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Spiced Wine
05/20/19 09:23 pm
Happy Birthday, esteliel!
05/20/19 05:42 pm
Happy Birthday to esteliel! I hope you enjoy your special day! :) *hugs*
Spiced Wine
05/17/19 08:56 am
Happy Friday everyone :)
05/12/19 02:57 pm
Ysilme- yes, a rather nice compensation:) Thank you for all your kind wishes x
05/10/19 01:05 pm
Happy Friday and some beautiful sun from here, too! *waves*
Spiced Wine
05/10/19 09:34 am
Happy Friday, everyone :)
05/09/19 12:45 pm
Oh my dear Ziggy! What are you doing to yourself. I hope you heal quickly and you're back in the saddle, so to speak, as soon as possible. :)
05/08/19 11:46 pm
That sounds like a nice silver lining, Ziggy!
05/08/19 09:57 pm
The really nice thing is that I actually have some time to read and write after working for home all day- instead of working at work and then working at home!
05/08/19 09:56 pm
Naledi- haha- yes, hoist by my own wished-for-petard! That doesn't quite make sense. Thank you as well Fadestothewest and Ysilme, Narya- I am actually lucky. Could have been much worse!x
Shout Archive

Name: Fadesintothewest (Signed) · Date: February 19, 2018 5:21 · For: IX. Brothers & Sisters I/II
I had started this story and lost track of it. I am so glad to see you updated and that i can read it!

I love your take on Fingon and Maedhros. Irissë is irreverent and I am here for it!

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: July 11, 2017 21:10 · For: Interlude: Behind the Mirror II

Loved this chapter! 

I have found Maedhros' behaviour so far in the Maedhros/Fingon situation dodgy...mainly because of the power imbalance and it's good to be able to see him reflecting on this and realising it.

also great to link his dominance and power over the newly sexually aware Fingon as setting Fingon up to fall into the wrong hands. 

The Maedhros and Fingon at the end of this chapter are much healthier emotionally together (even with Fingon a complete mess!)


Makes me sad to think about what they end up as in "The World Breaks Everything" 

Author's Response:

I'm depressing myself and writing Maedhros made me realise this even more. For him it wasn't love. Not at first and he noticed that he was kind of a bastard and Fingon just too awed by him to realize it. But the power balance IS what makes the entire thing so interesting, at least from my point of view. In the Silmarillion we usually don't take the power aspect into account. Usually you're either a prisoner of Morgoth or you're happy and fine, no matter what title you have.

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: June 21, 2017 2:12 · For: VII. Lovers

This story fascinates me, becuase of the differences in the characters between it and "The World Breaks Everything" 

In that story Fingon is not a very sympathetic character, (although I can understand where he is coming from...I think.....He has lost this Nelyo, forever perhaps. There must be a huge grief there, and he just can't see enough Neylo in Maedhros to love him. )

Maedhros, of course is completely different here because he is Nelyafinwe. The Maedhros in "The World Breaks" doesn't even exist yet. 

Anyway Fingon here I love. I love his awkwardness and his earnestness. He is older now but there is still a huge power imbalance here and in a way what he says is right. Maedhros has groomed him from a young age. Their relationship, (or its origins) is seriously dodgy morally. 

Why does Maedhros interpret Fingon as always tense and stressed? Is it because he just is never completely sure of Maedhros' intentions.....that imbalance of power? Or is it his lack of oswane? Fingon cannot sense a lot of the background stuff about other normal elves take for granted. I guess that would leave him on edge and alert in a way they don't have to be. 

And what happened to Maglor? What did Finwe do????(or not do?) Is it what caused Maglor to be how he is or was it an accident that happened because Maglor is so "different" Will you ever tell us???

Author's Response:

The differences between the two stories, was what brought me back in the end. Glad to hear that I'm not the only one deeply enjoying this. There'll come a time, when the two stories are going to connect, but you're right. Fingon and Nelyo/Maedhros are vastly different. Which I only find logical, given what happens in between. Loss, grief, trauma. All on top of the original power imbalance. Not that Fingon MINDS. For him, it's natural, since Nelyo is THE prince etc. and he has still anxiety issues.

"Why does Maedhros interpret Fingon as always tense and stressed?"

