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Spiced Wine
09/18/20 04:51 pm
Happy Friday, everyone :)
Spiced Wine
09/13/20 06:14 pm
So if you copy that link and paste it in a browser it takes you to the image, (lovely!) but it doesn’t look like a link from a host site due to the http
Spiced Wine
09/13/20 06:13 pm
wait a sec
Spiced Wine
09/13/20 06:08 pm
this tinyMCE WYSWYG option is the rich text
Spiced Wine
09/13/20 06:07 pm
It depends if you’re using HTML links or rich text — which do you post in on here?
09/13/20 04:13 pm
The links don’t actually link or show anything. They just clog the note up with text ????
09/13/20 04:06 pm
@Spiced Wine—I tried to add a link to hosting site last night but it didn’t work. I added a link to Narya’s tumblr post in the fic notes but not sure that’s working either
Spiced Wine
09/13/20 09:58 am
@Nelya — did you work it out? I can do it, if you like. You need to upload it to a hosting site and then get the link and post that
09/13/20 05:23 am
I've just posted my first story in a year for TRSB with Narya as my art partner! I couldn't figure out how to post the art link here :(
09/13/20 05:22 am
Hi everyone! Just logged back in after an extremely long absence. Hope all are well.
Shout Archive

Name: Arasa17 (Signed) · Date: October 03, 2016 18:01 · For: Chapter 13 Escape from the Halls of the King
Aw... I'm going to kind of miss Bilbo. I thought it was so nice that he liked the elves, even though they imprisoned his friends. Oh, it was an interesting twist, having Legolas be one of the drunk elves that Bilbo snuck past.

I suppose it could have been! The movie had their heads down, and the book didn't say...Of course Legolas was in fine elf form (verrrryy fine;) when he chased after them. You must be going closer to the book then...?

Anyway, I really enjoyed this story. Thnx for posting ziggy. :)

Author's Response:

Yes, I am a book-canon fan I'm afraid.( Much as I like PJ's films- because he gave us a beautiful Legolas and a glorious Thranduil- even though their characters are terrilby two-dimensional and non-canon). I have a scene in my head that I'm leading up to- where Bilbo crosses a stream to reach the camp of the King and sneaks past the gaurds (that will be Anglach and Legolas) and when they disciver what has happened they will be hopping but also redeemed because everyone will know why they let the dwarves escape- or rather how.


So glad you enjoyed it and thank you so much fo rletting me know:)

Name: Arasa17 (Signed) · Date: October 03, 2016 17:27 · For: Chapter 12 Anglach
Oh...you're probably just building up hope for Anglach just to make his end more bitter. -sniff- I hate knowing the future.

Author's Response:

Yeah- sorry 'bout that. 

Name: Arasa17 (Signed) · Date: October 03, 2016 17:09 · For: Chapter 11 A Plan
Oh sweet Bilbo...the ring isn't a purring CAT. It's a sleeping dragon, you fool!

I can't believe I missed three chapters of this story. I kind of wish you posted on ff . net so I could receive update alerts. Makes me feel out-of-the-loop.

Anyway, wow! We're certainly learning alot about everyday Mirkwood elves through little-spy Bilbo. I like too that he feels guilty for stealing from Thranduil's table; it shows a very active conscience. Despite the fact that the king would have had to feed him anyway if he was taken prisoner, that is.

Author's Response:

I love that idea that the ring is actually a sleeping dragon! And yes, Bilbo has been completely beguiled by it, hans't he!


(I have posted it on ffnet- how odd that you didn't get any alerts? I might have to check that -it may explain why I've had so few reviews there.)

Thank you for reviewing, Arasa17. I'm pleased the Bilbo- perspective works for you:)

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: August 31, 2016 21:27 · For: Chapter 13 Escape from the Halls of the King

 I originally had YOU in it on Galion's arm but it was getting to be a pron scene rather than adding anything to the plot so I'm afraid you were deleted- but I've got it saved for something else!!

Yay! That's going to be fun. Galion's brilliant, but I hope he won't mind all the lascivious stares I'll be sending Legolas's way :)

Author's Response:

I meant PORN scene- not PRON!


