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12/11/18 09:13 pm
Lol! I love how our confusion has carried over to the Shout Box!
12/10/18 09:48 pm
whoah- have we missed out Gabriel??? Chapter 10?
12/10/18 12:34 am
12/09/18 10:01 pm
Ok- thanks Nelya- happy birthday to your Dad!
12/09/18 08:58 am
Chapter 9 is up :) yep, Nelya, pretty sure that's right!
12/09/18 06:52 am
Ziggy I think narya posts ch 9 next then Gabriel with 10 and then you with 11 and Naledi with 12. Then cheeky 13, Narya 14, me 15 (not written yet!)
12/08/18 09:40 pm
I'm sooooo confused- whose turn is it??
12/08/18 04:06 pm
chapter 8. is up! Happy weekend to everyone!
12/08/18 10:03 am
Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend so far! :D
12/08/18 09:46 am
Happy weekend!
Shout Archive

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: July 14, 2016 22:56 · For: Chapter 14

Aaargh! How can I wait for a resolution? Poor Elrohir! Also, Legolas actually seemed to make sense, which had me doubting my sanity! What kind of state must I be in if that fruit loop of a a Wood-elf appeared to have a point! I hate to see them apart, though. And I'm sure Legolas must be hurting too, even if he hides it from Elrohir. 

Great story, though, Cheeky. Keep them coming!

Author's Response: I know....I am sorry. They made me do it! I think Legolas was making sense...surprising as that might seem. These guys are a volatile pair, as Arwen says,and I wouldn't want them any different. I love that about them. But Legolas is tired and has so much on his plate. A break from the chaos of Elrohir is a reasonable thing to ask. BUT they haven't really handled it properly. They haven't communicated...as usual! They should have discussed the details of this much more, set boundaries and expectations. Thrashed out exactly what this means, what Legolas wants. Instead poor Elrohir is adrift not knowing what is expected from him. I think at the moment Legolas IS happy. He is in the heady first surge of the relief of not having to worry about his and Elrohir's relationship as well as everything else. But that will not last. And not will the sea remain quiet. And now Elladan and Aragorn aren't talking! The problems just keep coming!!

Name: Encairion (Signed) · Date: July 14, 2016 6:12 · For: Chapter 14

"If you wish to help him, you must help in the way he wants it. Not in the way you want to give it." 

Awen is so wise.  Have to told you before how much I enjoy the way you write her?  It’s not hard at all to see why she was so loved by those in her life :)

“He is trapped, trapped by his friends and by the sea. What Legolas wants is control over something . . . Just one thing in his life and us, him and I, the two of us, is the only thing he has a chance of controlling. “

Ah, now I finally understand!  Even after Legolas said this “I will make sure we endure."  Which helped me understand where he was coming from, I still wasn’t sure it was the right choice for either him or Elrohir, but this line here makes me understand :) 

But then Elrohir mentions Elladan and Legolas’ confidence breaks, and by the end of their talk I am seriously worried, and by the end of the chapter I am convinced this was a terrible idea.  Poor Elrohir!  He is suffering, and I am not at all convinced that Leoglas is as happy as he pretends he is :(  I hope he has found peace, I really do, and he does have more of a chance of it then Elrohir who is doubting himself all over again, but Legolas also has the sea and is it really going to wait patiently for Aragorn’s death?  So I am left very very worried for these two!

This whole idea of a break was unexpected but interesting as well.  It’s something different for these two, and we get to learn how it will affect them right alongside them.  It was an interesting twist!


This was a good chapter though, and very well written, the dialog was perfection!  Can I just take a second and tell you how strong you’ve grown as a writer?  I can see it so clearly in your work.  Your stories never fail to hold depth of character and unexpected twists, and those are two things I think the hardest but most important to get right :)

Author's Response: Arwen is growing on me I must say because she is not my favourite...to read anyway....but she sees so much that is inside the others and here, she was the only one to really take the time to hear what Legolas was actually saying. You are right to be worried. This break might be a good idea for them if managed properly but is it being managed properly? I don't think so. Elrohir has grown—a lot from Walls of Glass. That shows here for the first time. That he is able to offer this up in the first place is huge progress for him, but can he really cope with the reality? Legolas is, I think, as happy as he appears at the moment. The thrill of taking charge of one small thing in his life has boosted him...but will it last? And as you say...the sea! And then there is Elladan who is obviously still an issue for both of them and neither want to face it. And Legolas' wellbeing is so shaky, a very thin veneer. Thanks for the compliment re my writing. I do think it has improved a bit especially lately, but good enough to write Maglor...I don't think so. So it may be awhile Till I get brave enough to write the next story, or maybe I will slip a little story in between. I don't know. The next is clear in my head Erestor/Glorfindel/Elladan. But now Elladan has Aragorn issues....hmm I will have to think!

