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Spiced Wine
05/20/19 09:23 pm
Happy Birthday, esteliel!
05/20/19 05:42 pm
Happy Birthday to esteliel! I hope you enjoy your special day! :) *hugs*
Spiced Wine
05/17/19 08:56 am
Happy Friday everyone :)
05/12/19 02:57 pm
Ysilme- yes, a rather nice compensation:) Thank you for all your kind wishes x
05/10/19 01:05 pm
Happy Friday and some beautiful sun from here, too! *waves*
Spiced Wine
05/10/19 09:34 am
Happy Friday, everyone :)
05/09/19 12:45 pm
Oh my dear Ziggy! What are you doing to yourself. I hope you heal quickly and you're back in the saddle, so to speak, as soon as possible. :)
05/08/19 11:46 pm
That sounds like a nice silver lining, Ziggy!
05/08/19 09:57 pm
The really nice thing is that I actually have some time to read and write after working for home all day- instead of working at work and then working at home!
05/08/19 09:56 pm
Naledi- haha- yes, hoist by my own wished-for-petard! That doesn't quite make sense. Thank you as well Fadestothewest and Ysilme, Narya- I am actually lucky. Could have been much worse!x
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Name: Kalendeer (Signed) · Date: August 07, 2018 13:18 · For: Dark Prince ~ The Darkness Has Its Own Light.

"The man did not take him until he was hale, and by then every nerve screamed for possession in a turmoil of loathing and wanton hunger. He feared more pain, but it was not rape; this time, cool oil was slipped within him and made him gasp out a stifled, voiceless cry. He tensed, feeling the invasion and trembled, braced himself. Strong, slender hands clasped his hips and then...then some part within him was touched which burned him into shocking, blazing pleasure. He moaned as the movement blasted him again and again, and he abdicated control, pushed back. Lips dropped kisses on his back, his shoulders, scattered them amid whispers of seduction. A hand reached around to clasp his engorged shaft – and his sanity shattered again. There was only hunger."


That's a great sex scene because it is sexy yet it never becomes vulgar and it is actually not that explicit. There's the perfect amount of hot and poetry and a nice focus on Maglor's sensations that works really really well.

Author's Response: Yes, this wasn’t very explicit, as Maglor was kind of ‘out there’ and so it seemed best to let it be ,ore a wash of sensations.

Name: Kalendeer (Signed) · Date: August 07, 2018 12:54 · For: Dark Prince ~ The Darkness Has Its Own Light.

I wonder about Vanimorë's sterility since Luthien had children. Is it because Luthien maia blood comes from her mother? Because she actually loved Thingol? Is it because Luthien is female and Vanimorë is male? Or did Sauron make him sterile on purpose?

Author's Response: It was actually Melkor who made him sterile, as Melkor helped with his ‘birth’ so to speak, not Sauron

Name: Kalendeer (Signed) · Date: August 07, 2018 12:32 · For: Dark Prince ~ The Darkness Has Its Own Light.

Sauron almost made me ship him with Vanimorë. I think Vanimorë could have forgiven the Morgoth thing if Sauron had sounded less smug about it in Angband or had kept his sister out of it. I think it just shows that Sauron is not a warrior and is trying to buy himself one to ensure Vanimorë will not betray him, even if Vanimorë does not see it yet.

Author's Response: Yes, exactly; Vanimórë would not have hated his father so muhc had it not been for his sister and that betrayal when Sauron would not help him against Morgoth. Not that Sauron could have done anything, of course but it was his attitude

Name: Kalendeer (Signed) · Date: August 06, 2018 14:04 · For: Dark Prince ~ The Darkness Has Its Own Light.

In the almost ninety years from the Fall of Nargothrond until the War of Wrath, Vanimórë spent much of the time among the Easterling's. It was then he began to wield the twin swords which he used ever after. He took lovers also, learning through patience and intuition how to please and feel pleasure. Those he chose seemed eager - too eager, he thought. He was sent from Angband, what choice did they have but to please him? He did not see what he had become and had he considered it, would not have cared. His own war of hate and pride, the times of violation, unseated all else in his mind. No lover touched his heart. All were a temporary release, an affirmation that Melkor would not rob him of his own desires. He cared for no one. How could he come to caring, after the killing of his own sister, no matter how pure his motives had been?
Yet he saw love; mothers and fathers smiling at children, the thralls in Angband tending one another, offering to their fellow captives a comfort out of their own suffering. He knew that there were things Melkor could not control, for all his power. There had to be, or all hope would be gone - but he himself did not possess hope, only a steely determination. Death might break him, Melkor never would.

