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03/30/17 01:32 am
I suppose they'd have a heart attack if I told them I'm writing fanfic in English these days. *g*
03/30/17 01:31 am
experience like you, Alpha, but with English: two English teachers told me I should try to get a job where I wouldn't need foreign languages as they judged me too little giftd in languages.
03/30/17 01:29 am
My father was a maths teacher, too, which wasn't always easy for me, *g* - my classmates considered it as uncool in a major way to be daugther of a maths teacher. And I made a similar
03/28/17 11:13 pm
Wow- Naledi- you were Maths!! I am an English teacher and so agree. I am so careful - don't always get it right but try to make sure every interaction is positive.
03/28/17 12:10 pm
I was a maths teacher too! A really soul-destroying job sometimes, because many children arrived at school already afraid of the subject.
03/28/17 12:08 pm
It is sad how a bad teacher can make a child's time at school a misery. When I was teaching I was very conscious that even the most casual, throwaway comment could wound.
Alpha Ori
03/28/17 01:08 am
Love to meet him today and tell him I studied astronomy. Twit.
Alpha Ori
03/28/17 01:07 am
I still remember my maths teacher. Pasty faced and smelled of onions. I was traumatised, especially when he told my parents the only thing I was good at was sports.
Spiced Wine
03/24/17 02:30 pm
Most of my teachers were lovely - there were just a couple that were not nice.
03/22/17 11:06 pm
I hate hearing about teachers who ruined a child's interest or confidence or curiosity- as a teacher myself, it actually hurts to think how someone has done that. It doesn't happen much now.
Shout Archive

Name: CassieHughes (Signed) · Date: March 16, 2017 19:23 · For: Chapter 27
This chapter shows how much Maewen has grown up since Darkness. The way she can accept what Legolas and Elrohir mean to each other and how it does not mean Legolas loves her any less is something that would have been impossible at the beginning of that story. She has become such a wonderfully rounded, well thought out character and so well suited to him.
I love how she realises just how important Gimli is to him too.

Author's Response:

She really has! She has grown so much. (She did need to.) She is a bit sad though without Erynion. She really needs his calmness to balance wild Legolas and there is a lot of longing there. She has given up a lot to keep Legolas happy. She has come such a long way and her view of Gimli really personifies that. 

Name: CassieHughes (Signed) · Date: March 16, 2017 19:11 · For: Chapter 26
Poor, wild, chaotic, confused Legolas. He has been through so much that it is no wonder his mind can not keep up with what he is feeling. The world keeps throwing new ideas and emotions at him and he is in no fit shape to duck!
You do have a wonderful knack of throwing us all off kilter just when we think things are getting back on track. :)

Author's Response:

Yeah, poor Legolas. Totally unable to cope with the world at the moment let alone all the people occupying that world. Getting together with Elrohir was one thing.....now he has to deal with the after effects, and at the moment he just can't. Poor baby. 

Name: CassieHughes (Signed) · Date: March 16, 2017 19:03 · For: Chapter 25
Aie, Aragorn! Hopefully Arwen can calm him down before it comes to blows between him and Erohir. I suppose that being both a man and brought up with Noldor ideals he is very unlikely to understand what is going on here.
I rather think that he has also been under a lot of pressure since bringing Legolas back too, especially with Elladan's obvious animosity, so is bound to be worried about how what he perceives as Elrohir's transgression will affect the wood elf's health and well being.

Author's Response:

Exactly!! You have got Aragorn so right here. Yes, he is a man and raised by Noldor...plus his basic personality makes him a very honorable steadfast man as well. This is WAY out of his experiance and comfort zone....he does not understand it at all. And yes,me has been under pressure plus coping with the physical effects of what he did.

Elladans animosity and the aggression he recieved from Legolas thanks to the sealonging have him questioning if he should even have bought Legolas back. A lot of the anger he directs at Elrohir here is actually how he is feeling about himself at the moment.

Name: CassieHughes (Signed) · Date: March 16, 2017 18:52 · For: Chapter 24
This is such a heartbreaking chapter. You have captured Legolas' jumbled and confused feelings perfectly here. His battle with this new, stronger sea longing has obviously taken its toll and left him so much less able to cope with the feelings Erohir raises in him. He seems so very young and vulnerable and I can only hope that his fears are unfounded.