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: July 13, 2016 22:55 · For: Chapter 13

Oh no - I would have preferred it if I'd been wrong. I think this is a terrible mistake. Mainly because I love seeing Legolas and Elrohir together, but also because I think tearing himself away from Elrohir, even temporarily, will wound their spirits just as deeply as the damage caused by removing Legolas's sealonging. Please, someone make the mad Wood-elf see sense!

Author's Response: I know. It is a move that is doomed to failure surely. Although there are reasons why Legolas is thinking like this....but they are possibly not good ones. Next chapter is up and it explains all...hopefully. Poor Elrohir : (

Name: Encairion (Signed) · Date: July 13, 2016 3:25 · For: Chapter 13

“I do not like the thought of that. Arwen is instinctive and empathetic. She sometimes knows more about us than we do ourselves. I do not know how much of that is due to helping herself to our minds. I choose to think less than perhaps is true. On this point though I must believe she is wrong. I must. 

I have only just accepted what happened between Elladan and Legolas. An accident of circumstance is how he paints it. It cannot be anything other than that. I cannot open that wound again, there can be nothing else than that between them. I will not think on it. “

Hmmmm, this is problematic.  I am worrying now!  I guess I hadn’t really thought about Elrohir not understanding the attraction between Legolas and Elladan.  But it’s true.  He thought it had only been a one time thing.  He has no idea that Elladan at least still desires Legolas sexually.  Well, I sure am glad Elrohir doesn’t have the sea-longing or it would have been all over this, prying upon his mind until he broke :(

It is as I feared!  Legolas has taken Elladan’s words to heart, and is now making yet another mistake!  Leaving is the worst thing he could do, can’t he see how it will hurt Elrohir?  No, of course he can’t, he’s blinded by the sea!  I just know it is the thing at fault here :(    But Elrohir is stubborn.  I hope he will not give up, and will follow Legolas until Legolas sees the truth (though Elrohir is hurt now and does have the strength to follow if Legolas leaves right now :bits nails:).


Oh what have you done, you evil author!  Just when I thought they would have some happiness at long last, now this!  Ah, but these guys wouldn’t be themselves if they didn’t make a mess of things :D

Author's Response: Ah I knew you would pick up on the Arwen insight. Yes, Elrohir until this point has not acknowledged the attraction that lies between Legolas and Elladan. I think he does know it deep deep down but he is not able to face it, totally unable to bring that out into the light and admit it. And so he hides from it as Elrohir always does. Deny, deny, deny, that's how he rolls. Let's just hope he is never in a position where he can't run from it any longer! As for Legolas.....yes you did suss this might be in the wings. But......you may yet be surprised by the next chapter. Is this the sea-longing so soon? Well it could be.....or is it Legolas himself talking. It is, by this stage, very hard to tell what is sealonging and what is not. Certainly this will hurt Elrohir badly. It is his worst fear after all but from Legolas' perspective he might not see that. One more chapter to go!

Name: curiouswombat (Signed) · Date: July 13, 2016 0:26 · For: Chapter 13

Silly lad!  Gimli really needs to have words with him.

Author's Response: He does....he does!! But he is not there! He is never where you need him, that silly dwarf.

Name: Encairion (Signed) · Date: July 11, 2016 1:21 · For: Chapter 12

I hope Aragon is able to forgive Elladan!  Oh, oh, I am worried about this.  Elladan already blames himself enough, but Legolas did a good job talking sense to Aragon, I hope it sticks!

