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02/21/20 02:12 pm
Happy friday to all ^^
02/21/20 09:41 am
Blimey- Friday already. Back at work Monday. Have a good weekend everyone. (Naledi- chapter 3 up)
Spiced Wine
02/21/20 09:23 am
Happy Friday everyone :)
Spiced Wine
02/20/20 02:46 pm
Welcome, Ari_mei :)
02/20/20 10:31 am
Naledi- posting quick and short -unusually :) Putting you into this chapter! Happy birthday again.
02/18/20 06:19 pm
Thank you Ziggy!!! I’ve been wanting to know what happened to Legolas in Esgaroth ever since you first hinted at it. A brilliant bday pressie xxx
02/18/20 03:13 pm
Happy Birthday for tomorrow- I am celebrating your birthday over a number of days like the Queen!! Chapter 1 up :)
02/18/20 08:49 am
Welcome, ari_mei!
02/18/20 08:46 am
Welcome, MK1125!
02/17/20 09:41 pm
Thanks Ziggy! It’s my birthday tomorrow so it’s nearly here :)
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Reviews For People of the Ice

Name: jules (Signed) · Date: January 19, 2020 14:15 · For: Chapter 8: The Hero’s Journey
I have been reading this on AO3 - found it by accident and was so happy, as I had read the first few chapters here on Faerie. I am not a member there (AO3) You are a marvelous writer - the imagery is amazing. Thank you so much for a wonderful read.

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: March 28, 2018 7:55 · For: Chapter 8: The Hero’s Journey
Fades! Fingon's rescue of Maedhros in this chapter, so fantastic!

It was so emotional! :(

Fingon's journey into the darkness of Thangorodrim and the time spent doing it made it appear that much more real and was written beautifully. You didn't leave anything out. Describing how his surroundings, flowers, trees, grasses etc, changed as he journeyed deeper into enemy territory. The slow decline from life and beauty to ugliness and death, how the very earth itself felt different due to Morgoth's influence.

Even Fingon himself enduring choking mists and a heaviness upon his fea that threatened his very existence.

I think the part of this that choked me up the most was Fingon taking up his harp and singing the song of the Earth and Maitimo answering. And then the back and forth Maitimo leading and Fingon answering until Fingon saw him and Fingon had to look away. Then he stifled a sob at how broken Maitimo looked. OMG! Fades! Tears sprang to my eyes at that moment at the grief and loss of their relationship and the loss of their former selves to whatever torment Arda had served up to them.

I hope I'm making sense here. :)

Then Maitimo's anguished plea begging Fingon to end the torment, to finish it. *Their eyes met and Maitimo's eyes closed, managing to turn a side of his mouth up into a smile. Fingon breathed into the arrow and drew the arrow back, crying out: "O King to whom all birds are dear, speed now this feathered shaft, and recall some pity for the Noldor in their need!"* He is not called 'Fingon the Valiant' for nothing.

Great chapter my friend! :)

Oh! And before I go, I understand Maglor's character and demeanor in the last chapter, much more now Fades. Felt he had to become Feanor to endure the weight of Kingship. Dear Maglor! Love him.

Author's Response: Aw thank you! This chapter was SO hard to write. Not only is this an epic part of Tolkien's narrative, there are many fanfic authors who have done such an amazing job with this aspect of the story. That said, I also had to write this so it fit into the narrative arch of the story I am writing here. Its strange to write, but I am glad it made you tear up, well at least it tells me I captured what I hoped, and that is the emotional weight of that moment. These two are hard to write at times, particularly in the epic parts of this story. I can read folks' interpretations of this all the time! We have the great writing of Tolkien to hang our hat on! So yes, of course you are totally making sense! I am glad Maglor made more sense. Admittedly, I'd like to write more from his point of view but doing so changes the tenor of the story a bit, but I put some in anyway. Poor guy!

Name: NelyafinweFeanorion (Signed) · Date: March 24, 2018 23:59 · For: Chapter 8: The Hero’s Journey
Such a gripping chapter. Oshun told me once that writing the rescue "is the story that every Maedhros and Fingon writer really needs deep down inside of them to write." It's never easy but you really have handled it beautifully. I loved Fingon's thought process, the interactions he had with Maglor, Finrod and Fingolfin before he set out, and his own state of mind as he searches for Maedhros. The rescue itself, no matter how many renditions I've read, always has some undiscovered facet. the tension you have here is palpable--even though we know the canon outcome of this rescue, there is enough altered in this Fingon that there are questions that arise about how he is going to handle it--in this case bravely and steadfastly, as I had hoped. But his internal monologue gives us insight into his state of mind and the resolution that there is "no us" is heartbreaking.

