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Spiced Wine
11/18/17 01:15 pm
It would be strange watching any adaption for me, so used to fanfic, lol. I would be keep thinking of the pairings I read and scratching me head :D
11/18/17 11:16 am
I'd really love to see Celebrimbor and Annatar in the Second Age...and maybe Gil-Galad too...although it would be weird seeing him without his Istelion! ;-)
Spiced Wine
11/18/17 10:51 am
Not the Silmarillion, that would be a separate agreement if it happened at all, but the Appendices are open it seems
11/18/17 10:27 am
I'm always baffled by what is and isn't on the table, rights-wise, but if Christopher T has resigned, does that mean we could get an adaptation of the Silm (or parts of it)?
Spiced Wine
11/15/17 01:29 pm
Article on The One Ring.net - Christopher Tolkien has resigned as director of the Tolkien Estate. This could change 'everything' to quote.
Spiced Wine
11/14/17 10:38 am
I got the news from his Facebook, lol, he was very excited!
11/14/17 12:38 am
Royd Tolkien just confirmed it on his twitter account. No details other than that.
Spiced Wine
11/13/17 10:29 pm
I should think they'll have actors falling over themselves for this. If it's done well the fandom will go boom!
Spiced Wine
11/13/17 10:28 pm
The One Ring.net is a good place to get the latest.
11/13/17 09:41 pm
I found the link. It all seems very vague atm. I look forward to hearing more once they've got news on story, etc.
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Reviews For King's Landing

Name: Encairion (Signed) · Date: September 21, 2016 3:04 · For: Chapter 1

This was amazing!  I really enjoyed getting to read your idea about the ship’s rotting.  It was utterly brilliant, and very believable.  I also really liked the idea that they had been like a memorial for the Teleri of their crossing.

You know I like me some Feanor/sons bonding time, and this really hit the spot!  I especially liked seeing Feanor’s interactions with Maedhros.  I love the way you write Maedhros, here, in Valinor, and post-Angband.  I always want to know more about what’s going on inside his head because he’s fascinating.

It was really interesting seeing a sane Feanor at this point in history too.  You made it work very well.  His reasons for leaving Fingolfin were believable, and with the ships rotting, their burning was not only acceptable, it made a lot of sense for him to use them as a signal fire!

I love that you have watched "Future without Humanity.”  I have too!  It’s actually what inspired me to write some glimpses of decay in R and U!  I do think, like you, that if properly maintained, Elven stuff and buildings can last an abnormally long time since 1. They used some kind of preserving magic 2. I read somewhere that in the past some humans had discovered some kind of technique that made metal last without rusting for an incredibly long time….I can’t remember much more then this tho, I’d have to look it up.  But anyway, Aragon/Finrod’s ring last an insane amount of time, which is just one example of Elven stuff surviving Ages.  You know what I was actually thinking though while I was reading the story and before we got the whole explanation?  I thought Ulmo had withdrawn whatever blessing he’d put on the swans after the Kinslaying so that was why they were rotting now when they were fine when the Teleri were using them.  But I also liked the idea that they were like memorials to the Teleri too :)


This was such a great story!  Thank you so much for sharing!

Author's Response:

Well, I always long for to write a story where Feanor wanted to send the ships back but COULDN'T. There was meta on tumblr once, explaining why Feanor wasn't mad to burn the ships ... rather he didn't want to risk his people's lifes for a fraction of the Noldor which are most likely disloyal to him. And since my father is a sailor I know enough on how difficult it can be to repair a ship, especially if there's something wrong with the hull. He had a broken keel once and it took nearly half a year until it got replaced. It struck me that Feanor - knowing a little but not enough about ships - would never risk ships that have never been maintained by the Teleri.

I guess it's also a culture thing. The Teleri believe in nature, more than the other elven folks. They never tried to preserve the swan boats, perhaps even aware of their fragility. So yeah, there're ways to keep objects from rotting / rosting but much of it comes from the Noldor (read: Miriel being the reason for it). But the few things that last not just a few centuries but ages? Those are rare. Like Finrod's ring, Feanor's works or Maeglin's swords (because Maeglin totally forged Orcist & Glamdring, you can't convince me otherwise). To create something which is eternal ... that's not a small archivement, even for elves. I thinks it's the mentality behind it. Elves live from day-to-day, rarely planning for the future. Why, when it bores you so quickly, immortal as they are?