Now though I am also worried about the sea beginning to makes its move on Leoglas again.  The words Elladan spoke in anger when he was not himself (though he’s probably thought these words secretly once upon a time) have lingered with Leolgas, and I am really worried that they will take root.  BUT Elrohir is more confident in their love, so I am hoping he’s going to be able to pull them though whatever doubts the sea tries to plant.


Another great chapter:)


Author's Response: Yes Aragorn is surprising me with his resistance here. He is not really someone to nurse a grudge but that is exactly what he has been telling me he wants to do....I am not yet sure why. We shall have to see if Legolas' pep talk has any effect. As for Legolas.....yes, well, he now knows what the sea longing is capable of. Is that enough to prevent it? However Elladan's words have lingered. It remains to be seen what impact they have.

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: July 09, 2016 8:20 · For: Chapter 12

Uh-oh...I should be all happy that Legolas is better, but I have a horrible feeling that he's about to do something very stupid. Please tell me he's not about to end it all with Elrohir. I really hope he's not taken Elladan's accusations to heart and thinks leaving Elrohir is the noble thing to do. IT'S NOT!!!  I want loved-up Legolas and Elrohir back!!!

Author's Response: You should be happy! See how much better he is than two chapters ago. As to what he is going to do.....well I can't tell you that. That would spoil things. I do have to agree with you, loved up Legolas and Elrohir are the very best......speaking of which, I am waiting with much anticipation to see yours. I so want your Elrohir to rid Legolas of his tedious Tauriel obsession.

Name: Encairion (Signed) · Date: July 08, 2016 6:09 · For: Chapter 11

Awwww!  I really liked that moment of Leoglas’ restoration.  They are like two drunk elflings lol so cute :)

It makes sense that at least one person wouldn’t aromatically forgive Elladan, so I am actually glad that Aragon was that person.  I am just relieved that Elladan didn’t meet him last chapter when he was so vulnerable.


This was a sweet chapter that felt me feeling at peace at last!  I see the story is not yet complete.  I wonder if there is just a winding down/tying up loose knots chapter left or if something more is in-store….as happy as Leoglas is in this moment, he does have the full strength of the sea longing restored to him.  I hope know that he is in a good place with Elrohir again and the burden of his secret with Elladan is no longer a problem if he can handle the sea longing now?  I really hope so because I don’t know what can be done if he can’t!

Author's Response: Drunk, and silly elflings! But they both have had such a burden lifted off them....such a relief at becoming themselves again that they have become quite lightheaded about it! Yes...it would have been unrealistic for everyone just to say...ok then, we forgive you. Aragorn is scared to death over Legolas' state and fear and anger often travel hand in hand. And yes, the story is not complete. At least two more chapters...maybe a couple more if things get too drawn out. Some loose end tying up certainly...but also something more. But I will say no more because I want it to be a surprise.

Name: Encairion (Signed) · Date: July 08, 2016 6:09 · For: Chapter 10

“"Elladan—" they say, "well he is very peaceable. He is nice enough." There is nothing dramatic about me at all. I am overlooked in the brightness of my brother's light for Elrohir shines so brightly he lights us all on fire. I am included only because no-one can resist being close to Elrohir and we are a package deal. My entire childhood was like that. “

OMG this is so sad!  I want to hug all the insecurity out of Elladan!  I had no idea he felt this way.  This was great character development, I feel like I understand a whole new side of him.

Arwen was the perfect person to greet Elladan when he woke and comfort him.  I am really really glad that everyone was able to let go of their anger and forgive.  With Elladan where he’s at mentally in this chapter he never would have been able to handle Elrohir or Glorfindel’s rejection.


And now finally he has figured out what’s wrong!  I hope he will be able to fix it soon!

Author's Response: Yeah, both twins have insecurity and self esteem issues. Both of them see the other brother as being "better" Up till now we have mainly seen Elrohir's. His insecurity is more obvious. Elladan's is hidden...which perhaps makes it more dangerous. Elrohir is a very charismatic person, one of those people others gravitate to and naturally want to be around. For quiet Elladan this means he has always felt overlooked, although it is not necessarily true. So where Elrohir feels Elladan is more talented and that due to his own hotheadedness he is the brother that always messes things up, Elladan just feels ordinary beside his outgoing passionate brother, ordinary and lacking in something. This is something Glorfindel needs to pay close attention to I think. Arwen, Elrohir and Glorfindel, when things have calmed down, can all see Elladan's suffering. They know his behaviour is way out of character....even Elronir in the last chapter when he discovered what his brother had done was more confused than angry.

