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04/22/17 01:23 am
Has anyone heard anything else from Spiced lately?
04/17/17 11:36 am
Big hugs to you, Spiced, I hope you're already a bit better! ***hugs***
04/17/17 04:38 am
Hope you are feeling better now Spiced. *hugs*
04/16/17 01:40 am
So glad to see you back, Spiced:x
Spiced Wine
04/15/17 09:30 am
Thank you, my loves. I hope you all have a lovely Easter
04/15/17 07:22 am
Oh, Spiced! Sending you lots of good thoughts and vibes for a speedy recovery. Hugs!
04/14/17 10:04 am
Hi there, Cheekybeak, great to see there's another Kiwi out there too.
04/14/17 08:50 am
Glad you're okay, too, Gabriel!
04/14/17 08:38 am
Oh! Gabriel, another kiwi. Hi!
04/14/17 04:00 am
Thanks for thinking of us all in nz, Naledi, we're good.
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Reviews For Blindhammer

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: February 22, 2017 7:53 · For: Chapter Ten

Curufin is short?? I have never imagined him short! 

So, just one thing...because I may have a one track mind...but I am sure this was non slash, right? Just what were Celegorm and Maeglin doing in the bathroom?? ( when it took them such a long time to emerge)

intersting thinking about their tangled mess of interbreeding. Personally I think Maeglin should stay away from Doriath. It won't do him any good.....going there. 

Best wishes for the health issues. 

Author's Response:

*cackles* ... I left the bathroom line in just to see who would pick up on it!!! I'm sure there's a harmless explanation but for MY part Celegorm and Maeglin ARE doing the nasty :3 ... I'm just not mentioning it. Can be read as gen and close friendship ... or imagine the slash happening in the background.

otherwise: Curufin isn't exactly short. Just the shortest of his own family (headcanon of mine). The average Sindar is usually Curvo's height but Eöl inherited Thingol's large stature. Eöl is a little like Maedhros, just on the wrong side of the normal standart. And Curufin build his forge at HIS size to keep noise brothers out. 

The Sindar are just as a big mess as the Noldor! I put together another family tree, because I kept wondering how Amdír and Oropher are related to Thingol. For if my memory isn't complety shot to hell yet, it's said somewhere that Celeborn is a kinsman of Thranduil!?! ... In my new universe Oropher is a nephew of Thingol (dear brother Elmo gets forgotten pretty often), Amdír is Nimloth brother ... (is therefore Celeborn's nephew) ...

God, this year I'll write a fic just focusing on the surviving Sindar in the 2nd Age. Their politics is even more interesting than the Noldor's at that point.


And thank you. I'll get through this, it's just very, very annoying.

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: February 09, 2017 19:23 · For: Chapter Nine

I am liking Celegorm more and more. He is a fantastic ......well I was going to say Father Figure, but Eol is a fine father himself, .......lets just say, well he feels like a favourite uncle or something here. An older male watching out for Maeglin. Lovely—oh is this Celegorm/Huan?? Or just standard Celegorm. These Feanorians seem a bit less weird than the World Breaks Everyone guys. 

Celebrimbor with red hair????? That really took me by surprise and made me stop and think. I am not sure what hair colour I imagined him with but it wasn't red. You are warping my Celebrimbor head picture!! I always picture Celebrimbor and Maeglin as friends, I think they have so much in common so it's good to see him arrive here.


but I am dying to see Maedhros! 

Author's Response:

I think the word that fits Celegorm best (aside from potential lover) is mentor. While he's "just" a standart Feanorian here, there's a lot what he wants to share with Maeglin. He never had a child on his own and Celebrimbor doesn't share his interests. the last one he could teach was Ambarussa, aside from Aredhel herself. And Maeglin drinks up whatever Celegorm presents him. It's a deep and instinctual connection. My belief is that Celegorm and Maeglin will always get a along better than Celegorm and Aredhel would've. the age gap is just something immortal elves have to deal with.

And ... you've NO idea how much the red hair tempted me. Ever since I came across it, I just COULDN'T LET IT GO. I don't know why the color makes such a difference but I just had to go with it.

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: January 28, 2017 10:33 · For: Chapter Eight

Ah, I was reading this and thinking .....I wonder if your Aredhel had a thing for Celegorm? I wonder how that would go down? And then you answered the question for me. She did!

I loved that glimpse of her through Maeglin, and the fact he has sensed a bit of her through the memories of others. Plus the way he awakened to his wild self, which he obviously inherited from her... and Celegorm's joy at finding him—and the part of Aredhel that is in him. 

I like your name for the Avari. It seems entirely fitting to me!