Author's Response:

Oh! So glad he came across that way for you. Young and vulnerable. What we are seeing here....which will become apparent in the next chapter is the damage done to Legolas' fea when Aragoen bought him back from the dead....wether it was the very fact Aragorn bought him back or the fact Elladan intervened that caused it we do not know. It has damaged his emotional centre...the way he controls and processes his emotions so he is very much like a child here, with wild extreme emotional reactions. We saw this when he first woke and realised Aragorn was not there....but since then it has been masked by the sealonging. How to fix it, that's the problem. 

Name: CassieHughes (Signed) · Date: March 16, 2017 18:35 · For: Interlude
The way you portray the sea longing as an actual entity always astounds me and I love it. It is in parity to the way Tolkien makes The Ring work upon those around it.
The emotion in this chapter is so compelling too, from Legolas' initial despair, through anger, pain, hope and overwhelming love, It is just beautifully written. Perfect. :)

Author's Response:

The sealonging IS very much like the ring, you are right, and it is twisting Legolas' reality here. Telling him things that are not true. I am glad you felt all the emotion! It was a chapter that was a long time coming and I am glad it worked!!

Name: CassieHughes (Signed) · Date: March 16, 2017 18:28 · For: Chapter 22
It's good to see that Elrohir finally realises how difficult life must have been for his father at the loss of Elros. It is as if he is finally growing up and seeing that life is not just all about him, but other people can suffer too. On the other hand this realisation also brings about the uncomfortable feeling that the choices he makes will impact on those around him and it seems he is not quite prepared to own up to that yet.

Author's Response:

Elrohir has had a lot on information dumped on him in the last little while and his head is spinning from it a bit. It is stuff that changes his world view somewhat. Suddenly he is faced with the loss of his twin...something he never contemplated and although it is painful it does at least give him the ability to emphasise with his father as he has not done before. I liked the thought of Elrond's library in Imladris being all about Elrond trying to prove to himself he would meet his twin again one day. 

Name: CassieHughes (Signed) · Date: March 16, 2017 18:18 · For: Chapter 21
Oh Elrohir. That it has taken so long for him to really take notice of his brother, to look beneath the outer facade of calm and peace to what is going on within his heart, is proof of his own inner turmoil. This is just the wake up call that he has needed I think.
I just hope that he will listen to Elladan now, set aside his feelings of hurt over the fact that his brother shared his sea longing with Legolas and not him, go and visit said wood elf and really listen to what everyone is trying to tell him. :)

Author's Response:

Hello!! So good to get up this morning to loads of reviews from you :-) 

yes, Elrohir is guilty of not really seeing his brother. He should not have taken this long to discover the sealonging, for all that Elladan has hid it from him. But will he listen??? Well, I must admit none of my characters are any good at listening! 


Name: UnnamedElement (Signed) · Date: March 15, 2017 1:37 · For: Chapter 26

Review for Fire, Chapters 24 to 26

Note: I will comment on Erynion and Gimli more after your next update. Tried to focus my response a bit instead of just going "omg so good!" like I sometimes do.

So the issue of consent here is very interesting, and I didn't *really* catch it until the chapter in which Legolas is so utterly devestated, which is surprising, given my profession. I was glad you asked if I caught it, and I think a nuanced approach to consent is really important to represent in fanfiction.  Because there is so much I could go on about--but the idea of actually writing about all those things is utterly overwhelming and paralying so you would never get a review!--I am going to focus on consent and the relationships for the review.

You've written a very complicated series of relationships here, born out of significant stress, drama, and very real trauma. Your friendships, romances, daliances, and more are all coming together. The Legolas/Maewen, Maewen/Erynion, and Legolas/Elrohir web is becoming increasingly complicated, and it is this web that really throws the issue of consent into relief.

For is Legolas in a state to consent? Arguably not. I would say no. Wellness wise, mental health wise, and the differential in their power dynamics, here, as well and unwell...  Furthermore, Legolas does, in fact, not consent to Elrohir's touch in the Interlude, very clearly stating "Let me go," which is unequivocal rejection. Legolas then describes Elrohir refusing to let him go, being powerless, breathless and, ultimately, unable to say a thing besides Elrohir's name. (Could he not speak because he was overcome by desire perhaps? Some might argue, but for the sake of this, let's say it's a grey area.) What would he have said though had he been able to speak? What would he have said had Elrohir given him the chance to speak or to actively consent, having previously commanding he let him go? It is an exceptionally common occurrence for people to freeze when they are first being assaulted, sometimes then just "letting it happen" because it has already gone so far after they come into themselves again, especially when the other person's power has already been demonstrated to them (a firm grip that will not let go, for example).