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: July 07, 2016 21:49 · For: Chapter 11

Yay! So lovely to see Legolas's joy as he's reunited with the sea. I love giggly relieved Elladan, too. Maybe seeing Legolas restored will help mend Elladan's relationship with Aragorn, as well. 

But why does Glorfindel call Elladan a fool? I thought this was what he wanted Elladan to do. These elves are really confusing!

Author's Response: Ah, that was said with fondness of course. He says he is a fool because firstly he is sitting on the floor giggling like a loon. But also because it is obvious Elladan has locked himself in a room and meddled with the sea-longing alone. They have already had discussions the last time that messing with the sealonging while they are alone is unwise. It all worked out for the best this time but it easily might not have. Hence it was a rather foolish thing to do. Although Aragorn's animosity may have meant Elladan had little choice. Joyful Legolas is lovely isn't he! : )

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: July 06, 2016 11:17 · For: Chapter 10

Ah! That's what I thought when Elladan dreamt of running in the trees - we've already learnt that Elladan damaged Legolas's spirit when he took the sea longing, but now it seems there's a part of Legolas's spirit in Elladan. At least, I think that's what this means. I hope now Elladan realises what he's done he can heal Legolas.

This also seems to have opened up suppressed wounds in Elladan. It's heartbreaking that he feels so lacking compared with Elrohir. I know the sealonging emphasises negative feelings, but these feelings must have been there in the first place. I love how Arwen, Glorfindel and Elrohir treat him - no judgment, just love and acceptance. I hope Elladan can accept his worth.

Great update, Cheeky! I can't wait to see what happens next!

Author's Response: Yes the sealonging is an intrinsic part of Legolas' fea. It cannot be seperated so when Elladan took it he took a piece of Legolas. And as the sealonging has taken hold of him and worsened so the influence of that part of Legolas has increased over his own fea and he is unable to deal with the consequences of Legolas' wildness. That's why he feels "wrong" to Elrohir and Arwen. And why he does such unElladanlike things such as attacking a grieving Legolas in the first place. (Not that Legolas himself would ever do that but Legolas is able to control his own volatility.) Your are right about the sea-longing accentuating negative feelings that are already there. Both of the twins have issues with feeling they are not as "good" as their brother. Up To this point it has been more obvious in Elrohir. Who compares his hot-headedness to Elladan's quiet calmness and thinks he is the "bad" twin, the twin who always makes a mess of things. Now the sealonging is making Elladan's own insecurities more apparent. He has felt in Elrohir's shadow all his life because Elrohir is charismatic and people gravitate to him while Elladan is quieter and less of a risk taker. Arwen, Glorfinel and Elrohir are all lovely in this aren't they. They know this is not the Elladan they love and so something must be wrong. Aragorn.......maybe not so understanding.....we shall see!

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: June 03, 2016 13:00 · For: Chapter 9

Ooh - I love Glorfindel when he's all masterful and 'Elf-lord-in-his-wrath'-y. Yum! But even though Elladan did hurt my beloved Legolas so badly, I know  - and Legolas knows - it's the sea that's causing him to do this. I hope Glorfindel can see that too and force Elladan to confront the reality of what the sea longing is doing to him.

And Legolas seems hardly there at all now. He needs that wound in his spirit to be healed - and soon.

Author's Response: Yeah, don't mess with Glorfindel when he is in a bad mood! He is struggling to comprehend what Elladan has done. He knows Elladan is sinking under the sea longing but I think he feels Elladan crossed a line here. We will see what happens when he has time to calm down and things are more controlled. As for Legolas...you are right...he seriously needs fixing, he is a bit wraithlike at the moment. Not good, not good at all....but if he can't tell them the problem how will they know?

