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Spiced Wine
11/15/17 01:29 pm
Article on The One Ring.net - Christopher Tolkien has resigned as director of the Tolkien Estate. This could change 'everything' to quote.
Spiced Wine
11/14/17 10:38 am
I got the news from his Facebook, lol, he was very excited!
11/14/17 12:38 am
Royd Tolkien just confirmed it on his twitter account. No details other than that.
Spiced Wine
11/13/17 10:29 pm
I should think they'll have actors falling over themselves for this. If it's done well the fandom will go boom!
Spiced Wine
11/13/17 10:28 pm
The One Ring.net is a good place to get the latest.
11/13/17 09:41 pm
I found the link. It all seems very vague atm. I look forward to hearing more once they've got news on story, etc.
Spiced Wine
11/13/17 09:27 pm
Sorry, Nelyafinwë - didn't see you already posted, but yes, links don't post on the shout box. This could be v.exciting!
Spiced Wine
11/13/17 09:23 pm
Amazon press release, it's on my LJ, Tumblr and Facebook, but just type in Lord of the Rings t.v.
Spiced Wine
11/13/17 09:23 pm
Just our: Amazon has got the rights. And it will be new storylines, prequels and spin-offs even
11/13/17 08:32 pm
Maybe appendices stories? Celebrimbor and Annatar? The creation of the Rings?
Shout Archive

Name: Starfox (Signed) · Date: November 13, 2017 1:45 · For: Chapter 23 Entrapment
Oh you are mean. I knew something like that would happen but still didn't expect it that way. Didn't Legolas suffer enough? Poor Elrohir, far away and totally in the dark about what happens in Minas Tirith.

I shudder to think about what will happen to the poor guy.

Author's Response:

You are so right to shudder! Bearos is impossilby wicked and his designs upon Legolas beyond evil I'm afraid! Makes the previous fic seem postively tame;/ 

Thank you for reviewing:)

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: November 12, 2017 18:30 · For: Chapter 23 Entrapment

P.S. Love all the names the cat's picked up. I meant to say that before, but then was so taumatised by what happened to Legolas it slipped my mind.

Author's Response:

Haha- yes. Gotta love that cat!!

Name: Spiced Wine (Signed) · Date: November 10, 2017 16:10 · For: Chapter 23 Entrapment

I had the most eerie feeling when reading this; you excel. It is not exactly horror, it's more classy. I remember my nan telling me about a book she read when she was in her 30's and it was so deeply frightening she challenged her very down-to-earth brother in law to read it the sit for 10 minutes in a dark room. And he couldn't. No idea what it was now, but she said it was not bloody or gory, just incredibly frightening - like this. I had the most horrid feeling some-one was standing behind me when I read this. Brrr.

Author's Response:

Well that gave me such a thrill that you think that, Spiced. Thank you:) I read a story, I think by Roald Dahl about someone having to sit in a room facing a mirror all night in order to inhesrit loads of money. It was terrifying! And that informs this significantly I have to say- each night one of the animals disappeared in the mirror but was still there beside him, until the last night when his own reflection disappeared. Really scary. Twetny years ago or so I reckon.

Author's Response:

Well that gave me such a thrill that you think that, Spiced. Thank you:) I read a story, I think by Roald Dahl about someone having to sit in a room facing a mirror all night in order to inhesrit loads of money. It was terrifying! And that informs this significantly I have to say- each night one of the animals disappeared in the mirror but was still there beside him, until the last night when his own reflection disappeared. Really scary. Twetny years ago or so I reckon.

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: November 10, 2017 12:21 · For: Chapter 23 Entrapment

Nooooooooooooooooo! As soon as that letter arrived from Gimli I knew it was a trap. And now no one will know Legolas is missing, because everyone thinks he's gone to Pelargir. You're evil, Ziggy. I don't know if I'm going to be able to read the next chapter. What's the mirror going to do to him?

It's worrying that Faramir is so far under Bearos's control now, and Aragorn looks like he's succumbing. It's a dark day when the only hope Legolas has of survival is from the hobbits. But others underestimated them before to their cost, so let's hope the same is true now.