Now did Legolas want to get with Elrohir? Yeah, I 100% believe that. Did he want it to happen this way? Eh, I'll venture to guess probably not, though in the state you have described, I'm not sure Legolas knows any of his desires,  truly.

Which takes us to two more points: 1) Maewen. 2) Personal autonomy. 

Maewen: As much as I love Maewen, she could have handled this a little differently. Maewen has asked Elrohir to help Legolas without Legolas knowing that--after years of their determinedly non-open relationship--she approves of this. So Elrohir comes to him and he not only does not consent to the contact, but he is also made to feel that it is a betrayal--for neither of them spoke to him of it first. And Maewen is his life partner. Should she not have told him? Eased his conscience, made him perhaps able to consent through a better understanding of what was happening? Though that is not a very Maewen-way to approach things. They are rather. . .hopeless at communicating sometimes. When they are on they are on, when they are off, they are not even on the same planet. FOr Maewen knows Legolas well--she knows he needs this to escape from the sea--but she does not know how to give it to him.

OR if it is even what he wants. Which brings us to...

Personal autonomy: Legolas is not well enough, it seems, to even know if he wants to be free from the sea. In fact, he states that without it he is nothing, once it is gone, that without it there is no "[he]." They took that choice from him. They did not even try to have the conversation with him about whether he wanted to try to rid himself of it by laying with Elrohir; they simply took the choice away from him and put the matter into their own hands. It is, in many ways, like assuming a person with a cognitive disability or mental illness that affects communication has no opinion on whether they continue to receive support to live independently or join a group home. Perhaps they enjoy the challenge of their daily life, perhaps the hell people assume they are trapped in is not a hell at all--perhaps it is a different reality, but it is freeing to them in their own way. This person has a personal assitant and a nurse, perhaps, 24-hours a day, or in shifts. It is perhaps not convenient for their family or for their caregivers or their lover, to be tied to their schedule as they live with their version of independence. The choice to put this person in a group home without adequately consulting them takes away that choice, their personal autonomy, their personhood, because that choice is not about what is best for the person with a cognitive disability or mental illness, but it is about what is best for the family/caregivers, what is best for their needs and what they perceive to be the best thing for this person, without doing the work to understand their perspective.

Legolas is an inconvenience to his family and friends right now. The decision to give Elrohir to Legolas is not so much about what Legolas needs, for Legolas has not expressed to Maewen or Elrohir what he needs. THe decision is about what they think is best for him--he will be better, he will be more normal when I think perhaps, for Legolas, after that trauma, there is no normal to return to... They think he will be better without the sealonging, but perhaps it is the one thing holding him together. We do not know, becauuse they did not ask him. They simply made him a person again in the way they thought he needed, without consultation, without asking, without informed consent or, indeed, even consent...!

So consent in your piece is not just about sex; it's about a person's right to decide about their own body and mental health, about their own life and future, and what, to them, defines a well-lived life. It is about autonomy and respect.  (Which harkens all the way back to Aragorn bringing him back in the first place. Legolas did not want to leave, but one has to wonder, how informed was he when he decided to turn back from Laerion? He was half-dead, afterall. Is Elladan, then, perhaps the only person who has not betrayed Legolas' trust thus far?)

ELrohir getting with Legolas is probably the best thing that could have happened for him, from an outside perspective. A treatment that relieves symptoms so that perhaps the true cause of those symptoms can be assessed. But the execution of that treatment... It was pretty horrific, and I can only imagine the chapters of trust rebuilding we have ahead of us, for they may have made Legolas even more vulnerable than he was before!

I know there have been times when I just wanted to force a client I was working with into treatment (read: yesterday, YESTERDAY I wanted this) because I knew it was what was best for their children and family but... That's not how consent works, and until it rises to such a level that it endangers the safety of others (a high threshhold indeed, unfortunately, in my jursidiction) I can no more make someone get help than I can charm my coffee into making itself! (And, interestingly, Legolas does not actually hurt anyone physically until AFTER Maewen and ELrohir try to fix him.)

 I am perhaps overthinking this, but... I doubt it, because you do not write one-dimensional things! I may have interpreted it differently, but there is something more there than meets the eye, for sure.

