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Spiced Wine
06/23/17 10:45 pm
Thank you and happy Friday :) I am going to buy a cheap laptop soon so I can write properly
06/21/17 01:54 am
Hi Spiced, good to hear from you :) I am sorry things been weighing you down, and work piling up. I hope a chance to relax and do what you love comes soon :hugs:
06/21/17 01:25 am
Lovely to hear you are getting back, Spiced!
06/20/17 06:16 am
Hope you are feeling better now Spiced. ((hugs))
Spiced Wine
06/19/17 07:18 pm
I hope you're all okay my loves. Such appalling things going on the last few weeks :( I am overwhelmed by that and a work backlog, but trying to get that done to write again. Hugs to all
06/11/17 01:37 pm
Have a great trip and a great time, Naledi!
06/11/17 09:19 am
Thanks! Maybe I'll be inspired - who knows?
06/10/17 01:39 pm
Have a lovely time, Naledi- how lovely. hope you are inspired to write something for all of us!!xx
Spiced Wine
06/09/17 10:25 pm
Wonderful! Your are so lucky, Naledi. Have a lovely time. Have a great weekend everyone!
06/09/17 07:20 pm
Happy Friday, everyone! I'm off on holiday to Pembrokeshire for a week but I hope I'll have internet access.
Shout Archive

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: June 22, 2017 14:02 · For: Chapter 37

The awkwardness between Legolas and Elrohir is painful here. Btu at the end, Elrohir finally gets it and tells the truth. This is only going to work if all three of them are completely honest with each other.

"I have wept for the loss of you for years, Legolas. Since the Dead Marshes I have wept—alone—because I lost you." 

*Sniffle* that was so sad, but I'm glad he finally said it. Maybe there's hope for them after all.

Author's Response:

It was a bit of a surprise, even to me, how awkward they were. Until now we have just seen snippets of them through Gimli's eyes. Legolas has been pretty shattered and pliable. This small broken thing Elrohir could coset, protect, and care for. He was good at that. But now the real Legolas is beginning to show himself. And that Legolas is volatile, mercurial and wild. (And on top of all that, damaged so you have to tread carefully) Poor stoic  Elrohir doesn't know how to handle this at all. He has spent years watching Legolas, yearning after him, but he is clueless when it comes to interacting with him. Let's face it, all they have done to this point is yell insults at each other!


Add to that Elrohir's feelings that he is somehow "wrong" being in the relationship, (he's so honorable, the poor dear) and you get a difficult tense mess. 

You are right. Elrohir needs to be open and honest. He is not used to that, he is used to covering his feelings. He has a lot to learn. 

Name: NelyafinweFeanorion (Signed) · Date: June 22, 2017 3:15 · For: Chapter 37
Oh I need Gimli to drop by and give Elrohir a swift kick in the arse!
Stop second guessing yourself, fool of a Noldor!
Maewen is FINE with this. Ugh I knew he would have issues but I wasn't expecting him to be unhappy breaking up their time. He's worried about being the third wheel when this relationship and recovery process all but demand a third wheel.
And he's just so stoically unable to get a joke, this poor dear Mannish stiff Noldor.
Do what you do best Elrohir--love this beautiful, wild, unexpected Elf with all your heart. It will be worth it. Just focus on providing a safe haven of love and sex!

Author's Response:

You see what I mean!

Elrohir has to try and fit this new relationship into his old belief system. So while he logically knows Maewen is fine, and even welcoming, deep down he feels like the baddie. Like the destroyer of families he would be deemed to be in Noldor society. He can't see past that at the moment. The fact both Aragorn and Gimli share that view of him right now doesn't help. It only reinforces the way he is seeing himself. Everyone has been concentrating on whether he can share Legolas but in fact the problem at the moment is can he live with himself as he tries to? 


He is very honorable and for all that logically he knows this is fine inside it feels dishonorable to him. 


And yeah....he's not good at joking, at least at the moment. In fact he is discovering he doesn't really know Legolas at all! 

