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Reflections in Imladris by Starfox General Audiences
Companion Piece to Musings In The Night. Legolas arrives in Imladris.
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[Maedhros & Aragorn] The meeting of two wary souls, comforting each other.
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Your life path had been difficult. You do not have a family nor a place you could call "home". You consider yourself to be...
The Trespasser by Linda Hoyland General Audiences
A herb mistress has a fateful encounter with a stranger.
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Thranduil strikes a bargain with his fiery neighbour. The story of how the black arrow that killed Smaug came to Bard. 'Black...
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The past reaches out towards the future...A living mystery is being delivered to the king of Mirkwood as a gift and a strange...
Where the Shadows Lie by ziggy General Audiences
Not only the Three survive Sauron's fall, and not all darkness is vanquished. Sequel to Sons of Thunder. Warnings: loads...

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03/22/17 11:06 pm
I hate hearing about teachers who ruined a child's interest or confidence or curiosity- as a teacher myself, it actually hurts to think how someone has done that. It doesn't happen much now.
Spiced Wine
03/20/17 10:15 am
I was a very quiet student, easily cowed and very much a loner, nevertheless I was a good student, but he was not a nice teacher :(
03/19/17 03:00 pm
Spiced, what a horrible experience about that teacher! That would drive anybody off the subject, I'd imagine.
03/19/17 02:59 pm
UnnamedElement, my husband has a doctorate in chemistry, so he might be able to help. *g* Just drop me a note through the PM system here, or at LJ or DW (same name).
03/18/17 03:05 am
Spiced- how horrible! My friends made fun of my poor attn to detail so Chem and I did not get along either. But no! Can find no handy calculators online. Oh well!
03/18/17 03:04 am
I'm bad at keeping up w tv, but I support anything that inspires you to write eomer more, ziggy!
03/18/17 01:07 am
Oh - please do...
03/17/17 11:53 pm
Yes- that is EXACTLY right!! I might have to write Eomer a bit more:)
03/17/17 11:02 pm
Ziggy - I keep wanting to pinch the characters and turn them into Rohirrim....
Spiced Wine
03/17/17 10:14 pm
I don't actually watch t.v. I'm afraid, not through any snotyy moral superiority, but since Kev got a huge curved screen it makes me dizzy :/
Shout Archive

Name: Nash (Signed) · Date: March 21, 2017 18:59 · For: Chapter 10 Dreams and Discoveries
I had hoped to persuade you but you and your writing made me love him in the first place(= ALso thanks, that clears evrything up quite well!
Can't wait to see more!

Name: Nash (Signed) · Date: March 20, 2017 20:34 · For: Chapter 10 Dreams and Discoveries
If only there were no last times, only firsts and forever - I love that line! And "Goblin-Prince"- one of your better inventions(=
Legolas has some serious untapped power. He hears so much in the song, things even other elves like Glorfindel don't notice. BTW When did we find out Miriel died? I didn't remember that from the last chapter. Also how could the spell Angmar cast a few months before the quest affect Elrohir for centuries? Wasn't he unhappy even before he met Legolas? I remember Legolas' lover at the time warning him the Elrohir had a heart of ice and no happiness left.
Amazing as always!!!

Author's Response:

Not sure about 'one of my better inventions'???! 


Yes- Legolas has a unique talent with the Song- Thranduil notes it when he sends Legola sto Smaug, and it is one of th reaosns he is chosen for the fellowship -h is able to sense the Nazgul where others do not, how the Nazgul disturb it. 


Miriel- oops. I think I killed her off in a later edit but didn't post that one. Thank you.


re Angmar's spell- no. That isn't how it happened. Elrohir has always felt dreadful guilt about his mother- finding her, smelling the orc's semen etc but only when Angmar cast a spell on him did he beleive that he had raped her too or thought about it. So yes he was unhappy and violent but Angmar made it worse, used his guilt to torture him even more, soften him up to the Nazgul by reinforcing his sense of guilt and making sure he beleived that Elrond, Elladan everyone would hate him too if only they knew about what he had done (according to Angmar).


Hope that all helps:)

Name: Nash (Signed) · Date: March 20, 2017 20:17 · For: Chapter 9 News from Home
Bless your kind soul!!!!! I love you so very much! I have gotten so attached to the lovely characters you have written that would truly mourn had any perished. #LaersulLives!

