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07/07/20 10:14 am
Hello All! I hope every one is healthy and well! Watching everyone do better with COVID than those of us in the U.S. Lets hope we stay healthy!
Spiced Wine
07/04/20 10:27 am
Happy 4th July for all who celebrate :) Keep safe and well
07/03/20 03:06 pm
Happy Friday! :D
Spiced Wine
07/03/20 09:11 am
Happy Friday, everyone :)
Spiced Wine
06/30/20 09:54 am
Don’t apologise, Karlmir; pain does make us miserable
06/30/20 07:12 am
Feel better, Karlmir.
Karlmir Stonewain
06/29/20 08:53 pm
My back pains have abated somewhat. Sorry for being overly dramatic earlier.
Spiced Wine
06/26/20 10:21 am
Happy Friday, everyone :)
Spiced Wine
06/25/20 10:20 pm
I’m so very sorry, Karlmir :(
Karlmir Stonewain
06/25/20 08:11 pm
It's bad enough that I'm pained by arthritis, but now my back has been bothering me for the past few days. Oh! the vicissitudes of old age! I am so very tired. Come, Death. Draw the final curt
Shout Archive

Name: FirstAmazon (Signed) · Date: March 30, 2020 23:11 · For: Chapter 1

Ok, there you go, another love I never knew I needed! This dripped on melancholy, and it was so beautiful! I was never much convinced about Glorfindel's infatuation with Idril (I never really liked her very much). But I can't totally imagine this brief, passionate encounter with Thranduil.

The fact that he might have denied himself this chance for happiness is so sad! And these last lines, his guilt and shame (and yet not quite believing it) just broke my heart. I already loved your Glorfindel, with more depth, even more so <3




Author's Response:

I had to write this scene because in Through a Glass, I did a throwaway line -something Glorfindel remembers about Thranduil (or it may have been More Dangerous) and I had so many readers begging for it, I had to write this. I am in love with Glorfindle too- but isn't everyone?

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: May 10, 2017 6:27 · For: Chapter 1
You can't help but feel so sorry for Glorfindel; here he is reborn and sent back to aid the remainder of the Noldor, alone of those he loved and lost in Gondolin, still in love with Idril and thrown into a world that had moved so far past what he had known. You've got to wonder how he manages to get out of bed every morning.
He's so honorable and Mr integrity and finds it so hard to allow himself a little, just a little bit of something, {relief}. Okay so it's not Idril, but its better than nothing at all.
And I do like the way he can't help but think of Thranduil every so often, so their liason must have effected him in some way, and meant something. Love it :)

Author's Response:

I'd almost forgotten this little fic, Gabriel- I think it was one Naledi wanted me to write after a throwaway comment in More Dangerous. In my head, he is deeply infatuated with Idril and has never quite got over that. So  he is lonely - and as you say, so honourable. I think he is just a bit smitten with Thranduil (who wouldn't be!) which is why he thinks about him every now and again- but sort of guiltily. And he worships Idril so the two are really completely opposite ends of his 'type'. Thank you- you have absolutely spoiled me rotten with all these reviews- really got me out of the doldrums!!

Big hug.

Name: Glorfindel (Signed) · Date: October 30, 2014 13:27 · For: Chapter 1
Wonderful! Really, really wonderful :) Thank you for this :) I have downloaded your stories on A03 and intend reading them on the 12 hour flight when I go on holiday. My travelling companion won't get a look in lol :D

Author's Response:

Oh crikey- that's a tall order- hope you won't get bored! 

Glad you enjoyed this- have a fab holiday- sounds exotic and wonderful.

Name: Mithrellas (Signed) · Date: October 30, 2014 2:26 · For: Chapter 1
Ah great! He seems like a one elf only kind of a guy to me because of his honor. I think it is love he is lonely for.
But is there anyone out there for him? poor guy
Thranduil is taken sadly, and Erestor ... Well he is all messed up about Maedhros.
Legolas? Thranduils child so surely too dishonourable an idea for Glorfindel
Oh I hope you find a way to make him less lonely, that's so sad. Look forward to seeing what you do with him!!