Gosh, I love your writing. There were a few places in these chapters where I literally held my breath from the beauty. The end of the Interlude and the beginning of that following chapter, for example. You have grown so tremendously in your writing. Your words and phrases and the flow and rhythm are compelling and arresting!

And what extraordinarily complex and believable characters you have created. Such a nuanced and multi-leveled dissection of consent would not be possible were your characters not equally and believably multi-faceted!

I can't wait to read your next update, mostly because I plan to reread everything from the Interlude forward before reading it. I love an excuse to reread! And I am really going to try to stay on top of reviews from now on, but I won't make any promises I can't keep... Thank you for writing and posting, Cheeky!

Author's Response:

The worlds best review...what more can I say? Well heaps....as you know ....in my email! 

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: March 10, 2017 22:54 · For: Chapter 27

Hurray! At last we have Gimli to sort everyhting out for a hopelessly dejected and miserable Legolas. Poor Erynion. I do hope things are looking up now.

Author's Response:

It has to get better now Gimli is here! Outside of the tangled mess of relationships he will see what has to be done. This is the low point...for Legolas and Erynion. Now for me to put it all back together! 

Name: Starfox (Signed) · Date: March 07, 2017 23:03 · For: Chapter 27
Finally things are hopefully going to get better. At least Legolas is no longer on his own and Gimli is there to keep him grounded.

The part with his song was nicely done. That his song tells Maewen that something is wrong with him.

It is good that Maewen notes how broken he is at the moment and he all but admits that Elrohir did take advantage of him even if he didn't mean to.

Author's Response:

Yes, Gimli is sorely needed here. Someone practical who is outside of all the relationship drama. He should help matters greatly!

Maewen knows Legolas so very well, and is much more skilled than Elrohir at managing him which shows here. And Legolas....yes.....is still very confused and his ability to consent is doubtful. That's not to say in his right mind he wouldn't have been perfectly happy with the way things have panned out anyway. But he is distressed by the feeling he has been swept up in something and he can't quite work out how that happened. 

But again, Elrohir didn't know him well enough to recognise that. Whereas Erynion did. He knew Legolas was not well enough for them to discuss serious matters....that Legolascould not make agreements in his current state. 

Name: NelyafinweFeanorion (Signed) · Date: March 07, 2017 7:32 · For: Chapter 27
Oh dear sweet Erynion! He is alone and needs someone too but he is being so loyal and proper. Poor guy.
Maewen has really matured and grown wiser. She's far more in tune with Legolas and realizes that he needs more than her and that's ok. For him to be with her she has to be able to share him, for his sake and her own.
Legolas makes me so sad here--to be so jumbled and scattered that he isn't at peace even among the trees and that the trees worry for him too.
But Gimli! Honestly if anyone can sort this crew out its Gimli! He soothes Legolas in a way all his own also and he makes him laugh--more than anyone. He will get these Noldor, Silvans and Men sorted and behaving, no doubt.

Author's Response:

I am quite in love with Erynion. In the story Walls of Glass I killed him off and I really regret that now. :-( 

He has been badly burned by the mess Legolas managed to turn everything into when jealousy reared its ugly head. It tore Erynion up. He loves Maewen deeply but the deterioration of his friendship with Legolas was too much for him to take. He is actually quite frightened to revisit that, hence how tightly he holds himself. 

Maewen has come a long way hasn't she. I didn't write it here but she realised, in that moment Legolas "died" when she lost him and the grief caused her to fall and Elrohir caught her, That it wasn't a him or me thing...that she could make it work and she and Elrohir could be a team. She does understand this...far more than Elrohir, because she has a silvan way of loving, herself.

As I said. This is Legolas' low point. Told you the dynamic was about to change! Gimli to the rescue!! 

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: March 07, 2017 7:14 · For: Chapter 27

*Happy sigh* Maewen and Legolas are so right together. It was lovely to see Maewen comfort and calm Legolas. After all the angst the two have been through I enjoyed seeing Maewen knowing exactly what to do and say to help him. 

And now Gimli's here. At last! 

Author's Response:

Ah, I am so pleased you think that! Most people reading this are really barracking for Elrohir all the way, but Maewen and Legolas, when they get it right are fantastic together! (I think, anyway) Maewen knows him SO well. 