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: June 21, 2017 11:11 · For: Chapter 36

Elladan's brilliant here. He recognises the truth in Gimli's accusation and doesn't get defensive, but springs into action. Now Elrohir needs to do as he's told and go and be with Legolas.

Author's Response:

Yip, Elladan at his best here. The blinkers are off. He still has his own issues but he is a healer first and foremost and the suggestion he has not been his best in that regard horrified him. Elrohir? Do what he's told? .......surely you jest? 

Name: NelyafinweFeanorion (Signed) · Date: June 20, 2017 3:16 · For: Chapter 36
Oh wonderful to see an update!!
I was thinking that Elrohir has WAY too much to attend to right now but you just sorted things perfectly and he is able to do what he needs to do, what he MUST do, which is tend to Legolas and focus on that. The rest will fall into place. Elrohir and Elladan will not remain at odds. Legolas recovering due to Elrohir's help will eventually settle Aragorn down (as will a healthy dose of dwarvish invective and grumbling and Gimli clarifying that Aragorn is off base with his issues with Elrohir!)
I really feel the most sorry for Arwen, who is somehow holding the center here, despite having little support from the others. Elrohir must feel awful that she knows and has known about Elladan and he's been oblivious. And that he hasn't been there for her. But he can make it up to her later--she needs him to focus on Legolas because that will help her friend and her husband.

Word of advice to Elrohir: don't piss off the dwarf. Gimli will have his back and defend him to the ends of the earth if he sees Elrohir truly cares for and cares about Legolas. He'll get Aragorn in line, he'll help support Maewen--Gimli will do whatever needs to be done and support him fully if he is convinced it is in Legolas' best interests and what Legolas wants.

Author's Response:

You are right to be sorry for Arwen. She has quietly been struggling on while all the men around her fall apart. (Isn't it always the way.) Elrohir did have an insight into her stress and weariness that first evening after the accident but promptly forgot about her because of his own problems. He will make a belated attempt to help now....and she gets support from other sources. 

Elrohir will feel terrible about the fact she noticed Elladan's sealonging when he didn't. Elladan and Elrohir have a much closer connection than either of them have with their sister but Elrohir simply wasn't looking. The possibility of sealonging didn't even enter his consciousness. Partly because his mental make up is so mannish. That's the way he sees the world. Because he "feels" that way he never imagined Elladans reality was so different. Arwen, on the otherhand, is the one with Galadriels power over others minds and she cannot resist using them. Elladan's defences were never going to work with her. 

As for Gimli. He and Elrohir have common ground in their love for Legolas but they haven't found that yet. Elrohir will defend his brother above all else and as he needs to be careful to respect Gimli so Gimli needs to learn to respect that twin bond. At the moment it is simply one more thing Gimli sees as a threat to Legolas. Elrohir and Gimli need to thrash out a working relationship but it is quite a way away yet! 

Name: Starfox (Signed) · Date: June 17, 2017 21:25 · For: Chapter 34
Gimli is great. He manages to voice all the thoughts about what is wrong with this relationships. A disaster waiting to happen, indeed. There are serious misgivings that this is going to work and Gimli points them out quite clearly.

Author's Response:

Gimli is Legolas' staunchest defender. He is right to have concerns. There are so many warning signs and places this whole love triangle could disintergrate. Gimli has strode in to this situation, no preconceptions, no swirling emotion like all the others and he cuts right to the chase! He is even blunter in Chapter 35! 

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: June 17, 2017 0:57 · For: Chapter 35

Hooray for Dwarves and their sensible, perceptive clarity! Of course Aragorn is suffering as Legolas! Of course Arwen can't seeit either.  Of course they all need their heads banged together- good thing Gimli's there to do it!!


Author's Response:

Dwarves may not be as pretty, or as wise and learned as the elves consider themselves, but they are sensible, straight up, and practical. (At least mine are,) Gimli cuts through the waffle and angst and sees right to the heart of the problem. Elrohir and Elladan could learn a lot from him. 

Lets hope they up their game now! 

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: June 14, 2017 8:20 · For: Chapter 35

Go Gimli! I'm still not convinced that Elrohir is able to share Legolas, but hopefully Gimli's made him think beyond the present to what the future might bring. Now I just hope the twins can get over the humiliation of needing a dwarf to point out some home truths so they can see what's the matter with Aragorn!