Author's Response:

Good eyes. Yes they were a thing once. But they were teenagers and mostly fooling around. It's more the love for a good friend and not one you share with your lover. That Aredhel and Celegorm were ripped apart (best friends wise) is a tragedy itself and Celegorm feels fucking responsible for Maeglin. He knows he could/should've been something like a godfather for him from the very start.

But they get along anyway.

Srsly. It's going to be so frigging difficult to keep the slash out of this xD ... I can sense a OS looming on the horizon once the fic is done.

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: January 22, 2017 21:16 · For: Chapter Seven

Well that did surprise me. Interesting bloodlines now! So Maeglin is both Thingol and Fingolfins grandchild! 

I feel so sorry for Eol here. He has had a shit life. He takes the prize for person with the worst possible parents. 

Author's Response:

I'Ve been DYING to use that particular headcanon for ages. So yeah, Maeglin is suddenly related to A LOT of people. And yeah, Eöl never had an easy life. Though it's largely Thingol's fault.

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: January 17, 2017 17:09 · For: Chapter Six

Ah yes, I have that exact thing , in my non slash universe. Aragorn constantly having to grind down Legolas' Noldor prejudices when they show up...and they do for quite a long time. It is his default position and Aragorn always has to be the one to tell Legolas "You are better than this!" And Legolas and the twins don't get on due to prejudice about each other's cultures. In fact Legolas finds it easier to overcome his issues with dwarves than his prejudice against the Noldor. He is very defensive. 

But you see now I know why.....it's all because of Uncle Gil-Galad! Poor Thranduil scarred by the trauma of his father and big brother (who he had issues with but secretly Longed to impress) dying at the same time. :-) 

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: January 17, 2017 10:40 · For: Chapter Six

And why did Thranduil raise him to hate the Noldor/Gil-Galad? Assuming Legolas was born after the last alliance, I always do. Why???? What was it about what went down there when his brother and father died that made him do that? So many lovely options. You are right abut Elrond. He is related to just about everyone maginable. 

Author's Response:

It is a little odd, I agree. Personally I think that the Sindar/Silvan never got over the initial prejudge. The Noldor slowly learned but Thranduil especially was petty about everthing regarding the people that should've been his allies at least. Losing his father (and his brother, hehe) just made it worse and hence Legolas was raised with a twisted version of history. I think Aragorn did a lot of "No, look here. The Noldor actually DID NOT and DID THIS etc" speeches. I mean, why was Legolas the Elf to walk with the Ringbearer? Tolkien considered Glorfindel - and my personal favourite - Erestor. Yet if the Fellowship is about the Free Races working together, something they failed to do so in the last ages ... than Legolas is the symbol for Elves overcoming their prejudges. With him the character development was the greatest.

And it says quite a lot that he moves to Ithilien after the war. Perhaps Legolas can't stand his father's face anymore after he has seen how deeply Thranduil is lost in his own hateful world.

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: January 17, 2017 10:09 · For: Chapter Six

Maybe Finduilas got herself into a spot of bother with Oropher and needed a way out so Fingon stepped in to play Daddy.....because it suited him to have an heir, (because I always just see Fingon as Maedhros's in my head) So help out your cousin who has gotten herself into a mess and get a ready made heir as a bonus...(although elves being able to chose the exact moment of conception kind of mucks that idea up. 

I have been thinking about this bizaare, strange, totally random AU because—what a mess it makes of the Last Alliance! Oropher refusing to take orders from Gil-Galad (his son) getting killed horribly, leaving Thranduil as King, (his other son) then Gil-Galad dying anyway. Oh it all becomes a horrible mess and emotional nightmare for poor old Thranduil.

I see Gil-Galad as the older too I have to say, Not sure why...just always see Thranduil as being fairly young, as elves go, at the Last Alliance. 

It is all so intriguing for some reason and riccochets Legolas up the elven hierarchy quite dramatically. He suddenly gets a High King for an uncle! Maybe it is all terribly secret...Gil-Galad being Orophers and even Elrond doesn't know little Legolas is related to his darling High King. Galadriel would know though. Galadriel knows everything. 

Author's Response:

I agree. Thranduil fits better into the younger little brother role. An annoying little brother who's kind of jealous that his older brother is a succesful prince. Perhaps Oropher doesn't say as such but it's obvious he respects Gil-galads sense of duty. And just when Thranduil thinks he can finally prove himself ... BAMM, both his brother and his father are gone. Oooh, for this mess alone this AU is worth thinking about.

And Legolas ... *cackles* ... I like what kind of a brat he was in The Hobbit. He had a good learning curve. Just imagine his reaction that the Noldor he was practically raised to hate ... is actually family.

Elrond on the other hand wouldn't bat an eye. He has SO MANY relatives, what's a few more?

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: January 16, 2017 0:41 · For: Chapter Six

Can't get Gil Galad being Thranduil's brother out of my head now!!! Maybe Finduilas popped over from Nargothrond for some late night Oropher action and none of them knew! 

