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07/07/20 10:14 am
Hello All! I hope every one is healthy and well! Watching everyone do better with COVID than those of us in the U.S. Lets hope we stay healthy!
Spiced Wine
07/04/20 10:27 am
Happy 4th July for all who celebrate :) Keep safe and well
07/03/20 03:06 pm
Happy Friday! :D
Spiced Wine
07/03/20 09:11 am
Happy Friday, everyone :)
Spiced Wine
06/30/20 09:54 am
Don’t apologise, Karlmir; pain does make us miserable
06/30/20 07:12 am
Feel better, Karlmir.
Karlmir Stonewain
06/29/20 08:53 pm
My back pains have abated somewhat. Sorry for being overly dramatic earlier.
Spiced Wine
06/26/20 10:21 am
Happy Friday, everyone :)
Spiced Wine
06/25/20 10:20 pm
I’m so very sorry, Karlmir :(
Karlmir Stonewain
06/25/20 08:11 pm
It's bad enough that I'm pained by arthritis, but now my back has been bothering me for the past few days. Oh! the vicissitudes of old age! I am so very tired. Come, Death. Draw the final curt
Shout Archive

Name: Tanis (Signed) · Date: August 02, 2014 0:44 · For: 13. Bilbo's Delight
ROTFL! Bilbo's Delight indeed - do Uncle and Nephew make deliveries On the Other Side?

You've made me hungry so I must off and see if I can scrounge up some of my own Blessed Realm pizza!

Author's Response: If Bilbo were younger, he might have opened up his own pizzeria! I'm sure his and Tilwen's concoction leaves all american pizza in the dust! I have Janet "Shirebound" to thank for this plot bunny...I had thought of it myself, but shrugged it off, thinking it a wee bit far fetched. Then I saw where she'd had the same idea, so I decided to go with it!:):):)

Name: Tanis (Signed) · Date: August 02, 2014 0:36 · For: 12. A Remembrance...or Maybe Not
I used up nigh unto half a box of kleenex with this one. Your metaphor for Sam was my undoing.

And I'm again imagining Sam listening to this, and Rosie with her arms around him, as he too relives that awful time when hope had fled and only will was left.

Heartrendingly beautiful despite the ugliness clinging to them throughout that journey.

Author's Response: I'm almost of the notion that he never read it to Sam, knowing what an effect it would be likely to have on him, but probably kept it to himself (it was originally a stand-alone short story that I couldn't quite bring myself to post, although I did eventually). I think I borrowed the concept of things being not literally true but nevertheless true in spirit from Tim O'Brien, hence the Balm as metaphor for love, which was there even if the actual balm were not. In keeping with the theme of Truth, I'm sure! ~~~~~{~@

Name: Tanis (Signed) · Date: August 02, 2014 0:23 · For: 11. Complaints
Now who could this fairy with bosoms be? And how does she fit into what Frodo's heart most desires...hmmmmm?

I adore Lyrien, she's so bright and ephemeral, but at the same time so very grounded. She is a Love and a really fabulous OC. Just her presence brings a touch of enchantment when she appears.

Curiously, I was a little taken aback by Frodo's bit of maudlin jealousy, but you made me think about all he gave up to make the trip to the island - all except Bilbo. And Frodo's little fit of pique took on a whole new dimension.

Author's Response: Hmmm...well, if you've read "Anemone" and/or "Bear Me Away" I'm sure you've some idea of who the little "fairy" lady might be! ;) Yes, Lyrien is one of my own favorite OCs, loosely modeled on a niece of mine who is a complete sweetheart, and I'm thinking her innocence and brightness and creativity do more to effect Frodo's healing than all the wise council of his elders put together! Never did take to some authors' concept of Frodo as some saintly too-good-for-this-earth being and prefer to keep him wonderfully human, and what better way to do that than crawl into his skin and look at everything from his own POV?

Name: Tanis (Signed) · Date: August 01, 2014 1:35 · For: 10. Beacon
Ahhhhh ... perhaps R

Name: Tanis (Signed) · Date: August 01, 2014 1:19 · For: 9. Intimations of Immortality
Hmmmmm ... another interesting conundrum you've set me. Can anything motivated purely by selfishness live on the island? R

Name: Tanis (Signed) · Date: August 01, 2014 1:06 · For: 8. Heights
Mmmmm ... I think perhaps Frodo would hold his own just fine in a philosophical debate on the Nature of Evil. And what an interesting little trip into his mind as regards the power of the Ring. The glimpse of the edge of ecstasy that drove him at the last when he would have disposed of it.