Poor Vanimorë looks like his "troubled" childhood deprived him of some much needed emotions, but that makes sense. He still clings to the idea of love even if he seems to think he cannot feel/have it anymore. It seems like being Sauron's son excludes him (in his mind) of humanity.


But the interior of Vanimórë's great pavilion was spotless. He conducted most of his work there, sitting at a large trestle table. Behind this main room was another for times of privacy or his infrequent rest. Here his armor was placed upon a stand and there was a beaten copper bathing tub where he washed. There was a scent of heather, lavender and mint, the plants and herbs which scented his water. Vanimórë, was always scrupulously clean; he felt defiled.

Great details to expand the characterization.




Author's Response: Vanimórë knows there is love, he just does not think there is any for him. And yes, his outer appearance and the way he orders things, is a direct indication of his trying to make everything ‘clean’, when he feels so unclean,

Name: Kalendeer (Signed) · Date: August 06, 2018 12:58 · For: Dark Prince ~ The Darkness Has Its Own Light.

"fear touched it like a breath" "His tone dropped into deadly quiet." "A hand like a hill descended on one shoulder and forced Vanimórë to his knees." "She was gone, falling bonelessly against him, hair flooding to the floor, the gentle music of the gemstones tinkling like rain through the harsh sound of his breathing."

Beautiful writing <3

"He leaped even as he spoke, borne on that overmastering blood tide of rage, his movements faster than the Balrog anticipated; a graceful blur who spun as he turned, his sword opening a cut which spilled red ichor onto the sand. Landing like a cat, he caught the descending sword against his own blade, muscles locking, strained with effort, until he released it. That sudden move unbalanced the Balrog. It stumbled forward even as Vanimórë came to his feet behind it, and in one move sliced across the base of the demon's legs. A bellow burst from the great throat."

Writing fighting scenes is hard. I remember from my early readings that you wrote Vanimorë beautifully when he fought, and this does not disappoint!

I like that Valoron/Fëapolda did not give his real name until the end. Names have power, and by keeping his name secret he somehow protected some small part of himself.

Author's Response: Thank you :)

Vanimórë fight like a poem of death, he always had to, as he wouldn’t allow himself to die.

Name: Kalendeer (Signed) · Date: August 06, 2018 1:09 · For: Dark Prince ~ The Darkness Has Its Own Light.

The first thing I like about Vanimorë is his name. Honestly, I have been jealous of this year for years, it's so beautiful in meaning and sound alike.

I like the way your wrote the fall of the tower: the beauty under the filth or destroyed, the shadow of what it used to be and what it became after Sauron took it for himself.

Melkor is definitly scary. I like how efficient your descriptions are, how you extract only the meaningfull details that will evoke feelings.

I don't know if Valoron would have loathed Vanimorë if he had known about his parentage, but I can completely understand why Vanimorë would not risk it. I feel like he has this instinctive desire to get close to elves and feel no kinship at all with Morgoth's creatures.

Author's Response: Aww thank you; I needed a name for him that was ‘what’ he was.

And I don’t think Valoron would have hated Vanimórë but Van was so steeped in self-hate that he didn’t want to risk it.

