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Borderlands by Marchwriter General Audiences
Better, Nellas said to herself and the trees who listened, to remain apart from Men. Better so than to become entangled in...
Be All My Sins Remembered by Marchwriter Teen
Wisdom is hard bought — more often by bitter experience than any sort of grace. While hunting in the wilderlands of Beleriand...
The Magnificent Faerie Advent Calendar 2018 by cheekybeak Teen
It’s that time again. What is in store for us when Aragorn drags half of Minas Tirith to Imladris for Yule? 
Oasis by Marchwriter Mature
On the verge of perishing in the desert after a fruitless search, a determined Elrohir locates a caravan of Easterlings...
West of the Dark East of the Sun by Marchwriter Teen
Determined to clear Ithilien of the enemy, Faramir is forced to decide the fate of a stranger trespassing in Gondor's realm.
The World breaks Everyone by mangacrack Explicit
Strength isn’t just about how much you can handle before you break. It’s also about how much you must handle...
Negotiations by arafinwean General Audiences
Haleth looks at Caranthir and wonders what he's lost.Or the first meeting between the two. Written for the Starter Prompt...

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12/11/18 09:13 pm
Lol! I love how our confusion has carried over to the Shout Box!
12/10/18 09:48 pm
whoah- have we missed out Gabriel??? Chapter 10?
12/10/18 12:34 am
12/09/18 10:01 pm
Ok- thanks Nelya- happy birthday to your Dad!
12/09/18 08:58 am
Chapter 9 is up :) yep, Nelya, pretty sure that's right!
12/09/18 06:52 am
Ziggy I think narya posts ch 9 next then Gabriel with 10 and then you with 11 and Naledi with 12. Then cheeky 13, Narya 14, me 15 (not written yet!)
12/08/18 09:40 pm
I'm sooooo confused- whose turn is it??
12/08/18 04:06 pm
chapter 8. is up! Happy weekend to everyone!
12/08/18 10:03 am
Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend so far! :D
12/08/18 09:46 am
Happy weekend!
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Reviews For The M Files

Name: Marchwriter (Signed) · Date: March 29, 2014 1:10 · For: Secret Garden
Elladan and ERESTOR (argh!! It's my writing of Elrohir lately--too used to typing his name.)

But WOW Cirdan and Madame! Such a dark (darker) turn.

Nice bit of lampshade hanging there: "It sounds too far fetched. And he’s old fashioned, he would never believe elves could work against other elves.” (No, and most fanfiction assumes the same.)

I love how you push the boundaries canon without breaking suspension of disbelief. I am typing-fail trying to express my joy. This story just begs continuation.

Author's Response:

I just did one of those writer's memes on LJ and had a few people gently suggest I should get on with writing more of this *g*.   Cirdan - I couldn't resist in the end. The idea that good, honest Cirdan could be one of the Extremely Bad guys is so far away from anything I've ever read, it just had to happen!  

Abd U beed to gush here - just a tiny bit - and tell you how blown away I am that you enjoyed this!  Thank you!!

Name: Marchwriter (Signed) · Date: March 23, 2014 21:36 · For: Secret Garden
What a gem of a story! I have devoured this and thoroughly enjoyed everything from the witty dialogue to the secret affair between Elrohir and Elladan, to the drunk Gildor and the mystery of these wicked plants and the shadowy "Madame." The writing just captured me and held me for all the right reasons. I sincerely hope a sequel is planned. Just a brilliant piece of work!

Author's Response:

Thank you so much, this review absolutely made my day :) (loved the typo btw, though Elrohir would be horrified *g*). I'll post the final chapter, sort of an epilogue, tonight, and after that there's a stand alone that feels like the prelude to the next story... There are so many loose ends to follow up that I can't imagine not writing more eventually - it's such fun to play with.

Name: lisse (Anonymous) · Date: March 09, 2014 15:15 · For: Secret Garden
Slash addict that I am, I'm loving the secret relationship. I must say it surprised me, but it works. I love a mystery and elves. So what a treat it is to read such a story as you have here.

Author's Response:

Hey Lisse.  This is one of those online mysteries - I remember thanking you but my comment isn't here. Mentioning it in case you got the notification anyhow and wonder why I'm replying again :D

I have never written these two together before this series. In fact I've never been much interested in seeing Erestor with either of the twins, so it took me by surprise too.... but they really fit somehow, don't they? They're a good balance for each other, and the secrecy adds that touch of spice that I suspect appeals to them both :D I'm glad you were enjoying the story and hope it's continued to appeal.


Name: Glorfindel (Signed) · Date: March 08, 2014 14:12 · For: Secret Garden
That last line still makes me shudder,and then the pods picture is directly underneath.

This is as good as I remembered it :)

Author's Response:

I am embarrassed to admit just how much I fun I had writing this chapter.

Thanks for re-reading it *hugs*

Name: lisse (Anonymous) · Date: March 06, 2014 16:45 · For: Secret Garden
Wonderfully written, horrible death. Now I have to read on next chance I get. So glad you are posting here!

Author's Response:

Glad you enjooyed it (is 'enjoy' the right word here?). I'm glad I've finally started posting here, it's a really nice archive. 

There'll be more later this weekend *hugs*

Name: Winterwitch (Signed) · Date: March 03, 2014 8:41 · For: Secret Garden

Since I had been reading this on my kindle at the frist time, I didn't really appreciate the artwork so far. It's gorgeous, and it fits your lovely, crazy, cool story so vrey well! :o)

Author's Response:

Red did a great job on the art. I thought it would be way more difficult to illustrate than it turned out. It's wonderful how messing around with the light and tone and adding the right quote can make a good picture just right though --- you might not recognise the original of that pod picture, lol.

And thank you for the fic compliments :) I love this world!

Name: curiouswombat (Signed) · Date: March 02, 2014 15:51 · For: A Conspiracy of Flowers

An excellent prequel.  I do love poor, scandalised, Elrond, and Celebrían continuing to shelter him from 'life's more unsettling realities'!

Author's Response:

Thank you :)

As soon as the reference to Celebrian appeared (this wrote itself, I really felt like a spectator), I knew she would have a wider role if I went on with the story... and poor Elrond, he is so sweet and well-meaning. Just a bit clueless, lol!

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