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01/22/19 01:01 am
Thank you SparkyTAS and Gabriel- this is lovely- you get birthday wishes for days!
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Happy birthday Ziggy! Wishing you all the best.
01/20/19 10:27 pm
Happy Birthday, Ziggy! I hope you've had a terrific day. :)
01/20/19 09:14 pm
Thank you Nelya:)
01/20/19 08:38 pm
happy birthday, Ziggy!!
01/20/19 05:03 pm
Thank you everyone:) That just made me ever so happy seeing all those kind wishes. Actually, just reading Narya and Spiced Wines' updates perfectly happy now:)xx
01/20/19 04:29 pm
Happy Birthday, Ziggy. Hope you’re having a great day xxx
01/20/19 01:57 pm
Happy birthday, Ziggy!!
Spiced Wine
01/20/19 01:27 pm
Is it your Birthday, Ziggy? Happy Brithday :)
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Ziggy, a very Happy Birthday to you! May your next year be a good one bringing you joy, happiness, and create good memories.
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Reviews For Melethryn Legolas

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: April 25, 2018 12:37 · For: Dragon Fever
Oh! Elfscribe!

That is terrible about what happens to Elwin. That he despaired. He must have thought the worst. That Legolas did not love him as he loved Legolas or maybe Legolas had someone else or maybe that he just wasn't enough. What torture!

Wow! All the information below this chapter was such an interesting read. Such a lot of background work and a lot of thought went into the writing of this story, Elfscribe.

Okay, so which story do you recommend I read next. Should I get into the backstory of Elwin and Legolas or should I read another story that you mentioned, I think it was about Thranduil, 'Swords and ...' or something else.

I'm really enjoying reading these wonderful stories of yours, Elfscribe.
In a sense I wish you were still writing. You're a fantastic writer and believe it or not you have taught me a great deal as well. :D

Author's Response:

I know. I totally feel bad about Elwin. He started out in Ohtarnil as a plot point and then grew into his own person. So glad you liked it. I know it was a bit of a long one. As far as recommendations for another story, the answer is, it depends on what you're in the mood for. If you'd like a short comedy try "To Light the Solstice Fire."  If you'd like a longer comedy set in 1st age Doriath, try "King Thingol's Codpiece."  If you liked Elwin and want a longer story, try "Time Enough for Love" or if you'd like to read when Legolas first gets together with the twins in Mirkwood, a story with more Thranduil (a blend of the good and bad) try "Swords & Seduction." And actually an incident in that story was mentioned in Dragon Fever. 

I'm so glad you are enjoying the stories. No one comments anymore so it's great to get your reviews in my in-box. Hope your own writing is doing well. Cheers!


Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: April 24, 2018 11:41 · For: Dragon Fever
Some things never change. And Thranduil's wrath is one of them.

I'm glad to see that the King has changed his tune and allowing Legolas to pursue the life he wants instead of being forced to wed and bring forth heirs.

Two years is a long time to be denied the right to see someone especially when you're in love. But I guess Thranduil could have dished out much worse. If it had have been for any other reason, two years would seem nothing to an Elf, but unable to assuage their desire for each other will be torture for poor Legolas and Elwin.

Great chapter! Elfscribe. Love Thranduil! :)

Author's Response:

Thranduil is hoping two years would be sufficient test of the staying power of Legolas' affections. The next story in the series Time Enough for Love starts after the 2 years have gone by. Thanks Gabriel for sticking with this story to the end!

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: April 24, 2018 10:46 · For: Dragon Fever
The price of keeping a Dragon from its hoard. Tut tut! Audun!

I half expected something to happen to him, even to the last he wouldn't relinquish the gold. So obsessed by it I guess.

But Goran being devoured by Smaug, that was a bit sad. I was starting to warm up to Goran towards the end.

But Legolas, on the other hand, did a spectacular job at saving the day. As I would have expected. :)

Author's Response:

I agree that Goran's death was a bit sad. He might have been redeemable. Legolas does grow up a lot through all this. 

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: April 12, 2018 9:35 · For: Dragon Fever
*Tiny bubbles emanated from his mouth. He turned his head looking for the bones and his hair swirled slowly about his face, like golden seaweed.*

This scene where Legolas is swiftly sinking to the bottom of the lake is so beautifully described and yet extremely creepy at once.

*There lay portions of the immense skeleton of the dragon, terrifying even in death: a long spiny backbone, with ribs still attached, a huge curved hip bone. In the distance lay a long skinny neck and a skull with huge eye sockets.*

This made me shiver. This passage really illustrated how immense and frightening Smaug was. Mind you it helps not to have a fear of deep dark water and gigantic creatures swimming around in it. I could not do what Legolas was doing.

