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Spiced Wine
09/18/20 04:51 pm
Happy Friday, everyone :)
Spiced Wine
09/13/20 06:14 pm
So if you copy that link and paste it in a browser it takes you to the image, (lovely!) but it doesn’t look like a link from a host site due to the http
Spiced Wine
09/13/20 06:13 pm
wait a sec
Spiced Wine
09/13/20 06:08 pm
this tinyMCE WYSWYG option is the rich text
Spiced Wine
09/13/20 06:07 pm
It depends if you’re using HTML links or rich text — which do you post in on here?
09/13/20 04:13 pm
The links don’t actually link or show anything. They just clog the note up with text ????
09/13/20 04:06 pm
@Spiced Wine—I tried to add a link to hosting site last night but it didn’t work. I added a link to Narya’s tumblr post in the fic notes but not sure that’s working either
Spiced Wine
09/13/20 09:58 am
@Nelya — did you work it out? I can do it, if you like. You need to upload it to a hosting site and then get the link and post that
09/13/20 05:23 am
I've just posted my first story in a year for TRSB with Narya as my art partner! I couldn't figure out how to post the art link here :(
09/13/20 05:22 am
Hi everyone! Just logged back in after an extremely long absence. Hope all are well.
Shout Archive

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: June 30, 2016 9:24 · For: Chapter 8 The Son of the Elvenking
Loved his whenI read it on live journal and still love it. Naughty Legolas, sweet Anglach and magnificent Thranduil. What more could I ask for!

Author's Response:

Thank you CB- for reviewing here as well. Just felt we needed a naughty Legolas scene!!

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: June 05, 2016 0:35 · For: Chapter 7 Rabbit Pie and serving wenches...or not.
I hadn't forgotten.....about Galion's cooking. It made Anglach even more adorable. I just want to take him home. The sweet little thing.

Ah if you want to write Elrohir you should just go ahead and do it! Really! In this story or another. Write what you want I say!!

It's a win/win for me as long as you are writing :)

Author's Response:

Actually I'm almost at the point of starting Sons 2. I htink I've made a mistake with this current one so will be adding to Black Arrow- which I'm quite pelased with and just rounding this one off a bit making it quite light. Just need time!!!!!

Name: Himring (Signed) · Date: June 04, 2016 23:26 · For: Chapter 6 Bilbo Baggins

Impressive, that scene at the gate!

Poor Dori! They forgot to give him a chamber pot?

Author's Response:

Glad that bit worked- it felt a bit clumsy but work is so busy at the moment i just don't have time to craft things the way I want to. But I have always thought Tolkien skipped over that time in the stronghold and missed so many great narrative opportunities!


Name: Himring (Signed) · Date: June 04, 2016 23:23 · For: Chapter 7 Rabbit Pie and serving wenches...or not.

I like that you gave Tauriel Miriel and Theliel for a company. It's nice that she's part of a team, here.

Anglach really is sweet--I hope that pie doesn't give everyone indigestion, though.



Author's Response:

Thank you Himring- I really appreciate your comment! Yes- that rabbit pie is going to be foul. Galion is famously bad at cooking. ANd Anglach is light relief. I think the next chapter's a bit more meaty though- more about the ring and its effect.

Name: Arasa17 (Signed) · Date: June 03, 2016 17:03 · For: Chapter 7 Rabbit Pie and serving wenches...or not.

Agh! No Legolas! *sighs* Well, I'm liking your Tauriel a little better than the movie (which is saying a lot, because I REALLY don't like her much). 'I have done nothing to give Legolas reason to pursue me. I have not encouraged him.' She's lived at east six hundred years with Legolas and no spark there, but along comes a dwarf and it's all loving hearts! *huff*

I liked Anglach in here though. I know he dies, but I'm beginning to wonder if begging you to change this univers from the other is going to work...xD Don't blame me for trying! You're the one who made me love him.

Certainly Fili and Kili, faces still pressed against the grill, noticed and were almost leering.He could see that they were nudging each other and jostling to be at the grille. ' Lol, loved this.