Author's Response:

Oh so humiliating for such wise Elves  to need a dwarf to point out what was under their noses all along. The twins need to pull finger and get their act together. Home truths indeed. They should have thought of this themselves before now. 

Oh well, there is still time to redeem themselves. :-) 

What would any of them do without Gimli? 

Name: NelyafinweFeanorion (Signed) · Date: June 14, 2017 2:53 · For: Chapter 35
Oh!! Gimli is truly a dwarf with a mission. Yes, I'm glad he is the one who has seen all the damaged individuals in this event--not just Legolas but Eldarion, Aragorn and Arwen. Gimli may not have realized Elladan's own issues but he doesn't know him well at all.
He's certainly got Maewen's back. He's really not to be blamed for his concerns about Elrohir--he's only seen the difficult, prickly side of Elrohir and Legolas is too precious to Gimli for him to risk Elrohir's well known volatile temper down the road. It's a valid concern, Elrohir's ability to share, and even though Maewen sent him and supports it there is more that they need to hammer out for the long-term. Gimli is not playing the short game here--he sees what has to happen to get Legolas through this but his concern is the (as he sees it) inevitable crash once things return to a semblance of normal--when all the extreme emotional outbursts have settled and they have to resume their more normal lives in non-crisis mode--how are these puzzle pieces going to fit together then? Gimli may not be there at that point--he needs to know he can leave and have a stable, cohesive, dependable support system for Legolas.
Gimli also brings home the point of the twins and how enmeshed in each other they are--they've scratched the surface of how this must change with the Elrohir/Legolas revelation but they haven't solved it yet. And Gimli knows that.
Once again our dwarf proves the most perceptive of them all. He ferrets out the parallels to Legolas' damaged fa manifesting in Aragorn and he has picked up on the fact that Arwen soothes Legolas in a fainter parallel to Elrohir. There is more to be discovered in that realization I think. The Maia blood is more at work here than they realize I think, faint though it may be. Although perhaps there is some mind touch capability from grandma Galadriel as well.
I don't think this conversation between Gimli and Elrohir is over but I think the twins need to spend some time with Arwen and Aragorn--although I feel poor Elrohir is going to be pulled in too many directions; Legolas needs him to quiet the sea so he can put the shattered pieces of himself back together in some way. Elladan needs the sea to recede to be able to heal the others to the best of his ability. Arwen needs her brothers, as does Aragorn, and Eldarion needs to keep his growing bond with Elrohir also, now that his parents and Legolas are not themselves. That's a lot to shoulder.

Author's Response:

Gimli has arrived with a fresh set of eyes, unburdoned by the emotions that weigh the others down and he has seen it all! Some of this is down to his natural curiosity and astuteness but also it is because he does not have the preconceptions the others have. He does not have the healing knowledge of Elladan but he knows his friend. He KNOWS Aragorn, and he knows that this behaviour is not Aragorn at all. He has been ticking this over in his mind all this time. Trying to solve the puzzle...did you notice? From the moment he laid eyes on Aragorn he worried about him. Although he has not mentioned it to us I think the instant Elladan told Gimli what was wrong with Legolas Gimli has been watching Aragorn for signs of similar trouble. The twins didn't think on it. Elrohir has been wrapped up in anxiety about Legolas. Elladan has been angry due to his sealonging, and burdoned with Legolas' care which has been draining. He has taken Aragorn at face value. 

And because Elladan and Elrohir as narrators stated Aragorn only suffered from physical aftereffects readers believe it.


Gimli really is Maewens defender. There is nothing you can do that will endear you more to Gimli than look after his friend...and Maewen has done that. She has—since "Darkness" —poured her love on to Legolas to keep him safe, to her own detriment often, and Gimli loves her for it. And you are right...he plays the long game. He needs to see beyond Legolas' immediate need for Elrohir and ensure it will be safe months down the track. And he does not trust Elrohir. He has only seen him until now behave negatively. He definitely does NOT trust him with Legolas! 