As you said, it's mostly the lack of oswane. I think it's a basic need/survival skill for Elves. If you live that long, you need to be sure of your partners love. Since he doesn't have that, he can't relax very often. But Nelyo's overbearing personality and dominant behavior actually helps. It's doesn't always work, but more often than not he can convince Fingon that he's safe with him.

About Finwe and Maglor ... I'll tell you. One day. Reason that I don't, is mostly because I try to figure how, and in which order I write the background stuff. If it's a fic own it's own (like the Fingolfin one I'm planning *cackles*) or I just drop hints.

Name: Encairion (Signed) · Date: August 28, 2016 18:38 · For: VI. Princes

You’ve got me dying to know about what Fingolfin and Maedhros talked about! 

I just love all the politics going on!  Even the mundane stuff is interesting and gives us a deeper glimpse into the working of Tirion.  There are so many layers, so much going on, it feels so real that way!  And I also really like that the issue with the meat wasn’t solved after just one riot.  I like that it’s still an issue, and has really only gotten worse!

I like that Fingolfin is kind of the high judge of the Noldor.  He also seems to be a counselor/ in charge of conflict resolution.  I can see this fitting his character very well.  I wonder how the Valar’s ultimate authority plays into this, if it does at all?

“ It's not easy, getting out of the shadow the King is casting. Mostly because the Royal Family is seen as interfering, having members everywhere it mattered.”

Now this is fascinating.  I never thought about anyone ever viewing the royal family like this, but as there are so many of them, and as they are involved in so many different aspect of Tirion society/rule in your story, I can easily see how some comers could be talking about this in dark corners of taverns (and maybe it won’t just be in whispers in the shadows soon, maybe it will grow?  It gets me wondering how much discontent there is amongst the Noldor not just towards the Valar and the Nobility class, but against the King).

 “Angaráto is perfect picture of a Noldor, a straight back clad in respectable robes, always a light frown on his face. The sword dangling from his hips completes the picture and not even the Vanyarin features, darker skin with golden hair and a tall long statue, can disturb it. As if Angaráto is trying to will away that unwanted heritage by embracing all Noldor characteristics at once. “

I’ve never found an interpretation of him that I found half as fascinating as this one!  He seems a bit like an ass (though we are seeing him through Fingon’s eyes), but I really like that he might be trying to embrace the Noldor in him and shed the other Elven kindrends mixed into his blood.  I wonder if he’s ambitious?  I wonder if he resents his father?  Or resents his non-Noldorin heritage?  I have tons of questions about him!  And I love that!  You’ve got me hooked on his character :)

I am getting the feeling though (and I was getting this from pervious chapters too) that Fingon is unhappy with his life.  I think a lot of this has to do with the fact that he hasn’t really found his place, found what he excels at.  Right now, he seems to be comparing himself to everyone else and thinking that he’s falling short.  He’s stirring all kinds of protective feelings in me!  I want him to have that moment where he does something awesome!  Where he finally can see that is just as good and worthy and great as all the other members of his family.  I really really hope he doesn’t have to wait until he gets to Beleriand before he has this moment.

This is such a good story!  Gosh, I have loved getting this even deeper look into how you see the Noldor and Valinor and the House of Finwe!

P.S. I really liked your idea of the printing press and why they use it sometimes but don’t others.  It makes a lot of sense!


P.P.S  “Would you been fine if I raise the rating from M to E/NC-17?” I’d say just write however the story takes you :)

Author's Response:


I'm so deeply caught up in this verse, it's not even funny anymore. Unfortunately the last 7k I wrote (in the last 3 days I might add) will have to wait until mid September because it's written for the exchange. But I bet, there will be more of Fingon and Maglor coming soon. It just too much fun writing them, Fingon especially after you pointed out that he and Nelyo aren't really being "happy" with each other. At least Fingon feels this way. Like you said, he doesn't feel comfortable in his skin. Partly due to his aging. He's 20ish and has no plan what to do with his life. 

Agenor on his other hand looks like everything he's not. Accomplished. Secure. Content. I haven't made my way to the House of Finarfin yet because that's an entire different storyline but Agenor will keep popping up here and there. What I can tell you is that there's less tension between Finarfin and Aegnor then between Fingolfin and Fingon. Which is mostly Fingolfin's fault since Fingon doesn't dare to speak up and voice his discontent out of fear to disappoint his father. 