Hence why I think that the Noldor themselves elvolved under Feanor & the Doom. They were forced to think smaller / bigger, confronted with mortality and the idea they might not survive. That nothing they do or archive might survive.

Feanor was the only one at his time who realized that. He experienced first hand that Elves aren't immortal, undefeatable. He always had a different outlook, a different point of view because of his mother. Which he tries to tell Maedhros ... who is smart but world tilting experiences like this are difficult to deal with. It may sound strange but I think in this fic, at this point of time, Feanor might be the most mature and wised elf you could come across.

Something Morgoth realized as well. Because the way I see it, Morgoth did everything to crush Feanor as quickly as possible when he arrived at Belerind - something he probably never even THOUGHT of happening. Let alone so FAST. Hence sending the Balrogs - all of them! - after the Noldor King. Because he knew there would be no chance of winning as long as Feanor is alive.


Thank you again for your kind words. You reviews always help me to get back into the story and makes writing twice as fun as it already is.

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: September 19, 2016 20:25 · For: Chapter 1
Oh yeah, Feanor...

I guess I have more of an emotional attachment investment in Nelyo/Maedhros and what that means to Maglor, (who I love to bits) than Feanor. Although I know Feanor's death is what truly crushes his son....but I don't know, Nelyo is the one I am curious about.

He just seemed so much softer here than he does in the Fingon story. More like the Nelyo Maglor remembers than the one Fingon has been seeing. So either Fingon hasn't discovered the heart of him yet and what we are seeing is a bit of an act or the kinslaying has changed him.......or something else entirely, knowing you!

P.S. Good point about the stonemasons and carpenters! Either they would just sit around doing nothing or building pointless sculptures and the like to pass their time....or they would just crowd out all the elves with their endless building of new houses!

Author's Response:

I guess you're right. From a certain point of view Feanor isn't the driving factor in this verse. At least, less than he was in the book. Much of it can be appointed to Maglor. Maedhros ... just got caught up in it. Which is why he appears softer in this story than in the other two. Nelyo the Prince of Tirion is kind of ass, even though a well meaning one. And Maedhros of Beleriand is ... clueless. Literally. But yeah, the Kinslaying is a deciding factor ... though Nelyo just mentions it, it had a huge impact on him and on the other Noldor. Far more on the Feanorians than on the Nolofinwions, I guess.

And ... oh my god, I can totally see it. Bored stonemasons creating ridicolous houses / new wings etc, changing the landscape or even the whole outlay of the city ... confusing everyone because ... was there a street here yesterday? I guess it's worse in cities like Nargothrond or Gondolin where elves actually had the time TO GET bored. And I can totally see Elrond cursing because he stumbles on a construction side which WASN'T THERE YESTERDAY, thank you so much.

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: September 19, 2016 19:53 · For: Chapter 1
Oh! Nelyo in Arda before he disappears.....forever?........and Maedhros appears. I like him in this and was somewhat surprised, I have to say, at his depth of feeling for Fingon. I think because the Fingon/Maitimo story hasn't made that attachment apparent yet, at least from Nelyo's point of veiw. (Although now I think about it there were hints of it in the last chapter)

Does this make sense?

Loved the concept behind the ship burning, because, yes, why does NOTHING deteriorate over the years? It all just stays the same...it seems objects are immortal just like the Elves!

Author's Response:

"why does NOTHING deteriorate over the years? It all just stays the same...it seems objects are immortal just like the Elves!"

Exactly. This is what bothers me a lot. I think there's a lot of stuff elves have to replace over the years. Stone is good for building, so is living in the trees. But cutting wood and using it for a roof for instance? No way that's gonna last. My bet is that a lot of elven jobs work focus on repairs. In the great cities they probably had a system for it. Woodwork in the palace has to replaced every four decades? Okay, let's do it. Oh, there was actually a building that came down because restoration failed? Well, time to build a new one. Otherwise learning to be an architect or a stone mason is a meager job in the elven community.

I mean, why else does Thranduil live in a cave like Thingol did? It#s so that he doesn't have to bother himself so much with the task of housing his people.

And ... lol that you focus on Nelyo disappearing rather than Feanor who's days on Arda are numbered! But yeah, you're right. The other stories haven't caught up yet. But it will I promise.


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