And yeah, Gimli. It's about time isn't it. 

Name: Starfox (Signed) · Date: March 05, 2017 19:33 · For: Chapter 26
Poor Legolas. He really doesn't catch a break. Although Erynionmade a good attempt at calming him and keeping him with him. The poor guy needs peace and quiet and somebody who can help him with his damaged fa, so it looks like he needs Elladan.

I hope Elladan doesn't screw it up as well.

Author's Response:

You have it exactly right. He needs someone to help him heal his fea. Someone not involved in all the relationship dynamics. Elladan is slightly better at avoiding stuff ups than the rest of them.....so it could be him.....of course he is suffering with the sealonging himself at the moment...

Name: NelyafinweFeanorion (Signed) · Date: March 05, 2017 18:59 · For: Chapter 26
Oh Legolas!!! He is far too muddled for this! He's running all over the place, completely mentally scattered and people either leave him or let him leave! Erynion's suffered worse injuries than a broken nose I'm sure and they've probably done worse sparring with each other in their youth!
Ugh. This Elf should not be alone right now he is utterly irrational and still broken. I'm waiting for the sea longing and the despair that comes with it to hit him any moment. Where is everyone?
And the aftermath? They will all blame themselves AND each other for leaving him alone--I can just see it and I'm miserable about it, even if it is well-deserved.
Legolas not feeling safe in the trees is unsettling.

Author's Response:

Yes! Legolas still feeling unsafe in the trees is a sign of how badly damaged his fea actually is. So glad you appreciated that. :-)

Erynion has indeed suffered worse than this and if Legolas was behaving as he normally would he would have felt badly, apologised, patched his friend up and they would have joked about it later but he is emotionally damaged. The self control, the walls around his logical mind he usually has have been damaged and all he is left with are these pure emotions which frighten him. He has no ability to rope himself in and dampen how he feels with logical thought. And so when he looks at Erynion he feels the horror he would have felt briefly anyway but it is all he can feel....and he runs. 

Erynion, at least, did recognise Legolas should not be alone and attempt to hold him in his company. He did better than Elrohir! 

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: March 05, 2017 9:49 · For: Chapter 26

Poor Legolas - he's in tatters! And now he's trying to put things right with Erynion but going about it the wrong way. At least he has the presence of mind not to tell him about Elrohir before he sees Maewen. Has he forgotten his encounter with his brother (whose name I've forgotten!)? I'd have thought it would be uppermost in his mind. 

Author's Response:

Laerion. Laerion is Legolas' brother....no he hasn't forgotten that, although his thoughts are not the most well ordered at the moment...in case you didn't notice. But you see Elrohir came along and distracted him completely. Who could remember anything then! And yeah. Things with Eynion have not exactly gone well. Just as well Erynion is sweet and calm and steady and so unlikely to join the rest of them storming around the palace. 

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: March 05, 2017 9:15 · For: Chapter 26

I think Legolas is really unhinged right now- he's clumsy and a bit hopeless. Best off if he just goes back to bed and stops being a bit of an idiot runing about and hurting people. I'm a bit cross with him to be honest. Poor Erynion.

Author's Response:

Oh you can't be mad with Legolas, my poor baby...Remember, Elladan says he damaged his fea dragging him back from wherever it was he and Aragorn chose to hang out with dead people at. He can't help it......he's just a bit scrambled. 

And Erynion walked in to his splinted arm. How clumsy is that???

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: March 05, 2017 9:11 · For: Chapter 25

Oh Aragorn! Why do you have to come crashing in here like that and spoil things just when they were getting to the point!! (I hadn't realsied they had actually had sex to be honest- your subtle fade -out at the end of the last chapter passed me by- TOO subtle for the likes of me:) Elrohir is back to being a good person again and wating to help, now that Maewen has explianed and they just need to all get together in one bed and have a lovely time:)

Author's Response:

Not sure they will ever end up in one nice cosy bed together to be honest. I think that might be pushing Elrohir a bit too far. Now, you see I didn't actually say they had sex....maybe they just like to sleep with no pajamas and Aragorn is all jumping to the wrong conclusions! 

Elrohir is back to being a good person doing incredibly stupid things like leaving a obviously not all there Legolas alone while he goes chasing after someone who is more likely to punch him than listen to him. Silly Elrohir. 

Name: Starfox (Signed) · Date: March 04, 2017 21:24 · For: Chapter 25
The poor guy can never catch a break, can he?