Author's Response:

Mwahahahahaaaaaaa.... cackling evil laughter. Actually I say that, but I scared myself writing that Mirror and then poor Legolas- I have him realising just how cut off he is down there and no one will ever find him. I am quite worried about him.

Faramir has indeed been set up nicely by Bearos who is quietly undermining Aragorn's trust in him, ready for his next bit of the plan. And yes, hobbits are remarkable but I think even they will struggle with this and of course, the Nazgûl hate Frodo perhaps even more than they hate Legolas...although he brought ...oops- spoilers:)

Name: NelyafinweFeanorion (Signed) · Date: November 10, 2017 5:56 · For: Chapter 23 Entrapment
Well there is no way I'm going to fall asleep tonight! Should have likely waited till morning to read that. My goodness Ziggy--the sheer menace and trepidation of this chapter--I practically had palpitations. From Faramir and Aragorn's encounter with Bearos to the discomfort the cat still gives me to the terrifying buildup of the last scene with Legolas and that horrific mirror! I knew it was a wild goose chase for Gandalf and Gimli! Just a way to get them out of the picture and use the Gimli note Bearos had. I still have chills from poor Legolas and how he kept trying to convince himself he wasn't afraid, using his memories of his brothers. :(
It was utterly creepy. Well done making my skin crawl!

Author's Response:

I do hope you have recovered and slept properly last night after I traumatised you;) Thank you for saying such very nice things. It took ages to get this chaper right so it's gratifying to know I scared so many!!

What I'm really pleased about is that you KNEW it was a wild good chase and that note was just there, lurking, ready to be used. I can't say any more for spoilers:) but thank you for reading and reviewing.

Name: Spiced Wine (Signed) · Date: October 24, 2017 12:26 · For: Chapter 22 Lothlorien
Oh, gosh, don't worry about crediting me. I'm sure you've done that enough.

I do find these complex, dark characters a great treat to write myself, and they way you write Elrohir has always resonated deeply with me because it feels so authentic, the reactions, the self-doubt, the hate, the anguished love. It's such a treat to read it!

I always feel, even when he is at his most intense and cruel, that I can understand why and that's no mean feat for a writer. There always has to be a reason, you see, and he has them. In spades.

Oh, heck, well I have to hope that Legolas is not going to end up the sacrifice here, as Elrohir will go completely inward and insane with grief. ;__;

Author's Response:

Ummm....well...maybe it won't be as bad as it looks?....(Hastily hides) There might be a few others as well though- so all in a Good Cause:/

Name: Spiced Wine (Signed) · Date: October 23, 2017 22:59 · For: Chapter 22 Lothlorien
Oh, Elrohir, Elrohir. WHAT is legolas going to do with you (apart from the obvious). I know what he thinks of himself, cannot believe Legolas loves him, but I love Elrohir (not in that way). Of course he has his darkness, it's lain all over his family and descendants for Ages of the sun, and his life has marked him, not to mention the sorcery of Sauron and the Nazgűl. But I just think he's so impossibly sexy and complicated and interesting. How could Legolas not be smitten? I saw your reply to Naledi and groaned and laughed at the same time. How like Elrohir to do something ridiculously noble like try to palm Legolas off on Tindómion, who, I am sure wouldn't be averse to another night with Legolas, because who would? But he would never take away Elrohir's heart when he knows what it is like to live without the one you love to madness. I think Elrohir would know that if he were not twisted up, and certainly Glorfindel would. And legolas is not some-one to be handed off lightly!

Wow, his (Elrohir's) memory of them together was explosively hot. *Fans self)

But I am afraid his premonition is about to be realised, and I hope they get to Minas Tirith quickly!

Fabulous, Ziggy, as ever :)

Author's Response:

Oh hello my DEAR SPiced!! So good to see you back to normal. I have been very worried aobut you.