Author's Response:

You're right on all counts- I always thought he loved Idril. And then up popped Thranduil- but he loves his wife now so no good will come of that and Glorfindel does deserve someone his own. You never know who might pop up though. And Legolas is Elrohir's. I'll have a think:)

Name: Encairion (Signed) · Date: October 29, 2014 23:45 · For: Chapter 1

You’re blaming this on little old me?  :blinks innocently:   I may have had a small part, small, in egging you on, but it was selfless, totally and utterly for the good of the fandom at large :grins:

I can understand why Legolas wouldn’t really work, the poor Elf would get whip lash with all the boys’ given him some lovin (of course he does, he’s a sweetheart :) ).  It would undoubtedly be hot and sweet of Legolas to ease Glorfindel’s loneliness, but I image if Glorfindel were to finally unwind and let himself burn, it would be for someone who would drive away the loneliness not just once but every night of every year.  He’d want love :)  (Or maybe I’m just desperate to see him happy with someone, poor dear).

I wish I could write Legolas and Fëanor being awesome like that, but I am atrocious at writing humor (thus all the angst and drama I write lol).  Every time I try to write witty dialogue it puts the labor in labor of love!

Author's Response:

:blinks innocently:   I may have had a small part, small, in egging you on, but it was selfless, totally and utterly for the good of the fandom at large :


Yeah- right.


Love the idea of Legolas getting whiplash with all the boys he's screwing!!! But you're right- he's already got far too many on the go by the end of ROTK. He'd be too in awe of Glorfindel anyway.

I don't know about humour but what you write never weights on me. It does punch through - thaose scens with Morivo stick with me. But the power of it is undeniable. 

Every time I try to write witty dialogue it puts the labor in labor of love! 




Name: Mithrellas (Signed) · Date: October 29, 2014 21:50 · For: Chapter 1
That was my exact thought! That Erestor is SO good at pushing all Glorfindel's buttons because buried deep, deep down Glorfindel knows there is a desire there. Something he would have huge difficulty ever admitting I think, even to himself. He wants to completely disconnect from the sexual side of himself. But we are all of us, sexual beings
Glorfindel, that's just not healthy, get some counselling before you explode!!!

Author's Response:

well I think you may well have  apoint. Glorfindel is so set on being all heroic and noble he's missing out big time. I wonder what's going to happen next? There's been so much interest in htis little fic I htink I have to do somehting with it...not sure what though:)

Name: Nash (Signed) · Date: October 29, 2014 21:35 · For: Chapter 1
Amazing! I love it! Will Legolas get a step-daddy at some point? tehehe. "not his way" indeed

Author's Response:

You are dreadful;) Poor Glorfindel- so much glee at his 'fall from grace'!!

Name: Mithrellas (Signed) · Date: October 29, 2014 7:59 · For: Chapter 1
Oh, oh, oh what a surprise to find this , I have been waiting to see these together for so long. Since you first started dropping your hints about them.
It was perfect. Gosh Thranduil is to die for! Gorgeous, Dare I say it even more gorgeous than Legolas! I loved the way you caught his grief. My heart broke for him and it was interesting to see him so young. I wonder what he thinks when he remembers this encounter, which he obviously does!
Oh Glorfindel. You must stop trying to be so pristine and pure, you don't have to be lonely. You are just too wonderful to be so. There is no going back now!
I would love to see these two revisit each other after all these years have past. Surely Glorfindel could not object to that..... And tell me , Erestor is SO sexy, how does Glorfindel manage to travel with him and resist him?!
Just so you know, reading this has made my day. Thanks!

Author's Response:

Thank you Mithrellas- what a fab review. Blush.


Even more gorgeous than Legolas??!!! He is rather - I htink the complecxity and maturity, the hidden and obvious power - both- are devastatingly attractive. He was a t avery low point then as well and even though I always feel Thranduil is more Sindar than silvan. he has still lived with them for most of his life (I think - I don't see him in Menegroth) I like to think Legoals is more like Oropher in his impetuosity and carelessness and Thranduil has seen a lot more. (Having said I don't see him in Menegroth, I htink PJ having him in the First Age is good)

I love it that you find Erestor so sexy as to be irresistible! Even for Glorfindel- maybe the irritation is just sexual desire repressed??!!! Might nick that ;)

Name: Encairion (Signed) · Date: October 29, 2014 1:22 · For: Chapter 1

How the hell does Legolas end up with all the good ones?  He must have some secret ‘You want me, you know you do’ fragrance.  He should bottle that shit; he’d be rollin in diamonds.  Who needs a mountain full of gold when they’ve got ‘Love me, Baby’ fragrance by Legolas?  And Legolas is sitting there on his pile of diamonds and giving a glaring Smaug the finger.  Yep.