Ooh- that would be good. Might have ot write that soon- I'm in more serious mode for a bit but will def come back to you and Galion:)

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: August 26, 2016 19:35 · For: Chapter 13 Escape from the Halls of the King

Yay! Great ending, Ziggy. I liked how you wove Tolkien's (and PJ's) story in with your version of events. Poor Anglach, though. It feels like this episode marks the end of carefree, slutty Legolas and the start of angsty (but still slutty, lol!) Legolas. I hate to think what Thranduil's going to do to the pair of them.

Author's Response:

Thank you Naledi- actually I originally had YOU in it on Galion's arm but it was getting to be a pron scene rather than adding anything to the plot so I'm afraid you were deleted- but I've got it saved for something else!!


xGood- I'm glad you felt there was an end to carefree Legolas- Anglach brings that out in him and when Anglach dies :( all the mirth goes from him for a bit- there's that whole bit at teh start of More Dangerous where he has missed the mercy shot as well. I should probably go back and update MD but to be honesnt. I want to get on the sequel to Sons (Where the Shadows lie) - got 2 chapters done but want to just work out the sequence before posting it.


Thranduil's gonig to be mad, really really mad.


Name: Spiced Wine (Signed) · Date: August 26, 2016 19:28 · For: Chapter 13 Escape from the Halls of the King
Oh, I loved it, drunk Anglach and especially Legolas were hilarious.

Surprisingly he made it to the cells and managed to peer glassily into the grilles to be met with a load of abuse from Dwalin as usual. Legolas’ head wobbled a little and he gave a nasty smile and stuck his middle finger up at Dwalin and then grinned. He turned and staggered clumsily back to the kitchen and crashed into to the chair and blinked again as if he might clear his head. Seeing the goblet of water, he drank it quickly, Bilbo watched wincing and feeling terrible for of course he had filled it again with the heady wine.

Legolas looked at his fingers as if they belonged to someone else. His head rolled a little and he swayed. Then he put his head on his arms and he too fell fast asleep.

Oh dear. Thranduil is not going to be pleased!

But then that wonderful dark mystery of the voice and the river reacting to the Ring. And then it seemed the water itself swirled and writhed around him. Like a sinuous beast, like an otter, it leapt and curled and pulled him down. He felt magic tug at him, pull him back, throw him up to the surface and drag him under again. And then he was pinned against the iron grille easily seen by the raft elves. It felt like the gates, he thought in one still coherent and functioning part of his brain. where he was held under for a moment like he was pinned.

You shall not pass!

That strange, sonorous voice was in his mind again, the same at the gates. Suddenly it seemed that roots broke from the stone bed of the river, surged upwards and clawed at him.

You shall not pass.

Is it some magic of Thranduil's or the river?

And so onward to Smaug and battle! Wonderful!

Author's Response:

Thank you for noting those two bits in particualr- I was rather pleased with Legolas sticking his finger up- it just felt right! And the river is the saem as Thradnuil's gates and I only stuck that bit in at teh very last minute, thinking that Thranduil says no one can pass out of the stronghold so I htought there must be magic. I'm moving this back to Black Arrow and entirely from the elves' pov so I can skil all the Thorin etc bit but I DO want Anglach and Legolas to be the ones that Bilbo revelas himself to when he goes to the evles' camp with the Arkenstone, so they can feel exonerated!!

Name: Spiced Wine (Signed) · Date: August 23, 2016 16:51 · For: Chapter 12 Anglach
He will die as you saw.

Bilbo put a fist to his mouth to stop the cry that was forcing its way out of his belly.

You could stop it.

'How could I stop it, a Hobbit from the Shire? I am nobody.'

Thorin could. With the Ring, Thorin could be the greatest King Middle Earth has ever seen. He could outshine the Kings of Numenor. He could outshine those elven Kings of Old, Fingon the Valiant, Gil-Galad. He could bring peace and the merry elves of the Wood need never lift bow or knife again...Anglach will live.

Bilbo found himself staring at the Ring. Yes. That could be the way. If Thorin was King, he could have an army to keep the peace between all the folk of the Wilds. The elves could live in peace in the Wood, and the dwarves in the Mountain. And the Orcs?

There will be no need for Orcs if Thorin has a Ring of Power. He will be unassailable...

Bilbo stared at the Ring. It was so smooth. Such purity. Such gold…so precious.

Thorin is more powerful than you. He would know how to use the Ring…He could make it stronger.

Oh, poor dear Anglach! :( Such a sweet soul.
I really do love how you put more of the Ring's temptation into this story and MDLW; it gives a much richer flavour, as both Tolkien and most stories completely ignore it.