Name: Espritretors (Signed) · Date: March 19, 2018 19:13 · For: Dark Prince ~ The Darkness Has Its Own Light.
I was rereading this story recently as it’s one of my favorite of yours. I wonder if part of the reason Maglor is so angry at Vanimorë is not only that he kept him alive when he wanted to die, but that Van left him. Fëanor showed Maglor desire in Valinor…and then left him to deal with the resulting feelings, un-acted upon, only to die and leave him with them unresolved. In Barad Dur Vanimorë reignited this desire…and then pushed Maglor out the door (not that he could do anything else but still). Now Maglor is once again left alone to deal with his very conflicted feelings, and more importantly, is being left to live alone in bleakness after having shown all that life could be. I think it’s still present in later stories in the fact Maglor might flounce out of a room in anger but to my knowledge, he is never the one that leaves Vanimorë (contrary to let’s say, Tindomion leaving Gil behind for Imladris). He hovers around in Tanith (in Dark Blood) when he could leave, but never does. I think also that since he is always the one that prevaricates and fight against desire, that he unwittingly ends up stuck in the role of hating Vanimorë past the point where he would choose to himself. I think it’s in Dark Gods that Vanimorë tells him not to stop hating him as he loves the spice. At that point, Maglor still resents how easily Vanimorë can play him but he does not bring up hating him unless Vanimorë brings it up. So basically, he painted himself in a corner. Anyway, I have high hopes for their meeting in Anvil! Thank you for writing such a fascinating story.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for this most insightful review :) Sometimes it takes readers to see patterns that the writer never really sees :)

Oddly enough I am writing these two at the moment, and some of this does come up. Vanimórë would not have sent Maglor away from Mordor if there were any other way, and I think that angered him (Van) a great deal, bit as you say, what else could he do? And under his resentment and knee-jerk reactions to Vanimórë Maglor knows there is a bond, and alway will be. yes, he did rather paint himself into a corner, but so much has changed now, we’ll have to see what comes of it :) Thank you very much!

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: February 27, 2018 8:58 · For: Dark Prince ~ The Darkness Has Its Own Light.
Oh! This is really NOT the Valar's day, is it! :)

Having Feanor reborn was a bit of a slap in the face, but with the rest of the Noldor following suit, well, I'd say the Valar's days are numbered.

Poor Maglor just couldn't believe it! His father, his brother's, all those he had known and loved materializing on the beach, its any wonder he wept. He had longed for this reunion for many an age.

If ever there was a time and place for father and son to meet, this would have been it. And wow! Could not have picked a better moment, surrounded by luminaries of legend.

I am so glad Elgalad was brought back. Who knows what Vanimore would have done if he had to live the rest of his life without him. He is probably right. He would have become something like his father without Elgalad's love. That's a heartbreaking and frightening thought.

Great chapter to end the Dark Prince with, Spiced! :)

Should I move onto Starfall or continue with Dark Lands?

Author's Response: Yes, the Valar’s days are numbered. They do retain some power, but it’s fading, as is shown in later stories, but their hate is as strong as ever!

Yes, it was lovely to write them all returning, ever since I first read the Silm in the 80’s I wanted to do that :)

If you wanted to read more, it’s really up to you. I think, to properly understand the rest of the stories, ‘Starfall’ is the best one to read, really. It is from the time Fingolfin comes to Endor, to the Last Alliance. Thank you so much, Gabriel :)

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: February 23, 2018 6:01 · For: Dark Prince ~ The Darkness Has Its Own Light.
This chapter was such an emotional ride, Spiced!

And I did not realize Vanimore could shape shift! Such a surprise! He's been keeping that one under wraps. But at the same time I can understand why he would want to. He loathes himself enough for being Sauron's son.

I think there is such a sense of poetic justice in Vanimore and Glorfindel becoming powers. Giving the Valar the proverbial finger, so to speak. I mean the Valar have only ever shown contempt and hubris toward the Noldor, leaving them to their fate as if in punishment for daring to leave the protection and sovereignty of Aman.

But this was the part of the chapter that brought tears to my eyes. I know it sounds silly.

*There was green, gold. There was light, after so long, when all he had been was a houseless flame which refused to go out, to be eaten by the Night.

The spirit was aware of weight, of flesh, of solidity forming around the soul. He felt air rush into lungs which began to inflate and deflate, felt his heart begin to beat. He staggered, regained his balance. Long hair fell like water against his back.

He went down on his knees again, just breathing, seeing each mote of sand below him, feeling its granular texture. The wild scent of brine was in the air. With a powerful surge and bunch of sinew, he forced this new body to its feet. For a moment the weight disoriented him, and then his soul forged with it as hand into glove.

Feanor raised his head.*

It still brings a tear just writing it. I really loved this!


Oh! And love the artwork!

Author's Response: Vanim?r? had never shape shifted before. He deliberately tried to do nothing that Sauron could do, although the gift was always inherent in him.