He passes no judgement, he is prepared to accept it. But bottom line...Legolas much be emotionally safe. 


So Gimli has noticed Aragorns emotional damage, and Arwens burdens, (which Elrohir told us of and promptly forgot,) AND as you say, the twins closeness.

now can these twins pull themselves together and sort it all out? 

Name: NelyafinweFeanorion (Signed) · Date: June 13, 2017 3:12 · For: Chapter 34
Gimli is just so great at this point on the story. He is just what Legolas needs but he also is not going to let anyone else be complacent--he's going to get to the bottom of all these swirling issues and figure things out or call out the appropriate players. It is great to see how he is with Maewen here--she really had issues with him in the past and it's reassuring to see she has become aware of his goodness and value as a friend to Legolas.
Poor Gimli though--all this Silvan love mess is bound to be confusing and uncomfortable for him. Erynion is wonderful as usual and it is so gratifying to see that Maewen, despite her Elven age, is truly growing and maturing in her understanding of Legolas and those he loves. I am still concerned about this love trapezoid forming here. I think Erynion is very wary and ambivalent and you can't blame him one bit--once bitten twice shy seems an apt phrase here. He loves Maewen and Legolas but the strain in put on their friendship was considerable--can he risk it again? Maewen no doubt needs him--his calm and soft, encompassing love--especially now with such a more volatile Legolas.
Legolas desperately needs Elrohir--he now grounds him in a way Mawen cannot and it is an incandescent love that fills a void in him. I think he can manage both Elrohir and Maewen, especially since she is open to it. I have worried about poor Elrohir--he is so Noldor and Mannish--there is no Silvan and precious little Sindar in his makeup. I worry how his one-love heart will take this but I think the shock of losing Legolas jolted him out of his preconceived ideas and he will be determined never to lose him again, even to the point of having to share him. I can't wait for Gimli to have his conversation with Elrohir next!
I've told you how much I adore Elrohir in this story?

Author's Response:

Wow, the best kind of review! When the reader "gets" all the characters.

Gimli and Maewen have come such a long way havent they. Maewen has allowed herself to really see Gimli. She knows how good he is for Legolas. And Gimli, although he disapproves of how she acted initially when Legolas returned fom the quest, appreciates the care she lavishes on Legolas now. He has become quite protective of her. 

Erynion most definitely is wary....and ambivalent. He doesn't trust Legolas' new attitude and with good reason because Legolas is quite unbalanced at the moment. For Erynion it is all about Maewen and although he worries about his friendship with Legolas mostly he wants to protect her. 

Legolas does need Elrohir. And Maewen now recognises that. Easier for her to come to terms with as she realises she also needs Erynion but still cannot lose Legolas. I love that word incandescent. I might borrow that at some point if I may. 

Ah, but poor non-Silvan Elrohir who has very little Sindar to help him either. Can he do this? That is the question. But you are right...the shock of losing Legolas may well enable him to achieve what he could not before. 

So glad you like him. Perspective change back to Elrohir in the next chapter. His conversation with Gimli will be... Fiery. Gimli does not trust Elrohir and Elrohir doesn't take well to Gimli's blunt confrontational style! 

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: June 13, 2017 0:14 · For: Chapter 34

I'm with Gimli here! Oh the complexity, the emotional tangle, the deliciousness of it ! Love it all. Love Maewen and Erynion especially. Erynion very much:)

Author's Response:

It is a mess isn't it....one huge entangled mess. So glad you like Maewen.....and Erynion. I love calm, gentle Erynion. In my other universe.... The Legolas/Elrohir universe I killed Erynion off in "Walls of Glass" Legolas was assaulted by a mysterious group of men and his friend Erynion was killed. When I started writing this "het" universe I put Erynion in th story "Darkness" as a nod to all those readers like Naledi who read both universes. Now...as I have written quite a bit of him,  I regret EVER killing him off. 

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: June 11, 2017 9:16 · For: Chapter 34

I don't blame Gimli for being worried - I'm worried about them all. Even if Legolas can forget his Sindar side, Elrohir's Sindar side is the closest he's got to being Silvan. I don't see how Elrohir is ever going to come to terms with sharing Legolas. I hope he can, though because I don't want any of them to get hurt. 