Author's Response:

Lol - me too:) I started writing the wrong way round so keep having to resolve knotty problems that I never knew were there until I started writing earlier stuff. I have grown to love Laersul too and you are so persuasive!!

Name: NelyafinweFeanorion (Signed) · Date: March 19, 2017 22:37 · For: Chapter 10 Dreams and Discoveries
I can't believe I missed this chapter! Still stunned and grateful you let Laersul live I suppose!

I am so distressed that the ring was found and I am so worried for Bearas and his family--it only took a few moments for him to start having visions.

Oh Elrohir!! The mirror is as tainted by The Witch King as anything and I'm so devasted that its proximity is stirring that darkness in Elrohir again--I had so hoped he was past it and cleansed of it. His self-hatred is so devastating to him and those around him. His jealousy rising is concerning as well. Ugh. I think Elrohir's disquiet is what Legolas senses in the night.
The full impact of what occurred in the Greenwood is affecting Legolas now--he was so elated by Laersul, Thalos and Thranduil being alive that I don't think he immediately processed his other losses and it dredged up the whole Anglach misery for him, my poor boy. I'm still mad at you about Anglach, just so you know--you broke my heart killing him off like that.
What a good friend he has in Gimli. I love that final paragraph.

Author's Response:

I am glad it pleased you that the news from the WOOD was so good- but as you say, Legolas has already lost one of the most importnat people to him- it is one of the things that has made him grown up really- before he was realy such a lightweight!!

And you are right that the Mirror is really not good news for Elrohir- Angmar's spell has not be cleansed and he will not see the truth until it has been. Yes- Elrohir's disquiet is exactly what Legolas senses-and he too has time now to grieve and to htink a bit more clearly about Elrohir too...mwhahaha


Yes, I know. I am sorry for killing Anglach- but he was already dead before I ever wrote him really because he had been killed in the LOTR anyay- but I'm still sorry. And it makes me sad too. I think that is why Thranduil s never angry with him whatever he does.

Name: Starfox (Signed) · Date: March 18, 2017 22:56 · For: Chapter 10 Dreams and Discoveries
You really make me fear for Bearas and his family. But shouldn't the ring have lost its power, like the three elven rings? At least it should be greatly diminished.

Elladan should have buried the thing. Although it stand to reason that the other wraiths should have picked it up, so why didn't they? They searched the whole Pelennor for the ring of Angmar.

Poor Elrohir, finally things seemed better for him, only to turn back to be really bad. Why had Aragorn to send him back without Elladan or Legolas?

One thing that made me wonder: Through A Glass Darky happened after Legolas arrived in Imladris. So if Angmar cast the spell then, how could Elrohir believe for centuries that he nearly raped his mother? After all, in the past centuries the spell had no hold over him.

Poor Legolas too. The really need each other at the moment. Luckily Gimli is there for him.

Author's Response:

I cannot answer all those questions righ now with regard tot he Ring and the Nazgul as that would be spoliers! But those questions are going to linger once the existence of that ring is discovered- but certainly it was not in Mordor when Sauron and the Nazgul were vanquished so how would have been destroyed having been lost on the Mindolluin? It was left there certainly and yes, they searched for Angmar's ring to force upon Elrohir- their best bet for a new King, but it is difficult to see how it would have been destroyed when it was so far from Mordor.


Elladan is with Elrohir- he went on The Elendil. But if you remember, elrohir was bitter because Elladan was really going for Imrahil and not him, but he also doesn't want to begrudge him the happiness that he has found either.


re Elrohir's beleif that he had raped his mother- that IS the spell. Angmar recast his memories, worked them back and through so he thinks he always believed that. It's in Glass- up until then he had been distressed and angry about his mother's rape and torment, confused and bitter about what he sees as his corruption and violent desire and then two had already become confused, but he doesn't beleive he raped his mother until Angmar.

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: March 18, 2017 21:20 · For: Chapter 10 Dreams and Discoveries

Oh no - I'm really scared for Bearas and his daughter. Why didn't the Nazgul's ring lose its power when the One Ring was destroyed? Now I feel bad for the innocent people who come in to contact with it.

I wasn't sure if it was the mirror or the ring stirring up Elrohir's self-hatred, but whatever it is, I hope Elladan realises what's happening. Assuming he's not too occupied with Imrahil to notice...