But that also hinks on the fact that Fingolfin is a far more public figure than Finarfin is. Only Maitimo has celebrity status but that's a recent change. The Feanorian don't live in Tirion so a lot of attention rest upon on Fingolfin who is partly glad and partly angry that Feanor isn't interfering / doing the job he has by tradition. So Aegnor is used to lottering in the background, able to lead a somewhat normal life. I've written down the entire political system the Noldor had in Tirion (together with the family tree) because I'm going to need that later again for sure. But the point is that while Findis and Irime have their own children / grandchildren by now, they still female and not ranked as important as Fingolfin who stands out because of his status. 

Finwe isn't the only one who casts a long shadow. Gosh, so much politics. I fear I'm far from done and it's delightful. 

And about the Valar: I'm kind of throwing canon out of the window. Let's see if they're going to end up there where I want them to be.  

Otherwise: feel free to coddle Fingon. I think he's going to need it, poor thing. 

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: August 27, 2016 14:59 · For: III. Wisdom

Deeply intriguing still- I lost track of this and have just seen it in the updates! So glad. Tjhsi is original and interesting, so well written too.

Author's Response:

I was forced to take a break in writing. RL sucks. But let me tell you, that there's nothing better when you're writing a chapter already just to get an update of a fic you put much effort into. I hope you don't get blinded by my smile. thank you so much for your kind words.

*goes back to her writing programm*

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: August 25, 2016 1:03 · For: VI. Princes
I was just thinking the other day how much I missed your writing!! Made my day to see this update.
Loved the politics. So complicated and yet it makes sense, Mirrors the uprising of the common people and the beginning of democracy in our world.
Maitimo feels so dangerous here. Like, when he is around you are only a step away from things happening!
The printing thing makes perfect sense to me. Definitely within the Noldors ability to invent it and use it. I think they may have had a lot more machinery than we give them credit for in Valinor but then obviously regressed into a kind of Dark Age when they came to Arda.
As for the rating......if it involves Fingon and Maedhros, yes please!!!

Author's Response:

Oh, such kind words! I'll print this review out and look at it whenever I'm in doubt or need inspiration. Not thats the case right now. I'm overflowing with energy to get some work done. Finally the summer is over and I can write again. All could do was think about the stories in the last months. So I put a lot of enthusiasm in this chapter. Which results in Fingon not being quite so insecure as before.

But yeah, Maitimo is a force to be reckoned with. Not just physically or personality wise, political as well. Right now he's at the center of everything, equal to Fingolfin&Feanor in status.

Otherwise I'm glad that while complicated the background still makes sense. It's desperately needed to understand for what happens later. Because there's a stark but subtle contrast between Valinor and Beleriand. For everyone. Thinks like not using the knowledge of printing is just small part of it. In my head the Noldor in Valinor, especially at the stage they are now, were incredibly advanced. They had theaters, public libraries and a form of official schooling for everyone.  The beginning of a democracy (though that's mostly because of the sheer number of Noldor that exist at that point) Not to mention bathhouses and saunas. Perhaps even an early form of showers and plumping, though that's reserved for the royal family. Yet in Beleriand they were kind of in haste and forgot to use the most of it. In the end there aren't a lot of people who remember that things were different once.

Also, I'm glad you fine with F/M sexy times. I kind of need to write it because it's an essential part in their relationship.

Name: Encairion (Signed) · Date: August 21, 2016 21:47 · For: V. Heirs

This was a great chapter!  I really liked getting a deeper glance into the Noldorin society in Valinor.  This idea that the Noldor (Vanyar too?) only have a limited ration of meat that Orome’s hunters bring them, is really fascinating.  It’s also interesting how the Noldor are becoming more vocal in their discontents, courtesy of Feanor.  It makes a lot of sense that there is a gradual rise of dissatisfaction with Valinor leading up to the Noldor’s leaving, rather than everyone being relatively happy to continue their lives there if it hadn’t been for Melkor’s rumors.  I think there was more than Melkor whispering in people’s ears that made then unsatisfied, after all, Melkor needed something to stir up the Noldor’s dissatisfaction with to begin with didn’t he?  There had to already have been discontents, and he just amplified them.