Author's Response:

Yes, Elrohir is not remotely Silvan. Even his Sindar side is fairly quiescent. He's all Man and Noldor. Both of which this senario does not suit at all. (Elladan, with the sea-longing, is the Sindar twin) But Elrohir now knows what it is like to lose Legolas. He has been given a second chance...perhaps that is enough? Also he is there second, Maewen came first and he knows that from the get go. We will just have to wait and see....but yes, Gimli is right to worry about this. 

Name: UnnamedElement (Signed) · Date: June 08, 2017 4:02 · For: Chapter 33

I have finally taken the time to reread a chunk and catch up and it is marvelous. Legolas' situation was beginning to feel rather hopeless, but it is very clear that gimli is the perfect balm for him currently, friend-wise. Because, as Legolas says, gimli is "safe." Also, your maewen is so thoughtful in this piece, and elrohirs tenderness is almost painful to read, it is so sweet (in a good way); you've done the contrast in his treatment of Legolas very well. Gimli running w his inclination about E and L was a lovely touch. And the scene with eldarion in this last chapter was just tremendous, but you know what a sucker I am for Legolas and children. Can't wait for chapter 34! And I do hope I never get that behind ever again.

Author's Response:

So exciting to get a review from you! 

Yes, that is exactly it. Gimli is safe. He is Legolas' calm port in a storm. Legolas has suffered damage to his centre of emotional control and Maewen, Elrohir, Aragorn, they all have such strong emotions swirling around them...Legolas just can't cope with that. 

Gimli is a rock for him at the moment. 

Glad you liked that scene with Eldarion. I needed someone to point out to Legolas how horrendous it had been for everyone left behind as he was "dead" beneath those rocks, and Maewen and Elrohir certainly weren't going to tell him that. Innocent Eldarion was the only one who legitimately could. 

Change of perspective coming up soon. I think we need to go back to see what ticks on inside Elrohir's head. 

Name: SparkyTAS (Signed) · Date: May 30, 2017 16:04 · For: Chapter 33
What a wonderful story! I ran into it yesterday and just finished reading the whole thing. Please continue this storyline, I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

Author's Response:

Thank you! The next chapter is about half written. Gimli is proving difficult to pin down. He is not enjoying his talk with Maewen at all! 

Name: Encairion (Signed) · Date: May 28, 2017 22:06 · For: Chapter 13

Now I am sure I told you I killed him off...did you not believe me??”

Oh man I forgot about that!  (I have a terrible memory.  I forget lots of stuff in my own writing too!)

The state his relationship with Elrohir was in a this stage would mean the pull wouldn't be strong enough to get him to leave his beloved long lost brother. It had to be someone supremely close to him. Someone on an equal footing in his love as Laerion.....Aragorn, the brother of his heart.”


This does make a lot of sense.  Leoglas’ relationship with Elrohir was too complicated, he wouldn’t have trusted Elrohir’s motives.  I also really like that Aragorn and Laerion are both Legolas’ brothers, and Legolas felt torn between them.

Author's Response:

That's exactly right. He wouldn't have trusted Elrohir...not enough to take the risk to return, and to walk away from Laerion. It also gave me a good comparison between Laerion—who has been left behind by the passing of time and no longer knows Legolas as he is now, (although he loves him deeply) and Aragorn, who knows much more Legolas as he is and loves him for it. Kind of showing how far Legolas has come since his brother's death. 

At least that was the plan. 

Name: Encairion (Signed) · Date: May 28, 2017 22:05 · For: Chapter 9

But it's not all nurture of course. Elrohir, despite growing up in the very proper heterosexual Imladris is seemingly ok with his nature leading him to love another man. ...but he is a one love for always person and that's not so much due to the culture he was raised in as it is just a part of who he is. That is just Elrohir.”


You have left a lot of hints like this that Elrohir is not going to be OK with this.  You have me really worried all over again!  How on earth is this all going to work out if Elrohir cannot endure sharing Legolas with another love?  Because I don’t see Maewen ever willingly letting Legolas go, or Legolas letting her go.