Poor Legolas - I was so happy Laersul had survived I forgot about all the friends he's lost. I'm glad he's got Gimli. Everyone should have a Gimli :)

Author's Response:

Oh my darling Naledi- you are right to be afraid. It's a really good question as to why the ring was not destroyed- of course you'll remember that Elladan let it fall after they had beatne off the Nazgul on the Mindolluin, so it was not in Mordor when the cracks opened to consume all of Sauron's armies. 

I just felt Legolas had breezed trhough the quest without really thinking about what he has lost (partly because I didn't write Anglach until I started the Hall of the Elvenking and then Black Arrow so I didn't know him as anyhting more than a name in More Dangerous, but actually, the pressure of the quest meant that Legolas couldn't allow himself the luxury of grief (maybe it came out a bit in Lothlorien with the grief for Gandalf?) and I just felt he would now have time to think.


I wish I had a Gimli!! Love that idea!!

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: March 18, 2017 6:31 · For: Chapter 10 Dreams and Discoveries

Ah, Gimli. He is just what Legolas needs. What a rock of support.....that last scene was beautiful.

but as for Elrohir, oh he has just lost all the ground he gained, (though he does need to deal with that incident between him and Legolas when Legolas was unconscious, but still...) the mirror will destroy him if he doesn't get away from it. They need to be together, he and Legolas, at the moment. Being apart is doing them no good at all.


And now some poor innocent family man has picked up that ring...poor guy. What did he do to deserve that?? 


Author's Response:

Thank you my dear:) So glad you enjoyed the last bit especially. And yes, poor Elrohir- he is so stuck in that self-loathing and hatred that when Legolas is not there (and perhaps even when Legolas is there) he just goes back into that well worn groove- and also Angmar's spell is still locked deep and has not been released.


Bearas is going to figure in this a bit more, as I am sure you guessed!!


Name: jules (Signed) · Date: March 18, 2017 1:24 · For: Chapter 10 Dreams and Discoveries
Ooh - the plot thickens. Don't like the thought of that mirror and that ring getting together. But can't wait for Legolas and Elrohir to get together!
Thank you Ziggy

Author's Response:

Jules! Hello!! Lovely to hear from you my dear:)

Yes- the ring and the mirror- NOT a good combination at all.

Legolas and Elrohir will be back together next chapter- I promise! Just for you:) (and Paradis)

Name: Spiced Wine (Signed) · Date: March 17, 2017 22:17 · For: Chapter 10 Dreams and Discoveries
Oh, my gosh, some poor unsuspecting bloke has found *that* ring. And where are the wraiths now....? Everyone seems to think them destroyed...but!

Oh, no Elrohir, please don't sink back into that cursed miasma of self-hate and disgust -- although in this case, I believe it has an outside source that touched Legolas too, although not in the same way, as Legolas does not carry a load of self-loathing around with him. But he grieves, and naturally. Gimli, as ever is a rock.

Author's Response:

Exactly, Spiced- (I just had to delete a load of stuff because I wrote a load of spoilers!!) So just 'yes' exaclty. Nice point about the source touching both of them, and both reacting in different ways because of what they carry wth them- Legolas is, you notice, grieving deeply now where Elrohir is full of self-loathing and Angmar's spell is still deep. Thank you as always for the review:)


Name: Himring (Signed) · Date: March 11, 2017 21:23 · For: Chapter 9 News from Home

After the scariness of the last chapter,  I'm very pleased that this one is brighter (despite the rain and mud) and Legolas's brothers are alive. Poor Lossar and Miriel, though! (Also, does Laersul's memory loss mean anything more ominous, I wonder?)

Author's Response:

I always get a bit overexcited when I know you've read something I've written-thank you, Himring for leaving a review.Glad you picked up on the rain and mud- I get fed up reading things where there isn't any proper 'weather' and the reality of a huge camp like it would have been is ignored. I can't say anything about Laersul without spoilers I'm afraid but it's some time in the future yet sowe'll have to hope he hasn't forgotten Theliel- that would be irritating for her anyway!

Name: UnnamedElement (Signed) · Date: March 11, 2017 20:50 · For: Chapter 8 The Elendil

I have just gotten around to reading this, as I had been putting it off in fear that I would not be able to adequately keep up with it and appreciate it fully. Cheeky convinced me otherwise, and here I am, and thank goodness! This story is tremendous, as usual. The last line of this chapter is beautiful, and the sundering of twins so...satisfyingly canonically appropriate yet heartbreaking. This last line is killer, beautiful--I love the simplicity of the last too words left hanging with a comma. Looking forward to reading chapter 9 later today. Thank you for writing and posting!