Author's Response:

I so agree! It's almost like an afterthought with the Ring but I suppose if he wrote the Hobbit without realising the Ring was THE Ring, I suppose he wouldn not have exploited it. I love the idea that it would whisper to everyone- going to oput that in the Black Arrow story, how it affected Thrnaduil and Thalos in particualr, and LAersul brigning the news of the Necromancer's fall... just wondering if he brings anyone else along apart from Gandalf??!!



Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: August 22, 2016 19:43 · For: Chapter 12 Anglach
Ah but MDLW was a long time ago and Anglach was just a name on a page then... Not a real elf!

Now he is a sweetie who just wants to look after everyone—and his fate is terrible!

Author's Response:

I know- he really was just a name; you know how you just want a bit of a back sotry? That was Anglach...but noe he is real:( boo hoo) Yes- it is terrible. It hurts to write that but I just thought I had better remind everyone so they are even more affectionate to wards our dear little Anglach- I htink that is why Thranduil cannot ever be cross- he sort of knows something is going to happen...sorry sweetie.

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: August 22, 2016 3:20 · For: Chapter 12 Anglach
Oh that was just cruel!

Here I am thinking I am reading a happy, happy, Anglach and Legolas chapter and you show us his death??!! And it is awful! Did you HAVE to gouge the poor baby's eyes out?

I am as traumatised as Legolas must be if he envisioned that. God knows what a mess he will be when it actually happens.

Loving how the ring is slowly, surely, manipulating Bilbo. (Poor Bilbo though, staring at elven womens breasts!)

I am not sure I like the idea of all three brothers going to Smaug together......it sounds like a nightmare waiting to happen!

Author's Response:

Sorry darling. I had already written what happens to Anglach - the very start of More Dangerous I already wrote what happened to Anglach. Sorry.

I did put a scene of naked Legolas in for you and Naledi though to cheer you up and give you something to think about.


Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: August 22, 2016 0:36 · For: Chapter 12 Anglach

Well until that horrific flash of Anglach's death, I was envying Bilbo his uninterrupted view of naked Legolas. I thought the way Legolas sensed Bilbo was spot on, although the effect of a wet, starkers Legolas advancing on him was totally wasted on Bilbo!  It's interesting how Bilbo is learning to use the ring to manipulate others, although poor Anglach wouldn't thank him for his 'help'! 

anglach really is a sweet elf. You're making me feel so bad for him :(

Author's Response:

I put that naked Legolas scene in especially for you and Cheekybeak!!


Yes- poor Anglach. But at least he is getting some air time and love from you:(

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: August 20, 2016 4:00 · For: Chapter 11 A Plan
I think you need to write a story which solely consists of Bilbo sneaking around spying on woodelves because I love seeing them all through his eyes. And they are all so adorable when they don't know anyone is watching them!

P.S. Sit -on-your-arse council!! Galion is such a hoot!

Author's Response:

To be honest, I rather think this story has become that a bit- but I'm moving it on now and reckon two more chapters to the end. I might continue with Black Arrow again because that is all from the Wood-elves pov and I do think it will be interesting to write Bilbo's visit...then again, I'm q interested in how Smaug will really react to the Ring...

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: August 17, 2016 21:07 · For: Chapter 11 A Plan

Yay - another update!  I'm going to petition your headteacher to extend your holidays, so you can carry on writing. More creepy Ring whisperings. Poor Bilbo's going to have to be careful if he's not going to be taken over. 

i like all the snippets of information Bilbo's gleaning, especially about Legolas's upbringing. So sad he lost his mother that young. I love the idea of Galion shaking Thranduil til his teeth rattled. That must have been something to see!

Well, now Bilbo has a plan, I can't wait to see your interpretation of how he gets the dwarves out. 

great chapter!

Author's Response:

You just make it worht writing, Naledi! DO write to my Headteacher:) I'll send you her address privately!! No, best not. I wouldn't want anyone from work reading this lot!!

I'm glad the extra family gossip is entertaining- it;s partly because I feel I need ot give Anglach a bit more of a life before killing him off during Gollum's escape:(

Bilbo's plan will be the canon- but the characters and timeline might be a bit different:) Working on it now. x

Name: Spiced Wine (Signed) · Date: August 17, 2016 15:59 · For: Chapter 11 A Plan
The Ring gradually eases its claws deeper into poor Bilbo. But as Gandalf said, Hobbits are amazingly resilient; he is still so lovely.