Aragorn's reaction is understandable, but dammit, did he have to walk in at that moment?

And dammit, couldn't Elrohir stayed put after Aragorn walked out? Why does he leave Legolas alone as muddled and vulnerable as he is right now? It would have been wise to give Aragorn time to cool off and to take care of Legolas instead. I hope it doesn't end in a meass again. They truly deserve a break.

Author's Response:

I know! Bad timing Aragorn. To him, not knowing anything about Legolas and Elrohir's previous hook up and not knowing anything about Elrohir's effect on the sealonging this must seem wrong on so many levels. And like you, he has doubts about  Legolas' ability to make rational decisions. 

As for Elrohir, you are so right. He should have stayed. But remember what he was like when we were inside his head. So torn about his choices. I think there is some guilt here about having chosen immortality and therefore to leave Aragorn and that is what drives him to chase Aragorn when he should actually stay with Legolas. It's a bad decision.

Name: Starfox (Signed) · Date: March 04, 2017 21:15 · For: Chapter 24
Yeah, finally the sealonging is gone for now. It's good that Legolas sees the complications that arise with his being with Elrohir. I also think that Elrohir should have waited for Legolas to be more himself before starting anything.

The way Legolas is now it looks indeed as if Elrohir is taking advantage of him even if that is not his intention.

Author's Response:

Yes.....this is borderline, and I did intend that. Elrohir does need to strengthen their bond to maintain control over the sealonging....but is Legolas really capable of giving consent at the moment? Is this really what he wants? I am glad you questioned that when you read it As you have seen in the next chapter you are not the only one to see this and think it dubious! 

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: March 04, 2017 16:28 · For: Chapter 24

He reclaims me then. He reaches for me as I try to pull away. Last time we played this out he turned and strode away throwing insults behind him. This time he holds me, pulls me close against him and I do not understand it.  


"I know that," he says softly. "I know you love her." And he tilts me back so I can see him. "But is there any space in your heart for me?"  


Of course there is space for him. There is a space full of him.  


And as much as my rational mind says I should not tell him for it is cruel and will only break his heart, I do. For my rational mind is buried deep under the chaos and I cannot reach it, though it screams its warning.  


"There is. . ." I breathe it, "There is a space for you and I wished for it. . . I have longed. . ." But the words desert me in the end.  


"Ah Legolas." He holds me tight, my head against his chest so I am surronded in his warmth and I can hear the calming thud of his heart as if it were a lullaby to soothe me. "We have wasted so much time you and I. I have lived in a world now, without Legolas, even though it was for minutes only, and I will not do that again! You have no idea the bleakness of my world while you were gone." 


That is a lovely scene- let's hope Legolas doesn't blow it this time!

Author's Response:

Or maybe Elrohir? Maybe Elrohir will blow it? 

Actually the chapter that went up yesterday has more on that....on who may or may not blow it.......that's if anyone at all does, they may just walk happily off into the sunset...or not.

but I am rambling. 

Of course Legolas is pretty vulnerable at the moment so if he did blow it I'd probably excuse him. Just this once! 

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: March 04, 2017 16:01 · For: Interlude

Instead he smiles. A small smile full of a soft, amused adoration. 


"You do not even believe that yourself, Legolas. A more light -filled creature I have never met. Do not listen to the sea. It only tries to take you from us to have all to itself and I will not let it."  


"Lies, lies, lies," the sea hisses as it thrashes through my mind. "You know the truth. He will not fight for you." 


And so I attempt to twist away from his touch. 


"Let me go! I know you despise me."  


"I love you." 


His hand cupping my face, once gentle becomes firm as he will not let me go. He tilts my head, forcing me to stare into his eyes. They are deep pools of love and I drown in them. 


Oh hurray! I was getting very concerned they weren't going to get over this. Lovely description above.



Author's Response:

Come on now.....of course they would get over it! Me....leave Legolas and Elrohir apart? Never! .............. Well, there IS one story I did that in, but not in THIS series! 

Name: NelyafinweFeanorion (Signed) · Date: March 04, 2017 2:36 · For: Chapter 25
Yay such a quick update!!