“Fingon wished he knew what it was like to live as if lightening could hit you and all you would feel was a warm tingle on your skin while the force killed everyone else.”

Gosh, I love this line.  Hells, I love everything about the way you described Maedhros’ entrance and the way he appeared to Fingon in that moment when he stood before the crowd.  He seemed larger than life.

I am not sure how I feel about Maedhors overall though.  I think a lot of how I feel about him depends on how old Fingon is in this.  I get the impression that he’s not of age yet, but am I wrong?  He seems young and insecure.  It makes me seriously worry about what’s between Fingon and Maedhros, because it doesn’t seem healthy for Fingon.  Fingon seems not to know where he stands with Maedhros at all, and that leave him feeling unsure and insecure and doubting himself, and that’s not healthy.  Maedhros seems so poised and confident, but also kind of out of reach (from Fingon’s POV).  I get the feeling that Fingon doesn’t think he’s Maedhros’ equal.

I am assuming things must have changed between them in years to come, because I had gotten the impression from ‘The World Breaks Everyone’ that they had once had a really wonderful and strong relationship.  I also wonder what Maedhros really thinks about Fingon.  Right now we only see him from Fingon’s POV, so it’s hard to tell what he’s really feeling towards Fingon, but it might very well be deeper then he’s shown Fingon (or maybe not at this point, maybe he grows to love Fingon over time?).


This was a great chapter!  I’ve really enjoyed getting a glimpse of Valinor from your eyes, as well as seeing a young Fingon!  It never fails to be a fascinating read :)

Author's Response:

Oh, i can't tell you how much I appreaciate this review. Here I sat wondering how to get back into the story and now you provide me this such a wonderful start. Now lets see, ...

Yes, the politics is slowly getting crazier - aka the Silmarillion timeline advances - and I'm SO GLAD people get the complicated system I think Tirion to be. It's all fucked up, lot's of discontent under lot's of rules that don't make much sense. Anymore. I view the starting years as ones where the elves changed a lot. The original patch didn't knew how having children could impact on society or how much society could transform while their folk grew. I see the Noldor with the ones with larges number, simply because the first generations had a lot of children who produced many spawns of their own. Not to mention that not all Vanyar followed Ingwe onto his mountain. Some Noldor have Vanyar origin now, hair a little brighter (brown perhaps instead of black) so it's the sheer number of people that sends the King reeling. Finwe didn't anticipate how a larger number of people need a different system than the one he started out with.

Directly ruling the Noldor with laws and decrees works for Ingwe and Thingol perhaps. But in my mind the Noldor are three times as large as Doriath is now, easily toppling the Teleri as well. So yeah, even without Melkor the Noldor would've to change. Inescapably the Noldor 'd have demanded more freedom, a greater right for self-goverment. Because that's I think the Noldor were heading too, had Melkor not intervened. And I credit Feanor greatly for keeping these people united under one banner, no matter how briefly. No king after him can claim the same, only he infused the Noldor with the one idea that Morgoth HAS to go down.

But that's background stuff I'm basing the story on.

And ALAS I don't know how much I should say in regards of Fingon&Maedhros but you're completely right! Fingon is insecure, far more than in canon, thanks his disability. He feels disconnected, no matter if it's true or not and he can't truly relate to anyone with it. Not truly talk since it's clear that there IS something to talk about. Which makes Fingon appear far more younger than he is. If I relate to modern ages, he would be ... 22ish? A college student perhaps, vaguely knowing what he wants from life but not sure if he's doing the right thing. If that what he does will give him a job later. Okay, Prince Fingon doesn't have these worries but in Valinor he's still just one young Noldor of many. Having royal blood isn't a novelty in Tirion (because I let Findis and Irime start their own families) and it's also not a garantuee for success. But what is success for a Noldor in Tirion these days, I wonder? Fame, I guess, since they aren't concerned about survival yet. Well, Fingon right now works under Fingolfin and he has the feeling it's not enough.

Not when Maedhros is THE PRINCE. The Heir. Doing Feanor's job who's smarter than he lets own and sends Nelyo to stay mostly neutral. Because he - for the moment at least - cares for his people more than he does for the other Noldor in Tirion. The peaceful times allows the Noldor to create such fractions. Problematic for Fingon who feels that he's one of many while Maedhros is the most prominent figure in Tirion. So I guess, it's a little like Hollywood - Drama all around.