(Runs away before I can be properly punished for this abomination of Tolkien’s characters –but I’m not sorry.  Nope.  :waggles eye brows: )

Seriously though, poor Elrohir is right!  If he catches wind of this….then it will be poor Legolas because Elrohir can’t handle jealousy (and the secret arousal of seeing these two go at it) any better than Melkor could handle his when Fëanor came strutting in with his bling.

OMG, I need to stop now.  No more time online for me tonight.  I need a grounding for all these terrible attempts at humor.

Author's Response:

It's your fault I even suggested Legolas!!! I got carried away and now in the cold light of day, think I am already comlicating Legolas' love life more than enough with Eomer and Tindomion and a trip to Lorien, with Elrohir having been corrupted by Haldir onto the dark side:) heheheh.

Love the idea of L sitting on his pile of diamonds- Do you think this one, or this one?

Feanor and his bling- you should write these!!

Name: Encairion (Signed) · Date: October 29, 2014 0:04 · For: Chapter 1

"I have no idea if there is anyone for Glorfindel in the future - I tried really hard not to have every elf in everything I write to be slashy- tried really hard to keep Glorfindel out of it but I think he felt left out!!"

I know where you're coming from.  I used to think I couldn't make every character gay, especially in a family (looking at you Feanorions), and while I  see almost every Elf as bi, I tried (still try sometimes) to write more het, but unless I am really feeling it for a character, its not going to happen.  If the character wants to be written with a slashy pairing there's nothing we can do.  We're helpless as babes before the power of the character lol!

So if Glorfindel is burning to be written as slash, then I am asking you (in a purely altruistic way, not because I'd love to see what you write for him and with who, just because I am selfless like this.  Yeah.  Totally) to write the poor lonely guy with some male lovin.

(This was meant in a joking, friendly way btw.  I didn't mean for it come across as pushy.  If it does blame the fact you can't see the big as a pickle grin on my face).

Author's Response:

Dear Pushy

Oh you and Spiced - you're dreadful the pair of you.

In a purely altruistic way of course:) And selfless. Oh yeah.

Now you've gone and done it. But when is he going to bump into anyone who might be close enough to Thradnuil for it to be a turn on...hmm. Thinks. This could be really really good- nicely mess with elrohir too....hm. Anar won't let me do that- she thinks I need ot give elrohir a break;D


Name: Spiced Wine (Signed) · Date: October 28, 2014 23:18 · For: Chapter 1
I totally agree with Encairion. Glorfindel must be slashed - he is too magnificent to waste on a het relationship. (Do you know he was my third slash pairing when I was 16? First was F

Name: Encairion (Signed) · Date: October 28, 2014 21:52 · For: Chapter 1

Glorfindel!  No, no, what is going on with you?  You need to stop giving a fuck about the Valar and your ‘pristine’ status and go find some lovin!  OMG I have so many Glorfindel feels at this moment!  The way Glorfindel has come across to me –distant, stunning, compassionate, but distant as a star—is so understandable after reading this.   I feel like I understand his character on a whole new level.  And oh gods but have I fallen in love all over again!  I can understand completely why he’s denying himself as he is, but goodness do I wish he wouldn’t.  Please, please tell me that there is someone in his future?  At this point I don’t even care who, just give him someone to love and hold and drive away the loneliness.

“Erestor had said that Maedhros had taken both Silmarils, that Maglor had not taken one. If that were true, did that mean that both went with him into the fire, he wondered. And then dismissed it because it did not matter either way.”