Name: Encairion (Signed) · Date: May 28, 2016 21:35 · For: Chapter 8

“When he took it he left a torn and ragged hole in my fea and I am bleeding out from that. Slowly, slowly, pieces of Legolas are disappearing in to dust. So much has gone I think I am no longer myself any more. I need to seal the hole with the sea. I need myself back. “

Oh wow!  So that’s what happened!  What a great twist!  Everything makes sense now, how extreme this round of the sea longing was, now we know it was far more serious then even that insidious sea!  What is going to happen to Leoglas if he doesn’t get the missing parts of his soul back from Elladan soon?  Ach!  Everything has spiraled out of control, but thank goodness at least Elrohir is awake.  Hopefully now Legoals has figured it out and Elrohir is with him again, things will start to get sorted out.  I am worried about what will happen when Glrofindel meets Elladan though since he has no idea what is the true cause of Elladan’s behavior!


This was such a rollercoaster ride!  Just as I like them :)  The story kept me on the edge of my seat with lots of twists and turns I hadn’t expected at all!  It was a great read :)

Author's Response: I am glad it made sense! There were clues for them all, right from the beginning and the strange "Here but not here" state Legolas was in immediately after Elladan took his sea. It should have been obvious to them all some serious damage had been done but none of them saw it...or wanted to see it...and since then he has been slowly descending into what could only be called madness as he loses himself. And yes! What will Glorfindel do? Glorfindel who was his most caring and gentle here will not be that caring with Elladan I think. There are still more twists to come. I have been diverted from this lately but you have inspired me to write more. It is all planned out in my head!

Name: Encairion (Signed) · Date: May 28, 2016 21:35 · For: Chapter 7

Whoa!  This chapter took me by surprise again and again!  I did not see that coming with Legolas and Elladan, but am seriously glad that Elladan held him off and was thinking clearly even though he has his own sea to battle, he didn’t let his frustration with Glorfindel cloud his judgment on this, thank goodness!  But now Elrohir has been seriously injured! 


Well, at least Legolas has come to his senses about Elrohir, hasn’t he?  Elrohir last word to him must have resounded with him, right?  Oh I hope so!  I hope Elladan doesn’t go overboard with blaming Legolas (I am sure Legolas will blame himself enough as it is!) but Elladan does have a tendency to blame Legolas for all Elrohir’s misfortunes :bites nails:

Author's Response: Oh I am glad it took you by surprise! Legolas at his most unhinged here....cut off from Elrohir and a loose canon. But yes, Elladan, despite fighting his own battle with the sea managed to keep it together. I think because central to his fears at the moment is his crystal clear certainty that what he did with Legolas beforehand has damaged his relationship with Elrohir forever.....and he is NOT going down that path again. Despite the fact they have this chemistry pulling them together. But oh yes...he does have a tendency to blame Legolas for Elrohir's misfortune...as you have already seen!

Name: Encairion (Signed) · Date: May 28, 2016 21:34 · For: Chapter 6

Oh no!  It really has gotten worse!  Legolas getting all violent on Elrohir was not what I expected from him at all.  If all this anger isn’t from the sea, then where?  And Legolas better have a good reason for it because right now he’s not acting well at all, and I am feeling so bad for poor Elrohir :(  I really want the Legolas were meant all those years ago back, and all this pain and misunderstandings in the past.  It’s really hard to read those moments when Leoglas is himself again because as wonderful as it is to have him back, there is also the knowledge that he’s not really been himself for years :(

Author's Response: Yes Legolas behaving quite out of character here....as he has been for some time. He is struggling to be himself. We see flashes of it here and there but he is not succeeding. Poor Elrohir indeed, he is totally confused...and really quite innocent in all of this. And there is nothing he can do. So sad for him.

Name: Encairion (Signed) · Date: May 28, 2016 0:23 · For: Chapter 5

You’re reply to my last review has got me wildly curious now!  If it’s not the sea, what is it?  It seems like it has to be more than the normal thought process of jealousy.

I am glad Elrohir and Elladan are both finally going to Minas Tirith/Ithilian.  I feel like the only way things can get better is if someone finally talks about them (though I doubt that is going to happen right away, knowing these guys lol).  But man, that was one cruel letter Legolas sent Elrohir!  Gods, I wish Elrohir could know that whatever is wrong it is not his fault, but I am afraid he’s too insecure in their love yet to believe that :(  Still, I am still hopeful that all this pain might have an ending in sight!


