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"It won't stop," Elrohir says one day, surrounded by a band of dead Orcs. "Why it won't stop?"
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03/30/17 01:32 am
I suppose they'd have a heart attack if I told them I'm writing fanfic in English these days. *g*
03/30/17 01:31 am
experience like you, Alpha, but with English: two English teachers told me I should try to get a job where I wouldn't need foreign languages as they judged me too little giftd in languages.
03/30/17 01:29 am
My father was a maths teacher, too, which wasn't always easy for me, *g* - my classmates considered it as uncool in a major way to be daugther of a maths teacher. And I made a similar
03/28/17 11:13 pm
Wow- Naledi- you were Maths!! I am an English teacher and so agree. I am so careful - don't always get it right but try to make sure every interaction is positive.
03/28/17 12:10 pm
I was a maths teacher too! A really soul-destroying job sometimes, because many children arrived at school already afraid of the subject.
03/28/17 12:08 pm
It is sad how a bad teacher can make a child's time at school a misery. When I was teaching I was very conscious that even the most casual, throwaway comment could wound.
Alpha Ori
03/28/17 01:08 am
Love to meet him today and tell him I studied astronomy. Twit.
Alpha Ori
03/28/17 01:07 am
I still remember my maths teacher. Pasty faced and smelled of onions. I was traumatised, especially when he told my parents the only thing I was good at was sports.
Spiced Wine
03/24/17 02:30 pm
Most of my teachers were lovely - there were just a couple that were not nice.
03/22/17 11:06 pm
I hate hearing about teachers who ruined a child's interest or confidence or curiosity- as a teacher myself, it actually hurts to think how someone has done that. It doesn't happen much now.
Shout Archive

Name: Glorfindel (Signed) · Date: December 26, 2016 23:24 · For: Day 24
I love the scenery description where the binding took place. In all, a wonderful end to a lovely story :)

Author's Response:

Thanks, Glorfindel. I'm glad you enjoyed this. It was lovely to read all your reviews, so thanks for the support. It really helped me find the motivation to write when I was pushed for time.

Name: Glorfindel (Signed) · Date: December 26, 2016 23:18 · For: Day 23
This is going to be a double wedding, isn't it?

Author's Response:

No, this is Legolas and Elrohir's big moment. I won't let anyone steal their thunder. Besides, I have to have another idea waiting in the wings if I get time to do another advent calendar next year!

Name: Glorfindel (Signed) · Date: December 26, 2016 23:16 · For: Day 22
Spotted this: Feredir signed the others to form a rough circle around him, then he said to Feredir,‘Now reach inside yourself. Feel all the bonds joining you to loved ones... I think you meant Ithilir.

Elladan is a bit dramatic isn't he? He would be good in the old silent movies lol

Author's Response:

Oops! Yes. It's usually Elladan and Elrohir that I muddle up so I didn't check to see if I'd muddled up Ithilir with someone else! 

I like the idea of Elladan in a silent movie. I think he'd really enjoy hamming it up!

Name: Glorfindel (Signed) · Date: December 26, 2016 23:06 · For: Day 21
Well that's nicely sorted out! Thank goodness lol

Author's Response:

I keep trying to respond and getting the 'bad gateway' error, so I hope it will post this time. Yes, things are gradually getting better for our heroes!

Thanks for reviewing!

Name: Arasa17 (Signed) · Date: December 25, 2016 15:36 · For: Day 24
Oh, happy ending! I just loved Elrohir and Legolas sneaking off from their own party. So naughty. And I hope there's going to be a calendar again next year (like Ithilir and Elladan maybe)!

We got to the end with no naked Elrond, too. How do you get better than that? Lovely thing, Naledi, the whole piece. Thank you!

Author's Response:

Thanks so much for being such a faithful reviewer all the way through. I'm glad you enjoyed the ending. I hope I'll have the time to do another advent calendar next year - I've loved doing this. It all depends what stage I'm at in my real-life work - the perils of being a freelancer!

Name: Arasa17 (Signed) · Date: December 25, 2016 15:26 · For: Day 23
Betrothed? Yaah! That was such a sweet apology, Ithilir gave. How could Elladan possibly resist?

It's just sickening though, thinking of the years Ithilir wasted, looking for a way to save his father. At least he gets to feel Oropher one last time, his father's relief and joy. It must help heal so much for him.