Author's Response:

I know!!! How can that be????? Still, in my fics Legolas is such a tart it doesn't matter. Yeah- Anglach. It's REALLY hard -might have ot write the scene Legolas finds him after the Orcs free Gollum just to give him more than a bit part - but I don't think I've got the heart to be honest.


Thak you for reviewing, Arasa17. Means a lot.

Name: Spiced Wine (Signed) · Date: June 03, 2016 13:58 · For: Chapter 7 Rabbit Pie and serving wenches...or not.
'You two want to watch yourselves, you're so sharp you might cut yourselves,' Theliel replied. She took a pitcher of water and set it down in their cell and Miriel placed the same food in their cell as she had in Dwalin's.

'I am already wounded!' Kili sighed and clutched at his heart in an exagerrated manner but his eyes lingered on Tauriel and she did not look away. Fili was grinning away at Miriel and then Theliel but both tossed their heads and laughed.

'Come,' Tauriel said, suddenly turning on her heel.' These dwarves 'These dwarves think they are going to persuade us somehow to give up the key.' She slammed the door shut and glared through the grill. 'With their irresistible charm.'

'The only key I want is the one to your heart.' This time it was Fili and there was a collective groan from the other dwarves and the girls rolled their eyes at each other, but they shared a smile too. It united them in a strange moment and Bilbo paused, watched. He thought that maybe if he could find Thorin, or they told the elves what their quest was, that perhaps they might actually help them. They were not so different.

Lol, I love the interaction between the ladies and the dwarves here :)

Author's Response:

Glad you liked this- only fluff but a bit of fun sometimes is OK.

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: June 03, 2016 11:00 · For: Chapter 7 Rabbit Pie and serving wenches...or not.
Aargh!! Not Tauriel!! Oh I don't like her. I know, I know, unjustified bias against her...but there it is.

Loved Anglach though...and his love of rabbit pie...and taking so much time making sure Legolas got some. Now I have my certain belief that Anglach exists in an alternative universe where he never died I am much happier reading about him!

Author's Response:

I know- but she's only got a bit part and it's just comic relief I promise. She doesn't get near Legolas. 

You might have forgotten this is GALION's rabbit pie- disgusting. This fic is really tearing me up actually- I'm not really into it like I thought I would be and I want to write Elrohir- missing him too much.

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: June 02, 2016 21:36 · For: Chapter 7 Rabbit Pie and serving wenches...or not.

...although I have to ask - where's my lovely Legolas? You promised he'd be in the next chapter! 

Author's Response:

See previous reply- I do mean it. You'll REALLY like it:D

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: June 02, 2016 17:54 · For: Chapter 7 Rabbit Pie and serving wenches...or not.

Mmm...the description of the King's meal of roast boar made me hungry and I'm a vegetarian! Now wonder poor  Bilbo's stomach was rumbling.

I loved the banter between Tauriel and Kili - nicely extended from PJ's version. It's no good, though - I still can't accept Tauriel would prefer Kili when Legolas is there!


Author's Response:

I know!!! Legolas feels the same too. I've already got most of the next chapter written and lots , and I mean LOTS!!! more Legolas. Nice little scene you'll really like- and I do mena, REALLY LikE:)

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: May 29, 2016 0:33 · For: Chapter 6 Bilbo Baggins
Oh now you have made me curious. Elrohir with Laersul. Sad Elrohir/ young Legolas...Damn it all you shouldn't have told me that! ....ohh if it was a different arc then I could pretend you didn't kill Anglach!

Author's Response:

Yes- then I could have him alive still...but it couldn't really go on after this story, could it? I have to do the sequel to Sons at some point....

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: May 29, 2016 0:25 · For: Chapter 6 Bilbo Baggins
Well you know, it's not that I don't want to see Elrohir. I do!! But I think that initial impact he has on Legolas in MDLW is quite important, (and Legolas on him) if they had stumbled across each other before it would dilute it...and undermine it somewhat... That's my problem with it!