I love your analysis of Elrohir! 'So impossilby sexy and complicated and interesting' -YES! Exactly.  I am smitten too:)

I have to thank you again for the very gorgeous Tindomion(forgot to credit you in the last chapter- sorry)- and he is noble and good and generous (as I said to Naledi) but he of course, doesn't KNOW about Legolas and Elrohir! And Elrohir is so awkward and doubting of himself. And Legolas may not quite be himself (spolier alert!!)

Yes- they need to get back to Minas Tirith- but will they be there quickly enough? Legolas is very much on his own and that ghoul has only gone to ground...for now.


Thank you my dear Spiced- from you, it is always immensly flattering.

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: October 23, 2017 17:00 · For: Chapter 22 Lothlorien

Wonderful chapter, Ziggy! I love it when you have a holiday. I was trying hard to treasure all the happy moments in this chapter, because I've got a feeling things are going to get progressively worse for Legolas and Elrohir from this point. I loved Elrohir's remembrances of his last night with Legolas. I swear there was steam rising from my computer!

I suppose it's inevitable Elrohir's going to be jealous of Tindomion, but I hope he can get past it. I'd hate for this to affect their friendship. I can't wait to find out Elrond's reaction to Elrohir's love for  Legolas. It's great that Arwen's accepting, but Elrohir's bond with his father seems to fragile.

I loved how the hobbits are trying to help Legolas. I loved the tales about the dwarves.

And yes - Legolas has to visit the Shire. I'd love to read that tale. And he has to go to the Old Forest. I wonder what he'd make of Old Man Willow?

Author's Response:

Ha! Yes- I have a week and two days- 11 days off:D

I thought we hadn't had Elrohir/Legolas or any sex at all actually for simply ages! And I do not dare have Imrahil/Elladan in there;) But yes, things are about to get a lot nastier- really. The ghoul hasn't gone anywhere and his plotting is almost complete. There are a few things it has to do first and then the trap is set.


Elrohir is vlunerable and fragile- but he is also very strong. He is fighting his jealousy of Tindomion- more likely to give Legoals to him, beleiving that Tin is so much better, purer, nobler, more deserving than he is. Just wait!! Fireworks at some point (phew). I have been struggling with the plotline of this next bit but got it quite clear now.


Glad you  liked the tales of the dwarves;) I have written a story with Legolas and Old Man Willow. It's called The Old Forest.I rather think you'll like it:)


Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: October 23, 2017 10:49 · For: Chapter 22 Lothlorien

What an up and down chapter that was. A bit of a roller coaster. Elrohir seemed better.....accepting his desire, seeing himself as he really is. I worried when Arwen bought up the differences of the Silvans and asked if Legolas really loved him but he seemed confident in his reply whereas earlier that question would have undone him. 

Then the scene with Elrond—LOVED that. For so long I have wanted these two to connect and they did begin to, just the tiniest bit. Elrohir is beginning to be able to empathise with his father and that will help things. Although when he was with Elrond the guilt and shame began to creep back. 

His reaction to Timdomion was so sad. Because they were close and Timdomion is such an important support for him. He overcame the jealousy in the end but Legolas is not actually there and I can see this deteriorating into a disasterous mess when they get to Minas Tirith. I am depressed at the thought of it. 

Elrohir's description of his love, when he was reflecting on Legolas and how he makes him feel was gorgeous. The first time in all these stories I have seen him genuinely and completely happy. 

Legolas however . . . He worries me. He is feeling more miserable and more vulnerable with every chapter I read. He is adrift.

He has always felt like someone who needed a steady anchor and has no-one there really to Centre him. (And the Nasgul circle him) Elrohir can't get there soon enough....but if Elrohir arrives in a state because of Haldir and Timdomion it's all going to fall apart. 

And still you write about beautiful Anglach. Do you WANT to make me cry?? 

PS. At the risk of being boring I have to say Elladan is so much lovelier and sweeter with Imrahil out of the picture. He stays out of the naughty corner...for now. 

Author's Response:

If I say to you ( think I have just done that elsewhere actually) that Elladan knows Imrahil is not his beloved, will that make you happy??