Author's Response:

Yes - now he's come to his senses he's not wasting any time! It is sad to think of how Ithilir suffered all alone for so long, but Elladan will do his best to make the future better ;)

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: December 25, 2016 9:44 · For: Day 24

Each one of these are the most delightful jewels, as I have said before. This one is especially perfect- the waterfall and scene is an absolute delight. (hoping this will post)

Author's Response:

I'm so glad this final chapter worked for you. I really enjoyed writing this fic, and reading your reviews was the icing on the cake. 

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: December 25, 2016 9:28 · For: Day 20

Just treating myself to the rest of your advent calendar- and rather sadly because I think this will be it from you for a while (you should write more often, Naleid- you are a lovely writer). They're all so beautifully heroic and noble (sigh)

Author's Response:

I'm glad you enjoyed it, Ziggy, and thanks for reviewing. I'd love to write fanfic more often, but real life does get in the way, unfortunately :(

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: December 25, 2016 8:47 · For: Day 24

Naughty Legolas and Elrohir!!! Running away from their own binding celebration. Shocking boys! Just shocking. 

Now I am lining myself up already for next year's advent calender with the promised naked silvan wedding, (as long as Elrond doesn't participate) and whatever other drama you manage to cook up for us! 

This is such a good idea! have enjoyed it so much...seeing what's new every morning. Brilliant. Thanks so much for doing this :-) 

Author's Response:

Hehehe! They are naughty, aren't they? 

Hmmm...a naked Silvan wedding next year. I'll have to think about that!

Thanks for all the reviews...it's the interaction that's kept me going. 

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: December 25, 2016 8:44 · For: Day 23

Ah yes, the hot pools....where Elrond skulks round in the dead of night and I can only hope he keeps his clothes on! 

And lovely Ithilir and Elladan all snuggly together. Loved this steamy chapter......minus the rogue Elrond.....


Author's Response:

Ah, but the possibility of a rogue naked Elrond makes you appreciate the times he's not there all the more!

Thanks for repeating your reviews!

Name: Arasa17 (Signed) · Date: December 22, 2016 16:32 · For: Day 22
Ooh, that was so well done. Such imagery, the Stars' pathway and Ithilir's father clinging to the trees. And Ithilir is giving in! Finally they can be together. And Ithilir won't be such a recluse anymore, with Oropher freed. They'll be happy, I just know it!

This chapter was so beautiful and so powerful. Really. Just...wow.

Author's Response:

Yes, as you'll know by now, a happy ending is just around the corner!

Name: Arasa17 (Signed) · Date: December 22, 2016 16:10 · For: Day 21
Oh, Ithilir trying to seem like he doesn't even notice Elladan! Dang, so funny. Elladan has some serious self-doubt though, I think, to believe Ithilir so readily. Can't he sense the feelings in Ithilir like Elrond did him? Maybe he just can't comprehend why someone like the prince would love someone like him anyway, being so much younger and a Noldo, no less.

Excuse any typographical errors. The auto-correct on my new phone is crazy and I haven't figured out yet how to fix it. /:)

Author's Response:

Yeah - Ithilir isn't fooling anyone. Only himself and Elladan. Elladan could sense Ithilir's feelings if he was calmer, but his tangled emotions are getting in the way. 

Name: Arasa17 (Signed) · Date: December 22, 2016 16:01 · For: Day 20
That's so sweet of Elrohir to offer himself as Penitent...but I think Ithilir might be older and stronger. Better equipped for it. Unless they could maybe share the burden somehow. Hm.

You always have to end these with a cliffer!

Author's Response:

The server problems have wiped out my earlier replies, but thanks again for reviewing. I think you've seen by now how Ithilir manages!

Name: jules (Signed) · Date: December 22, 2016 13:42 · For: Day 21
Yay a happy ending on its way for Elrohir and Legolas. ...I like Ithilir again and hopefully he's going to succeed in HIS trial. Thank you Naledi

Author's Response:

The server problem seems to have wiped out my original reply, but thanks for the review. I think you'll know by now how Ithilir gets on in his ritual:)

Name: Arasa17 (Signed) · Date: December 22, 2016 0:08 · For: Day 19
Oh my... I can't believe you're managing to make all this up! Seriously, it almost sounds like something that could be for real: Middle Earth style. I hope Elladan makes the connection between Penitent and Ithilir's rejection real soon!

Author's Response:

Oh, thanks, Arasa! I'm glad you're enjoying this. Resolution for Elladan and Ithilir will be very soon!