Author's Response: Thank you for this review. I was so nervous, apprehensive writing this chapter. Oshun is write, this is THE story to write for Maedhros and Fingon writers and to be honest, it is intimidating stepping into that territory since it has been done so well by great fanfic authors. I agree that every author always brings something a little different to FIngon's rescue of Maedhros. I truly wish we could have gotten more from Tolkien but I am happy that we have wonderful fanfic authors to read. I am so happy it worked. It was challenging to keep a balance with the brave Fingon versus this more at once alienated and troubled Fingon that I write here, but at least for me, acts of incredible heroism are more familiar, make more sense when we think of the character, the person that accomplishes such deeds. In a way, its my lifting the curtain to one potential narrative of the gritty reality that lies behind the polished, epic tale. Thanks again! I so appreciate it!

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: March 24, 2018 11:19 · For: Chapter 7
Oh Fades!

I knew it! Fingon was livid! I doubt very much that relations between the two camps will survive this revelation.

I don't even recognise Maglor. He is so different. I guess Fingolfin's host are not the only ones who have been through torment and come through the other side changed.

Fingon was right, they are worse for Feanor's death.

I mean when has Maglor ever played mind games with anyone or cat and mouse for that matter and how can Maglor mention Maedhros' capture with such detachment, I'm afraid to say apathy, just simply because I would hope Maglor still cares about Maedhros and holding onto the thin hope he may still be alive. Fingers crossed. :/

No-one appears as I expect in this story. Which adds a whole new dimension to it. :)

Author's Response: The relationship between the two camps will get more interesting for sure! I am certainly playing with the characterization of folks like Maglor though I hope the following chapters will help reign it back in. That is, i hope it makes sense in the scope of the story. And yes, they all have changed greatly. How could they not!!! I don't like perfect elves, love them when they are more flawed. I love Maglor so much and I love to explore his character! Thanks for the review. As always, it feeds my writing spirit!

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: March 08, 2018 8:21 · For: Chapter 6: Renewal
Fingolfin's people are such a sorrowful bunch, aren't they?

Really felt for Irisse and Acarre. Their fates tied to different paths and people and trying to spend as much time as they can together before a substantial amount of the Noldor moves with Turgon to a new land and life.

The Feanorions told everybody Maedhros was dead!! So they've been keeping the truth under wraps? What were they thinking! And what did they think they would accomplish by doing so?
Or maybe they reasoned he's dead anyway being a prisoner in Angband. No use holding out hope for his release. :(

OMG! Fades! Fingon when he finds out is going to be ropeable! I mean there's already a fragile accord between the two camps, I hate to think what this might do.

Oh! And good sex scene! ;)

Although this thing with Acarre is to keep him moving forward and away from the memory of grief and betrayal. I can't wait to see what happens if he discovers Maedhros may actually be alive.

I love how topsy turvy this story is. It's really refreshing. :)

Author's Response: Irisse's story in The Silmarillion absolutely depresses me. It's almost as if through her we get glimpses of the tragedy that probably befell most. I think the Feanorians half believed, or needed to believe he was dead. It's not entirely clear what they believed in the Silmarillion which leaves us guessing at their motives, what they believed. What it does reveal for me though is that I would like to get into their heads a little more, perhaps another story!!! Yes Fingon is going to be ropeable. That poor guy, lol! Acarre, ah it will certainly be interesting what happens!!! I am so glad you enjoy it. It's been interesting for me to write!

Author's Response: Irisse's story in The Silmarillion absolutely depresses me. It's almost as if through her we get glimpses of the tragedy that probably befell most. I think the Feanorians half believed, or needed to believe he was dead. It's not entirely clear what they believed in the Silmarillion which leaves us guessing at their motives, what they believed. What it does reveal for me though is that I would like to get into their heads a little more, perhaps another story!!! Yes Fingon is going to be ropeable. That poor guy, lol! Acarre, ah it will certainly be interesting what happens!!! I am so glad you enjoy it. It's been interesting for me to write!