Yes- darling Anglach- so sad, so sweet and naive.It breaks my heart every time I think of what happens to him- don't think I can ever really write that.


Yes- Legolas is very isolated now, even though the Hobbits are kind and supprtive, he doesn't have Elrohir, Gimli or Aragorn to keep him steady. And he is so very vulnerable now. Elrohir is, as you so rightly say, is clouded by Tindomion and Haldir's proximty- how much Haldir will influence things I don't know but Tindomion is very noble and fair. Will Elrohir tell him about Legolas though? He feels so unworthy of Legolas. Perhaps Tindomion is better for him thatn Elrohir???


Shame that he has just experienced happiness for the first time in centuries!!


Name: NelyafinweFeanorion (Signed) · Date: October 23, 2017 1:24 · For: Chapter 22 Lothlorien
Elrohir's thoughts on his various relatives here made me laugh. As did his expected grumpiness.
He is less overshadowed by the menace he felt on the road but glimpses of the past and his darkness still peek through. I am glad he was able to repress his jealousy of Tindimion and that he let Elrond in again.
Arwen is adorable--her lightheartedness but laser like focus on her brother and his mood/condition.
It is good to see him be open to himself about his much he loves Legolas.
And it was nice to see Legolas pining for Elrohir back in the city!
Trust the lovely hobbits to cheer him up. I liked the fact that he can laugh at the story of the dwarves in the cells and that he can bring himself to talk about my dear Anglach ( I have still not forgiven you). He needs to speak about Anglach and the hobbits are a good place to start. His bond with Pippin in this story is lovely and so right.

Author's Response:

I needed to give poor Elrohir a break really! And I find myself writing Arwen really positively although I find her irritating in both movie and book- she doesn't really do anything but fulfil the stereotyical role of Princess, and I think I just can't be doing with that. 


You are not the only one to be cross with me about Anglach's death - I wish I had written Black Arrow first because he would not have died then- although it does explain why Thranduil is so frgiving and tolerant- he knows something- that Anglach will not long survive. 


Thank you for the swift review my dear! You know how important they are in a slowing down fandom. Keeps you posting:)

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: September 29, 2017 1:22 · For: Chapter 21 Theft

You know I always imagine Thranduil DID know. I figure he felt a disturbance....that something was "wrong" within his stronghold while the ring was there. But yeah, he never specifically said anything to Bilbo. But Thranduil had to be more watchful than either Galadriel or Elrond because he had no ring of power of his own. Though you think the One Ring would have called to theirs. 

But seriously Aragorn...oh he's making me so mad. The old guy..who's name escapes me....HE sees through Bearos' glamour. Aragorn isnt even looking. And Legolas is there, right THERE, telling him to look deeper and he just ignores him like he always does. Little wood elf not worth listening to. Because don't tell me if Elrohir or Elladan had brought up the same suspicions he wouldn't be paying WAY more attention to them!

Sorry but I am in one of my Aragorn sucks stages. Still haven't, and never will, forgive him for casually throwing Legolas out as a sacrificial lamb. I don't care how upset he got the night before. He still did it. Boo, Hiss Aragorn. Go join Imrahil in the naughty corner. 


And as for Gandalf....you know I think he just isn't looking. Gandalf see what Gandalf wants to see. He has his own agenda and to hell with anyone else. Bearas isn't important enough for Gandalf to adjust his thinking to include him. 

I did note he was only worried about what Legolas would draw to the mirror, not what the mirror would do to Legolas! 

Author's Response:

Yes I agree- he does in Black Arrow- and Thalos and Legolas are really intensely aware. I also had the elves arguing and being grumpy a lot more than usual.


Heredir is the old lord who hates Bearos- yes, there is something that means he is completely not taken in by Bearos.Poor Aragorn- I must give him some positives so you like him:) Haha! The Naughty corner  for Imrahil and Aragorn:) I wonder how many others you will put there before the end of this!! You ARE right about Gandalf- he has a second mission to bring all the Feanorian artefacts back to Valinor - and I think Gandalf is really unaware of the power of the mirror- he only knows it is a portal / doorway to the Dark. He didn't see the balrog, didn't pull anything to the mirror .