Author's Response:

No, you are right. Legolas will not be able to let Maewen go. 

When Elrohir tells Legolas the fact he loves Maewen is not a concern he does mean that...at the moment anyway, with the memory of Legolas' "death" fresh in his mind. To him this is a second chance...one he thought was lost to him and he will grab it with both hands. But will that be enough? He is elven so that memory of loss will remain fresh and acute in his mind should he ever chose to revisit it  and that may help (if he was a man the acutity of that distress would fade.) But yeah, it's not going to easy and it's by no means certain yet.... because at least as far as we know now this seems to go against his very nature.

Name: Encairion (Signed) · Date: May 27, 2017 22:10 · For: Chapter 33

I have devoured these last chapters!  Really, this entire story!  I am left with a grin on my face (dear Gimil!) and a warm feeling that all will be well at last!  Legolas still needs to have a talk with Aragorn, and Legolas, Elrohir, Maewen, and Erynion really need to sit down and have a talk together, and of course Legolas is not fully healed, but I am feeling very hopeful for all of them!  I remember at the beginning of the story how worried I was that this love-triangle was never going to work out, but you have made everything work so wonderfully and realistically with the differences in Silvan culture.  I don’t feel at all that Maewen was pushed aside or just had to deal with it if she wanted to be with Legolas, and Elrohir seems to be content and understand that Leoglas will always love another as well as him.


This story was just so well written, and everything handled so well, and it was a really ride to read!!!  Excellent work!  Truly excellent!

Author's Response:

Oh thanks! Glad you liked it and SO happy to get these reviews this morning. There are still a few loose ends I have to tie up before this finishes but I am please nothing about the movement towards a solution feels forced or cliched. 

There are still a few issues...can Elrohir really cope? Will Erynion be able to take the leap of faith back in to a relationship with Maewen? How will that actually work? ....and then there is Aragorn who seems most unreasonable and unAragornlike right now......now why is that???? 

P.S. I have read your story!!! I will review it tomorrow. I want the chance to think on what I say!  

Name: Encairion (Signed) · Date: May 27, 2017 22:10 · For: Chapter 26

Gimil is a badass.  I love his relationship with Legolas to pieces.

Author's Response:

Gimli is the best isn't he! He just strolls in and makes everything right again. He will slowly put all these pieces of Legolas back together! 

Name: Encairion (Signed) · Date: May 27, 2017 22:09 · For: Chapter 25

No Elrohir don’t leave him alone!!!  Oh no, oh no, things are about to go bad, I have a feeling!  But man, that scene between Aragorn and Elrohir was just so well done!  I loved that twist that Aragorn walked in on them because yeah, yeah it would look pretty bad, especially since Legolas is so confused right now :sighs:  I hope Elrohir will get a chance to explain!

Author's Response:

I was nervous about that scene with Aragorn. I was worried I wouldn't be able to make Aragorns anger realistic. I am glad it felt OK to you. Even if Elrohir gets a chance to explain will Aragorn be abl to listen? This is way out of his comfort zone and beyond the way he has seen these two in his mind. He thought he knew them so well and now he realises he didn't!  

Name: Encairion (Signed) · Date: May 27, 2017 22:09 · For: Chapter 24

Oh Elrohir was so so lovely in this chapter!  He was exactly what Legolas needed :)  I am so proud of him! 


I am really hoping that Legolas is wrong though, and that Elrohir will be able to deal with sharing.  I think that now, after living so many years without Leoglas, and almost loosing Leoglas to death, he can do it.  I am hopeful!

Author's Response:

Well that's the thing. He has experienced that soul destroying loss. The feel of Legolas gone from the world. Is that enough to enable him to do this? Is he really strong enough when push comes to shove? 

Name: Encairion (Signed) · Date: May 27, 2017 22:09 · For: Interlude

Yes, yes, yes!!!  Oh that was perfect!  So beautiful!  Ahhh!!  I am all giddy over these two :)  At last, at last!  This chapter was perfect!