No no no! Elrohir do not leave him right now! This is NOT a good time for Legolas to be alone!
Ugh!! Poor Legolas is too muddied still for all this. Of course Aragorn reads this all wrong and bringing up Maewen just made it worse!
Smacking my head--these two can't catch a break.
But they are all a bit caught up in the drama of the moment and are forgetting the person they should be focused on--Legolas. He's too vulnerable right now--for this kind of drama and to be left alone. I was so sure things were going to be better but now I'm worried again.

Author's Response:

Bad, bad choice made by Elrohir here. He should not have left Legolas. He is showing his inexperience I think. He really does not know Legolas well, despite the fact he loves him. He managed to keep his focus SO well, deflecting all that negativity from the sealonging and now he has lost it. His guilt over having chosen immortality and leaving Aragorn could well be playing in here of course. Maewen would not have left....not in a million years but Maewen is very, very adept at reading Legolas' moods, if you think back to Darkness. She has had several hundred years to become accomplished at it of course. 

In Aragorn's defence, he is not in the best place himself. Last we saw him he was pretty broken. He suffered physically after the sojourn into the spirit world (less so emotionally. As a human his fea is less fragile than Legolas' elven one.) but since then he has borne the brunt of Legolas' sealonging. He knows nothing about what transpired between these two at the Black Gate. He knows nothing about Elrohir's ability with the sealonging. All he has ever seen from Elrohir is antagonism towards Legolas. This must just appear totally bizarre to him. And even in the best senario he could possibly dream up to explain it Legolas is obviously not capable of giving any kind of sensible consent. 

Aragorn would have stayed with Legolas himself, I think and sent Elrohir away. He well knows he should not be alone, hence he sends for Elladan, because Aragorn does not know the sealonging is gone. Last time he saw Legolas he was a raging mess hurling insults Aragorn's way so hardly appropriate for him to stay there alone with him.

but yeah....it's a mess.....all of it.

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: March 04, 2017 1:06 · For: Chapter 25

Gaah! Stupid Aragorn! The thing that worries me most is that in all the dramatics, Aragorn has made them forget Maewen. It's far more important to see her. 

Author's Response:

I KNEW Aragorn would annoy you in this chapter! In his defence the situation he walked in on must be quite uncomprehendable. He does not know there has ever been anything but antagonism between Legolas and Elrohir...not like we do. And he does not know Elrohir has any special abilities with the sea-longing. And he does know Legolas is in a complete mess and hardly in any state to be embarking on new relationships. 

Legolas has not forgotten about Maewen...don't worry about that. Elrohir may well have, but Legolas most definitely has not!! 


Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: March 03, 2017 7:18 · For: Chapter 24

Thanks for the update. I was hoping you would post the next chapter soon. It was ominous, though. I'm glad Elrohir was there for Legolas, but I have a feeling there will be terrible consequences. And Legolas is in no fit state to fight them. 

Author's Response:

Legolas is in a mess, thats true. And Elrohir.....well perhaps to him things all seem very simple and easy now he has finally made his decision but to Legolas it is just a nightmare of complications. And Legolas knows first hand how difficult it is to cope with a "shared" relationship when it isn't the kind of love you were born to and raised with. So he is right to be doubtful....but his head is such a mess he is unable to deal with this really at all. It IS ominous! There is a heap that could go wrong here. 

Name: NelyafinweFeanorion (Signed) · Date: March 03, 2017 6:41 · For: Chapter 24
YES!!! This is the chapter I have been waiting for. Oh my poor dear muddled Legolas! His fa has felt what life would be like without you and that is intolerable. Sharing you is easy compared to losing you completely. You are his one but he is not just Noldor.
The death experience and raging sea have left Legolas shattered. He's grasping at things he thinks are true but doesn't realize things have changed while he has been overwhelmed--Elrohir has changed. Or more accurately Elfohir has realized some things and made some decisions.
Our boy needs Elrohir by his side, to keep the sea away so he can heal and then they can sort things out. For now just bask in the love Legolas--you need it and deserve it.

Author's Response:

Yes, Legolas is a scattered mess right now. He is not himself and he is struggling to make sense of what is going on around him. As you say, things have changed while he has been "ill" and he is unaware of that. Elrohir, particularly has had several revelations and is not the Elrohir Legolas remembers from before. Now he has finally made his decision he is totally focused. 

Nor has Legolas given any thought to what it was like for those he left behind while he was with Laerion.....ie "dead" and so he doesn't realise the trauma Elrohir has been through. 

The problem is he needs to time to heal his fea......will he get it?

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