But this was the most heartbreaking of all, Elfscribe! That Legolas had to give up a piece of his heart in order to save Elwin and the others. So he cannot give himself completely to the one he has come to love. OMG! That is awful! Damn Smaug! Even from the grave Smaug still has a lingering effect on people.

Great chapter! :)

Author's Response:

This is my favorite chapter in the whole story, even though, yes, poor Legolas.  I just loved depicting Smaug -- riddles and all.  Really glad you thought it was effective. Thanks!

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: April 12, 2018 8:44 · For: Dragon Fever
Now everyone seems to be afflicted with this dreaded fever. Well, everyone that is, except Talagan and Legolas.

Great to see Thranduil in this too, Elfscribe. And in typical Thranduil fashion, venting his anger. No wonder he is feared so much, by his people and by strangers alike. But I for one, love that he is a force to reckon with. :)

Author's Response:

This was my first attempt to write Thranduil. Funny, I don't think my characterization was so different from how he's depicted in The Hobbit Films -- even though my story came out a decade before Desolation of Smaug. lol.

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: April 06, 2018 13:26 · For: Dragon Fever
Oh my! This has to be Goran's greatest fantasy.;)

And Elfscribe, this was truly a exceptional scene, with legolas and Elwin doing their best to seduce Goran into letting down his guard. I think you out did yourself here. Although the sex scenes in 'Elegy for Numenor' were pretty steamy and mind numbing too.

I can't wait to read what happens once they get back to the 'Wood' and Thranduil. And Meril's going with them! This will be good. :)

Author's Response:

They certainly played on Goran's lust to get themselves out of a sticky situation. I liked Meril making the decision to come along. Hope you like the rest of it. Thanks again for lovely comments, Gabriel.

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: April 06, 2018 13:00 · For: Dragon Fever
What on earth is this fever people are coming down with?

Is it some kind of a curse upon them for the devious actions of Audun and his companions. That's the only explanation I can come up with, Elfscribe! But why only people who attended the Festival? Such a puzzle. :)

Oh! And Goran! He desperately needs to get laid. I can just imagine him drooling, amongst other things, over the idea of Legolas and Elwin being under his complete control. I sort of feel sorry for him having to keep his desires to himself. It must be torture to feel attracted to someone and not be able to do anything about it. No wonder he is the way he is.

But somehow I don't think Legolas and Elwin will allow him to have this 'control' for very long. They're very tricksy those two.

Love this. Intrigue round every corner. :D

Author's Response:

The fever is definitely mysterious. But all will be revealed. You're right, Legolas and Elwin likely have some tricks up their elvish sleeves. Thanks for comment!

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: April 06, 2018 11:08 · For: Dragon Fever
Hi Elfscribe! Hope this review finds you well.

Oh my gosh! Elwin is such a tease! LOL. I think he's just inflamed the situation with Goran. Making the man even more envious of the Elves and their carefree attitude towards same sex relationships, when he can't even look at another man let alone lay with him.

These dreams some of them are having are both intriguing and disturbing. At first I thought they were all about the desires of the dreamer, but now It seems some of them are having dreams/nightmares based on their fears with a bit of prescience thrown in, warning them of something.

I feel quite sorry for Meril though. Thinking she could have had something with Legolas. And Goran giving no thought to how upset his sister might be, finding the Elves in bed together. It was obvious it was quite a shock to her. It was almost like he wanted to get back at Legolas for refusing his advances or something.

This is not going very well for Legolas and Elwin. :/

Author's Response:

Heh, well, I think Elwin was getting a little revenge in his own way. I know, poor Meril, put into that position by her brother. I feel bad. Glad you're still reading!

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: March 06, 2018 6:49 · For: Dragon Fever
OMG! Do these guys ever give up?! They are really not ready to give up their newfound wealth that easily, are they!

What they would stoop to!

Planning to tarnish Legolas and Elwin's reputation as well as smear their private affairs all over Esgaroth. :(

I for one feel sorry for the girls, Nissa and Meril. Their the ones who will be the most affected, humiliated and hopefully not the laughing stock of the town.

They had such hope that spending time with the Elves would grant them a little respite from their dreary lives and give them a taste of what the world can offer outside their existence. Maybe move them to broaden their horizons sometime in the future.

