclear family. He'll meet FIngon--it will happen.

Thanks for the words about Fingolfin. I do love him and I'm so glad you feel I am doing him justice with my writing!

Tyelko and Aredhel are in a bit of an awkward situation. They both have past issues that are slowly rearing their heads. And yes, Tyelko is an absolute sweetheart.

Name: Narya (Signed) · Date: January 02, 2019 10:41 · For: Chapter 42
Treating myself to more warm Maedhros/Fingon fuzzies! I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get round to leaving a comment on this, I did read it when you posted but Christmas chaos has been happening.

I love how easy they are in each other's company now. Their gifts for each other were brilliant (the dragon helm! Eeeee!) and Maedhros setting the tree up like that is so thoughtful. And - Silmarils! :O Amazing!

The art is fabulous, and that last image of them curled by the fire is so perfect. Thank you so much for this story, Nelya, it's an absolute joy.

Author's Response: thank you Narya! They have moved to an easy comfort with each other. I'm glad you liked the dragon helm--I couldn't resist that mention. And the SIlmarils are works of beauty but not the subject of woe they are in the original. Beautiful and evocative but in the end just lovely lights. I am so fortunate to have artists who create art for this fic. The last image is beautiful.

In the first image--of Fingon and Maedhros standing the artist made Fingon's sweater a Holy Grail ugly Christmas sweater. Too funny.

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: December 31, 2018 10:41 · For: Chapter 39
I loved the conversation between Mags and Tyelko. How so observant he is and how easily everyone seems to forget that about him, until its too late. You know, I think this is the best Tyelko I have read about to date, Nelya. I really like his character in this. He's so edgy and a 'what-you-see-is-what-you-get, kind of guy. Honest and open.

And Feanor! Wow! He certainly redeemed himself. Nerdanel and maglor seemed to have a lot to do with that. I'm so glad this whole thing has been smoothed over. The only thing that's left is for fingon to visit. Love to be a fly on the wall for that!

Author's Response: Tyelko is so observant and others forget that at their peril. I"m so grateful for your words about Tyelko. He is a joy to write for me and I am terribly fond of him. This version of him is one I hold dear.

Feanor isn't an ass all the time not intentionally. He's a conflicted, complicated man, who sometimes is socially awkward and overbearing because he is so passionate, so focused, so brilliant. But he loves his family dearly.

some interesting chapters coming up that I think you will like. FIngon's visit will be after all the holiday mayhem. There's more in store for this crew before the New Year!

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: December 26, 2018 20:39 · For: Chapter 42

Love the excuse to read this again AND on the exact day:) 

"What? You've never seen a Christmas sweater before?" Fingon asked, turning around so Maedhros could get the full effect.


"No, I have," Maedhros said, squinting at the electric blue nightmare covered with trees, snowflakes and misshapen reindeer that Fingon was proudly wearing. It was hideous but damn if it didn't make Fingon's blue eyes stand out even more than usual. It was ridiculously unfair that anyone could look this good in something as ugly as that sweater.


An alarming thought came to him. "Uh, you didn't buy that for yourself, did you?" Maedhros blurted out and then inwardly cursed himself.


"No, you blithering idiot, of course I didn't buy it for myself. What do you take me for? " Fingon narrowed his eyes at Maedhros. "You seriously thought I bought this monstrosity myself?"


Maedhros waved his hands in denial. "No, no. I just couldn't imagine who had given it to you. It's ghastly."

Beautiful boys together.xx

Author's Response: Thanks for rereading it Ziggy! I do love writing this fic and spending time with these boys. Poor Fingon trying to be funny and Maedhros just squirming at the hideousness. ????

and I'm so glad to have added the art for this chapter too!

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: December 06, 2018 10:20 · For: Chapter 38
Oh my! There's still so much to work on, so much to forgive. There are some really deep issues Feanor has to work on concerning Fingolfin. But I'm glad certain things are now out in the open.

I'm still very curious as to Maglor's past relationships. They get a mention now and again in the story and it just has me bursting at the seams to know what went on there. I guess you'll tell us when the time is right.:)

Super story!

Author's Response: thank you!

Feanor has such a complicated tangle of emotions regarding this. It colors much of his regard and actions.

Maglor's story will come. . . just a few chapters away.

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: December 06, 2018 7:31 · For: Chapter 37
Well! I thought Mae was impressive.

Maglor was exceptional!

I loved how he couldn't quite believe what was coming out of his own mouth. Facing his father like he did took a great deal of strength. But I guess he loves Maedhros that much that he's willing to put aside his personal feelings concerning his father for his brother's sake.

Author's Response: Thank you! Yes Mae was amazing but slow to anger Maglor is magnificent when he gets fired up. He uses his voice and all his self-control. He doubts himself while it happens but he perseveres. It's a testament to the bond these boys have, that he will overcome his conflict avoidant tendencies to do this.

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: December 06, 2018 6:06 · For: Chapter 36
Oh Nelya! You did so well with keeping the tension going between Feanor and Mae. And I have to say, you write Feanor particularly well. Some writers find him a little daunting to write, because he's such a strong, passionate and proud character.

Yay! Maedhros! See this is what Fingon has done for him. Given him the love and support he's needed to reclaim some sense of self-worth and he'd fight anyone who even remotely threatened that. Including his dad, it seems.

Feanor's a bit of a control freak, isn't he? I don't think he's ever had anyone stand up to him before. Hence why he backtracks on his words when Mae threatens to leave. Knowing what I know about people who have a need to control everyone and everything, maybe the reason why Feanor controls his sons so vehemently is because deep down he's afraid to lose them like he lost his father. And maybe I'm getting a little too carried away with the psychology of it all. Lol.

Loving this story!

Author's Response: Thank you so much about that comment about how I write Feanor, Gabriel. I avoided writing him for so very long because he intimidated me so. But then a reader liked my Maedhros drabbles and encouraged me to try the same with Feanor. That resulted in my lotrfan story Spirit of Fire. It was daunting, tackling him. But I started with his childhood and that made it easier somehow. By the end of that story I had a very good idea of my Feanor--his thoughts, his motivations, his personality--and although he is still intimidating I felt I had a more concrete idea of who he is, to me at least.

Fingon has helped Maedhros find his passion again. Passion for all things but also for living his life on his own terms again. He has been, to an extent, with the bookstore, but that has also been a bit of a shield to the outside world.

Feanor is a control freak but I think with his history that's not unexpected. He lost his mother in uncontrolled circumstances. His father's closeness with Indis was out of his control--until he exerted it. His father's death, Maedhros' kidnapping---all of that feeds into this feeling of needing to control all that surrounds him. But I think it started with Miriel. Your psychology is right on. He's put himself into everything he does and his sons are no exception. He holds them close because he loves them but also because he fears loss. And events in his life keep conspiring to remind him that loss is very real and not under his control. So he tries to control what he can. Sorry long winded answer!

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