As for Maedhros Nelyo's POV ... I'm working on it. Seperately for now, since it doesn't fit into Fingon's narrative but at least I'm writing. My fingers are itiching to tell the story, so THANKS A LOT FOR THE BOOST OF INSPIRIRATION! You're a wonder!

(I hope my reasoning made it out in one piece. I'm sleep deprived but I HAD TO to answer your review before I go to bed.)

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: May 02, 2016 9:42 · For: V. Heirs
Oh good question about Fingon! Reading the last chapter I Would have said yes, yes absolutely he is disabled. It felt like a whole chunk of his elvishness had been amputated, much as an arm or a leg. This chapter it is not as obvious....more subtle. It is a fine line between disability and chronic illness. I have a chronic illness and would hate to be called disabled because of it but if I am honest....sometimes I really am. It all depends on the day!!

As for this chapter.....ONG Nelyafinwe is to die for! So commanding. No wonder Fingon can't resist.
I can just see Galadriel being this prissy little child genius. Poor Finrod. But he was not without power himself of course....including being an expert of disguise.

And then there was the singing.......

Author's Response:

I'm glad you view him as disabled as well. But like you said, I don't think that he's ever going to be alright with that label. If Elves HAVE such a label. But his situation is clear enough, though not very well known. Personally I go with impaired (= functioning poorly or inadequately )... it's fits best because Fingon is never going to have a good day regarding his oswane. It's just gone.

And I'm so glad you liek Nelyafinwe :D ... he is kind of an asshole or not a very sympathic person at least, which is mostly because so many people want his attention. He works with "order of importance" which Fingon knows to appreciate when Nelyo makes time for him.

Yet I'm not sure if prissy is the word I would use for Galadriel. She just bitches a lot because she's a girl and people deny her the right to be a genius. Well, and there's the fact she doesn't understand how someone can hate (and refuse) Makalaure. It's not her fault that she's more like Maglor in her heart than probably anyone else.

P.S. in my mind Finrod learnt his skills from Maglor. Who is very disappointed that Finrod LOST

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: April 29, 2016 20:00 · For: II. Power

This is really interesting and thoroughly enjoyable- don't know how on earth I missed htis!!

Author's Response:

I'm glad you think so. Hopefully you'll enjoy the next chapters as well.

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: April 24, 2016 19:50 · For: IV. Kings
Loved Indis!!
I really enjoyed reading a different, softer, more sympathetic version of her. I wish she had perservered a bit more against Finwe, she knows, I think, more than the rest of them what is going on in Fingon's brain. It feels like she could be the missing link for him.

Poor Fingon, what have you done to him?! To be so separated from his own mind, for an elf that must be unbearable.....it feels as if he has been made human almost, rather than elven. They do need the Valar to mend him, if Maglor hasn't been able to do it. Tell me you will not leave him in this state forever!

Author's Response:

I'm glad you liked Indis. At first I intended to focus on Finwe yet Findis was far more interesting. I never got around to write it but Indis doesn't possess the political power to go against Finwe. The Noldor are still wary of her, though she's kind of accepted right now but she can't simply go up and leave ... or outright argue with Finwe in public. Also ... Indis knows there's not a lot what can be done in the moment.

Not even the Valar could heal Fingon right now, I think. His is mind is still vulnerable. Messing with it could get ugly very fast. Fingon just as to live with it.

The fates are cruel, my friend.

Name: Encairion (Signed) · Date: April 11, 2016 16:43 · For: III. Wisdom

Oh, I loved Maglor!  He has such a presence, and I am dying to get a peek into his head and know what he was thinking here!  I wonder if he did this for Fingon because someone (Maedhros) asked it of him or if he volunteered himself (secretly?  It doesn’t seem that anyone else knows what he did, but maybe he just hasn’t told his brothers yet?)?

He has such a presence here (he always does :)), and I love how we don’t know what’s going on in his head.  And poor Fingon!  Maglor is not the best person to have at your sickbed….then again, he is ideal because if anyone can save you, it’s Maglor :)


Great chapter!