Now the Valar will begin to lose power, as they should, the useless bastards lol.

But oh, I am glad you loved F?anor?s return. I had to write this (and all the other Dark Prince stories) and then all of Magnificat Book I before I could continue from this part. I was determined to bring back the Noldor who had died. So thank you, Gabriel!

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: February 20, 2018 6:58 · For: Dark Prince ~ The Darkness Has Its Own Light.
Oh! I love Maglor and Vanimore in these chapters.

I love their love hate relationship. Maglor infuriated by Vanimore's control over him and Vanimore fueling the fire by goading him, baiting him. :)

Although in saying that I do feel for Maglor as he is a little tortured by the whole situation. By what happened to him in Mordor. Loathes it but needs it.

I love the battle scenes in this chapter. I'm a bit of a sucker for battle scenes. Loved how surprised Elgalad was that Maglor was the one rescuing him and Maglor shoving the hilt of a dagger into Elgalad's palm, turns and is back in the action. Maglor is just gorgeous!

But what Vanimore does to Hagard! *shudders* I know Hagard had done some pretty foul things in his past and was planning to rape and kill Elgalad, but I can't help but be a bit squeamish reading it. It just reminds me of poor Celebrimbor. Not that I'm the least bit sad for Hagard, but, Vanimore in this, is truly his father's son.

I'm bursting at the seams for Maglor and Tindomion's meeting. Can't wait for that!

Super enjoyable chapter! Spiced Wine!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Gabriel :) Yes, I love Vanimórë and Maglor; there will always be some sort of thread, some burning connection between them, forged out of need and hate and pain.

Maglor is just gorgeous, yes, my favourite of the sons :)

And speaking of sons, and Vanimórë’s cruelty, yes he is is father’s son, and he knows it and hates it, and tries to fight it, but he is, and he can be completely without pity.
Thank you so much for commenting :)

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: February 13, 2018 8:29 · For: Dark Prince ~ The Darkness Has Its Own Light.
Wow! That Malthador really has become a nasty piece of work. Making Elgalad pay for rebuffing him then throw in antipathy for the Noldor-kinslayers knowing full well Elgalad's Lord is one-you've got one messed up Elf who believes his treatment of Elgalad is just and for the betterment amd protection of the realm. :/

I'm so relieved he's been dealt with.

I love how Tindomion, Glorfindel and Legolas are extremely protective of Elgalad and Tindomion's words to him when he apologised for setting foot in the santuary where Gil galad was buried.

*"He would not mind, Elgalad, he would welcome thee. Thou doth know how to love."*

It brought tears to my eyes. The High King sent into the everlasting dark for that very thing.

Then there's Vanimore who's this steely-eyed veteran warrior who you'd think would easily best the Mouth in anything, which he does to perfection, only to have his father humiliate him, demean him by giving him as some sort of consolation prize to the Mouth. His life is so full of horror of the highest order. I just cringed when he was chained and left for that abhorrent excuse of a Man to do with as he pleased. Poor Vanimore, its any wonder he's sane at all. Being used and abused like that. *Shivers*

Loved this chapter, though Spiced Wine! :)

Author's Response: Yes, Malthador was embittered and hated Elgalad, poor thing. But at least it’s been found out now and taken in hand.

Ah yes, the Mouth, he appears much later too. A ghastly individual. Sauron knows the Mouth could never been Vanimórë, but sometimes he ‘gives’ Vanimórë to the Mouth to keep Vanimórë reminded of who holds the real power :(
Thank you so much, Gabriel. I appreciate it :)

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: February 05, 2018 4:51 · For: Dark Prince ~ The Darkness Has Its Own Light.
This chapter was both beautiful with the promise of everything Elgalad wanted and the most heartwrenching.

With Vanimore's continuing campaign to force Elgalad to hate him purely for his own safety. Well, I mean there really is no other way for Vanimore to keep him out of Sauron's reach. Elgalad will not listen to reason, so what else can he do but sever ties, no matter how harsh.