That's certainly not the first thing that comes to my mind - even before seeing the movie - when imagining him at the end of his perilous journey where all he has striven for is about to come to fruition. And suddenly, he can't quite bring himself to destroy it. But it makes perfect sense reading it here.

I love the transposition of his thinking here at the end where this new tower becomes a beacon of light, effacing to some extent at least, the tower of darkness that has overshadowed him for so long.

Author's Response: Before I started writing LotR fanfic, I immersed myself in other fanfiction, soaking up other authors' takes on Middle Earth, and learned quite a bit from them. Also read some of Tolkien's own writings about his work. I was especially interested in the views of Frodo's claiming of the Ring at the end of the journey, and the power of evil, and so forth. Yes, I think he would hold his own in the debate all too well! I dare say he knows much more about it than some of the ones discussing at length. Which may well be why he is reluctant to get involved in it. He knows too much for comfort, and may fear alienating others with his knowledge. Putting on the Ring at the last enabled him to enter the mind of the Enemy--to *become* the Enemy, in effect, if only for a moment, to be saved from the unthinkable by Gollum, of all people. Once more the solicitude of his friends and mentors, and his own appreciation of the beauties of the land, and concern for another being, even one he actually doesn't like much, enables Frodo to overcome his dread and cast out his own demons, so that he can see things for what they are and continue to dwell in the Light himself.

Name: Tanis (Signed) · Date: August 01, 2014 0:53 · For: 7. Ridiculous
Camping on *the island*! You have definitely steered my personal vision of Valinor away from crystal stairways and streets paved with crushed diamonds.

I like your take here on the legend of Elrond's parents; the Lady Elwing a widow of long standing. I'm curious to see how her bird tower fits into this, if you've kept any part of the legend in tact, and just where the gentle beginning of this possible love story will lead.

Author's Response: Oh, I'm not above a bit of AU-ing, when something in canon doesn't click with me. And it seems I read that Earendil (sp?) was "rewarded" by the powers by becoming the Evening Star, or something like that. Well, that didn't sound much like a reward to me, going about space in circles separated from his wife for all time! It actually sounded like a horrible punishment, like the Flying Dutchman. So I decided it was just a myth that grew among elvendom, and he was actually lost at sea; seemed much more plausible. Crushed diamonds sound a bit hard on the feet! lol Thanks so much for reviewing! ~~~~~{~@

Name: Tanis (Signed) · Date: July 31, 2014 21:41 · For: 6. Missing
I must admit I'm not much of a poetry connoisseur, but the insertions in here from Frodo and Tilwen are lovely.

I must say you are really great at writing OC's. The little tidbit about Tilwen's poetry often extolling the attributes and virtues of her new spouse makes her so much more real.

The peacock guard dog and that irate spousal unit intent on less than murderous, but still retributional activities, was pretty funny! I loved the way you understate the values of *the island* as you've named it so intimately, with that little scene.

Also, your use of *the island* vs any of the other terms associated with this land of milk and honey gives the whole of Valinor such a homey feel for me. In these little vignettes it has become more substantial, if that makes any sense. Less like an elven *heaven* and more like a place where real people would long to live.

You captured the whole sense of this really well, too, with Frodo's confession to Sam that he really does not want to go home to live.

Very poignant, story.

P.S. Yes, I too get a lot of milage out of a review that's more than four or five words. I'm always pleased to know that someone's read a story and taken time to leave any kind of a note, but when a reader shares something more, it multiples my enjoyment, both in the creation and the sharing of something, exponentially!

Author's Response: Oh wow, such a lot of wonderful feedback! Yes, when I started on this series, I was faced with the challenge of writing a story set in a paradise where no serpent could intrude. But it came to me, and yes, I conceived of Valinor not as heaven or fairyland but simply as a gorgeous country with lush scenery and architecture, etc. and an untouched and rarified atmosphere that had a peculiarly healing effect upon any who were receptive to it. It turned out to be easier than I anticipated. But the people who inhabited are the most healing thing, naturally. Pretty scenery would have been just that and nothing more, but for the living, breathing denizens who are the heart and soul of the land. Not that they are perfect, as you've seen. Many of them need fixing just as our hero does. Frodo finds his own healing in being able to help others, as he comes to find. Thanks so much--I greatly enjoy my OCs, and not sure where they come from, they just materialize at need somehow! I've seen you have quite a way with words yourself, and could probably write poetry too, if you set your mind to it *grin*

Name: Tanis (Signed) · Date: July 28, 2014 0:11 · For: 5. Questions
Oh my, I can't see to write for the tears flowing down my face. I will have to go and find some kleenex when I finish this.

