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Spiced Wine
03/24/17 02:30 pm
Most of my teachers were lovely - there were just a couple that were not nice.
03/22/17 11:06 pm
I hate hearing about teachers who ruined a child's interest or confidence or curiosity- as a teacher myself, it actually hurts to think how someone has done that. It doesn't happen much now.
Spiced Wine
03/20/17 10:15 am
I was a very quiet student, easily cowed and very much a loner, nevertheless I was a good student, but he was not a nice teacher :(
03/19/17 03:00 pm
Spiced, what a horrible experience about that teacher! That would drive anybody off the subject, I'd imagine.
03/19/17 02:59 pm
UnnamedElement, my husband has a doctorate in chemistry, so he might be able to help. *g* Just drop me a note through the PM system here, or at LJ or DW (same name).
03/18/17 03:05 am
Spiced- how horrible! My friends made fun of my poor attn to detail so Chem and I did not get along either. But no! Can find no handy calculators online. Oh well!
03/18/17 03:04 am
I'm bad at keeping up w tv, but I support anything that inspires you to write eomer more, ziggy!
03/18/17 01:07 am
Oh - please do...
03/17/17 11:53 pm
Yes- that is EXACTLY right!! I might have to write Eomer a bit more:)
03/17/17 11:02 pm
Ziggy - I keep wanting to pinch the characters and turn them into Rohirrim....
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Reviews For Nelyo

Name: Encairion (Signed) · Date: September 03, 2016 17:51 · For: Chapter 2 The Eagle

Maedhros suffered so much, and it really came through in this chapter.  I loved though his defiance as well.  He would not bend.  He would not submit.  Not even to save himself that horror.

I don’t think I’ve ever read a story from one of the eagle’s POV, so this was really unique :)

I am going to assume that the eagles are physically unable to go against Manwe’s will, which is why when Gwahir says he’s has to follow his oath to Manwe, it means he’s physically unable to break it.  I have to feel this way, because otherwise I would really hate Gwahir for leaving Maedhros to suffer when he could have saved him.


This was another great chapter :)  One day, do you think you will write more of Fingon and Maedhros in Valinor?  I admit to selfishly wishing there was more of them there.  I want to see how Fingon and Maedhros eventually got together!  Unless…are they not together yet?  Does that happen after Angband?

Author's Response:

Thanks Encairion- it was just something I had lurking in my inbox really and thought I'd pop it up here.


Yes- I have a few things to write of these two in Valinor - this isn't a story, just random scribblings really. I've got a plot bunny someone gave me- was it you? Findekano the day after he made a pass at Nelyo. Oh- you are supposing I have got this worked out in my head. I think Nelyo and hten as Maedhros woul dhave ALWAYS denied himself Findekano/Fingo - first because he was protecting him from teh Valar and from Noldor society, then he would have protected him from the Noldor disapproval of the Feanorians, and then as Fingon was king, from the damage to his reputation-Maedhors is all about semf-denial. Loads and loads of UST!! I'll do something more soon, I promise.

Name: Encairion (Signed) · Date: August 29, 2016 23:08 · For: Chapter 1

I'm sorry he made you uncomfortable molesting Nelyo- I hadn't even thought of that (shows MY morals!!)”


You’ve read my stories, so you know the kind of stuff I write, and this isn’t shocking in that sense :)  I think it was just the character that threw me.  I never expected that from Fingon, so I was a little shocked.  But I am glad that you reminded me he was drunk at the time.  We can all make really bad decisions when we are drunk, but I am still glad it stopped before it got too far.  Can you imagine the guilt he would feel after sobering up if he hadn’t?

Author's Response:

I htink you've just inspired me for the next chapter!!!


Name: Encairion (Signed) · Date: August 28, 2016 18:39 · For: Chapter 1

OMG I love that you are writing these two!  You write the heartbreak of their relationship so perfectly, you stab me through the chest every time we see the after-math of Fingon’s death :sobs: 

I love that they got drunk, and people were scolding them lol

Oh these two!  They are both pinning over each other so badly!  I really liked that twist at the end where it turned out Maedhros was awake the whole time!  But oh, it hurt to get inside his head :(  Oh Maedhros!  It is just like hi to think Fingon would grow out of his infatuation, so of course Maedhros would never ‘take advantage’ (as he would see it) of Fingon’s youthful infatuation.  These two need to be locked in a room together and actually TALK about their feelings lol

I was starting to get upset with Fingon when he was, well, pretty much molesting Maedhros in his sleep (since he didn’t know Maedhros was awake at the time).  I am really glad he stopped!  I get that he’s longing for Maedhros, but please stop yourself Fingon! 