A very bittersweet reunion. :/

I liked the use of the Lay of Leithien, in part, and how the verses seem to pertain to Vanimore and Elgalad. Really lovely, Spiced. :)

Author's Response: Thank you, Gabriel. It’s an impossible situation, really, Vanimórë loves Elgalad but he cannot have him (and does not think he deserves him, either) so there is little he can do but drive him away. Physically and emotionally. Ahhh! So long ago I wrote this and with what is happening now, and recently in the story, I am just shaking my head at how much has changed :)

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: February 01, 2018 5:00 · For: Dark Prince ~ The Darkness Has Its Own Light.
So sorry Spiced Wine for taking so long to review this week. :/

Such a sad story. Amroth and Nimrodel.

Ah! Vanimore! Ever the protector and such a kind soul, a gentlemen, always thinking of everyone else. No matter his feelings for Nimrodel.

I guess that comes from the love he had for his sister. A chance to show that quality again, this time to a stranger.

Ever wanting to love someone of his own or be loved himself. But is always thwarted, either by his father's desires and actions or by life itself.

I love how you have it that Nimrodel is with child when Vanimore finds her and passes away quietly upon the babes birth. Gone to finally join her beloved. Quite a fitting explanation and end to her life, I think.

This was lovely. :)

Author's Response: No worries, Gabriel. I am very grateful you take time to comment at all :)

I always found the story of Amroth and Nimrodel very sad when Legolas sang the song on Lothlórien.

Of course Vanimórë would have treated Nimrodel with kindness and compassion, poor woman, and yes, he stilll sees his sister in all women so he would be nothing but kind. He wouldn’t have wanted her to die, and maybe had she lived he might have been able to persuade her to go back to Lórien with her child, but as that was not to be...Elgalad. A child he had always wanted and could never have himself, and knows he will not be able to keep. But still loves...
Thank you so much for commenting.

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: January 26, 2018 6:37 · For: Dark Prince ~ The Darkness Has Its Own Light.
As soon as I began reading these last few chapters and my eyes lit upon Gil galad I couldn't leave the story alone. :)

Gil is one of my favorites. I lap up anything and everything written about him.

Your OMC Tindomion, magnificent a character and he and Gil are just magic together. You can feel the love between them, in the little touches, the looks. I couldn't get enough of them. You have me hooked on these two, no question. They are like Feanor and Fingolfin together. Beautiful!

Then there's Tindomion's mad and desperate scrabble to reach Gil's side.

"Gil..." His voice was constricted; a blade wedged itself into his heart, taking his breath.

Gil galad's eyes opened, still fiercely bright against the white pallor of his face, the red and black of blood.

"Istelion...he is gone?"

"Yes, hush. Rest, I will get help..."
His mind, vibrating with pain, hurled a furious, mental cry for aid, but it was already there, light feet speeding toward them, halting.

"Istelion." The star-blue eyes fixed on Tindomion's and clung.

"Gil... do... not!"

The pain spasmed through Gil galad's body. Blood burst in a plume from his lips. Tindomion leaned over him, tear tracks washing a path through the spatters of blood and ash on his face. Gil galad wanted to reach out a hand to that anguished face and offer comfort.

So my father died, so did Morgoth break Fingolfin's body...

This brought tears to my eyes. So heartbreaking.

Then Gil is taken by memory; A time when he was a child horse riding with his father and meeting Maedhros and his brother's for the first time. This must have been the pinnacle of joy in his childhood. And the first time he set eyes on Tindomion was another.

"Gil. Gil!"


"Gil...please..." Tindomion's mind was a firesong of anguish.

No. Please. Oh, Eru, please.

Narya, Gil galad thought lovingly.
And died.

Oh my gosh! I really felt the loss. Poor Tindomion :( So beautifully written. :)

Author's Response: Oh, I love Gil-galas too, Gabriel. In fact there is much more about him and Tindómion in Magnificat of the Damned Book I - Starfall, the start of their relationship and the end. There is a ‘bit’ in this story, but Magnificat 1 mainly follows the Noldor from when they set foot on Endor to the Last Alliance.

I think Gil-galad lost his father so young and he loved Maedhros, too, and Tindómion coming into his life was like someone out of the past.

Aww, thank you for the comments, Gabriel, I really appreciate it. As I say, if you want to read any more about Gil-galad and Tindómion you might want to read Magnificat book 1 after this.