Thank you my dear;)

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: September 28, 2017 20:35 · For: Chapter 21 Theft

Legolas is on his own? 

OMG you know how to casually end a new chapter lead in with a phrase that leaves me in utter terror! 

So Bearas is gone.....poor sod. (See I knew his name started with B) 

I have a question about Bearas/Bearos . He was a poor sheep farmer...or something similar. He still has the ring, he didn't sell it, so how did he get so rich?? 

Aragorn, Aragorn, Aragorn, must you disappoint me? Still??? 

Why does he not see through Bearos?? Why is he being taken in so badly? Where is that mysterious insight from the blood of Elendil when you need it? 

Why is he not listening to Legolas? He NEVER listens to Legolas when he should!!! 

I always get really annoyed when Aragorn treats Legolas so dismissively. 

And Gandalf did nothing to win me over either. Why does HE not at least feel the ring? 

I'm sad Gimli has fallen for Bearas' magic. It feels like Legolas has no-one on his side now. 

I'm really scared for him.

Author's Response:

OK- BearAS was a poor mountain hunter-farmer. He found the ring. And the ring brought him 'luck'- so there was a nugget of gold he found in the river- brought it to MT and of course, they have been beseiged for ages and with a new king, nobles anxious to impress him, paid well over the odds for this gold- influenced by the ring too. Then he began to trade and with the ring- ammassed wealth incredibly quickly- and alienated the old money. Changed his name to BearOS bec some of his enemies took the mick out of him. The ring is one of the Nine of course so has powers as you know.


One of those powers is to 'hide' cast a glamour, influence others - especially when they aren't 'looking'. Elves are always looking, listening to the song etc and so are more attuned- but Gandalf didn't know Bilbo had THE ring and nor did Elrond or Thranduil, even though they all knew he had a magic ring- so I htink the Rings all had the power to hide.

Yes- Legolas is really really very vulnerable. You know you love it;)

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: September 28, 2017 7:15 · For: Chapter 20 The House of the Dead

Unnecessary Elrohir? Surely not! 

Just be nice. I don't think Lothlorien is a happy place for him. Keep him away from Haldir.

Author's Response:

Yes- Haldir. Hmmmm- not a good place for ALL SORTS of reasons!! Galadriel, Elrond....Haldir...Tindomion...and however many other elves Legolas might have slept with:)

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: September 28, 2017 6:47 · For: Chapter 20 The House of the Dead

Aargh I hate that! Lack of writing motivation. Have just had the same problem. I got a burning new story announce itself in my head insisting I write it...which I started all enthused, got two chapters....then I realised I couldn't post it until I had finished "Fire Dancing Upon Our Souls" or it would make no sense. But I didn't want to write "Fire" I wanted to write the new one.

so finally have finally have forced myself to get to the end of "Fire" and realised I still cant post the new one because I have to finish the story of Legolas' mother's desertion first!!! Sucks big time to write what you don't want to. 


But  please do write Elrohir . I am worried about him. 


P.S. You just know Aragorn is going to call that damn cat Luthien. He is scarily obsessed with that woman! 

Author's Response:

Haha! He is indeed! I am sure he will do just that:)

I have the new ch of WTSL open on my laptop- got a bit done but I need to pare it down and get rid of a load of unecessary stuff. 


Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: September 28, 2017 5:12 · For: Chapter 20 The House of the Dead

P.S. Have been reading the reviews....while pointedly ignoring the ones for the chapter I haven't read yet.


Imrahil. Yes. Still don't like him. Happy to join Naledi in a plot for his demise. Maybe you could set that cat on him.

And the Cat: Cat naming competition huh? So far I like Gimli's name the best, not sure why...it has a ring to it...but I love the idea of some Maglor confusion at Glaurung. As long as you don't let Aragorn call it Luthién. 

