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~ Magnificat of the Damned. Book IV: Anvil ~ by Spiced Wine Mature
From Angmar to the Dagor Dagorath. The final story in the Magnificat of the Damned series. The Doom and destiny of the...
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The One Ring has been destroyed and Sauron banished to the Dark with Morgoth. But not all the Rings were destroyed with the...
Let the Memories Be Good by lotrfan General Audiences
Legolas and Gimli must come to terms with Aragorn's aging, as well as Gimli's own. Set after events of LOTR. Written for...
The Bear Incident by Himring General Audiences
During the Years of the Trees: Celegorm and Fingon escape into the mountains, on a dare. Maedhros finds out and follows...
Days of a Valinorean healer by Nuredhel Teen
Being a healer in Valinor brings a whole new set of challenges for Elrond, some really great ones and some not so great...
The song of tomorrow by Nuredhel Explicit
The past reaches out towards the future...A living mystery is being delivered to the king of Mirkwood as a gift and a strange...
The Ways of Paradox by Narya Teen
How do you pass the time when you know you're facing eternity? Maglor agrees to appear in a student production of The...

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Spiced Wine
08/15/18 10:47 am
Thank you, Alquien :) Unless we have to move to a new server, money is not a problem :)
08/15/18 04:50 am
Just now playing catch up here but anyway, count me in for a donation. I love this archive!
Spiced Wine
08/14/18 12:21 pm
I think it’s important to keep these Tolkien specific archives going, especially with so many dying.
Spiced Wine
08/14/18 12:20 pm
She’s quite willing to keep it hosted on the same server, just the admin/tech work would be done by someone else.
Spiced Wine
08/14/18 12:19 pm
I don’t think we need to worry about the archive going, esteliel just thinks it would be better if someone acted as host/admin who was in the fandom.
08/14/18 11:52 am
Thank you, Spiced!
08/14/18 10:47 am
So I would be ready to contribute as well and really sad to see the archive go :)
08/14/18 10:43 am
I am mostly on AO3 but I like Faerie a lot better than FFnet to be honest, and the best reviews I ever got were on Faerie.
Spiced Wine
08/13/18 02:14 pm
If you do, Ysilme, I will pass you email on to Esteliel :) You would make a great overall host for the archive.
08/13/18 02:04 pm
I also might be able to help with the technical site of things. I'll send you a mail, Sîan, for details.
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Reviews For The Wall of Shadow

Name: Spiced Wine (Signed) · Date: June 02, 2016 23:20 · For: III - One Mile Out. Twelve Days Walk.
to follow after Feanor for as long as they did, even with the Oath, I believe that the love and bond between Feanor and his sons must have been immense. Also I've been terribly influenced by so many amazing authors both on Faerie and Ao3 (including you!) that I can't envision the paternal-fillial relationships of Feanor's house being anything other than strong and devoted (and occasionally conflicted and painful). I can't stand abusive-dad/bad-father Feanor fics (pity they seem to exist by the metric ton)

Well, you probably know my stance on that :) I didn't realise so many abusive F

Name: curiouswombat (Signed) · Date: June 02, 2016 17:34 · For: III - One Mile Out. Twelve Days Walk.

I have found Erevir fascinating when you have written of them before, and I find this meeting with Maglor even more fascinating.  I can absolutely understand Maglor being totally confused by the whole experience!

Author's Response:

I love writing about Erevir :) I am glad this is interesting since its such a niche pet project XD Maglor is currently unable to compute what ha happened with Erevir and its only going to get more confusing for him! Thank you!

Name: Spiced Wine (Signed) · Date: June 02, 2016 16:08 · For: III - One Mile Out. Twelve Days Walk.
The doppelganger almost blurred where he stood in the bright sunshine to reveal the overlaid wraithe of his father staring back. Everything seemed to lurch sharply and something very fragile that he had not allowed to see the light of day for more than two Ages tried to break free and run straight to the stranger.

Embrace him.

Be embraced by him.

The day his Father had died most of their family had died; bodies remaining but f

Name: Spiced Wine (Signed) · Date: May 30, 2016 10:03 · For: II - The Graveyard of Creation. One Mile Out.
I have probably treated Maglor the worst of all the Feanorions. He's a punishment bicycle!

So cruel. Poor bby!
Did anything draw him back there, as it seems something must have, or is he wandering and just happened to come there. Did he think he would find something there, or was he going there to die like the elephants?

Author's Response:

He went because it was where oliphaunts went to die and thought it would be a place where possibly he could die since he was not doing so well in ying wandering around the rest of Arda

Name: Spiced Wine (Signed) · Date: May 29, 2016 23:10 · For: II - The Graveyard of Creation. One Mile Out.
This is so sad, Urloth, but stunningly written. The description of the land is so tremendous and so savage that the two persons in it seem almost out of place.

It wasn’t that the land was a holy one, or sanctified in anyway. But its nothingness gave it a purity found nowhere else and usually influenced its surroundings. Things simply did not approach it, for ill or for good. Animals lived and died beyond its borders and oliphaunts within but the ground and much beyond it simply would not take up personality in the way the land of Arda should.

But you gave it an inimical personality and brilliantly!

Poor Maglor. *Weeps*

Author's Response:

Thank you Spiced Wine! Thank you!!

I'm so glad they seem out of place. Its a place Elves arent meant to return to. Its the oppssite of what it used to be. Its personality is in its lack of personality :D

I have probably treated Maglor the worst of all the Feanorions. He's a punishment bicycle!

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