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: January 22, 2018 8:40 · For: Dark Prince ~ The Darkness Has Its Own Light.
I still feel a bit strange Spiced Wine, reading many chapters and only reviewing one out of the many. But it makes sense, considering how long your series is and it has taken a bit of pressure off. :)

Your descriptions of Numenor's nobility and their immense wealth is so vivid and vibrant.

*Great houses lay behind marble walls, where birds sang and fountains played. Statues reared against the sky, and roofs were overlaid with gold and silver. Enormous litters carried by a score of burly slaves carried bejeweled noblewomen. The men rode fine horses and dressed as brilliantly as peacocks.*

Their wealth seemed almost sickening. And as you mentioned they became arrogant in their dealings with the Men of Middle earth and jaded and greedy with their wealth. No surprises there.

Everything about Numenor seemed corrupt except Tar-Miriel, Who I felt so much empathy for, kept a prisoner in her own palace with a man who favoured things a bit on the dark side.

It was only a matter of time before Numenor fell. All supposedly great empires do when they start down the road of amoral and as you said Sauron wanted Numenor to pay for coming to the aid of Gil galad and driving him back from his goal. Its just sad that the Numenorean people had to suffer for their Kings desires and actions. :(

Author's Response: Well, I’m glad you feel less pressure, Gabriel. I know when I’ve discovered long fics or series I just read like I am devouring it and don’t think to review every chapter, I just read too fast. :/

Númenor...it started off well, but in time it rotted from the core outward. They enslaved other nations, cut down most of the trees in Enedwaith for their huge fleets, and in the end grew jealous of the Elves where once they had been their allies. Not all, of course, those like Elendil and his people were different and spared in the end, but it must have been fairly easy for Sauron to corrupt the king and those who were ambitious. But as you say, I pity the ‘ordinary’ folk too. If Númenor wer truly so dreadful that nothing less than its destrcution was possible, then it was certainly worse than I’ve depicted it here.! Thank you so much for the comment :)

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: January 18, 2018 6:49 · For: Dark Prince ~ The Darkness Has Its Own Light.
It is so very easy to forget that Vanimore has never seen beyond Angband and the northern lands that surround it.

To have him in awe of the patterns of frost on grass blades, sunsets cinder red and ice yellow and the dance of yellowing Silver Birches. These are miracles in nature that most people take for granted, but from someone who has seen, smelt and tasted only darkness and the vileness of it, it is a wonder beyond imagining. He is so like a child in this respect. :)

It was just wonderful to see him discovering things for the first time and realizing there is beauty in the world. Beyond all the pain and horror he has endured.

This last part, the light show Vanimore's people woke to watch. Spiced Wine! It's got to be the Valar-the War of the Wrath, right? I love Vanimore's desperate hope that the Valar have come to save them all. Its a little sad. :/

Lovely chapter! Spiced Wine!

Author's Response: Yes, it was sad and amazing to write him seeing the beauty of the world (and ever after it was something that he deeply appreciated, acting like a balm on his soul).

And yes, that was the War of Wrath he saw, from a far distance. It was why Sauron sent Vanimórë away, not believing he would survive it or., if he did, would be taken by the Valar. Sauron had more foresight than Melkor.

At this stage, yes, Vanimórë is still hopeful, it took him a long time to lose hope that one day he might be rescued by the Valar. :(

I’m very grateful for your reviews, Gabriel, but you don’t have to review every chapter, which must be quite a boring task for you! If you see anything you like, I always love a comment, but please don’t feel you have to review every chapter :)

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: January 17, 2018 8:29 · For: Dark Prince ~ The Darkness Has Its Own Light.
I loved the beginning as Sauron enters the camp.

*Silence descended upon the encampment. Through it, Vanimore heard the thin wails of children hastily hushed by their elders. He did not move, waiting until the tent flaps were drawn aside by the petrified guards, and Sauron entered. Only then, almost negligently, did he come to his feet and bow.*

What Sauron did to the child Vanimore cared for. Horrible! Crushing him!