I think they've sort of come to realize that their's no future for them with Legolas and Elwin, because of the obvious. But hey! They can dream and enjoy themselves while it lasts. :/

I can't wait to see if Audun can pull this latest idea off! Hopefully it will all fall apart for him. :)

Author's Response:

Our heroes do seem in big trouble here.  Yes, I do feel sorry for Nissa and Meril, who dream of something better in their lives. But the story isn't over yet!  Thanks, as always, Gabriel for your lovely comments. I'm glad you continue to enjoy this story.

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: March 06, 2018 6:01 · For: Dragon Fever
Hi Elfscribe! I hope this review finds you well and sorry about not being more frequent with the reviewing. Had a lot going on. :)

Gimli! So great to see Gimli in this.

You can't deceive Elves and Dwarves, even if you try to use their past grievances as a cover. Yes they've had their fair share of quibbles on both sides, but when it comes down to it Elves and Dwarves are a fierce and formidable force when united against a common enemy.

How Audun thought he could easily dupe these two races is beyond me. Maybe Men in their greed, seem to lose their ability to reason or think intelligently. Especially this Council. They were REALLY not thinking, so caught up in counting their coin I think. Tut! tut!.

I did enjoy watching Legolas and Gimli keep up the pretence that they were arguing over past resentments only to turn the heat on the Men, who stared back at them like deer caught in headlights. Lol.

Glad to see there's still an accord there. :)

Author's Response:

I really had fun imagining this backstory where Legolas and Gimli meet before the Council of Elrond and end up allies.  You're right, the Lakemen are not likely to end up well in all this.  :-D

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: February 25, 2018 12:10 · For: Dragon Fever
Just when I thought Elwin's taking of Legolas was a shock. Then Legolas retaliates with a rather kinky seduction of his own, with the use of a knife and some oil. Interesting.

They are so well matched. :)

Author's Response:

Obviously Legolas believes turnabout is fair play.  lol.  The backstory to Legolas' kinky play with the knife is another element in Swords & Seduction.  (Not that I'm pimping that fic, lol!!)   Glad you feel they are well-matched. Thanks for your comments! I'm glad you're still enjoying the story.

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: February 25, 2018 11:58 · For: Dragon Fever
OMG! Elfscribe!

I believe I am as shocked at Elwin as Legolas is. ;)

Poor Legolas. It took him a while to collect himself.

But there was something I noticed, Elfscribe. Why does Elwin think if he appears out of control he will lose Legolas. What is that all about?

Author's Response:

Elwin was being a bit of a devil there. lol.  Elwin thinks that if he shows Legolas how very deeply he's in love that he'll scare him off.  Haven't you ever been in that situation with a new relationship? Where you want to stay cool and not just fling yourself at your new lover for fear he'll get nervous and back away?  I've often found that the way to keep someone else interested is to appear a bit aloof -- at least until one is sure of the relationship. The dance of courtship. Anyhow, that's what Elwin believes about Legolas.  

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: February 15, 2018 6:25 · For: Dragon Fever
Hi there, Elfscribe!

Listen, I have to apologize for taking so long to review and for also, getting your AU more than likely mixed up with others I've read. I am so sorry for that. It was only when you highlighted it that I remembered Aragorn at the beginning and Melindi from 'Ohtarnil.' Feeling a tad sheepish.

Anyway, Legolas and Elwin are incorrigible! A night full of unrivaled passion, left smarting, big time, only to get themselves tangled up inside a bath. Lol.

I really liked the last part of the chapter. Talagan having a heart to heart conversation with Legolas, which didn't start out all that promising but ended in a mutual understanding of sorts. And Talagan realizing the Prince wasn't half as obstinate as he seemed.

And Legolas is afraid of his father?

Also Elfscribe, I keep reading that Legolas is the youngest in his family, I would love to know more about this. I'm sure I haven't read anything about any brothers or sisters Legolas may have, before. :)

Author's Response:

No need to apologize for anything. it's interesting, isn't it, how many, many different ways Legolas has been portrayed. It's like he's the image we can project of ourselves or imaginative selves onto. I remember enjoying the hell out of writing that bath scene and getting them stuck. Such boys!  I came to like Talagan myself in this story, as soon as he had some backstory. There's a lot more of him and Thranduil in the story I wrote after this one --- Swords & Seduction. I did love their chat where Legolas basically says, I'm an adult, Talagan. Treat me as such. In my 'verse, Legolas has a difficult relationship with his father and Legolas is the younger son. Since Tolkien doesn't mention Thranduil having other children, usually it's assumed Legolas was the only child, but it would be easy enough to imagine siblings. Thanks as ever for commenting.  

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: January 24, 2018 11:39 · For: Dragon Fever
What on earth is going on in the Lake? A bit of Dragons revenge I would wager. Or maybe even a curse come to seek out its victims. Even in death Smaug is a problem;

And everyone within the Inn is having their greatest desires played out in their dreams.