Author's Response:

Thank you for such a lovely review, Unnamed Element- that's really nice to hear. It will, I think, have the deepest ramifications for so many if Elladan does indeed choose the way of men. I'm pleased it feels canonical though - that's hugely flattering!

Name: Starfox (Signed) · Date: March 07, 2017 23:06 · For: Chapter 9 News from Home
Finally! The long awaited letter. Laersul is such a well developed charakter it would have been a shame to see him gone. Thanks for letting him live.

I think Legolas needed this news badly. To live with such uncertainty for such a long time has to be stressing to the extreme.

Still, he really needs to go home and see them in person.

Author's Response:

Glad you approve, Starfox! Yes- it was getting to big a strain for Legolas, hence the cold fury of the previous chapter.

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: March 06, 2017 0:19 · For: Chapter 9 News from Home

When I first saw the title to this chapter I closed the page straight away.....just didn't want to read it because if I did, Laersul would be really gone.

when I did finally get brave enough....OMG....my heart was in my mouth the whole time. All those little hints something bad was coming nearly killed me!

Oh but you saved him!!! I am as relieved as Legolas. :-) Can go back to reading Black Arrow now. I had to stop because I was getting much too attached to doomed Laersul.

I am worried for Legolas. He doesn't seem well. Hopefully this news will improve things greatly for him, but I don't know.....that mirror has done something to him, I am sure of it. I was sad Elrohir was not there to great him....and if the letter had been bad news...well I think he would really have needed Elrohir then.

Love Galion SO much, loved his part of the letter. I wonder what he will say when he discovers Legolas has taken a noldor to his bed rather than a dwarf.  

I feel I need to write you a funny chapter now to say thanks for this wonderful chapter! But I have disorientated  Legolas hiding in Arwen's garden to sort out first. I know you are mad at him for breaking Erynions nose but I can't just leave him there. Soon, I promise I will write silliness for you!

P.S. Well now you have admitted Elladan DID abandon Aragorn for a jaunty love cruise I am VERY angry with him. I think I will start some kind of smear campaign besmirching Imrahils good character. There must be some dirty gossip on him....like where is his wife? Or perhaps he is a secret slave trader....or Saurons spy... the possibilities are endless!


Author's Response:

Ha! You and Naledi owe me BIG time now! And Nash - who begged!! I confess I had toyed with killing Laersul now but actually, Legolas would have gone and then how could I do the Evil Deeds I have planned next (Mwahahah!)


Legolas will be better now he has that news- he has been hanging on in there for so long. He cracked a little but he'll be fine... or at least as fine as he can be with...oops. Nearly gave you  a spolier! Of course, it's not as bad as Elrohir having...oh! There I go again:)


Yes please- funny chapter reward please:) (I am very cross with silly Legolas in your Fire fic- what is he thinking!!)


As angry as you are about Elladan going off on his hot date love cruise! You made me giggle with your silliness about Imrahil . You should write that!


Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: March 05, 2017 22:40 · For: Chapter 9 News from Home

Oh Ziggy - I actually shed a few tears. Of happiness, of course! Thank you for not killing off Laersul. I'll be able to read the Black Arrow with an easier heart! 

By the way, I worry for the state of Gimli's beard - if he worries at it much more, it will start looking as frayed as Legolas's sleeves! 

Author's Response:

Yes- all for you and Nash and Cheekybeak. You owe me a LOT of cyberchocolate and extra fics now please.

Yes- Gimli keeps sucking the ends of his beard - terrible habit. You've noticed that I've senw Legolas sleeves together so he can't pick at them. He's found his fingernaisl instead which is a much worse habit!!