Author's Response:

I know! Everyone was waiting for this. Elrohir was such a boss here. Striding in and bringing the light with him. He's the best! 

Name: Encairion (Signed) · Date: May 27, 2017 22:09 · For: Chapter 22

Oh my god Elrohir!  Go to see Legolas already!  Why oh why is it so hard for him to make his Choice?  Even tho he loves the land, he love Elladan and Legolas more!  How can he even be contemplating never seeing them again?   I am getting really frustrated with him! 


I am eating this story up!  It’s SO good :)

Author's Response:

Poor Elrohir. The problem is he simply doesn't WANT to have to choose. There is no choice actually, as you say, he can't seperate fom Elladan.... Legolas aside he simply can't do that. But he does not want to admit to himself he must choose to leave Arwen forever. He wants to go on happily making no choice at all because if he never makes that choice he never has to face the truth of it. 

The fact that if left to his own devices, with no twin or no love he would probably choose mortality does not help for unlike Elladan he has no strong pull to Valinor. 

Author's Response:

Poor Elrohir. The problem is he simply doesn't WANT to have to choose. There is no choice actually, as you say, he can't seperate fom Elladan.... Legolas aside he simply can't do that. But he does not want to admit to himself he must choose to leave Arwen forever. He wants to go on happily making no choice at all because if he never makes that choice he never has to face the truth of it. 

The fact that if left to his own devices, with no twin or no love he would probably choose mortality does not help for unlike Elladan he has no strong pull to Valinor. 

Name: Encairion (Signed) · Date: May 27, 2017 22:08 · For: Chapter 20

Finally!  Elrohir will go see Legolas and drive the sea away!  And hopefully the two of them will come to some understanding then too!  I am beginning to think everything might just work out!  Will Legolas be Elrohir and Maewen’s lover?  And Maewen will begin her relationship with Erynion again?  Oh I hope so!  But how will Elrohir deal with that?  Hmm…but maybe having at least a place in Legolas’ life will be enough?  I can’t wait to see what happens!

Author's Response:

And that is the question! How wll Elrohir cope? For Maewen, as long as she is assured Legolas still loves her just as deeply as before it is easy. For Legolas, although it is new to him personally, it is still a cultural norm he grew up with...but for Elrohir?? Will he ever be able to share without pain? 

Name: Encairion (Signed) · Date: May 27, 2017 22:08 · For: Chapter 19

That scene between Elrohir and Eldarion is so sweet!  Elrohir was so good with him, he would have made a wonderful father :)  I think their relationship will help Elrohir just as much as it does Legolas.

Author's Response:

He would have made a wonderful father. I'll let you in to a secret....my Legolas has children in the future. I have written one of them already, the story is called "Homecoming" Anyway, Elrohir does get a chance to be a father to those children. 

Being closer to Eldarion...although it is painful...will bring Elrohir much joy. He is very much pulled to his mannish blood. Quite mannish in nature and Eldarion allows him to indulge in that without guilt. 

Name: Encairion (Signed) · Date: May 27, 2017 22:07 · For: Chapter 15

Ahhhh!  I am crying!  Damn you!  That was such a moving chapter :sniffles:

Author's Response:

I had to go check which cheaper this was! Oh yes, poor Elrohir. A real moment of clarity here for him and it seemed as if it was all too late. 

Name: Encairion (Signed) · Date: May 27, 2017 22:07 · For: Chapter 13

Nooooo!  Legolas can’t be DEAD!  You are killing me here!  I am stubbornly going to believe that next chapter Elrohir will come like a white flame and guided him back to his body again.  Yep.  No way, no way is Legolas dead.

Author's Response:

Now I am sure I told you I killed him off...did you not believe me?? 

So he WAS dead, but not for very long. And it wasn't Elrohir who guided him back. I did toy with that but I thought Legolas wouldn't go. The state his relationship with Elrohir was in a this stage would mean the pull wouldn't be strong enough to get him to leave his beloved long lost brother. It had to be someone supremely close to him. Someone on an equal footing in his love as Laerion.....Aragorn, the brother of his heart. 

At this stage Elrohir wasn't special enough yet. 

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