It was a surprise to learn that Talagan desires King Thranduil. ;) Poor Meril she's going to be bitterly dissapointed when she learns Legolas' Lembas bread is buttered on the other side and that she has no hope in securing an Elf Prince as a future husband. :/

The plot thickens. Love this story!

Author's Response:

Oh yes, that spooky mist coming out of the Lake.  Totally a horror scene in the making. As for Talagan, um yeah, he has a huge unrequited thing for Thranduil. There's more about it in my story Swords & Seduction, which I wrote just after this one.  I loved your phrase, "Legolas' lembas bread is buttered on the other side." LOL.  Although it's not apparent in this story, in my 'verse, Legolas is bi. You might remember that opening scene in Ohtarnil with Melindi, with whom he had a long and torrid affair years earlier. He talks about that in the scene with Goran in the cellar about how he finds himself drawn to beauty no matter what housing it takes. But yeah, I suspect you're right that Meril is likely to be disappointed. I'm happy you are enjoying the story!  Thanks again for your comments. Much appreciated.

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: January 24, 2018 11:00 · For: Dragon Fever
Some pretty steamy Elf sex in this chapter, Elfscribe! ;)

I like how Elwin is Legolas' equal and how you have not made him at all submissive.

This Goran character, will he ever let up in pursuing Legolas. And what on earth is he planning to do now, that Legolas has made it quite clear he is definitely not interested.

He's a bit of a worry, getting off on on the Elves' rather exuberant love making. I don't feel at all sorry for him. That's what he gets for trying to force himself on someone. :/

Author's Response:

Yeah, steamy for sure.  Glad you like Elwin's dynamic with Legolas. I did want them on an equal footing. Right, Goran, obviously he's not going away anytime soon. Cheers!

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: January 21, 2018 5:20 · For: Dragon Fever
You know Goran's lucky Legolas' response wasn't worse, he could quite easily have taken it to within an inch of Goran's life if he had wanted.

I was a little worried that Goran was actually going to act on the idea to capture Legolas and keep him a sexual slave. That would not have gone down too well between the Lakemen and the Elves, A *Diplomatic incident* of sorts. :/

Loving this story Elfscribe! :)

Author's Response:

Legolas showed a lot of restraint, but then killing the son of the Council head wouldn't have been a good plan either -- as you point out.  I know I keep going to fan history, but at the time I wrote this, it was common for authors to write Legolas as a weepy weakling unable to defend himself against an attack like this. (Believe it or not.) I never saw him that way. He's a skilled warrior for heaven's sake. So, I wrote him the way I see him. Thanks for your comments, Gabriel. It's fun for me to revisit this old story.

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: January 18, 2018 11:33 · For: Dragon Fever
I'm rather happy nothing has happened as yet between Legolas and Goran. Phew!
I can relax now. lol

I'm glad Legolas bested Goran in the darts competition. With all his bravado he completely underestimated the Prince. Legolas employing his warrior attributes to totally blindside him.

The revelation that the head of the Merchants Guild and also head of the Town Council are stealing from Elven generosity and then selling it on to feather their own beds is quite a worry.

I hope no one gets hurt. Especially Legolas and Elwin. But those I truly feel for are Meril and Nissa who have no idea of their father's vice.

Love this story Elfscribe! :)

Author's Response:

The dart game was so much fun to write. As I recall, (it's been awhile). I had to research dart games and then since nothing was quite working -- I needed it to be very quick and easy to explain -- I made up the rules. Ah yes, the plot thickens with the Merchants Guild. I wrote this way before the Hobbit movies came out, so it's fun to see some similar threads in the movie about the councils' corruption.  I'm pleased you're enjoying this one. As ever, thanks for your comments.

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: January 17, 2018 4:55 · For: Dragon Fever
Its so good to see Legolas and Elwin finally showing their feelings for one another.

But I am still very suspicious of Goran and his motives. If his fantasies of Legolas do come about through his maneuverings then how is Elwin going to feel, especially if he believes Legolas bedded Goran, which I doubt very much, but still, unless Elwin is completely unaffected by Legolas taking someone else to bed. I don't know!

Listen to me. I think I've just made more drama of this than the next chapter will. Lol

Great little story Elfscribe!

Author's Response:

LOL!  You've definitely created some drama there. You'll have to read on to see what happens. Glad you're enjoying it!

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: January 14, 2018 11:30 · For: Dragon Fever
I get the feeling Meril and Nissa don't get to see many Elves.