But I loved Vanimore's response. *Blood...it hazed Vanimore's vision and pounded in his brain. He moved, one hand drawing the dagger at his belt. He felt it meet something which deflected it, heard the scrape of steel on steel, then a force flung him back as if he were struck in the midriff by a mace. It smashed the air from his lungs, the table splintered as his body impacted against it. A booted foot pressed against his throat.

'Slaves own nothing' Sauron chided.*

I know I've got a lot to read. But I can't wait to see where this goes. :)

Author's Response: Thank you, Gabriel. Yes, Sauron wanted to control Vanimórë in all the days he could; he knew Vanimórë caring for a child was both simply how he was (he had wanted to care for his sister too, and did so as well as he could) and an act of defiance. He did not think of the child at all except something in his long game of ‘forging’ his son.

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: January 16, 2018 6:24 · For: Dark Prince ~ The Darkness Has Its Own Light.
Great chapter! Getting to see Vanimore outside of Angband and in his role as Captain/warrior :)

Reading about all the time that had passed since Vanya's death and Morgoth's rape. Nargothrond's downfall and then Gondolin's With Glorfindel's heroic end, only serves to remind me how tragic a people the Noldor were. Constantly battling against their ultimate doom. :(

And Earendil! Good to see Melkor worried about that. So he should be. :)

So Vanimore has not completely hardened himself against caring for anyone, as we see in the way he fed and clothed the child he found.

I think he just guards his heart vehemently, afraid of what his father and Morgoth would do to him or others if he showed that vulnerability.

He has told himself he does not care but I cannot imagine Vanimore ever being a cold calculating person. As a warrior, yes! But not the real Vanimore. It is something he uses to deal with the violations, which I can fully understand. :/

Author's Response: I remember how free it felt, to write Vanimórë feeling somewhat free for the first time, seeing part of the world. :)

There will always be a great tenderness in Vanimórë that nothing can really ever quash, which is a good thing, as he could have been something rather dreadful ! Thank you very much for your comments, Gabriel :)

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: January 15, 2018 6:59 · For: Dark Prince ~ The Darkness Has Its Own Light.
Oh my god! Spiced Wine.

Poor Vanimore!

Morgoth is abhorrent. I doubt Vanya would have survived the first rape let alone any after that. Unless Morgoth did the same to her as he did to her mother-kept her trapped in her own body alive, through his power. :(

And now Vanimore must deal with this on his own. So sad. How lonely is he.

Author's Response: Thank you, Gabriel. It was upsetting writing this, and it’s the one reason, and the biggest reason, why Vanimórë (later) defies his father as much as he can. He begged Sauron to help him, and Sauron didn’t. The betrayal is almost the worse thing.

Not that I suppose Sauron could actually have done anything, really.

And he was forging a weapon, which, as he says long after, requires heat and hammer blows, not gentleness :/

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: January 14, 2018 4:05 · For: Dark Prince ~ The Darkness Has Its Own Light.
I love Vanimore's steel, now that he is more learned in the art of combat. He is going to need it, I fear.

What did they do to Valoron! Its almost as if they are giving Vanimore harsh lessons in hardening his heart and teaching him that he has no control over anything. I guess that's to condition him as Sauron's slave perhaps or maybe its just the way of things in that place.

If that's not enough for one so young to endure, now he has had no choice but to kill his sister, simply to save her from Morgoth's clutches. That is so heartbreaking! Poor Vanimore. Things just keep going from bad to worse, for him. To have to end the life of the very person you love above all else. The only light, the only beauty in that hellish place, that kept him going.

In a sense he is being initiated, by the very fire, the very darkness of Angband.

I'm really enjoying this, Spiced Wine. Sad and harsh, as it is, I find myself looking forward to the next chapter. I can see why people rave about it. :)

Author's Response: Thank you, Gabriel :) Vanimórë...well, it is in his blood to be a warrior (on his mother’s side anyhow) and he never consciously uses his Ainu powers, because they are Sauron’s he rejects them and instead they show in his warrior skills.

After he killed his sister, he determined nothing and no-one would break him and determined to become virtually unkillable. And Sauron suspected he would, Sauron was playing a very delicate game with his son, and for a long, long time.

Vanimórë never forgave himself for his sister, although he would not have forgiven himself if she had been killed by Melkor, so he has to live with that all his life. It made him very kind, very tender towards women, which, later, is actually to his detriment, since not all are worth it.