It was so sad to hear of Thranduil's 'breakdown' after he lost his wife.

The matter of Dol Guldur and this 'unease' that seems to be spreading through the Halls - is this the Ring, I wonder?

This is so very captivating and readable as ever, Ziggy :)

Author's Response:

Thank you as always, Spiced. As we've said before, the Ring cannot have been idle all that time- it must have been working on everyone and I suspect Thorin too (if I write that bit as I am thinking this will probably end with the dwarves escape really- but Thranduil will not be as sanguine as he is the book. movie). It would explain a lot more- you know how often wrtiers don't really know what is going on in their subconscious when they write and then later, it comes out as a brilliant plotline!! I am sure that Tolkien could have gone back and rewritten the Hobbit much darker and more interesting.

xThank you.

Name: Arasa17 (Signed) · Date: August 15, 2016 14:31 · For: Chapter 10 Thorin Oakenshield
Wow, there were a lot of interesting things in this chapter. The ring calling to Thorin? I can certainly believe it. It's terribly funny though, this take on Legolas' mooning over Tauriel. He's so immature, and yet he can't be in every area, being such a good warrior and that. Good chapter :) Especially Thorin's 'more precious to me than gold' to Bilbo. So sweet.

Name: Arasa17 (Signed) · Date: August 15, 2016 14:26 · For: Chapter 10 Thorin Oakenshield
Wow, there were a lot of interesting things in this chapter. The ring calling to Thorin? I can certainly believe it. It's terribly funny though, this take on Legolas' mooning over Tauriel. He's so immature, and yet he can't be in every area, being such a good warrior and that. Good chapter :) Especially Thorin's 'more precious to me than gold' to Bilbo. So sweet.

Author's Response:

Thank you so muc Arasa17- this is a bit different from my usual Legolas so I am anxious about him. It's being with Anglach that amkes him like this- I just can't help seeing them as teeenage boys desperate for a shag! (sorry- how crude, and Legolas is getting plenty eanyway so I don't know what his problem is) I'm quite interested in the effect of the Ring on everyone, I cannot beleive it passed so silently through Mirkwood and with the dwarves without trying something.

Name: Spiced Wine (Signed) · Date: August 11, 2016 16:08 · For: Chapter 10 Thorin Oakenshield
Oh, but I think Legolas and Anglach are quite charming! They make me grin! It's just that the more serious events are taking place around Bilbo and Thranduil too, of course, and you know I love drama :D And I love Thorin after seeing Richard Armitage play him, as I loved RA before that, and I know he's going to die :( (And you know I love angst too, lol!) But there is nothing wrong with Legolas and Anglach in this - the poor things will be drawn into darkness and peril soon enough. Let them be lighthearted while they can! :)

Author's Response:

Yes- you are the Queen of Drama!! :)

Glad you like Legolas and Anglach- as you say, they are charming and have a lot to face soon- I am reassured by your liking them:D big grin! RA made me see Thorin in a whole new light I have to say!! I am enjoying writing him. Might have to do something with him one day.

Name: Spiced Wine (Signed) · Date: August 11, 2016 14:54 · For: Chapter 10 Thorin Oakenshield
I absolutely loved this between Thorin and Bilbo, and the call, the temptation of the Ring through it all, how Thorin recognises something even if he does not know what it is, and Bilbo, bless him, falling deeper under the spell of the One Ring.

Author's Response:

Thank you, Spiced- I confess I have struggled a bit with htis one- it didn't come at all naturally and Bilbo is a bit more reticent than other characters - and I htink that it's coming out quite differently from my usual stuff - Legolas na dAnglach don't really bring out the depths of each other but the silly teenager stuff and I need to work on that! x

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: August 11, 2016 11:51 · For: Chapter 10 Thorin Oakenshield
Oh no! Thalos departs for the mountain?? But he is alive in the next story. I must keep reminding myself of that.

So the ring is reaching out to the elves now. Interesting to see its effect on Legolas here....and the insecurity and jealousy directed towards Anglach. Yet in Imladris it made him doubt himself.
I love Anglach with the dwarves. He is so....kind and sweet. Love him to bits!!!

As for Tauriel.....aarrgh.....get rid of her!!