P.P.S. Your latest chapter has disappeared! I am sure I had  4 to read, and now there are only 3. :-o 

Author's Response:

Starting with your last review first and working back:)

Yeah- sorry. I posted the new ch of Black Arrow on this by mistake. Sorry.


Cat- I LOVE the idea of Aragorn calling it Luthien!! Oh, brilliant:) Watch out for that if I have a chnce to include it.Cat assassin:)


Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: September 28, 2017 4:59 · For: Chapter 20 The House of the Dead

Oh! So it's not a nazghul at all??? 

Instead it's some kind of creepy bat vampire creature that escaped from the mirror? The mirror that nazghul man, (I have forgotten his name —I know it starts with B) has stolen??? A creepy bat vampire thing lured from the dark by an unsuspecting Legolas when he first saw the mirror??


is any of this right??? 

And why would this thing want Legolas to find the body? As a warning? To stop him snooping around? If it's that its stupid because Legolas is sure to keep snooping if he knows a creepy bat vampire is out and about. 


P.S. And now the cat has another name! How many more will she acquire? 

Author's Response:

Well Bearos isn't a Nazgul in the sense that he is not a ringwraith (yet) but he is wearing the ring and it is devouring him. The ring wants a master- Bearos isn't really enough for it but as a host, it will do for now. The ring forces his body to change - Sauron was a werewolf so I think it would be quite feasible for the rings to have those sorts of powers- and I dont know if you remeber in Through a Glass, the Nazgul that was guarding the mirror there devoured Rhawion's fea - against Sauron's directive (although I didn't exactly spell that out I don't think) -so the Nazgul were beginning to break free and rebel a little against Sauron. Legolas looking into the mirror did awaken something- in the same way that Glorfindel's presence in Phellanthir awakened the balrog.


Yes- why does it want Legolas to find the body??? Isn't that weird! To lure him towards the Houses of the Dead? To stop him from investigating? After all, here's the body right? WHy are you still looking? Is it Bearas - the Man still inside screaming for help? 


Next chapter is going to have to be with Elrohir but I am just struggling with time and motivation at the moment- I have to force myself to write and then it;s not the fun it should be- but I do have to just force myself.

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: September 28, 2017 4:13 · For: Chapter 19 Pursuit

This chapter was scary! That pursuit...I was jumping at shadows. Our new nazgul is deteriorating rapidly! Or is he?

Is it just Legolas who can see his nazgulness or does he really look like that now.

But my favourite thing..despite all the scary, dead body in the rain stuff....was Legolas, Gimli and the cat!! Gorgeous. 

Azaghâl/Glaurung will be pampered silly!! 

Loved it.

I find I am still angry with Gandalf. Whenever he shows up I am angry with him. Haven't forgiven him for trying to sacrifice Legolas....and now that drafted mirror. 

Go away Gandalf and leave my elf alone. 

Author's Response:

EXACTLY! The new nazgul -is he deteriorating or getting stronger??

The ring has forced a change -like shapeshifting, it is exhausting- you'l l get that in the next chapter so I know you've alredy got answers to these.


So glad you enjoyed Legolas, Gimli and cat!

Yeah- that Gandalf. It's all his fault!


Name: Fadesintothewest (Signed) · Date: September 23, 2017 7:01 · For: Chapter 9 News from Home
Ah so bittersweet. i admit i skipped ahead and read the parts where Laersul and Thalos were safe and then went back to read the rest.

Author's Response:

Haha! Of course:) I would have done that too:D

Name: Fadesintothewest (Signed) · Date: September 23, 2017 6:32 · For: Chapter 8 The Elendil
Wow!!! So happy I have this story to return to. This scene totally made me melt for Elladan:

He turned his head to see that Elladan came walking towards them through the gathered crowd. Men parted for him as he approached for he was tall and his handsome face and ready smile had already won over the hearts of the Men of Gondor.

My heart was won too!

Poor Elrohir, he shouldn't feel so terrible for not being happy about his brother's choice, what that means for them. And I keep asking myself, Gandalf, what you up to? He's gotta be more sensitive to all our hurt Elven babies running round. A pleasure as always to read. After this I am getting back to Black Arrow!