Author's Response:

I see Finduilas as Gil-galads mother all the time. I guess that Fingon was kind of desperate after Fingolfin's death and he needed an heir. Yet who to ask without ruining the life of a woman? He doesn't want marriage nor does he need a co-ruler. Just someone trustworthy who can bear him a child. Hence .... Finduilas. She is a familiar face at least and knows what's at stake exactly.

But the AU is appealing. Gil-galad and Thranduil. I wonder who is older, if I go for the Oropher/Fingon option. Gil-galad probably. And Thranduil never knew the name of the child his father sired. Which gives him a loooot of issues. Maybe he never liked Gil-galad because he's dammed Noldor but ooooh boy, in the 3rd Age he learns who Gil-galad REALLY was which ... is even more conflicting.

... I see. Creating children and discussing possible parentage never ceases to amuse. Especially in the Silmarilion where DRAMA can never be enough. More Elves with issues is always good.

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: January 15, 2017 20:03 · For: Chapter Six

Ah, poor Fingolfin pining for Feanor. Makes me sad. 

I find the scism you are writing between him and Turgon interesting and different but quite reasonable. As they struggle for existance it must hurt that Turgon has secluded himself away from harm. A rejection of what his father is doing.....so does he ever end up king in this world? 

Loved the use of Findis to create some family connections. She is always overlooked, like the females and their descendants just didn't count for anything. ....and Eol and Curufins semi friendship makes so much sense. Despite Eol's distrust of the Feanorians, they would be like minded I think and have a lot in common. 

Just one thing, you mean Orodreth, right, when you talk about Gil Galad's parentage, not Oropher as it says in the chapter notes? 

Because, having Gil Galad as a brother to Thranduil.....omg what a head spinning AU that would be! 

Author's Response:

First of all ... whoops. Orodreth, right. Not Oropher. The thought of it ... I mena, Gil-galad parentage is already a questionable thing. So why not? Perhaps Fingon once slept with Oropher and one of them gets pregnant? That's the most logical version coming into my mind for this particular scenario xD ... (but oh boy. What that could mean for the 2nd Age politics!) 

Otherwise, slash hint spotted? Checked. I couldn't resist. Even if it's just a background thing. Fingolfin's existence is defined by fulfilling Feanor's dream, following his intentions to bring down Morgoth. The way he sees it he directly inherited the crown from Feanor and wants to live up to it, because slash or not ... deep down Fingolfin hurts over the fact that Feanor DIDN'T TRUST HIM. Not enough to return with the swan ships. Feanor thought Fingolfin would turn around and stay in Valinor - like Finarfin. And that's far far worse than all the years on the Helcaraxe. 

... I'll be honest, I created the family tree for "World breaks Everyone." Just borrowed it. In conclusion Finwe as 6 children and no less than 21 (!) grandchildren. Other descendants like Idril, Maeglin and Celebrimbor not included. (And now look at Thingol. One daugther. One. The Sindar had to be horrified at the sheer amount of people that are related to Finwe.)

As for Eöl and Curufin ... Eöl has changed, over the years. In the book he was in control over his realm and his little family, very set in his ways. All of this he threw aside when Aredhel died and forced himself to adapt. I think he never realized how serious the Noldor are about bringing Morgoth down. So he can look past their differences now.

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: January 06, 2017 18:53 · For: Chapter Five

Are Maedhros and Fingon a thing in this? Just wondering....

Poor little Maeglin here. He seems confident and self assured, at least he can see his strengths and abilities, but underneath he is still a frightened little boy scared of loss. Although...Fingon was an idiot here and deserved a dressing down. 

Kind of reminds me of "The World Breaks Everything Fingon" who bumbles around half blind sometimes due to his lack of Oswane.

Maeglin is turning out so much as I see Aredhel..SO much!

re World Breaks Everything...can't wait! Love that story so much. Re Fingolfin/Eol, if you write them a story you can be sure I will read it! 

Author's Response:

Yes, Maedhros and Fingon are ... kind of a thing. It's mutual, no fear. Both knew that duty came first and I think their love never went further than mutual (acknowledged) pining. A few moments here and there but not enough to call it a romance. And blaming Fingon for stumbling half blind over the battle field ... yes, I can see what you mean. Here, he learns and tries to do better. Maeglin is a harsh taskmaster and doesn't allow such mistakes to happen twice under his nose.

Let's just say that all Nolofinwions are idiots (Maeglin tries, at least).

As for the rest, let's see how fast I'm and how much time I've.