Name: Spiced Wine (Signed) · Date: March 05, 2017 22:04 · For: Chapter 8 The Elendil
Did the darkness tremble around the edges of the Mirror? He thought something coiled around his ankle, felt the slide of something beneath his feet and forced himself to his feet in horror, shuddering but it felt like he was bound in heavy chains, or asleep and in a nightmare from which he could not awaken. He stumbled backwards away from the Mirror, crashing heavily into the carved oak table, the wooden chests piled up one upon another. He reached out to steady himself and his hands caught something bony, cold. He turned in terror and fear but it was just the back of one of the chairs. Stumbling and fearful he crashed his way out of the hold and slipped on the wet rungs of the ladder into the hold. Rain soaked his face, his hands and the slippery wood. He threw himself upwards, dreading a bony hand around his ankle, an iron blade in his ribs. He fled.
This was so exactly like sleep paralysis that I had to get up and walk about for a bit! Amazing atmosphere!

Author's Response:

Thank you as always for posting here too, Spiced :)

Name: Spiced Wine (Signed) · Date: March 05, 2017 22:03 · For: Chapter 9 News from Home
I am so glad Legolas has heard the news at least! Injuries, but no deaths, and his brothers live. That must be such a relief to him!

Author's Response:

Yes- at last. He needs this or he can't go back to Minas Tirith- imagine if he didn't know. He'd have been off back to Mirkwood like a shot and never gone to Fangorn or travelled back with Aragorn and his procession towards the Shire.

Name: NelyafinweFeanorion (Signed) · Date: March 05, 2017 18:48 · For: Chapter 8 The Elendil
Oh Ziggy!!!
I loved the details of the beginning and I was lulled into the simplicity of this voyage I thought--just a trip back to the city.
Elrohir managed to control himself for the most part during his conversation with Imrahil--he's really made progress. It's not good for him to be alone though--his mind is not kind to hm.
The chilling air of menace in the last half of the chapter!!! I was agitated when Legolas looked in the Mirror in Minas Morgul--this was worse!!
What do you have in store for my poor boys--the Mirror is affecting them both so very much.

Author's Response:

THank you Nelyafinwe- a lovely review:)

Yes- Elrohir really tried with Imrahil- he couldn't sustain it for very long though and had to run away! But going into the hold was not a good idea- and a strange place to end up, don't you think? Almost as if the mirror drew him there...What have I go in store? Lots of angst and misery of course:)

Name: Starfox (Signed) · Date: March 05, 2017 2:25 · For: Chapter 8 The Elendil
That was a creepy scene with the mirror. I actually feel sympathetic for Elrohir here. The prospect of losing his twin must terrify him.

Does Imrahil know about the Choice? I don't think so or did somebody tell him? Then he really has no idea what his relationship with Elladan means.

Author's Response:

Good question about whether Imrahil knows about the Choice- one would think not or, as you say, he would not risk Elladan. His words are almost too blasé, too naive to really understand what Elladan risks with him. And as you say, Elrohir is really terrified about losing Elladan - even though he has Legolas, he barely knows him and Elladan has been his constant for his whole life.

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: March 04, 2017 23:24 · For: Chapter 8 The Elendil

I'm getting more and more worried about Elladan. I don't want him to lose his heart to Imrahil, but he's not exactly fighting the attraction. It would be terrible for the twins to be separated. 

That mirror gives me the creeps. I was reading that section wishing I could yell to Elrohir to get out of there. What is Gandalf playing at?

Author's Response:

Elladan seems almost unaware of the implications of what he is doing with Imrahil. He really should be more careful but you know, when you're smitten you just don't think it through logically.

You should shout at the computer when you are readding about the mirror- yes, just what IS GANdlaf playing at!!! You'd think he'd know bettere!!

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: March 04, 2017 17:55 · For: Chapter 8 The Elendil

Boo, hiss, Imrahil. I would like to sneak on board and push him overboard in the night when no one is watching. I'll get rid of him for you, Elrohir. 

I am surprised Elladan did not stay with Aragorn. Really surprised, since Legolas, Gimli and Elrohir are gone as well. Did he just ditch Aragorn for a jaunty love cruise with Imrahil? 

Actually I felt kind of angry with Elladan this whole chapter. I know it's not fair....he is as entitled to make his own choice just as much as Elrohir is but Elrohir has given up so much for him—as you remind us here—his very soul. It is sad to read you describing their bond as weakening. (Is that real or just Elrohir's paranoid imagining) And I feel like giving Elladan a kick up the backside and saying "sort your shit out with your Brother" 

Elladan, at the moment, seems a bit self absorbed. Floating along in his love bubble while the rest of them deal with all sorts of ongoing issues. 

Very VERY impressed with Elrohir's restraint with Imrahil. He is learning self control! 