(Another thing that was really heartbreaking was the way Elladan thought of Glorifndel’s constant love and support as Glorifndel trying to control him :(  I thought he would find comfort in GLorifndel’s steady presence, but it doesn’t look like it).

Author's Response: There are clues......dating all the way back to Legolas' responses in That Wondrous Song but no one has seen them.....or put them all together so they have been missed. That's all I will say :) Legolas' letter was cruel in the extreme. Especially because Elrohir has no clue what is going on. And things seem to have grown in Legolas' mind during their seperation. As for Glorfindel/ Elladan. Yes it is sad.....the sea working at breaking down those bonds between them. Nothing Glorfindel can do but keep on being there with his steady presence.

Name: Encairion (Signed) · Date: May 27, 2016 22:24 · For: Chapter 4

Legolas stop!  This is heading for disaster!  Oh no, oh no!  I have to close my eyes!  I am just glad the chapter didn’t end on that heartbreaking moment between Legolas and Aragorn when Legolas is spiting all Aragorn’s worst fears into Aragorn’s face.  It’s all the cursed sea!  I know it is!  And it’s gotten more powerful, I think.  We can see its working now, the dreams, the voice in the back of his head he thinks is his own, his inability to share his fears with the people who love him.  It’s like it has come back with a vengeance, grown stronger….it makes me wonder if it is a little bit sentient?  Or just like a virus?  Hum…or maybe the Valar’s consciousness are at the back of it, a constant pressure of willpower, feeding it.  Ugh!  I want to punch them all!  Their evilness knows no mercy!  They are stone to be able to tear people’s lives apart like this!  It makes me want to scream!


I am afraid things are only going to keep getting worse from here :(  Maybe Aragorn can connect the dots and realize it’s the sea?

Author's Response: It does feel like the sea.....but is it? If it looks like the sea and acts like the sea is that the only option? Or is something else going on here? Aragorn, sadly, is too eager, as Elrohir was, to accept Legolas' explanation of tiredness. The easy out. Things have been so traumatic recently I think they all want to just close their eyes and hope it is over! It ain't over boys!

Name: Encairion (Signed) · Date: May 24, 2016 23:10 · For: Chapter 3

Elrohir sure is in denial!  Gods, it’s this cursed sea longing messing with Legolas’ head!  I am surprised Elrohir didn’t immediately draw the conclusion especially after Legolas said his head was feeling strange, and then I thought Ah! Elrohir wants to pretend nothing is wrong because he can’t emotionally go down that road again where Legolas was tormented by the sea, he’s clinging so desperately to the illusion that nothing is wrong because he’s terrified the sea is taking Leoglas again :(  That cursed sea!


It was good to see these two together like these, even if there was this shadow crept between them again, there is still the love that blazes so strongly between them and I am glad they were able to have that last night together :)

Author's Response: Elrohir IS in denial. Always, always, this is the way Elrohir plays things. He is actually trying really hard here to be true to his vow of not allowing Legolas to cover things up. He is trying to confront the problem and still he fails. When push comes to shove and things start moving into dodgy territory Elrohir shys away from it. He just cant help it. Their love does blaze doesnt it. At least they have that I guess...when things go well for them they are so passionate and glorious! Great To see you!!

Name: Encairion (Signed) · Date: May 24, 2016 23:10 · For: Chapter 2

Oh!  I really liked this twist of Elrohir trying to take the sea longing!  I didn’t see it coming, but I especially liked that moment when Elorhir tried to reach out to Elladan through their bond for the first time in a long time but he can’t find Elladan under the overwhelming weight of the sea. 

Elladan is in such a bad place right now, he’s not hearing anything the people around him are saying, all he can hear is the sea in his ears!  I have no idea how Legolas stood the sea longing for all those years!  I am just glad Elladan has Glorfindel.  I love how Glorfindel is there for him, just bring his companionship if Elladan can accept nothing else, but it must be so painful for Glorfindel :(  I can’t see how this is going to get resolved!  Oh those evil Valar with their insidious sea longing!  I want to strangle them for making them suffer like this!


Another great chapter!