Author's Response:

Hm-he is rather a dish, Elladan, with none of the complications of Elrohir- I admit I thought Legolas was going to end up with him but I'm afraid our fav Woodelf had ideas above his station and just loves a bad boy! Wants to save him...and it's the greatest sex!


And you are so right about Gandalf- he is such a meddler!

Name: Fadesintothewest (Signed) · Date: September 17, 2017 3:03 · For: Chapter 1 On the edges of Mordor
Makes me so happy to be able to read and review this again. I can never tire of your Legolas. Seems a treat to revisit this story and catch up on all the chapters I have missed!

Author's Response:

Well how nice! I'm so glad you are back and posting again- there isn't much good stuff out there so we need all the good writers to kepp posting:)

Name: Starfox (Signed) · Date: September 13, 2017 23:05 · For: Chapter 21 Theft
This story gets creepier with each chapter. I can't help but pity Bearas. Originally, he was not a bad fellow. Good thing that he at least didn't kill his child.

Poor Legolas, looks like you have some more bad experiences in store for him. The note is very bad indeed because Legolas will come when he thinks Gimli calls for him.

Author's Response:

You are so right, Starfox- treasure indeed for the Ring!I'm relieved someone pities Bearos- he really is possessed and the ring has devoured him as it did the Nazgûl, except he is not strong enough or powerful enough to bear it really. Yes- Legolas is in real danger. And yes, nasty things ahead!!

Name: Nash (Signed) · Date: September 10, 2017 22:22 · For: Chapter 21 Theft
Poor Legolas!!! What is going on? Oh the intrigue...
I feel bad that Gimli has been taken in by Bearos though...and I'm scared for Legolas...
Very excited about the reappearance of the Rivendell elves though! Will they have tidings from the Greenwood?

Author's Response:

Yes- poor Legolas! He is now the beast's prey. Everything is ready:/ gulp.


Hm, yes. I suppose the Lothlorien elves coul dvery possilby have furhter tidings of Mirkwood, if that is what you wish my dear:)

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: September 10, 2017 22:16 · For: Chapter 21 Theft

Oh you've got my emotions going every which way. Especially concerning Bearas. One minute I hate him and the next I feel intense pity and wish someone could save him from the evil of the ring. I was terrified he would hurt the baby, but to know his old self was trapped inside the beast, unable to claw his way out made it worse somehow, than if he was wholly evil. 

I did wonder why Bearas was so insistent Gimli write to Legolas, and now we know. He's vulnerable, alone, and he's going to be lured to the mirror. I don't know if I can bear to read what happens next. Has Gandalf already explained why he's afraid what will happen if Legolas looks in the mirror? I've forgotten if he has. 

Author's Response:

I have to admit, I had every intention that he was going to take the baby and cut its throat over the mirror but in the end, Bearas just struggled through- only to lose himself. He is truly gone now. That was his last attempt to assert himself.

Gandalf has not shown Legolas what happened in Phellanthir - only Gimli knows. So although Legolas knows that there was a mirror in Phellanthir and this one is probably like, he does not understand what that means. Although he can feel the mirror's absnece when he returns from Dagorlad with Gimli. So he doesn't have that sense of fear that he needs to have.


We're going to Lothlorien now to meet up with Glorfindel and Erestor and Tindomion. Oh, and Haldir will be there too:) Fun!

Name: SparkyTAS (Signed) · Date: September 01, 2017 7:30 · For: Chapter 1 On the edges of Mordor
I especially like the cat!

Author's Response:

Haha- everyone does:) I've had more comments about the cat than anything else!

Name: SparkyTAS (Signed) · Date: August 30, 2017 13:57 · For: Chapter 20 The House of the Dead
Oooh, here we are at chapter 20 and the intrigue just keeps growing! What a wonderful story. Thank you.

Author's Response:

Sparky TAs!!! Hello!! MIssed you and so glad you are back and enjoying this:) Do you like the cat?

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