Author's Response:

I think we have talked about this before- I cannot believe the Ring had no impact at all on the elves considering how it worked on the fellowship who all knew it was amongst them. I love that you picked up on how it works on Legolas and makes him insecure and jealous of Anglach as it makes him insecure on Imladris too:) Anglach is hopelss- I worry he;'s a bit two dimensional and I probably need to give him some depth actually- except having killed him off before I got to like him, it's a bit difficult- maybe in Black Arrow when I get back to it!!

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: August 11, 2016 11:41 · For: Chapter 9 Dragon's ransom
I must have missed this! How did that ever happen???

Anyway,mean I just say, I am glad Bilbo didn't give the ring to Thranduil. I think he would have been susceptible...far more susceptible to it than Legolas.....and help, what a night are if Bilbo had given it to Thorin!!

And I am glad Smaug was killed by Bard before Thalos went as ransom...at least I assume that is what happens. Because I couldn't bear the loss of Thalos . (And I hope I never have to!)

Author's Response:

Um...I could tell you but no spoilers and just be aware that this fic isn't really part of the Sons arc because the next chapters are going to follow Thalos...but that doesn't mean to say he gets there and it doesn't mean to say he doesn't meet Smaug either...that's unhelpful!! Anyway- glad you enjoyed this one. I felt a bit odd writing Thorin and Bilbo having long meaningful glances but other reviewers on other sites have been begging for it so prettily!! x

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: August 11, 2016 0:28 · For: Chapter 10 Thorin Oakenshield

Yay! Another chapter! Thanks for dragging yourself away from the Olympic swimmers for long enough to update!

i love the banter between Legolas and Angkach and how the Ring is affecting Legolas. Poor Legolas, though, being unable to get Tauriel's attention. Probably because he's more than four feet high and doesn't sport a bushy beard, lol! I also had to giggle at how Bilbo keeps wanting to butt in with his own opinions!

Well at last, Bilbo has found Thorin  What's more, Thorin knows exactly who Legolas is, which is fun. Oh, and even Thorin has heard the rumours about Legolas in Esgaroth! What did he do there? Or should I ask, who did he do?! You're such a tease! Are you ever going to tell us?


Author's Response:

ooh- I have been writing that! But I have got too much else on the go and forgot it- I'll try and finish it for you:)

Yes- Legolas is too tall and elegant for Tauriel- she likes to have a bit of a nibble at night and beards are great for finding bits of food in later!! I'm so glad you liked this. It didn't feel quite right for ages so I started on Chapter 1 of Where the Shadows lie (sequel to Sons) and have that almost finished as well. But want to do a bit more of Nleyo so busy!!! Good thing Ihave lots of holidays:)


Name: Spiced Wine (Signed) · Date: July 27, 2016 16:29 · For: Chapter 9 Dragon's ransom
Thranduil was so beautiful in this, as was Thalos, and I love that they do sense something, but Thalos most of all it seems.

He turned then and faced his son. 'Thalos. Please understand I was only trying to protect you.' Thranduil held up his hand to stifle the protest. 'Listen to me, child. It is not the same for the others. It is not the same,' he repeated and now he crouched down before Thalos and looked up into his lovely, hurt face that tried to smooth out the pain but could not. 'Listen. You will be beguiled.' He held his son's gaze, willing him to see. 'Now look...No.' He caught Thalos' chin and pulled his face towards his own and leaned in slightly. 'Look.'

Both elves fell silent then and Bilbo frowned and realised that Thranduil was conveying something... he focused, and growing used the Ring's power now, he was able to see what Thranduil revealed to Thalos.

One great claw slowly stretched, flexed and stayed spread, the great talons gleaming like scimitars amongst the shifting piles of gold coins. A necklace was caught between Smaug's talons, a delicate string of mithril and emeralds. Thranduil though, barely noticed it for the power and elegance of the dragon's claw. It had the colour and richness of pearls, and in that alone he found the power of the Song; rare in its power and resonance and suddenly his heart lurched.

'You are the last,' Thranduil said slowly. 'Your magnificence beyond anything I have ever seen.' He found himself wishing he had seen dragons roaring over the plains of Beleriand, fire scorching the earth and their great wings whumping down on the wind. He did not think he could have stood his ground, like the warriors of the First Age; he thought he would have run.

Smaug half-closed his eyes. 'We ruled the earth.' His voice was a whisper, low, rich. Full of yearning and loss. 'Morgoth was nothing without us.'