Author's Response: Hello! Oh I am glad you didnt see that coming. Of course as usual poor Elrohir, although he meant well and was altruistic, just stumbled along not really thinking and really stuffed this up by being clumsy. He has made things worse now because Elladan believes it was an attack not a rescue effort. Elladan really is not doing well at all. I think the wildness of Legolas' sea is completely undoing him...he is usually so calm. Glorfindel..yes....his maturity shows through here. He just gives as little as Elladan will take and no more. Just quietly standing beside him. He is such a darling!

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: May 16, 2016 21:58 · For: Chapter 8

When he took it he left a torn and ragged hole in my fea and I am bleeding out from that.

Well that would certainly explain a lot if that's true. Oh, poor Legolas (and Elrohir, of course!) is his conviction that Elrohir is dying a delusion as well? Glorfindel's words seem to indicate things aren't as bad as they seemed at first. I really hope that's true. Such a tragic picture of Legolas refusing to take his eyes off Elrohir so that he didn't miss a single moment...

Elladan's got a lot to answer for. I know the sea is affecting him, and his grief for Elrohir is compounding it, but to treat Legolas like that was terrible. Come on, Glorfindel - please sort them all out!

Author's Response: Hmmm... this was not Elladan's finest moment that's for sure. Something tells me Glorfindel will not be happy, not at all, and Glorfindel angry is not a pretty sight! I wouldn't want to be in Elladan's shoes right now, dying brother or no dying brother. As for Legolas' theory.....yes he is right, hence his slow descent into madness and his now desperate need for the sea. They played with fire and lost. You can't take a part of a person away from them without drastic consequences.

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: May 14, 2016 22:35 · For: Chapter 7

What? No! Don't let Elrohir die! Admittedly I'm more worried about how unhinged Legolas would become if Elrohir died, but I like Elrohir too and don't want him to die.

Clearly, though, from Legolas's grief, he still really does love Elrohir. Now I'm wondering if his guilt over what he and Elladan did in the past is affecting him - is that why he's having these delisions about Elrohir's infidelity? Is it just a projection of his own infidelity? Anyway, it's all a terrible mess and I think it might just be easier if they both die and let Namo sort out the mess they've made of their spirits! (please don't do that, by the way!)

Author's Response: Oh what a good idea! Kill them both off!! Let Namo sort them out rather than me having to. I am liking that! Yes Legolas still loves Elrohir. Thats why he is so upset and wierd about this imagined betrayal. If he didnt love him it wouldnt bother him......well that and the fact he is ever so slightly insane.....

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: May 14, 2016 11:54 · For: Chapter 6

There is something wrong him, I will tell you that much....but I wonder if you can work out what it is?

I don't know - I still think it's to do with Elladan taking the Sea-longing, but you'll have to give me a clue!

Author's Response: You are on the right lines...kind of...the next chapter might make it a bit clearer, perhaps. I have just finished it. Have to admit I am a bit worried about what you will do to me when you read it.

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: May 13, 2016 23:38 · For: Chapter 6

Oh no no no no nooooooooooo!

What has happened to lovely, sweet Legolas to turn him into this paranoid, jealous fool. Please someone work out what's wrong with him and fix it. I want to see loved-up Legolas and Elrohir together again. 

Author's Response: Told you he had a whole box of screws loose! There is something wrong him, I will tell you that much....but I wonder if you can work out what it is? Loved up Legolas and Elrohir are a long long way away at the moment!

Name: curiouswombat (Signed) · Date: May 13, 2016 23:16 · For: Chapter 6

Stupid boy!!  :)

Author's Response: Which one?! There are so many stupid boys in this story!!

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: May 06, 2016 18:05 · For: Chapter 5

Noooooo! Oh what is wrong with Legolas? How devastating for Elrohir to receive first silence, then those few cruel words. I hope Glorfindel goes too because he seems to be the only one seeing sense at the moment. 

Author's Response: It seems Legolas has a screw loose, actually he might have a whole box of screws loose at this point.. Why? Is the question. Poor, poor little Elrohir. Glorfindel is definately going, if only because Elladan is fixating on Erestor and not about to leave him alone with him. Also I need a sane person to write. I actually haven't written anything from Glorfindel's perspective......maybe I should, but I think it might just end up being a whole chapter of "how have I ended up with this bunch of insane creatures? Where is Elrond when you need him?"

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