Author's Response:

Oh I agree, but I was going to write it as a new arc really so it didn't link with Sons. But I suppose I might end up writing the same scenes really.  I had planned that when the White Council overthrow the Necrmaoncer, that Elrohir comes back to Mirkwood with Laersul and so they ride to Erebor together. But I think Legolas is too young and naive tohandle Elrohir in this- I was going to write them differently. Elrohir more sad and less violent.

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: May 28, 2016 23:53 · For: Chapter 6 Bilbo Baggins

Ooh - a wonderful start to the long weekend! Thanks, Ziggy!

I just LOVE the gates - absolutely amazing and absolutely right for the Wood-elves. I think your interpretation of the elves' reaction to the presence of the ring is spot on. Tolkien really missed a trick when he wrote the Hobbit, so it's good to see you putting it right.

Great glimpse of Thalos, too, although you know me - I kept waiting for Legolas to appear! I'm looking forward to seeing what Bilbo thinks of him.

Fantastic update, Ziggy!


Author's Response:

You'll get Legolas in the next chapter:) I've done a lot of introductions in the next chapter so hope that works. I am trying to work out the roamntic interst for Legolas in this one- no luck so far, although I think Miriel and Lossar might both make an appearance!

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: May 28, 2016 22:15 · For: Chapter 6 Bilbo Baggins
Loved this. Loved the doors guarding the entrance. That magic, it makes Thranduil feel very powerful. I saw you were tempted to write Elrohir in here, bad sadly I agree, that won't do. I am missing seeing him and Legolas together.....hopefully the next story!

Author's Response:

Thank you CB- glad the doors worked:) Yes- SOoooo want to write Elrohir into this. If you don't agree either, I can't do it:(

Name: Spiced Wine (Signed) · Date: May 28, 2016 10:39 · For: Chapter 6 Bilbo Baggins
You shall not pass!

A strange, sonorous voice was in his mind and suddenly the roots and vines seemed to thrust out from the gates, reaching for him. A stag shook itself free of the stone and leapt out of the carvings as if it had been there all along and simply hiding; it ran fleetly towards him and leapt over his head. Bilbo ducked to avoid its flying hooves but suddenly there were birds too flying at him as if they too had just escaped from the stone itself, their wings beating at his face so he threw up his hands to defend himself…but when he touched them, they vanished and the air was empty between his hands. He stared. There was the sound of pounding hoofs and another stag, and another leapt at him, barely skimming over his head and he crouched on the bridge in fear.

You shall not pass.

Ziggy, this was inspired! I know Tolkien wrote the Hobbit before LOTR, but I honestly cannot imagine that the Elves wouldn't have felt the power of the One Ring, either in Mirkwood or Imladris. I love that sense of sentient magic that Thranduil commands coming alive like this!

Author's Response:

Glad that bit worked- I added it after Anar beta'd so she hasn't seen it. But I cannot beleive the elves would not have flet such a thing - I have a plan. After all, think how it affected Boromir!!

Name: Arasa17 (Signed) · Date: May 28, 2016 3:20 · For: Chapter 6 Bilbo Baggins

Good ol' Anglach! He's climbing to Legolas' and Bilbo's like-level! Gotta love him.

I think he's probably a little young though, few hundred years maybe? I hope he doesn't lose his flare for loving little creatures with age. I still love the animosity between the dwarves and the rest of the woodelves, though.

So how far you think you're going with this? To the end of PJ's movies? That'd be great. I really hope you flesh out Legolas a little better than PJ did at the end, if that's where you're going.) Anyways, great chapter! Have a great day.-)

Author's Response:

Yes- my intention is to do the whole of the BOTFA - to correct PJ's terrible rendering of Thranduil mainly! And because I missed Legolas so much in my last story- unfortunately I am missing Elrohir now and really want to write him into it but my beta is adamant I should keep him on ice for the next fic.


I love Anglach too-feel guilty every time I write him for having him as one of Smeagol's guards at the start of More Dangerous. I only started writing him in Black Arrow and this and wish I had kept him alive.