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: January 05, 2017 21:33 · For: Chapter Four

No that's true, lots of issues with each of them....but they are both lonely. Some close physical company would do both of them the world of good. And love.....without it being a blazing one and only kind of love! I will imagine it in my head I think :-)

Author's Response:

The longer I think about the more the idea appeals to me. But the year as only started! Let's add a Eöl/Fingolfin OS to the wishlist.


Also: I'll work hard to get the next chapter of "World breaks Everyone" ready but you might have to wait until the end of February for the one after that.

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: January 05, 2017 20:27 · For: Chapter Four

Yes. Agree totally about Turgon! The departure of him and his people would have been seen badly by those left behind and the silence would have allowed rumor and dissection to flourish. He would not be admired by Fingolfin's Noldor and even less so when his father died.

Oh Eol and Fingolfin need to get together!!! I am becoming convinced of this! 


Author's Response:

*wails* .... don't torture me. This story is Gen for a reason. Eöl and Fingolfin would be an obvious pairing. Though it's less about love, for them. For Eöl there's never going to be someone other than Aredhel but he could share Fingolfin's bed. If only to keep the loneliness away. Fingolfin on the other hand ... uh, too much issues. With his wife, with Feanor (in very possible sense) so he couldn't fall in love with Eöl either even if they make a good pair.

Perhaps I'll write an extra chapter once the fic is done.

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: January 04, 2017 19:48 · For: Chapter Three

Oh sad.

I was just beginning to think this might be a "fix things for Eol as well as Maeglin" story. But he is still broken. He hasn't been mended at all yet has he. 

Loving this new Maeglin who is emerging. He has so much more confidence and self belief than the original one. Sad to see him leaving the name Lomion behind though. 

So child-Maeglin has not managed yet to heal Eol's heart....then what can fix it? 

Author's Response:

Eöl is ~slowly~ healing. There are other reasons beside Aredhel but we will get to that. I promise things will get better for Eöl. For now he tries his best.

Maeglin ... well, I think he always preferred that name. In Gondolin it brought him nothing but trouble because it was his father name. Here its nothing to be ashamed of - hence: more confidence. Though is still called by his mother name, sometimes. It's just ... "sharp glance" is who Maeglin IS ... it fits his character better than "son of the twilight". It's more a personal preference than Maeglin chosing his father over his mother. 


Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: January 02, 2017 19:39 · For: Chapter One

Update so soon after I read the first bit! How lucky am I!! 

Ah, Fingolfin and Fingon. Eol went to the perfect place. Except we know Fingolfin's death looms just ahead....so not that great for Maeglin. I kind of see Fingolfin's death as a form of suicide...suicide by Morgoth. He just couldn't take any more. So now I wonder...why does he do that when he has Maeglin? I await with eagerness to see how you play that.

I feel so sorry for Eol here. He is depressed obviously, but he does love his son so deeply and has so much to offer him. He just cannot recognise that. I hope he doesn't do a runner and leave Maeglin with none of his influence. I think Maeglin could be just as damaged by that as he was by Eol and Aredhel's tempestuous relationship in the Tolkien version. 


P.S. Fingolfin is my favourite Silm Elf. Love how you write him here. 

Author's Response:

I won't say to much because I've planned this fic through already. But yeeeesss, I live Eöl and Fingolfin. Two lonely souls finding each other, on a way. But no, fear not. This is intended as a fix-it fic. (As much this is possible with the Silmarillion) Eöl won't be running off.

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: January 02, 2017 17:58 · For: Chapter One

Ooh! Interesting AU. You always come up with the best ideas. 

I am an Eol sympathiser. I don't think he was as bad as he is usually painted. In fact I got in deep trouble with reviewers when I wrote the Condensed Silm and was on his side. I dont believe in The "Eol is a rapist" theory.

His greatest strength was his love for his son and it was also the thing that destroyed him in the end. Good to see a story about just Eol and Maeglin. 

I have never thought about Elves in childbirth. I guess I just assumed their immortality would help them there...heal the damage before it killed them, or give them a robustness that would carry them through. I guess if the damage was bad enough and they were without expert help though it could still kill them, just as a wound could. 

I do hope there is more of this story. Which Noldor does he find??

Author's Response:

I've has this idea for a while. In fact, I've an entire list called "How to Save Maeglin" ... this is just one of it, finally making its way to the public. Since Faerie was up and down for a while, I'm a little behind with the posting. But I'm glad the site is back because I missed your input :) ...

Eöl ... just another victim. I think as well that Aredhel never would have gotten pregnant if the love hadn't been mutual. Perhaps the circumstances weren't ideal but Eöl loved Aredhel with everything is broken heart has to give. Losing her hits him hard. That she dies in childbirth ... well, for thousands of years that was one of the most common reason for losing your wife. Why not among Elves? Perhaps because they rarely get pregnant in relation to their long lives. Here, the death is aided by the fact that there was no healer around. Otherwise things might have gone differently.

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