They're so starry-eyed. Like they've earmarked Legolas and Elwin as their future husbands. lol

I wonder about Goran. He has me slightly suspicious of his intentions. :/

This is intriguing Elfscribe. It has me wondering what's going to happen next. I love that about your stories. :)

Author's Response:

Meril and Nissa both have an eye for lovely men, for sure, and so does Goran.lol. Glad to know you're intrigued. 

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: January 12, 2018 11:24 · For: Dragon Fever
Legolas is quite rebellious in this. Mind you with a father like Thranduil who seems to have extended his control of his realm to include his youngest son, its no wonder Legolas revels in his freedom.

Its no surprise that Smaug was everyone's bane in life as in death. Fancy still being able to guard his horde from beyond the grave.

I love how the children paddle out excitedly to greet the newcomers, crying, "Elves! Elves from Mirkwood!" Elves seem to be seen by mortal's as wonderous and magical. :)

Lastly, I just wanted to ask, if you'd be interested in reviewing a story I have posted. The first since joining Faerie. For I would really value your comments and any advice you may have. :)

Author's Response:

Yes, this version of Legolas is still quite young and chaffing under his father's control. I really enjoyed writing Smaug is this story and also envisioning Laketown.  Thanks for letting me know about your story. I enjoyed reading it and left a few comments. I'm glad to see you writing.  Cheers!

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: January 11, 2018 6:54 · For: Dragon Fever
'Ohtarnil' as Legolas has discovered can be both a blessing and a curse.

I can't help but feel that Legolas has fallen some for Aragorn, more than the pledge itself.

I understand that warriors need and deserve some happiness in times of war. It is one way of lifting and keeping morale alive.

But Legolas now realizes it can also be tinged with sadness. For as soon as the war is over Aragorn will return to his life and love. In which Legolas is not a part of. :(

Author's Response:

I think you're right that Legolas has fallen for Aragorn, and Aragorn likewise. Will definitely make things hard after the war. I don't know why I made my Legolas so unlucky in love. I think it was very common at the time I wrote this --early in the LOTR fandom--for authors to write tragic Aragorn and Legolas 'cause of Arwen and all. Lots of authors handled that in different ways. This story was the second fanfiction I ever wrote. Hopefully it holds up okay. Thanks!  You're a sweetie.

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: July 20, 2017 11:32 · For: Ohtarnil: A Warrior Love
That was a great and meaningful end to an awesome first story.
I'm glad Aragorn sorted the guilt he had for thinking he was betraying Arwen.
That its something that is understood by the Elves and sometimes a necessary in wartime, especially to keep spirits high.
A great read! Onto the next one. :D

Author's Response:

I'm so glad you enjoyed the story. Thanks so much for all your comments!

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: July 20, 2017 11:10 · For: Ohtarnil: A Warrior Love
Oh no! Poor Elwin, poor Leggie.
I think their relationship, although filled with wonderful moments and times together, seemed to be doomed from the start.
With Thranduil's vehement disapproval of the whole affair and Legolas's inability to give of himself as a result of this and for several other reasons as well, it just seems such a heartbreaking situation. Sniff.

Author's Response:

Really sad, I know. Poor Legolas. The full reason why he couldn't love Elwin with his whole heart is revealed in Dragon Fever. Thanks!

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: July 18, 2017 8:49 · For: Ohtarnil: A Warrior Love
Wow! Aragorn and Legolas act like two starving wolves with each other. Legolas who hasn't been with another male since Elwin forty-fifty years ago, and Aragorn who's new to all this but is desperate to assuage his need. Is he falling in love with Legolas or is in fact a little in love with him or is it just purely a release? Because he seems so starstruck by Legolas.

Now I know Arwen isn't even in this story, but I can't help but feel for her in all this. Remaining chaste while she awaits her future husbands return. I wonder what would happen if she ever found out?
A great read! :)

Author's Response:

Oh, I think Aragorn falls for Legolas bigtime in this, and vice versa. I never dealt with how Arwen took this but in this verse she would have understood. Thanks for lovely reviews!

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: July 18, 2017 7:39 · For: Ohtarnil: A Warrior Love
There's a part in this chapter where Legolas soothes a dying stag, before breathing in its soul; very interesting. I like reading about Elves and their affinity with nature and their so called "magic" such are the legendary secrets of the Elves.
Oh, and Legolas and Aragorn seriously need to get a room. :D

Author's Response:

I was inspired to write the scene with the stag by stories of American Indian hunters thanking a deer for giving its life so they could eat. Figured elves would be in tune with nature as well. And yes, lol, Aragorn and Legolas need to get a room.

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