I am not so sure it doesn’t matter.  This sounds like an interesting twist, and I am curious on what happened to the Silmarils!  Like serious, the fate of the Silmarils isn’t something to brush off Glorfindel, I mean, what if Maedhros somehow…somehow carried them with him into the Void or or….I don’t know, but please tell me this is actually important or I am going to feel like a crazy fangirl for blowing all this up out of a throw-away line :shifty eyes:

Yeah, so, can you tell I love this yet?  Seriously, can you possibly make me love your stories more, like how, how?  Oh wait, I know, just make me fall in love with Glorfindel too, as if I don’t already love your Erestor, Elrohir, Legolas, Celeborn, Gimli ect ect (insert every character you’ve ever written)

Author's Response:

I'll make a point of telling Glorfindel your excellent advice - actually I rather think Erestor might:)


I have no idea if there is anyone for Glorfindel in the future - I tried really hard not to have every elf in everyhting I write to be slashy- tried really hard ot keep Glorfindel out of it but I think he felt left out!!


Your fangurl instincts are spot on as usual!It is improtnat that the two silmarils were taken by Maedhros (I'm not sure ye tif it's improtnat to THIS story- by which I mean Through a Glass) but it will be importnat if I can sustain the interst to write the sequel to Sonsof Thunder because I htink that's Erestor's story too...sorry ot be cryptic but it needs ot be wirtten and if I talk about it I stop wanting to write it.

The trouble with having the Silmarils IN the void is that Morgoth is there too...oh, I don't know.. maybe they are...

It was so nioce to get your fangurrrrlll review. Thank you.xx

Name: Naledi (Signed) · Date: October 28, 2014 20:43 · For: Chapter 1

Wow - I love that glimpse of Thranduil. You've described the rawness of his grief so well it gave me chills to read it. And the passion...yum! It certainly explains a lot about Glorfindel in your other tales.

In response to your request, I'll post a little something that I wrote some time ago and forgot to post here. Assuming I can find it!

Author's Response:

Thank you my darling Naledi- you always respond so sweetly:Dx

Name: Riraito (Signed) · Date: October 28, 2014 15:57 · For: Chapter 1
I've been waiting for this since you mentioned it!

How could anyone not have done what he did? He shouldn't blame himself. I'm pretty sure Thranduil doesn't blame himself, eherm.
Glorfindel, stop torturing yourself like this, please. You make me sad :c

Author's Response:

Yes- I do agree. Who could have resisted?? Not me for sure!

I think Glorfindel sort of likes it and is dismayed by it in equal measure, because for him it is not a quick romp but something deeper and to Thranduil perhaps it was no more than a moment. 

Thank you for reviewing!!

Name: rikwen96 (Signed) · Date: October 28, 2014 14:09 · For: Chapter 1
Oh my, oh my, oh my. What a hot, intense revealing coupling. I have often wondered what had happened between Glorfindel and Thranduil when you mentioned them in your stories. This little side scene is soooo teasing. It is too bad that Glorfindel regrets the tryst. I wonder how Thranduil views that one moment?

Author's Response:

Funnily enough that's just what Spiced asked- how Thranduil remembers. But I don't know the answer to that - he is just a bit of a primal force as far as I am concerned. And perhaps it means less ot him? Don't know...will think...Glorfindel is lovely, so honourable and pure. He would see it as a fall from grace. Thranduil would see it very differently and he was in grief too so maybe that colours it too....

Name: Spiced Wine (Signed) · Date: October 28, 2014 13:27 · For: Chapter 1

I was so wanting to read the back story, Ziggy, and this completely fits. In the middle of battle, after a great loss, grief and hunger, no softness:
he had been thoroughly taken, used, and was now dismissed br />
Was he not Glorfindel, beloved of the Valar, golden, untouchable, pristine? And he was so lonely that he envied Maedhros his forbidden love for had not he and Fingon loved deeply, passionately and without restraint?

Oooh, but you're more interesting when not so pristine, Glofindel d;-)

But how very sad that he envies Fingon and Maedhros. - I would love to read this memory from Thranduil's viewpoint! :)

Author's Response:

Just sorry it is so brief really- it's a little filler after Glorfindel gave away that snaeky peak in MDLW. But it fills a gap. Thranduil is just so...well. I'm not sure how he remembers this...now you've put something in my head!!!

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