I hope the two of them don’t have to wait too longer before they recognize the other’s true feelings!  I have a feeling that the moment Fingon realizes Maedhros feels the same way about him, everything will work out.  Fingon is stubborn enough to make Maedhros see reason and finally understand that no, no this isn’t some infatuation!  He’s in love with you, you idiot lol

Author's Response:

Yes- I love them too- they are so so tragic. I actually need to pull together a load of scraps and bits and pieces and put them in a proper story but I just don't have enough time to be honest. Nelyo is always protective and will continue to do so in my book; he will always be aware of what ohers will think FOR Findekano's sake (and even more when they are in Beleriand and Fingon is King) I'm sorry he made you uncomfortable molesting Nelyo- I hadn't even thought of that (shows MY morals!!) but I'm going to just go back and think about that- how he might feel on reflection and sober. THat's quite a nice prompt actually:) Thank yox

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: July 22, 2016 17:28 · For: Chapter 2 The Eagle
Oh gosh. Loved this! What a surprise and so beautiful.
Loved Gwahir and his devoted protection of Maedhros. You have managed to make me fall for one of those drafted Eagles. Such an inventive and unexpected way of looking at Fingin's rescue.

Loved the way Gwahir translated everything through his eagle lens of seeing the world. Of course Madhros' hair was feathers...what else would it be.

I did notice Fingon didn't have his harp.

Thanks for writing this. Fantastic!!

Author's Response:

Thanks cheekybeak- it's been in my dox for ages and I just thought I should post it. Glad you liked the feathers bit- I had a little fun writing it. xxx

Name: Nuredhel (Signed) · Date: June 30, 2016 20:40 · For: Chapter 1

This is just so sweet. and wonderfully sad too in a way. You describe their feelings so well, and one can easily imagine the situation they are in, and the society which has its own demands and expects certain behaviors from them. Lovely story, with a lot of melancholy really, considering what will happen to them later on. Really great work.

Author's Response:

So sorry- alerts have been going into my junk box for some reason- I think it is since Faerie had to swap sites.


Anyway- thank you for reading and reviewing Nuredhel. I always think these two are the most tragic characters ever. Nothing Maedhros does is right and hte nasty old Valar absolutely turn everything to tears.

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: January 02, 2016 16:28 · For: Chapter 1

Mmmm...a delicious start to the new year. Thanks, Ziggy!

Author's Response:

Now I hope this might encourage you to write a bit more as well.


Name: Spiced Wine (Signed) · Date: January 02, 2016 12:17 · For: Chapter 1
Oh, god, they are so delicious and beautiful and young. Maybe not in years but in the innocence they had before the Exile. It is always so poignant to read them like this, before the Oath, before the war of the Jewels, before everything started falling apart.

He would always protect Fin, he swore. Even it meant he sacrificed himself to do so.

And this is so sad, because we know that at the end - he could not :(

Author's Response:

I knew you would get that- another oath he can't keep. As you say, innocence in the sense of naivety too - they have no idea what's ahead of them yet.  I didn't spend a lot of time crafting this so it's a bit raw but I think/hope that works too. It'll probably find its way into something sometime.  Thank you as always- for your inspiration as well as the review.

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: January 02, 2016 7:15 · For: Chapter 1
Oh what a brilliant surprise!!

I loved this......of course, I don't think I have ever read something about these two where the infatuation is from Fingon, it has always been Maedhros waiting around for Fingon to come to his senses.......I wonder why that is? Hadn't thought of it at all before.

You made Maedhros sound like a god in this....of course he is. ( although I had never imagined elves drooling.)

I tried very hard while reading this not to think of poor Maedhros in the darkness of the void where you have put him at the end of it.....with that ribbon......sob.....I failed, and this makes that even more heartbreaking if possible.

I would love to see more of these two......how could I not! ( almost makes up for Glorfindel.....almost.....)

Author's Response:

Well i owe you becausei said i would post the next bit of glass to put everyone out of their misery. I hope i didn't overdo the worship. In Glass there is a bit where Fingon is impatient with Maedhros for holding himself away from Fingon so I hope this is congruent with that. IMO Nelyo /Maedhros always thinks long term is strategic and can see the impact of their relationship. But it also gives it a bit of depth I hope. This was originally for Slashy Santa but it didn't fit the prompts and I'm doing a different pairing now so thought I owed you and Naledi!

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