Name: Ysilme (Signed) · Date: May 15, 2016 1:10 · For: Chapter 2

This was absolutely terrific. I nearly died about Anglach's infatuation with the Dwarves - how cute is that? :D I really love this different view of dwarves you're giving an elf, that's as unexpected as delightful; although the bits of dwarvish culture you're weaving in here is great as well.

...exclaimed Anglach in an excited whisper. 'Aren't they small. Look at their little boots and beards!
LOL! But that assumed "female dwarf" totally cracked me up.


Author's Response:

So glad you're enjoying this, Ysilme! Anglach is just so lovely- maybe a little too innocent but of course he is going to end up guarding them, isn't he, on the night they escape:( And I felt I needed to give him some joy considering the way I treated him in More Dangerous:((((((

Name: Kalendeer (Signed) · Date: May 13, 2016 0:56 · For: Chapter 1 Prologue

Hagrid is a character from Harry Potter. He loves animals, the more dangerous the better, and always has very... weird reactions, a bit like Anglach in front of the dwarves but basically for every gross creature on earth, while everyone around him is like "Hagrid no please don't take it home it's really really not cute".

Author's Response:

Ah- OK. Thanks. I have not read HP. NOw I recognise the name - thank you!! Yes, Anglach has no sense of danger in this. 

Name: Kalendeer (Signed) · Date: May 11, 2016 0:43 · For: Chapter 4 Anglach's dwarf

Anglach is Hagrid's past life isn't he? He looks like he seriously needs to get out of the Woods sometime. Discover the world. Learn about other races. Visit some places. He'd probably love the Shire, since what he likes about dwarves is them being small.

Author's Response:

Sorry- who is Hagrid?? I am being thick I know but work is sooo busy and my brain hurts:(

Yes- Anglach should have a lot more to his life, but ...just remembered you haven't read More Dangerous yet? So no spoilers unless you want them.


I love the idea that he might liek Hobbits- think I'll put that in if that;s OK with you:)

Name: Kalendeer (Signed) · Date: May 11, 2016 0:06 · For: Chapter 2

Anglach stalking the dwarves is kinda cute. I don't know if Thorïn (and the "female dwarf") would like to hear his thoughts, his face would be princeless !

I'm curious about Smaug/Thalos. Is it going to happen ? Is poor Thalos going to get ensnared forever ? I'm moving to next chapter :)

Author's Response:

Well if you look at the chronolgy- the dwarves probably get to Smaug before Thalos has to- but that will stay with him and forever he will feel he wasn't quite good enough.

I love Anglach:(

Name: Spiced Wine (Signed) · Date: May 09, 2016 11:27 · For: Chapter 5 Orcrist
Ziggy, I'm so sorry, my last review was cut off when I did not close my HTML tags properly. I meant to say that part with Orcrist was so powerful!

let his sense extend beyond the stronghold and reach out into the Wood. He let his perception grow and shape into the spirit of the Wood, a white hart, and sent it flying through the trees beneath the deep canopy, flying over soft ground where the beech leaves lay thickly, leaping over the fallen trunks and between the shadows...following the silvery trail of Power as it wound and drifted and careened through the Wood...Spiders were there. The dwarves were cocooned in the spiders' webs...Softly suffocating. Slowly poisoned.


He knew where they were.

He knew who they were.

He knew why they had come.

I need time, he thought, for he had always known this day would come.

I love the power that Thranduil has in this story; it's subtle but mysterious and beautiful!

Author's Response:

That keeps happenig to me too!!

Glad you liked the Orcrist bit -it sort of struck me that this is an improtnat par tof ht ebook- Thorin takes it from teh hoard, Thranduil takes it from him and then returns it- where is is supposed to glow blue if enemies approach. Quite like that whole legend thing going on!!

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: May 08, 2016 21:56 · For: Chapter 4 Anglach's dwarf
Well I didn't notice anything wrong when I Read the other chapter! I just assumed you had skipped a bit of time....however I am glad you wrote this! SO funny. Anglach is such a hoot, he is like a child with a doll. He must have a huge reputation as a soft hearted idiot for Thranduil to think sending Legolas as a steady influence is a good idea....Legolas of all people!
Loved this, and I am glad they don't have dungeons!