I’m glad you’re liking it. Very early days yet. I started writing this in 2006 and still remember it well :)

Name: Gabriel (Signed) · Date: January 13, 2018 3:51 · For: Dark Prince ~ The Darkness Has Its Own Light.
Poor Moriel! Forced to watch her husband die and then left alone in a place of darkness where there are the worst kind of monsters that haunt the shadows.
I would think that there would not be many women as slaves in Angband and so when one is captured she is considered a prize above others. Especially since Sauron loves experimenting.

I would have begged for death, but I think Moriel probably would have tried that already, somewhere along the line. So horrible!

The only thing worse than Moriel's experience, would be for children to be taken and enslaved or as in Vanimore's and Vanya's case born into the dark Lord's realm.

And Vanimore is so sweet and still so very innocent. He seems quite protective of his sister and tries to be her pillar of strength even when he doesn't feel it himself.

Sauron is his usual self. No surprises there. I'm almost afraid to think what their lives will be like as they grow. I have already read of Sauron's fatherly affection towards them. :(

A real heartwrenching chapter, Spiced! :)

Author's Response: Thank you, Gabriel.

Móriel was mad by the end, and yes, she would have begged for death, but Sauron (And Morgoth kept her alive).

This wasn't, as we'll come to see, the first time Sauron had attempted this, but the other 'experiments' were failures.

Vanimórë adored his sister, which ended up being incredibly important. If he had not loved her, he would have grown into a very different person.

His relationship with Sauron is...complicated. Not now, of course, but when he becomes older. Sauron really never ceased (until much later) to mould his son, to 'test' him, working toward his own goal. Morgoth thought Vanimórë was being trained to be the ultimate warrior and commander, to lead Angband's legions - Sauron, however, had rather different plans....
Thank you again, and I hope you have a good weekend. :)

Name: ziggy (Signed) · Date: October 14, 2017 12:29 · For: ~ Dark God ~

Even reading this again, the moment he calls her Vanya makes me cry.

Name: Narya (Signed) · Date: May 17, 2016 23:51 · For: ~ Dark Lands ~
Funny to hear New Cuivienen described as a place of peace, given the happenings in Magnificat!

I had forgotten Van accidentally killing the whore :-( does Elgalad know , at this point, what Van is capable of doing to him? Or does he truly think it doesn't matter, either because he is a Power too, or because of their love?

Author's Response: Funny to hear New Cuivienen described as a place of peace, given the happenings in Magnificat!

LOL! Yes, it was *supposed* to be - and it would be if it were not for the Noldor :D

Ebbingnight had an idea about the prostitute that was very much spot-on. It's Dana doing this; she does not want him to have any other women, and so she caused the woman's death. Van *might* have harmed her, but I honestly think he's too controlled without some-one 'lending a hand' so to speak.

Elgalad knows that in the long game, he has to die. :( Vanim

Name: Narya (Signed) · Date: May 17, 2016 23:43 · For: ~ Dark Lands ~
It's a strange thought, that Van and Elgalad should need to get to know each other - but at this point I suppose most of their memories together are of a child and his guardian, so it makes sense that they need the bonding time.

It did occur to me whilst I was reading this chapter that I'd love to see some artwork of Van in a turban. Shame I'm so useless at drawing! And I'd forgotten that Van wrote The Garden of a Thousand Delights. Love it ;-)

Author's Response: Yes, at this point, they've not spent all that much time together after being apart since, well TA 1981 was when Nimrodel fled from Lothl

Name: Narya (Signed) · Date: May 17, 2016 23:26 · For: ~ Dark Lands ~
I'm treating myself to a re-read, in the light of the reveal about Elgalad :-)

I love the peace at the beginning of this chapter - it's almost a sense of pastoral tranquility, after the epic finale to Dark Prince. And I really like the parallel you draw between Van and Glorfindel at the end, when Glorfindel points out that Legolas is as safe with him as Elgalad is with Van. They are as perilous as each other, in their different ways, and I think that plays out very clearly in your Magnificat arc.

Author's Response: I remember when I wrote this, ad thought it needed to start very peacefully, considering how it was going to end!

Yes, Glorfinel and Vanim

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