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07/07/20 10:14 am
Hello All! I hope every one is healthy and well! Watching everyone do better with COVID than those of us in the U.S. Lets hope we stay healthy!
Spiced Wine
07/04/20 10:27 am
Happy 4th July for all who celebrate :) Keep safe and well
07/03/20 03:06 pm
Happy Friday! :D
Spiced Wine
07/03/20 09:11 am
Happy Friday, everyone :)
Spiced Wine
06/30/20 09:54 am
Don’t apologise, Karlmir; pain does make us miserable
06/30/20 07:12 am
Feel better, Karlmir.
Karlmir Stonewain
06/29/20 08:53 pm
My back pains have abated somewhat. Sorry for being overly dramatic earlier.
Spiced Wine
06/26/20 10:21 am
Happy Friday, everyone :)
Spiced Wine
06/25/20 10:20 pm
I’m so very sorry, Karlmir :(
Karlmir Stonewain
06/25/20 08:11 pm
It's bad enough that I'm pained by arthritis, but now my back has been bothering me for the past few days. Oh! the vicissitudes of old age! I am so very tired. Come, Death. Draw the final curt
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Reviews For Love Over Gold

Name: Encairion (Signed) · Date: October 10, 2015 3:17 · For: Chapter 4

This was a great story!  The way you wrote Erestor was beautiful.  I loved how ethereal he was, almost like mist that kept slipping from Glorfindel’s grasp.  And Glorfindel was wonderful, the way he understood that Erestor needed his space and not to push, but at the same time couldn’t help falling in love and pursuing him.  And the image of all the gold being taken from Glorfindel’s hair was really heartbreaking even though I know it is just hair, it just feels so much a part of who he is.  It was the perfect thing for him to give in return.

Wonderful story!

Author's Response:

Thank you :) Would you believe I first tried writing this as a cute litttle fluff piece? And Erestor kind of looked at me and said 'I don't think so'.  One of the most interesting parts of writing this was watching Erestor take in this new world and slowly change, fit into it, without losing who he really was. Glorfindel's gift to Osse was my beta's suggestion and as soon as I heard it I knew it was perfect - the gold in his hair, his most identifying characteristic as well as the literal meaning of his name. I'm so glad you also liked the choice :)

Name: jules (Signed) · Date: October 09, 2015 8:54 · For: Chapter 4
beautiful - as an abalone shell!
"It is just hair" - love it! (wish I could think of my own so!)

Author's Response:

Aww, thank you so much for liking it :)

(I hear you about hair, lol)

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: October 08, 2015 0:27 · For: Chapter 4

This is a really beautiful ending -nicely reworked folk/fairy tale. Lovey. and so beautifully written as always.

Author's Response:

Thanks very much, Ziggy :) I'm glad the ending worked for you, I wanted something a lot happier than the original fairytale but not utter fluff either - it is not a fluffy type of fic.

Name: curiouswombat (Signed) · Date: October 05, 2015 16:18 · For: Chapter 4

A lovely end.  I can just imagine the white haired Glorfindel; somehow I think it would suit him - and make the silvery-haired Celebrian smile.

Author's Response:

Thanks, Wombat :) I think he would be very striking with white hair, and every time Erestor looked at him he would know how much he is loved. Though I suppose somehow or other the gold must have grown out again, because of Tolkien's description centuries later.

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: October 05, 2015 9:05 · For: Chapter 4
So beautiful!

And tense and dramatic and full of love.

I loved the whole thing, wonderful story!

Author's Response:

It worked way better than I ever expected when I started, lol. Thanks so much Cheeky, I hoped it would be all of those things, but especially full of love. Glad you feel it worked :)

Name: curiouswombat (Signed) · Date: October 02, 2015 9:26 · For: Chapter 3

Ah - and now we find out what the price was, and still is...

I really like Celebrian here - she is often one of my favourites when she is in stories.

Author's Response:

I enjoy Celebrian.  Someone raised by those parents and then married to Elrond must have  seen a lot of strange things and have some very interesting views on the world. I always love writing her.  I'm very glad you liked her here - thank you :)

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: October 02, 2015 7:07 · For: Chapter 3
Oh he is gone! So sad even though I knew it was coming. My heart is breaking for Glorfindel.......and Erestor. Can't wait to see the next chapter.

Author's Response:

He found his way slowly back to his birthright, and then his time was up, yes :) Hope you're going to enjoy the last chapter :)

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: October 02, 2015 5:41 · For: Chapter 3

I sort of expected it but that doesn't make it any eaisier- ther ehas to be some sort of 'price' as in all good faolk tales and I love the way this mirros but is not hte same as those old tales of the Silki/ seal folk that did this. Beautifully written as always.

Author's Response:

There's some bargaining in the final chapter... *g*.  I wasn't sure how to deal with a 're-imagining of a fairy tale' prompt, but my instinct was to write parallel to the original story, not copy it outright, and try and keep the characters recognisable --- I'm hoping in the end I managed that.  I'm so happy you're enjoying it, Ziggy :)

Name: curiouswombat (Signed) · Date: October 01, 2015 0:01 · For: Chapter 2

I almost missed this chapter!  Now I wonder what deal Erestor might have made to be able to visit Imladris. 

I do like this strange, fey, not quite a merelf, Erestor.

Author's Response:

I enjoyed writing Erestor so much, watching him adapt and change. And yes, there is a price involved, indeed :D

Name: jules (Signed) · Date: September 30, 2015 1:47 · For: Chapter 1
This is an interesting and lovely story. I like the way Erestor keeps Glorfindel guessing. As in the Little Mermaid story, I wonder what price he is paying for his legs

Author's Response:

Thanks, I'm glad you're enjoying it :) And oh yes, there is a price, though it may end up being more than he's willing to pay.

Name: cheekybeak (Signed) · Date: September 29, 2015 8:56 · For: Chapter 2
I am loving this story. It is such an unusual idea! Now my question is, does Erestor get to keep his legs?
These two are certainly very hot together!

Author's Response:

There was a lot of chemistry there, indeed.  I'll admit this isn't something I'd ever have thought to do, but that's the joy (terror) of fic swaps, you can get kicked pretty toroughly out of your comfort zone :D When I finally worked out what to do (or got shoved in the right direction by my beta) it was really interesting to write. Will he keep his legs? We-ell, that depends on how close this sticks to the original *g*

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: September 27, 2015 23:11 · For: Chapter 1

As always, lovely.

Author's Response:

Thank you :) I would have posted all four chapters but I'm doing it one at a time on Livejournal to avoid spamming people, so I thought I'd do the same here, avoid confusing myself :D

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