Author's Response:

Well, you get some more info's next chapter. But sadly some stuff has to wait until I'm properly writing Maglor's backstory. I discovered that I can't use Fingon's story for all of Maglor's issues, that simply won't work. So all you might get are hints and things that seem a little weird.

And I'm so glad you mentioned his presence! I struggled a lot to get it right in this chapter. He's far better than he's in "The World breaks Everyone" but as you said ... not someone you want on your sickbed. He's kind of ... always irritated because he doesn't have the patience to deal with meager, clueless mortals ehm, relatives.


Thanks a lot for your review.

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: April 11, 2016 9:40 · For: III. Wisdom
Oh this was dark and creepy! It took me awhile to work out what Fingon was experiencing with Maglor was not reality.

But there is obviously long-lasting damage done there.....to both of them perhaps? Fingon obviously wont be aware of it I think.....but Maglor will.....

Loved the tiny glimpse of Fingolfin the worried parent, who's child has been restored.

But I wonder....exactly what seeds has Melkor planted here and what fruit do they produce in Fingon?


Author's Response:

Ha, mission accomplished. You were supposed to wonder what's real and what's not. Long-lasting damage is coming up in later chapters. It's not going to be obvious but it's going to have an important impact later on. Mainly on Fingon. Maglor is more complicated. That is going to answered some other time. 

Just like the thing with Fingolfin. I'll include him more in later chapters but I've the vague plans to write him with Feanor one day. Right now he gets only time with his children :3

Melkor on the other hand works in very subtle ways. And as horrible as it sounds, Fingon wasn't his main target. He just wanted to screw with him and used an opportunity.

Name: Encairion (Signed) · Date: April 03, 2016 3:32 · For: II. Power

“Unwatched by anyone, Melkor smiles and is pleased with himself. “

Holy shit, I did not see that coming!  Oh wow, just wow!  I love this!  Melkor is so damn clever and conniving and enthralling, and just perfect!  I love the way you write him, and am shivering at the thought of poor Fingon being caught in his web!

In the past he never knew what to do with father's 'Well done, son.' For him it always sounded it a bit empty, devoid of lacking visible pride. Nolofinwë's features still don't show much change but now Fingon can feel his father's warm smile. 

Nonexistent fingers brush over his cheek before something warm and soft is pressed against his forehead. 

His father doesn't say a word. He just looks at Fingon and then ... 

Well done, my son. I'm proud of you.

Fingon smiles, his grin nearly splitting his face. He can't remember when he felt so happy.”

Oh, oh, this moment between them!  It is so beautiful yet heartbreaking because Fingon had spent all these years not quite knowing if his father really was proud of him.  And I think it’s really intriguing, though painful, that Fingolfin is so good at keeping his emotions in control not even his children can see through.  But this moment is beautiful too and I hope it means the start of a good relationship between these two :)

Fingon and his sister’s relationship was fascinating to read, and as always, you work your magic and built a rich and unique world.  How interesting to think that only certain Elves had the privilege of killing animals!


Great chapter.  It was a delight to read :)

Author's Response:

I admit I was tempted to leave the chapter with Melkor revealing himself. But than I'd ve to cut Fingolfin out and that ... just couldn't happen. I don't get much opportunity to write him. A shame because he and Fingon have so much to discuss. In Fingolfin's defence he hasn't done anything wrong. He just didn't know about his son's insecurities, feed by the fact that everyone else seems to be better doing than him. Trapped between Maitimo and Irisse he feels inferior.

The hunting privilege is taken from Europe's history. Back in the day only King's and their people were allowed to hunt meat. Common folk had to stick to thinks like goats and chicken. You get killed if you were caught hunting the forests and I guess the Valar had the valid fear elves 'd go hunting for sports. They live on an island and some resources are simply limited.

*will go back to destory lives ... ehm. work my magic*

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: March 31, 2016 20:33 · For: II. Power
Easy for Melkor is right! Because Fingon was just like an eager little puppy. And the sad thing is he was such an easy target just because he so much wanted to please his Daddy.

Can't wait to see what effect this meddling has on Fingon, and Fingon and Maedhros, later. But maybe it can be repaired.....? If Fingon ever realises what has been done to him.
Hmmmm maybe Maglor could sense it.... Sorry, my mind runs away from me!