There is such heart in these tender little slice of life stories, such exquisite opening, if you will, to the universe.

I am in the stories, surrounded by the love and affection, as I read, feeling each emotion right along with the character.

And now I must go again, but thank you for a fabulous hour spent in Valinor with Frodo and Bilbo and their friends.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! I love it when a reader says something more detailed than just "Wow, this is great!" Don't you? Hope you'll find the time for more soon--I look forward to your next feedback!:) ~~~~~{~@

Name: Tanis (Signed) · Date: July 28, 2014 0:02 · For: 4. Admiration
Awwwwww ... I saw some Frodo and Sam dollies someone had made on one of the Yahoo lists and those images immediately came to mind when I read this.

I would have loved to eavesdrop on the discussion on the nature of evil among immortals who've had lives long enough to have a good handle on that topic!

Author's Response: Oh, I saw some hobbit-dolls that some had made recently too! I'd really like to have some for my own, as long as they are handmade and not some mass-produced factory items. I imagine Frodo had had one too many brushes with actual evil to want to join the discussion on that particular subject! Although as for myself, I would probably have been torn between wanting to listen and being afraid to do so. Thanks once more for your comments--I'm totally delighted to read them!:):):):)

Name: Tanis (Signed) · Date: July 27, 2014 23:53 · For: 3. Picking Faults
WHAT!??! Frodo didn't actually say to R

Name: Tanis (Signed) · Date: July 27, 2014 23:41 · For: 2. Outrage
When balrogs wear ice skates?!! You have me howling hysterically again!

I was also standing back in the corner snickering as Frodo and Bilbo gave the great R

Name: Tanis (Signed) · Date: July 19, 2014 21:48 · For: 1. Yachting
These days, I have so little time to play, I rarely ever read something by someone I don't know, but I do always try to check out stories or favorites by anyone who leaves a review, because I often find that if someone likes what I've shared, I like things they've shared! And such was the case here!

I LOVED this first little piece in this series and will be bookmarking it to come back and read the rest as I have time.

Luminescence is ... well - luminescent! Frodo's descriptions of their rooms for Sam - the floor and walls and fountain, not to mention the Northern Lights they have every evening ('m jealous - seeing the Northern Lights for real is on my bucket list!)- just exquisite! I could *hear* Frodo's voice in my head as I read this, talking to his beloved Sam, and easily imagine Sam's delight at being able to hear Frodo AND hear tales of the Blessed Realm.

The beach party, boat race and the tasty squid were so adroitly written, I think I might have gotten a touch of sunburn as I sat beside Bilbo to watch the race and try the delecacies! As was the beautiful costumes and dancing!

A wonderful, truly luminescent story!

I'll be back ... she says in her best Arnold impression.

Author's Response: Wow, I LOVE a detailed review! I'm the same way, I seldom read stuff by people I don't know, but once in a while something catches my eye and I just have a feeling I might enjoy it--and most of the time I do! I often tried to imagine what Frodo's life in the West must have been like, and there were so few stories out there other than the ones about his reunion with Sam (and yes I did write my own). So I got to imagining and then I couldn't quit! Most of the stories didn't make his life sound very exciting or eventful, so I set out to make it so...maybe pushing the envelope on occasion, but what the hey! Hope you'll stick around and follow some more of Frodo's adventures! Thanks so much for commenting Tanis! I'd like to see some more of your writing as well because it sounds like the sort of thing I enjoy reading. And yes, I've always wanted to see the Northern Lights too! I live too far south for it, but maybe one of these days--surely seeing them in photos and films can't even come close to seeing them in reality!

Name: XxIrisxX (Signed) · Date: July 12, 2014 19:11 · For: 10. Beacon

Brilliant as always! More, more more! 

Author's Response: Thanks! Coming right up! :):):)

Name: XxIrisxX (Signed) · Date: July 03, 2014 20:33 · For: 1. Yachting

It's very amusing. Excited to read the rest! :)

Author's Response: Thank you Iris! More coming right up :)

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