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11/17/18 12:37 am
Happy Friday :D
Spiced Wine
11/16/18 09:43 am
Happy Friday, everyone :)
11/15/18 04:56 pm
chapter posted is actually new instead of repeat this time.
11/15/18 04:55 pm
snow for us here too! And sorry somehow chapter 39 on "I'll be yours" repeated itself instead of posting chapter 40. I think I've got it fixed now. Sorry for any confusion. Chapter p
Karlmir Stonewain
11/15/18 10:47 am
Snow is in tonight's forecast. Bah! It's too early for snow. Time for a sequel to "Islands of Warmth in a Sea of Cold."
11/14/18 10:49 pm
Oops - meant to say, please DM me with your email address!
11/14/18 10:48 pm
Can those of you who want to be involved DM me and I'll send out a group email. Cheeky and Ziggy - I know I did have your emails, but I doubt I've still got them.
11/14/18 10:46 pm
Yay for everyone joining in with the advent calendar (*waves to Cheeky*). It's probably time we got this show on the road.
Spiced Wine
11/13/18 10:42 pm
And it will still feel like a last-minute rush!
Spiced Wine
11/13/18 10:41 pm
I do not believe we’re already thinking of Christmas. Yet here I am ordering pressies, buying cards, making sure I have addresses...
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Reviews For Tone Deaf

Name: Quantumphysica (Signed) · Date: July 01, 2014 17:32 · For: Chapter 1

This just broke my heart, because it makes so much sense... Especially the part where he drew away from the others not because he felt superior, but because he didn't manage to harmonize with them. He must have felt everything but superior at first... 

One little comment, Morgoth wouldn't have been called "Morgoth" back in those days, as it was Fëanor who gave him that name. His original name was Melkor. (It's not all that disruptive to the story though, I just thought to mention it. ^^)

Author's Response: I have had a couple of friends point out that the old version used would have been Melkor, but I used Morgoth because this actually takes place at the end of the War of Wrath when he is being judged and sentenced to the Void. I thought about using one name for the reminiscence portion and the other for the current-time part, but in a short story of this length I felt it was too jarring, pulling me in and out of the action as the name switched back and forth. Your comment is totally correct, though, and I am still thinking about changing it before I leave the story completely behind me. I'm thrilled that you enjoyed the story and that you found my plot premise reasonable. I really appreciate your comments and review and, especially, that you took the time from your busy day to read my story. Thank you! - Erulisse (one L)

Name: curiouswombat (Signed) · Date: June 30, 2014 14:23 · For: Chapter 1

Oh how I recognise Morgoth's problem.  And this explains a lot!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I know there are many out there who are tone deaf and that it affects their ability to participate in some aspects of music. To have one of the Valar, a group who creates through the use of Song, as tone deaf would change the Song in ways that possibly are still being discovered. - Erulisse (one L)

Name: mangacrack (Signed) · Date: June 30, 2014 9:11 · For: Chapter 1
As sad as it is, it makes a lot of sense. A group of people who values singing so much is bound to have someone who can't sing or can't properly listen.

I wonder if there were Elves who were deaf? Or mute?

Author's Response: I'm sure there were elves who were deaf or mute, perhaps that is a plot bunny you might want to explore some time. I firmly believe that the universe was created by Song, therefore being tone deaf would transform that Song into something totally unintended - at least initially. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing :-) - Erulisse (one L)

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