Author's Response: Irisse's story in The Silmarillion absolutely depresses me. It's almost as if through her we get glimpses of the tragedy that probably befell most. I think the Feanorians half believed, or needed to believe he was dead. It's not entirely clear what they believed in the Silmarillion which leaves us guessing at their motives, what they believed. What it does reveal for me though is that I would like to get into their heads a little more, perhaps another story!!! Yes Fingon is going to be ropeable. That poor guy, lol! Acarre, ah it will certainly be interesting what happens!!! I am so glad you enjoy it. It's been interesting for me to write!

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: March 04, 2018 22:52 · For: Chapter 6: Renewal

LOvely writing fadestothewest- your sex scenes are fabulously sexy too. I am beginning to really love Accarrë- she is so vibrant and sexy! But when is Fingon going to find out the truth???

Author's Response: Thanks for the review Ziggy! Accarrë has been fun to write. That's a great compliment, sex scenes are so hard to write. I never know what direction to take them in! FIngon will be finding out the truth, very soon!!

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: February 24, 2018 13:53 · For: Chapter 5: Forgiveness

Great chapter, Fadesintothewest! good sex scene too- never easy to write. So much going on and lovely sensual writing.

Author's Response: Sex scenes are the hardest! Sometimes I just want to write around them, lol! Thanks so much!!!

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: February 24, 2018 13:45 · For: Chapter 4

I have read this twice now fades- and so sorry not to have reviewed the first time but I couldn't wait and was on my way to work- I find it intriguing how the culture of the Noldor is changed by their experience- it's a huge feat of imagination and I admire what you are writing. I even like Turgon!! But the strangeness of Fingon is disturbing. He seems fey and a little mad- is he actually hearing and seeing Feanor? If so, why him and not Maglor? Or Nolofinwe? Interesting and I look forward to finding out.

Author's Response: Fingon is definitely a little bit more like Feanor in this, glad you picked that up. I have to admit I am nervous about it a little bit, but I felt it would make for an interesting take on him that is somewhat out of the usual for how I write him. Turgon is easy to dismiss for me, but I am trying to be a bit better with him. Nolofinwe has his own kind of disturbing behavior through I'd attribute it to actions that began before they crossed the Ice. As with Maglor we shall see!!! Thanks for the review!!!!

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: February 20, 2018 11:31 · For: Chapter 5: Forgiveness
Hi Fades! So sorry to hear you haven't been well. But so glad your feeling better. I wondered what happened to you after your last posting.

OMG! I loved the whole thing with Tyelko and Irisse. And her having and losing his child on the Helcaraxe. Poor Irisse she suffered doubly on the ice and in a sense I feel a bit sad for Tyelko for never knowing he had a daughter or that she is lost to him.

Tyelko seems like a different person from the Tyelko begging Irisse come with him in Alqualonde. Will she ever tell him? I think he deserves to know although I think it will be a very heartbreaking part of the story if she does.

Wonderful chapter! Looking forward to more.

Author's Response: Thank you! Irisse's story wasn't originally planned this way, but it felt right to give her more motivation for her choices later in the narrative universe. It was also interesting to deconstruct a bit some of the canon and fanon the make elves a little to perfect in my mind. Tyelko has turned into one of those characters that I love, not sure why. Thanks again for the review!

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: October 29, 2017 3:46 · For: Chapter 3
I love how you've included the invoking of magic. A getting back to their heritage-of the Elder days. This is something that I feel is sorely missing from some of the fics out there and I would love to see more of. It doesn't have to be included in a huge way, just a touch of it here and there, just to remind the reader their reading about elves not Men.

You know, I am really starting to feel for the Son's of Feanor and their people, the more I read on. Nolofinwe's host and Fingon, especially is becoming one hell of a force to be reckoned with.

It broke my heart to read Makalaure's recollection of Feanor reflected in Findekano and a vision of a memory that must have completely shocked and frightened Makalaure at the time. His father losing himself to grief and madness and think Makalaure was someone, something else and attempt to harm him maybe even kill him and his son trying desperately to bring his father back from the brink. OMG! So awful, so sad! I admit I was a little shocked myself to read that. Cupping my hand to my mouth, feeling so sorrowful for Makalaure, knowing how much he loves his father, how much they all love their father. Was not expecting that.

Keeping me guessing about which direction the story's going is what I love!