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: March 31, 2016 11:06 · For: II. Power
Wow Melkor!! Messing with Fingon's brain! Totally did not see that coming!

Has he done any permanent damage to him or is it just the fact Fingon is not used to the oswane that is causing him problems?

Does the fact Melkor has been playing games with him have any effect on the way Fingon reacts to Maedhros after Angband?

This is so intriguing.

Author's Response:

Well, all I can say that your questions are spot on as usual. Using Melkor was a spur of a moment desicion, one I've taken in with great delight. So far I always wrote Melkor as victim of bad choices and Manwe's consequences. Here, i think, he's truly evil. Ruthless at least. And it's just so easy for him to rewire Fingon's brain a little.

Name: Encairion (Signed) · Date: March 27, 2016 4:36 · For: I. Beauty

I am so glad you are writing Maedhros and Fingon’s really relationship!  And it is a wonderful wonderful start, let me tell you!  But I also have this pain in my heart reading this because I know how horribly it all goes wrong for these two (and I wonder if Maedhros had waited until Fingon was of age, would that have changed anything down the road?  When Fingon grew older did he ever look back with regret?  I’d like to think he didn’t, but his rejection of who Angband turned Maedhros into is so hard to read.  Is it all because Fingon cannot fall in love with the person Maedhros became, or is there something more?)

“ He laughs with his younger cousin in the afternoon sun and teases Nolofinwë's eldest with the words to relax a little before he jumps half-naked into grandmother's Indis lily-pond.

Right there, right then Fingon grasp the meaning behind Aunt Nerdanel's name for her son. Maitimo is the height of grace and refinement when he struts out of the pond again, skin wet and perfectly tanned while his red hair is an unbound mess, a public display of disgrace as the Queen would call it.”

The image of this scene is exquisite.  I can see it all in my mind’s eye, and what a perfect, perfect way for FIngon’s eyes to be opened to his own budding sexuality.


I just really like this story, and your writing here is suburb!  Thank you for sharing!

Author's Response:

I'm so glad you like this story as well. It's the first time Fingon features so heavy in my fics and I wondered how it would look by starting out with so much innocence. Yet I couldn't help myself since Maitimo is still innocent (somewhat) himself. It's one of the themes that is going to reappear a few times: how to deal with problem's when you have no one to learn from. In Fingon's case ... Maitimo doesn't know that underage might be a bad thing. So no, regret isn't the right word in Fingon mind. 

That's more Maedhros than anyone else. But stay tuned there will be answers. One day. 

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: March 21, 2016 18:24 · For: I. Beauty
Ah, now I am not supposed to be commenting I know.......that didn't work out well did it.

But I was thinking on this jealousy thing and when we see Fingon in "The World Breaks Everything" when he IS the heir that presumably you are going to show us he kind of wished for......or maybe it was just the attention he wished for, not the status? Anyway, when we see him there as the heir he seems unhappy with his position. Not comfortable with the demands it makes upon him. Something Maedhros judges him for and finds him lacking.
Interesting that ....beware what it is you wish for, I guess......

I will be looking forward to seeing this jealousy when it appears! But yeah, great contrast.

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: March 20, 2016 18:34 · For: I. Beauty
(Your fantasy as been noted. All I'm going to tell you: great minds think alike.)

OMG!!! If it actually happened........wow. I will have to wait and see I guess.

I am with you on the ranking within the House of Finwe and sometimes I think we actually underestimate how unimportant Fingon was in the Valinor days because his importance is elevated later on so we tend to think of him as the heir/King he ended up as.

In reality initially he was only a son of a second son. WAY down the pecking order and a bit of an also ran. I totally get the jealousy in that situation. I mean the whole damn lot of the Feanorians were in front of him in status.

Now I will stop commenting and let you get on with writing!

Just can't tell you how much I love this universe.
(Runs off to imagine a Maglor/Nelyo connection happening!)

Author's Response:

Never stop commenting! I just opened a new document. Cackling while naming it "Maedhros/Fingon - more sex". If it goes the way I want it'll be happiest fic in the verse so far! It will feature all the dirty stuff wouldn't have fitted into this story!