Name: Arasa17 (Signed) · Date: December 22, 2016 0:03 · For: Door 18
Oh, poor Ithilir. I'd say poor Elladan, but after this is all resolved (as I'm sure it will;) Elladan will only have relief and Ithilir. But Thranduil's brother will have the guilt of doing that pro oh the rest of his life. *sniff*

Author's Response:

I think Elladan will be forgiving once he understands Ithilir's reasons. Thanks for reviewing :)

Name: Arasa17 (Signed) · Date: December 21, 2016 23:57 · For: Day 17

Augh! What kind of a way is That to tell him of his love? Very, very epic, Naledi. I should have know Elladan couldn't hold it in long. :D


Name: Arasa17 (Signed) · Date: December 21, 2016 23:56 · For: Day 17

Augh! What kind of a way is That to tell him of his love? Very, very epic, Naledi. I should have know Elladan couldn't hold it in long. :D


Author's Response:

I know - not the best moment to choose. Silly Elladan!

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: December 21, 2016 18:57 · For: Day 21

Perhaps there IS a secret twin Legolas somewhere...hidden secretly in the depths of that forest and ultra wild! AND Legolas keeps him hidden there because he is not keen on having the competiton.

I am liking this idea...could work for my story too. Elrohir could have one Legolas and Maewen the other....oh but I just killed a Legolas off....so that won't work. 

Just imaginging Elrond stripping off in the middle of the ritual makes me slightly ill! 

Author's Response:

Ooh, yes - an ultra wild Legolas twin. I like it! Yum! If you'll write a wild, silvan Legolas twin, maybe I'll reconsider the naked Elrond!

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: December 21, 2016 18:09 · For: Day 21

It's the longest day here! 6am and broad daylight. 

Finally, finally, Someone is talking sense. Go Ithilir. Why any of them ever thought the penitent wouldn't be Ithilir I do not know. Still, no chance of Elrond dropping dead then? 

But poor baby lovesick Elladan. Sob.... These twins obviously have a "type"   Both of them only have eyes for woodelves!

Author's Response:

Yes, of course! Apologies for the Northern-Hemisphere-centric comment! I lived for three years in the Southern Hemisphere myself, so you'd think I'd remember! I never could get used to Christmas at the hottest time of the year though...

Still, no chance of Elrond dropping dead then?

Seriously? You've just dropped tons of rock upon my beloved Legolas, and you think I'm going to kill off Elrond now?! Just for that, I'm tempted to get Elrond to strip off in the next chapter, lol!

Yes, the twins do love Wood-elves! But who can blame them? Ideally, Legolas would have a twin brother, but as Tolkien didn't oblige, Elladan has to put up  with Ithilir instead! Assuming he survives the ritual...

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: December 21, 2016 16:15 · For: Day 21

Oh Ithilr- you are as lovely and honourable as any of our other lovely elves. So satisfying!!

I am trusting you, Naledi- to not let anyhting really bad happen as it;s Christmas there should be a happy ending . (and you're not allowed to bargain one happy ending for another- mine;s already written and I've already said sorry. )


Author's Response:

Yes, I promise - it's happy endings all the way with me. And naked elves, of course ;)

Thanks for all the reviews, Ziggy. It was a lovely surprise to see them all arrive :)


Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: December 21, 2016 16:13 · For: Day 20

Ah- they NEVER disappoint! Lovely, gorgeous elves all runnig to the rescue. All fire and passion and blazing love and devtion. Yum.

Author's Response:

Yay for fire and passion and self-sacrifice!

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: December 21, 2016 16:12 · For: Day 19

What do you mean!!!!! How rude.

As if CB or I would EVER want angst? The very idea!!

I am hurt. Distraught.

Eagerly looking for more!

Author's Response:

Hahaha! Sorry! I must have confused you with another author. Of course, you only write about Legolas and Elrohir going on picnics and running through hayfields, hand in hand :D

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: December 21, 2016 16:11 · For: Day 19

And theere we go- how all of them are going to be all heroic and yummy.

Author's Response:

Well, that's why we love them! Heroic and yummy elves are what we read and write fanfic for :)

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: December 21, 2016 16:10 · For: Door 18

Hurray- Ithilr feels the same! :(

Oh no! He has dashed all Elladan hopes and dreams :(


Ah- he does love him but wants ot portect him, :/ hm. sticky one. 


Noooooo- Elladan thinks he doesn't love him (with good reason though) argh!!

Author's Response:

Hehehe! I love your reviews, Ziggy! I'll do my best to sort things out for Ithilir and Elladan, I promise!

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