Smaug tilted his head and a slow warmth came from him that seemed to bathe Thranduil in light and he felt an unbearable loneliness, a hunger that could not be sated, and something utterly alien. Cold fire. Deep darkness. A far song. He listened...

Wind under great bat-like wings, soaring high, higher than any cloud, higher than the Moon, above the world, seeking the Great Flame beyond the Circles of the World...and falling back, falling back into darkness...

And although Smaug is old and wily, and corrupt, you have also made him more, the last, alone, and it's so sad.

But if Thalos does not go, then Smaug can break the truce, I suppose?

Author's Response:

This is my fourth attempt to reply!! Out of ANY wifi reach for days:) Thank you for your always kind comments, I think it must be a loss that Smaug dies- like the last dinosaur. And Thalos will go - it's what happens next:) Working on it now:xx

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: July 22, 2016 22:34 · For: Chapter 9 Dragon's ransom

Oooh - I love it when you get a holiday, Ziggy! Thanks for updating. I love this story and this chapter was powerful. Now I see exactly why Thranduil avoided sending Thalos. But what's going to happen to him? The dwarves will soon be on their way to Erebor and Smaug will get killed. Will Thalos see Smaug before that happens, or will he be saved in the nick of time? I can't wait to find out!

Author's Response:

You do make me laugh Naledi- when you stop reading, I'll stop writing. So few people reading right now:( Are you finding this too? 

It's a dilemma for Thrnaduil this one- he really worries about Thalos and me too. But as you say, the dwarves are on their way really and it;s a question of where Legolas, Thalos and Laersul -for it will be all three of course, are going to be when Smaug turns nasty! I'll probably go back to Black Arrow for that bit though- I htink this is just the episode in the stronghold. I've starte the sequel to Sons so will get drawn int that very quickly.


Name: Arasa17 (Signed) · Date: July 21, 2016 14:20 · For: Chapter 9 Dragon's ransom
Oh no! They aren't going to send Thalos, are they?! I didn't read your other story; does it cover that? This was a wonderfully written chapter. I like how Bilbo is not as oblivious to the ring's evil as the book and movie. He's astute; I think he would have felt it somehow. Great chapter:)

Author's Response:

Thank you Arasa17. So nice to know this worked:) I've sort of covered the plot you need in this chapter- it summarises Black Arrow which is the earlier story that this one is based upon. Yes- I never really bought that the Ring could have been in Mirkwood all that time and not wrought a bit of discord, or been even sensed by the elves. And I think too that it would have had some really astonishing powers if Sauron put himself into it.

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

Name: Spiced Wine (Signed) · Date: July 01, 2016 20:28 · For: Chapter 8 The Son of the Elvenking
Anglach?’ His voice was resonant and deep, it seemed to reach into Bilbo’s soul…And the Ring thrummed, reverberated at the sound, sent a whisper of excitement into the pit of Bilbo’s stomach.

He felt an immense urge to take the Ring from his finger and fall before this man on his knees. His hand was already on the Ring and about to pull it from his finger when the elf suddenly looked straight at him.

I love this, because I am sure that Thranduil would have sensed something

Poor Bilbo, unable to get away from the romping, lol! But I also love that Legolas felt something too, and this He threw out his hands as if the ward off the inevitable discovery, could not stifle the cry that burst from him, the relief that he was here and not in that dreadful place where Something waited, patiently for long, long years beyond any thought of Bilbo Baggins. Something very dark. Very deep. And it knew he had the Ring.

beautifully written, and so ominous and ancient!

Author's Response:

Thank you Sian - it never felt right that the Ring, so insidious and penetrating, had no effect at all on the Wood elves, but perhaps that's why they chose Legolas??? Um... rethinking the plot now!!

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: June 30, 2016 11:36 · For: Chapter 8 The Son of the Elvenking

Ah, slutty Legolas - how I love you! This chapter certainly merits a second read. And a third, and fourth...

I like how the elves can sense the ring, and the turmoil it creates in Bilbo's mind. It really is an evil force - of course the elves would have sensed a disturbance. 

Now we just have to hope Legolas doesn't have a sudden need for his princely robes...

Author's Response:

Yes- he is rather lovely when he;s being slutty, isnt he. I've got a lovely scene that doesn't fit so need ot find somewhere for it just for you:) Hah- a stark naked Legolas standing bollock naked eyelevel to Bilbo:) Poor little hobbit.

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