And yeah. Power Imbalance is a thing. I've actually an entire list of "Name - Title - Occupation" for the House of Finwe and Fingon is somehow waaay down the pecking order, urks.

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: March 19, 2016 22:06 · For: I. Beauty
Well, you see I have a picture in my head of Nelyo, a picture that has been built upon fragments, snippets of him we have seen from Maedhros, Fingon and mostly Maglor, but it may not be accurate because it is made from such tiny pieces and most of those from other people not Nelyo himself.

Also Maglor, who I have most of my impressions from is not an accurate narrator because
1. He is insane
And 2. He grieves for the Nelyo he has lost and when you mourn someone your memories tend not to be accurate. You accentuate the good, forget about the bad.

So I think my vision of Nelyo may well change!

Re Fingon not realising the unhealthiness of all this. Isn't that just the way it so often is. It is so hard for someone stranded between childhood and adulthood to identify exactly when an adult is taking advantage of them.

I have this fantasy you know....for your Maglor when I am reading the other story, because I do have a soft spot for him and he is so unhappy, that somehow, some way, Nelyo will come back, if only for an hour, a moment maybe and he will get that connection, no matter how fleeting it may be it would be better than nothing.
My poor baby screwed up Maglor.
Of course if I get to know the real Nelyo I might well change my mind!

Author's Response:

You're right. We haven't seen much of Nelyo. I'll redemy that. In another fic, if I have to because I fear Fingon's history will be more important in this fic than Nelyo himself. (I'm turning into a Fingon/Maedhros Fan! Why? I've never been such a sucker for them before ...?!? ^^')

And yeah, spot on about that narrator thing. On Ao3 you can tag your fic better than here and the term "unreliable narrator" is the reason why I wrote the fic in the first place. I was (and still am) enchanted by the idea that whatever your character see's/thinks might not be the (whole) truth. In Maglor's case everything comes down to perception and the loss of Nelyo doesn't make it better.

(Your fantasy as been noted. All I'm going to tell you: great minds think alike.)

Fingon is a poor sod, I admit. There're exactly two people he strifes after: his father and Nelyo. They are who he wants to be. We'll see in future chapters that there's also an aspect of jealousy involved. Because it's my headcanon (blame the fact that I'm a sucker for Europe's history) that among the House of Finwe existed stark contrast between who's considered important and who is not. Feanor and Fingolfin have many accomplishments under their belt so their status isn't an issue. But while everyone else is expected to work and serve the Kingdom in the house of finwe, Maedhros is the only one who has bit more leverage, being the crown heir and all.

... *opens word because you drive me to write more with your comments* :)

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: March 19, 2016 21:04 · For: I. Beauty
Oh naughty, naughty, Maitimo!

Yes Fingon is willing but as you say, a minor, and naive and so very, very definitely taken advantage of here.

There is no intimacy, no connection of emotions and it is that, I think, which makes it feel almost abusive.
Hmm I think this story is going to change the way I see things in "The World Changes Everything."

It will be interesting to see Maedhros before he became Maedhros. Is there any reason you have him called Maitimo and not Nelyo, beyond pet names used by specific members of his family and society? Please don't tell me he is so messed up he has a third personality??

Loved Fingolfin, just loved him through Fingon's eyes, And the description of a young son heroworshiping his father, that was beautiful.

The Fingolfin we have seen in this series so far was hardened, sad and bitter. It was refreshing to see this magestic one.

Looking forward to the rest :)

Author's Response:

God, no. No, there's no third personality for Maedhros. The name was just the one Fingon was using since he focused on Maedhros' famous beauty. It's kind of swallow of him but Maedhros isn't a exactly himself. The borderline abusiveness is correct but Fingon isn't aware (yet) how unhealthy the relationship truly is. For my part ... I wanted to start out with something else than pining Elves angsting over age differences and incest. Hence: sex first, feelings later. 

And I'm very interested how Maedhros (Nelyo?, Damm this going to get complicated xD) changes in your eyes. But on the other hand ... we don't know much about Nelyo, don't we?

And yes! Fingolfin! Feanor is not the only father who's hero worshipped. In this verse Fingon is almost worse than the Feanorians I'm afraid.

Let's see how fast the next chapter comes. I've a free week after easter, so I'll be using it wisely.

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