And happy to see him show some sympathy and understanding for his father. Something that has been sorely lacking. But dear, dear, Elrohir...there is no reason to think he favours Elladan over you. 

Author's Response:

You made me laugh with your idea of sneaking on board and giving Imrahil a little shove! How dreadful of you!  Yes- Elladna di just ditch Aragorn for a juanty love cruise- the opportunity of having this time with his Prince is just too much for him. He hasn't really process the whole Elrohir thing- in fact, I htink Imrahil is a welcome distraction from all he really needs ot think about. I think Elladan probably doesn't quite realsie the risk- but when you're in love, you don't.  Love bubble describes it perfectly!

Yes- Elrohir acquitted himself very well with Imrahil- he is learning...a bit.

Thank you dear CB.

Name: Nash (Signed) · Date: February 18, 2017 13:30 · For: Chapter 7 Dagorlad
I can only hope my impassioned pleas will fall upon your compassionate ears and loving heart. You know how much I love our Elf!
Nevertheless I trust you and your judgement. You have it right - without the lows in life, how would we be able to recognize the highs? Without the storms, would we really appreciate the sunny days?
Keep going! Love it as always! oxox

Author's Response:

This is such a lovely review:) Thank you, Nash. You and Naledi have made me think aobut things a bit but no spoilers:) Hoping to get the next chapter down this weekend all going well and then post next weekend. X

Name: Nash (Signed) · Date: February 16, 2017 19:48 · For: Chapter 7 Dagorlad
"Legolas’ face softened and he looked back into the fire. ‘I am cold,’ he said. ‘Elrohir is fire. He warms me.’"
I love this line! I just melted! Please don't let Legolas go beserk with anger! We can't have two Elrohirs! And he is supposed to be the more mature one, the sweet compassionate one! Don't ruin him! Let him mourn but don't make him cruel!

Author's Response:

AH- you plead so beautifully my dear (rubs hands in glee!). Don't worry- well, DO worry. It's ...well...I can't tell you as that would be a spoiler. But lots of our sweet elf to come. Two Elrohirs would NOT be good- imagine the sex though!!

Name: Spiced Wine (Signed) · Date: February 15, 2017 11:25 · For: Chapter 7 Dagorlad
Ah, that was excellent. It's probably not right of me, but I do like to see Legolas go wild! Because I don't blame him, and orcs did fear Elves back to the earliest times, for their fierceness and the light in their eyes. Legolas really needs some closure on his fear for his brother and the Wood, though.

I am also glad that he has Gimli there, so staunch, and that he came to some kind of closure with Eomer about their past tryst; it could never go anywhere, but a line needed to be drawn under it.

Wonderful, Ziggy, as always, So rich!

Author's Response:

Thank you Spiced- me too! I like the violence too- a sort of release. (Next chapter will give you what you want re closure). Yes- Gimli is just fab. Easy to write and just has such affection for Leoglas. Thank you for reposting your review here:)

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: February 15, 2017 10:12 · For: Chapter 7 Dagorlad

Oh nooooo (and also, ewwww!)

No matter what Gimli says, I have a horrible feeling the orc is telling the truth here. It seems all but certain that Laersul is dead. 

Poor Eomer, as well. The sooner he can be packed off to Dol Amroth and find a woman with elvish blood (who I bet Eomer can pretend resembles Legolas!) the better. Legolas's refusal shows the strength of his love for Elrohir, though. I was relieved he turned down Eomer's advances. Not so long ago he'd have accepted without a thought. 

Author's Response:

I a sorry I am making you wait but I do have to get a few other things in place first- another chapter I promise by the end of the week and then the next will put you out of your misery...or drop you into the slough of despond!!


Yes- Eomer so needs to meet Lothiriel -but there's a reason to remind you of his longing for Legolas! MUCH later though:) And in the first draft, Legolas didn't turn him down but actually initiated the contact- and snogged him and it was Eomer whp pushed him off!! I thought- hang on. What's Legolas up to here??? And then rethunk it.



Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: February 15, 2017 9:22 · For: Chapter 7 Dagorlad

Evil laugh???


How cruel!

That tells me nothing!! 

Is it just a breakdown...or something more sinister??? 

You are so mean :-o

Author's Response:

I know. No spoliers;/ mwhahah (again but even more sinister) You've got about five chapters to wait as well (MWAHAHAH!)

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