A great read! Can't wait for the next installment! :)

Author's Response: I am so sorry I missed this review. I have always loved that faerie part of the elves, which seems to get completely lost with the Noldor. I am having run writing this, playing with personalities and with who I imagined the characters to be. Hopefully that playing doesn't take them too far out of context. Again I am so happy to find this review here as the date you wrote it was one hell of a ride health wise. Thanks again!

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: October 26, 2017 13:18 · For: Chapter 2
Findekano is both the most heartbreaking and frightening character in this story. Almost animalistic in nature. He's become a bit of an enigma of sorts to deal with, not just to me the reader but to the Feanorion's as well, which I find really sad on many levels. It's any wonder Makalaure feels open and vulnerable.

And yet in saying that, he has not lost the ability to be kind and loving. Findekano's moments with Itarille, so beautiful! He's such a wonderful uncle. I guess that is probably one thing the Helcaraxe did for them that was a positive, to bring them closer together.

And why not? Why not have them cross the Helcaraxe into Endore exactly how you have written them. A changed and tortured people.I would think your description of Fingolfin's Host and their suffering at the hands of Feanor's betrayal, would be a lot more accurate a depiction than Tolkien's himself. I always wondered about that. How Fingolfin and his people could endure the Helcaraxe; lose loved ones and face the torment of survival there and still reach Middle Earth with their sanity still quite intact and only be mildly affected by the whole experience.

You've really created something quite unique here, Fades, awesome idea! :)

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: October 23, 2017 1:08 · For: Chapter 3

“That’s better,” Accarrë offered. Closing one eye and with the other observing Findekáno she declared, “If all goes well and we all do our part, I might just find it in me to share my bed under the stars with you.” 


Findekáno raised a single eyebrow. They were an angry and sad people, but that did not mean they abandoned their bodies’ needs. Sex was something that saved them on the ice, reminding them of the heat of life. Perhaps it was also a sad commentary that for many it was merely instrumental. It was a difficult path back to find that sort of intimacy for those that bore the guilt of surviving. Findekáno replied, “What of my sister’s bed? Will she not miss you in it?” 


Accarrë grunted, “She will not quarrel me this one night.” 


The creases around Findekáno’s eyes softened. The brightness in his eyes shifting from darkness to tenderness. Nothing more needed to be said. Findekáno urged his horse on with a flicker of a thought, leaving Accarrë behind. No, Irissë would not begrudge Accarrë sharing intimacy with Findekáno. In fact, Irissë would encourage it, so worried was she that her brother was losing too much of his elvishness and becoming a dark thing. The Kinslaying and Maitimo’s betrayal had robbed him of much of that part of himself and yet somehow Accarrë found a way to squeeze through his barriers just enough to keep him from closing that part of himself off. 

Accarrë rode behind Findekáno, the other riders falling in line behind them. They were those most loyal to Findekáno, friends from youth, distant cousins, sons and daughters of those families within Nolofinwë’s inner circle: nobles, crafts people, farmers. The old distinctions did not matter in the same way. Survival dictated the new order. 


From ahead of her she heard Findekáno call out: “Witch.” Accarrë smiled to herself. The others found it amusing too and they each said a prayer for Accarrë, their enchantress who offered them a different sort of gateway to Endórë, the second to Findekáno’s lead. Though they too had lost many, they did not carry quite the darkness their beloved Findekáno did, but darkness indeed was wedded to all them, all Kinslayers: Findekáno’s company.


I LOVED tjis chapter! I love the strangeness the alieness of the Nolofinweans, how there is a sort of sorcery, witchcraft, magic- Love what you did with the Song, love that strangeness of it. Beautiful writing!! I am obsessed now with this. Please update soon- it is fascinating.

Author's Response: So happy to get back to this story and find these reviews! I hope the story keeps on entertaining. I can't get enough of my favorites Fingon and Maedhros though he's not in the picture yet!

Author's Response: So happy to get back to this story and find these reviews! I hope the story keeps on entertaining. I can't get enough of my favorites Fingon and Maedhros though he's not in the picture yet!

Name: lotrfan (Signed) · Date: October 23, 2017 0:04 · For: Chapter 3
This is such a fascinating Findekano--although I must call him Fingon from now on!
I really liked the idea of the Elven Magic-the talismans in the horses manes, the songs and words of power. I've always wondered why Maglor didn't use his voice--I would think words and songs of power would be even more powerful with his voice.