P.S. Do you realise Legolas and Anglach have a conversation that is repeated about half way through "When we get back I would quite like to talk to it..." They have this discussion twice in quick succession. Perhaps Thranduil has enchanted them as well?

Author's Response:

Yes- thank you. Naleid pm'd me and I have just dsorted it. Thank you:)

Love the way you just accepted a time shift- but I hope this is better. I enjoy writing these two- and yes, Legolas a steadying influence!!! It just shows everything is relative!!

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: May 08, 2016 21:30 · For: Chapter 5 Orcrist

Okay - this does make much more sense, even though I didn't notice anything odd the first time around! Thanks for sorting it out. Anyway, I can't complain about having to read about your magnificent Thranduil all over again :)

Author's Response:

Oh phew. I can't beleive I forgot to post it!! 

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: May 08, 2016 21:29 · For: Chapter 4 Anglach's dwarf

LOL - I did wonder how Legolas got his bruised face, but didn't realise anything was missed out. I was v sleepy when I read the last (next?!) chapter so just assumed I'd forgotten!

Anyway, when I read the bit about Legolas being ordered to go with Anglach in case he did anything daft, I wondered how bad Anglach could be that he needed Legolas for a touch of sanity. Then I read on and realised! He treats Thorin like a four-year-old with its favourite teddy! It's so sweet how tender he is.

Great chapter!

Author's Response:

THank you Naleid- and for pointing out the mistake. Phew. I just feel Anglach needs some real focused attention- to make up for the horrible end he has. I feel very guilty about that:(

Name: Arasa17 (Signed) · Date: May 07, 2016 16:45 · For: Chapter 4 Anglach's dwarf
I read all four chapters in a row! You're writing is so natural. I love it, and Anglach is hilarious. And Bilbo, a female dwarf...? lol

I was glad you had the dwarves' meeting with the elves as the book version. The movie...I don't know...Doesn't it just seem as though Peter Jackson (in the hobbit only, LOTR was perfect), made the elves out to be like battle-hungry warriors with no other thought but of their next kill? Legolas definitely, and it was such a shame because I love him so much! I really like how you showed them as having real personality, and genuine reasons for their actions!

The only thing I can say you could watch is repetive adverbs. It seems like you could have edited a sentence to sound better, and then forgot that the word was just used - For instance, 'There was an outraged cry from the assembled elves' and then the next sentence says that 'Legolas shouted with outrage.'

I only say it because the rest of your writing is so rich and flavorful. It really captures some of that 'Tolkien taste' without being too folksy or shakespeare butchering.

Keep up the good work! :)

Author's Response:

Thanks Arasa- I am trying to fit writing into a really busy life so sometimes miss things- it really helps if people give feedback, espeically when there is a lot of nice things as well:)


I am so pleased you like Anglach- I felt I owed him a life after doing him in before the start of More Dangerous. 


I love PJ's films but liek you, felt he had really done a disservice to Thranduil in particular and his Legolas is so one dimensional- just earnest and vicious really. They didn't do the emotion bit for him well and I htink PJ is more interested in dwarves and hobbits than elves- he didn't really do the Rivendell elves very well either I htink. So- my attempt to right the wrong done to some of my favourite characters. Glad you are enjoying it!


Name: Spiced Wine (Signed) · Date: May 07, 2016 10:34 · For: Chapter 4 Anglach's dwarf
‘This is Orcrist,’ he said, the sword moved his tongue, spoke the words of its spirit: I am the sword of Gondolin! I am Orcrist. I am made by the Spirit of Fire for Ecthelion of the Fountain and for his hand. I am blood. I am steel. I cleave. I strike with swiftness. I have done hurt to Valarauki and their fire. I am clasped by the hand of he who loves me. I am of the Fountain. I am steel. I am water against the fire of the Valarauki. I am ….

Author's Response:


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