Author's Response: I am so glad you find it fascinating. It seems to me so much happened behind the pages as it were of the story that we get to fill in those gaps. How happy I am to return to this story here and find these reviews. Thanks again for reviewing!

Name: lotrfan (Signed) · Date: September 17, 2017 1:59 · For: Chapter 1: Arrival
Really great start--I am intrigued to see where this will go. I really like the idea of haggard and hardened Noldor--the Helcaraxë was a bitterly difficult path and you have made that clear with their appearance and their anger.
The mention of Findarato's lost beauty just confirms it. The loss of Arakano is fresh for them also.
I am curious as to what compels this version of Findekano to go after Maedhros because Ma

Author's Response: Thank you for the review. I often wondered about how the Helcaraxë would impact FIngolfin's host. More than that I imagine it had to have some profound shift in who they were individually and as a people. It will hopefully makes sense when Findekano goes after Maedhros, and hopefully the sacrifice will be more apparent! Thanks again!

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: September 15, 2017 22:28 · For: Chapter 1: Arrival

Outside there was a stillness in the air, a type of melancholy that shaped itself into mist. It was not an evil, but a sorrow that would forever more become a part of the Noldor. Even upon the end of their exile, even upon rebirth, this sorrow would haunt their hearts for how could it not? To know such loss and to know that the world and its inhabitants were capable of both beauty and ugliness utterly transformed the Noldor, making them more like their kin that did not complete the Journey west.


THis is a lovely ending to this chapter- beautiful. It is so good to see you wiritng and posting again- I have missed you!! I love the sense of Fingolfin's people that they are 'hungry' enough to eat the horses that they had loved. I have a very visual image from that bit- almost not elves- something harder, sharper and a little bit ferla, or the possibilty of being feral.

Wonderful way that you made Nelyo's absence seem almost a presence in itself - really skilled. Love this- hope you are going to write more although it stands well on its own.

Author's Response: Ziggy, so wonderful seeing a review from you! I am happy to be writing but now I am fully immersed and forsaking other duties. Balance, lol, it will come. The story is supposed to have 10 chapters. I outline it but as I am writing it the story might want more, but I din't want to build a story I cannot finish!!! Oh how i missed the elves!!!!

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: September 15, 2017 20:42 · For: Chapter 1: Arrival

Love this! Eager to see where it goes and how you develop it. What happens to make Fingon go after Maedhros I wonder.

I was angry at Maglor for not revealing Maedhros had in fact acted honourable towards Fingon at the burning of the boats. He let his brother down there. I understand why he did it ...... but I was disappointed in him! 

Author's Response: Thank you cheekybeak. I hope what compels Fingon to go after Maedhros makes sense. FIngon is more emotionally unstable than he would like to admit. Many of them are. It's interesting to imagine them that way and try to keep that thread through the decisions they make. I originally wrote the story where Maglor reveals it to Fingon, but it didn't read right. Maglor is such a compelling character. I love to write him too, explore his motivations, desires, and fears while Maedhros was gone. Thanks again!

Name: Anamia (Signed) · Date: September 15, 2017 15:21 · For: Chapter 1: Arrival
Great!!! And dearing. I love it. And I hope there is more.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review Anamia. There is more. I hope its just as compelling. Writing is a craft that takes practice and I am out of that!

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: September 15, 2017 11:01 · For: Chapter 1: Arrival
Wow! This was fantastic! So different. I like different.

I'm a big fan of the Finweions

I especially like your Findekano, a vast, vast contrast to how he's normally portrayed and Nolofinwe, cold, hard and unforgiving. Awesome!

I did feel a bit for Maglor, having to deal with all the animosity and hatred, but he seemed to deal with it the best he could. But then again, that's the price for betrayal.

In all reality, I would imagine that this is pretty close to how Nolofinwe his family and people would have been after crossing the ice.

I can't wait to see how this story evolves. :)

Author's Response: Thank you Gabriel. When the story came to me I have to admit, I was particularly excited. Fingon is my absolutely favorite Tolkien character and I love to imagine him in different scenarios. I also cannot imagine that Fingolfin's host was particularly friendly after crossing that hellish wasteland, so there's that too. I feel for Maglor too. He's another character that I love to explore and figure out his motivations. While they were all strong people, larger than life, I also imagine these elves as very vulnerable. I hope the story evolves well enough. Good writing is a process of keeping it up and this is my first story in a while so I hope I am up to the challenge!

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